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Tucker: Hi.

Jack: What are you doing here?

Tucker: I’m here to see ashley. But since you’re here, I might as well fill you in on the latest change of plans, unless you already told him?

Diane: Me? Oh, that– that you claim you’re no longer a threat to jabot. No, I– I didn’t tell him because I don’t believe it and neither will jack.

Tucker: Ah, perhaps I can be more convincing this time.

Jack: Okay, let’s hear it.

Tucker: Hi. Uh, I’ve decided to focus all my energy on this new business. A fresh start.

Jack: Diane’s right. I don’t buy it. But let’s pretend I do. I would love to see where this ruse is headed. What does this new life’s purpose of yours have to say about your intentions regarding jabot?

Tucker: That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? But since you’re all here or I guess not quite all. Where is jabot’s dynamic duo, kyle and billy?

Billy: Hi.

Chelsea: Hi.

Billy: Sorry, I’m late.

Chelsea: That’s okay. Oh, someone went shopping.

Billy: Oh, yeah, yeah. That– that’s nothing.

Chelsea: It’s a little early for christmas. What’s the occasion?

Billy: I just had to make sure I had enough wrapping paper, you know. Christmas is only a few days away and you can’t have enough.

Chelsea: It’s a little heavy for wrapping paper.

Billy: Yeah. You know, there’s some ribbon in there and some stickers and, uh, some of those like name tags. And I really don’t like it when they’re so small and you can’t write something heartfelt, so I got some big ones.

Chelsea: Yeah. I hate that. Let me see what you got.

Billy: Excuse me. Get your pretty little paws off of there, okay? I have plans for my stickers. You can get your own. Now, what shall we eat?

Summer: Funny seeing you here.

Chance: Ooh, is it? I mean, you clearly followed me here from society, didn’t you?

Summer: Ah, I definitely didn’T.

Chance: Well, you know, I might be stepping down from the gcpd, but I know when I’m being followed and you followed me.

Summer: Okay. If– if that happened, it was only the siren call of caffeine.

Chance: Oh, ouch, summer. Here I thought it was me.

Summer: Speaking of the gcpd, how did everybody at the department take your big news? I didn’t get a chance to ask you back at society because you were too busy fending off christine’s judgments.

Chance: Yeah. Well, um, you know, some of the guys are gonna take me out for a beer and others are not so thrilled with me. I kind of feel like I let ’em down.

Summer: Are you kidding me? That is so unfair. You’ve done so much for that department. I– I even saw some of those guys at the hospital when I was visiting you. You literally almost gave your life. How could they be so selfish?

Chance: Whoa. Easy there, tiger. Stand down.

Diane: Clearly, kyle and billy aren’t here, but don’t pretend you need them here to play games with us.

Ashley: Why do you care, tucker? Were you hoping for a bigger audience?

Tucker: Listen to you two. You sound almost like allies, working side by side.

Ashley: Well, you know what they say? The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Tucker: Is that what we are now, ashley? Enemies?

Ashley: Civil adversaries, for dominic’s sake.

Tucker: Actually, that’s why I’m here. I would like to declare peace with the abbotts. I’m waving the white flag. Laying down my sword.

Jack: Extending the olive branch. Say it any way you want, we’re not buying.

Tucker: Well, you should. I no longer have any interest in jabot.

Jack: And we’re to just take you at your word on this? Again?

Tucker: Peace is a two-way street, jack, and I’m willing if you are. What do you say? With nurtec odt,

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Tucker: Come on, jack, don’t leave me hanging. Meet me halfway.

Jack: You can put down your hand.

Tucker: Imagine the– the collective sigh of relief in genoa city if we both stand down.

Jack: Well, as usual, you have overestimated your impact on this town. Look, let– let’s say I accept your offer of a truce. I am sick of this war. I am sick of waiting to see what your next move is gonna be.

Tucker: I am sick of it too. And I am cautiously optimistic. Revenge plotting has been draining, but, uh, as I said, I’ve got this new focus and I’m hoping that building this new business will help me let go of this anger. Put all that negative energy to, uh, a positive purpose.

Jack: Well, it’s gonna take more than a handshake and empty talk of enlightenment to make me think you’re for real.

Tucker: In that case, I think you’ll be pleased to know why I’m here to see ashley. I agree to buy your half of glacade.

Ashley: You don’t even know my price. Are you sure you can afford it?

Tucker: Don’t worry about it. See, jack? You get what you wanted. Ashley back at jabot. And I get what I didn’t know I wanted. A fresh start by building my own cosmetics empire. But no going after jabot. Ever again. And you’re not afraid of a little friendly competition, are you?

Jack: I’m not the least bit afraid.

Tucker: Fantastic. I’ll have my lawyers finalize the paperwork asap because I want this done and done.

Ashley: Great. You come up with the cash, you got a deal.

Tucker: And I’m hoping this will be the last interaction any of us has to have with one another.

Ashley: Yeah.

Tucker: Except for the inevitable run-in around town.

Jack: Oh, I’m sure we can all handle that. We’re all adults. Well, mostly.

Tucker: Very good. Excuse me.

Ashley: Excuse me.

Tucker: Goodbye, abbotts.

Ashley and diane: Goodbye.

Jack: Okay. That was almost too easy. You think he suspects something?

Ashley: Of course, he does.

Kyle: You seem like there’s something on your mind.

Audra: There is. Yeah.

Kyle: Don’t tell me you’re thinking about work again. Shall I try to distract you some more? Hm?

Audra: Tempting. But, I have to tell you something.

Kyle: Sounds ominous.

Audra: You really need to stop dragging your heels about getting us information about jabot.

Kyle: You really can multitask, can’t you?

Audra: Well, sex helps me think more clearly. You know, it helps me focus.

Kyle: I’m not crazy that our lovemaking makes you think about tucker.

Audra: Look, I’m not joking. You need to step up.

Kyle: Is this your warning?

Audra: It’s tucker’S. I’m just the messenger. And if you don’t want him to believe you’re playing us, he needs something to prove your loyalty.

Kyle: I don’t know how many times I have to say this. I can’t draw suspicion at jabot. That wouldn’t help any of us.

Audra: Okay, then you need to figure something else to give tucker, to prove your loyalty.

Kyle: Well, how am I supposed to do that if you won’t tell me what I’m looking for? He just has these vague, broad orders, prove your loyalty.

Audra: You know, tucker will know useful information when he sees it.

Kyle: What does that even mean? Useful how? For whom?

Audra: You’re coo. There has to be some sort of confidential information you can offer up that would show that you’re really on board.

Kyle: It might help if you and tucker gave me more of an idea of what your game plan is. Then maybe, I could get my hands on something relevant.

Summer: Okay. I guess I can get a little heated sometimes, even if it’s none of my business. Runs in the family.

Chance: Well, no, I’m very honored that you care so much about my reputation.

Summer: Well, I mean, we’re friends, aren’t we? So, I’m really glad that you’re trusting your gut and stepping down. You deserve to be happy in your job, let alone safe.

Chance: I appreciate that.

Summer: Well, I hope that you have a bigger celebration planned for this new chapter other than beers with a few of your buddies.

Chance: Oh, I sure do. Yeah, I’m taking sharon to see one of my favorite bands tonight. I’m pumped.

Summer: Nice.

Chance: Yeah. I’m pretty sure she’s just humoring me though. You know, she doesn’t want to go, but I’m convinced she’s gonna be their number one fan after the show because they are excellent live.

Summer: Wait. What’s the band?

Chance: Uh, say jump?

Summer: You’re joking with me? You got tickets to that? Oh, my god. I love them. Is sharon crazy? They’re the best. Oh… stuffed up again?

Chance: Wow. I had no idea that you were the president of say jump’s fan club. That’s cute. Let me see your tattoo.

Summer: Oh, um, that’s private.

Chance: Seriously?

Summer: I– I do have, um, a concert tee from their last tour. I could show you that.

Chance: Okay. That’s legit. Well, you got to admit their brand is not for everyone. Kind of noisy, so we gotta take it easy on sharon.

Summer: Um, I still think anybody with good taste loves them. No offense to sharon.

[ Phone ringing ]

Chance: Oh, I’m sorry. Well, speak of the devil. One second, please. Hey, you. Your ears must be burning, I was just talking about you. Hey, hey, sharon, say no more. I totally get it. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I’ll hold you up to that. Really. Hang in there. All right. Yeah, I’ll talk to you soon. Bye. Today must be your lucky day. I just so happen to have one extra free ticket to see our favorite band now and it’s all yours.

Jack: That man is a piece of work. Claiming he wants peace, playing the wounded victim, willing to accede to your terms.

Diane: As if.

Jack: All that talk about being tired of plotting his revenge. Wanting a fresh start.

Ashley: Maybe we shouldn’t assume he actually means what he says.

Jack: Would you answer something for me? Why is he using glacade to rebuild his empire? What does he know about running a beauty company?

Diane: Nothing. Which is why he’ll fail.

Ashley: I don’t know about that. Business is business. I wouldn’t count him out yet.

Diane: Then the only way to diffuse the bomb that is tucker mccall is to clip his wires.

Jack: Which means we have to destabilize glacade before it’s up and running under tucker’s control. We have to leak the damning information about tucker’s role in the scandal and the cover-up at mccall. I’ve got media outlets ready to go. All we have to do is push send. The information’s out there and our smear campaign is launched.

Diane: But we have to be careful about the timing. We have to wait until ashley’s signed over control or she’ll take the hit as well.

Ashley: Thanks so much for looking out for me.

Diane: Of course. I hate to admit it, but tucker was right about one thing.

Jack: Oh, what’s that?

Diane: Billy should have been here. He was supposed to join us for this strategy meeting. You know, when it comes to showing up for jabot, billy just keeps dropping the ball.

Chelsea: Is it for connor?

Billy: Is what for connor?

Chelsea: Whatever’s in the bag?

Billy: I already told you what’s in the bag.

Chelsea: Yeah, but I know you’re lying.

Billy: Wow. What happened to the season of love, joy and compassion?

Chelsea: I hope you didn’t get him that vr headset. Because I already told him he can’t have it.

Billy: I would never get him something so expensive without checking with you first, for the record.

Chelsea: Okay.

Billy: Okay.

Chelsea: I know you’re up to something.

Billy: So suspicious.

Chelsea: All right. Just tell me what it is so I can make sure I didn’t buy him the same gift.

Billy: You did not get him the same thing. Believe me.

Chelsea: Well, I need to make sure I don’t replicate it because I’m not done shopping.

Billy: Wow. So pushy. Okay. Really? We can do this now, if you insist. All right.

Chelsea: All right.

Billy: Well.

Chelsea: A snorkel. You’re right, I didn’t get him that.

Billy: Okay.

Chelsea: A beret.

Billy: Yeah.

Chelsea: I didn’t get him that either.

Billy: Okay.

[ Billy whistling fanfare ]

Chelsea: A bikini?

Billy: Hey.

Chelsea: I definitely didn’t get him that. No.

Billy: Not connor’s size?

Chelsea: All right. I’m officially stumped. What is going on?

Billy: Have you ever celebrated the new year in saint tropez.

Chelsea: No.

Billy: Well, I would really like to do that with you this year. Very, very much.

Chelsea: Well– oh, well, that sounds amazing, but I hope I didn’t guilt you into all this when I was fishing for christmas gift ideas. You don’t have to go all out like this.

Billy: It’s not what it’s about.

Chelsea: Well then, what is it about?

Billy: I wanted to properly thank you for setting me straight on the path that I was on.

Audra: Look, I’m as much in the dark as you are about how tucker plans to pull off his coup of jabot.

Kyle: What if he’s in the dark as well?

Audra: Meaning?

Kyle: My father floated the theory that there is no plan at all. That it’s all just a game for tucker. What if the fun for tucker is simply making my family worried? Keeping them riled up?

Audra: Or maybe that’s exactly what he wants. To be underestimated.

Kyle: What if he’s playing all of us? You included.

Audra: Well, I’m not stupid. Okay? I know him enough to be on guard. And we have a history. So for now, I’ll trust him. Until he gives me a reason not to.

Kyle: And if by then, it’s too late?

Audra: You know, what if this is just another stall tactic on your part? We’ll know tucker’s angle once you have some real information for him. Give him something of value. And if he still shuts us out, then we’ll know you, if not both of us, are about to be left hanging.

At target, save $10

when you spend $50

Ashley: Um, I’ll go call my attorney and come up with a price and work out some contract details. Excuse me.

Jack: I would like to table your concerns about billy for now.

Diane: I just want to know where billy figures in all this?

Jack: Exactly where he is. As my co-ceo.

Diane: He just doesn’t seem that invested.

Jack: That is not fair. It was billy’s idea to team up with jill to take tucker down.

Diane: Oh, sure. When it’s his idea, he’s on fire. But when it comes to all of our part in this multifaceted attack, he is nowhere to be seen.

Jack: I am aware that you are not completely confident in my brother. You’ve also made it very clear that you would like to see kyle in that position.

Diane: Well, it was his job. And as chief talent officer, it’s my responsibility–

Jack: Kyle has accepted his new position, even if you haven’T. I think that is a great sign of personal growth and maturity.

Diane: And he should be rewarded for that.

Jack: I am not going to argue this with you. This is my call. Kyle and billy are both where they belong.

Billy: What you said to me earlier, was– was dead on. I’ve been approaching this– this battle with tucker with the same manic energy I would if I was looking for my next win.

Chelsea: I’m glad you recognized it.

Billy: I didn’t want to. But I was telling you and I was telling myself that this– this, yeah, this fight to protect jabot was actually, you know, it was good. It was healthy for me. A new and– and better way to channel that part of my psyche. The part that’s always looking for that jolt.

Chelsea: And how did you get there?

Billy: By listening to you. By watching you. I see how much work you’ve put into yourself. And to be honest, I just want to live up to your example. I took what you said to heart. And I, you know, really started to look at what was going on with tucker and ashley and jack and– and diane. And realize how it was actually making me feel.

Chelsea: And?

Billy: It is not good. It’s always in me. You know, that– that– that feeling. That chase. Whether I’m on a winning streak or losing streak. And uh, you know, I just don’t need to go there because any time I do, it always ends up in a very dangerous place.

Chelsea: Well, no, the portant thing is you did recognize it.

Billy: Thanks to you. No, it’s true. It’s the nudge that you gave me to even acknowledge it.

Chelsea: Well, nudge is a nice way to put it.

Billy: I’m glad you did. Because I need to fight this instinct that is inside myself.

Chelsea: And how are you going to do that?

Billy: By removing the temptation to engage.

Chelsea: Wait, are you actually considering leaving jabot after all? Right when your family’s about to go to war?

Summer: Look, obviously, I would love to go to this concert with you, but I just– I don’t think it’s a good idea. You know, sharon might free up still.

Chance: Oh, no. She said she’s tied down with work stuff. Sounded like she was hunkered down in a conference room somewhere. And, like I said earlier, I think she’d have more fun doing that anyway, so…

Summer: Well, don’t you think that you should invite one of your friends from the gcpd? You know, make it up to somebody who’s upset that you’re leaving.

Chance: Wow. These are some really lame excuses from a super fan. I mean, what happened? I thought you were in love with these guys.

Summer: I– I just– I don’t really know what my plans are later. I’m supposed to be meeting up with one of my designers.

Chance: Did I mention I have vip all-access tickets?

Summer: You did not.

Chance: Yeah. Hey, how about this? You call me later and you let me know one way or another, but just know I’m not gonna let you miss this opportunity without a damn good excuse.

Summer: Fine. I’ll– I’ll call you later.

Chance: Good. ‘Til then. Hey, man.

Daniel: Hey.

Chance: How you doing?

Daniel: Good.

Chance: Hey, tell your sister to come to the concert with me tonight. Opportunity of a lifetime. Good to see you.

Daniel: Are you blushing?

Kyle: If tucker hangs us out to dry, if there is no reward at the end of this road, I’m still okay. I have a safety net. But you have everything riding on this. And if tucker’s just using you for his own twisted amusement, where does that leave you?

Audra: I appreciate your concern, but I have my own safety net. Newman media. I haven’t quit or been fired. And I’m only leaving if this ends up being a legitimate opportunity.

Kyle: Look, I’m not dragging my heels. I have no interest in wasting time here.

Audra: Look, and I agree, we both need to know what tucker is planning. It will give me more certainty and it will allow you to do whatever it takes to get that job you richly deserve.

When your gut is

out of balance,

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Kyle: Getting information out of tucker won’t be easy. He hasn’t given anything to either of us yet. What makes you think he will now?

Audra: Are you doubting I’m up to the task?

Kyle: Never. But promise me that if he continues to evade, you’ll agree that’s a strong sign he’s playing us. Either that or he has no intention of including us once he succeeds with his plan. So either way, I think we should start looking out for each other.

Audra: You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think maybe you’re playing me. You know, trying to get me to turn against tucker.

Kyle: I just don’t want to see you get burned. He doesn’t have the greatest track record in the loyalty department.

Audra: I’m touched. You seem genuinely concerned for me.

Kyle: I am. Now, I have to get back to the office if I am going to do my part.

Audra: Yeah. I won’t keep you since you succeeding will benefit both of us in getting what we want and deserve.

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

[ Knock on door ]

Tucker: Gee, kyle, what are you doing here?

Daniel: You know, I haven’t seen you this way since you were a teenager with kyle. All giddy and starry-eyed and blushing.

Summer: Okay. You know that kyle and I are over.

Daniel: I do know that you and kyle are over. That’s why I was referring to one certain gentleman who was here just a moment ago.

Summer: Um daniel, I’m gonna need you to back off because I am a grown woman. I am not your teenage daughter’s age and I can absolutely kickbox you if I have to.

Daniel: Wow. Wow. I’m not trying to get in a ring with you or anything.

Summer: That’s really smart.

Daniel: You know, maybe I’m– I was just thinking that by not pursuing this attraction, you might be driving yourself a little crazy.

Summer: What do you want me to do? You want me to throw myself at the guy? Set myself up for rejection? That would be humiliating.

Daniel: Nobody said throw yourself at him, but go to the concert with him. You know you want to.

Summer: Yes. Of course, I want to go to the concert with him. That’s the problem. I know that if we do that together, then we’re gonna have an amazing time and I am not gonna wanna turn back. And he’s not exactly available. Sharon’s gonna find out. It’s gonna inevitably get very messy.

Daniel: I’m not telling you to hop into bed with the guy, but I just feel like you’re making this a bigger deal because you’re not acting on this crush. You know, unrequited love. I mean, that is the stuff of tragedies.

Summer: Absolutely nobody said anything about love.

Daniel: Unrequited attraction then. It feeds on itself. You know, you get these butterflies in your stomach. You feel nauseous. Any of those symptoms sound familiar?

Summer: Hm. What if they do?

Daniel: Well, that– that can lead to a cycle of hope and despair.

Summer: Wow. You are way overblowing this.

Daniel: Yeah. You know, maybe I am. Maybe I am. But you know, in my experience, whenever I had this kind of feelings, the best way to deal with it was just facing it head-on. Getting through it.

Summer: Are we still just talking about me or are we kind of talking about you now too?

Daniel: Why would we be talking about me?

Summer: Heather and lucy are back in genoa city. Lily is away.

Daniel: You know what? I think I’m gonna head back to work.

Summer: Oh, wow. Thanks for the unsolicited advice.

Daniel: No, summer. Thank you for not kicking me in the head.

Tucker: We will not be working together if you keep this up. You should be at jabot right now doing what I have repeatedly asked you to. Not to mention your actual job so as not to raise suspicion.

Kyle: Ooh. I’m not your lackey. I am the key to all this, so why don’t you dial down the attitude?

Tucker: Ah, you are turning out to be totally useless. All your stall tactics. Makes me wonder whose side you’re really on, kyle.

Kyle: Tucker, I can’t get any pertinent information if you don’t tell me what it’s gonna be used for. It’s like telling a detective to go find evidence, but not telling him what the crime is. So, you want me to prove my loyalty? Tell me what the game plan is.

Tucker: Yeah. Tough guy kyle.

Kyle: Just– no, no, stop, stop. I’m done with your snarky deflection, so either give me the game plan or count me out. Type 2 diabetes?

Tucker: Audra, your boyfriend here wants to know the game plan.

Kyle: Well, tucker is demanding information, which I’m willing to give him if he tells me what I’m looking for.

Audra: Yeah, I– I wouldn’t mind knowing the game plan myself, tucker.

Tucker: The plan, as I believe I have told you before, is for kyle to acquire sensitive information.

Kyle: Sensitive for whom? About what?

Tucker: Shut up and listen! You find me a new and innovative product that jabot is preparing to unveil. Preferably something that’s been years in the making and cost millions of dollars to develop. A miracle eye cream, fragrance, that sort of thing.

Kyle: Okay. And what are you gonna do with that intel? Leak it to the press? I mean, jumping the gun on the product launch isn’t something that would bring jabot to its knees.

Tucker: Can you get him to shut up? Because I wasn’t finished. You will then get me the formula to said product and how to make it. Our company, glacade, will launch it first. Jack will then search for the mole within the company. And the breadcrumbs will lead to the guilty party. This will succeed in upending jack’s trust in his closest allies as well as tanking the new product. One-two punch.

Kyle: And who is the guilty party?

Tucker: Diane, billy, I haven’t decided who yet? It’ll be a game-time decision. Whoever will cause the most damage at that moment. The point is, the world will find out that the mighty abbotts have a traitor in the family. And the scandal will rock jabot.

Billy: I don’t know if leaving jabot is the answer. I really don’t, but I do– I do think I got to spend a little time on the sidelines. Let jack and ashley and– and– and diane finish this battle with tucker.

Chelsea: Mm-hmm. And do you think you’re gonna be able to do that?

Billy: You seem skeptical.

Chelsea: No, I just– I just– from everything you’ve told me, you’re the one who set the recent plan into place. And you turned down your mom’s offer to join chancellor-winters. And instead engaged her in this war with tucker.

Billy: Yeah. No. I get that, but–

Chelsea: I just– I fear that when you’re standing there watching all of this unfold, you’re not going to be able to fight your instincts. You know, you’re gonna get sucked into the thrill of the battle and…

Billy: I don’t know if I can do that. I don’t know if I can leave jack and jabot in the lurch like that. As frustrating as it’s been with jack and ashley at times, we have, uh, come a long way.

Chelsea: Yeah. And I’m not advocating for you to blow up everything you’ve repaired with jack. I just– I don’t know. I don’t know what the answer is.

Billy: I know. Damned if I do, damned if I don’T.

Chelsea: Can I ask you a question? Devil’s advocate?

Billy: Yes, please.

Chelsea: Putting all the guilt about jabot aside, if you could walk away, what would you do? Because I don’t see you giving all this up. It’s like you need this as your– your purpose. It’s what fuels you.

Billy: I do have one option.

Summer: Hey, chance. Um, if that ticket is still available, count me in. Around here, we like to keep things simple and honest.

Billy: You were sitting right there when my mother tried enticing me to join her at chancellor-winters. I could have accepted that offer and started fighting tucker from there.

Chelsea: Yeah. But how is it any different? You know, same war, just on a different front? Won’t you feel the same rush? The same need to win?

Billy: No, it wouldn’t be the same. It wouldn’T.

Chelsea: Billy. Come on.

Billy: At jabot, jack is there. And our relationship, you know, it’S… I’m always feeling like I have to impress him or I’m gonna let him down. And now kyle’s there and I know he wants my job and I know diane wants to give it to him. If I’m being honest, I think jack does deep down too. So, I know any misstep and I fall out of the good graces of jack abbott. And I prove him right all over again.

Chelsea: Don’t you feel the same need to impress your mom?

Billy: I’ve let my mom down many times, no doubt, but I know she has complete faith in me.

Chelsea: Yeah. A mother’s loyalty.

Billy: And she doesn’t have anyone. Jack’s got to ashley, diane, and kyle, and my mom, she’s there by herself on that side of the table and she doesn’t do vulnerable very often. I can see it in her, she needs me there. And that, that means something to me.

Chelsea: I hear saint tropez is better in the summer anyway. Sounds like you have somewhere important you need to be.

Audra: You got him to reveal his plan even though I told you I’d take care of it.

Kyle: Tucker showed up, came on strong. I made a calculated decision to go after him.

Audra: Seems like it worked.

Kyle: Yeah. I don’t know.

Audra: You don’t believe him.

Kyle: I don’t buy that his plan is to out my mom or billy as the mole. There would be no proof. Breadcrumbs will lead to the guilty party in a last-minute call? Who’s gonna leave those breadcrumbs, audra? He may believe that I would set up billy, but he would never trust me to set up my own mother.

Audra: Well, you know, maybe he just doesn’t want to reveal that part of his strategy yet. You know, tucker likes to be in control. He wouldn’t have told you the whole thing before he has proof you’re gonna get him what he wants.

Kyle: No. I think he has revealed his plan. He plans to pin it on me. I’m his sacrificial lamb. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he plans to double-cross you in the same way. It’s up to me to turn tucker’s plan against him before he turns it against us. So, are you with me? Or are you sticking with tucker?

Tucker: You have a price?

Ashley: Yeah. I just texted it to you.

Tucker: Well, you’re not kidding around, are you?

Ashley: Take it or leave it. Unless you need more time?

Tucker: No, it’s fine.

Ashley: Great. Um, I’ve already drawn up the paperwork, so my attorney will be sending the contracts over to you.

Tucker: Okay. And my lawyer will look it over.

Ashley: Perfect. I’m sure she’ll find everything in order. As you said, I want to get this done as soon as possible. Bye bye.

Tucker: Goodbye.

Ashley: Done. Now, we wait.

Jack: Dare I say, for the first time, I am feeling close to victory. Finally, we will put an end to tucker mccall.

Announcer: Next week on the young and the restless…

Nate: I have reason to believe nikki might be drinking again.

Tucker: Ha. Champagne for everyone.

Cole: We found your dna at the lake house.

Victoria: And we tested it against ours.

Claire: Tell me who I am.

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