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oh. Hey. Hey. What’s with all the paperwork? The hospital is facing another series of budget adjustments. I have to get it in by the end of the year. “Adjustments” as in staff cuts and supply shortages? Hm, hopefully not as bad as last year. But we’ll get through it. You always do.

[ Elevator bell dings ] I’m glad you’re here. I need to, um, speak with you, please, dr. Finn. “Dr. Finn.” That’s very formal. I must be doing a consult. No, no, actually, dr. Randolph and I, we need to meet with you. Of course. She’s waiting for us in her office. Okay. Everything okay? I don’t know. You tell me. Um, I’m fine. Everything’s okay with me. Really? Yeah. Then why is nina offering to sell me back my half of the metro court? I don’t know. This is the first time I’m hearing this. Thank you for coming. Laura is gonna be here any minute. So, something else happen with charlotte? No. She’s recovering. She seems to think that anna shot her intentionally. What?! No! She told you that? No. She told laura that last night. Why would charlotte think that? I don’t know. I didn’t really talk to laura much before she was called away on official business at city hall. And then I would have talked to charlotte, but she was asleep. Oh, well, I’m glad you didn’t wake her up. She needs her rest. When did you go home? About 4:30. Once she was removed from the icu, then the nurses convinced me to come get some sleep.

[ Knock on door ] Yeah. But I’m gonna go back to the hospital as soon as laura tells us what happened. Hi. Come in. Valentin. Oh. Nina. I-I-I just wasn’t expecting you to be here. Uh, your aunt alexis isn’t here, spencer. I know. I came here to see you. Trina. Hi. Hey. I-I thought you had classes today. Yeah, I did. I just came straight from my last one. You’re not on the schedule. Yeah, I know. I just didn’t want to go back to the dorms. Is everything okay? No. I, um — I got into a big fight with spencer yesterday. Oh. Oh, I’m so sorry. Seems like, um, it was a pretty serious fight. It was. He gave me an ultimatum. And what did you do? I got up and I walked out on him. And I’ve been avoiding him ever since.

[ Knock on door ] Detective falconeri. What can I do for you? I just want to ask you a few questions about your cousin, mason. Yeah, I already spoke to chase about this and another detective. Right. Yeah. He said — and you told him to talk to your lawyer. Exactly. So I don’t have anything else to say to you. That’s cool. Um… maybe you can listen.

[ Monitor beeping ] Nice talking with you. Hello, mason. You know, the lord instructs us to comfort the sick and the prisoner. In you, I have both. Is that how you convinced the cop to let you in? Oh, he is a man of faith. What are you doing here? I’m here to show you the path to your redemption. Thank you, dr. Finn, for giving us some time. Did I have a choice? Please have a seat. This must be serious.

Very serious. You’re going to need to hire an attorney. Why? You and G.H. Are being sued for malpractice. Is this about ace? He’s having a ball down in daycare right now. I just saw him. Good. Okay. Well, in that case, I’m working. So if there’s anything you need to talk about, we can talk about it at, um — at your grandmother’s apartment, okay? You were gonna say “home.” Yes. I was. But I didn’t because ace and I are currently “staying” with your grandmother and kevin. Home will be the apartment we move into. I’m surprised that spencer doesn’t realize you are not the kind of young woman who would take kindly to ultimatums. I mean, who would? Yeah. Right on. So… why do you think he did it? We were talking about his relationship with esme and ace and how it feels like there’s no room in his life for our relationship. So I spoke up and I told him how I felt. Good for you. It sounds like, uh, mason’s been hanging around this office and your E.R. For the past year. Please, have a seat. Thank you. So, my cousin mason suffers from the misconception that he and I are close. Is that why he’s been inviting third parties into your E.R. For treatment? I have no memory of anything like that. Nothing. Well, I mean, you know how — how busy and crazy the E.R. Can get. Right. It makes it easier when you’re not keeping a record of treating your cousin’s friends and coworkers, maybe even treating them for injuries they sustained while committing criminal activities. But that would make you an accessory after the fact. Mason: Redemption? Yes, my son. All you need to do is confess your sins. That’s a long list, boss. I’m talking about your very recent, very specific sins — abducting ava jerome, intending to hold her for ransom, then reconsidering that option. Ava was in your car. As you tried to decide your next move, you were confronted by dex heller. During the struggle that followed, you were shot by detective dante falconeri. You’ll still be on the hook for the kidnapping charge, but the attempted-murder charges will be dropped. All you need to do is to admit that you acted alone. But I didn’T. I think that this is a conversation you might prefer to have privately. No. Nina is fully involved. She took an enormous risk deleting the security footage of charlotte breaking into anna’s room at the metro court. She loves charlotte, I promise you, laura. My only concern is for charlotte. And I’ve already told her that charlotte claims that anna shot her intentionally. So I-I guess you haven’t spoken to charlotte yet today? No. I wanted to hear what she told you last night first. She admitted to trying to push anna out of port charles and away from you. Why? Did she tell you? Yes. It is exactly as we suspected. Victor. So nina didn’t tell you that she was selling her half of the metro court? No, uh, but we don’t talk much about business. But it surprises me because she loves running the place, and now she’s better friends with olivia, so I don’t — I don’t know. Something’s changed. Did she tell you why she wanted to sell back? She said that she was busy. But it was really strange. So I’m not buying it. Well, we got a lot going on.

Nina’s got something going on, and I’m gonna find out what it is. Before my doctor and I chose so charlotte confirmed to you that victor convinced her to go after anna? Laura: Yes, she said that her grandfather had written to her, that he came to visit her at the boarding school. I got the impression that they had had some really long conversations. Victor doing most of the talking. She seems overly obsessed with protecting you. Protecting me? From anna. So victor convinced charlotte that anna was a threat to you. Bastard. So charlotte did everything that she did because she thought that she was protecting you, valentin. Let’s not jump to conclusions. Nina and I just got married. She, you know, has a relationship with willow now. Maybe she just wants to spend more time with amelia and wiley. It’s that simple. It’s never that simple with nina. Ever. Like it is with you? Hey, at least with me, you get full disclosure and transparency whether you like it or not. That’s — that’s true enough. Thank you. Is crimson losing money? Not that I know of, but even if it was, why would she want to sell her half of the metro court? Maybe she needs money to shore up the magazine. Money’s not an issue for nina. But let’s say you accepted her offer. Where would you get the money? Can you tell me who the patient is who’s suing me and what the complaint is? The patient in question has died. His wife is the one who’s filing the suit. Here’s the patient’s file. Dennis muldoon. We’ll need all the other notes you have on the patient and also everyone on staff who worked on the case with you. Of course. Does this mean I am suspended? No. Y-you’ll still be able to practice. With some restrictions. What kind of restrictions? The hospital’s policy in a case like this allows a staff doctor to continue to practice, but if you’re dealing with a potentially fatal case, you’ll need to request a second opinion before you can offer treatment or prescribe medication. I see. And because of your history of substance abuse, you will be required to do drug testing on a weekly basis. I see. And I understand. That’ll be the easiest part of this process for me. Good. How much time do I have to find an attorney? You should start looking immediately. Sit down. You have been a saint when it comes to spencer spending time with esme and ace. I couldn’t stay quiet that long. Really? No way! I mean, sure, I have quite a history with esme, and this amnesia thing of hers is a bit hard for me to swallow. But that aside, you’re in love with spencer. And here he is, spending so much time with his ex and — and her baby, the baby who happens to be his brother. I do understand why he’s being so protective of ace, though. Yeah. So do I. And god knows where nikolas is, so he’s no help at all. And he made a lot of mistakes with spencer. So I’m sure spencer just wants to make sure that ace isn’t shortchanged the way he was. You’ve told me that yourself. When I try to justify all the time he’s spending with esme and ace. You have been very patient and very understanding. I have been, haven’t I? Yes, you have! So what changed? I don’t want you and ace to move out. You have made that perfectly clear. But it is not up to you. I just don’t understand why you’re leaving all of a sudden. It’s not all of that sudden. It’s — it’s what’s best for me and ace. How? [ Sighs ] Esme, right now ace has everything that he needs. I don’t understand how you taking him and moving out into a different apartment is going to be better for him. If you do that, you’re gonna have to take care of him all of the time. The only time that you’re not gonna have to take care of him is when he’s here at daycare. Yeah. And that’s what mothers do. Yeah, when they’re on their own. But, esme, you don’t have to be. I’m more than willing to step up and help you take care of him. My grandmother and kevin, they both love spending time with him. So you and I both got a little bit of backup if we need it. I can still drop ace off with kevin and laura whenever they’re available, and you can help take care of ace. Okay, so then what would be the point in you leaving? Because ace and I need to get away from you. Moving forward with node- positive breast canceris overwhelming. Alright. You asked me to listen, and I did. I did all the listening. Um, I’m not quite finished. Detective, you don’t have anything. If you had any proof of what you’re talking about, you wouldn’t be here fishing. I’m not fishing. Security footage is proof. Sworn affidavits from dozens of G.H. Staffers who saw you and mason and his friends is proof. And now we have your cousin handcuffed to a bed upstairs. And the more we get to know about his criminal activities, the easier it’s gonna be to prove that you were working with mason in the kidnapping and attempted murder of ava jerome. No. I-I’m the one who saved her. You ordered me to abduct ava. And austin would be forced to testify at your medical hearing. You get yourself out of pentonville. But then the moment I’m on the hook and ava could I.D. Me to the cops, you tell me to let her go? Look. All due respect, boss, I-I couldn’t take that chance. I had to get rid of her. Boy, these heavy drugs they have you on — that must have addled your brain to come up with such wild and false allegations. I understand you must be frightened. But tell me, mason. Did those drugs make you forget my last visit and how I explained to you exactly how this could end for you? The pain you felt when you were shot… any pain you have felt during your entire life will pale in comparison to the pain you will feel during your long, excruciating journey to death, if you ever betray me again. I believe you remember now. Finn is a good doctor. He’s a good friend. I hated seeing the look on his face. Me too. It’s hard enough losing a patient, but then to be accused of malpractice? I’m sure that he took copious notes. I hope you’re right. We need dr. Finn and G.H. To be cleared of any wrongdoing. So? What happened? What did terry and portia want to talk to you about? Every doctor’s nightmare. I don’t know if I want to buy back the metro court. You love that place. Yeah, but I love kelly’S. And I’ve made some great changes. And in some ways, I feel like kelly’s is a better fit for me than the metro court. I don’t see it. I know the metro court seems like it was better for me. But I love both. I do. And I can’t run both and own them, so I’m going to have to make a choice. Seems like an easy choice to me. But it’s not. My mom gave me kelly’s when I was in a really bad place. It was really generous of her. Is bobbie still away? Yeah, she’s in amsterdam, taking care of luke’s affairs. And the last thing she needs is for me to abandon kelly’S. You could always find somebody dependable to run the place. Okay, but if I decided to buy back the metro court, I have to figure out a way to finance it. Well, I can… no! …Help… do not offer! …You, but… oh, my god. When charlotte first woke up after the surgery, she asked me where you were, and I said that you had gone for a walk with anna, and then she seemed to be genuinely frightened for your safety. And that’s when she told you what she did? Yes. She admitted to trying to push anna out of town and — and away from you to protect you. Well, we know that she trashed anna’s hotel suite. Did she admit to anything else? She didn’t get into any specifics, no. And, you know, after what she’d been through, I just didn’t think it was the right time to question her about anything. No. Of course. Of course. You know, when charlotte is a bit stronger, maybe kevin can talk to her again. It seems like she opens up to him. Mm-hmm. Yes. And he’s already agreed that he would come and visit her whenever we decide she’s ready for it. Good. You know, this whole thing is just awful. It’s awful. But at least we know that charlotte wasn’t acting on her own. She was motivated by victor’s hatred for anna. Yes, and he knew that she was at a very impressionable age. And he arranged to get her far away from home and all alone. Should never have let her go to that damn place. Look. You thought you were doing something good for her. And we all did at that time. You said he wrote a letter? Yes. That’s what she told me. Excuse me. Sometimes it can feel like there’s no way oinding you up on theroof the night mr. Muldoon died. You were devastated. A-and now his family is suing the hospital and you? Why? They believe I’m negligent for not diagnosing his cancer in time. Well, did his symptoms indicate cancer? He had a tapeworm that he picked up traveling abroad. He traveled for work extensively, mostly in third-world countries. So I — I ordered blood work, and the results came back with anomalies, anomalies consistent with a lot of causes, tapeworm among them. You know, G.I. Distress, fatigue, weight loss. So I sent him home with a plan of treatment and a request for further testing. He called me a few days later, and he said he f– he said he was feeling much better. Okay. Well, then he — he went on another trip and another trip. And although I had requested this further testing, including a colonoscopy, he didn’t come in for, uh — for two months. And that’s when I expanded the scope of the treatment and — and ordered the further blood testing. And that’s when you found the cancer. Yeah, he didn’t — he didn’t see it coming. Neither of us did. And… you know, he thought he’d be in here for a couple hours, and then I had to tell him… had to tell him he had cancer, and he, uh… it was too late to start any treatment. He never left this hospital again. Finn. I’m sure you didn’t do anything wrong. Yeah, I believe I didn’t, but… that may not matter. Spencer: So we’re back to this? Victor. Spencer: So we’re back to this? You’re gonna take ace and leave because you don’t want him growing up thinking that the three of us are a family? That’s right. Because the longer that the three of us live together, the harder that’s gonna be on ace when it ends — and it’s going to end. What makes you say that? Because it has to. Spencer, you want your own life. And I-I really understand that. You want to travel when you want to travel. You want to spend time with the people you want to spend time with. And sooner or later, you’re going to want to spend all of your time with someone. You can’t have that life and ace. Why not? Esme, you and I do not need to be in a romantic relationship for me to commit to ace… or to you. What changed was I said one word. One word? Yes. And spencer lost it. There’s got to be more to it than that. Well, when laura and kevin came back from their trip, esme felt that it was too crowded, so she decided to rent a place for her and ace. So far, so good. That’s what I thought! And laura supported that idea. She even offered to co-sign the lease. Go, laura! But when spencer told me that esme was moving out, I just said exactly how I felt. I said, “finally.” That sounds perfect to me. Well, it didn’t sound good to spencer. I can cut a deal if I give up austin. Austin? Yes. I’m the dumb henchman, and he’s the smart doctor who planned everything. There’s plenty of evidence to back it up, too. Okay? Lots of people have seen us together. And he slept with ava. I tell the cops that he seduced ava to get to her money, and when that blew up in his face, he asked me to take her. Your name will never be mentioned. You “saved” her? What I mean is that I would never hurt ava. That’s not what you said. You said you saved her. I did save her. That night at wyndemere, I saved her. Ryan chamberlain’s running around like a lunatic. Heather webber’s got a great big hook. And I got hooked. I’m sure all of this is in your files. Read your files. Well, no. I’ve read the files. The thing I can’t figure out is what you were doing at wyndemere in the first place. What’s the nature of your relationship to ava jerome? Ultomiris is for adults with generalize it was all victor. There’s no question. That’s my father’s handwriting. Oh, my god. Oh, my gosh! “My dearest charlotte. It’s with a heavy heart that I must write to you and share my concerns about our family’s future… a family I cherish and would give my life for. I’m afraid your father has gotten weak, charlotte. I had so much hope for him. But he’s forgotten how truly important family is since he’s fallen in love with anna devane. Anna has completely manipulated your father. Her extensive training in espionage has afforded her the ability to mask who she really is.” No wonder charlotte was confused. He weaponized her. “I tell you this. Anna devane is not who she seems. Do not trust her. Not for a minute. And it is imperative you never forget. You must use any weapon you can to defeat anna because your father clearly will do whatever she asks. And she will use his feelings. She will use your father and lead him into danger. She will lead him to his death.” Oh, my god! “My dear charlotte, you are the only one who can protect your father from anna devane. You, his most cherished possession, must save him. To guide you, I’m giving you these very special tarot cards. They’re powerful tools, charlotte. You’ll find them helpful. Use them wisely. Use them to protect and save your father, a man we both love dearly. Your ally and loving grandfather, victor cassadine.” Sick bastard. Victor found the perfect revenge. When did you say nina made this offer to you? This morning at kelly’S. Nina said she had been at the hospital all night with charlotte. Yeah, it was a tragic accident. I mean, anna’s torn apart by it. So is nina. Charlotte is like a daughter to her. And maybe — maybe it hit nina a lot harder than I thought. Maybe, but do you really think that’s the reason nina wants to sell the metro court? Is it bad for me to think that spencer’s too attached to his little brother? Mnh. I think this is more about esme than it is about ace. What was spencer’s ultimatum? He warned me if I made him choose between me and ace… I wouldn’t like the choice. Ouch. We were closer than ever in new york. But it never seems to fail that something like this will happen, and then we are further apart. It’s like we’re doomed to fail! You are a lot smarter than I thought you were, mason. That’s a very creative solution. It’ll work. Yeah. Not for me. I don’t want austin tainted by your crime. He’s a respected doctor, and I need to be able to avail myself of his services and support if necessary.

[ Scoffs ] So I get to rot in prison while college boy gets everything he wants. Oh, don’t be resentful. “College boy” will get everything he deserves in good time. Meanwhile, you will be well-protected in pentonville and lead a very comfortable life. And who knows — you might be eligible for release a lot sooner than you think. Provided you do exactly as you are told. Ava and I are very close. Will she corroborate that? Well, I mean, what relationship doesn’t have its ups and downs? Well, you’re looking at a lot of downs, man. I mean, we got a laundry list of charges we could file against you. Collusion. Kidnapping. Attempted murder. Are you — come on. Y-you said yourself you’ve got mason handcuffed to a bed upstairs. You caught him red-handed. You shot him. I did. I did. But you think it was mason’s idea to kidnap ava? I don’t know. Ask mason. Come on, doc! He’s not the brains behind this thing. He was the muscle. He was following someone’s orders. Maybe yours. No. You’re the smart guy. Come up with the name of mason’s boss. Maybe you got a chance to save yourself.

Rsv can and he convinced her to target the woman that I love. How can anna fight back ag I know how important brick is to you. Dex actually has stepped up. If it wasn’t for him and dante, ava would be dead. So I don’t want you to worry. You got — you got drew back. You guys enjoy each other. Thank you. And maybe you’re right about nina, okay? You should think real hard about taking her offer. I will. Watch your back. I always do. Victor turned my daughter into a weapon. He’s weaponized your granddaughter. And he convinced her to target the woman that I love. How can anna fight back against a child? But victor is dead. And now that we have proof that he was behind all of this, we just talk to charlotte. We say that victor was wrong about anna, that nothing in that letter is true. Yes, but we have to look at this from charlotte’s point of view for a moment. Her grandfather told her that anna was dangerous, that she was a threat. And now, in charlotte’s mind, anna has proven that by shooting her. Yeah, but it was an accident. Yes, of course, and we all know that. But because of victor, charlotte actually believes that anna shot her intentionally. She believes that anna wanted to kill her. And she wants anna arrested for it. Exactly what kind of commitment are you willing to make? I have money, and I can see to it that you are financially taken care of. You can quit this job if you so choose, and I can share in the childcare responsibilities with you, esme. I just want to make sure that my little brother is happy. Do you really think that moving him out of my grandmother’s home is what’s best for him right now? We are a team. We’re just not a romantic one. You know what? That all sounds great, spencer. So let’s go for it. Yeah, why don’t we get a nice little house somewhere for the four of us? For the four of us? Yeah. You, me, ace, and trina. I’ll bet she’ll think this is a wonderful idea. Come on. Esme. Esme! No. You come on! The longer I live in that apartment with you and your grandmother, the longer I’m putting my life on hold. And that’s not fair to me. On hold? And it’s not fair to ace. On hold? You aren’t the only one who deserves to have someone special in your life, spencer. Oh, so this isn’t really about ace at all. Geez, I didn’t realize that you were so desperate to find someone new. I am desperate to start my life again! Look, and I don’t have to defend myself to you or anyone else. I am going to do what’s right for ace and, yes, what’s right for me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have work to do. Pick up. Pick up. Please call me. I, um — I need you. Things have gone from bad to worse. Terry, I’ve never been in any sort of malpractice lawsuit situation before. What’s the next step? Does the hospital have the same lawyer as dr. Finn does? In my experience, hospitals are advised to have a separate lawyer. Dr. Finn will need to prove he didn’t do anything negligent, whereas we’ll have to prove it was a good decision to employ finn. And we’ll have to demonstrate that we have a solid system of checks and balances and that we don’t have a history of malpractice suits. Wow. I-I wouldn’t want to be in finn’s shoes right now.

[ Chuckles ] A case like this, it could ruin your whole career. Yeah, and lawsuits like this have taken down bigger hospitals than G.H. Let’s hope that’s not the case this time. Once we find you an attorney, they will tell you what you’re up against and how we need to proceed. “We”? Well, yeah. I’m gonna help you with this. I was with you the night mr. Muldoon died. I can testify to your state of mind… and the fact that you never said anything that might indicate that you might have made a mistake with his diagnosis and treatment. Listen. You don’t have to do this. No, please don’t argue with me. I am going to help you do everything you can to clear your name. I don’t want you risking your position. I’m not risking anything. And as head nurse, I want the truth to come out. So, moving forward, let’s just get back to work. And later tonight, we’ll start going over your notes. Finn: Hey. Thank you. That sounds like a good plan. You think maybe we could start tomorrow? I just — I need a day to process all this. My career is in jeopardy. We’re not gonna let anything happen to you. I’m lucky to have you. Yeah, you are. But it goes both ways. What should I do, ava? You’re not talking to an expert in relationships here. You know, I’ve had my share, and none of them have gone the distance. Not that I’m giving up, mind you. Good. I still believe that happy endings are possible. And, trina… you are just at the beginning.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Do you think that maybe that’s the same person who just tried to call you? I think I can guess who it was. Spencer. I don’t want to talk to him right now. How long do you plan to avoid him? I don’t have a plan. I just…don’t want to argue anymore. And I’m not giving in to his ultimatum. Have you told him how you feel? Just — the way that you’ve just told me? I guess not. Do you still love him? Yes. Oh, then, sweetheart… sit down with him. And talk to him. A-and keep cool. And don’t point fingers. Just tell him how you feel and why you feel that way. And then listen to him and be respectful of how he feels.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Thank you. Ohh! Thank you. Ava. I knew you would tell me the right thing, even if it was hard for me to hear. What are friends for, huh? Now, maybe you should reply to spencer’s text? Dr. Gatlin-holt. Yes. This was left for you. Thank you. Mm-hmm.

[ Door closes ]

[ Elevator bell dings ]

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