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Abe walks through the town square with flowers and runs in to Paulina. She calls the flowers beautiful. Abe says they are for a friend but assures he’s not seeing anyone else. Abe congratulates Paulina on the election. Paulina points out that she never would’ve won if Abe hadn’t appointed her in the first place. Paulina would like the chance to thank him properly. Abe asks what she has in mind.

Sloan then tells Eric that she went to see Melinda and there’s something he needs to know. Eric asks what it is.

EJ hugs Nicole in the hospital as she asks why God keeps allowing this to happen. EJ says he doesn’t have the answers she’s looking for, but promises they will face this challenge together and come out stronger. Stefan storms in and calls EJ a son of a bitch, demanding he drop the bogus murder charges against Gabi now.

In the interrogation room, Ava answers the call from Clyde in prison. Ava asks what he wants and says he shouldn’t be calling her here. Clyde says he hears she’s been naughty and went out to commit herself a murder. Clyde asks what they are going to do about it.

Eric asks Sloan what happened with Melinda and if it’s bad news. Sloan says it’s actually great news and the best news. Sloan then announces that tomorrow, they are getting their baby. Eric is surprised it’s so soon. Sloan declares it’s a holiday miracle as they will have the baby in their arms tomorrow morning. Eric remembers it’s Thanksgiving. Sloan adds that they have a lot to be thankful for as she kisses Eric.

EJ asks what the hell is wrong with Stefan and tells him to have compassion for his grieving wife. Stefan asks where EJ’s compassion was for his wife and says that she’s rotting away in prison because of him.

Ava claims not to know what Clyde is talking about. Clyde says that he heard she put a bullet in Gil, but warns that it won’t get her out of their pact. Ava complains that being sexually assaulted wasn’t a part of their pact and says Gil tried to rape her. Clyde asks if she wasn’t just playing hard to get. Ava calls him disgusting. Clyde threatens to have another one of his boys visit Tripp. Ava argues that she held up her end of the bargain. Clyde points out that she didn’t get the evidence room keys from Harris, so they still have a problem.

Paulina informs Abe that she’s hoping Thanksgiving dinner at her place tomorrow with Chanel and Johnny, so she would love for Abe to join them. Abe calls it a tempting offer. Paulina says there will be a seat at the head of the table for him. Abe agrees to talk to Steve and Kayla, who said he’s welcome to have Thanksgiving dinner with them. Paulina tells Abe that’s fine if he prefers that and to just let her know which Abe agrees to do. Paulina says she’s off to buy some groceries. Abe says he’ll be in touch and congratulates Paulina again on her victory as mayor, calling it very well deserved. Abe then walks away.

EJ apologizes to Nicole for having to witness that. Nicole says it’s fine. Stefan tells Nicole that he shouldn’t have come charging in like that and he apologizes. Stefan adds that he’s truly sorry for her loss. Nicole thanks him. Stefan realizes that they are both suffering now and sadly, there’s nothing anybody can do to stop that. Stefan points out that EJ does have the power to stop his wife’s suffering. EJ questions going back to that. Nicole tells EJ to just go outside and talk to Stefan. EJ asks if she’s sure. Nicole says she needs to be alone for a little while anyway. EJ promises he won’t be long and steps out with Stefan.

Wendy works at the police station as Harris arrives and greets her. Harris thought she was going to take some time off. Wendy says she thought about it but decided that she’d rather be at work than grieving in the apartment where her brother was brutally murdered. Harris understands and says he’s sorry for her loss which she appreciates. Harris guesses that she doesn’t know about Ava. Wendy asks what about her. Harris informs her that Ava’s new boss Gil Carter attacked her at their apartment and tried to sexually assault her but she fought him off. Wendy asks if Ava is okay. Harris says that she will be but Ava shot him in self defense, so Gil is dead and Ava is now in custody. Wendy immediately calls Tripp but it goes straight to voicemail. Wendy decides that she will go find Tripp at the hospital. Harris calls that a good idea because Ava will need all the support she can get as Wendy exits the station.

Ava asks how Clyde knows she didn’t get the keys. Clyde reminds her of what it’s like to be a boss and talks about being three steps ahead. Clyde says he sent Gil to make sure that she got the keys for them, not for things to get rough and kinky between them. Ava tells him to go to Hell. Clyde complains that she cost him one of his best lieutenants and he won’t be easy to replace. Clyde adds that he might be able to forgive her if she does what he needs her to do. Clyde warns Ava to either get the keys or Tripp is going to pay the price. Ava questions how the hell he expects her to do that as Harris returns to the room and asks if everything is okay.

Sloan tells Eric that she can tell something is worrying him and asks if it’s about baby proofing the house. Eric says of course not so Sloan asks what’s wrong since they should be excited about bringing home their baby tomorrow. Eric assures that he is excited, but he can’t stop thinking about Nicole losing her child. Sloan agrees that’s awful. Eric apologizes as he knows it’s difficult for her when he brings up Nicole’s name. Sloan knows they haven’t been the best of friends, but knowing what it feels like to be a mother, her heart really does go out for her and EJ. Sloan states that they are about to be parents now and Eric is going to be a father like he’s wanted his whole life, so they shouldn’t focus on anything else but that their dreams are coming true, not Nicole’s nightmare.

Abe goes to visit Nicole in the hospital and brings her the flowers, saying he had to come see her.

Wendy finds Tripp at the hospital. Tripp thought she was at work. Wendy says she found out something he needed to know. Tripp asks if it’s about Li. Wendy says it’s about Tripp’s mom and reveals that she’s in police custody.

Ava tells Clyde that she has to go. Clyde asks if he heard Harris come in to the room which she confirms. Clyde says they are good for now then, but warns that they will be conversing again soon and that she better get those keys because her son’s life depends on it. Harris asks if she’s okay and who was on the phone. Ava claims that she called a criminal defense lawyer, who was asking for a crazy fee and got testy when she tried to negotiate. Harris hopes she won’t need a lawyer because he will do everything he can to make sure Rafe and everyone else knows that she killed Gil in self defense. Ava appreciates him more than he knows as she doesn’t think she’s ever had anyone stand up for her like he does. Ava feels like she just complicated his life more. Harris says it’s alright as he just wants her to be okay.

EJ and Stefan go to the park. EJ tells him to get this over with so he can get back to his wife. Stefan understands they are grappling with the loss of their baby and he’s sorry as that’s terrible. Stefan thinks he should focus on that instead of his grudge against he and Gabi. EJ jokes that Stefano always said he was good at multi-tasking. Stefan calls him a child as they argue. EJ argues that Gabi’s fingerprints were on the murder weapon and Li named her as his killer while Stefan insists that she’s being setup, probably by him. EJ declares that he’s done with this conversation and warns him to stay away from he and Nicole or he’ll have hospital security throw him out. Stefan stops EJ and says he’s not done yet until he hears his offer. Stefan tells EJ that he’ll give him what he really wants, his old job back. Stefan says all he has to do is say the word and he’ll call an emergency shareholders meeting to reinstall EJ as co-CEO in the morning. EJ asks what if he asks Stefan to step aside to make him sole CEO. Stefan says if that’s what it takes to get Gabi home, fine. Stefan admits he thought they could outmaneuver EJ but they were wrong and he won. Stefan tells EJ that he can take Stefano’s empire and his shares, he doesn’t care as long as Gabi walks. EJ gets a text that Ava has been brought in to the police station for killing a man. Stefan asks what he’s talking about. EJ responds that he’s gotten bored with the constant struggle over running DiMera and he’s come to realize there’s more important things than stock prices and reports, like making Salem safer for their children by putting away hardened criminals like Ava and Gabi. Stefan calls him a sick bastard. EJ asks if they are done yet. Stefan remarks that he’d say karma would come back and bite him in the ass, but it looks like it already has if he asks his wife. Stefan then walks away.

Nicole thanks Abe for the flowers. Abe says he’s so sorry about her baby. Nicole asks who told him. Abe informs her that it was his son Brandon, who is also Nicole’s half-brother. Nicole admits Brandon has been calling nonstop but she hasn’t had the strength to answer. Abe adds that Brandon wanted him to tell her how much he loves her and that he’s there if she needs him. Nicole is glad he sent Abe. Abe brings up that Nicole told him once that they used to be very close and that he was like a father to her. Nicole says he used to call her his bonus daughter as he was always there for her in the worst times of her life. Nicole is sure Abe doesn’t remember but says she does and that it’s so comforting having him here. Abe asks where else would a father be at a time like this.

Sloan apologizes to Eric for sounding so selfish. Eric says it’s alright and that she’s right. Eric says as sorry as they both are for EJ and Nicole, they can’t let their sorrow ruin their joy. Eric assures that he’s really happy. Sloan thinks she knows something that can help them focus on their joy and suggests thinking of a name for their baby. Sloan asks if Eric has any thoughts. Eric admits he’s been thinking about a couple of names and hopes that she likes them too. Eric asks what she thinks about Samuel. Sloan questions naming their son after his sister Sami.

Wendy informs Tripp that according to Harris, Gil tried to rape Ava and she shot him in self defense. Tripp says he has to get down there, so he exits with Wendy.

Harris takes Ava out of the interrogation room and says he’s hoping to get the case thrown out, but until then he has to do everything by the book, so he has to take her official statement.

Eric asks Sloan what’s wrong with naming their child after his sister. Sloan remarks that word around town is that his sister is kind of a hot mess. Eric says that she’s earned her reputation but she’s the most kind and loyal person he knows. Sloan brings up Eric telling her before that Sami and Nicole didn’t get along, so she asks if Sami didn’t approve of Nicole. Eric says that it goes way deeper than that. Sloan asks how deep, so Eric reveals that Nicole did the worst thing you can do to a mother and stole Sami’s baby which shocks Sloan.

Nicole tells Abe that when she was told her son died, it was like someone flattened her heart. Nicole says she and EJ had big plans and dreams for their son. Nicole tells Abe that she used to be a terrible person, who lied, cheated, and hurt people, so she wonders if this is karma and she wasn’t supposed to bring a child in to this world. Abe stops her and calls it just a horrific tragedy, but not a punishment. Abe encourages that she has a good heart and she’s not alone as she has her friends and family which includes him. Nicole hugs Abe as she cries and thanks him.

Ava gives her statement, telling Harris that Gil was out of control and violent, so she truly believed that she had no choice but to shoot him. Wendy and Tripp arrive at the station. Tripp hugs Ava as she thanks Wendy for bringing him. Wendy says she’s glad she is safe. Harris says he’ll let them talk and go talk to Rafe in his office about the charges. Ava guesses Tripp was told what happened. Tripp asks if Gil hurt her. Ava says he tried. Tripp remarks that he’s lucky he’s dead or he’d kill him, himself. Ava tells him not to talk like that, especially in the police station. Ava insists that he doesn’t have to worry as she is fine. Ava warns that Tripp is the one that needs to be careful, because he’s a doctor with a brilliant mind and future, so she needs him to stay out of this. Tripp says not until he knows she is safe and free. Tripp decides he will hire her the best lawyer in town and makes a call. Ava looks over at the desk and sees Harris left his keys behind.

Stefan goes to prison and meets Clyde. Stefan says he was on his way to see Gabi when one of Clyde’s flunkies said he wanted to speak with him. Stefan tells him to talk quick, repeating that he came to see his wife. Clyde comments on always being in a rush. Stefan asks what he wants. Clyde says they have so much in common these days, pointing out that Gabi is right on the other side. Clyde remarks that he thinks it’s a damn shame what EJ is doing to Gabi. Clyde questions how EJ got to be district attorney anyway, saying it seems like yesterday that they were partners in a lucrative drug operation. Stefan says he doesn’t have time to go down memory lane with him. Clyde comments that it’s touching to see how much he loves Gabi and that it would be such a shame if something happened to her on the inside. Stefan asks if he just threatened his wife. Clyde says he’s just speaking the truth about what a dangerous place prison can be. Clyde adds that he would be willing to offer Gabi his protective services, if he got something in return.

Abe and Paulina run in to each other again in the town square. Abe admits that he hoped he would catch her coming out of the store and that he came looking for her. Abe explains that he was visiting his friend at the hospital and stopped by to see Kayla, so it turns out that Kayla is working for Thanksgiving and Steve is out of town on a case with John. Paulina jokes that she’s his only option then. Abe decides he would love to spend the holiday with her and Chanel. Paulina assures that the offer still stands and asks Abe to help her carry the groceries to her car.

Sloan questions Eric about Nicole switching EJ and Sami’s daughter with the baby she planned to adopt. Eric confirms that she did and that baby died but by that time, she had already grown to love her. Sloan questions Nicole continuing to raise Sami’s daughter as her own. Eric says they did until learning the truth. Sloan questions how Eric could forgive Nicole for what she did to his own sister. Eric responds that he believes in forgiveness, saying he needs it himself. Eric knows Sami has done terrible things in her time which Sloan asks about. Eric says back in the 90s, there wasn’t a DNA test in his family that Sami didn’t tamper with. Sloan questions Eric forgiving Nicole because Sami did bad things too. Eric acknowledges that Nicole was desperate to be a mother and still suffering from the loss of her child. Eric remarks that sometimes, desperate people do desperate things.

Tripp finishes a call and tells Ava that Belle refused to take her case. Ava is not surprised since Susan is part of her extended family. Tripp says it’s fine since Belle isn’t the only solid lawyer in town. Tripp then calls Justin. Ava then grabs the keys off the desk. Harris returns and announces that he spoke to Rafe about the whole situation, so he doesn’t see any reason to have to book Ava tonight and she is free to go home. Ava hugs him and thanks him while holding the stolen keys in her hand.

EJ returns to Nicole in the hospital. Nicole tells him about Abe visiting and how it was nice to see him. EJ says even with Abe’s memory loss, he can still tell what a special person she is and the connection they have. Nicole asks how it went with Stefan. EJ says he begged him to drop the charges against Gabi. Nicole asks if Gabi is guilty. EJ says all the evidence points to her. EJ adds that Stefan also offered to make him CEO of DiMera again, but he refused. EJ imagines Stefan is relaying the bad news to Gabi now.

Stefan questions if Clyde wants to be paid to protect Gabi. Clyde explains that he suffered a significant loss recently and needs another man on the outside. Stefan refuses to be his henchman. Clyde says he has it all wrong and he wouldn’t insult him by asking him to be his lackey. Clyde suggests Stefan become his partner and he’ll make sure nobody comes close to laying a finger on Gabi. Stefan questions the exchange. Clyde thinks it’s time for the DiMeras to get back in the drug running game.

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