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Maggie runs in to Konstantin outside of the Pub. Konstantin says he was just getting some fresh air and thanks her for taking care of his expenses at the Salem Inn. Maggie imagines he has a lot on his mind since he’s going back to Greece soon. Konstantin confesses that he cannot go back to Greece which Maggie questions. Konstantin assures it’s not about money and offers to tell her about it over a cup of coffee.

Alex and Theresa sit together in the Brady Pub. Alex asks if he gets credit for making good on his promise to have dinner before sex next time. Theresa admits she hoped for more than burgers and fries. Alex says it’s not his fault that ths Bistro was closed and kisses Theresa, which she says makes up for it. Theresa says given the circumstances, she’s actually having an amazing night and nothing can ruin it. Konstantin then walks in with Maggie.

John goes to see Steve, who says after what went down at Maggie’s on Thanksgiving, Konstantin is even shadier than they thought so they need to step up their investigation before Maggie gets hurt.

Everett sits alone in his room and says he can’t believe it was Chad. Everett remarks that he guesses Chad isn’t quite the man that Stephanie thinks he is.

Stephanie finds Chad in the town square. Chad says he was just about to send her a text. Stephanie asks if it was about how he secretly bought the Spectator just to fire Everett. Chad questions why he would fire Everett. Stephanie says now that he owns half the paper, he could and he wanted him out of her life without giving a damn about how he did it, even if it was amoral and underhanded. Stephanie asks if he’s really going to deny it. Chad knows she’s upset. Stephanie responds that she’s more than upset, she is appalled. Stephanie explains that after Xander told Everett that he had nothing to do with his firing, Everett called Gwen, who wouldn’t tell him who she sold to, so he did some digging and came up with a shell company that happened to be owned by Chad. Chad then admits that it’s true that he fired Everett.

Rafe and Jada lay in bed together after having sex. Jada jokes about Rafe keeping her warm and suggests he stay the night. Rafe says as tempting as that sounds, he forgot his extra shaving kit at the police station. Jada says she’ll have to get him another kit to keep there. Rafe then invites Jada to move in with him.

Maggie greets Alex and Theresa. Alex claims they were just on their way out. Maggie points out that they haven’t finished their meal. Alex says they realized they have something better at home. Alex and Theresa go to rush out but Konstantin stops them and tells Theresa that there is something he needs to stay to her.

John asks Steve what Konstantin said when he confronted him about what they found in Greece. Steve says Konstantin did a lot of tap dancing to make himself sympathetic. Steve tells him what Konstantin told Maggie about the table cloth. John asks about the loan that Victor never forgave. Steve says that Konstantin claimed he didn’t want Maggie to think ill of Victor. John questions Maggie buying that and asks if Konstantin admitted to having something to do with the kidnapping of Sarah’s baby. Steve explains that Konstantin claimed the Greek mafia took the baby as a payback for a loan which John laughs at. John asks how they are going to pin Konstantin down. Steve thinks the only way to do that is to prove that he faked Victoria’s kidnapping.

Konstantin tells Theresa that he just wanted to apologize for accusing her of only being involved with Alex for his money as it was a stupid thing to say. Theresa points out that he already apologized. Konstantin says that after Maggie spoke so highly of Theresa, he realized his error in judgment and asks if Theresa can find it in her heart to forgive him.

John tells Steve that if Konstantin arranged Victoria’s kidnapping, he had to have help. They agree that if they can find out who, then the whole plan unravels. They talk about how they couldn’t have gotten far if Konstantin chased them down. They decide on checking the security cameras from around the Kiriakis Mansion.

Theresa tells Konstantin that she can’t stay mad at him after an apology like that and forgives him. Konstantin says he’s grateful as Theresa agrees to let bygones be bygones. Theresa appreciates Konstantin understanding that she’s not a gold digger and remarks that she’s sure they can say the same about him.

Jada questions if Rafe would rather have her move in to his house. Rafe says it would be nice to have privacy since every time he leaves Jada’s room, Roman’s down at the Pub and he feels like he knows exactly what they were doing. Rafe adds that Harris is living above the Pub now too, so he feels that when he goes to work, everyone is privy to their business. Jada questions Rafe being serious.

Stephanie is glad that Chad finally confessed but she still doesn’t understand why Chad would secretly buy the paper just to fire Everett. Chad responds that he’s a jealous idiot and they were fighting because she had just taken Everett on as a client and it was obvious to him that he was moving in on her. Stephanie complains that Everett just made a smart business decision. Chad argues that they both know Everett was trying to reel her in, so he decided to try and stop it. Stephanie asks if she’s just a fickle, shallow person who gets easily reeled in and isn’t loyal. Chad says she knows he doesn’t think that. Stephanie feels he obviously doesn’t trust her. Chad responds that he doesn’t trust Everett. Stephanie complains that Chad pulled the same pathetic, jealous moves with Alex and that he almost cost her a job. Stephanie adds that at least Chad talked to Alex but calls what he did to Everett sneaky, mean, and unforgivable. Chad argues that she doesn’t understand that he did it for them because they were having an issues and Everett was just causing problems. Stephanie complains that Chad is fine having her as his live in girlfriend but not his wife because that’s too much of a commitment. Stephanie then remarks that at least Everett was willing to marry her which Chad questions. Stephanie says she shouldn’t have brought it up since it’s not relevant but Chad says it is to him. Chad asks if Everett proposed while they were together. Stephanie reveals that he planned to. Chad asks if he told her that recently then. Stephanie explains that she found a ring box in his bag while at his office and when she asked about it, he admitted that it was for her because he was going to propose before the accident. Chad notes her not mentioning they were that serious which Stephanie says she didn’t know. Stephanie calls it ironic that the guy who ghosted her wanted to marry her while the guy she’s living with now does not. Chad asks if she’s saying she wanted to marry Everett. Stephanie says that’s not what she is saying at all and asks why he would think that. Chad argues that she’s saying it like she would’ve said yes if he proposed. Stephanie asks why it matters since he didn’t propose so it’s not relevant. Chad complains that it’s relevant to him. Stephanie argues that she was making a point that Everett was willing to commit to her instead of searching his soul to try and figure out if he loved her enough. Stephanie then storms off.

Rafe questions if Jada thought he was joking when he asked her to move in. Jada admits that she did. Rafe asks if she thinks it’s impulsive or too soon. Jada admits she kind of does as she didn’t think they were there yet. Rafe says he’s been thinking about it for awhile since Gabi’s been gone, so he has the whole house to himself now. Rafe thought it would be nice to share it with someone that he loves. Jada admits it’s tempting but she hasn’t lived with someone in a really long time so it’s a really big step for her. Rafe asks about her living with someone before which Jada confirms was her ex-husband.

Alex and Theresa go home. Alex promises next time they are going to the Bistro, but points out that if they didn’t go to the Pub, they wouldn’t have ran in to Konstantin and Maggie. Theresa questions that being a good thing and remarks that she could’ve lived without it. Alex acknowledges that Konstantin at least had the decency to apologize. Theresa says that’s assuming he was sincere but questions Konstantin giving her the benefit of the doubt. Alex asks what other reason he would have to apologize. Theresa suggests he could be trying to score points with Maggie.

Maggie tells Konstantin that it was very gracious of him to apologize to Theresa. Konstantin calls it very unfair of him to accuse Theresa of only staying with Alex for his money, since as she pointed out that someone could say the same about him with Maggie.

John and Steve talk about the kidnapper leaving the Kiriakis Mansion and where they would’ve gone next. Steve looks up security footage on his laptop from a bank near the park. Steve declares that he thinks they found their culprit. They find the security footage and zooms in but the image is grainy. John suggests calling the bank to get the raw footage. Steve worries that they wouldn’t be happy that they tapped in to their feed, so he thinks he has a better idea.

Alex questions Theresa thinking that Konstantin’s apology was all for show. Theresa points out that Maggie is very forgiving and would appreciate him giving her the benefit of the doubt. Theresa feels it’s the perfect angle if he’s making a play for Maggie. Theresa adds that Maggie is a wealthy widow and he wouldn’t be the first to try. Alex talks about being unable to get a good read on Konstantin and says he liked him well enough in Greece. Theresa reminds him of the horrible things he said about her. Alex points out that he apologized but agrees that maybe he needs to keep a better eye on him. Theresa decides maybe she’s just overreacting and she’s been known to hold a grudge. Alex worries about the possibility of Konstantin scamming Maggie for money and asks how low you can go.

Maggie asks why Konstantin would say something like that when he hasn’t gone after her money and she’s willingly paying off his debt. Maggie reminds him that she needs to keep her distance from him for the sake of her family because of the danger that his life is in and she needs to keep her family safe. Maggie adds that even though Konstantin has made some very bad decisions in his life, she doesn’t think of him as a gold digger at all. Konstantin responds that he appreciates that more than she knows. Konstantin insists that he’s not a gold digger, but a survivor.

Rafe acknowledges that Jada never really talked about her marriage. Jada feels they don’t need to talk about it now but Rafe wants to get to know her better which means hearing about her past. Jada admits that Rafe asking her to live with him brought back a lot of memories of the night that her ex-husband proposed to her. Jada explains how he was planning it for months but it didn’t go exactly as planned. Jada calls it a night to remember and says they were intense, but they were good together as she thought it was going to last forever.

Chad goes to Everett’s room at the Salem Inn. Everett asks what he can do for him. Chad responds that he knows he found out that he’s the one who fired him which Everett confirms. Everett says that means their business is concluded but Chad says it’s not. Chad reveals that he’s here to offer him his job back. Everett asks what the catch is. Chad wants him to answer one question truthfully. Chad asks if Everett is in Salem to get Stephanie back. Everett admits that he is, that he loves her and that he wants her back in his life. Chad appreciates his honesty and then walks away.

Rafe tells Jada that he understands how she feels as marriage is supposed to be forever. Rafe mentions having high hopes of that when he got married, all three times. Rafe tells Jada that she doesn’t have to answer moving in with him now as it’s just something in his head and he’s more than happy to keep coming to her room here above the Pub, unless she changes her mind. Jada jokes about that meaning Rafe having to do the walk of shame every morning he stays over. Rafe decides he doesn’t care if Roman, Harris, or anyone else knows as long as he gets to be with her. Rafe tells Jada to take her time deciding on whether to move in with him or not which she agrees to do. Jada adds that just because things ended with her husband, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t still believe in love as she believes that finding the right person can actually be forever. Rafe says he believes that too. Jada tells Rafe that she’s very grateful that she found him and that she’s in love and very lucky. Rafe feels he’s the lucky one as they kiss.

Konstantin tells Maggie that she’s probably tired of hearing about his friendship with Victor. Maggie says not at all as it warms her heart to hear what Victor was like when he was a young man. Konstantin talks about knowing Victor when he had nothing and watched him fight for everything. Konstantin says Victor also owed money but found his way and became a successful businessman. Konstantin calls him a self made man. Maggie then reminds Konstantin why he won’t be returning to Greece. Konstantin claims that he doesn’t want to burden her but Maggie insists. Konstantin says he made a few calls and made it clear to his contact that he would pay the debt in full thanks to Maggie. Maggie asks if the Greek mafia agreed to stop coming after him. Konstantin responds that they did on the condition that he never goes back to Greece or else he’s dead.

Steve suggests to John that they send the security image to Shane and that the ISA will be happy to put Konstantin away if he’s the con artist that they think. John says he has to go pick up food for Marlena and tells Steve to let him know what he finds out. Steve hopes that Shane can give them the identity of the kidnapper.

Alex tells Theresa that the housekeeper came by today and he told her to focus primarily on his bedroom which she calls good news. Alex assures that it’s very clean for now, so maybe she’d want to try out his bed sheets. Theresa responds that she’s actually really comfortable here on the couch. Alex reminded her that she said next time she wanted the bed. Theresa says she changed her mind and they start kissing.

Maggie questions the mafia not letting Konstantin go back to Greece. Konstantin tells her not to worry as he is not her responsibility and she has done all she can, so he is more grateful to her than words can express. John then enters the Pub and heads to the counter. Konstantin tells Maggie that her generosity will allow him to stay at the Salem Inn for a little while as he works things out. Maggie asks if he has any idea of where he will go next. Konstantin admits he doesn’t know yet but says his VISA will not allow him to stay in the country much longer. Maggie asks if he can extend it. Konstantin says he’d have to get a job and a work VISA or if he marries a US citizen.

Steve calls Shane and thanks him as finding the identity of the kidnapper will go a long way in proving Konstantin is not who he says he is. Steve says he will send him the image now and to hit him back as soon as he finds something.

After having sex on the couch, Alex goes to take the trash out. Alex runs in to Chad in the hall and says that Stephanie came by and left her key which she asked him to return to Chad.

Stephanie shows up at Steve’s door with her bags packed. Steve questions what’s going on. Stephanie reveals that she moved out of her and Chad’s place and hoped she could stay with him for a little while.

Everett pulls out his engagement ring for Stephanie and declares that maybe now he has a second chance to put a ring on her finger.

Rafe and Jada kiss in bed until Rafe decides he’s going to take a shower. Jada talks about enjoying the night they had and just being with him. Rafe jokes about having to borrow her robe as being another reason that she should move in with him. After Rafe goes to shower, Jada grabs her phone and takes photos of their Christmas tree. Jada then looks at a photo on her phone, revealing that her ex-husband is Everett!

Everett remains in his room, looking at the engagement ring.

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