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[ Relaxing music ]

Ridge: Thank you. Well, uh, I’m pretty sure I know why you called this meeting. Lack of funds for hope for the future and everything being filed into my dad’s line.

Zende: I’m happy for him, that’s great for granddad.

Ridge: Really? But you don’t look happy.

Zende: I am not thrilled about hope for the future being benched, but I understand the reasons.

Ridge: Okay.

Zende: What I don’t understand is why I’m being benched in favor of rj?

Rj: It’s cute how nervous you were last night.

Luna: Anyone would be. Meeting steffy forrester, I mean, the steffy forrester.

Rj: Oh, the– the steffy forrester.

Luna: No, I mean, she’s like my role model, a legend. Thankfully, a very friendly, down to earth one. She made me feel right at home.

Rj: Yeah, because she liked you. You’re very likable, you know?

Luna: You think?

Rj: Oh, yeah.

Luna: I hope so. I mean, I really wanted to make a good first impression.

Rj: You did. You made– you made a great first impression, I’m not gonna lie. She was impressed. But she’s not half as impressed with you as I am.

Sheila: Thank you so very much and we’ll see you again. Welcome to il giardino. My name is sheila.

Bill: Yeah, I know exactly what you are. This whole act you got going here ain’t fooling anyone.

Sheila: [ Laughs ] I– I don’t know whether to be surprised or impressed. A lot of people are boycotting since I came back to work, but not you, bill? You must love the pizza.

Bill: I’m not here to eat.

Sheila: I’d start you with a cocktail, but clearly, you’ve had a few.

Bill: I’m here to put you on notice. Stay away. You will stay away from us. Especially steffy and finn.

Rj: I don’t see why you’re so worried about steffy. Look, she’s– come on, she’s married to your cousin, so she has to like you. She’s obligated.

Luna: No, no, no, in-laws are historically problematic. Like, being finn’s cousin might have worked against me.

Rj: Okay. That’s fair. But when you walked in, you definitely had a secret advantage.

Luna: What?

Rj: Well, my sister took one look at how important you’ve become to me and that just sealed the deal right there.

Luna: You’ve become pretty important to me too.

Rj: I just had a great idea. Did you just watch me have a great idea? Because I have a great idea. I know how we can celebrate the success of last night’s dinner.

Luna: Oh, that sounds fun.How so?

Rj: By having lunch right now. Let’s go, come on. Oh, wait, sorry. Are you available?

Luna: I really want to, but rain check, okay?

Rj: Mm-hmm. I, um– I have plans to meet my mom today.

Sheila: Don’t you have companies to buy and sell? You know, crush the little people?

Bill: What do you think I’m doing here?

Sheila: And yet, I still stand. I am curious, though. Why the vested interest in my relationship with my son?

Bill: I couldn’t care less, quite frankly. Not that I want to see anybody suffer at your hands, but it’s my granddaughter I’m concerned about.

Sheila: Kelly?

Bill: Yeah, kelly. My son’s daughter. I don’t want her mixed up in whatever scheme you got cooking up in that twisted brain of yours.

Sheila: See, the only thing I am cooking up these days, pizza and masalas. And to be more exact, I’m delivering those. And in case you didn’t hear, I saved kelly’s life.

[ Bill scoffing ]

Bill: Oh, yeah, how convenient. You just happened to be there. Stalking your son and my granddaughter. You probably lured her into the ocean with some candy.

Sheila: Oh, my gosh. The gratitude is overwhelming.

Bill: I’ll have gratitude when you’re back in prison. You had something on that judge. You paid him off.

Sheila: Something you’d know a lot about, huh, bill? So, can I get you anything? I hear the meatballs are to die for.

Zende: It feels like I’m being forgotten.

Ridge: How do you even say that? You’re a very important part of the hope for the future team. I don’t know what else to tell you.

Zende: A line we’re not even posting on right now. And honestly, ridge, even when we are, I report to the lead designer, your son. When the opportunity to work with granddad came up, was I even considered or did it just automatically go to your other son? I’m talented. I’ve proven myself and yet, I’m passed over?

Ridge: It may seem that way right now, but listen, this industry is– is always–

Zende: I grew up in the industry too. With extremely successful and talented designers for parents. I am your sister’s son. I don’t know, ridge, maybe that’s the issue. I’m her son, not yours. It feels like you are willing to push aside every other member of this family as long as your kids get to shine.

Rj: Lunch with your mom? That’s great.

Luna: Thank you for being understanding. I– I promise I won’t be out too long.

Rj: What? No, no. Take your time. Seriously. It’s not like we clock in and out around here. No one’ll notice.

Luna: Are you sure?

Rj: Yeah, of course. No, you told me she’s not in town a lot, you’re excited to see her and you should spend as much time as you can with her. Honestly, I was lucky that I got to meet her. She’s– she was a sweetheart. She seems like someone cool to hang out with, too.

Luna: You want to know something?

Rj: What?

Luna: Ever since I was little, sleepovers were always at my house. And all of my friends wish that their moms were as chill as mine.

Rj: Sounds fun.

Luna: Yeah. I had a really fun childhood. I mean, would I have liked a little more structure? Maybe, but I’m not really complaining. I appreciate how free-spirited my mom is.

Rj: Complete opposite of your aunt.

Luna: Oh, shoot, I am so much later than I thought. I have to get going.

Rj: Go. Go, go, go. Just– just say hi for me.

Luna: Will do.

[ Both chuckling ] Luna nozawa, clocking out.

[ Both laughing ]

Ridge: No one’s doubting your talents, zende.

Zende: You’re just, uh, choosing not to tap into it? Seriously, why is rj working with granddad and not me?

Ridge: Dad is dying?

Zende: It’s insulting.

Ridge: How long does he have, do we know? How long does he have? Dying. Dying.

Zende: Rj literally has zero design experience. For you to pick him and not me–

Ridge: I didn’t pick him. My dad picked him. And everything– everything, the way it’s being handled, is the way my dad wants it.

Sheila: Okay, so you came to put me on notice. Message received. But you don’t need to come to harass me at my place of work, when I’m just trying to lead a normal, simple, good life.

Bill: You do understand that being a waitress isn’t going to cleanse your soul or make you wholesome?

Sheila: Why are you really here, dollar bill? Did you miss me?

Bill: Like food poisoning. How deacon could–

Sheila: Oh, wait, wait, wait, that’s it, that’s it. That’s why you’re here. You found out about my relationship with deacon and you wanted to see for yourself?

Bill: You actually believe you could have a long lasting relationship with deacon? For that matter, that any man could ever commit to you?

Sheila: Yeah. We’re taking it slow and we’re gonna see what happens. But things are going really well. And– and I’m happy. And that bothers you, doesn’t it? Especially since things didn’t work out with katie the way that you were hoping, from what I hear. But you know what? You should– you should use this as a positive moment, you know? A– look at it as a time where you can put yourself out there, because from everything you ever told me, you never ever had a problem doing that. So, maybe this is just a– a blessing in disguise.

Luna: Hi, mom.

Poppy: Hi.

Luna: Hi. Hi.

Poppy: How are you, sweetie?

Luna: I’m sorry I kept you waiting.

Poppy: Oh, you’re a hard working forrester intern. I understand. So, how’s it going?

Luna: Mom, I have literally never been happier.

Poppy: Hm. Because you’re working in the fashion industry or because of that handsome young man who also works there.

Zende: Granddad has been one of my biggest supporters from the moment I put pencil to paper years ago. I don’t buy for a second that he would choose to work with rj instead of me.

Ridge: Try not to let it get to you.

Zende: Are you sure you just didn’t convince him that your wayward son needs some direction? Hey, why not toss him a couture line?

Ridge: I didn’t pick rj. My dad did.

Rj: Hey, zende. He’s– he’s right. Granddad reached out to me to help him design.

Sheila: But deacon has taken a liking to me and I to him. He makes me feel worthy of a– of a fresh start and he’s helping me. He’s keeping me on the straight and narrow. Hello? Oh. I get it, of course. You’ve always had an eye for beautiful women. And you’re staring. You just can’t help yourself. So, I am going to let you enjoy the view because you have also pointed out so thoroughly that I have tables to tend to. But let me know if you need anything.

Bill: I need you to disappear, leave town and never come back. And stay the hell away from my family.

Poppy: So, how was dinner with finn?

Luna: It was awesome. It was so good to see my cousin again. And he and his wife were so welcoming.

Poppy: Good. You and finn always did have a special connection.

Luna: And oh, my god. Steffy is even more beautiful in person, it’s crazy.

Poppy: Were you nervous to meet her?

Luna: Oh, I was so nervous. Mom, I don’t think you quite understand how much of a superstar she is in this industry.

Poppy: Oh, no, I get it. I’ve seen her on the cover of those magazines you read.

Luna: No, but you know what the best part is? She is literally so nice. Like there’s nothing arrogant about her, even though she’s this huge fashion icon. I don’t know, I’ve just– I’ve been having a lot of fun getting to know the forrester family. I just– I really admire how loving and close everyone is.

Poppy: Unlike our family?

Luna: No, no, no. I don’t mean it like that. I mean, you’ve been such a great mom to me. Look how close we are. But, you know, I was– I was raised differently. Not in terms of like money, but in terms of people, like having a community. It’s always just been the two of us. And look, I don’t– I don’t want you to think that you were a bad mom, but… sometimes, when I look at rj, it like, makes me realize how lucky he’s been.

Rj: Hey, listen. Zende, I can understand why this seems a little bit strange.

Zende: Strange? Woo, there’s an understatement. Rj, this is beyond strange. It’s offensive. Not only is hope for the future being put on the back burner, which is fine, it happens, I’m a designer at this firm. You’re not. You’ve actually gone out of your way to avoid being a part of all this. So, for you to suddenly be in the spotlight? I– I’m sorry, guys. Am I missing something here?

Ridge: I’m sure my dad had his reasons for what he did and it’s all gonna become clear.

Zende: Clear. I think it’s pretty clear, ridge. The offspring of the mighty ridge forrester get whatever they want, and the rest of us, we got to fend for ourselves.

Ridge: “The rest of us?” What does that mean, exactly? You think this is what thomas wants? Hope for the future on the back burner? Probably not. We had a competition. I lost. This is the world we live in now. My dad is pushing his line and we’re gonna respect that. And we’re gonna support him. That means all of us. Even those who feel slighted.

Zende: This is not about me being slighted.

Ridge: No?

Zende: No. No, it’s not! I love granddad. I support him. He’s taught me everything I know. This is not about respecting him. But this decision to have rj by his side, rj, who has never designed a thing in his life? Who’s been more interested in putting up content and his likes and his followers than he’s ever been in the art of fashion? But let’s pass the torch down anyway. I mean, why should experience matter if the golden child is available? The anointed one. The only son of brooke and ridge forrester.

Poppy: I think the lasagna looks good.

Luna: Lasagna? I want more of like a pasta.

[ Indistinct chatter ]

Poppy: So, tell me more about last night.

Poppy: Ah, well, the food was delicious, and you might think that they have like, a live-in chef, right? But no, they order take out just like everyone else. Well, obviously, the best part was getting to see finn. I mean, it’s been such a long time, but that connection that you mentioned, it was definitely still there. As strong as ever. Yeah, it’s just– it’s really sad that aunt li did everything she could to keep us apart.

Poppy: It is. And I wish things could have been different. But my sister is who she is. She has a difficult personality. It drives people away. People who love her.

Bill: Uh, excuse me.

Poppy: Yes?

Bill: I couldn’t help but notice you from across the restaurant.

Poppy: That’s sweet, but I’m having lunch with my daughter.

Bill: Oh, no, no, no. I’m not, uh– you– you just look really familiar to me. Do we know each other?

Ridge: Hey, zende, you know this is not about me propping up my kids. It’s not a conspiracy.

>Zende: All right, yeah, it just happens that thomas is the lead designer of hope for the future, and rj gets plucked out of nowhere to partner up with grandad.

Ridge: What are you doing? This is us. We’re a family. It’s a family business.

Zende: It’s a family business that rj never wanted to be a part of. He was too wrapped up in his online presence. Being an influencer. Being influential. Getting his validation from his likes and his followers. Jet setting around the world. Isn’t that what you wanted?

Rj: Yeah, but then, now I– I want to do–

Zende: Do what? This? You just want to do this. You want to just come in here and be a fashion designer. Working with my granddad on his couture line, huh?

Rj: He’s my granddad too, zende.

Zende: Right, right. But you’re not being lost in the shuffle, I am. It is not my fault that my mother is no longer part of the family business. She’s not here to lobby for me. To stick up for me like your dad does for you. So, I gotta stick up for myself. And that is exactly what I intend to do.

Rj: Zende.

Ridge: Don’t let him get to you.

Rj: Dad, maybe it’s just time to tell him. Maybe it’s time to tell everybody.

Ridge: I don’t think so. I told steffy, then thomas, and I just, um– I don’t think it was right. Dad wants to play this his way. I gotta respect that.

Rj: I respect that too, but if zende’s gonna act like this–

Ridge: He’ll understand.

Rj: When? When is he gonna understand? When granddad’s already passed on? And then he’s gonna realize that this massive chip on his shoulder was completely misguided? That’s not fair him. That’s not fair at all.

Ridge: None of this is fair, son.

Rj: We shouldn’t be losing him. He has a lot to teach us. I’m not ready for this. I can’t do this, dad. I’m not ready to have my last conversation with him. I’m not– I’m not ready to– to say goodbye to him. I’m not ready for him to die. This isn’t–

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