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Danny: Bills, bills, bills and more bills.

Christine: Actually, today is mostly junk.

Danny: Yay. A reprieve.

Christine: What are you up to?

Danny: Well, I just finished the last minute touches on the song that we collaborated on. You know, in the lounge the other day.

Christine: Yeah, I– I remember, believe me. But uh, yeah, there wasn’t much collaborating. You pretty much did it all.

Danny: Oh, no, no. You definitely contributed to the process.

Christine: I’m a woman of many talents but, um, writing music is not one of them.

Danny: No, no, you’re an excellent muse. And that is a genuine talent.

Christine: So, how’s it coming along?

Danny: Well, you be the judge of it. I recorded a demo upstairs.

Christine: Are you– wait. I am so excited to hear it.

Danny: Yeah. Well, you could be the first. You know, one condition.

Christine: Yeah, with you there’s always a catch.

Danny: I’m starved. Have an early lunch or what? Late breakfast or whatever you wanna call it.

Christine: You drive a hard bargain, romalotti.

Danny: Is that a yes?

Chelsea: Hm. Who knew there were so many ways to evade a very simple question.

Summer: No, I’m just not that big on hypotheticals is all.

Chelsea: Oh, come on. Isn’t that what design is? You start with an idea, you turn it into a sketch. People react, you revise it until you finally get it right. I mean, every step of the process is a hypothetical dress. Is it not?

Summer: Okay, but you can’t design your future. Life happens. Priorities change. Outside forces get in the way.

[ Chelsea sighing ]

Chelsea: Why dream about what a future with chance may look like if you might not get it.

Summer: Chelsea, please. Stop.

Chelsea: No, I saw the way you looked at him. The look on your face when he left earlier. It’s obvious that you’re interested. Wait. Is it way past that?

Phyllis: Hey, look who it is.

Summer: Hi, mom.

Phyllis: Good morning, chelsea.

Chelsea: Phyllis.

Phyllis: Am i interrupting something?

Summer: No. No, we were just talking marchetti business. And those sketches are great. You can just take those and run with them.

Chelsea: Fabulous. Thank you.

Phyllis: Marchetti business? Mm. Looked a lot more intimate than that.

Summer: I think you’re imagining things.

Chelsea: Okay. Well, I gotta go. Lots to do. Phyllis, always lovely seeing you. We’ll talk later.

Phyllis: What’s going on? You’re not still shutting me out, are you?

Summer: No.

Phyllis: Summer. The fact that you don’t trust me enough to be honest and truthful with me, that kills me. Honestly, it hurts.

Billy: I had no idea you were in town. When did you get in?

Jill: Well, I wasn’t ghosting you, if that’s what you’re suggesting.

Billy: Good to see you too, mother.

Jill: Oh, for heaven’s sake, darling. There were some things I had to get done right away and now that I have a little breathing room, I’m looking forward to talking with my son. Is that so terrible?

Billy: Not terrible at all? I’m glad you called. I’m looking forward to catching up with you as well.

Jill: Yeah, we didn’t have much chance to do that last time I was in town, did we? You were in crisis mode with jabot and I had some other issues I was dealing with.

Billy: Oh, yeah. Personal or business?

Jill: Um, business. Which brings me to let you in on something. I am positive that mamie johnson is trying to pull a fast one on me.

Victor: Would you sit down, my sweetheart?

Nikki: No, I– I– I– I’m okay. After everything, I– I’d rather stand.

Nick: Oh, boy. Well, that makes one of us.

Victor: Well, what an ordeal. Our family has gone through worse though. And these lunatics will be paying a price.

Victoria: Well, jordan has to be caught first.

Victor: Yeah. They will be. And when we do, I promise you, she’ll join claire in prison. That’s where they both belong. I love that my daughter still needs me.

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Nikki: Here you are, darling.

Nick: Thanks, mom.

Victor: Would anyone else like a drink?

Victoria: Yeah. I’ll– I’ll take some water. I’ll get it.

Victor: Cole, how about you?

Cole: Oh, victor, as much as I could use a bourbon, the doc said to stay away from alcohol for the next few days on account of that poison we were all given, so…

Nick: We’re just lucky there was an antidote or we’d all be dead right now. I still have no idea what those women were after.

Nikki: I don’t know that they knew themselves.

Cole: Some sort of convoluted revenge for some things that never actually happened.

Victoria: Well, they seemed to enjoy seeing us terrified and at their mercy.

Nikki: Oh, yes, they did.

Victor: My sweet baby. When I think of what they put you through. This woman you trusted lures you out to that god-forsaken place and then they use you as bait to get us to come follow you.

Victoria: Mom, when we learned what they had done to you, forcing liquor into your veins and trying to keep you subdued. I mean, it’s just heartbreaking.

Nick: I mean, they somehow knew about your history and took advantage. It’s vicious.

Nikki: All right. Please, let’s not all dwell on what happened to me. We all suffered. We were all victims. And now that the vodka has left my system, I am feeling much stronger.

Victoria: Mom.

Nikki: Darling, please. I appreciate your concerns, but I will be fine. Those women tried to break me and they couldn’T.

Victor: Of course, they couldn’t, my sweetheart. You’re a strong woman.

Nikki: Really, the worst part of this for me is realizing that I fell for claire’s deception. How could I have been such a fool?

Victor: I promise all of you, and you, my darling, in particular, those two women will pay for what they have done. They’ll pay a big price. I promise you.

Victoria: Well, I almost feel sorry for claire.

Victor: Why?

Victoria: She’s been trained by jordan to hate us and her whole life is ruined now.

Nikki: Victoria, she is a heartless sociopath. How can you feel anything but contempt for her?

Jill: If my instincts are correct, I may be looking forward to a full-on attack.

Billy: From mamie?

Jill: From mamie.

Billy: What could mamie possibly threaten you with?

Jill: You do know she’s rich now, don’t you?

Billy: So what? Turns out she’s good at business or she knows how to play the stock market or she’s on a hot streak.

Jill: A hot streak for the last 20 years.

Billy: Mom, why do you think she’s coming after you?

Jill: Maybe you also didn’t know that our dear mamie has aligned herself with tucker mccall.

Billy: Meaning what?

Jill: Meaning figure it out, billy.

Billy: Everyone knows tucker’s a shark. Why would she do something so foolish?

Jill: Mamie can be very duplicitous herself. If she’s gonna make a move on me, tucker mccall would be a great ally, wouldn’t he?

Billy: So, I guess the question is, what does tucker get out of this?

Jill: Well, I’m assuming that tucker wants to take my company, chancellor-winters, away from me. And mamie wants her family running the company. So, darling, my question to you is, and I want you to be really straight with me, how content are you working at jabot right now?

Summer: Mom, can we do this another time?

Phyllis: No, I would like to clear the air, okay? I mean, I thought things were getting better between us.

Summer: They are.

Phyllis: Really? Uh, I don’t think so. I mean, the minute I ask about your personal life, you clam up. I mean, god forbid your mom would hear a tidbit of what’s happening in your world.

Summer: I’m sorry that you’re upset. It wasn’t intentional.

Phyllis: So, you and chelsea? Talking about marchetti business? Sitting– sitting like this. Up close. Chelsea asking you questions about your personal life. And then I walk in and both of you bolt up like this. “Oh, wow. Oh, mom heard something.” And then you lied to me. Seriously, summer?

Summer: That is not what I intended.

Phyllis: Is it about chance?

Summer: No. Look, you know what? I gotta get back to work.

Phyllis: Oh, my gosh. You’re doing this again. I can’t catch a break.

Summer: Mom, what do you want from me?

Phyllis: What do you want from me? That’s my question to you. What do you want from me? I’m working so hard to be a better person. I’m working so hard to change. And I am changing. Summer, I am. And I’m doing it for people that I love. You and your brother, I’m doing it for you. But, my daughter, of all people, who I’d go to the moon and back for, every time I come close to you, you put up a wall. I mean, how am I supposed to react to something like that? How am I supposed to respond to something like that?

Danny: So, what do you think?

Christine: It’s beautiful.

Danny: Like the lady herself. ()

Danny: Mm. What? What?

Christine: You really were hungry.

Danny: Do I still eat like a skinny kid at a smorgasbord?

[ Christine chuckling ]

Christine: I can’t believe you remember that?

Danny: Mind like a steel trap.

Christine: Speaking of which, your song is like, it’s right here in my head. I’m gonna be humming it all day.

Danny: That little bit I played you? It’s, um, um, I mean, it’s just an idea. Something wasn’t working and I– I couldn’t, for the life of me figure out what it was, but being with you, I suddenly got this push, and it, um, just all seemed to come together.

Christine: Well, if that’s the case, I’m really happy because the song was incredible. It– it really was.

Danny: Thank you. I was needing one more song to have enough material to go back into the studio, record a new album and judging by your reaction, um, this might be it.

Christine: Oh, that song has to go on the album. It’ll put it over the top.

Danny: Well, I owe you big time.

Christine: Okay. Well, hey, breakfast is on you.

Danny: Absolutely. But seriously, uh, thank you, cricket. Your, um, encouragement is everything. You know, coming back to genoa city, I– I’ve gotten this– this creative burst and between you and phyllis, I found the inspiration that I’ve been needing.

Christine: What? Phyllis has inspired you too?

Summer: Okay, look, I admit it. I did lie about my conversation with chelsea. And I’m sorry, okay? But it’s practically an instinct now and I imagine that it’s the same for daniel. Look, I– I’ll give you this. We shouldn’t do that. Because if you’re trying to earn back our trust, then we at least need to give you a chance to prove yourself, right?

Phyllis: A reasonable response. Thank you very much.

Summer: You’re welcome.

Phyllis: So, does this mean you’ll confide in me and you’ll take my advice? It’s about chance, right?

Summer: I told you that I am not going to pursue him.

Phyllis: Oh, I know you told me that, but it doesn’t– it doesn’t make you stop thinking about him. You know, and have feelings for him, possibly. I mean, the heart wants what it wants, right?

Summer: Okay. Fine.

[ Summer sighing ] I keep finding myself going back and forth between wondering if I should maybe try to work things out with kyle, eventually. And wanting chance so badly that it makes me dizzy sometimes.

Jill: Honey, suddenly I find myself outnumbered in my own company. I mean, devon and lily have been great partners, but you know, family love and loyalty could win out.

Billy: Mom, you are family. You’re the twins’ grandmother.

Jill: I am the twins’, honorary grandmother. Sometimes blood is thicker than water.

Billy: Ain’t that the truth?

Jill: Listen, when we merged the company, devon came in with winters, okay? And he and lily were understandably overjoyed about that. And I brought in chancellor. Their whole side of the business is about family. And now, they’re thinking of bringing nate in so he can redeem himself.

Billy: Nate? After the way he betrayed everyone last time?

Jill: Yes. And trust me, his blind ambition, it hasn’t gone anywhere. Plus, devon is tucker’s son.

Billy: And you’re on the other side, all alone?

Jill: Yes. So my only option is, I think I have to fight fire with fire. I have to bring in some of my own family into upper management.

Billy: Anyone in mind?

Jill: How about it, baby? Would you be willing to step away from jabot and come work with me at chancellor-winters?

Victor: I agree with your mother. That claire woman had a choice. She poisoned us, nearly killed us. I don’t think she deserves our compassion, at all.

Nick: She certainly gets no pity for me.

Victoria: Look, I’m not saying that I feel sorry for her exactly. But I mean, think about it. Think about how she was raised by this psychotic woman who’s old enough to be her grandmother. Who drummed it into her brain, all of these years that– that cole and I are her parents. That we abandoned her. Our whole family abandoned her when she was born and that we’re awful people. I mean, she’s had that drilled into her head all of these years. She’s learned to hate each and every one of us and plot her revenge. So, how is she not– wait, how is she also not jordan’s victim?

Nick: Look, I get what you’re saying, vic, but claire had choices to make and she chose wrong at every step.

Victoria: No, nick. She didn’t know any better. I mean, she’s been in jordan’s clutches practically since birth. She wasn’t– not equipped to make those decisions. Jordan is obviously the evil one. It’s not claire.

Nick: I mean, maybe. What do we even know about this supposed aunt? I mean, is she really eve howard’s sister?

Cole: Well, my mom did have a sister. And from what I know, they weren’t close. So, is jordan she? I don’t know.

Nikki: It’s strange that she would have kept such close tabs on eve’s personal life and then try to plan this revenge all these years later if they weren’t close.

Victor: No, wait a minute. I had my people check her out. Report just came in. We will soon find out what that woman is all about.

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Nikki: What does it say, victor?

Victor: There’s a photograph. That woman is eve howard’s sister. Whoa. Same mother, different father. And she was a registered nurse.

Cole: So, it’s true. She is my aunt.

Nick: Probably the one thing she didn’t lie about.

Cole: Yeah. That– that much I did know. She was a traveling nurse. It was a fairly new thing back then.

Nikki: What else does it say?

Victor: Wow, this is interesting. She did register as a nurse at memorial for a short stint during the time that you gave birth to baby eve. And then she disappeared shortly after the baby died.

Victoria: That– that can’t be true. Jordan can’t be telling the truth about stealing our daughter, can she?

Jill: I realize this is a huge ask, okay? But if I am going to survive this onslaught that I see coming, you may be my only hope.

Billy: Hi.

Chelsea: Hi. I didn’t know I’d be seeing you here.

Billy: How are you?

Chelsea: I’m good.

Billy: Uh, yeah. I was just having little coffee with mom.

Chelsea: Aunt jill. It’s great to see you. How have you been?

Jill: Just fine, thank you.

Chelsea: Is this a bad time?

Jill: Yes.

Billy: No. In fact, your timing is perfect. My mother just made me a very interesting business proposition. One that I think you should hear.

Phyllis: Uh, I’m surprised that kyle’s still on your radar.

Summer: Well, I mean, yeah. He was the love of my life, you know. I really did think that that was gonna be forever. I can’t just turn it off.

Phyllis: Yeah. I know.

Summer: And then there’s harrison. I love him so much and I want to do what’s right for him too.

Phyllis: Yeah. That makes sense. It’s always more difficult when kids are involved.

Summer: Yeah.

Phyllis: You know, I’m– I’m a little surprised that you’re even wondering about this. I– I mean, I thought that you and kyle agreed that your marriage was unsalvageable.

Summer: Yeah. It probably is. I don’t know. Maybe this is just me trying to figure out what the right thing to do is. And maybe that is just an excuse to distract me from my feelings for chance.

Phyllis: What are those feelings? I mean, besides the chemistry? And by the way, let’s not belittle chemistry. It’s very important.

Summer: Yeah. I think that you actually once told me that it was the glue that held everything together when times get tough. Until it doesn’t, I guess.

Phyllis: We’re talking about chance, right? Not kyle?

Summer: Yeah. But what’s the point of talking about chance at all? He’s unattainable.

Phyllis: Oh, no, no. If I’ve learned one thing in my life and one thing only, is nothing is unattainable if you want it badly.

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Summer: Wait, wait, wait. So, let me get this straight. Now you’re telling me to stop at nothing to get what I want? Didn’t the new and improved you just recently warn me against that kind of thing?

Phyllis: Yes. Yes. This is the thing. I don’t like seeing my daughter so torn up about this. About you worried about doing the right thing, as opposed to following your heart. I want you to follow your heart. You only get one shot in life, summer. It’s not a dress rehearsal.

Summer: I think I remember you saying that to dad in a fight one time. I, um, can’t remember who won that one.

Phyllis: I’m sure I did.

Summer: Look, mom, this, uh, dilemma of mine, it’s really not that bad. Seriously. I– I am so good. I’m focusing on work. I’m streamlining things over there. It’s– it’s for the best.

Phyllis: Okay. It’s for the best. I’m sure.

Summer: You don’t have to worry about me, okay? I– I honestly just divulged that much because you kind of backed me into a corner.

Phyllis: All right. I understand. You know, I just want you to know I care. That’s all. And, I only brought this up because, uh, that’s what started the argument between us in the first place, so–

Summer: No, were we arguing?

Phyllis: No, but you just don’t want me meddling. It’s fine and I won’T. You come to me next time.

Summer: It sounds like a plan. Okay, enough about me and my love life, or lack thereof. What is going on with you? How are you and daniel getting along at omegasphere? Is there anything interesting going on in your personal life?

Phyllis: Well, funny you should ask.

Summer: Oh?

Phyllis: Yeah. Let’s grab lunch and I’ll tell you all about it, okay?

Danny: I can understand why this would surprise you.

Christine: I think that anything about that woman would inspire you enough to write something so amazing is…

[ Christine sighing ] Okay, I’m sorry. Look, I know, I know. She’s daniel’s mom and you’re making an effort to keep everything civil between everyone. I’m sorry.

Danny: There’s more to it than that. The truth is, I– I’ve seen how phyllis is trying to be a better person. We’ve talked about it. And afterwards, I had this– this breakthrough, you know. I was struggling with this set of lyrics about forgiveness and fresh starts and then all of a sudden, it just sort of came together. So, I figure, give credit where credit is due.

Christine: Well, that’s just great. Now, I’m gonna have to share my cut of the royalties with phyllis.

[ Danny laughing ]

Danny: That’s funny. But really, um, it’s– it’s apples and oranges.

Christine: What do you mean?

Danny: Don’t go comparing yourself to phyllis because I don’T.

Cole: Honestly, I don’t know what to think. To brainwash a young girl for over a 20-year span, making her believe that she was an abandoned baby so that one day jordan could use her as a weapon against your family? And all of this was done because of my mother?

Victoria: But she had to know that it would devastate you too.

Nick: I mean, if she’s really your aunt. Does she have like some grudge against you or something?

Cole: Not that I’m aware of. I mean, this– I don’t understand any of this.

Nikki: If this is about eve, it is about victor and me. That woman was certifiable.

Cole: My mother, she struggled with mental illness most of her life. And she went through a lot of doctors and she was even committed at one point.

Victor: So, you think that jordan woman could have inherited your mother’s afflictions?

Victoria: What kind of sickness causes a person to concoct some convoluted lie and then force some other human being into believing it?

Cole: When jordan said that she had stolen our baby from the hospital, the look in claire’s eyes…

Victoria: She was shocked. Like her whole world had been shaken.

Cole: I don’t believe that this was a con on claire’s part. She’s convinced we’re her parents.

Victoria: It– it’s just– it’s not possible though, is it?

Nikki: Look, claire is a very smart young woman, brainwashed or not. I can’t believe that she didn’t question her aunt’s story at some point. Maybe even ask for a paternity test.

Victor: But wait a minute, that jordan woman is very smart. And she would have anticipated that. And I guarantee you that she would have come up with some kind of proof.

Nick: I agree. Crazy or not, she has a medical background, so she’s familiar with hospitals and paperwork.

Victoria: Okay. Just stop. Just… we’re talking about this as if it could be true. Like claire could be ours and jordan stole her. So, then– then, what baby died? I just– I– I’m sorry, I can’t wrap my brain around any of this.

Cole: Nikki, let me. I need to speak with her in private.

Your heart is

the beat of life.

Billy: My mother is curious how things are going at jabot since she wants me to resign and join her at chancellor-winters.

Chelsea: Oh, well, that’s major. I thought that you meant it was like a side venture or something?

Billy: No. Not a side venture. In fact, I was just about to say how surprised I am by the proposal because I had a rocky road with lily while I was there.

Jill: Yeah. But that is ancient history. Given all the success you’ve had at jabot, I am convinced that you’re finally learning from your mistakes.

Billy: Wow. Okay. I mean, it’s backhanded, but I’ll take it.

Chelsea: I think she’s being sincere.

Billy: Yeah. Sincere, huh?

Jill: I’m absolutely being sincere. In this past year, you’ve made tremendous headway. You’ve really come into your own in so many ways.

Billy: I actually agree with you. I know what I’m doing and I’m making the right decisions.

Chelsea: From my vantage point, you’re definitely in charge at jabot.

Jill: Okay. So, here’s a question. How are you enjoying working with jack? You know, because the rest of us find him pretty insufferable most of the time. And I just wondered if you have a good relationship with him?

Billy: You know I do, okay? He’s my brother. I owe him everything.

Jill: Everything? Well, you may believe that. I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. But my question to you is, are you willing to leave him and join forces with me?

Nikki: Gentlemen, can I get you anything else?

Victor: No, sweetheart. Nothing.

Nick: No. I’m good. I think you’re right. I just need to get some food in me.

Nikki: Well, you both have been through a terrible ordeal.

Nick: What about you, mom? You had it way worse. Those two had you trapped in that room for days before we got there.

Nikki: I still feel very guilty.

Victor: Why?

Nikki: Just the way I fell into this nightmare and then pulled all of you in with me. I should have seen the signs.

Nick: Mom, come on. Nobody did.

Victor: Sweetheart, that woman was a very clever woman. Okay? And if anyone is to blame for this, I’m looking at myself.

Nikki: You?

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: You were merely told that I was sick. You came to bring me home.

Victor: Mm. You’re forgetting one thing, my past with eve howard, okay? She targeted me at the time. Remember that?

Nikki: Yes. And now, we’re all targets. Do you think that jordan was telling the truth? That claire could be victoria and cole’s daughter?

Victoria: This is just all so unsettling.

Cole: I just can’t believe it happened.

Victoria: I know. The way that we were brought together, all of us, under such bizarre circumstances. How did you even know to show up at that house?

Cole: I got a text from nikki saying that you were sick and asking for me.

Victoria: My mom? That’s not… oh, yes. Her phone. That was probably after jordan had her incapacitated.

Cole: I was in L.A. Researching a book and I flew up to oregon and I stepped right into the trap.

[ Victoria sighing ]

Victoria: Yeah. We all did. We’re talking around it, cole.

Cole: I know.

Victoria: We were so young. And eve was just so weak. She was so– so frail. She needed to fight. Obviously, she couldn’T.

[ Victoria sighing ] When she didn’t make it…

Cole: I don’t think either of us was ever the same.

Victoria: Do you know the loss of a child? That’s just not something that you ever get over. And here it is again, being thrown in our faces in the most painful and brutal way imaginable.

Cole: Whatever closure that we might have gotten over the years, that’s been ripped apart.

Victoria: I know. Oh, god, all we have now are questions. We don’t have any answers. Do you think it’s possible that claire is our daughter that we only thought we buried?

Whenever you’re hungry,

Christine: So, that was fun. Grabbing something to eat, listening to your new song, knowing that there’s a whole new album of them coming out. How long has it been?

Danny: Way too long, unfortunately.

Christine: I agree. I agree. There needs to be more beauty in the world and joy and more reasons to get out and dance.

Danny: You know, you’re making me want to book that studio right now and start recording.

Christine: You should. You should go.

Danny: What time is it?

Christine: But you know, one thing and this is gonna sound like such a groupie, but can you send me that song so I can listen to it again?

Danny: Yeah, of course.

Christine: Okay. Oh, what’s– what’s it called, by the way?

Danny: “Hawaii on my mind?”

[ Christine sighing ]

Christine: That’s the perfect title.

Billy: Look, truth is I am happy at jabot, okay? Yes, jack and I, we– we have our struggles. There’s no doubt about that. You add in kyle and he’s been very clear that he wants his old job back. There are challenges.

Chelsea: That’s putting it mildly.

Billy: But I’ve stuck around long enough to make sure that tucker does not get his hooks into my family’s company. And he is just as much a threat to jabot as you think he may be to chancellor-winters.

Jill: Really? Um, jack has ashley. And kyle and diane. I have no one. I need you, billy.

Victor: We need more information before we accept anything that jordan woman says as fact. She’s a liar.

Nick: A dna test would be a good start.

Victor: Of course, we have to make sure that we put them behind bars. We can worry about the rest later.

Nikki: Victoria must be reeling, being forced to remember that time.

Nick: I remember the day vic and cole had to say goodbye to their little girl.

Nikki: It’s been difficult enough lately with her thinking that you had lost faith in her at newman. Now this. It’s enough to make anyone act out.

Cole: I wish I had answers, but I don’t know any more than you do. Maybe jordan’s lying.

Victoria: And if she’s not lying? Maybe she’s not. But until the police arrest her and start an investigation, I mean, I guess none of us will know what’s real.

Cole: Well, if, what jordan claims is actually true, and that’s a great big if, then claire grace could be our premature baby all grown up. We need to find out one way or the other. And I think that starts with facing claire again.

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