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[door clicks open]


Wendy, hey, you’re home.


I was–I was gonna pick you up at the airport.

Yeah, I know. My plane got in early, so I just took a rideshare.

I still feel really bad I couldn’t go to Hong Kong with you.

It’s okay. You had an obligation to your patients. You were with me in spirit.

I was, yeah, but… I know how difficult that must have been, your brother’s memorial.

Well, it, uh, turned out to be a small family thing.

[somber music] But, God, Tripp, I know Li was screwed up and he made some terrible mistakes, but… if he had gotten the right help… But now it’s too late. It’s too late. It’s too late.






So our date–


Where shall we have it?

Oh, okay, well, Wendy is just coming home from her trip, so it probably won’t work to hang out at my place.



Yeah, well, what about here? I mean, look, we got privacy. This place is shut down for a while, right?

Yeah, that’s a great idea, and I can– I can make us some dinner.

Actually, Ava, with your permission, I would like to be the one who cooks for us tonight.

[laughs] Oh, really? Are you sure?

What? What are you–


Well, obviously you don’t know this about me, but I’m a pretty good cook.


And if the ingredients are there– if…


I’m gonna make you my famous seafood linguine with white wine sauce.

Oh, whoa. Okay, that is very ambitious. And yes, all the ingredients are there. And they are at your disposal.

Mm, great.


Now do you think your friend Stefan’s gonna mind me messing around in the kitchen?

Clyde made sure I got the keys to the kingdom.

[exhales] He’s got a thing with keys.

Yeah, he also communicated to me through his intermediary that he wants this place opened ASAP.

No surprise.

Well, it’s not happening because there’s no way in hell I’m moving his drug money through here.

Yeah, well, at least that’s all he’s having us do. It’s not like he’s having to sell drugs out of the place.

Oh, right. So as long as we’re just laundering his money from his heinous crimes and not witnessing or partaking in said crimes, you’re cool with that? That’s–

No. No, I’m not cool with that. And you know that I hate having any involvement in this. What the hell choice do we have?

Well, I’ve decided the only way out of this mess is to kill him.

No, Stefan won’t mind you using the kitchen. I’m sure he’s got more pressing issues on his mind right now.

[dark music]

Mother, it’s me. I need your help. I don’t want to get into the details until we can actually finally talk. But, um… it’s urgent. I need you to get back to me as soon as you can. I know it’s late in Alamainia, but this really can’t wait. Never thought I’d ask my octogenarian mother to call in a hit for me. Clyde Weston… you threatened my wife. Bastard needs to die.

What bastard? Who do you want dead?

[suspenseful music]

Thank you so much for getting back to me, Ms. Rizczech. Oh, I’m so sorry, uh, Mrs. Von Leuschner. Yes, well, see, I’m calling because I’m hoping you might reconsider your decision to fire me. Okay, because Xander Cook said it was actually your decision. And I was thinking because you own half the newspaper… what do you mean, “not anymore”?

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

[sobbing] God, you know, my father, he looked like he’d aged years.

[somber music] And God knows he could be pretty harsh on Li. And the two of them didn’t always get along. But he was his only son. And he loved him.

It must be very hard for him.

Yeah, but he’s determined not to show it. No, he won’t let anybody comfort him. He just suffers quietly on his own.

I’m so sorry, Wendy.

Oh, and on top of the grief, I think my father feels very guilty about the way things ended between him and Li. I mean, Father was so upset, so angry at my brother for losing his DiMera shares, and they never had the chance to reconcile, all because of Gabi. And Tripp, Why? Why did she have to kill him? She’d already taken his shares. Why did she have to take his life too?

No one can answer that. But at least she’s behind bars.

[scoffs] Yeah, but not convicted yet. And I hate to wish ill on anyone, but I’ll never get over the loss of my brother. And the only way I’ll feel that his death has been avenged is if she’s put away for good.


Hey. Did you tell your sister the news?

No, not yet. But she’s gonna be happy to hear that Von Leuschner is finally paying for his crimes.

I still can’t believe that he turned himself in to save Leo Stark.

Yeah, well, score one for true love.

Yeah, well, we’ll see how long true love lasts while Dimitri’s behind bars.

Oh, well, I’m glad someone is. I heard you let a drug dealer go free?

Yeah, well, sorry about that, Mayor Price, but, uh, we had no choice. Once the evidence went missing, we had to let him go.

[scoffs] See, that’s what I do not understand! Just how in God’s name does evidence just disappear?

Sorry I didn’t text or call. Bad time?

No, no, no. Not at all.

I, um– I wanted to see you in person because I have some really good news I wanted to share with you.

Oh, well, can definitely use some of that.

Yeah. Yeah, I’m sure. And, um, I hope you know that Chad and I feel awful that you got fired. So after talking about it, he got the idea to call his in-laws, who happen to be my aunt and uncle.

Right, right, right, right, right, right.

Yeah, and they own a newspaper in Boston. And they said that they’d be happy to hire you.


Especially since– I filled them in– they agree that Gwen made a terrible decision.

That’s amazing, um, and so generous of your aunt and uncle to do that. Might have to take them up on that. But as it turns out, Gwen is not the one who fired me.

Wh–uh, but I thought she–

I know. But I just talked to her on the phone. And she just said she recently sold her half of the paper.

What? To whom?

Don’t know. She wouldn’t say. But whoever bought said half is the one who wanted me gone. And I’m gonna find out who that is.

Well, we’re still not sure how the evidence went missing. We are looking at security protocols and making changes to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again.

Mm, well, I’m glad to hear that. And I don’t mean to be harsh but this was a pretty big screwup, Commissioner.

Mayor, we know that, and we are very upset about it too.

Ah, well, as well you should be. As I told you before, drug activity has increased in Salem. And I was hoping to use this Sikowski guy to lead us to the person in charge.

Yeah, and so were we, okay? But we are not giving up on this investigation. And if there is a new drug cartel in town, we will find it and we will shut them down.

I certainly hope so.

[cell phone rings] Oh, excuse me. I have to take this.

[sighs] Damn.

Yeah, well, we knew that she was gonna be upset about this.

But Rafe, I’m– I’m starting to wonder if maybe it’s my fault that the evidence is missing.

What? How?

Okay, I went into the evidence room around the time it went missing. And I think I still saw the drugs while I was in there.


[exhales] And when I left, I’m pretty sure that I locked the door behind me, but, I mean, it’s possible that I didn’t. I mean, how else could it have happened?

Well, if you’ll recall, Michaels’ keys also went missing. There’s a good chance someone used ’em to get into that room.

Dinner is almost ready.


[laughs] I can’t wait, and tell me now, where did you learn to make your linguine di mare bianco?

Wow, that sounds way more impressive in Italian.

Ma certo, carissimo.


[both laugh] Anyway, I actually learned it from a cookbook that I read when I was younger, and this dish is my specialty. But I perfected it when I was in the navy.

Okay. All right. Well, I’m just gonna warn you right now. I take my pasta very seriously. And I’m not gonna cut you any slack just because you saved my life once.



Maybe I should have rethought this whole thing.

Yeah, well, you know, it’s just our first date. It’s only gonna determine the entire future of our relationship.

Oh, well, in that case, I better go make sure that I time this right. I know al dente is the only way to go, right?




Look, Chad, you don’t understand. It’s not–

You were talking about EJ? You want to kill him because he’s prosecuting Gabi?

What do you expect? He’s trying to put Gabi away for a murder she didn’t commit.

Yeah, wasn’t she caught with a bloody knife, standing over the victim?

She was set up.

Okay, by who?

If I knew the answer to that, she’d be free now, wouldn’t she?

Wasn’t Li Shin in his dying breath pointing the finger at Gabi?

As you just mentioned, he was dying and dazed and didn’t know what the hell he was talking about.

Yeah, okay. If you say so, Stefan. Why don’t we just try to get back on topic, which is, uh– and I know you didn’t mean it literally, but even saying those words, that you’re gonna kill EJ– I don’t know why you’re so angry at him. It’s not like he’s the answer to proving Gabi’s innocence.

I know that, but–

[sighs] Look, I’m just worried about my wife, okay? She’s stuck in Statesville. And as you well know, last time she was there, she was beaten within inches of her life. And I don’t expect you to care because I know you don’t–

Easy. Why don’t you give me some credit? I know Gabi and I have had our issues, but I don’t want anything bad to happen to her, or EJ, for that matter.

I’m not gonna murder EJ, as we’ve already established. I’m just desperate. I’m desperate to keep Gabi safe. She’s the most important person in my world. I know she’s suffering in Statesville, and I know that… I just want this nightmare to be over. And I would do anything, and I mean anything, to make that happen.

And I understand that. I–I can understand your willingness to do anything for Gabi, anything to just be with her.

[scoffs] I admit I’ve, uh– I’ve gone to extremes in the past for love.

Hmm. Well, it’s good to know I’m not alone in that, going to extremes for love, as you put it.

No, you are not.

So you can’t stop there, bro. What exactly did you do?

So Xander didn’t tell you who now owns half “The Spectator”?

Nah, he was a little cagey about it when he fired me, so I can’t imagine he’s gonna tell me now.

Hmm. Then how are you gonna figure it out?

Well, I’m an investigative journalist, so it’s literally what I do.


So I was thinking, there must be a public record of the sale transaction, right?

I would think so.

Which means that we must be able to find that record somewhere.

[tense music]

Anything I can do to help?

Um, I mean, actually, if–if you’re up for it, you could make some phone calls once I pull up the numbers from the city.

Yeah. No, I’d be happy to. And, uh, hopefully we can find the jerk who fired you, get your job back.

Thank you so much.

Yeah. I’m guessing you’re not all that hungry, but I’m hoping you’ll take a few bites at least.

Oh, I will. And hey… you’re going through a rough time too. You’re worried about your mom.

Well, yeah, she’s actually doing okay. DA DiMera has decided not to press charges against her for the death of that guy Gil, which is obviously a huge relief.

Yeah. No, I’m sure. But your mom, I-I mean, she must still be traumatized. That creep tried to assault her.

Yeah, yeah. She’s definitely traumatized. I mean, how could she not be, you know? But she’s acting all tough about it. And no surprise there. Except that I also know that she’s really fragile. It shook her badly. And I am worried about her.

Well, you and I, we’ll look out for her.

Thank you for being so nice about my mom, about everything. And just so you know, Harris has been there for her too.

So are they officially together now?

I think it’s headed that way, yeah.


I know I was really down on the guy at first. But he did help my mom out of that murder charge. And so it has me thinking, well, he really is on her side, and that’s important. She needs someone like that. So I-I hope it works out for them.


So–so what is it? Tell me. What’s–what’s the verdict?

Mm, well, considering that this wasn’t made by an Italiano, the translation “an Italian,” but you probably got that one, right? Um. I’d say it’s, um, well… bravissimo.

[laughs] Job well done.

[exhales dramatically] Thank God. I was actually sweating there for a minute.

Oh, I know, and I enjoyed watching you squirm a little bit.

What? You like to torture me?

Yeah, well, you know, it’s only because you’re normally so self-assured and confident. Yeah, it was kind of heartening to see that you’re actually human.

Oh, I proved I was all too human when I lost my work keys.

I thought we weren’t gonna talk about that anymore tonight.

I know, I’m sorry. I just keep beating myself up. Because of me, somebody was able to get into the evidence room and steal those drugs.

You don’t know that for sure.

It’s the most reasonable explanation.

Okay, look. You are an asset to the Salem PD. You know that, so there are gonna be plenty of opportunities for you to make up for this, right?



Actually, I do know one way I can.


Yeah, Mayor Price said there’s, uh, an increase in recent drug activity through, uh–through Salem. And she suspects it could be the work of a new drug cartel. So I’m gonna make it my mission to take it down.

[eerie piano music]

And please, if you get any more information about that potential drug ring, you must let me know immediately.

Of course. Of course, Mayor Price. And I just want you to know I’m gonna do my damnedest to take care of this problem. My, uh–my late sister, Arianna, she was–she was involved in the drug scene when she was younger, tried to take down a syndicate herself. Unfortunately, her cover was blown. So I’d like to think that I am taking up this mantle in her honor.

Well, I’m sure you’ll do both me and her very proud then.

Thank you.

And you have a good night, Commissioner, Detective Hunter.

Thank you, Mayor. You too.



Well, since you and I are both off the clock, what do you say we get outta here, you know, look at this whole drug thing with some fresh eyes? Hmm?

That sounds like a damn good idea.

So tell me, what drastic thing did you do in the name of love?

[unsettling music]

Hey, it’s Chad. Yeah, no, the contracts are signed. I’ll have the money transferred as soon as the banks are open tomorrow. And hey, thank you for selling me your half of “The Spectator.” Remember, I need you to keep this to yourself. Because I told you, Gwen, I don’t want Stephanie finding out why I’m doing this, to get Everett Lynch out of our lives. I mean, well, you know– you know–uh, you know that I pulled a gun on Clyde Weston when I found out he murdered Abby. And I would have killed the son of a bitch too if he hadn’t got the best of me.

Well, I wish you had killed that son of a bitch.

Why do you say it like that?

Like what?

Like it’s–like it’s personal to you when you’ve never had any involvement with him, as far as I know anyway.

I hope to hear back from you during business hours. Thanks so much.

No luck?

[sighs] All the offices seem to have closed up shop for today. I probably won’t hear anything back until tomorrow.

Oh, my favorites. You remembered.

[both laugh]

Yeah, any time you had a deadline or a tough assignment, you powered through it with diet cola, salted almonds, pretzel sticks.

This is honestly perfect. Thank you so much. And I definitely need the extra shot of energy because I am batting zero over here. Nothing yet on the sale of “The Spectator.”

Damn. Well, maybe they haven’t updated their records.

I mean, they probably haven’t. And it’ll–it’ll be here eventually but–

Well, you need to get an answer now.

I definitely, definitely do. I mean, I could be looking on the wrong database. But I swear… wait a minute. Here it is.

What, it–it tells you who bought “The Spectator”?

Yeah, sure does. It’s right here.

[dramatic music]

That was really perfect. Thank you.

Not that you ate much of it.

I’ll finish it later.

[laughs] It’s okay. I’m not hurt. It’s just a sandwich.

And you were very sweet to make it for me.

Yeah, well, you just got back from such a sad trip. And you know what? I’ve been thinking.


Maybe we should move.

Move? Out–out of this apartment, you mean?

Yeah, yeah, it’s just a lot of bad things have happened here recently.

I get that. But a lot of good things have happened here too. I mean, I have some wonderful memories of living here with my brother. And coming back home today, I actually felt closer to him.

[somber music] But I still can’t believe he’s gone.

[sniffles] You know, on the plane, on the way back here, I was looking at old photos of him and me when we were kids, reading some old emails that he sent to me that were just so sweet, and the last one I read, he signed off with, “I love you, Jing-Wen. I’m so proud that you’re my sister.”

Of course–of course he’s so proud of you. And Wendy, if this place at all makes you feel closer to your brother because of the memories you shared here together, then of course we’ll stay.


And it’s also a place we fell in love. Hmm? Actually, I guess, I was already kind of in love with you before I even moved in here. That goes back to when Joey and I were competing for your attention in Hong Kong.

Right, the DiMera gala, where I beat the pants off of you and your brother in poker.

I was distracted, okay? My dad was missing, as you may recall.

Oh, excuses, excuses.

Okay then.

[gentle music] How about a rematch, unless maybe you’re not in the mood right now.

No, I, uh– I think it’ll cheer me up, at least a little. So… you’re on.

No, okay, no, that–that is too dangerous. I’m scared you’re gonna get hurt.

I-I-I appreciate the concern. I do, but I can handle myself. I mean, the ones you should be really scared are the people running drugs through Salem.

[soft tense music]

You know, we could have actually gotten you a full-grown tree.

Nah, I don’t have any room for it here. Besides, look at it. It’s really cute, don’t you think?

Um, Jada, it’s– it’s kind of sad.

No, come on. It’s happy. It just needs a little sprucing up.


Want to help me decorate it?

Sure. Mm.

[laughs] You know, this is– this is really nice, having this time to ourselves.

It is. We haven’t been able to do this in a while. We’ve been so damn busy with work.

Yeah, my boss is a real hard ass.

[laughs] Oh, is he?


Mm, okay. Well, I don’t know if you noticed, but mine is too. Still can’t believe we had to let that drug dealer go.

Yeah, well, you emphatically told Mayor Price that we are not giving up.


And we are gonna find that kingpin and take him or her down and the entire operation.


You’re right. I don’t have any involvement with Clyde Weston, don’t even know the guy. But I did care for Abigail. And I know you don’t wanna h–

Yeah, you’re right. I don’t want to hear it, not from you. And you know Abby was mentally ill.

I know what I did. And it is the single biggest regret of my life. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t care for her. Chad, that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to see that son of a bitch punished, the son of a bitch who robbed her children of their mother.

[tense music] As far as I’m concerned, Clyde Weston should be burning in hell, where he can’t harm another innocent life.

Well, you and I don’t see eye to eye on much. But that we agree on.

Well, who is it? Who bought Gwen’s half of the paper?

[sighs] I don’t have the name of the person yet, just the company… Flynn Industries. So now we just have to figure out who owns it. “Flynn Industries.”

[keys clacking] Damn. Not a lot comes up on Flynn Industries.


No website, no CEO.

I mean, it could be one of those, uh, shell companies.

If that’s the case, the whole thing could be shadier than we thought.

[sighs] I mean, I’ve investigated shell corporations before, and it can be a long, complicated process.

You know what? I have a shortcut– my uncle Shane, he’s the director of the ISA. If anyone can get us a quick answer, it’s him.

[phone beeps]

Okay, great.

[line trilling]

Uncle Shane, hi, it’s Stephanie. I was wondering if I could ask you a favor.

[soft holiday music]

This actually turned out better than I thought.

It did, didn’t it?


How about a toast?


To a festive holiday season. Well, it’s not too original.

No, no, no, it’s fine. Mm, you know, you are way more into Christmas than I thought.

Oh, are you kidding me? Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. I even watch all of those sentimental Hallmark Christmas movies.

Yeah, and you already have your Christmas lights up.

I do.


Do you want me to turn them on?

Uh, yeah, turn ’em on. Ah, it’s nice. Kind of romantic.

Isn’t it?


Full house.

Four of a kind.

Oh, wow. Okay, well, you’ve completely cleaned me out.

Thank you.

For losing?

For cheering me up, finding a way to take my mind off of being sad. -Well, is there any other way I can cheer you up? And remember that you just cleaned me out, so it can’t involve money.

Mm, okay then. So how about it involves this?

[gentle music]


All the way home… I’ve been so looking forward to being in your arms, to having you cheer me up. I need you, Tripp. I need you so much.

[sighs] Well, I can see I ruined the mood by talking about work.

No. No, it’s okay.

No. No, it’s not because you said our whole relationship is riding on this first date.

Yeah, you know I was kidding.

I do. But just in case, I think there needs to be some serious course correction. So, uh, where’s the remote for the music in here?

I’m just playing it on my phone.

Oh. Hand it over.

[laughs] Mm.

Thank you.


[soft romantic music]

May I have this dance?

You may.

Well, I should get going. I have to– I have to pick up dinner from the Bistro.

Oh, actually, it’s closed. Owner met, uh, an untimely demise.

[ominous music]

Uh, I forgot about that. That’s, um–that sucks. That’s Stephanie’s favorite place. It’s not shut down for good, is it?

No, actually, it’s not. I bought it.

What? You bought a restaurant? You don’t have enough on your plate at DiMera?

I couldn’t pass up a good investment.

Your wife’s facing a life sentence and, uh, you decide to buy a shiny new eatery? It doesn’t really add up.

[cell phone rings]

It’s a great distraction. Sorry, gotta take this.

Well, hopefully it won’t be long before my uncle emails us with a name.

Want some pretzels while we wait?

Thanks, uh, Chad’s picking up dinner for us. In fact, I should probably get going.

Oh, yeah. Um, thank you so much for your help. It, uh, means a lot.

Keep me updated, okay?

I will.

[email notification pings] Oh, I wonder if that’s your uncle.

What is it?

Uh, nothing, he, uh– he wasn’t able to come up with a name.

You’re lying.

I’m not.

My uncle’s a super spy. There’s no way he didn’t come up with the name. Show me the email.

Steph, no. It’s not your concern.

Everett, just show me. Otherwise, I’ll call my uncle Shane.

[scoffs] Oh, my God. It was Chad.

[dramatic music]

I have a feeling this is gonna be the best Christmas ever.

And why is that?

‘Cause I’m with you.

Did you get that from one of your Hallmark movies?




But it’s true.

Oh, yeah?


I feel the same way about you. I love you, Jada.

I love you too.

[uplifting music]

* Bright lights and big city * * I miss the simple things * * That make a life worth living * * And you * * You feel like home * * This hustle gets so crazy * * I want to go back where memories take me * * And you, oh * * You feel like home * * The wind keeps on blowing * * Sometimes I don’t know where I’m going * * But you * * You feel like home * * Yeah, you * * You feel like * * You feel like * * Home *

Kitchen is all cleaned, and the dishes are done.

Oh, that was quick.

Well, it’s only dinner for two, not a lot of dishes.


But if, uh– if you’re done, I can– I can walk you home.

Uh, actually, I’ve got a few more things I need to wrap up here.

Okay, I can wait.

[laughs] That’s not necessary. But thank you for a wonderful first date.

Does that mean there’s gonna be a second date?

Mm, how about this for an answer?

I think that is a great answer.

Yeah? I agree.

Text me when you get home, okay?

I will.

Good night.

Good night,

[dark music]

Okay, Mother, Mother, please, just– I need you to listen to me and listen carefully, okay? Clyde Weston is threatening to kill Gabi, so I need you to have Ivan take him out. What do you mean, “no”? I–

[sighs] Yes, I know Gabi ratted you out to the police, but Mother, you’re in Alamainia now, okay? They can’t arrest you there. Okay, you don’t understand. This affects me too. You realize that? Clyde is using my love for Gabi to get me to run drugs for him.

[scoffs] You serious– I can’t just stop loving my wife. You know what? I will find a way to eliminate Clyde Weston myself. Forget it. Thanks for nothing.

[phone beeps]

[pants furiously]

[tense music]

I can’t believe it was Chad.

[scoffs] I guess he isn’t quite the man Stephanie thinks he is.


Hey. I was just about to send you a text.

Oh, really? What was it about? Maybe how you secretly bought half “The Spectator” just so you could fire Everett?

[dramatic music]

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