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Well, Dad, you were right.

I was right? Say that again. I was right. Hold on. That’s a first.

Look, I wasn’t–

What was I right about?

I wasn’t thrilled about coming in here early to prepare all those meals for the homeless shelter, but now that we’ve delivered them, it does feel pretty good.

Mm, yeah, it does feel pretty good. And you know what we have? We have two extra turkey dinners and two giant slices of pumpkin pie. So what do you say? You want to have a feast with your old man?

Yeah, yeah, sounds fun.


I was just coming in to set the table. But look at this! Oh, you’ve got it all done.

Well, you wouldn’t let me anywhere near the kitchen, and I had to do something to help. I know how excited you are to have Abe over for Thanksgiving.

Oh, I am. But I’m not the only one with good reason to give thanks when it comes to romantic prospects, am I?

Oh, yeah, Gio and me, yeah, we are all good.

Yet you say that with that very telltale little frown on your face. Well, what is it, baby?

It’s nothing.

It’s always nothing until it’s something now. Darling, come on. Talk to me.

I’m just worried that some other girl is trying to catch my man’s eye.

[soft dramatic music]

Holly, hey.

You look nice.

Thanks, I’m headed over to Chanel’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Hey, look, Holly, I know, all right, I know this is a really tough time for you. It’s a tough time for all of us.

I’m fine.

Are you sure about that?

No, I’m not. I’m not fine at all.


There you are.


Check this out.

Whoa, what is that?

Thomas was worried that you may not win the Salem Turkey Trot, so he and Charlotte made you your own trophy.

Oh, that’s so sweet.

Well, don’t tell them I showed you. They want to present it to you themselves, of course. But they’re in their room playing a very challenging glow-in-the-dark puzzle.

OK. Thank you for this and for bringing them to cheer me on.

We were proud to support you, especially for such a good cause. I’m sure you raised a lot of money for the food bank.

I heard it was a windfall. Hey!


All right. I have to go shower real quick.

Yeah. Oh, and I heard from Julie. She and Doug said that we can go over to Thanksgiving dinner at about :, so we’re fine on time.

[phone ringing] Gwen Rizczech? Why is she calling Chad?


Happy Thanksgiving.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

So you think little Holly has it bad for Johnny, huh?

Oh, a major crush that she is terrible at hiding.

Well, aside from the age difference, I mean, aren’t those two related somehow?

Yeah, his dad and her mom just recently got married, so they’re technically step-siblings, but they’re not related by blood obviously.

Well, you and Johnny do have a history of being two sides of a triangle.

No, no, this is nothing like me and Johnny and Allie or me and Johnny and Wendy. This is definitely not serious.

Mm, well, you’re looking pretty glum about it.

Well, that’s just because things with me and Johnny have been going so well lately, and given how complicated they were before, I just don’t want a repeat of that.

Mm-hmm, that is understandable.

Yeah, and even if it is just silly and will never amount to anything, I– I don’t need some angsty teenage girl looking at my boyfriend with puppy-dog eyes and staring daggers at me.

[soft dramatic music]


It’s just– it’s so sad what happened to your mom and my dad, just them losing their baby the way they did. It’s–

Yeah, it really is. You know, I just wish we would have at least gotten to meet him, our baby brother.

Yeah, me, too.

Oh. Well, you should probably go. I don’t want to make you late to Thanksgiving dinner with your girlfriend.


[clears throat] What about you? Do you have any plans for tonight?

Oh, well, your dad’s at the hospital with my mom. I think Kristen took Rachel out. Stefan’s visiting Gabi in prison, so it looks like I have no plans.

Well, you do now.

Happy Thanksgiving. Who are you? What are you doing in my dining room?

Your husband, Doug, let me in. He–he didn’t tell you?

Obviously, not.

[laughs] I’m so sorry. I’m Everett Lynch. I’m the new editor at “The Spectator,” and I’m here to tell your story.

My story?

Yes, I’m– I’m new in town, see? And I saw Tom and Alice Horton’s plaque in the square, so I know that the Horton family is a Salem institution, and that you and your husband are the living matriarch and patriarch of this city. I’d love to do a feature on you both for the paper.

[groovy music]

I am surprised.

Why is that?

Because the last feature you did in your newspaper was on Leo Stark, who deserves to be in an institution.

Ah, I see.

And you went to great lengths to glorify his crimes in that feature article. And now you appear on Thanksgiving, full of all this hubris and absolutely sure that my husband and I will want to give you an interview and fulfill your vision, whatever it is. Well, we’re not going to, not a word, not a word to print about us in your paper. In fact, I’m planning on canceling my subscription.

I understand.

No, no, I don’t think you do, Mr. Lynch. “The Spectator” has been going steadily downhill ever since it was stolen by Xander Cook and his little Gwen from my cousin, Jennifer, and her lovely husband, Jack Deveraux. If you ask me, the only thing that’s gonna save that paper from utter ruin is a new regime, new ownership that cleans house.

Tell you what. I might not have won the Turkey Trot, but I just set the record for fastest shower in the world.

Oh, ooh-ooh. Wow. Well, you missed a call.

Huh? Oh, OK, thank you.

It’s from my cousin, Gwen.

Oh, yeah.

The caller ID popped up. I just happened to see it. Chad, why is she calling you? I thought you hated her.

I do. I–I don’t know why she’s calling me.

Um, you don’t have any curiosity about the message she left? I know I do.

[dramatic music]

[soft dramatic music]

[phone beep]


She was just, um– she was just calling to wish Thomas a happy birthday. She knows his birthday’s tomorrow because when she was his nanny, you know, they– they got– they got pretty close so…

Um, finish getting ready. I’ll go see what’s going on.

[phone beeps]

[phone ringing]

Hey, it’s Chad. Yeah, no, the contracts are signed. I’ll have the money transferred as soon as the banks are open tomorrow. Hey, thank you for selling me your half of “The Spectator.” Remember, I need you to keep this to yourself. Because I told you, Gwen, I don’t want Stephanie finding out why I’m doing this, to get Everett Lynch out of our lives.

My first instinct was to distance the paper from Leo Stark, but PR advised against it. As you may know, “Lady Whistleblower” is very popular.

Of course, it’s popular. The writing is dreadful, and there’s no moral integrity there.

Well, I will admit, Mrs. Williams, I’m still finding my footing. I’m hoping that an article extolling the virtues that you and your husband embody might provide some balance there. I assure you that I am committed to restoring Jack Deveraux and Jennifer Horton’s legacy and to making “The Spectator” a respected institution.

I choose to believe you. There’s something about your face. It makes me want to believe you.


What? Wow, someone was hungry. You want the rest of mine or?

No, thanks, I’m meeting Mom later for another dinner.


Hey, I’m a teenager. You’ve got to feed us more than most.

[phone beeps]

Trust me. I’m aware of that. Oh, it’s a reminder from your grandmother, Marlena. My dad is out of town on a case, so I will be having my second dinner with her.

Save me some leftovers, OK?

Oh, yeah, absolutely, because you’re gonna be starving after your two turkey dinners.

Yeah, you never know.

Hey, Tate, do you mind if I give Nicole a quick text? With the accident and her losing her baby, it’s been awful. I’ve been thinking about her all day.

Yeah. Yeah, no, it’s the worst.

Have you reached out to Holly?

Uh, I think Holly would prefer it if I gave her a little space right now.

Well, darling, as much as I know it’s no fun to have another woman, or should I say girl in this case, looking at your man with puppy-dog eyes, you need to remember that Johnny DiMera is beyond lucky to have you. If he doesn’t get that, and if he ever makes puppy-dog eyes back at that girl, well, you better set that fella straight.

Oh, I will.

[phone rings]

Well, and here he is now.

[sighs] Hey, you.

Chanel, hey, listen, I really– I hate to do this, but I’m afraid I’m not gonna be able to make Thanksgiving with you at your mom’s.

What? Why not?

Well… Holly is here alone, and she’s really upset about the baby, and maybe you and I can hang out later?

Yeah, yeah, maybe. And, hey, I totally get it.

I knew you would.

Why wouldn’t I? You’re a good guy. So, of course, you’re gonna be there for your family when they’re hurting. You have a really big heart, and that’s one of the things I love most about you. And Holly, I know that she’s– she needs you right now. So it’s just–

It’s just what?


Chanel, what is it?

It’s–it’s nothing. Give my condolences to Holly, please.

I will. And, again, I’m– I’m really sorry for tonight. Please apologize to your mom for me as well.

I will.

OK. I’ll call you later.

You better.

[phone beeps]

Well, hello, Chanel.

Hey, Abe. Happy Thanksgiving.

Oh, and to you. You know, I see there are four places set here. So does that mean your boyfriend is gonna join us?

Oh, he was supposed to, but something came up.

[soft dramatic music]

Johnny, you really didn’t have to do that. I’d be OK here alone.

No, it’s OK. Chanel was very understanding. And I’ll make it up to her and her mom, so it’s no big deal.

Are you sure?

Yes, I’m sure, OK? And, hey, I know my dad gave cook the day off. So why don’t you and I head over to the kitchen and see what we can throw together for Thanksgiving dinner? Mm?

Yeah, let’s do it.

When Nicole went missing, I was trying to comfort Holly, but I sort of misread the moment.

Mm, how so?

We were close, close enough to kiss. so I kind of asked her if that’s what was happening.

But it wasn’t, right?

I was just– I was just trying to make her feel better. You know, I’m not completely clueless. Like, I don’t know. I didn’t make any big moves or anything. It’s just women can be hard to read, right?

[laughs] Yes, son, it never gets any easier. Trust me.

I tried sending her a few texts, but she’s ghosting me so…

Mm, the old ghosting thing. Maybe you should do more than text. You know, maybe you should actually call her. It’s this weird thing that we do. You actually take the phone, and you call the person. You can actually talk to them.


We did it in the olden days.

I don’t think–

And it works.

I don’t think she’s gonna pick up.

Well, my advice to you is to not give up because you are a great kid, and she is a great girl, and I think, especially now, she could use somebody to– to lean on.

Yeah. Yeah, you’re probably right, especially now.

As long as you respect her boundaries, Tate.

Dad, I told you. Though it seemed like she wanted me to kiss her, I didn’t.

All right. Hey, listen, I’m– I’m no better at navigating relationships than you are. Trust me. And, honestly, if you don’t think that she wants to take your call, I think a nice gesture would be to take those two beautiful pieces of your great-grandmother Caroline’s pumpkin pie and offer them to her.

Yeah. Yeah, that’s actually a great idea.

[soft acoustic music]

I’m so glad you’re both here. I am thankful.

As are we.

Well, where’s Tommy? Where’s little Charlotte? Where are they?

They are outside playing with the swing. They didn’t touch the thing when we lived here, and now they’re fighting over it.

Oh, of course. I’m so glad we have the big fence around there, so they’re perfectly safe in the backyard.

Yeah, not for long. I mean, we can see them out there for now at least.

Well, it looks like there’s been a cease fire. I told Thomas to let his little sister go first, and he agreed.

Well, that’s because she bribed them and told them they didn’t have to eat vegetables with their dinner.

It’s a holiday.

Yeah, it’s a holiday. How about the adults don’t have to eat the broccoli casserole?

Great, I’m relieved. But we are still eating pie, right, because the kids made this. I helped just a little bit.

Oh, darling, thank you. I’m sure it’s delicious. You will help me bring the food in from the kitchen when it’s dinner time?

I assume Doug’s in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

Well, actually, he’s taking a little nap. Running that Turkey Trot really exhausted him today.


I’m jealous. I’m actually pretty worn out myself.

Well, it’s a wonderful cause, and I’m so proud of both of you for participating. He’ll be down for dessert. Of course, if I tell him that he doesn’t have to eat the broccoli, he might come down for the main course.


Everything is going smoothly in the kitchen. Oh! Hey, Steph, Chad, Happy Thanksgiving.

[soft dramatic music]

Everett, hey.

[soft dramatic music]

I’ve invited Everett to join us for Thanksgiving dinner. He has no family here in Salem, so tonight we’re his family.

And, um, you two know each other?

From a previous life maybe. But, no, we just met. I came here to ask Mrs. Williams if she and Doug would be willing to do a profile for “The Spectator.” And she’s just been so kind and welcoming.

And he’s been very helpful in the kitchen, regaling us with stories of his early days in journalism, a very charming fellow, charming.

Chad, why don’t you and Everett go check on the turkey? I’ll help Julie out here.

Well, we–we both have– why do we both have to check on the turkey?

You could put the side dishes in the warming oven for me. They’re sitting right there on the counter. Would you do that for me?

Yes, yes, um, we will do that.

Yeah, we’re gonna do that, no problem.

I’m so sorry. Are you upset because I invited that man to– to dinner? I had no– I’m sorry.

Well, actually, he and I not only worked together.

Yeah, he told me that.

He’s also my ex-boyfriend.

Oh, wow. He didn’t share that little fact.


Well, I assume the break-up was amicable.

It was an abrupt and confusing break-up, but that’s a different story for a different day. Cutting back to the present, Everett is a nice guy. I just don’t think that he’s convinced that I’ve moved on with Chad.

Oh, I see. Well, that can be very difficult for you, even more difficult for Chad. I’m so sorry, darling. I had no idea. But I don’t see how I can possibly ask him to leave now.

Oh, God, no, you can’t. You can’t.

So–so Thanksgiving dinner this year will be…

[chuckles] Awkward.


Oh, boy, those are the best buttermilk biscuits I have ever had.

Did you make them, Chanel?

No, Mama, this was all her cooking. I learned from the best.

Oh, I tell you, everything was just delicious. Thank you so much, Paulina.

Oh, it was my pleasure, Abraham. I’m just–I’m just so very glad you could join us.

Well, I tell you, this was a wonderful, wonderful Thanksgiving Day.


And, Chanel, what have you been up to?

Well, I just got back from Maryland. I went to visit Lani. And, of course, I stopped by to see Eli and the twins. And, oh, my god, Jules and Carver, they have gotten so big. And you know I took lots of pictures. Here, just swipe right to see them all.

All right. Oh, my, look at those beautiful children. Oh, and the smiles there.

[sighs] Thank you. Thank you for showing me those pictures. I–um, I don’t want to see anymore.

Well, Abraham, are you OK?

Yeah, it’s just really hard for me to see pictures of my daughter and– and grandkids when I really don’t remember anything about them from before.

Oh, of course, of course, that would be hard. I am so sorry, Abe. I didn’t mean to upset you.

Honey, give us a minute. OK, you know what? Actually, the bakery is a mess from all the orders that we filled for the holiday. So I’m just gonna head over there to do a little bit of cleaning.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, Chanel, please, please, don’t go. I’m OK really.

You don’t have to be OK for me or for Mama. We get it, OK? And we’re here for you.

I don’t want you to miss your dessert.

Oh, no, we have plenty of dessert at the bakery. So I am just gonna head there now, OK? But we are so thankful that you’re here.

Oh, thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving. Mwah.

OK, baby.

See you guys later.


Mm, so this is what you call Thanksgiving on a bun, huh?

Oh, yeah. So you got your turkey, your gravy, your stuffing, and your cranberry sauce.

It looks kind of messy.

What, you can’t handle it, Jonas?

I can handle anything you got, DiMera.



Oh, you, uh–

Well, it’s messy, but it’s really good.

Here, you’ve got a little bit of– you’ve got some gravy right there.

Oh, my God, it’s so embarrassing.

Ah, don’t worry. It’s not like I’m gonna take a pic and post it on social media.

I’d kill you if you did. Um, did I get it all?

Ah, almost. You missed a spot right… There. Got it.

Hey, there. I–I come bearing dessert.

Well, I’m so glad we’re all here together.

Thank you, Mrs. Williams.

Julie, please.

Julie, I am– I’m so grateful and surprised to have been included in this celebration.

I’m sorry it’s taking so long. Doug is still resting. The children still seem to be playing.

Right, well, I’ll go get them when it’s ready.

Great, great.

Great, great.


Why don’t we all sit down?



Well, we should do that.


Yeah. Here, I got that.

Oh, thank you.

Oh. Thank you.

I’m sorry. Is this seat taken?


[tense music]

[chuckles] OK. Yeah.

Sorry if I interrupted your Thanksgiving dinner. I was just hoping to talk to Holly for a minute.

Yeah, no, no worries. It looks like you only brought enough dessert for two anyway.

Pumpkin pie.

Well, great. Then if that’s the case, Holly, if you don’t mind, I might run over to Chanel’s house and have my pie with them since you are no longer–

Yeah, yeah, no, that’s– that’s totally fine, mm-hmm.

OK, awesome. Well, Happy Thanksgiving, guys.

Happy Thanksgiving. I’m sorry. It seems like I’m the master of bad timing.

You know, actually, I’m glad you’re here.

Yeah? Does–does that mean you forgive me for acting like a total idiot the last time we saw each other?

I do but on one condition.

Name it.

[soft dramatic music]

I need you to help me break up Johnny and Chanel.

You know, I hope I didn’t do anything to make your daughter leave.

Chanel will be fine. She’ll be back later. Now, how about you try your pie? Come on, eat it.


All right, let’s see here. Mm, mmm. Wow!


Right? It’s my favorite.

Well, then it’s my favorite now, too.



What–what the hell? What the hell is going on? Paulina, where did you go?

I was just– I was just thinking about back to when–

What? Just tell me, tell me.

Well, I– I was very tempted to kiss you just now, and then I remembered the last time I did. Well, what a mistake it was, how I scared you off.

Well, while we’re waiting for the others, let’s pour the wine.


[phone beeps] Here you go.

Thanks, darling.

That good?

OK. Oh, Doug has texted me that he was not coming down right now. He needs a little more rest, and he says go ahead. Enjoy the wine, make some toasts, and he’ll come down and make one of his own when he gets here. So who wants to go first?

Well, I would just like to say–

Yeah, I’ll say something. Yeah.

[sighs] To you, Julie, and to Doug, to whom I will repeat this when he comes down, but I just wanted you to know how grateful we are for you and Doug for your kindness and your warmth, for welcoming us into your home, me and Thomas and Charlotte.

[tender music] You’re just–we love you so much, and we are just so grateful for you, and– and you mean a lot to us.

We love you, too.

And… to my beautiful girlfriend, Stephanie, my life is so much better with you in it. My kids, too. And I know I don’t tell you this enough, but we love you very much, and we appreciate you so much, and you just mean so much to us. I love you. And to Everett, our new editor-in-chief of “The Spectator,” who has held the position for about five whole minutes.


A little longer than that.

Yeah, yeah.

I would just like to say, before you continue, Chad, that I am so grateful to have the chance to do what it takes, with Stephanie’s help, of course, to restore the reputation of your late wife’s family’s newspaper.

Right. Well, that is very noble of you. It’s just a shame you’re not gonna be able to do that.

[tense music]

Chad, what are you talking about?

What? Oh, well, I’ve got some breaking news for you, Lynch. I just bought half of “The Spectator,” and my first act as co-owner is to fire your ass.

[tense music]

Chad, Chad, you said you were gonna make a toast.

Um, yeah, right, sorry. I think I just zoned out a little bit. I must be a little bit dehydrated from the Turkey Trot. Uh, uh, to my wonderful family, who I am deeply grateful and to new friends.

Thanks, man.

Yeah, you’re welcome.

[clears throat]

[soft dramatic music]

You know, when you kissed me before, I was overwhelmed. And I know that I hurt your feelings.

Oh, no, it is understandable that you were feeling overwhelmed. I was rushing you, which was selfish. But I’m not going to do that anymore because this is Thanksgiving, and so instead of just wishing for more, I’m– I’m determined to just feel so very grateful for what I have now. You’re wonderful company.

Well, good, I feel that way, too.

[both chuckle]

Ooh, what, what is it? Lime too sour?

No, no, no, I just– oh, I’m just–

You’re just what?

Earlier, when you wanted to kiss me… I wanted to kiss you too.

[tender music]

You did?

I did. And I still do.

[clears throat] Chanel, hey, I was, uh– I was hoping to make it over to your mom’s for dessert.

Hey, Johnny. Well, you still can. I’m not there obviously. I left to give Mom and Abe some alone time.

Well, then I am glad that I ran into you because you’re the one I want to be with.


[chuckles] I’m really sorry that I couldn’t make it over to your mom’s for Thanksgiving dinner.

Oh, it’s OK. I told you I understand. How’s Holly?

I left her in good hands.

[dramatic music]

Are you serious? You really want me to help you break up Johnny and Chanel?

I’m gonna make it happen whether you help me or not. It’ll just go a little faster with your assistance.

But are you sure that this is a good idea? I mean, first of all, it’s not a very nice thing to do. And also, Holly, I know you don’t want to hear this, but Johnny is like way too old for you.

You know what? I said we could be friends again but never mind. I’m not interested anymore so don’t ever help me with anything, and you can keep your stupid opinions to yourself.

So this guy, he comes into Sweet Bits five minutes before closing and says he wants to order one more box of Italian cookies to the ten, yes, ten boxes that he’s already ordered.

Ten boxes of cookies?

Yes, and so I tell him, you know, I’m sorry, but we’re all out. And then he says, “Oh, I don’t mind waiting.”

Wow, well, I hope you told him no.

I didn’t. I mean, he’s a good customer, right? So I didn’t want to disappoint him, so I went in to make another batch, and he sits out here, and he waits. and it takes me about an hour because I still luckily had some dough left from earlier.

Honestly, I can’t believe you did that. That’s, wow.



Yeah, wait, wait, wait. I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. So I box them up, right? I box them up, and then I come out. And then he’s still sitting there with three empty boxes.


Yes, the guy had, like, cookies in, like, an hour.


[laughing] And the craziest part about the whole thing is that he didn’t say a word about it. He just pays me and goes.


Mm-hmm. He had a serious sweet tooth, right?

No, no, I’m talking about you. Just you’re so generous with your time and with your talents.

Yeah, not always. I think I was just in a really good mood because I knew I was gonna be seeing you for Thanksgiving.

Ah, OK. Look, I–I really am sorry that I missed Thanksgiving dinner with your mom.

Hey, don’t be. We’re together now, and that’s all that matters. And I don’t know if I tell you enough how glad I am that we found each other again and how much I love our time together.

Yeah, I love it, too. Happy Thanksgiving, Chanel.

Happy Thanksgiving, Johnny.

[tender music]


OK what? You’ll help me bust them up, Johnny and Chanel?

First, you need to apologize for saying my opinions are stupid.

Yeah, fine, I’m sorry. I was just disappointed, you know? I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.

Yeah, well, you did so– but it’s fine, whatever, I’m over it.

Good, I’m glad. OK, so you’ll help me, right? I mean, you’ll do it?

I said I would, didn’t I? I’m your friend, Holly. I want to see you happy.

[squeals] Tate, you are the best. And you know what? I will be happy. In fact, I’m gonna be over the moon once Johnny sees how wrong Chanel is for him. And then by the time Christmas comes, he’ll be sharing dessert with me.

[tense music]

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