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well, I got you on the record, and the article will be out later this week. Great. And thank you for giving the issue a fair hearing in the press. -You got it. -But before I go, I did want to talk to you about something else. This time, off the record.

[ Knocking on door ] Just a second. So? What’s your big news? Huh? Brook lynn: Morning. Thought you could use some caffeine to start your day. While I appreciate the thought, lucy is going to lose it if she finds you here. Why are you stopping by so early? Oh, I’m not just stopping by. Coming back to work at deception.

[ Horse whinnies in distance ] Santa? If this is from you, it’s a little early for christmas. So…how’d I do? Hmm? That bad, huh? What’s bad? What are we talking about?

[ Stammers ] Our first time together, hmm? And here you are, barely taking a second breath, and you’ve got your face in the work already. So that’s hardly what you would call a ringing endorsement of my abilities, right? You were magnificent! I’ll keep this brief ’cause I know you’re a very busy civil servant, and it’s not really my place to ask. I just wondering if there’s any updates on the austin gatlin-holt murder investigation. If you’re asking if our brother’s still a suspect, he is. And a winnie-the-pooh for amelia. Yeah, that’s a big list. We got a big family. Yeah, we do. You know, what’s great is that you’re so generous in wanting to buy everyone something. What do you want for christmas, daddy? I got everything I want, honey. Well, I’m going to get you a special present anyway. Okay, but let’s focus on the other people right now. We got a lot of shopping to do. -[ Chuckles ] Did grandpa mike take you christmas shopping when you were little? Grandpa — grandpa mike? Yeah, he did. All the time. Can I see his picture? Yeah. Okay. [ Sighs ] Do you miss him? Yeah. Every day. Every single day.

What kind of hat is that? -It’s a cap. That’s not a baseball cap. No, no, it’s a different kind of cap. My dad loved that cap. And after your grandfather died, I kept it. Can I see it? Uh, it’s — it’S… I think it’s lost and I tried looking for it and I even asked your mom if it was in your house, and she said it’s gone.

[ Knock on door ] I’ll bet that’s your brother. Let’s go see. -Hi, michael. -Hey. -Thank you for coming. -Yeah. Of course. I hear we’re doing a little christmas shopping. Yeah, she’s got a big list of people she wants to buy presents for. I’ll text it to you. Aren’t you coming with us, daddy? I wish I could, but I got an important, you know, appointment. But I tell you what. You go with michael. I’ll meet you there. Is that good? -It’s a deal. -Yeah? I really appreciated the grand gesture. I did. Really. But come on, we’re not in school. I don’t need a pat on the head. I just need to know that, uh, you enjoyed yourself. We’ve been around each other long enough now for you to know that I don’t sugarcoat anything. Um, yeah, I, um, figured that one. Yeah. And I’m perfectly capable of asking for exactly what I want. Oh, yeah, I learned that last night. Yes, you did.

[ Chuckling ] Yes, you did. And for the record, I only exaggerate in court. Ah. Well, then, let the record show, counselor, that we both enjoyed ourself. You know, cyrus did tell me that you went to go see him. I did. It was a very unsettling meeting. His — his passionate commitment to his family — well, to our family — you found yourself wanting to believe in him. Does that happen to you? More often I care to admit. Our brother’s a very complicated man. He’s ruthless, manipulative, but he is doggedly loyal. I mean, he always goes about it the wrong way, but he’ll never give up on family, ever, which is something he has in common with you I’ve noticed of late. That’s true. I don’t give up on family. But I don’t turn a blind eye, either. I mean, if — if cyrus killed dr. Gatlin-holt, he must be prosecuted. Indeed. Far be it for me to give old cy the benefit of the doubt, but I’ll tell you this. There’s nothing on this earth that he values more than your good opinion. Now, got released from prison. Got himself a chance to prove himself to you. Why would he throw that away? Tj stopped by my office last night to tell me that he and molly are trying for another baby, this time with kristina as the surrogate. I assume you already knew? Yeah, the girls told me about it yesterday. Well, I’ll be honest. I don’t know how I feel about this. Obviously, I’m excited about the possibility of having a grandchild. And I imagine that you are, as well? Oh, ver– very much. But, you know, this just all came a little bit out of the blue for me. I talked to tj about it, so I know how he feels, and I’m sure you know how molly feels. But I’d like to know what you think about this. Okay, you sent me a cryptic text saying you had big news. Then you went completely silent. You didn’t answer any of my texts or calls. Sorry, I should have — I should have answered you. It’s okay. I was just worried something happened to you. No, the day just got away from me. And it’s not something I wanted to share over text or even on the phone, really. Well, I’m here now. You can tell me in person. What’s your big news? I’m going to have a baby. Last chance to identify yourself. Otherwise… I’m going to have to assume that you’re a secret admirer who doesn’t want… …me to know who they are. Or… …you’re one of my many enemies… …and this present is somehow booby trapped and I will be forced to destroy it.

[ Both chuckle ] Alright, you kind of scared me. Knew that would get you out.

[ Sighs ] Well, you may have a secret admirer, but this gift is from me. And, no, it’s not booby trapped. Can I open it now, or do I have to wait till christmas? It’s up to you. You’re coming back to deception? Why? -I have my reasons. -Oh, well, please clue me in. Because the first time you came to work for deception, it was so I could be closer to bailey lou. Thanks for that, by the way. Still super grateful. You’re welcome. And the second time was to spy for tracy. Not really a high point in our friendship, but I’m moving past it. You’re a music manager now, brook lynn, and you love that job. Why come back to deception? So I can gain control of the company and give it to you.

Oh, wow. Monument valley. Oh, this is great. I’m glad you like it. Look at that sunset. Can you believe that colors like this actually exist in nature? I thought the same thing. It’s stunning. You know, I’ve wanted to go here ever since I saw it in one of those old westerns.

[ Horse whinnies in distance ]

[ Chuckles ] It is pretty ironic that my trip there will be as a photo shoot. Last thing I ever thought I’d be is a model. Oh, don’t sell yourself short. You’re really getting the hang of it. Yeah? Well, you’re the expert, but I think that these rock formations and i will just be backdrop for… your beauty to shine. Thanks for coming. I know it was a very last-minute invitation. Well, I know when you ask to see me that it’s important. I’m not sure it’s a good idea to do it here. Uh, well, I’ve been to your office. It only seems fair that I should welcome you to mine. Yeah, yeah, well, what matters is the public perception of what you do. Yeah, but, sonny, if I’ve learned one thing since becoming the mayor, it’s that people are going to talk about me regardless. Yeah, yeah, I get it. But we both know that I have a reputation in this town. And by you publicly inviting me to your office, it opens you up to allegations of corruption. Yeah, if somebody wants to investigate me for something or any part of my life, I don’t care. I don’t have anything to hide. I just don’t want anything to happen to your job. -Oh. -This city needs you. Last thing I want is for you to be investigated or thrown out of your office, especially because of me. Please don’t worry about that. I have no intentions of losing my office. But speaking of investigations, that’s why I’ve asked you here. I’d like to talk to you about the austin gatlin-holt murder case. Alright, donna. We should get going. If we’re going to get all the presents on your list, you better get started. Michael, if you wish on a star, does your wish come true?

[ Chuckles ] I mean, that’s what I’ve heard. What if there are no stars to wish on? Oh, no, there’s always stars. Yeah, you can see them better at night when it’s dark outside, but there’s stars during the daytime, too. Do you have to see a star to wish on it? No no, no. Stars know you made a wish whether you can see them or not. Okay, I’m going to make a wish. Alright, go for it. Star, it’s me, donna corinthos. I can’t see you, but my brother says you’ll know I made this wish I’m wishing on you that I can find grandpa mike’s cap for daddy. I’m very happy at the thought of molly and tj having a baby. We are in agreement on this. Then I started to make a list of everything that could go wrong and how this could potentially end in tragedy. Then I spoke with a friend of mine and he shifted my perspective into a more positive place, tried to calm me down. And, boy, being a parent is challenging, isn’t it? -Mm. [ Chuckles ] -And rewarding. Yeah, it’s been the hardest and best thing I’ve ever done. Same. Proud of my three — three girls and I-I love being a parent and I want molly and tj to have that experience. And kristina wants to give it to them. I agree. I think it’s an amazing gift that kristina’s offering them, but does it have to happen right now? So, molly and — and tj decided they wanted to have a baby, and they were super excited about it. But molly found out she can’t physically carry a child of her own. It was awful, and it completely blindsided her. That’s terrible. Of course it did. So they started looking into all of their options, and they felt really good about surrogacy. And they found this woman that they both really liked. And she got pregnant, but then she lost the baby. It was devastating. I can only imagine. I’m so sorry. I was walking through the park and I saw my sister, my super controlled, type a sister just absolutely bawling in a public place, not caring who was there or who saw. And it just — I mean, it just broke my heart. I’m assuming that you — you might know where I’m going with this. Yeah, I-I do. It just became really clear to me that I — I genuinely, really want to do this. I want to give molly and tj the thing that they want more than anything in this whole world. I can’t really tell what you’re thinking right now. Are you about to tell me that I’m crazy for doing this? Crazy? No, I, um… I think you’re wonderful and generous. And anyone would be lucky to have a sister like you, but… I mean, you’ve talked a lot about being able to give molly what she wants. What about what you want?

Thank you for the perfect gift. I feel terrible that I don’t have something for you. Cody, you already saved my life and my sanity. You’ve given me the best gift I could have ever asked for. Sasha, stop. Don’t say that. I know everything that happened because of me spying for my grandmother put you in a really bad place financially. Okay, I can’t deny that. But tracy forced you to do it, so it wasn’t really your fault. Well, tracy told me that the reason why she got control of deception was to give it to me. And at first, I rejected her offer, but I just told her that I changed my mind. So the plan is, I will start working here again, and I will convince her that I’m grateful for the opportunity. And then — then what? What are you plotting? Well, the next part of the plan is still a work in progress. But I will either convince tracy into signing over control to me, or I will blackmail her into doing it. Either way, I will not stop until deception belongs to you. So what do you think? Oh-ho-ho-ho. Who let the spy back in? Kind of sounds like you’re not so sure I should do this. No, that’s not what I’m saying. But there’s a big difference between wanting to help your sister and wanting to be pregnant for nine months and give birth to a child. I mean, one is seeing molly hurting and generously wanting to help. The second is a huge commitment and life-changing event. Well, I know that no one can for sure know how their body is going to handle a pregnancy, but I just — I’m in great health, and the odds are never going to be higher for me than right now to get pregnant and deliver a healthy baby successfully. And I know it sounds so weird to say this, but even when I’m saying it out loud to you right now, I just — I know in my gut that I’m just — I’m supposed to do this. So, yeah, you’re right. I am doing this for molly and for tj, but… …I’m also doing this for me. How are we going to refer to each other moving forward? What do you mean? Well, when I gossip about last night with alexis — and, fyi, I’m gonna.

[ Chuckles ] Noted. How shall I refer to you? Are you my boyfriend? Well, boyfriend? You know, gray hair, long in the tooth. No, I don’t think anyone’s boyfriend. Okay. Lover? -Absolutely not. -[ Laughs ] Okay. Uh, suitor? Main squeeze? How about this — adult companion? That seems to indicate that money may have changed hands somewhere along the line. -[ Laughs ] No, no. Can’t we just say we’re involved? Well, I’d like it to be a little more definitive. Um, alright, how about we’re just dating? Because that’s, after all, what we’re doing. Dating’s good. Good. Good. -Are we dating exclusively? -[ Sighs ] I know you’re aware that dante is assisting the pautuck pd in its investigation of the murder. Yeah, dante and i agreed a long time ago, uh, for the sake of our relationship, not to discuss his work. -Or yours. -Right. We try to avoid any conflict of interest. Except that I do know that you spoke to dante at some point about austin. Why’s that? Well, because I asked dante to give me an update about the murder investigation, and he told me that a reliable and confidential source had informed him that austin and his cousin mason were working for my brother cyrus. Really? Look, your son wouldn’t give up his source, but I know it’s you.

Oh-ho-ho, you have some nerve stepping foot back into deception. You know what? I should have you arrested for industrial espionage. Or maybe intellectual property theft. No, no, no, lucy. It’s okay. Brook lynn is here because — here? Here? Because why? Because you want to sniff around some more to find some more proprietary information to steal from us? It’s not stealing if you have a controlling interest in the company, which my grandmother does. -Oh, your grandmother tracy… -yes. …Doesn’t care about this company. She doesn’t care about deception, but I do, and she needs to keep her filthy hands away from here. And you need to stay away from here, too. It doesn’t matter what you think. Tracy’s 51% says I have more of a right to be here than you. Okay, okay. You don’t need to thank me. I’m happy. I’m happy that, for once, I was able to get out of my own way and do the right thing. Trust me, that isn’t always the case. Cody, I don’t care about what happened in your past. I am just thankful for the man that you are now, and I am so grateful that you were able to come to my rescue. I don’t want your gratitude. Okay. Look, what I mean to say is, sasha, there’s a fine line between being grateful to someone and feeling an obligation towards them. I don’t want you to owe me, I want you to like me. You already know that I do. You heard me say it to maxie. Yeah. And I also heard you say that you’re not ready to move on yet. You’re still grieving over the loss of your husband and your child. The last thing that would be okay for me is for you to rush through that process because you’re trying to give me something that you — you think I want. Well, we got a lot of presents. You ready to take a break? But we don’t have all the presents yet. Well, we got a lot. Don’t you want to save some to buy with your dad? But what about daddy’s presents? What do I give him if my wish doesn’t come true? Well, you see, donna, um, sometimes wishes don’t come true exactly the way you expect because wishes are magic, and magic is, you know, unpredictable. So how about we find a backup gift just in case? Michael, look. Sonny, I didn’t ask you here to put you on the spot. I asked you here because I trust you. I need to know. Did cyrus kill dr. Gatlin-holt? Laura, I think that’s for the police to figure out. Oh, come on. Come on. You’re in a position to know things before other people do. I’m asking you, is my brother a murderer? Your brother cyrus has murdered in the past, and I don’t for one second believe his religious reformation. But… I don’t think cyrus killed austin gatlin-holt. Except that dante said that dr. Gatlin-holt went to see him the night that he was killed, and he was prepared to give up the name of his boss. Did he give up that name? No, he didn’T. He left. Supposedly, he had to go gather proof. So you think that cyrus had austin killed to shut him up? Don’t you? I like my women. I like commitment. -[ Chuckles ] One woman at a time. Okay, well, I’m well aware of that. I’m well aware of your exceptional commitment to the women in your life. I’ve witnessed it firsthand. Any time holly or anna need you, you’re right there. Well, we got a lot of history together. I can’t change that. And they would do the same for me. I get it. However, moving forward, if I’m to be exclusive with you, I need to know that I’m your number-one priority.

I don’t see how cyrus could have known that austin was talking to dante. Cyrus has no money, no manpower to keep austin under surveillance. And I don’t think for a second that dante leaked out the information. -No, no, he wouldn’t do that. -Right. So if cyrus didn’t know, he has no motive to kill austin. As a matter of fact, it’s the opposite, because austin helped him get out of prison. So he sees austin as an asset. That makes sense. And if cyrus thought that austin was a problem, there’s other ways to deal with him. Murder is too risky. With all due respect, I despise your brother… …but he’s not stupid. He just got out of prison, and he’s going to do everything he can not to go back there. Thank you, sonny. It’s really been weighing on me, the kind of man that my brother is.

[ Sighs ] It’s just a huge relief to me to know that you don’t think he killed dr. Gatlin-holt. Listening to you talk about your decision, it’s really inspiring. I don’t know if I’ve ever done anything this selfless, this profound. Making me sound like a saint.

[ Both chuckle ] Billions of women have given birth successfully, and I’m sure it is as big and scary as it seems, but…I don’t know. I just — I feel like I can do this. I’ve got this. You may not feel the same way when you’re in labor. Well, I plan to be in excellent physical condition and to prepare for every scenario. And when I go into labor, I plan to ask for all the drugs.

[ Laughs ] Thank you for being so supportive. I know this is not exactly traditional. I meant what I said. I’m in awe of you for wanting to do this. I really appreciate you being so understanding about this, because I’m really committed to this pregnancy and it’s a big change in my life. And for me and you. I mean, if there is A…me and you. In a perfect world, yes, it would be better for them to wait six months or a year or longer for kristina to become a surrogate. So we’re on the same page, then? Yes, except the timeline is problematic in that we’re assuming kristina is going to get pregnant right away. And you and i both know that doesn’t always happen like that. Mm. True. None of this is a perfect science. Kristina’s very committed to doing this, but it also isn’t fair to ask her to put her life on hold for another year or longer, waiting to get pregnant. I can’t argue with that. The bottom line is, you and i don’t get a vote on this. All three of them are adults. Molly and tj want this baby, and they want this baby as soon as possible. And we just don’t get to tell them to wait. You don’t know half the horrible, horrible things that tracy has done. She has blackmailed so many people, she could fill out an entire punch card. Oh, like you’re so perfect. You’ve been known to scam rich men out of their money. You also secretly plotted to get valentin in control of elq. And — and how many times have you cheated on the loves of your life, huh? Lots. Enjoyed it all. I’ve made mistakes. I never said I didn’T. The fact of the matter is, I created deception, and my vision is what made deception successful. And you almost ran it into the ground, almost bankrupting you and maxie, too. Because of you! No! Because of you! She has been nothing but loyal and hardworking. You shouldn’t be mad at tracy. You should be thanking her for stepping in and saving you and deception. You take as much time as you need. You’re dealing with enough in your life without me putting any pressure on you. And, hey, if all we ever are is just friends and co-models, then that’s good with me, too. -Really? -Yeah. I promise. Okay, well, as your friend, you are obligated to listen to me. -Oh, am I? -Mm-hmm. Absolutely. And you need to stop being so hard on yourself. You’re not nearly as bad as you seem to want to believe. In fact, most of the time, you’re… you’re pretty great.

I will never, ever thank your grandmother tracy for anything. Never thank you. Certainly not. ‘Cause guess what? All that matters is maxie. And you know the big sacrifice I made when I took tracy’s deal to keep deception solvent. I do, and you know I appreciate that. I am so grateful for my job. Well, since tracy owns this company, and my grandmother wants me here, I’m staying. Yippie. Suit yourself. Maxie… this [Clears throat] Is your problem now because I will never, ever, ever deal with someone who flat-out lied to my face and spied on me.

[ Sighs ] Well, I wasn’t expecting that to go well, but I certainly wasn’t expecting, um, that. Yeah, that — that was a lot.

[ Sighs ] It’s okay. I’m a big girl. I can handle it. And you know what? Let lucy go take it up with tracy. We both know my grandmother will flatten her. I don’t understand. Why would you want that? Before lucy came in here, you were — you were telling me you were going to get the company back for us. I’m getting the company back for you, maxie. Only you. Promise me that, when I finally get this done, you will have sole control over the company. Look, I want you to be able to run this company the way that you want. You know, away from all of lucy’s crazy shenanigans. Okay, um, I think we’re getting a little bit ahead of ourselves. Why don’t we get control of the company, and then we’ll figure out how to divide it up? Oh, we’ll get control of this company. You know I’m right. Because when you and i join forces, we are unstoppable. I actually bought you a gift a few weeks ago. It’s the, uh, very first time in my life I’ve ever planned ahead, but when I saw it, I knew I had to get it for you. Well, now I’m intrigued. Oh, as you should be. Yeah, they promised it would be here before christmas, and I’m counting on them to come through. Did I ever tell you that I am very bad at waiting for something I’m excited about? You’ll just have to be patient. That’s not my strong suit. -Here. -Oh. Here. It’s right… -um, I should — -yeah.

[ Chuckles ] I should get going. I’ll see you later. -See ya.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] Kristina: I like you, and I don’t want this to end. I know this is early. If you want to bow out now before I am the size of a house… -[ Chuckles ] -…Feel free. I think you will look amazing when you’re pregnant. But I always think you look amazing. Including right now. I — I like you, and I like what’s happening between us. And I don’t want to cut it short… …before it has a chance to become something. I… I still am interested in seeing where this goes. I like you, too. And now I’m actually really glad you woke me up early. -Okay, early? -[ Chuckles ] You do realize I’m a musician, and even I’ve been up for hours. Ah, just my luck. I find myself the only singer who’s an early riser.

[ Laughs ] Well, this singer is about to be late for a run-through with her choreographer. Oh. Yeah. But let’s touch base. Maybe we’ll meet up later. I mean, we need to celebrate your decision with some wine before you have to give up alcohol for nine months. Oh, god.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I would love that. That sounds perfect. Okay. [ Chuckles ] Kristina: Bye.

[ Breathes deeply ] The kids are going to be fantastic parents. They’re going to love the hell out of that baby, and that baby’s lucky to have them. I know, and I can’t wait to see them holding my first grandchild. So I will try to adjust my thinking and get on board, like you. If this is what they want, and they are adamant that it is, then I will do my best to support it. Holly came to town largely to save ethan’s life. Now, it would have been remiss of me not to step in and help her. Not to mention honor luke’s memory. I get it. That was a special circumstance. I’ll never appreciate the way she went about it, but she was desperate, I understand. What about anna? Anna and i are connected through robin and the grandkids. I mean, that’s never going to change. They’re family. But it hasn’t stopped me getting closer to you and enjoying every minute of it. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, too. All of that aside, I just need to know that the next time holly drops into port charles with some emergency or anna calls when you and I are together, things will be different. -Understood. The next time someone — one of my exes needs assistance, I’m going to have to point out that you’re my priority. Then here’s to our well-negotiated, hard-earned agreement, mr. Scorpio. You are worth it. That’s right.

[ Chuckles ] Me again. Back so soon?

[ Chuckles ] Please tell me it’s with some sort of proof of our brother’s innocence. You want to run that by me again? Now you want him to be exonerated? Yeah, I guess I do. I do. What happened? Sonny corinthos was just here, at my invitation, and I asked him straight up if he thought cyrus murdered dr. Gatlin-holt, and he said he didn’t think so. And right at that moment, I could feel the knot in my chest sort of melt away. I don’t know, it was, I guess, surprising for me to realize how much I don’t want him to be guilty. I do want him to turn his life around. Do you think it’s possible? Well, a hell of a lot more possible now that he’s got you to live up to. How is the shopping going? I didn’t shop for your present. I wished for it. Really? Show him, donna. This is for you. This, uh… this is mike’S. Yeah, donna found it. It was sitting right there like someone left it. -Really? -Yeah. -Can’t believe that. -Yeah, neither can I. I mean, we — we asked around to see if anyone lost a hat, but — and when I checked it, it’s actually — it’s mike’s cap. I wonder where it came from. I told you, daddy, I wished for it on a star. My wish came true. It’s magic. Let me tell you something about your granddad. He believed… in magic and wishes. He’d be very proud of you. Merry christmas, daddy. Merry christmas, sweetheart. Merry christmas, dad.

[Cheers, applause]

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