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Ashley: Good morning.

Jack: Morning.

Ashley: You sound serious. What’s wrong?

Diane: Uh, I think we should show her. Ah, she– she deserves to know.

Ashley: Show me what?  Where’d this come from?

Jack: It’s an article written by a reporter friend of mine, detailing Tucker’s coverup of the actions of the PR department while he was still running McCall.

Ashley: What’re you going to do with it?

Jack: I’m preparing to give the go-ahead to have it published.

Diane: It would have a wide release immediately.

Ashley: It’s a pretty big move. Too big if you ask me.

Jack: I disagree. I’ve come over to Billy’s way of thinking. We have to lower the boom on Tucker before he takes action against us.

Adam: Oh, hey! Morning… boss. Oop, my bad. Slip of the tongue.

Nate: Hilarious.

Adam: Hmm. So how is unemployment treating you?

Nate: I take comfort in the fact that I don’t have to work with you any more. That is a signifigant silver lining.

Adam: Oh, yeah, your shirts. They’re still at the dry cleaners, so you’re going to have pick them up now that I’m not your assistant any more.

Nate: Point taken.

Adam: Hmm? Oh, no, I’m just getting started. I mean, I feel like there’s a giant weight that’s been lifted off my shoulders. I don’t know what to do with myself now that I’m not responsible for your– your emails and your schedule–

Nate: You’re annoying as hell, but I’ve got to hand it to you. You took a risk, made a play and ended up surviving.

Adam: You mean when I told my father not to trust you when you were gonna ship him off to treatment?

Nate: I had his best interest at heart.

Adam: Yeah. Keep telling yourself that.

Nate: Only I wasn’t thinking of myself. Whereas we both know you were plotting to use victor’s illness to advance your own agenda. Without question.

Adam: Well, I guess we’ll never know for sure.

Nate: You’re the same self-serving bastard you’ve always been.

Adam: Yeah and you’re the guy out in the cold. It’s chilly, isn’t it?

Nate: You know that feeling just as much as I do, if not more.

Adam: Nate, congrats. You played the game and you lost, okay? Bottom line is, I know my father better than you.

Nate: Obviously, not well enough to see through his ruse. Victor had us all completely convinced that he was losing his mind. He had everyone fooled, particularly you.

Victor: Sweetheart, are you still planning to take that trip?

Nikki: Yes. As long as you promise me to handle things with victoria.

Victor: I will take care of things, okay? But I think it’ll be good for you to get away.

Nikki: Yes, I do too. What you said about the family makes a lot of sense. I– I am so sick of all this infighting. Be good to get a bit of a break.

Victor: Sweetheart, it’s important for you to get away, okay? You really need to take a break. Besides that, how wonderful will it be to see your sister, casey? And by the way that aunt jordan, that aunt of claire’s will be happy to see you.

Nikki: Well, claire is such a terrific assistant. She has done so much for me in just a short amount of time, so I will do this for her. And I’m sure she’s gonna get a kick out of the newman jet.

Victor: And I promise that I will, you know, handle things with nicholas and victoria and adam.

Nikki: I won’t mind missing that.

Victor: Obviously, it’s a problem of my making. My responsibility to deal with it and I shall. Even if I have to force them to cooperate.

Claire: Yes, everything is set. We fly out later today. Yes, I understand. I know how important this is. Yes, of course. I’ll do whatever’s necessary.

Victor: I wanna thank you both for coming.

Nick: You called, dad. What’s up?

Victoria: Yeah. What is this about? More tricks and deceptions to see if you can try to test our loyalty?

Victor: I want to make clear to both of you where things stand in regard to the company after what happened with nate hastings.

Nick: You mean his firing?

Victoria: And the fact that you’re not actually losing your mental faculties.

Victor: I want you both to know that I have no intentions of vacating this chair. I will remain as the head of newman enterprises, okay? And I am hoping that both of you will agree to work alongside with me.

Nick: Normally, I wouldn’t be so quick to forgive you for your latest ruse, but it did prove to be effective in revealing what nate’s true intentions were.

Victor: It’s a tactic I had to use.

Nick: Okay. Well, I think it would be best if we attempt to put this behind us and move forward peacefully as a family.

Victor: I agree with you. How about you, victoria?

Victoria: It’s not gonna be so easy for me.

Victor: All right. Because of your feelings for nate hastings?

Victoria: It was difficult enough that you didn’t trust me and that you felt you couldn’t confide in me about your health, but you’re not being fair about nate, dad.

Victor: I had to uncover who the traitor was and it turned out to be nate hastings.

Victoria: I’ve spoken to nate, all right. You may not agree with his plan, but his motives are very sincere.

Victor: No, they’re not.

Nick: I didn’t trust him either, vic.

Victoria: Well, that’s not a big surprise. You’ve always had a problem with nate.

Nick: With good reason. He showed what he truly is at heart and that is an opportunist.

Victor: He made a power grab for you and for himself, at your father’s expense.

Victoria: He cares about your well-being, dad. He was looking out for you and the stability of this company.

Victor: That’s nonsense. Now, if you agreed with his plan, then why did you go along with adams?

Victoria: Because you’re my father. I didn’t want to see you sent away. It’s not fair to you. It’s not fair to any of us.

Victor: You still have feelings for nate hastings, don’t you?

Victoria: So once again, you’re questioning my judgment? You seem to have lost all faith in me, dad.

Adam: Look, I understand victor’s aim. He was trying to uncover bad intentions, which you clearly had.

Nate: When I believed your father was sick, I wanted him to receive the best care and attention possible. That’s why I pushed for the suggestion I made. You know, I wonder if things really paid off for you in all of this. Did victor offer you a promotion for convincing him of your– your goodwill?

Adam: The details are still in the works.

Nate: That sounds like an evasion.

Adam: No, I have proven myself to my father. First, as being your assistant, and now by protecting him from an enemy, and that is you.

Nate: And yet, victor hasn’t rewarded you. Which leads me to believe he doesn’t trust you any more than he now trusts me.

Adam: Nate, you and I, we’re not in the same boat.

Nate: Well, since I’m out as you so graciously put it, you can no longer be my assistant.

Adam: What a tragedy.

Nate: Which means that technically, you’re as much out of a job as I am. That’s interesting. With my fall, yours seems to have arrived as well.

Mamie: Gentlemen.

Nate: Hello, aunt mamie.

Mamie: Am I interrupting anything?

Adam: Nope. We are done here. Nice to see you, mamie. Enjoy your breakfast.

Mamie: That’s miss m to you. What was that all about?

Ashley: Were you planning on telling me about this? Or were you just going to share it with the world and then deal with the ramifications after?

Jack: Oh, as I recall, you have shared a number of things with the press without consulting me first. Like the fact that you and tucker were starting a new company together.

Ashley: That was in response to you giving diane here a major role in our family company without telling who? Oh, right, the entire family!

Jack: Ashley.

Diane: All right. All right. Just take a breath, please. I don’t think we should turn on each other right now.

Ashley: We?

Diane: Jack, I think we should listen to what ashley has to say. Her concerns are valid.

Ashley: Well, thank you, diane.

Jack: Careful.

Ashley: Look, all I’m saying, jack, if you share this with the world, if you have it published, it’s just gonna make tucker angrier than he already is. You said yourself that he knows you have incriminating information on him that’s keeping him at bay. On top of that, he’s got nothing to lose. He’s not even running mccall anymore.

Diane: And from what jack told me, uh, it sounds like tucker is not concerned what you think about him anymore either.

Ashley: Okay. Well, I’m not sure that’s true.

Jack: But you don’t have any proof that it isn’T.

Ashley: It’s a feeling, okay? Regardless, tucker doesn’t have anything going on for himself right now. He has nothing to show for himself. Do you really think a public smackdown’s gonna do that much damage?

Jack: It would do something to let him know we are not afraid of him.

Ashley: Mm-hmm. Well, you know, you are afraid and I’m pretty sure he knows that.

Jack: I hate that tucker thinks he has us all squirming here.

Ashley: Okay. If you have that published, it’s going to just tell him that you are squirming, jack. That you need to put tucker in his place and you’ll do anything to make it happen.

Jack: I’m not gonna just sit here and do nothing, ashley.

Ashley: Just give me some more time. I can handle this. Please, trust me.

Jack: I’m not convinced of that.

Ashley: I’m begging you. Give me just a little more time, all right? I’m convinced I can make some inroads with him.

Diane: You know, I think a little more time wouldn’t hurt.

Jack: Fine. You’re playing with fire. I don’t want to see you get burned.

Ashley: Okay. Thank you. And please don’t underestimate me. I am not ready to admit defeat. Goodbye.

Chloe: Oh, this is perfect.

Sally: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for meeting with me. I know I’m taking you away from work.

Chloe: Ah, it’s really not a problem. So, I want to hear all about business. How is interior design treating you? It seems like it’s going well.

Sally: Yeah, it– it is. Uh, daniel has been on board with my vision for his new apartment. And you were a huge help in selling it to him.

Chloe: Oh, please. I mean, that– that was nothing. I saw the beautiful picture you are painting and I mean, it was genius, per usual, and I was just able to translate it further.

Sally: Well, having you by my side and bouncing off ideas…

Chloe: Finishing each other’s thoughts.

Sally: I realized that there is a really important element missing from my business.

Chloe: Oh, really? What’s that?

Sally: You. I don’t want to do this without you.

Chloe: You mean it?

Sally: Yeah, your perspective is invaluable and your taste is impeccable. And I value your opinion about everything.

Chloe: Really? I mean, I’m– I’m kind of amazing, so thank you for noticing it.

Sally: Look, okay. I– I– I recognize that you are currently working somewhere else, but would you be willing to come back and work with me?

Chloe: Um, you know, I actually just had a conversation with summer and chelsea and I told them I didn’t think it was working out.

Sally: Wow. I– I knew that you said things were bad, but I didn’t realize how bad they’d gotten.

Chloe: Well, you know, summer and I, we do not see eye to eye when it comes to selling fashion, let alone designing it. And I just got the sense that things were not going to be any smoother or get any better over there.

Sally: Well, could summer’s loss be my gain?

Chloe: I mean, if that’s your actual offer then uh, yes. A 100 times, yes. Yes.

Sally: Yay.

Chloe: Yes. Yes.

Sally and chloe: Yay.

Chloe: Oh, my god. Sally? Is everything okay?

[ Sally sighing ]

Mamie: So, what was that tension with adam newman all about? With somebody who’s supposed to be your assistant, he seems a bit full of himself.

Nate: Things exploded at newman in a way I didn’t see coming, aunt mamie.

Mamie: Wanna talk about it?

Nate: I tried to do the smart thing. For victor, for his family and for the company.

Mamie: Oh, this sounds like it may be one of those no good deed goes unpunished scenarios.

Nate: I was the victim of a ruse. Accused of being a traitor, then cast aside. It reminded me how victor usually operates.

Mamie: Are you saying that victor fired you? He is ruthless. He takes down everything in his path.

Nate: I’ve been thinking about what you said about me not being a newman. How eventually that would catch up to me at newman enterprises.

Mamie: I won’t say I told you so and I take no pleasure in saying that I was right, in this case.

Nate: You were right about a lot of things, aunt mamie. The newmans will always protect their own, even at the expense of others. I want no part of that anymore.

Mamie: Well, I’m sorry that you’ve been put through the wringer. I can’t help but see the bright side.

Nate: Bright side? Well, you better tell me what that is because I have no clue.

Mamie: You’re a free agent. You can return to chancellor-winters where you belong.

Victor: Well, at least now you can take the necessary steps.

Victoria: And what is that?

Victor: Get rid of nate hastings. You don’t need him. He’s not good for you.

Victoria: So, I see that once again, you’re determined to control my personal life as well as my professional one.

Victor: Let me be very frank with you. Almost hurts me to say this. But your choice in men has always been most questionable to me. Billy boy abbott. J.T. Hellstrom. Ashland locke. Now, nate hastings?

Victoria: If my personal relationships are going to be a problem for you, then maybe we shouldn’t be discussing my role–

Victor: That’s nonsense. You belong with this company, with this family. Get rid of nate hastings and you’ll be able to focus on what is important. Son, are you with us?

Nick: Absolutely, dad. I’m back. I’m all in.

Victor: I’m glad to hear that. How about you? Health insuran

Diane: Look, I hope you’re not angry with me for letting ashley in on our plans to expose tucker.

Jack: No. No, I’m not angry at you. You’re right. We– we should tell her. Just I hate that she’s being so stubborn about this.

Diane: Well, maybe ashley’s right about tucker’s mindset. And jack, we haven’t had any luck disarming tucker. Maybe ashley’s our best bet.

Jack: I feel like I’m sending my sister back to the lion’s den. I don’t want her anywhere near this man.

Diane: Well, that’s her choice. And if ashley’s concerned about tucker’s reaction to us releasing the damning information, then maybe we should listen to her.

Jack: You really think so?

Diane: I know you’re surprised that I see her side in this, but ashley thinks she knows tucker better than anyone, so let’s just do things her way. Just give her some leeway to see what she can get out of tucker.

[ Jack groaning ] All right. Well, what else? What are you not saying? What’s bothering you?

Jack: There is another reason I want ashley to stay as far away from this man as possible.

Diane: Well, if you’re worried about tucker manipulating her, I don’t think you need to be. Ashley can take care of herself.

Jack: No, that’s not it. Ashley is not as in control of her feelings for tucker as she claims. I am worried that she will fall for him all over again.

Ashley: You’re hugging the life out of me.

Abby: I need proof. I need proof that you’re actually here. That you’re home. I haven’t seen you much since you’ve come back.

Ashley: Well, that’s not my fault. You’re the one who’s so busy getting everything ready for the holidays.

Abby: Well, I’m just relieved that you’re here. I’ve been really worried about you.

Ashley: You’re always worried about me. I’m fine. I promise. I’m so happy to be here with you.

Abby: Well, I am happy that you’re here through the holidays because I’m very excited about thanksgiving.

Ashley: Yeah, me too.

Abby: So, how are you really? I mean, how does it feel to be back? Have you had any uncomfortable encounters with tucker? I mean, hopefully, he’s so upset that he’s keeping his distance.

Ashley: I’m not gonna lie to you. I did reach out to him. Just so I could find out what he’s planning.

Abby: I don’t like that. I don’t like the sound of that at all. Mom, you need to stay away from tucker and all of his chaos. And god forbid you upset him even more.

Ashley: I don’t think that’s even possible.

Abby: Then, mom, just stay away from him. Look, maybe he has shifted his focus from the abbotts and jabot. Just let him go.

Ashley: What do you mean he’s shifted his focus?

Abby: Devon and lily seem to think that he is behind mamie’s return to town and her investment in chancellor-winters.

Ashley: What? Are you saying that tucker and mamie are working together?

Abby: I don’t know. I mean, they think that he has some sort of plan, they just don’t know what the plan is yet.

Ashley: Okay. That makes sense because when– when tucker and I were together, his dream was to get chancellor-winters for devon and then jabot for me.

Abby: Oh, a trio of love and family.

Ashley: Well, yeah, that’s pretty much what he wanted it to be actually. So, maybe it could be the same agenda, but with a different planned outcome.

Abby: But what would tucker have to gain from disrupting his son’s company?

Ashley: Well, he could still get chancellor-winters for devon. Find a way to oust jill and I know that mamie would love that. And maybe he could still try to get revenge on jabot. I don’t know.

Abby: Or maybe he’s just forgotten about his revenge against the abbotts and jabot and maybe he really does want to focus on his family.

Ashley: Mm. Wouldn’t that be nice? Nothing is ever that simple with tucker.

Victoria: I am still furious with you, dad. For the games that you played with all of us.

Victor: You have made that amply clear.

Victoria: I’m really not interested in arguing about this anymore. So, despite your actions and my frustration, I can’t turn my back on newman enterprises. I refuse to step aside. This company is strong and a large part of that is due to my input and to my leadership.

Nick: I absolutely agree with that.

Victor: So do I.

Victoria: I’m not gonna watch all my hard fought efforts go to waste.

Victor: I’m glad you’ve come around.

Victoria: Dad, you have to know that this doesn’t make everything all right between us. You have to understand that you’re gonna have to work very hard to earn my trust back.

Victor: And that, my darling, goes both ways, okay? Remember that. Now, happy to realize that you’re savvy enough to know that this is where you belong.

Victoria: I do. But there is one caveat to my decision. If adam is given a power role in this company again, you can count me out.

Nikki: Oh, good, you’re here. Are you ready?

Claire: Packed and set.

Nikki: Oh, have you talked to your aunt? How’s she getting along with that broken arm?

Claire: Ah, it’s difficult. She doesn’t like anything to slow her down.

Nikki: Well, no, I can’t blame her, but I am looking forward to meeting the woman who raised such an amazing person.

Claire: Aunt jordan is gonna be so grateful.

Nikki: Now, you are gonna have to arrange for your own flight back to genoa city because once I leave blue lake, I’m going straight to napa to see my sister.

Claire: Of course, that won’t be a problem.

Nikki: Well, we will leave as soon as I finish up a few things here. And I want to change out of my work clothes. We’re not going on a business trip, so why not travel in comfort?

Claire: Thank you again, nikki. My aunt is just gonna be so thrilled.

Nikki: I’m so glad. I have a few phone calls to make. Um, please finish up whatever you’re working on and then we’re off.

Claire: Sounds good. Thank you again.

Nikki: Uh-huh. (Vo) red lobster’s new lobster & shrimp celebration

Nick: I’m with vic. I don’t think adam should be given any kind of leadership role.

Victor: Listen carefully. I’m going to say to you what I told adam. He will remain at newman enterprises and he will be given an important position.

Victoria: Even though he doesn’t deserve it?

Victor: I am sick and tired of the animosity between the three of you. You are siblings for god’s sake.

Nick: Adam has never shown any brotherly loyalty, ever.

Victor: Son, this is not up for debate. I’m fed up with the conflict between the three of you. I will do everything in my power to solve it. Count on it.

Chloe: What was that?

Sally: What was what?

Chloe: That look between you and adam? I saw that exchange and then I saw you go all dazed and confused.

Sally: No, I didn’T.

Chloe: Yes, you did. It was like you got all flustered, but not in a bad way. I saw that look and it wasn’t even anger, it wasn’t even friction. In fact, I even think I saw him smile.

Sally: Okay. It’s not that big of a deal. It was just a glance.

Chloe: No, it wasn’T. It was a deep, loaded look with a lot of emotion and history. Oh, no, no, no. Please tell me that things aren’t starting up again between you and adam?

Sally: No, absolutely not.

Chloe: Are you sure?

Sally: Chloe, please.

Chloe: I hope you mean it, that it’s not because you know, that would be a very bad idea, right?

Sally: Yes, I know. You do not like adam. You have made that very clear.

Chloe: You’ve just separated from nick. Your emotions are raw. You are likely overwhelmed and confused.

Sally: All true.

Chloe: It’s adam. Adam equals bad.

Sally: Yeah, look. Seriously, it’s– it’s not that big of a deal, okay? I– I just spaced for a second. It’s just, really, it’s nothing to worry about.

Chloe: Okay.

Sally: Okay. So, let’s talk about more important things like when are you coming back to work with me?

Chloe: Okay, I– you know what? I just need to go finalize my departure with marchetti. Um, so maybe when we’re done here, I’ll head over and get everything sorted.

Sally: Great. Then we will work out a deal for you with sally spectra designs.

Chloe: I can’t wait. Things are finally looking up.

Sally: I could not agree more.

Nate: My return to chancellor-winters is nowhere near guaranteed. But I did have a promising encounter with devon yesterday.

Nate: My return to chancellor-winters is nowhere near guaranteed. But I did have a promising encounter with devon yesterday.

Mamie: Oh, I’m so happy to hear that.

Nate: Devon appears poised to give me another chance.

Mamie: Then, we should seize the moment.

Nate: Okay. Well, go ahead because I’m sure you have an idea of how to do that.

Mamie: Well, I think our next step is that the four of us should sit down together as a family. You, me, lily, and devon. And then, we can discuss the possibility of your returning to chancellor-winters.

Nate: That may be tricky. Lily and devon are sharp. They’re gonna wonder why I’m leaving newman. Ask a lot of questions.

Mamie: Well, then you’ll just attest that you did the right thing and got bamboozled by victor. And nobody who knows him is gonna be surprised by that.

Nate: Still, I’m not sure they will accept my explanation.

Mamie: Don’t sell yourself short. This is our chance. Oh, I’m feeling really good about this.

Ashley: I have to admit that tucker does have a more valid interest in chancellor-winters. More than jabot.

Abby: Because of katherine?

Ashley: Yeah. I mean, he’s her son. And I can’t tell you how many times he said he never understood why jill had control of that company.

Abby: Well, katherine had to have her reasons for not leaving the company to tucker. And then for leaving dad in charge.

Ashley: Then, jill got her grubby little hands on it.

Abby: I didn’t realize you disliked jill so much.

Ashley: Yes, you did. She’s jill. You know how annoying she is. Of course, she’s billy’s mother, so I tried, but I never really appreciated her relationship with your grandfather.

Abby: Mom, I’m not trying to disregard your feelings, but just because you don’t like jill doesn’t mean she should have her company taken from her.

Ashley: Maybe it never should have been her company.

Abby: Mom.

Ashley: I’m just saying if tucker isn’t focused on getting chancellor-winters, then maybe he should be. It makes more sense than jabot.

Abby: Whoa. I do not like the sound of that, because that route leads to devon and whatever move he makes, that could really affect devon.

Ashley: No, listen, tucker would never do anything to hurt him.

Abby: This whole thing with mamie, I mean, it already is hurting devon. I mean, he’s very upset by all of this and he really doesn’t trust anyone’s motives.

Ashley: Yeah. Maybe nothing will happen. Maybe tucker will just focus on chancellor-winters and it’ll keep jabot out of his sights.

Abby: Or maybe his plan is already in motion. And mamie coming back to town and her investment in the company is all a part of that plan.

Ashley: You know what? I still can’t believe this about mamie. I can’t believe she’s doing this. Not unless she has another agenda of her own.

Abby: Even if tucker has his sights set on chancellor-winters, I’m starting to think that maybe he still wants revenge on you and the abbotts.

Ashley: You’re worrying about me again, aren’t you?

Abby: I just think you need to stay as far away from tucker as possible. I’m worried that you’re getting in deep with this guy again and it terrifies me.

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Claire: Well, here it is. It’s nothing like the newman ranch, but it’s home.

Nikki: Oh, my gosh. I think it’s just charming.

Claire: I thought you would.

Nikki: Huh. So, um, where is your great aunt?

Claire: I’d say she’s probably out sitting in her chair by the water.

Nikki: Ah.

Claire: Oh, wait. It’s from aunt jordan. “At the doctor’S. Tina next door, gave me a ride. Will be home soon. Enjoy a spot of tea while you wait.”

Nikki: Oh, sweet.

Claire: That is aunt jordan for you. She loves her tea.

Nikki: As do I. After traveling, tea will just hit the spot.

Claire: Please sit down. Let me get you some.

Nikki: Thank you. Oh, thank you.

Claire: I doubt my great-aunt will be very long.

Nikki: Well, it’s nice that she has neighbors to help her out.

Claire: Especially after her fall. She scares me to death sometimes, but she’ll never leave this place. It means too much to her.

Nikki: Well, I can see why. It’s a beautiful drive out here. All the open spaces and the scenery.

Claire: Yeah. It was a great place to grow up. Plenty of space to roam as long as I had my bear bell.

Nikki: Mm. Very important.

Claire: Yes. And, uh, plenty of friends from the houses nearby to run around with. And with the lake just outside, there’s always tons of stuff to do.

Nikki: Hm. Now, what kind of lake activities did you do?

Claire: Everything. Fishing, paddle boarding, swimming, kayaking. My aunt had to practically drag me away every night.

Nikki: I can imagine. You sounded, uh, pretty adventurous back in those days. So, tell me, did you ever get in any trouble out there?

Claire: I’ll never tell.

Nikki: Oh, good answer.

[ Both chuckling ]

Claire: Growing up here, uh, the neighborhood had its own version of a block party. Every house would have food and some sort of game to play.

Nikki: Oh, wow. That sounds like fun.

Claire: It was. One year, I was really into trying things in the kitchen at the time and I decided to make a dish, experimenting with chili pepper and hot sauce.

Nikki: Uh-oh.

Claire: It was terrible.

Nikki: I can only imagine.

Claire: I was single-handedly responsible for burning the mouths of each and every neighbor.

Nikki: Oh, my goodness.

Claire: Yeah. And for years, no one would even glance at anything else I made.

Nikki: Well, no, they were smart.

Claire: They were terrified.

Nikki: So, um, what did your aunt think about that?

Claire: She was not pleased. She instructed me to immediately hang up my apron and throw out all my spices.

[ Nikki laughing ]

Nikki: Oh, my goodness. Hey, this tea is very different. What kind is it?

Claire: I couldn’t say.

Nikki: Oh, you haven’t even touched yours?

Claire: Little secret. Not much of a tea drinker.

Nikki: Oh.

Claire: It is more aunt jordan’s thing.

Nikki: Ah. A woman after my own heart.

Claire: For sure.

Nikki: Oh, my.

Claire: What is it?

Nikki: I don’t know. I– I guess maybe the flight made me lightheaded.

Claire: Really? It was such a short trip.

Nikki: I– I– I really don’t feel well all of a sudden.

Claire: Would you like a water bottle?

Nikki: Yes. Yes. Water, please. Mm. Oh, my god. I– I am so sorry.

Claire: Don’t be.

Nikki: Oh. Uh, is something wrong?

Claire: Not at all.

Nikki: I– I– I really don’t feel well at all.

Claire: It’s okay. Soon, everything will be as it should.

Nikki: What? What– what do you mean? Mm. Oh! I don’t understand. What is happening? What? What is happening?

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