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Rafe finds Jada in the motel where Leo and Dimitri were and notes that she didn’t say she was hurt. Jada questions what he’s doing there instead of out looking for Dimitri and Leo. Rafe explains that he was a block away when he got her call and he has Harris out scouring the area for her car. Rafe asks if Jada is okay. Jada responds that she’s not because her suspects got away and they need to be stopped.

Leo warns Dimitri that he’s driving too fast as the roads are slick. Dimitri declares that he’s not missing the submarine. Leo argues that they’ll definitely miss it if they get into an accident..

EJ goes home to the DiMera Mansion and calls Nicole, telling her that he just got home and asks where she is. Nicole tells him that she’s driving and on her way to him. Nicole tells EJ that she loves him and she is so happy that she’s having this baby with him.

Leo warns Dimitri that he’s sliding in to the other lane. Dimitri says he can’t control it.

Nicole tells EJ that she’ll be home soon but then gets in a car crash, causing EJ to panic.

Tate goes to the Brady Pub and runs in to Eric, who tells him that Roman is upstairs. Tate mentions hearing about Eric’s wedding and calls it great news. Eric then informs Tate that they are adopting a baby as well, maybe as soon as tonight. Tate asks when he gets to meet the kid. Eric jokes that he has to meet his baby first.

Melinda tells Sloan that she’s so sorry but she lost the baby. Sloan asks if this is a joke and tells Melinda that this is unacceptable. Sloan questions what Melinda means.

Leo and Dimitri check on each other after the car crash and both say they are okay. Dimitri says the other car came out of nowhere. Leo blames Dimitri for driving like a maniac and points out the other car is up against the guardrail. Leo says they can’t just leave because whoever is in the other car is hurt, so they need to check on them and make sure they are okay. Dimitri tries to stop him but Leo gets out of the car, so Dimitri reluctantly follows him. They approach the other car. Leo calls out to them and then sees that it’s Nicole, passed out against the airbag inside.

EJ tries calling Nicole back but it goes to voicemail. EJ asks where she is and what happened as he tells her to call him back. Holly walks in and asks why Nicole would need help. EJ tells her that Nicole is on her way back, but the phone went dead. Holly asks if that’s all. EJ admits that he thought he heard a crash so Holly starts to panic. Holly tries calling but it goes to voicemail. EJ tells Holly that he will find Nicole and call her as soon as he does. Holly questions him leaving and argues that he doesn’t even know where she’s at. EJ promises to find her one way or another. Holly tries to go with him but EJ tells her to stay by the phone just in case and promises to call her. EJ then exits the mansion.

Jada tells Rafe that she can’t believe she’s saying this but she doesn’t think she’d be alive if it wasn’t for Leo Stark as Dimitri had her dead to rights with a gun against her head. Jada tells Rafe that he needs to be out there to finish the search but Rafe says no and that he’s driving her to the hospital. Jada tells Rafe that she’ll find her way there but she can’t weigh him down. Rafe orders her to go to the hospital. Jada claims she’s fine and tries to walk but falls in to Rafe’s arms. Rafe asks if she’s going to start listening to him now.

Melinda knows it’s terribly disappointing but tells Sloan that she can’t reverse this. Sloan questions how she lost the baby. Melinda asks her to just let it go but Sloan refuses, arguing that Melinda said it was a done deal and told her that she and Eric were going to be parents, but now they are not. Sloan demands Melinda explain to her how the hell this happened.

Eric tells Tate that he can barely believe it and that all they know is that it’s a baby boy due any day now, so they are just hoping it’s healthy.

Leo and Dimitri wonder if Nicole is dead. Dimitri says they have to go while Leo argues that Nicole is Dimitri’s uncle’s wife and complains that Dimitri is being heartless and cold. Leo says he doesn’t want to get caught either but they did this and Nicole could be dying because of them. Dimitri asks if he wants to stand there until they get arrested. Nicole then begins regaining consciousness, shocking them as Leo exclaims that she’s alive.

Rafe brings Jada to the hospital and asks how she’s feeling. Jada says her head is fine but her ego took the real blow as she can’t believe they stole her car. Rafe says now they get to add grand theft auto to their list of charges. Jada complains that if she had been driving a department vehicle, they could track their location. Rafe tells her not to beat herself up about it. Rafe assures that they will find them. Jada just wishes she was the one handcuffing them. Rafe wonders where the doctor is as he worries that Jada needs medical attention. Rafe decides he will go find the doctor and adds that they have everyone available looking for Dimitri and Leo, so they will turn up and they will nail them

Leo and Dimitri get Nicole out of the car and check on her. Leo states that she’s hurt. Nicole asks where she is and what happened. Dimitri says he’ll call 911 and leave it to the pros but he can’t get a signal. Leo argues that they can’t just leave her there while she’s suffering. Dimitri argues that they can’t go to jail either. Leo says to figure out how badly Nicole is injured. Dimitri questions Leo suddenly being unselfish now. Dimitri warns that once Dr. Rolf’s submarine leaves, it’s gone and there is no lawyer that could get them out of this.

Melinda tells Sloan that the lawyer is not to blame nor the other family, but the baby’s mother decided to pull the plug. Sloan asks if she wanted to keep the baby. Melinda asks her not to make her do this but Sloan asks her to tell her. Melinda then reveals it’s because of Sloan, at the last minute, the mother wanted to know who would be raising her child. Sloan asks what she found out about her. Melinda responds that she just found out enough.

Eric tells Tate that it was good to see him but he has to get home to Sloan. Eric adds to keep him posted on how things go. Holly then arrives looking upset. Tate asks her what’s going on. Holly responds that she thinks something has happened to her mom.

Nicole complains that it hurts so much. Leo asks what to do and tells Dimitri that they need to get her to the hospital. Dimitri reminds him that it’s not their car and that the cops are looking for it. Leo says they have to do something. Dimitri suggests they go look for cell service so they can call for help back. Leo question wanting to leave Nicole there and says they can’t. Dimitri insists they have to and calls it Nicole’s best chance of survival. Leo complains about abandoning her while she’s writhing in pain. Dimitri says they can’t move her again as she could have internal bleeding. Leo tries asking Nicole where it hurts. Nicole calls them morons for driving her off the road. Leo apologizes and blames Dimitri. Leo says they have been praying that she’s okay. Nicole asks if she looks okay and then begins to worry about her baby. Leo insists that her baby will be fine. Nicole declares that the baby is coming.

Rafe talks on the phone about getting Jada to the hospital and how she was more focused on taking Dimitri and Leo down. Rafe says they’ll send more units as they bound to show up eventually. EJ arrives at the hospital and rushes up to Rafe, telling him that he needs his help because something has happened to Nicole.

Nicole complains about her contractions and asks for help. Leo tells her they are here to help. Dimitri questions how they got in to this. Leo blames his speeding and says now they have to help her. Leo wants to get her to the hospital but Nicole says they won’t make it. Nicole declares that the baby is coming and Leo has to deliver it.

Sloan guesses her reputation cost them the baby. Melinda responds that the mother is a very moral person apparently. Sloan tries to suggests flying to meet her and showing the real her. Melinda promises to find her another baby. Sloan argues that could take years and asks what the hell she’s supposed to tell Eric since he’s out telling his family the good news and buying diapers. Melinda suggests telling Eric that the mother got cold feet and decided to keep the baby. Melinda urges Sloan to trust that she will find her another baby even if it takes awhile. Sloan complains that she doesn’t have a while as she told her already that she doesn’t want Eric to have to wait another day to be a father. Sloan argues that she’s running in to roadblocks while Eric’s baby is out there, waiting to be born. Sloan declares that Eric needs to know. Melinda questions what she is saying. Sloan responds that it’s time to tell Eric the truth about his child.

Holly tells Eric and Tate that EJ said he would go find Nicole but she couldn’t just stay home and not do anything. Holly explains that EJ thought he heard a crash as she was on her way home but there’s five routes she could’ve been on. Tate brings up a phone tracker so Holly decides to check it. Holly finds Nicole’s location and shows Eric.

Leo tries to help Nicole through labor. Nicole worries that EJ needs to be there and that someone needs to catch the baby. Leo points out that he’s holding her hand while Dimitri isn’t doing anything. Dimitri complains that Leo is the one who insists on being there in the first place. Nicole says she needs to push. Leo tries to tell himself not to faint. Leo declares that he will pretend to be a doctor. Nicole repeats that the baby is coming as Leo encourages her. Dimitri joins Leo’s side as Nicole begins pushing the baby out.

Rafe tells EJ that he took some units off another operation to keep their eyes out for Nicole. EJ questions that being it. Rafe responds that there isn’t much they can do. EJ argues that she was in an accident and could be injured or worse. Rafe tells EJ that he has two fugitives on the loose who are armed and dangerous with a detective in the hospital. Rafe assures that he is worried about Nicole too. EJ complains about Rafe’s attitude. Rafe says he’ll call him if he hears something and walks away.

Melinda tells Sloan that she’s not being rational and that she cannot tell Eric the truth about Nicole’s baby. Sloan responds that she has to because she’s stuck. Melinda calls it a little setback. Sloan argues that a woman she’s never met before found out so much crap about her that she wouldn’t let her have the baby, so she’s radioactive. Sloan talks about trying to keep up ever since Nicole got pregnant and goes over everything she did. Melinda encourages that Sloan is so close to the finish line. Sloan remarks that she can’t keep making things worse with yet another lie. Melinda tries to calm her down but Sloan declares that she’s done. Sloan states that Eric wants to be a father more than anything in the world and that’s already happening any day now, so he needs to know it. Melinda warns Sloan to think about what happens next because Eric will walk out on her and she will be alone.

Holly sees that the last time Nicole’s location was updated was 45 minutes ago and begins to panic. Eric says he’s heading out. Holly wants to go with but Eric tells her to stay in case someone calls. Tate decides to stay as well. Holly hugs Eric as he promises to find her mom. Eric then rushes out of the Pub.

Nicole gives birth to a baby boy as Leo and Dimitri watch over in happiness. Nicole calls her baby a little miracle. Dimitri still can’t believe they just did that. Leo calls it the first time in his life that he felt important, like he had a purpose in bringing the baby in to the world. Dimitri says they certainly did their part, especially Leo. Dimitri says now they just have to pray that Dr. Rolf hasn’t left without them. Nicole says she needs them to get them to the hospital. Leo says it’s too risky and they don’t know how bad her injuries are so they don’t want to move her again. Nicole says they have to. Leo agrees that the baby needs to see a doctor and be checked out. Leo decides he will wait with Nicole until an ambulance comes and tells Dimitri to take the baby to the hospital. Dimitri argues that they cannot split up but Leo says it’s the only way. Leo tells Dimitri that he’ll meet him in the park behind the hospital after the ambulance arrives. Leo talks about the karma they are building by helping Nicole and the baby so the world will owe them. Dimitri calls him crazy and kisses him, but agrees to do it. Leo praises Nicole and says he has new found respect for her but he knows that she knows he’s right that the baby needs to be checked out. Nicole responds that she can’t let her baby go. Leo gives his word that he’ll be back in her arms before she knows it. Leo points out that they’ve come this far together and he wants her baby to be okay. Leo says he has feelings after helping her give birth. Leo promises Nicole that it’s going to be okay, so Nicole hands over her baby to Leo. Leo advises Dimitri to drive so carefully as he hands the baby to him. Dimitri then takest he baby to the car while Leo encourages Nicole that it’s going to be okay and he’s going to take care of her.

Rafe goes back to check on Jada after she saw the doctor. Rafe says he told her it wasn’t something minor. Jada complains about a CT scan and having to stay overnight for observation. Rafe says he’s in favor of that and that he’s going to ask the doctor if she needs anything special. Jada wants to be released but Rafe says she is stuck here as he exits the room.

EJ talks on the phone, questioning there being no reports of an accident. EJ notes that no accident victims have been brought in to the hospital in the last hour, so he tells them to get out and do their job. Rafe comes back by so EJ tells him to put more resources on the ground and do something. Rafe calls EJ an entitled bastard and says he was just with a wounded detective, who was held with a gun to her head, so he’s focused on the son of a bitch that did this. Dimitri arrives at the hospital with the baby and sees them as Rafe tells EJ that when he finds them, they’re going to wish they were never born. Dimitri then runs in the opposite direction with the baby. EJ argues that Rafe just doesn’t want to help him or Nicole and only cares about saving his sister from a murder charge. Rafe says he’ll let that pass because EJ is obviously very upset about Nicole, but warns that if he says it again, he’ll have to prosecute him for assault charges. EJ declares that he will find Nicole himself and storms off. Rafe then gets a phone call.

Sloan tells Melinda that telling Eric the truth doesn’t mean she’ll lose him and clarify that she won’t tell the whole truth as she believes she can sell the DNA test results as a mix up at the lab. Melinda calls that delusional. Sloan argues that Nicole is married now, so things are different, and Eric would actually get to know his child. Sloan adds that Eric could be entitled to partial custody while she could help Eric raise his child. Melinda questions if that’s her fantasy. Sloan says she at least wouldn’t have to live with the guilt. Melinda tells Sloan to let go of the guilt and not settle. Melinda warns that Sloan will either be screwing up her life or she can stick to it and have it all without risking everything. Melinda asks what’s it going to be.

Eric finds Nicole and Leo and asks if Nicole is alright. Leo says he thinks so. Eric questions why Nicole was off the road since there’s no other car and asks if she lost control. Leo responds that he’s going to let Nicole fill him in on all that and claims he’s late for a date as he then runs away. Eric says he will call an ambulance. Nicole tells him that something else happened other than the accident. Nicole then reveals that she had the baby.

Tate and Holly go to the DiMera Mansion. Holly hoped Nicole would be home by now. Tate encourages her to stay positive. Holly worries that Nicole could be anywhere as Tate hugs her.

Rafe goes back to Jada’s hospital room but finds she has gone and wonders she went.

Leo walks through the park looking to meet Dimitri but instead Jada finds Leo.

Eric asks Nicole if the accident brought on the labor and she had the baby right there which she confirms. Eric asks where the baby is.

Sloan tells Melinda that she doesn’t understand that she won’t be able to live with herself if she doesn’t do this. Sloan declares that Eric has a baby about to be born and she loves him too much to keep that from him, since she can never give him one. Melinda comments on Sloan making up her mind. Sloan declares that she has to do it now so she’s going to find Eric to tell him the truth. Sloan then opens the door to leave right as Dimitri arrives, with Nicole’s baby in his arms.

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