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[rhythmic electronic music playing]

[grunting] Hey.

[music stops] Hey. I’m sorry if I disturbed you.

No. You’re not disturbing me at all.

[country rock music]

You’re not really eating much.

My eggs are a little cold.

Well, why don’t you ask them to heat them up for you?

It’s fine. I’m not that hungry.

Did you see this… crazy editorial your ex published this morning? “What He Did for Love: the Lady Whistleblower Story”?

I saw it.

I mean, I know Everett’s new to town, probably doesn’t know Leo’s story, but you’d think he’d– at least as the new editor in chief, he would have asked some questions. What kind of idiot would give him the idea to make Leo Stark into a folk hero?

Actually, that idiot was me.

[chuckles lightly]

[line ringing]

Xander, what do you want?

Just calling to see how your mother is doing today.

She’s much better.

I’m glad to hear it. I assume this means that we’re moving forward with the custody hearing. No reason for another postponement.

My mother and Victor’s anniversary was yesterday. So that’s obviously not a problem today.

All right then.

Xander, why are you really calling?

I’m sorry?

Did you consider what I said yesterday about your flawed legal strategy?

I considered it.

So are you waving the white flag, or are you actually reckless enough to have Eric testify that I am an unfit parent?

[tense music]

Konstantin. Hello again.

Oh! Good morning. Steve Johnson, is it?

Good memory.


So you just came to pick up some breakfast?

Oh, Maggie loves the croissants from here. I thought I’d bring some home for her.

Oh? I thought you might be heading to Saxton’s. I hear they’re having a big sale.

Oh, I do love a good sale. Thanks for the tip.

But it’s not really a tip, is it?

[tense music] You already knew about the sale. You purchased an item there yesterday, % off.

Well, I was–

You lied, Konstantin. Question is, why?

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

[chuckles] I really should hop in the shower, though. But before I do, have you thought any more about my offer?

Yes, I have. And thank you for giving me the night to think about it.

Of course. So?

So… I would love to run “Bella” magazine again.


But, um–

[nervous chuckle] This whole living-working situation here, it could get really sweaty– I mean, messy.

I know what you mean. But we are just roommates, right? We’re friends.

Friends? Yes, we were friends with benefits. And…I don’t know. If things were to evolve– I hope I’m not getting too ahead of myself here.

No, no, not at all. I’ve actually thought about that myself.

Have you?

I have. And I’ve come to the conclusion that, in case this evolution does occur, think we’re mature enough to figure it out. But if working at “Bella” is going to be weird and make things strange for you, you know–

No. No. I want–I want the job. I want it all. I mean–


[fake laughs] I know what you mean. So then congratulations. I couldn’t be more excited to have you on board.


Sorry. I, uh–I didn’t mean to call you–

An idiot? I’ve been called worse.

[country rock music]

So the column about Leo, that was– that was your idea?

Well, I didn’t suggest the love story angle. That was all Everett. But I have to admit, kind of brilliant.

Brilliant? And why would it be a good idea to defend Leo Stark, of all people?

You’ve been in PR for months now. You really don’t know?

No, I really don’t know.

The majority of “Spectator” readers loved Lady Whistleblower. And those who didn’t read his column because it made them angry. He got the most clicks every single week. They miss it. They miss him. So the last thing we want to do is have them blame the new editor or, worse, lose interest.

So it was just Everett’s way of announcing himself to the leadership, then?

Look, I know you’re upset. It’s not about Leo, is it? It’s about Everett.

Yeah. And how am I supposed to feel, Stephanie? I mean, this guy comes out of a coma, and he moves to Salem. He gets a job in town. And the first thing he does is hire you to represent him. Now, every time I turn around, you two are together, reminiscing about the good old days, discussing problems in our relationship.

I’m not sure what you want from me, Chad.

Well, for starters, when he asked you to take him on as a client, you could have said no.

[phone beeps]

[gentle music]

[phone beeps]

Sarah, you– you can’t honestly– you can’t honestly believe that I’m going to stop fighting for my daughter.

No, I just thought you would want to save face instead of humiliating yourself in court.

How would calling Eric to the stand be humiliating for me?

Because he’s a hostile witness. He’s more likely to say something bad about you than he is me. And your argument that I’m a bad parent because I lied about the paternity of his baby is the height of hypocrisy. I mean, you were a part of that lie.

Oh, you want to talk about hypocrisy? Why don’t we talk about how you started this by trying to conceal that I even had a daughter?

None of that matters now.

It matters to me. Sarah, I– I wanted to be reasonable. But you wouldn’t even entertain the notion of co-parenting.

Because I don’t want you a part of my life or Victoria’s.

Then I guess I’ll see you in court, won’t I?

[tense music]

Let me guess–Xander?

He’s impossible. He’s–he’s going to go ahead with this sham of a custody hearing.

Well, what can I do?

Could you watch Victoria for me? Please. It would be such a huge help. They–they called me in for an early shift at the hospital, and then I have to go to court.

Of course. I would be delighted to watch our precious granddaughter.

Thank you. I hope you don’t have any plans.

I was going Christmas shopping. But I can do that any time, preferably with you and Victoria by my side. I–I could also use some help with some ideas about, you know, getting something for Konstantin.

[tense music]

Konstantin? Is he planning to stay here through Christmas?

What exactly am I lying about?

You gave Maggie a tablecloth. You told her it had belonged to Victor. You claimed you had it flown specially from Greece for her anniversary. But I found the price tag that proves you bought it at Saxton’s. You lied.

All right. You caught me. I lied to Maggie.


Because she was having such a terrible day missing Victor, and– and I wanted to– oh, my English is so bad– I wanted to lift her spirits.

So you pretended to have something from the old country?

By the time I found out about their anniversary, it was too late to have something shipped from the villa. So… I lied. I told a white lie, yes. But did I feel good about it? Of course not. But after seeing how excited she was when she saw that tablecloth, it was all well worth it. Please, Steve… don’t tell Maggie.

I’m not going to tell her because I don’t want to upset her. But this better not be part of a pattern. If you do anything to hurt her–

I would never. Victor was very important to me. And so is his widow.


Maggie is very lucky to have friends like you. Good day, Mr. Johnson.

What’s up, boss?

I saw that you turned off comments on the Leo Stark piece.

Yeah. Some readers had very impassioned thoughts.

Well, congratulations. Views and clicks have skyrocketed in the past hours. Apparently, I made the right decision when I hired you.

I appreciate that.

I had my doubts at first, obviously. I mean, following your ex all the way here to Salem for a low-profile local news gig is not exactly promising, is it?

[chuckles] Yeah, but you got a nice discount considering I’d been in a coma for a year.

You are an experienced journalist, which is more than I can say for myself.

Happy to have a job.

Even though you’ve just found out that our long-term viability is in question?

I’ll admit, I didn’t do my proper due diligence– was surprised to learn about the paper’s recent financial woes. But I’m glad I had the good sense to hire the best PR firm in town. Stephanie really delivered big time.

You’re telling me that I should have turned down a potentially lucrative client because you don’t like it that we used to date?

No, I didn’t say that. You can do whatever you want.

Gee, thanks.

What I am saying is I think that there’s a dozen PR firms that Everett could have hired, and there’s a thousand towns he could have moved to. So you don’t think there’s some kind of ulterior motive?

Right, because it couldn’t possibly be about the quality of my work.

That’s not what I said. I know you’re the best.

And Everett knows it too. Not to mention that he’s comfortable with me. But obviously, you’re uncomfortable working on this project, so I’m happy to keep our project siloed.

I’m not uncomfortable.

No, actually, you’re jealous.

That’s what you want, isn’t it?

Excuse me?

Well, you want more of a commitment than I’m ready to give right now, so maybe you used Everett as a way to put my feet to the fire.

You really think that’s what I want, Chad? To pressure you into proposing? Well, you obviously don’t know me at all because you are dead wrong. You see, I don’t want someone whose hand has to be forced. I want someone who loves me and truly wants to be with me.

I do love you. And I do want to be with you. I just–


Let’s just end the conversation before– before one of us says something we’re going to regret. Enjoy your breakfast.


Oh, oh, sweaty, sweaty. I’m sorry. Very, very sweaty.

That’s OK. Sweaty is good. I mean, you’re good. It’s good.


It’s good.

I’m just–I’m excited, you know?

Yeah. So when do I start?

I just got to make it official with the board. But I can make that call right away, if you’re ready.

I am so ready.

Good, good.

I have so many ideas about where I want to take things, you know?


Awesome. God, it just– it feels so good to know that somebody finally believes in me again.

It feels good here too.

That’s really cool, man.

Yeah. Anniversary present from the kids.

Sweet. It’s very thoughtful.

Yeah. You know, for a guy who spent most of his life chasing a past he doesn’t remember, it is so nice to be able to look over here at this family tree and just reflect on everything Marlena and I have built.

Yeah. You got a lot to be proud of, buddy.

Yeah. Well, so do you, partner. You know what I was thinking? Why don’t we take the girls away someplace really nice this weekend? Huh, what do you say? I mean, it’s perfect timing. I mean, things are kind of quiet on the Black Patch front right now.

Funny you should mention that.

No. What? A new case?

Yeah. Well, I guess you could kind of call it a case. It’s not going to bring in any revenue. But I think we need to investigate Maggie’s new friend.

[soft dramatic music]

I don’t know what Konstantin’s plans are for the holidays. But if he wants to stay, he’s certainly welcome.

And you want to buy him a gift either way?

Well, he’s given me so many thoughtful gifts since the moment he arrived– the photo album, that beautiful portrait of Victor. Do you know he had shipped in a lace tablecloth from Victor’s home in Greece for our anniversary?

Yeah. That was very kind of him.

Which is why I’d like to repay him for his kindness.

I mean, letting him stay here indefinitely– that’s pretty generous.

Sarah, do you have a problem with Konstantin?

No, no. I mean, he’s fine. But–

But what?

[sighs] Mom, I mean… you just lost Victor. And you’re getting awfully close to Konstantin awfully fast. Don’t you think it’s a little too fast?

You think I’m spending too much time with Konstantin? Where is this coming from?

Well, the man was a stranger before Victor died, and now he’s living with us?

I invited him to stay here.

And I know that he’s brought you comfort, which is great. But doesn’t he have a life to get back to in Greece?

Well, of course he does, but–

And also, all these gifts that he’s showering you with, like–

And what’s wrong with that?

I don’t know, Mom. Like, it’s just starting to feel like maybe he wants something in return from you.

[soft dramatic music]

And you think Konstantin is doing all this just to get me in bed?

No, no, no.


That’s not what–

Sarah, listen. I appreciate your concern. But Konstantin is not a stranger. I mean, Victor grew up with him. And out of respect for my late husband, I will extend the hospitality that I know Victor would have wanted for his friend.

OK. I know how generous Victor was with his friends. And I also know he was savvy and careful, and maybe you should be too.

And maybe you should mind your own business.

All right. So how did this Konstantin react when you busted his ass on this tablecloth BS?

He was very genial. He had an answer for everything. He said basically what Kayla said– that he lied to Maggie to cheer her up.

But you’re not buying that?

Come on. Victor dies. Maggie inherits half the estate. And all of a sudden, this guy we barely heard of shows up out of the blue, makes himself indispensable to Maggie.

So you think he’s just after her money?

Shameless grifter targets lonely widow, mountain of cash– sounds like a headline to me.

[mysterious music]

[soft country music]


Steph, hey. I was going to text you earlier, but much better to say it in person.

Is something wrong?

No, no, no, just the opposite. I wanted to say thank you. Xander is so thrilled with the analytics we did on the editorial. Your PR strategy was brilliant.

Glad someone thinks so.

Chad? Something I can help you with?

Is your–your new editor in chief around?

No, he popped out for a coffee.

OK, good. I was hoping to speak to you alone.

What’s this about?

How would you like to sell me your half of “The Spectator?”

[suspenseful music]

You’re not going to believe this, Mom. I’m going to be running “Bella” magazine again. Yes. Alex Kiriakis put me in charge. Why? Well, because he knows that I did a really good job, and I’m going to do a really good job again. No, we’re not sleeping together. We’re roommates. He’s my boss. Yes, I am aware that he is quite attractive. OK, fine, I like him. OK? I like him a lot. Are you happy?

[knocking at door] Somebody’s at the door. I have to go, OK?

[whispering] I love you. Bye. What the hell are you doing here? Do you realize you barely just missed Alex?

I know that because I waited till I saw him leave. But don’t worry. This is my last visit.

What do you mean?

I mean, I am thinking I should just tell the boy he is not Victor’s son after all, and that you have been lying to him all this time.

[dramatic music]

What idiot could possibly find fault with your PR strategy?

I don’t feel like debating who is and who isn’t an idiot this morning.

Can I assume that it’s Chad who took issue with the editorial?

Yeah. Well… it’s personal for him.

Right. How so?

Let’s just say he has a long and sordid history with Leo Stark.

OK. So he just– he can’t bear to read anything nice about the guy?

I can’t say that I’m a huge fan myself. But a healthy portion of your readers loved him.

Exactly. So what’s Chad’s problem? I mean, he works for your firm, right?

He does.

Then he should know that part of the job is to put your personal feelings aside and do what’s right for the client, the company, and, more importantly, for you.

[soft acoustic music]

You want to buy me out of my interest in “The Spectator”? Why?

As you know, it was Jack and Jennifer’s baby, and it was important to Abigail. It would have been hers. And some day, it would have been Thomas and Charlotte’s.

So you– you want to buy it now for your children’s legacy?

Keeping it in the family would be nice, yeah. And no offense, but the Hortons and the Deverauxs aren’t exactly thrilled with the tone the paper’s taken of late.

Well, I mean, that was mostly Gwen’s editorial choices. But she’s gone now. And so is Leo Stark. I’m determined to bring dignity back to The Spectator.

You could have fooled me based on the editorial I read this morning.

Oh, it was supposed to be provocative. The mandate I gave our new editor in chief was to make this a place for real journalism. So I hope, if I do sell it to you, that you’ll keep him on?

Why would that matter to you?

Well, I promised Everett I’d give him a fair shake.

And you’ve always been a man of your word?

Chad, can I be blunt?

Go ahead.

I don’t think you give a toss about this paper or Abby’s family legacy. I think you want to get rid of my editor in chief because he hired your girlfriend and you don’t like it.

[tense music]

Mom, I’m so sorry. I didn’t– I didn’t mean to overstep.

I didn’t mean to sound so harsh.

I was just trying to be helpful. Lord knows how many times you’ve given me unsolicited advice about Xander.

Mm. And more often than not, my pushing you to work things out with him made you do the exact opposite. Well, look at you now, going head-to-head in a courtroom.

Mom, my custody battle with Xander isn’t some reaction to your advice.

Maybe not. But I’ve learned to let you make your own decisions. Listen, after everything that I’ve gone through, do you understand why I need you to let me make up my own mind about Konstantin?

[soft dramatic music]

Tell you what, I’m going to play the devil’s advocate for a moment.

Oh. Well, now, that’s a strange choice of words for a dude who usually works for the other guy’s team.


Go ahead.

OK, OK. We’re PIs, right? So we–we see the very worst in humanity all day long, right?

Yeah. Liars and cheaters and crooks, oh my.

Right, right, right. So let’s just say that this Konstantin character– let’s say that he’s– he’s really fond of Maggie.

Well, I’m fond of Maggie too, but I didn’t abandon my life and move in with her.

But you got to remember that he really did help out Brady and Alex when they were in Greece.

So you’re giving this guy the benefit of the doubt, even though you’ve never met him?

No, what I’m saying is that if Victor loaned Konstantin the money to start his restaurant, never asked him to pay it back, it means that he’s kind of fond of the guy.

OK. But we’ve only heard that story from Konstantin. And don’t forget all the shady dealings that Victor was involved in over the years.

[tense music]

You’re right. All we have is Konstantin’s word. Be nice if we could get the truth from Victor. And you know what? Maybe we can.

Why the hell would you want to tell Alex the truth about the package? This was your plan too. Don’t you want your cut of the inheritance?

I am not a young man, Theresa. By the time you get Alex to the altar and your hands into his pockets, I could be as dead as Victor.

But why would you want to expose me? If the whole world knows that Xander is the true heir, you realize that you and I– we’re going to end up with nothing.

[laughs] No, no, you will. But I will have the other half of the Kiriakis fortune– Maggie’s half.

[dramatic music]


Hey, Alex.

Hey. I haven’t seen you in forever.

Maybe that’s because you’re busy running the world.

Oh, could be.

I saw your new roommate in the lobby yesterday. I’m really glad Theresa decided to stick around Salem.


Oh, your cousin Theresa?

Oh, sorry. Um, Alex, this is Everett Lynch. And Everett, this is Alex Kiriakis.


Ah. The Victor Kiriakis’ long-lost heir. Is that right?

I wouldn’t consider myself as being lost. But yes, I am Victor’s son.

And CEO of Titan.

That too.

Everett’s the new editor in chief of “The Spectator,” and I’m doing some PR work for him.

Nice. You new in town?

I am.

Cool. How did he know Theresa was your cousin?

Everett and I– we hung out back in Seattle.


Yeah, that’s one way to put it.


[chuckles] Is this the guy you said who ghosted you?

Oh, um, yeah. My reputation precedes me.

What’s it matter to you why I want to buy the paper? My money’s green.

That’s usually my line.

Look, here’s my offer. Well above market value, considering the paper’s recent skid.

Yeah, well, I care about more than just money these days.


Yeah, really. I’m currently in the process of trying to win custody of my daughter.

You’re suing Sarah for custody?

That’s right. And I expect that owning this Salem institution and having a steady source of income will really help my case in the eye of the judge, and I’m– I’m not willing to risk that for anything. So thank you for your, I assume, generous offer, but no sale.

[tense music]

You are absolutely right, Mom. You can choose who you want to spend time with. And I’m sure that you would never let yourself be taken advantage of.

Certainly not by Konstantin, because I know that’s not his intent. He’s a good man.

If you say so. OK, all right, I’m done. I don’t want to argue with you.

I don’t either, especially because– oh, honey, I know this isn’t going to be an easy day for you. And no matter how much you say you’re over Xander, I’m sure it’s going to be painful facing him in court.

[somber music]

Yeah, well, it is what I have to do to keep my daughter safe.


OK, um, I should get going. I love you. Thank you for babysitting.

Any time. And when is Victoria’s next nap?

Actually, it’s fairly soon. So you can either bring the bassinet down here or you can just use the baby monitor.

OK. I got it. We’re going to be fine.

Yeah. Once she’s down, she’s really good. She’s a great napper. So you’ll get plenty of peace and quiet.


I knew it. You’re after Maggie’s money.

Well, at least one of us is making progress.

Yeah, well, your progress is going to stop now because I’m not going to let you take advantage of her.

Is that a threat?

Yes, it’s a threat. Why would I not threaten you after you come in here threatening me? And second of all, Maggie has been very good to me. She was a friend to me. She helped me when– when I had a drug problem. So she’s practically family.

Oh, would you relax? I am merely being kind to a lonely, grieving widow. I have shown her nothing but happiness since I arrived in Salem. She says so herself.

She’s still grieving Victor. They were madly in love, you know.

Of that, I am very well aware.

[laughs] God. Yet you think I’m taking too long with Alex. You know it might be years before she’s ready to move on.

Yeah, well, I wouldn’t be so certain about that. Maggie and I have been growing quite close of late. Only–

Only what?

Only I heard her busybody daughter trying to turn her against me. Sarah suspects I’m up to something.

Mm. Imagine that.

Yes, well, that’s where you come in.


Meaning I know what I need to do to win Sarah’s trust and to keep Maggie’s. And unless you want me to tell Alex everything, you are going to help me.

[tense music]

[gentle music]

I love to see you smile.

She is so beautiful. And those flowers are beautiful also. You always know the right kind to bring me. But it’s– it’s just too much, Konstantin.

Too much?

I was just talking to my daughter and telling her about all the gifts you’ve given me already, and I can’t accept those flowers.

But these are not for you, Maggie.

They aren’t?

No, no, no. They are for Victor. I thought you might want to take them down to the mausoleum and visit with your husband. You were so busy yesterday entertaining your friends, you hardly had a moment to yourself.

Well, that’s very sweet of you, Konstantin. And that’s a lovely thought. But I’m supposed to be watching my baby granddaughter, and it’s the nanny’s day off and Henderson’s market day.

Well, I can keep an eye on her while you are out there.

Well, that’s a lot to ask.


[laughs] I am no expert, but I believe our little angel is sound asleep, huh? And you will be nearby if we need anything. But, uh, I doubt that we will. Right, Victoria?

[mischievous music]

So what is the plan? You’re going to hire Susan Banks to hold a seance, try to get answers out of Victor’s ghost?

[chuckles] No, no, no, no, no, not exactly. I was thinking, you know, the last time you were in Greece, you dug up all sorts of things about Victor’s life that we never even knew about.

I talked to a lot of people. I did a little recon.

So why don’t we do a little more digging, you know, interview some of his friends, maybe ask around about this, what, Mr. Mela–Mela–


Yeah, that guy. And see if his story checks out.

So you want to go to Greece to investigate Konstantin?

Why not? Let’s get the full story.

[suspenseful music]

Well, I guess being in a coma is a pretty damn good excuse for falling off the face of the Earth.

I’d like to think so.

Well, look, I got to run to the office, but it was great to meet you, Everett.

See you soon.

I’ll see you around, all right?


Oh, word of the wise– I know this from personal experience– Chad doesn’t really like Stephanie spending a whole lot of time with her ex. Take care.


You too.

[soft country music]

Personal experience?

Before I went out with Chad, I dated Alex.

Oh. I see. I see. Please take this in the spirit in which it’s intended, which is completely non-pejorative and possibly a bit admiring–

Just say it.

You really get around.

Hey, it’s Chad DiMera. Yeah. I know, probably the last person you expected to hear from.

[suspenseful music] I need your help.


Xander? What are you doing here? I thought you said you’d see me in court.

I know what you’re up to. What the hell are you trying to pull now?

[tense music]

OK. I’m here.

And here’s our little friend, Victoria.

[sighs] I don’t think this is a good idea.

And I don’t really care. You made your bed, Theresa. And now you know what you have to do. Take the baby.

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