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Young & The Restless Transcript


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Nate: You want me to sit? This can’t be good.

Lily: Nate, please.

Nate: All right. Well, go ahead. Let me have it.

Lily: It’s not like that.

Nate: Sure feels like that.

Devon: I spoke to victor earlier today.

Nate: I already told you what happened, devon. I– I told you why I got fired.

Devon: I know what you told us and I told you I was gonna get victor’s side of things.

Nate: I can only imagine the earful he gave you.

Lily: And I ran into nick.

Nate: I’m sure he had a lot to say as well. None of it good.

Lily: No, it sure wasn’T.

Nate: Look, if you’re gonna tell me I don’t have a shot, let’s not waste everyone’s time with excuses.

Devon: Or maybe you could just sit back down and actually listen to what we have to say to you.

Diane: I’d really like to reassess our E.V.P. Measure it through employment engagement surveys, performance reviews. And then we can make whatever changes are necessary to ensure that the jabot brand matches a prospective employee’s perception.

Jack: Our ability to leverage our employee value proposition is critical to our attracting top talent. I mean, the competition’s bigger than ever. I say go for it.

Diane: Well, I’ll get started today.

Jack: Great.

Diane: You look like you’re in a good mood.

Jack: Despite tucker’s threats, yeah, I would say my mood is optimistic.

Diane: Are you in the holiday spirit already?

Jack: Well, that could be part of it.

Diane: Let me guess. Does this have something to do with our latest hire?

Jack: I could not be any happier about having kyle back in the fold.

Diane: You know, he really wants to prove himself to you.

Jack: He doesn’t have to prove anything. He’s merely come back to where he belongs. Stronger, wiser, and more dedicated than ever and I am so proud.

Diane: That’s because he’s his father’s son. He’s committed to this family and our future.

Jack: To work with my son and my brilliant, exquisite wife. Life doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

Billy: Hi. Sorry. I hope I’m not interrupting–

Jack: No, no. Not at all. Come on in.

Billy: I’m actually glad you’re both here.

Diane: Why? What’s going on?

Billy: I just had a very interesting conversation with my mother about tucker mccall.

Jill: Thank you. Thank you.

Tucker: Jill. Hi.

Jill: You know, I saw that trail of slime up there leading to the front door. Now, I know why.

Tucker: Ha ha. I get it. Because I’m a slug or a snail. Something that oozes.

Jill: Yep.

Tucker: Nice. May I buy you a drink?

Jill: I’m gonna tell you this and for the very last time, there is no way on earth that you’ll get your teeny weeny little paws on chancellor, okay? If I were to fall over dead right now, you have zero chance of ever making it yours.

Tucker: Coffee? Tea?

[ Jill laughing ]

Jill: Plus, I’ve made legal provisions so you will never be able to finagle an ownership share in the company.

Tucker: Legal provisions. There is a subjective term. A lot to unpack there. No wonder there are so many rich lawyers in the world. Talk about a trail of slime.

Jill: Yep. Yep. My husband and I have never been more active.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Mamie: And what’s this little tte–tte all about?

Tucker: Jill was about to name her price and make me a very happy man.

Jill: Yeah, when hell freezes over. And what about you? I thought you were done affiliating yourself with this man, and yet here you are.

Mamie: Pure coincidence.

Jill: Yes. Would you stop pretending please that you and tucker are not in cahoots, when the both of you are trying to take chancellor away from me.

Mamie: As much as I would love to see you lose what you shouldn’t have had in the first place, I am not about to cahoot with the man who broke ashley’s heart. And I’m certainly–

Tucker: If I may interject something. Ashley actually broke my heart first.

Mamie: Oh, so you’re just gonna throw a tantrum and then go after ashley–

Tucker: Ashley is not the issue here. You are. I’m just trying to help you here, jill. With this little dance we’ve been doing. Let’s– let’s end it. Skip to the good part, shall we? Name your price.

Billy: My mom believes that tucker’s about to make a move.

Jack: That jives with what ashley said. Yeah.

Billy: So, you know that mamie and tucker have teamed up and you’re just telling me about this now? Am I out of the loop, jack?

Jack: Things are moving fast. Consider yourself in the loop. What else did jill say?

Billy: She thinks that they’re gonna try and force her out of the company.

Diane: And we know that tucker’s already gunning for jabot.

Jack: So, as suspected, tucker is back to his original agenda. Take chancellor-winters and jabot.

Diane: Does jill have a plan to fight him?

Billy: Well, it’s a little bit tough to fight someone that operates in the shadows, okay? But you know, my mom, she’s always got a plan. And right now, that involves trying to convince me to join her at chancellor-winters.

Jack: What? And leave jabot? Are you actually considering this? We need you, billy.

Billy: She needs me more, jack. She feels outnumbered and outgunned and she’s concerned that lily and devon are gonna align themselves with mamie. You add nate onto there. Winters side, you have a deep bench. Chancellor side, not so much.

Jack: But her ties with devon and lily are very strong.

Billy: They are strong ties and then there’s family. And you add tucker into that. She’s very worried that tucker and mamie are gonna grab the company and then split it up, with mamie taking winters and tucker swallowing up chancellor.

Diane: Does jill think that devon and lily would be part of that?

Billy: I think family sometimes can make people do things that they wouldn’t normally do. Look, my mom, she’s just not gonna sit back and let something happen, okay? We know that. She’s looking for reinforcements.

Diane: You?

Billy: For starters. Yeah.

Jack: I repeat, are you considering joining jill?

Billy: I’m in this fight, jack. Until the end. I’m not going anywhere.

[ Jack sighing ] But, the thought of reinforcements, it gave me an idea.

[ Lily sighing ]

Lily: Look, we want to believe that you have learned from your mistakes, and that you’re ready to be a part of this family and the company.

Nate: But?

Devon: But victor is convinced that you tried to pull a coup and have him committed to a clinic just to get him out of the way and have you and victoria take over the company.

Nate: It wasn’t a power play. I thought the man was ill. It was for his own good.

Devon: Right. The problem with that is, that’s the exact same thing you told us when you tried to hijack our company. You said it was for our benefit when it was really for yours.

Nate: And I’ve apologized, repeatedly.

Devon: I’m aware of that. But when we have people like victor and nick and nikki warn us about you, I’m sure you can understand where our trust issues come from.

Nate: And you have the same doubts?

Lily: No. I mean, look, I believe that you care about victor. You were his doctor, you know? You have a lot of compassion. I don’t think that just goes away. I don’t think that you were using his illness as some sort of power grab.

Nate: Thank you for that, at least.

Lily: And look, I know that you wanna make real change and make amends and we wanna help you with that. I want that for you, for your own happiness. And I think the only way to move forward is for us to let go of the past so that you can have the strength of your family to lean on.

Nate: So, you can what? Save me from myself? Keep me in line?

Lily: No, nate, that’s not what I’m trying to say.

Nate: I don’t need saving, cousin. I need a chance to show that I am committed to this family. To the company. Aunt mamie believes in me. I wish you could too.

Devon: There’s more to this decision, nate, than just making mamie happy. Tucker is coming after chancellor-winters. We need to be ready for him. We can’t have any kind of drama or conflict.

Nate: Oh, yeah. Have you– have you run that by jill or aunt mamie?

Devon: Of course, we have. Yes. Staying united is the only way this company is gonna survive moving forward.

Nate: And you’re not sure hiring me is worth the risk.

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Nate: Um, has jill signed off on this decision to hire me back?

Lily: Yes, she has.

Nate: Wow. I’m so– I’m touched. It means more to me than you know. Thank you. Thank you.

Devon: And obviously, it’s gonna be provisional because if we suspect that you’re up to anything, you’re gonna be gone.

Nate: I assure you, that it is not gonna happen.

Devon: Good.

Nate: Look, I– I know what it took for you to come to this decision. Especially after the pile-on from the newmans. That you have enough faith in me to give me another opportunity, I’m humbled.

Devon: Well, you have a big fan in lily.

Nate: I will make you proud.

Lily: That’s all we can ask for.

Nate: So, um, do you have a position in mind? It doesn’t have to be top-tier. I am willing to work my way to your approval. Um, wherever I can be most helpful to the company is where I wanna be.

Devon: Yeah, we’ve actually discussed that with jill and she’s decided that you should oversee the product and content development department.

Lily: Yeah, I think when you were with us last, you know, your ideas kind of lent more towards innovation. Big picture thinking.

Devon: Yeah. You sometimes went too far with the big-picture thinking.

Nate: Hm.

Lily: So, you know, it seems like a– a good fit.

Nate: I appreciate that you think I have something to contribute and I can’t wait to get started. And I promise you won’t regret this.

Lily: I know. We’re counting on that.

Nate: You know, who’s gonna be over the moon? Aunt mamie. She’s gonna be so happy. I’m happy.

Devon: We’re gonna start getting the paperwork drawn up because you will have nondisclosure and non-compete agreements to sign as well.

Nate: Of course.

Lily: Yeah, and figure out a start date too.

Nate: The sooner the better.

Lily: Yeah. Well…

[ Phone ringing ] Oh, sorry, take this. Uh, excuse me.

Devon: It’s okay.

Nate: She seems excited. What about you? What do you think?

Jill: Tucker, why don’t you just run along and play with that record collection that katherine left you and let a grown-up run the company the way your mommy wanted it run.

Tucker: Jill, I know you have a price. Why don’t you just name it?

Jill: Oh, my god. I feel like we keep having the same conversation over and over again. You don’t hear me. There is no price in the universe that will convince me to sell chancellor to you. Hell, I’d rather sell it to mamie almost.

Mamie: Oh, now that is like music to my ears. Let’s have the paperwork drawn up.

Jill: One, I said almost. And two, I trust you only marginally more than I trust tucker. And that is because I know that devon and lily can keep you in line. But you, oh, you, you got nobody to keep you grounded, huh? You are the loosest of loose cannons and you don’t even care where you’re aiming. You just want to make a big noise, don’t you?

Tucker: And I suppose all you want is world peace.

Jill: I want to build a company that leaves a legacy to my family.

Mamie: That is what we all want, jill.

Jill: Oh, my god. I think you’re both underestimating me, okay? I don’t care if you’re in cahoots or not. I’ve got a big arsenal in my back pocket and if you push me or my family, believe me, I won’t hesitate to use it.

Billy: I’m certain that my mom can hold her own, but why let her go after tucker solo?

Jack: What are you suggesting?

Billy: Tucker is fighting a battle on two fronts. He’s going after chancellor-winters and he’s obviously coming after jabot. I say we unite.

Diane: Meaning?

Billy: Meaning we work alongside my mom. We would have the power to outplay him, outmaneuver him, simply outlast him. We would neutralize the threat that tucker offers.

Diane: You’re not suggesting that we merge the companies to fight him, are you?

Billy: No, I’m not saying that. I think we operate outside the companies, okay? We use our brains, we use our strengths, we use our resources and we topple tucker once and for all. We don’t know his end game, but we know the guy. We know what he wants, we know how he operates. He’s always looking at the angles. He’s got one eye on the sidelines. We go straight at him, right up the middle.

You can feel it…

Billy: So, what do you think?

Diane: Well, the idea has merit.

Jack: It does.

Billy: Well, your enthusiasm is underwhelming.

Jack: Your mother would not be where she is today if she didn’t always have an agenda. She is excellent at getting what she wants.

Billy: Jack, she needs our help.

Jack: I’m not sure she would agree with you there.

Billy: Okay. So, what do you mean by that?

Jack: Yeah. Tucker loves playing the dangerous man of mystery to keep us all guessing. I think your mother thinks he’s a lightweight. And I doubt that she feels as massively threatened by tucker as she would have you believe.

Billy: So, you think she’s lying about this? Why would she lie to me about this, jack?

Jack: Not so much a lie as a clever manipulation to get her bright, talented son back under her wing.

Billy: Hold on a second. So, you think this is a power play between the two of you? The winner gets billy or maybe the loser as you would probably see it? Does billy have any say in this or is he not smart enough to realize what’s going on?

Diane: All right. That’s not what jack–

Jack: Let me start again. Family is everything to jill. You are everything to jill. She wants the chancellor part of the company to feel as much a family business as the winter side. As much as jabot. It’s the very same thing as my wanting to work with kyle. I don’t hold it against her. And if she has decided to stack the deck with the threat of tucker to get you to return, well, I– I guess all is fair.

Billy: Look, whatever my mother’s agenda is, there is one goal, that is to stop tucker and we don’t have a lot of options.

Diane: You know, billy’s right. We were hoping that ashley could get through to him, that she could help him reconcile with devon.

Jack: Yeah. I don’t like that particular scenario.

Diane: Well, if it worked.

Jack: Devon is part of that equation. He’s not gonna just start making nice with his father. Besides, I don’t think tucker is gonna give ashley the satisfaction. He knows how to hold on to his rage and how to use it.

Diane: Maybe it’s time we released the article? Let the world know about tucker’s part in his rock star’s sick involvement with underage girls. That would set him back on his heels.

Billy: Tucker’s not concerned about the fallout. Plus at the end of the day, he’s not gonna end up in jail anyway.

Diane: Well, unfortunately, you’re probably right.

Jack: Depending on what else is in the news that day. I mean, it could be a headline for half a day and be forgotten.

Billy: Fine. That’s a possibility. What are we going to sit here and waste time trying to figure out other plans of action? Tucker lit the fuse. Okay? He told me so. He’s coming after jabot. There’s no going back.

Diane: Wait a second. You guys, think about it? Is he really? I mean, for all of his threats and warnings, he hasn’t actually done anything. I think he likes seeing us squirm. This is all a game to him.

Jack: Wait, that may be it.

Diane: What may be it?

Jack: You may have actually figured out what tucker’s endgame actually is.

Tucker: Oh, yeah, you’re so fierce, aren’t you? So full of fire and energy protecting what’s yours. I get it now.

Jill: Oh, spare me.

Tucker: You love chancellor-winters. It’s really the only thing you have in your life. It’s your, you know, your terra firma. But something tells me the– the terra isn’t so firm these days. So, you’re freaked out.

Jill: No. See, that’s nonsense.

Tucker: Well, devon and lily, they have each other. Uh, mamie’s joined them.

Mamie: And nate’s joining us soon.

Tucker: That’s right. So, there you have it. The winters crew is very strong and solid and united. And the chancellor side? Well, your grandson’s too busy playing cops and robbers and your son… poor, uh, easily distracted billy. He’s– he’s decided he’d rather work for a big brother who constantly punches him in the nose than his own mother.

Jill: You do not know what you’re talking about.

Tucker: You’re alone, jill.

Jill: Oh, right. Says the man whose wife just dumped him and his son wants nothing to do with him.

Tucker: You’re an army of one, so you’re running scared. And you rage and roar and wave your arms about and threaten mass destruction, but it’s not scary. It’s sad.

Jill: You just have me all figured out, funny man, don’t you?

Tucker: Yeah. And I feel sorry for you. But unfortunately for you, I’m not backing down. Who’s to say I don’t have an arsenal in my back pocket too?

Devon: Nate, I think that this could work if you want it to work. It’s really up to you.

Nate: I appreciate that. And I want to thank you again for seeing through victor’s mud-slinging. I know how much you look up to him. I get that. I’ve always admired his drive, what he’s accomplished. But at what cost? What he put his children through, pure ruthlessness at the expense of his own kids. To see that was a lesson in itself on how not to treat family.

Devon: Yeah. No, I– I agree with you. What he did was very questionable, for sure. But it’s not our problem. You know, we need to be focused right now on our company and staying strong and making this work.

Nate: That’s all I want.

Devon: Even though you won’t be in a c-suite?

Nate: Like I said, I’ll be happy to contribute however I can.

Devon: Well, I’ll be taking your word for that.

Nate: This is really hard for you, isn’t it?

Devon: Uh, I mean, nobody forced me to make this decision. I could have put my foot down and said no at any point. And I actually do think that you’re gonna bring a lot of value to the company. And you have a lot of support within, so I’d be grateful if I were you.

Nate: Oh, I am. Especially to lily. I assume she was the driving force behind this?

Devon: Yeah, pretty much. She is a big believer in second chances.

Nate: And you were dragged into this.

Devon: No. I– I wasn’t dragged into anything. I genuinely want to see you succeed at the company. And if you’ve really learned your lessons about family and loyalty like you say you have, we will not have a problem.

Nate: So, you’ll be keeping a close eye.

Devon: I think we all will be. Yeah.

Nate: So, that’s how it’s gonna be? Repeating the past? You constantly breathing down my neck, waiting for me to make a wrong move. Looking for a smarter way to mop?

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Devon: Nate, I’m giving you a fair shot.

Nate: Yeah. On a short leash.

Devon: You haven’t even had your first day and you have this combative attitude with me. You okay?

Nate: What’s going on?

Lily: Um, that was mattie. There’s a wildfire at her school and it’s only partially contained.

Devon: Is she on campus?

Lily: Yeah. All the students are in lockdown. I guess there’s like smoke and ash everywhere and mattie sounded terrified.

Nate: My god.

Devon: What can we do?

Lily: I mean, nothing. Nothing that anyone can do, but I feel like I can’t stay here. Like, I have to go and be near her.

Devon: Yeah, yeah. Of course you do. Hang on, let me call the airport and I’ll get the jet ready for you.

Lily: Okay. Thank you. Sorry, guys. I have to go. I’m sorry.

Devon: No, don’t be sorry at all. You have to be with your daughter.

Nate: Yeah. Keep us updated, please.

Lily: Um, yeah, I will.

Devon: Hey, hey. Everything’s gonna be okay. All right, she’ll be fine. I love you.

Lily: All right. Love you too.

Devon: Bye.

Jack: Maybe tucker’s only agenda is making us think he has one.

Billy: And that makes sense how?

Jack: He’s trying to drive us crazy. To drive us apart and look how it’s working. We’re spending all this time constantly looking for the fire that he claims to have started at jabot. Or maybe he’s hoping that finger-pointing and accusations will take his work away. He can sit back and watch us burn to the ground.

Diane: Yes. And I’m sure he’d enjoy every minute of it, but I– I just don’t think that’s the whole story. This guy doesn’t do subtle. He landed a helicopter in our backyard.

Jack: He lost ashley. The love of his life. He’s furious. He’s in pain and he wants us to feel that pain too. So he taunts us, tries to push us right to the edge.

Billy: Over the edge as far as he’s concerned.

Jack: Look, all I’m saying is maybe this slow, steady, relentless torture is just one gigantic head trip. A huge, meaningless mind game.

Jill: Maybe your arsenal isn’t quite as large as you think it is.

Tucker: Uh, maybe. Maybe not. That reminds me of the great baudelaire quote. “The devil’s greatest trick was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.” Well. See ya.

Jill: My god, what I wouldn’t do to get that man out of our lives for good.

Mamie: Maybe you could just hand him a check for a million dollars to get rid of him. But, of course, that might just come back to bite you.

Jill: Is that what this is all about, mamie? Have you come back to bite me?

Mamie: Oh, jill, I’m here for my family.

Jill: Yeah, I know. You keep waving that flag, but something tells me there’s a whole lot more going on.

Mamie: Maybe you’re just being paranoid.

Jill: It’s not paranoid if it’s true.

Mamie: Look, I don’t care what you think about me or what you think I’m up to, but from where I sit, I don’t trust tucker any more than you do.

Jill: Oh, my god, woman, you’re the one who brought the snake to the party. It’s a little late to stop trusting him.

Mamie: One more time, jill. Because of what he did to ashley, I don’t want to have anything to do with that man.

Jill: Then prove it. Tell me what your plan was. What does tucker want?

Mamie: Girl, I don’t have to prove anything to you.

Jill: No. No, I am serious. If you want him gone as much as I do, why don’t we call a truce? Why don’t we share information with each other so that it can help both sides of the business and also the people we love?

Mamie: Why, jill abbott, if I didn’t know any better, I would think that you were suggesting that you and I work on the same side. Theo’s nose was cause for alarm, so dad brought

Lily: Yeah, charlie, I just wanna let you know what’s going on. So, when I get there, I’ll keep you updated, okay? No, I know, I know. I’m worried too, but mattie’s gonna be fine. I promise you. Okay. All right. Love you too. Oh, god. Please let her be okay. Okay. Where are my keys?

Daniel: Hey, I got here as fast as I could. Any more news?

Lily: No. There’s a fire on the perimeter so they can’t evacuate any students. They’re all on lockdown. So– god, I don’t know where my keys are.

Daniel: You know they’re not gonna let you anywhere near that that campus until they got the fire contained, right?

Lily: I know that. I know. I just want to be near her so that way when she’s out, I can just make sure that she’s okay. Uh, oh, god. There they are. Okay. Oh, my god. I should probably go over these contracts on the plane, but I’m just gonna be distracted. And, oh, my god. I’m such a mess. Sorry.

Daniel: No, I got it. You are a mother who’s worried about her child. Maybe there’s something I can do to help. Hey, larry, can you go ahead and clear my schedule out for the rest of the day? Yeah, and uh, get rid of my meetings for tomorrow as well. Yeah. No, we’ll be in touch. Don’t worry about it.

Lily: Wait, sorry. What are you doing?

Daniel: Coming with you.

Billy: Let’s not forget that tucker tried to frame me for embezzlement. Okay. That’s not nothing.

Jack: But think how simplistic it was. How easy it was to figure out that he and phyllis were behind it. Look, it– it was a bluff to scare us into thinking his threat was real.

Diane: Well, even if you’re right, that tucker is mind-gaming us into turning on each other, I think this family is too strong to fall for that. And I’d say the same about chancellor-winters.

Jack: I think we deserve this drink.

Diane: Yes.

Jill: I got your call, jack.

Jack: By all means, jill. Come right in.

Jill: So, what’s so important? Oh, lord, it looks like I’m just in time for an announcement. I’m so sorry. I know this must be hard on you, but the best ceo won.

Billy: Mom.

Jill: I know he’s done an excellent job at jabot, but, oh, is he gonna shine at chancellor?

Billy: Mom, hey.

Jill: What, what?

Billy: I’m not leaving jabot.

Jill: Okay. So, you just called me over to gloat, did you?

Jack: No. Look, we were just discussing tucker mccall and his claim that he has chancellor-winters and jabot in his crosshairs.

Jill: Not news. Are we done? Can I go?

Jack: Wait. Wait, wait. We have a theory as to what tucker is really up to.

Jill: So not in the mood for theories.

Jack: Billy has a plan and we need your input.

Jill: Mm-hmm. I liked my plan, billy.

Billy: Mom, please.

Jill: All right. What have you got?

Diane: Well, for weeks, tucker has threatened to bring us to our knees, but so far, he hasn’t made an overt move against us.

Jill: So?

Billy: So, maybe it’s all smoke and mirrors. Maybe there is no concrete threat. Tucker’s revenge is simply mind games.

Jill: Ah, funny you should say that. I was thinking of that. Maybe that weasel doesn’t have a damn plan.

Tucker: Mamie johnson. Wow. What a pleasant surprise.

Mamie: As if you weren’t down here lurking, waiting for me.

Tucker: Yeah. I didn’t like the way things ended with jill.

Mamie: Ended with jill? Well, the beginning and the middle weren’t great either. Excuse me.

Tucker: I was hoping maybe I could have a word with you.

Mamie: And that word would be no.

Tucker: It will just take a minute, please.

[ Mamie sighing ]

Mamie: What is it that you don’t understand? I don’t trust you. You– especially you, bragging on being the devil. What you did to ashley?

Tucker: Yeah. I messed up with ashley and I own it, okay?

Mamie: Mm-mm. That doesn’t change how I feel about you.

Tucker: What if I told you she’s been reaching out to me?

[ Mamie scoffing ]

Mamie: That girl’s always been too big-hearted for her own good. I’ll just have to have a word with her. And as for you and me, there’s nothing that you could say that I want to hear.

Tucker: It’s about jill. (Smelling)

Jack: So, you’re with us on this? Tucker could just be blowing smoke to torture us. To hoping that fear and insecurity and accusations are going to separate us. Divide us, our families, our companies. He’s hoping that he can break our hearts the same way ashley broke his.

Jill: If he actually had a heart. I wouldn’t put it past him though. He just waltzes into our lives, swinging his big dog energy. He thinks he can scare us? Not a chance in hell.

Jack: I told you she wasn’t afraid of tucker.

Jill: Well, if it is his plan, it’s really stupid, but I can’t afford to ignore it, can I? He’s got his claws into chancellor. It’s gotta be resolved. Okay. Let’s hear your plan, billy.

Billy: Tucker’s coming after all of us, so we form a united front. Together, we turn the mind games back on him.

Jill: Well, that’s not a bad idea, I guess. For what it’s worth, mamie says she’s through with tucker and his lies.

Billy: Do you believe her?

Jill: She’s a major threat to my company, but in this case, she may be a good ally.

Jack: Well, I’m glad mamie has seen the light, but you and mamie on the same team?

Jill: Desperate times, jack. I want that scum out of our lives for good.

Jack: Tucker lost ashley and the future he thought they had together. Combined with devon rejecting him yet again I think he’s on the ropes. He is desperate. He is hurting. He’s in fear and that’s when we attack him. We have to push him to the edge. Break him once and for all.

Mamie: Clock’s ticking, tucker.

Tucker: No matter our differences, you and I believe in family, right?

Mamie: You said this was about jill.

Tucker: Yeah. I’m getting to her. But what you’re doing for devon and lily and nate, helping them reconcile and building the winters legacy, I admire it very much.

[ Mamie chuckling ]

Mamie: Still waiting.

Tucker: Jill scares me.

Mamie: Why? Because she trash talked you?

Tucker: No. Her back is against the wall. She’s desperate. So, she is going to fight hard and ugly to protect herself.

Mamie: Well, you’ve been known to get down into the swamp yourself.

Tucker: Not anymore. Not if there’s the slightest chance any of that ugliness can spill onto devon.

Mamie: Yeah. Well, I’m not gonna let that happen.

Tucker: You may not have a choice. Devon’s very happy right now. He’s working with lily. He’s raising dom with abby. And I just refuse to let anything blow that up. So, I am backing off.

Mamie: Backing off?

Tucker: I’m waving the white flag. Total surrender.

Mamie: So, what game are you playing now, tucker mccall?

[ Devon mumbling ]

Devon: This fire is still growing.

Nate: You think she had time to contact charlie and kane? I could reach out.

Devon: No. I imagine those are the first two people she called.

[ Nate sighing ]

Nate: Things like this put everything in perspective, don’t they? We drop whatever we’re doing the second the people we love are in trouble.

Devon: That’s what family does.

Nate: Something I forgot along the way.

Devon: But you’re back on track now though, right?

Nate: One hundred percent. I’m fully committed to this family and the company. I wanna thank you again for giving me this opportunity.

Devon: Hey, nate. Um, lily really does believe in you, so if you screw up and you break her heart again, we’re done, okay?

Lily: Daniel, you can’t go with me.

Daniel: Sure I can. My calendar’s suddenly wide open.

Lily: No. Look, I– I’ve got this. I’m fine. I promise you.

Daniel: No, you’re not fine. You are shaking.

Lily: No, listen, you have a huge launch next week. You worked really hard on it. I’m not gonna let you jeopardize that.

Daniel: All that matters is that you and mattie are safe. Everything else…

Lily: I know. And I love you for that. Thank you. But I promise you, I’ve got this. Okay? Just stay here.

Daniel: You’re sure?

Lily: Yes. I’m very, very sure.

Daniel: You know I’m gonna be texting you nonstop for updates.

Lily: I know. I know. I know.

Daniel: If you change your mind–

Lily: I know. You’re a plane flight away.

Daniel: Exactly.

Lily: There is one thing you could do.

Daniel: Already on it. Come here, babe.

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