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Ava, hey.

Hey, Harris. Oh, I’m glad I caught you. Listen, I, uh–I just want to apologize again for missing dinner last night. I know I told you that I had the night off, but, uh, Gil called me to come in at the last minute to, um, go over the books.

No, it’s, uh–it’s all right. I know it’s hard to make plans when you’re running a restaurant.

Yeah. You don’t know the half of it. But, um, I’ve got a little bit of free time today, so I thought maybe we could sneak away, grab a drink, and, uh– I don’t know, just before the dinner rush starts.

Yeah, I think I can, uh– can make that work. Should I pick you up at your apartment, 5:00?

Yeah, that’s perfect.

[knock at door] OK–ooh. Right, but, um, I’ve got to go now. Somebody is at the door.

No problem. I’ll see you later.


[phone beeps]

[tense music]

We’re, uh, due in court soon.

Court? Oh, my God, I totally forgot.

[dramatic music] How can I leave her now? I can’t think about any of that stuff. No, we’re–we’re gonna have to postpone again. There’s no other way.

Maybe there is. What if I just… drop the case?

What do you mean? Xander, are you being serious?

Sarah, your daughter was taken from you today, and it was unbearable. The last thing I want is to take her away from you again.

Oh, Konstantin. You came here telling us you were from Greece. But the way you watch over us, I think you could very well be an angel, sent from heaven.


Konstantin! What on Earth are you doing?

Hi. It’s me, Theresa. I just wanted to make sure that you got Victoria back to Sarah. If this all blows up, you damn well better keep my name out of it. Nobody can ever find out what I did. You hear me?

[phone beeps]

So… Theresa, what did you do now?

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

[dramatic music]

Wait. You’re really willing to drop the custody case?

Sarah, I know I said that I was willing to go to war, and I– well, I meant it at the time, but… our daughter was kidnapped today. During those few hours where she was gone where I thought I might never see her again, it just– well, it really put some things in perspective for me. I never want to go through anything like that again, and… thinking that I might put you through that, I–

Well, that’s the last thing I thought you’d say… Especially because I accused you of taking Victoria and also especially because she was taken on my watch. I thought you’d use that against me.

What? No, Sarah, I wouldn’t– I wouldn’t do that. What happened today wasn’t your fault. I hope you know that. The only one to blame is whoever took our daughter.

Oh, Maggie, I am so sorry. I should not have done that. Please tell me that we can forget this ever happened.

Do you always listen in on people’s private conversations?

I forgot this. Um, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, Theresa, but this is the farthest thing from a secluded hideaway. It’s a pretty public place to have a private conversation.

Well, if you were a gentleman, you would at least have the decency to make your presence known.

[sighs] You just–you just haven’t changed, have you? Just a couple minutes ago, I was trying to convince Alex not to hire you because I was sure that you were gonna do something underhanded to undermine Titan, this company that my grandfather spent his whole life building. But then I thought maybe I was overreacting. Maybe you have changed. And then, literally, I walk in on you admitting to someone that something is gonna blow up in your face. So, Theresa, my God, what is going on? Tell me what you did.

OK, fine. I’ll tell you.

Great. I…slept with Alex.


I have a rather delicate matter I need to discuss. I thought it best not to talk about it at the restaurant.

What’s this delicate matter, Gil? What do you want?

A key.

A key? Right. Oh, you need one to the employee restroom?

It’s not for the restaurant. It’s for the Salem PD evidence room.

Are you kidding? Why?

Apparently, one of our lower-level dealers got arrested last night with a certain amount of product on him. Now, he knows better than to flip, but you know how it goes.

[breathes deeply] Cops start poking around, could broaden the investigation, so the evidence needs to disappear.

So why you coming to me with this? How am I supposed to get it?

From your detective boyfriend, of course.

Sorry. Been waiting long?

No, I just got here myself. I assume you’ve been busy with the, uh–the kidnapping. Any leads on who took Sarah Horton’s baby?

Uh, nothing yet. I was actually gonna put you and Jada on it, but she’s, uh, at Stark’s arraignment this morning.

Yeah, I wish I would have known she was going after the guy alone. I hate that Von Leuschner got the drop on her.

Yeah. You and me both. But Jada’s tough, you know. I actually asked her to take off work this morning, but–

No dice.

Eh, you know Jada.

Anything I can do in the meantime?

Yeah, actually, there is. Uh… yeah, it’s the reason I asked you to lunch. I didn’t want to discuss it down at the station, but, uh… I want you to find out who murdered Li Shin.

Look, EJ had my sister charged with murder. But I don’t believe for a second that she stabbed Li.

I mean, you obviously know your sister better than I do, so… if you believe she’s innocent, I believe you. But isn’t it gonna be a little tricky? Gabi’s prints were the only ones found on the murder weapon, and Li named her as his killer right before he died.

Yeah, I know all that, OK? But you were there. You were at the scene. You saw how much blood was there. I mean, Li was barely conscious. Now, who’s to say he even knew what he was saying when he named my sister? And not to mention the fact that whoever stabbed Li could have been wearing gloves. So that leaves a lot of room for reasonable doubt. There is no reason whatsoever why we can’t continue this investigation on the DL.

Oh, yes, there is.

[light country music]

Are you crazy? You want me to steal Harris’ key to the evidence room?

Just lift it when he’s not looking.

Oh, right, right, and you don’t think he’s gonna notice that it’s missing?

Maybe he will. Maybe he won’t. But that’s not exactly my problem, now, is it? Besides, you could always convince him that he lost it. What? Why are you looking so damn skeptical?

[dramatic music]

Look, I’ve done everything that you’ve asked me to do so far, Gil. But this–look, I can’t involve Harris. I don’t even think this is a good idea. I mean, look, he is a detective. What if he figures out that I’m the one that took it, hmm? That’s gonna lead to all sorts of questions. And then if he starts figuring out what is really going on here, that’s gonna jeopardize the entire operation.

You make a good point.


But I’m still gonna have to go back to Clyde and tell him what I asked you to do and that you refused.

I’ll call Sloan, tell her I’m dropping the suit. No need for Eric to testify.

Wait. You’re really serious about this?

Sarah, I’m completely serious. Honestly, I–

[sighs] I never believed you were an unfit mother. I was just angry that you lied to me about the baby. But… I understand why you did it. I’ve done some terrible things, made some really– really bad decisions. But I know now that I– I can’t fix one bad decision by making another, especially when suing you for custody was never– never really what I wanted.

What is it that you really want?

For the two of us to raise Victoria…together.

I want that too.

Maggie, again, I must apologize. I honestly don’t know what came over me.

There’s no need to apologize. You just made an error in judgment, that’s all. It’s already– it’s already forgotten.

You are so very, very kind. But I’m not sure I deserve that. You just lost your husband, and–and I am trying to take advantage of your grief. What kind of man does that?

Oh. You’re a good man, Konstantin.

No, no, I am disgusted with myself. Not only have I dishonored you, but I have disgraced the memory of your husband. And for that, there is only one way I can make this right. I must leave at once and go back to Greece.

You slept with Alex?

In Greece. Do you remember that night when I wanted to stay with you in your room and you went off on me? Well…


After you left, Alex tried to make me feel better. And he did make me feel better, and we… slept together.

I can’t say that I’m a bit surprised.

Look, I didn’t want anybody to know about this. In fact, Alex and I said that we were gonna keep this between us because he and I are gonna be working together now, and, you know, I don’t really want it out there that I slept with the boss.


[chuckles] Of course not. I can totally understand that.


One thing, though. If you really want to keep this a secret and you don’t want anyone to know what happened, who were you talking to on the phone, then?

I was talking to my cousin Stephanie. I just had to tell someone, you know, and I knew that I could tell her and that she’d keep it between us. And so I told her everything, and that was her just now, asking me about it and wanting to know if I’d told anyone else.

[dramatic music]

OK. So it was just that one time, then? I mean, you and Alex, you are living together, right?

In separate bedrooms. Yeah, it only happened that one time.


Why? Why are you so interested, huh? Jealous?

Konstantin, no, there’s no reason for you to leave. Honestly, I don’t want you to. I like having you here.

[sighs] That is so very kind of you, but…

[sighs] I have had the feeling that, uh, I have worn out my welcome.

You think I’m spending too much time with Konstantin? Where is this coming from?

Well, the man was a stranger before Victor died. Now he’s living with us? And also, all these gifts that he’s showering you with, like–

And what’s wrong with that?

I don’t know, Mom. Like, it’s just starting to feel like maybe he wants something in return from you.

So if you will excuse me, I need to pack.

You want us to raise Victoria together too?

I do. Xander… deep down, I’ve always known that you would just be the most wonderful father, you know? But to–to state the obvious– and I know that you have heard it before. But I was just so upset with you for what you had done. I was furious, actually. And the more that people told me to let go of that anger, the more I just wanted to dig my heels in.

[sighs] I’m stubborn.

Really? I–I never noticed that about you.

Oh, like you’re one to let go of grudges.

Fair point.


I mean, honestly, it’s probably what drew me to you in the first place. I knew you’d be a challenge, knew I’d… truly met my match with you.

I’m the challenge?

Oh, well, call it a draw. I am sorry, Sarah, truly sorry I let it go this far.

I am too.

I don’t know what you’re playing at, Rafe, but you need to drop this immediately. We have made an arrest. And my new DA is prosecuting the case. But if it should get out that the–the brother of the accused is looking for other suspects behind my DA’s back, well, then that will look bad not only for your department but for my office.

Yeah. Madame Mayor, my sincerest apologies. But you, of all people, should understand this. A member of my family has been falsely accused of murder. I need to fix this.

You need to check yourself. That’s what you need to do. No, and are you seriously bringing my personal history into this? Because I don’t think I need to tell you how highly inappropriate that is. You work for me, Commissioner.

Of course. I’m sorry.

[sighs] Now, look, I like you, Rafe. And more than that, I feel for you. But if you don’t drop this, then I’ll just be forced to hire a new commissioner, one who can take orders. Now, I’ve already taken a risk by hiring Commander Michaels at your suggestion, but I don’t want to have to fire the both of you for going behind my back, especially when there’s a new case that needs your attention.

What is it?

Oh, there’s been an increase in drug trafficking recently, and I hear that there’s a new cartel that may be setting up shop somewhere in town. Now, I need both of you– both of you–to focus all your energies on finding out who’s behind it.

[tense music]

And let me tell you, honey, Clyde’s not gonna be happy to hear that I didn’t get that key.

But I thought we just agreed. We don’t want to give Harris any reason to start asking questions.

You’re right. We don’t. But I don’t know if Clyde will see it that way. And of course, it’s my neck on the line. So I’m not gonna have a choice but to tell him that I asked you to get the key and that you refused. And who knows how he’s gonna react? I mean, he–he could be mellow, or, uh, he could ask me to pull the trigger on your son. Although… I might be persuaded not to mention your disobedience to Clyde. That is, uh, if you do a little something for me in return.

Jealous? Jealous of you– you being with Alex? No. No, Theresa, I’m not. My only reaction is that it’s not gonna last between the two of you, I mean, you, given who you are, and he, given who he is. But no, no jealousy.

[sighs] Why would I be?

Mm? You tell me.

[dramatic music]

Everything all right in here?

If this all blows up, you damn well better keep my name out of it.

No one’s going to hear it from me.

[scoffs] Idiot. You get that crazy woman to kidnap the baby so you can get into Maggie’s daughter’s good graces, and then you ruin it all by kissing Maggie. Why would you take such a risk? Although…

[chuckles] It is still possible that this gamble will pay off.


So how is my gran– oh, I’m sorry. Am I interrupting?

No, no. No, no, you’re not.

I just wanted to see how our little angel was doing.

She’s–she’s great. Uh, never better, actually, because, um… Xander and I have decided to drop the custody case.

What? Are you serious?

Yes, we are.

Yeah, it just– after everything that happened, we– we decided that we should work things out amicably.

Oh, my goodness. Oh, that’s wonderful news. Oh, sweetheart. I–that’s just what I wanted for the both of you. I’m just sorry it took a kidnapping to make it happen.

Yeah, I think we would have preferred to skip that part too.


But it did wake us up, because… all that matters is that Victoria is safe and sound… and home where she belongs, thanks to Konstantin. And there he is. Perfect timing, by the way. We were just talking about you and how grateful we are to you.

Well, that is very kind. I have come to say goodbye. I am leaving Salem.

[light country music]

I’d be happy to lead an investigation into the recent arrests. Last thing that Salem needs is more drugs on our streets.

On that, we agree. OK, um, I’ll be back in touch with you later in the week.

Sounds good.

And, Rafe, this is the last time that I hope I hear about this case against your sister, because I’ve given my final word on the subject.



Yeah. Sorry about that.

No, no. No. She’s right. What I asked you to do was completely against protocol.

That may be. But I feel for you, Rafe. And if you want me to pursue other suspects in Li’s death, I will.

You’re a very attractive woman. You know that? I see you, sashaying around the restaurant. You do that on purpose. I can tell you like the, uh– the attention, right?

OK. That is some craziness right there. I don’t sashay around, and I am not there for your pleasure.

Oh, but you’re there for the good detective’s, right?

Oh, my God, will you just shut up about him?

Oh, yeah, yeah, you got to– you got to defend him.

OK, you know what? Just stop it, Gil. Just stop it right now. Hey!

I don’t think you understand what I’m saying. This is not optional.

Stop it!


Listen to me, Ava. This doesn’t have to be unpleasant, OK? You and I, we are so alike. This could be really good if you just give us a chance.


[breathing heavily] OK, OK. You know what? I haven’t thought about it like that.

[dramatic music] Maybe you’re right. You know, maybe we do have more in common than I thought.

Yeah. That’s right. That’s right, baby.

OK. Maybe we can be, uh… more than just business associates.

Exactly. Exactly. Yeah, we can, uh– we can combine business and pleasure, huh? And you know what they say. All work and no play makes Gil a dull boy.

[grunts] You sick bastard. Who’s playing now?

What the hell do you think you’re doing?

Thought it was pretty obvious. I’m making sure that you don’t rape me.

Rape you? What the hell do you think you’re–hey. Hey, I’m not a rapist, OK?

OK. Let me clarify something for you here, Gilly. When you say to a woman that sex with you isn’t optional and then you rip her blouse while she’s trying to run away from you, you are a rapist.

[dramatic music]

Pathetic. So, what, you’re gonna– you’re gonna shoot me now?

I don’t know. Depends on whether you make a move. Why don’t you go ahead? Try me. Test me. See how much I want to blow you away.

You don’t want to do that.

You so sure about that?

Yeah. Yeah, because if you shoot me… your son is dead.

Well, thanks for the offer, Harris. But I can’t ask you to jeopardize your job. Now, if I were to give up my position for my sister, then I’d be happy to pay the price. But not you, OK? I sure as hell can’t jeopardize the entire department.

So what are you gonna do?

Well, I do have a lot of faith in Belle Brady. So, uh, I’m just gonna have to believe in her. I mean, she is more than a capable lawyer, and she has gone up against EJ before, so just gonna have to have faith that she can beat him at his own game.

All right. But if you do change your mind, just say the word.

Oh, thanks, Harris. I appreciate that. But Mayor Price is right. She’s right. It wouldn’t look good if I went behind EJ’s back.

Probably a good call.

And she’s also right about the recent uptick in drugs on the streets of Salem. I mean, we arrested a dealer last night. I’ve got the feeling that there are more out there. So, uh, yeah, you should get on that, start investigating that.

Consider it done.

All right.

Look, Rafe, um, I know you took a chance when you hired me. And I’m gonna do whatever it takes to earn this position.

[light country music]

Uh, yeah. Everything’s fine.

Good, because we need to talk strategy.

Strategy? What about?

Bringing Basic Black under the Titan umbrella. This is huge for us. I want to make sure that we time the rollout perfectly, so–

OK, yes, yes, yes. We–we do need to do that. Unfortunately, I can’t talk about it right now. I’m due in court.

What do you mean you’re due in court? For what?

It’s for Sarah. Um, Justin has asked me to testify on her behalf in Xander’s custody case.

Really? Why you?

Well, among his many transgressions, he also led me to believe that my baby was dead. So a guy like that I don’t think is fit to be a parent.

Yeah, but–

Yeah, but what?

Well, I mean, didn’t Sarah do to Xander the same thing Xander did to you? I mean, if Chloe never accidentally found out the truth, Xander would have never known he had a daughter. He would have lost out on something that was rightfully his.

Mm-hmm. Yeah, that would have been terrible.

[dramatic music]

You’re leaving? Why?

I believe the time has come for me to go.

I tried to convince him to stay, but–

But I told her she has been far too generous already.

[sighs] Well, I must be going.

No, wait, wait. Before any of this happened today, my mom said that she was planning on asking you to stay through Christmas. And, well, actually, I told her that I didn’t think it was a very good idea.

[chuckles] I see. Well, then it is good that I am going.

No, no, no, I’m– I said that because I was– well, I was worried that she was getting too dependent on you.

Which is so silly, of course, since I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself.

I know. I do know that, Mom.


But the truth is, we all depended on you today, and you came through.

You certainly did.

And, you know, seeing as you put yourself at risk for our family, I think asking you to stay for Christmas is really the least we could do.

I completely agree with Sarah. That is, unless you have to get back to Greece to, uh– to your family.

No, there is no reason for me to hurry back. I would be ever so grateful to have the opportunity to stay with you.

Well, that is wonderful. We’re happy to have you.

And I am so very happy to know that… I will be spending the holidays with all of you. And with Victor gone, you are practically the only family I have.

So it’s settled.

Yes, it is. I suppose I must unpack.

OK. Yeah, thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it. Well, looks like I will have time to strategize after all. Justin, uh, said he doesn’t need me to testify today.

What happened?

Apparently Xander just, uh, dropped the custody case.


Why–why would he do that?

It wasn’t for a very good reason. Um, you’re not gonna believe this, but apparently, their baby was kidnapped today.


Yeah, but she was found safe and sound.

Oh, thank God.

Yeah, thank God.

That’s insane. I mean, what kind of wacko maniac steals a newborn baby? Did they at least catch the guy?

No, no. Whoever it was got away.

Man, I hope when they find him, they nail his ass to the wall.


[dramatic music]

[sighs] That worked out perfectly.

[knock at door] Oh, come in, come in.

Are you making yourself at home, I hope?

Yes, I am. But–

But? But what?

Well, uh, I am very happy to stay with you through Christmas, as I said. But I am not so sure that this is what you want, Maggie. Perhaps your daughter might have put you on the spot?

No, not at all. I’m delighted you’re here, Konstantin, and that you’re staying. Mm.


Well, I just got off the phone with Justin. Needless to say, he was surprised.

I’ll bet. Well, I’m glad that we managed to convince Konstantin to stay.

Yeah. I mean, I know there’s bad blood between us, but… after what he did for our daughter today, we–we definitely owe him.

[baby whimpers]

Speaking of our daughter, sounds like someone needs a little attention. Actually, um, would you like to do the honors?


Yeah, of course. I mean, I know you held her when she was born, but… wouldn’t you like to get a little better acquainted?

Oh, I do, yeah. Hi. Hey. Hey, beautiful Victoria. Hello. Oh. Hi. I’m your dad. And I’m so looking forward to getting to know you. But I already love you with all my heart.

[baby cooing]

[tense music]

I mean it, Gil. Stop it right there, or I will end you.

I don’t think you will.


Hey, Ava. It’s Harris. I know I’m a little early.

[gunshot] Ava! Ava!

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