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Sharon: Hi, elena. How’s chance? That’s good news. Oh, thank you so much for the update. Yes, I plan on coming to see him tomorrow morning. Okay. Well, maybe I’ll see you then. Thank you again so much, elena. I know that chance is in good hands. Night.

Nick: Sharon.

Sharon: Oh, hi, nick.

Nick: What’s up? What’s going on with chance?

Sharon: Chance was shot tonight working a case.

Nick: How bad is it?

Sharon: He’s going to be all right. No vital organs or anything like that. The bullet went right through.

Nick: Thank god. I mean, it’s still terrible.

Sharon: Yeah. He was just made chief. This promotion was supposed to keep him out of the line of fire. So much for spending more time behind a desk and spending less time out in the field with criminals. This was supposed to keep him safe. Anyway, that was elena. She said that chance is awake and that he’s stable. It was so scary getting that call, nick.

Nick: I can imagine.

Sharon: I’m surprised this wasn’t on the news.

Nick: You know, it may have been. I– I haven’t been listening or watching. I’ve been dealing with some family stuff.

Sharon oh, so you haven’t talked to summer then?

Nick: Summer? Uh, no. Why?

Sharon: Well, she was at the hospital.

Nick: Okay. Uh, yeah, I know, um, she and chance have been getting friendlier. Um, I’m surprised she went to the hospital though. It must have been very concerning and scary.

Sharon: Of course. So, what’s going on with your family?

Nick: Dad finally admitted to everyone what I had already figured out. That his confusion or whatever it is you want to call it was just an act.

Sharon: So he was looking for a traitor?

Nick: He definitely found one.

Sharon: And who walked into the trap? Or do I already know?

Nikki: Oh, victoria, what is it?

Victoria: Are you serious?

Nikki: What I am is exhausted.

Victoria: Oh, yeah. I– I can imagine how draining it must have been keeping such an ugly secret from all of us.

Nikki: Okay. You know, it’s late. I want to send claire home. I want to convince your father to do the same.

Victoria: Yeah. I’ll bet– I’ll bet that dad has a lot to celebrate. I bet he’s feeling really on top of his game right now after deceiving all of us. Of course not you. No, not you.

Nikki: I know you are upset. We have to talk about this tomorrow.

Victoria: Why? What will it matter? What will it change? Dad exploited our concerns and our fears for what? A trap? That he suspected that one of us would fall into? I mean, does he have that little of faith in me? And you, you just let him do it.

Nikki: Let me tell you this. It’s not like your father consulted with me before beginning this charade. And then when he finally did tell me, I let him know how much I disagreed with it.

Victoria: Oh, okay. And yet– and yet you said nothing. You did nothing. Mom, how could you do that? How could you let dad trick us like that? Look, I know you don’t trust adam. I get it. And I know– I know you don’t trust nate.

Nikki: Well, I can’t believe you still do after what we just heard.

Victoria: I’ve accepted his explanation.

Nikki: He practically had your father already put away.

Victoria: Okay, mom. I am not gonna get into defending nate with you. I’m not gonna do it. This is about what you did to me. Did you really think that not telling me was a good idea?

Nikki: I didn’T.

Victoria: But you went along with dad anyway. I was worried sick about what seemed to be happening to dad!

Nikki: Your father insisted that you not know the truth until it was the right time. And he wanted to be the one to tell you.

Victoria: Okay. Oh, yeah, yeah. And you always do what dad tells you to do. I know that’s not true, mom. I couldn’t sleep at night. I was worried about him. I thought I was going to lose my father. How could you do that to me?

[ Adam sighing ]

Victor: Yes, son?

Adam: You never gave me an answer before.

Victor: And answer to what?

Adam: Nate’s out. You want nick to come back and work for newman enterprises, so where does that leave me?

Victor: You know, quite frankly, I haven’t decided yet.

Adam: I see. Any timetable on when you will?

Victor: Um, son, I gotta be honest with you. I suspected it would be you who would take advantage of my mental decline.

Adam: You mean your pretend mental decline? Because I’m just that predictable?

Victor: Well, I’m not gonna argue that point, but having said that, I’m very happy that you did not betray me.

Adam: I am happy too, pop.

Victor: In fact, son, you protected me. I appreciate that.

Adam: Well, I’m grateful that you recognize that.

Victor: Yep.

Adam: Now, since you have been straight with me and I appreciate that, I’m gonna be straight with you too.

Victor: You know that I appreciate people being honest with me.

Adam: Well, you’re gonna get it. Brutal honesty.

Victor: Oh, yeah? Then bring it on.

Adam: You know, I told you that I wanted to start at newman from the bottom and I wanted to work my way up.

Victor: You did. Uh-huh.

Adam: It was all a lie. From the very beginning, okay? I was angry and I was hurt. You dismissed me from the joint venture with nick and sharon and that hurts. That hurt a lot.

Victor: So, you wanted revenge?

Adam: Yes.

Victor: Ah.

Adam: I thought that I would talk my way back into newman enterprises and I would show you how contrite I was. I would start at any low-level job and I would talk my way back into the family company. And once I was in there, I was going to find any way to tear it apart.

Victor: So, now you know why I set a trap, right?

Adam: So, you knew?

Victor: Let’s say I had my suspicions.

Adam: Well, then I wasn’t as successful as I thought. I wanted to lull you into believing that my intentions were real. And then when the opportunity presented itself, to strike you or victoria, I would be in the perfect position to do that.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Right.

Adam: You know, we had those conversations about what you wanted for me, what you hoped that I would become.

Victor: All of that is true.

Adam: I know. And then I started to think about how I’d hurt you over the years and how many times that I’ve let you down. I mean, how many times have we done this, you and I? A truce? And then something almost like a father and son.

Victor: Almost.

Adam: Yeah. Because I wanted to be a member of this family. I wanted to truly fit in. To be a part of this company. This– this amazing entity that you have built. But I fought it. And instead, I held on to anger and that hurt and that rage. Until you started exhibiting some extremely disturbing behavior. And it all changed.

Nikki: Victoria, I deeply regret keeping your father’s secret. I didn’t want to, but he was adamant. You know how he gets when he digs his heels in.

Victoria: You didn’t have to listen to him.

Nikki: Oh, my god. How many times do I have to tell you I didn’t want to go along with this? But he convinced me that if you knew the truth, you would tell nate everything.

Victoria: Oh, so it was all about nate?

Nikki: And in some way, I understood his logic. That’s the only reason I kept it from you.

Victoria: Because you despise nate.

Nikki: I do not despise him. I don’t trust him. I never have. And now, you see why? So, I hope your eyes have been opened. You understand that you can never trust nate, right?

Nick: It wasn’t adam. Though that makes sense. I thought if anyone was going to betray my dad, it would be my brother.

Sharon: Well, who then?

Nick: Nate’s the traitor.

Sharon: Nate? Really? He’s a doctor. He wouldn’t think of using victor’s mental decline against him?

Nick: He’s not a doctor anymore, sharon. He is a businessman and he has learned to be very, very ruthless.

Sharon: I can’t believe this.

Nick: I can. I’ve been saying it from the beginning, that he couldn’t be trusted. He staged a coup in his own family’s company. Why in the hell would anyone think that he wouldn’t try the same thing at newman?

Sharon: Why indeed? What was he after?

Nick: To get my dad out of the way so vic could be back in charge and then nate could be her second in command.

Sharon: Get victor out of the way how?

Nick: Ship him off to some clinic so they could test him to find out what was wrong with him. And I’m sure nate could have convinced the doctors to stretch out the treatment and diagnosis.

Sharon: Well, maybe nate thought that was the best course of action, given what he believed was wrong.

Nick: It’s the best course of action for nate. Dad could have been treated and diagnosed at home.

Sharon: This is just so outrageous.

Nick: Yeah, it is. But thank god, dad finally fired nate.

Sharon: Hm. Well, it sounds like things are really a mess over at newman. Maybe even more so than before.

Nick: Yeah, you could say that.

Sharon: So, what’s victor’s plan to clean it up? What happens next?

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Nick: Now that nate’s out, my dad wants me to return to newman.

Sharon: Well, that’s to be expected. He wants you in that executive suite. He always has.

Nick: Yeah.

Sharon: Are you considering it?

Nick: I mean, right now, vic is not in the state of mind to make any objective or rational decisions.

Sharon: That’s understandable.

Nick: And while adam did the unexpected thing and did not betray our father, you think that was a deliberate choice or did he just get lucky?

Sharon: I guess I believe, despite everything, that adam has always loved her father.

Nick: Yeah, maybe. Right now, dad thinks he can trust adam, but I know for a fact, adam’s gonna do something to try and turn this into his advantage.

Sharon: So, what are you really trying to tell me, nick?

Nick: Just my dad doesn’t seem to have any allies right now, except for my mom.

Sharon: So, you’re considering a return to newman enterprises, aren’t you?

Victoria: I don’t want to talk about nate anymore.

Nikki: Honey, you are going to have to face it. Nate came to this company after betraying his own family.

Victoria: I know and dad trusted him, even after he knew what nate did to devon and lily. So, what has changed? Why is dad always, without question, always right?

Nikki: Because nate had an agenda.

Victoria: Everyone we know has an agenda, mom.

Nikki: Well, honey, you’re not involved with everyone, you’re involved with nate. So, where do things stand now?

Claire: I’m so sorry to interrupt, nikki. I just– I got a call and it’s kind of an emergency.

Victoria: I’ll leave you two to whatever it is.

Nikki: Victoria, please don’t do anything rash.

Victoria: I don’t know what I’m gonna do.

Claire: I’m so sorry. It sounded like you were in the middle of something important.

Nikki: No, no, no, it’ll work itself out. So, what has you so upset? Who called? What’s the emergency?

Victor: So everything changed you say. In what way?

Adam: When I– when I thought that you were losing your grasp on reality, my plan to destroy everything newman went out the window. Okay? None of it mattered. Couldn’t even think about it. The only thing that I could think about was trying to protect you. And hopefully, helping you get better. You know, I haven’t– I haven’t had the time with you that nicholas and victoria have had. So, I– I wasn’t ready to lose you. Even if the rest of our days were destined to butt heads and fight.

Victor: So, are you upset now that I set a trap for everyone?

Adam: I should be. I bet victoria is. But no, I actually think it was a masterful move.

Victor: Hm.

Adam: And it was warranted.

Victor: Yeah.

Adam: I mean, let’s be honest. Uh, I think nikki’s in the clear, probably nick. But me, victoria, and nate, we all had reasons to exploit your illness for personal gain.

Victor: Explain that.

Adam: Well, you know how victoria feels about you stepping back in as ceo, demoting her. And she’s your daughter, she’s ruthless. She’s ambitious. She’s willing to go to any lengths to get what she wants, just like you. Even if you won’t to accept that kind of behavior from anybody else. And nate, I don’t need to explain to you what his agenda is or reasons. You just outed him.

Victor: Yep. Indeed.

Adam: I mean, how ambitious can that guy be? You just cut off his path the top. He envisioned himself being king to my sister’s queen. If he could just get her to sit in that big chair, he would ascend right along with her.

Victor: You think like your father.

Adam: But I understand why you don’t find me trustworthy. So, now that we’ve been honest with each other, let me get back to my original question. What happens to me now? My mom’s alzheimer’s never

Victor: So tell me, do you think it’s still a good idea for you to work your way up from the bottom at newman?

Adam: No, it was– it was bogus, remember? I don’t think that I need to do that.

Victor: And why not?

Adam: I’ve had several executive positions here. Hell, I’ve run this company. I– I don’t think there’s anything that I could learn from assisting somebody who has a fraction of the business experience that I do, okay? It was a very clever ruse. And if I hadn’t thought you were sick, I might still be playing it out.

Victor: Really?

Adam: Look, the point is I’m not playing it out. And I was the one with a smart solution to your problem. So, the way that I see it, I think at the very least, I deserve nate’s position.

Victor: Really.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Problem is if victoria remains number two, then if you took over nate’s position, that would cause a lot of friction. And I don’t want that around me.

Adam: So, what are you saying?

Victor: You and victoria need to work out your differences.

Adam: Well, that’s– that’s– that’s easy enough. What about nick?

Victor: Well, I need to know where nicholas stands. But none of this is either or.

Adam: So, I– I’m always gonna be third in line to the throne?

Victor: What do you think?

Adam: Oh man, does it– does it really matter what I think? Nicholas and victoria will always outrank me, no matter how many times I prove myself to you.

Sharon: You are, aren’t you? You’re considering going back to newman enterprises? Of course, you are. You always look out for your family. You’re always ready to step in as savior at a moment’s notice.

Nick: I’m also very quick to call them out.

Sharon: I know.

Nick: Yes, I’m fast to protect my family, but sharon, I really feel like that is my job.

Sharon: Hey, it wasn’t a criticism. I’ve known you a long time. This is a part of who you are. You always look out for the people you love.

Nick: And they need looking after. And protecting them from themselves, it is a full-time job.

Sharon: I know it is. Sometimes, there’s no room for anything else.

Nick: Well, I haven’t decided, you know, what I’m gonna do yet, but I wanted to talk about it with you.

Sharon: With me?

Nick: Yeah, I made a commitment to you, sharon. I don’t want to leave you in the lurch.

Sharon: Well, kirsten or whatever we end up calling it is about ready for its relaunch. There’s a lot of cohesiveness in the structure, a solid foundation for moving forward. I’m– I’m good.

Nick: I know you are. You’ve taken this monster’s company, you’ve whipped it in the shape. There’s no chance it doesn’t become a huge success.

Sharon: You were a big part of getting kirsten where it is today. And I’ve really loved working with you. And I would like to keep going as partners, but if I had to do it on my own, I can.

Nick: I know you can.

Sharon: You know what? You need to do what’s best for you and your family. Really. And I’m still gonna come to you as a sounding board or get some advice. Either way.

Nick: Well, you better. I just want you to know, I really appreciate your support. It means the world to me.

Sharon: Of course.

[ Nick sighing ]

Nick: God help me. I really feel that newman and my father, they need me right now.

Sharon: Then do what you have to do.

Nikki: Here we are.

Claire: Thank you. My aunt fell at her lake house and broke her arm.

Nikki: Oh, no, I’m so sorry to hear that. Uh, does she live alone?

Claire: She does. There’s a housekeeper who comes once a week, but nobody living there full time to look out for her.

Nikki: Well, that’s no good. Listen, you need to go take care of her.

Claire: Just for a few days. I’ll check on her, make sure she’s getting along okay.

Nikki: Of course, I understand. Take all the time you need.

Claire: That’s so generous of you nikki. Thanks. And of course, I’ll be available by phone and text, and email if you need anything.

Nikki: Now, you just focus on taking care of your aunt. I know how important she is to you.

Claire: She’s everything to me. And, uh, well… you need to go take care of her.

Claire: Just for a few days. I’ll check on her, make sure she’s getting along okay.

Nikki: Of course, I understand. Take all the time you need.

Claire: That’s so generous of you nikki. Thanks. And of course, I’ll be available by phone and text, and email if you need anything.

Nikki: Now, you just focus on taking care of your aunt. I know how important she is to you.

Claire: She’s everything to me. And, uh, well…

Nikki: What? What is it?

Claire: There’s something else I should probably tell you about her.

Claire: I’m not sure how you’ll react and it’s a little embarrassing. Aunt jordan is your biggest fan.

Nikki: What?

Claire: Ever since I came to work here and told her about you, she cannot stop talking about how amazing you are. All the things that you’ve accomplished. How impressive it is. It’s actually, it’s kind of adorable, really.

Nikki: Well, you weren’t kidding about it being embarrassing for me.

Claire: Take the compliment. You’ve done a lot of great things in business and philanthropy. Aunt jordan has no doubt that having you as a boss is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Nikki: Well, that’s very flattering.

Claire: She was actually coming here, coming to visit me this weekend. Hoping to meet you. Thank you for hiring me.

Nikki: Well, I hardly need a thank you for a smart hire.

Claire: I tried to tell her that, but she’s determined. But now, of course, with a broken arm.

Nikki: Well, another time. I’m not gonna be here this weekend anyway.

Claire: I don’t remember anything on your calendar.

Nikki: No, it’s not on my calendar. I’m going to visit my sister, casey. We haven’t seen each other in ages and she’s gonna be in napa in northern california on a conference, so I was gonna surprise her.

Claire: That’s so sweet. I’m sure your sister will be thrilled by the surprise.

Nikki: In fact. Well, here– here’s an idea. Oregon is right on the way. I mean, it’s practically a neighbor. Why don’t I give you a ride on the newman jet?

Claire: I couldn’t ask you to do that.

Nikki: Well, you’re not asking, I’m offering and I hope you accept. In fact, I won’t take no for an answer.

Claire: Uh, that is so nice. Thank you. I know this is terrible, especially after that wonderfully generous gesture, but I’m afraid I have another favor to ask.

Adam: Nick.

Nick: Adam. What are you? The welcoming committee or dad’s receptionist? Is that a step up from assistant?

Adam: You know that was quite a summit earlier. A lot of twists, a lot of turns.

Nick: And surprisingly, you weren’t the traitor that was outed by dad.

Adam: Well, I doubt you’re unhappy that nate is out of the company.

Nick: No, not at all. Never trusted the guy.

Adam: Well, I’m not naive enough to think that you trust me anymore now. Even though dad is impressed with my loyalty.

Nick: Adam, I’m actually relieved you didn’t try and use dad’s illness against him like nate clearly intended to. But, you could have. Everyone expected it, including dad. That says a lot about who you are and how you deal with things.

Adam: So, even if I defied expectations, it doesn’t matter. Is– is that what you’re saying?

Nick: Your behavior seems decent right now. But that can change. We both know that. On a dime. So, yeah, my guard is up when it comes to you. And it probably always will be. Hi. I use febreze fade defy plug.And I use this. Febreze has a microchip to control scent release so it smells first-day fresh for 50 days.

Victoria: Hi. Um, may I have a cabernet, please? Thank you. I want to find a way to make things up to you. And I will.

Nate: I know you mean that now.

Victoria: No, nate, I’m not just saying it to smooth things over. I really do mean it. I want to fight for us.

Nate: So, what happens when another issue comes up that puts me at odds with your family? Your parents don’t trust me. Nick never did. And adam…

Victoria: I don’t care what adam thinks.

Nate: But you did earlier today. You know, when you told me that you were raised to protect your family at all costs, I already knew that. My aunt mamie warned me that no matter what I did or how hard I worked, I would always be an outsider to the newmans. So maybe what this is, is a– is a wake-up call for me to work on reconnecting with my family. Put that above everything else. But, whatever the answer is, I’m gonna need some time to find it.

Victoria: Thank you.

Adam: Yeah, yeah. You don’t trust me. I get it. Because when you and victoria screw up, there have to be extenuating circumstances. You’re forced into it. But when I screw up, it’s inevitable. Just part of a dark and wicked soul. I got it.

Nick: Let’s just stop talking to each other right now.

Adam: That sounds great. Dad’s not in there by the way. You just missed him, he left for the day.

Nick: Okay, adam, then I’ll call him later.

Adam: Are you anxious to talk to him about something?

Nick: Why would you ask that?

Adam: Because he asked you to come back to the company. So, are you here to tell him that you’re gonna stick with sharon and kirsten? Or are you gonna give him an early christmas present? Tell him you’re coming back to newman.

Nick: Well, adam, that is between me and dad. I prefer to keep you guessing about my plans.

Claire: I know this is a lot to ask, especially after you’re already putting yourself out for me. But do you think there’s a chance when you drop me off in blue lake, that you could stop in and meet my aunt? Maybe have a cup of tea?

Nikki: Oh. Um, well… that would mean a lot to you, wouldn’t it?

Claire: And to my aunt.

Nikki: I suppose I could, but it would have to be for just a little bit because I only have a short time to be with my sister and I have to make the most of that.

Claire: Absolutely. Yes. And thank you again for being so understanding about me even having to go.

Nikki: Family first. I’ll send you the information on the flight.

Claire: And, thank you again. My aunt jordan is absolutely right. Coming to work for you is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

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Nick: You don’t look very happy with that phone. Can I get a beer, please? Thank you.

Victoria: I thought you went home to christian.

Nick: Yeah, I did. Uh, you know, checked on him, did his homework with him and then made him brush his teeth and go off to bed. The nanny will take it from there. So, who’s not texting you back or do I need to ask?

Victoria: Nate isn’t answering.

Nick: Yeah. Thank you. Vic, you’re just gonna have to let that go. I mean, the more I think about it, it’s so clear dad needed to get nate out of newman enterprises.

Victoria: Okay. Look, I believe him. You’re not gonna talk me out of it, okay?

Nick: Okay.

Victoria: He’s just kind of wondering what comes next. You know, should he fight for his job at newman or go back to chancellor-winters?

Nick: Do they even want him back there?

Victoria: I don’t know. I don’t know, things change. He’s not exactly high on our relationship right now. He doesn’t like that I– that I sided with adam.

Nick: Well, as you know, I do not like him or trust him, but I know you do.

Victoria: So, did you talk to dad anymore?

Nick: I went by the office, I guess he’d already left for the day. But I did get to run into adam.

Victoria: Oh, adam. What is dad gonna do with him? He’s probably gonna make him my assistant.

Nick: I don’t know. You know, he’s been so unpredictable lately, and as we know, now some of it was on purpose, so who knows?

Victoria: Who knows? So, what about you? What are you gonna do? I know that coming back to newman is not your first choice. But where are you leaning with dad’s latest request? You coming back to the family company?

[ Adam sighing ]

Victor: Hi, my baby. You ready to go home?

Nikki: Oh, that oh-so-casual tone in your voice, as if you didn’t just set the whole family on fire.

Victor: What I did is I kept a little flicker from exploding into a flame.

Nikki: Yeah, I know you’d see it that way.

Victor: Yeah, I do.

Nikki: We have to talk about this.

Victor: All right. What you wanna talk about?

Nikki: I saw victoria earlier.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Nikki: She is furious.

Victor: So?

Nikki: I just want you to be prepared. I don’t think you’ll hear from her tonight, but soon.

Victor: Well, I’m not surprised if she’s upset.

Nikki: Well, of course, she’s upset.

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: To hear that her father was putting on an act to try to trap one or more of his children.

Victor: Now, wait a minute. As you found out, my setting the trap, you know, was productive, right? We found out that her lover, nate, was manipulative as I had expected. So, she just needs time to work this out.

Nikki: Well, I hope that’s all it takes. Victor, I warned you that this could happen. You could lose her. She could decide to leave the company or worse.

Victor: She’s not gonna leave the company. Her blood is in the company. She’ll never leave it.

Nikki: You can push people too far, you know.

Victor: Well, they can push me too far either. Anyway, let’s not talk about that, okay? I really want to go home and, uh, want to enjoy, our time together. I mean, do you have anything to take home? Any work?

Nikki: No, actually, not tonight. Thanks to claire, I am so organized. I did everything I was supposed to do today.

Victor: Oh, she’s still working out?

Nikki: Ah, yeah, she’s terrific. Although she’s dealing with a bit of an emergency at the moment.

Victor: Oh, what kind of an emergency?

Nikki: Well, the aunt that raised her fell and broke her arm, so claire is getting ready to go to oregon for a few days.

Victor: That’s not a good thing. Break your arm, you get older. Oh, well.

Nikki: And, I hear that her aunt is quite a fan of mine.

Victor: Really?

Nikki: Mm. Claire says that her aunt has read everything about me and thinks that her niece becoming my assistant is the best thing to ever happen to her.

Victor: Well, I’ll be damned. Good.

Nikki: So, I offered her a seat on the jet when I go to napa to see casey.

Victor: Oh, yeah. Your surprise visit to your sister, casey the doctor.

Nikki: Yes. And then, claire could take a commercial flight back when she’s comfortable in leaving her aunt alone. And I agreed to go in and meet the woman.

Victor: All right, go for it.

Nikki: Oh, I don’t know.

Victor: What, darling? What is it?

Nikki: Oh, maybe I shouldn’t leave town at all this weekend with all this family upheaval. I mean, it’s a surprise, casey doesn’t know I’m coming, so she can’t be disappointed–

Victor: Sweetheart, I do want you to take that trip. I mean, you’ve been looking forward to seeing your sister, casey, for a long time. And you haven’t seen each other for a while. I will deal with whatever problems I’ve created here over the weekend. I’ll deal with it, okay? I want you to have a good time. You need the rest, my sweetheart, okay? And then you can bask in the admiration of this aunt, whatever the hell her name is. How’s that?

Nikki: All right, darling. Thank you. I will.

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