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[gentle music]


Hello, Maggie.

What are you doing here? Is the Salem Inn not to your liking?

Oh, it is fine. I was just getting some air to clear my head. And I am so thankful for you covering the expense.

Oh, it’s no problem. I can imagine you have a lot on your mind, given the fact that you’re going back home to Greece soon.

Maggie, I have to confess, I cannot go back to Greece.

[soft dramatic music]

What do you mean you can’t go back to Greece? Is it about money?

I assure you, it is not. But I would love to tell you. Over a cup of coffee, perhaps?

So do I get credit for making good on my promise?

[upbeat country music]

What promise was that?

Oh, come on, you must remember. After we had a whole lot of fun on the couch last night, you said maybe next time we could have dinner first.

Yes, I did say that.


Although, I have to admit, I was kind of, sort of hoping for caviar or filet mignon, not burgers and fries.

Okay, all right, so maybe I freestyled a little bit. But it’s not my fault the Bistro was closed. Does that make up for missing out on the Bistro?



Who needs filet mignon?

[exhales] And don’t worry. Given the circumstances, I am actually having an amazing night. There is nothing that can ruin my n–


[chuckles] Thanks for coming over, John.

No problem, partner.

Like I said, after what went down at Maggie’s on Thanksgiving, man, if we thought Konstantin Meleounis was bad news before–

This guy’s even shadier than we thought.

That’s why we need to step up our investigation before Maggie gets hurt.

[ominous music]

I can’t believe it was Chad. I guess he isn’t quite the man Stephanie thinks he is.

Hey. I was just about to text you.

Oh, really? What was it about? Maybe how you bought half “The Spectator” just so you could fire Everett?

What? Why would I fire Everett?

Because now that you own half the paper, you could. and because you wanted him out of my life and you didn’t give a damn how you did it, even if it was amoral and underhanded. Come on, Chad, are you really gonna stand there and deny it?

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

I know you’re upset.

Oh, I’m more than upset. I am appalled.

[tense music] And since you’re obviously determined to play dumb, I will spell it out for you. After Xander told Everett he had nothing to do with his firing, Everett called my cousin Gwen. She said that she couldn’t have fired him, since she sold off her half of the paper. Of course, she wouldn’t tell him who she sold it to. But he did some digging, and he came up with the name of a shell company, one that just happened to be owned by you. So let me ask you again.

No need. It’s true. I fired Everett.

Well, since the weather is getting colder, I definitely don’t mind having my own personal heater.

[tender music] And that would be you, in case you’re wondering.

Oh, so you’re just using me for my body heat? Mm?

Well, if you stay the night, I’m sure I can think of some other reasons to love you.

My. Well, as tempting as that sounds, I forgot my spare dopp kit at the station. The last time I used your razor, it did not work out that well.

Well, you can just shave at the station.

[laughs] Right. Show up like a drunk off the streets? Not a good look for the police commissioner.

Okay, well then, I guess I’ll just have to get you a third dopp kit to keep here.

Hmm. I have another idea.

Oh, yeah?

Why don’t you move in with me?

Theresa, what is it?

[festive country music] Say no more.

Alex, Theresa. It’s so nice to see you.

Hey, it’s nice to see you too. We’re actually just on our way out of here.

Oh. You haven’t even finished your meal.

Yeah, no, no, that’s fine. We actually realized we have something a lot more appetizing at home. Come on, baby, let’s wrap up this tab and get out of here, huh? Good to see you guys.

Wait, please, could you– could you hold on a moment? Theresa, there is something I need to say to you.


All right, I’m dying to hear this. Just what did Konstantin have to say when you confronted him about what we found out in Greece?

Oh, man, he did so much tap dancing, he put Savion Glover to shame. And it was all designed to paint himself in the most flattering light, of course.

Well, of course, of course.

First, he admitted to Maggie that the tablecloth he gave her was not from Greece, that he just wanted her to have something that belonged to Victor, or at least something that she would believe belonged to Victor.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. What about–what about Victor’s very generous restaurant loan, the one we found out Victor actually never– he never refused to forgive?

He did more tap dancing for that one too, buddy. He told Maggie that he pretended that Victor forgave the loan because he didn’t want her to think ill of her late husband.

Maggie bought that?

Well, I’m not sure. I couldn’t really tell at the time. But I saved the best for last.

Ah. And that would be Sarah’s baby’s kidnapping. So what, did he actually admit he had something to do with that?

Yeah, but only before– get this. When he couldn’t pay Victor back, he found the best loan shark in Athens. So apparently the Greek mafia took the baby as payback.

[laughs] What the hell?

I’m telling you, this dude is a slippery one.

All right, so the only question is, how are we going to pin this guy down?

I think the only way to do that is to prove he faked Victoria’s kidnapping.

[suspenseful music]

Forgive me for intruding on your evening. I just wanted to apologize. When I saw you at Thanksgiving, I accused you of being involved with Alex only for his money. That was a stupid and unkind thing for me to say, and I am terribly ashamed.

You already apologized.

But that was hardly an adequate one. After Maggie spoke so highly of you, I realized I’d made a tremendous error in judgment and you could never be so deceitful and dishonest. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?

[festive country music]

If Konstantin arranged Victoria’s kidnapping, he had to have some help. Because you just said someone attacked him, right?

Maggie interrupted said attack, but she didn’t get a good look at him because he had a hoodie on and she only saw him from behind.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, whoever it was, he was working for Konstantin here now. If we can find this hooligan…

Then their whole plan unravels.

Yeah. So any idea where they headed after they took the baby?

Well, he couldn’t have gone far because Konstantin chased him down.

Chased him down. So more than likely, they left the mansion on foot, which is good for us, because there’s plenty of security cameras in that area.

We just have to find the right one.


Well, how can I stay mad at you after an apology like that? Of course I forgive you.

I am grateful for your understanding. So we can let bygones be bygones?

Yeah, sure. And I also want to say that I appreciate you understanding that just because I am in the company of someone wealthy, it doesn’t make me a gold digger. Mm-hmm. I’m sure we can say the same thing about you, Mr. Meleounis.

[“We Wish You a Merry Christmas” playing]

Okay, so instead of springing for a new dopp kit, you’d rather I move into your house?

Well, it’s not just about us saving money at the drugstore. It’s just– it’d be nice to have a little privacy. I mean, every time I leave here, when I go downstairs in the morning, Roman’s there, and he’s staring at me. And I tell you, his eyes are, like, boring into me like he knows exactly what we did the night before.

Well, I’m sure he has an idea.

Oh, my God. And then Harris– he’s living here now too. I mean, I just feel like, you know, when I go to work, that everyone’s privy to our business.

Wait, so I thought that you were talking in hypotheticals, but you’re serious.

[tender music]

Well, I’m glad you finally confessed, but damn it, Chad, I still don’t understand. Why would you do this? Why would you secretly buy the paper just to fire Everett?

Because I’m a jealous idiot, that’s why. Okay, you happy? You and I were fighting, all right, because you had just taken on Everett as a client and it was obvious to me that he was moving in on you, so–

Meaning it was obvious that that was the only reason he’d hire me, to move in on me?

No, that’s not what I said, okay? You’re great at your job, all right? Everybody knows it, but he– Everett’s in town for what, five minutes, and suddenly you’re doing PR for him?

God forbid he made a smart business decision.

Stephanie, come on, okay? You and I both know that he was trying to reel you in. I saw it, so I decided to try to stop it. Big deal.

Right, of course you did, ’cause I’m just a fickle, shallow person who gets easily reeled in and has no sense of loyalty–


To the man I’m living with, whose children I’m helping to raise.

You know I don’t think that.

Well, you obviously don’t trust me.

I don’t trust Everett.

[tense music]

Where have I heard that before? Oh, right. When it was Alex you didn’t trust, you pulled the same pathetic, jealous moves with him. In fact, you almost cost me a job because you couldn’t stand the idea of us working together. But at least that time, you were man enough to talk to the guy. What you did to Everett was sneaky and mean and downright unforgivable.

Yeah, you know what, what you don’t understand is I didn’t do it for me, okay? I did it for us. We were having issues, and Everett was just one more wrench in the works, all right? Having an interloper was just causing problems. It sure as hell wasn’t helping.

Right. All those problems we’ve been having, like the fact that you’re fine having me as a live-in girlfriend, but not your wife. That would be too much of a commitment, and god knows we can’t have that. Well, Everett may be an interloper… But at least he was willing to marry me.

Everett wanted to marry you?

I shouldn’t have brought it up. It’s not relevant.

No, I think it’s pretty damn relevant to me. It is.

[tense music] Did he propose while you two were together?

No, but he’d planned to.

So he told you that recently then?

When we were at his office, I found a ring box in his bag. At first I didn’t think anything of it. I thought maybe it was for someone else. But when I asked him about it, he admitted that it was for me. He said that right before the accident, he was going to ask me to marry him.

Yeah, you didn’t mention that you two were that serious.

I didn’t know either. Even though we were in a relationship, obviously, and it was going well. And I guess that’s one of life’s ironies. The guy who ghosted me… turns out actually wanted to marry me, while the guy I’m living with now… does not.

So what, you’re saying that you wanted to marry Everett?

What? No, that’s not what I’m saying at all. Why would you think that?

Because that’s exactly how you’re saying it, that you would have said yes if he proposed.

How does that matter? He didn’t propose, so whether or not I would have said yes is totally irrelevant.

It’s relevant to me.

I was trying to make a point, okay? That Everett wanted to be with me so much that he was ready to commit to me for the rest of his life. He wasn’t stringing me along, wasting my time, while he searched his soul and tried to figure out if he loved me enough.

So you thought that I was joking when I asked you to move in?

Well, yeah, I did.

Well, why? I mean, what, do you think that… it’s impulsive or too soon?

Kind of.


I just– I mean, I just didn’t think that we were there yet.

All right. Well, I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I mean, not a while. Like, I guess since Gabby’s been gone. And, as you know, I’ve got the whole house to myself now. I mean, it is way too much house for one person, so I just thought it would be nice to share it with someone… that I love.

Well, I have to admit that as tempting as that sounds, I just– I haven’t lived with someone in a really long time. It’s a really big step for me.

All right. But you have lived with someone before.

Yes, my ex-husband.

[soft dramatic music]


I promise you, hey, next time we are going to the Bistro, okay? Although if we weren’t schlubbing it at the pub, we would have never run into Konstantin and Maggie.

That was a good thing? I sure as hell could’ve lived without it.

Well, yeah, but, I mean, at least after what the guy said to you at Thanksgiving, he had the decency to apologize.

Assuming he was sincere.

You don’t think it was?

Oh, come on. You really think that that guy is willing to give me the benefit of the doubt?

I mean, he clearly changed his mind about you. What other reason would he have to apologize?

I don’t know. Maybe he’s trying to score points with Maggie.

[tense music]

Well, that was very gracious of you, Konstantin, to apologize to Theresa.

It was very unfair for me to accuse Theresa of staying with Alex only for his money, especially since– since Theresa pointed out herself, someone could say the same about me with you.

[“We Wish You a Merry Christmas” playing]

[clears throat]

So once the kidnapper left the Kiriakis grounds, he immediately would head east, or west, but to state the obvious, you know?

Okay, east is the way into town.


So the kidnapper might have had a car waiting there after he dropped the baby off.

More parking. And once again, lucky for us, because there’s more cameras.


So where is the best place for a handoff?

Well, somewhere secluded, most likely.

What about that park right there?

Good eye, partner. Well, look at that. There’s a bank right across the street. Okay, if we can tap into their feed at the time of kidnapping–

[suspenseful music] Bingo. I think we found our culprit.

Yep. That is our kidnapper, all right. Would you zoom in closer? Let’s get a good look at his face.

[tense music] That’s as good as you can do?

Afraid so. The image is too grainy.


All right. Call the bank. Let’s get our hands on the raw footage.

Well, I don’t think that bank would be too happy that we tapped into their feed.

Got a better idea?

I think I do.

So you think Konstantin’s apology was all for show?

Yeah, well, Maggie is very forgiving, and he would know that she would appreciate him giving me the benefit of the doubt. If he were making a play for her, it’s the perfect angle.

Yeah, I suppose.

[tense music]

Maggie is a wealthy widow. It’s not like he’d be the first one to try it.

I–I still don’t know. I mean, I just can’t get a good read on the guy. I mean, I liked him well enough in Greece, but–

Excuse me, he said all those awful, horrible things about me.

And then he apologized. But maybe you’re right. Maybe I do need to keep a better eye on this guy.

Or, I don’t know, I mean, maybe I’m just overreacting. Like you said, he’s a jerk. I–I also– I’ve been known to hold a grudge.

But still, even if there’s the possibility of him scamming on Maggie–

[scoffs] Damn, I know people go after other people with money. It’s, like, a common thing and all, but really? How low can you go?

Why would you say something like that? You haven’t gone after my money. I’m giving it to you willingly to pay off your debt. However, as I told you before you moved out of my house, I need to keep my distance from you for the sake of my family because of the danger that your life is in. I need to keep my family safe. But I will say that even though you have made some very bad decisions in your life, I don’t think of you as a gold digger. Not at all.

I appreciate that, Maggie. More than you know. And you are right, I am not a gold digger. What I am is a survivor.

You’ve never really talked about your marriage.

And we don’t need to talk about it now.

Jada… I want to get to know you better. That means hearing about your past.

Okay. Well, in that case, when you asked me to live with you, it brought back a lot of memories, and the night that my ex-husband proposed to me.

Well, happy memories, I assume?

Definitely. You see, he had been planning it for months. He was going to take me to my favorite outdoor restaurant, and we were going to have a view– perfect view of the sunset, and then he was going to propose by candlelight.

Wow. Sounds very romantic.

Yeah. I mean, it would have been, except it never happened. See, I was a beat cop, and they hired me for some extra security at an outdoor concert.

Well, why didn’t you call out?

Well, because I didn’t know what he had planned.

Oh, right, yeah. Okay, so I’m assuming he eventually did propose?

He did, that night. He went to a restaurant and got the best dessert, and then he came to the concert, and when I opened the to-go box, there was an engagement ring sitting on top of my tiramisu.

[somber music]

I’m assuming you said yes.

I did. And then my partner covered for me, and so when the next slow song came on, my future husband took me in his arms and we danced under the stars.

Well, that sounds like a night to remember.

It was. I would say that we were intense. But we were good together. I thought it was going to last forever.


[tense music] what can I do for you?

Well, for starters, you can drop the “surprised to see me” act. I know you found out that I’m the one that fired you.

You’re right. I did find out you’re the one who fired me, which means our business is concluded.

Yeah, uh… it’s not.

[tense music] I’m here to offer you your job back.

What’s the catch? I just need you to answer one question for me, truthfully. Are you in Salem to get Stephanie back?

Yes, I am. I love her, and I want her back in my life.

Appreciate your honesty.

I understand how you feel. Marriage– obviously it’s supposed to be forever, or why even bother, right? I had high hopes when I got married that it would be till death do us part. All three times. Yeah. But, listen, you moving in with me– you don’t have to answer that right now. It’s just something that I’ve been kicking around in my head. And, honestly, I am more than happy to keep coming here to your little room above the pub, cozy little room. You know, that is unless, of course, you’ve changed your mind and think it’s right.

[tender music]

Even if that means doing the walk of shame every morning you stay over?

Yes. Okay, like, honestly, I don’t care if Roman or Harris or everyone else in that room down there knows that I’m here, as long as I get to be with you. And you can take your time, okay? You get to decide if you want to move in with me or not.

Thanks. I will. And, Rafe, just because things ended with my husband and me… It doesn’t mean that I don’t still believe in love. I believe that if you find the person who’s right for you, and you love them… it can actually be forever.

I believe that too.

Well, on a lighter note, I am very grateful that I found you. And that I’m in love. I’m very lucky.

I’m the lucky one.

I know I have reminisced a lot about my time with Victor all those years ago, and you’re probably tired of it by now, hearing about my friendship with your late husband.

I’m not tired of it at all. I thought I made it clear to you before, it warms my heart to hear what Victor was like when he was a young man.

Well, in that case, as I said before, I knew Victor when he didn’t have a drachma to his name. I saw him scrap and fight for every penny he earned, and like me, he also owed money. But he found his way, you know? He became a successful businessman. Victor was the quintessential self-made man.



I know. But, Konstantin, let’s get off the subject of Victor for a moment. You never explained to me why you won’t be returning to Greece.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I hate to burden you with my–

Well, just tell me. Just tell me. It won’t be a burden.

Well, I made a few calls. I talked to my contact. I made it clear that I would repay the debt in full soon– thanks to you– and, of course, I didn’t divulge that to them, naturally.

And how did you contact react? Did the Greek mafia agree to stop coming after you?

Yes, but only on one condition.

And what was that?

I can never go back to Greece. If I do, I am dead.

So you want to send that photo off to Shane?

Absolutely. If anyone has the tech to enhance that photo, it’s the ISA. And if Konstantin is as big a con artist as we know he is, they’ll be happy to put him away.

That’s a fact. Listen, partner, I’ve got to run. I told Doc I’d pick up some chowder on the way home, so just let me know what you find out.

As soon as I hear from Shane. Hopefully he’ll be able to give us the identity of that kidnapper.

[ominous music]

You know, the housekeeper came by today.



Then why are my sweats still right there?

Well, I mean, you could have picked those up for yourself.

Even besides my sweats, I mean, this–this place is still– it’s kind of a little–

Okay. Well, maybe I told her to focus on my bedroom. Primarily…the sheets.



Well, that’s good news. I was starting to think maybe you had bedbugs.

No bedbugs. Very clean. For now.

[sultry music] Maybe you’d want to try them out.

I’m actually really comfortable right here.

Well, you said next time you wanted to be in a bed.

Yeah, so I changed my mind. So sue me?

So you’re saying the mafia won’t let you go back to Greece?

I am guessing they do not want a walking advertisement for their generosity. But do not worry, Maggie. I am not your responsibility. You have done all you can do. I am so grateful to you– more than words can ever express.

[“The First Noel” playing] Your generosity will allow me to stay at the Salem Inn for a little while while I am working things out.

So where will you go next? Any idea?

I don’t know yet, I’m afraid. But the fact is, my visa will not allow me to stay in this country for much longer.

I see. Well, can’t you extend it?

Only under certain circumstances. Say if I get a job and I am required to get a work visa, or if I claim religious asylum, or if I marry a U.S. citizen.

Thanks a lot, Shane. Finding the true identity of the so-called kidnapper will go a long way in proving that Konstantin isn’t who he says he is. Yeah. Okay. I’m going to send you that photo right now. You hit me back as soon as you have something.

[ominous music]

I think the housekeeper forgot to throw the damn trash down the incinerator. I will be right back.

Chop, chop.

Yes, ma’am.

[suspenseful music] Hey. Hey, Chad. Stephanie stopped by tonight. She asked for me to give you this.

[somber music]

[knocking at door]

Stephanie? Wait a minute here. What’s going on, baby girl?

I–I moved out of my place, and Chad’s. And I was hoping that I could stay with you for a little while.

[sighs deeply]

[sighs deeply] Well, Steph, maybe now I have a second chance to put a ring on that finger.

It’s been great.

I agree.

[romantic music]

You mind if I take a shower?

Not at all.

Want to join?

Maybe in a bit. You know, I’m just enjoying lying here with you… And the night we had, and last night… and just being with you.

I hear you.

And, well, you can borrow my robe if you want.

Oh, you see? That there– that sounds to me like one more reason that you should move in with me.


[camera shutter clicking]

[suspenseful music]

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