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Christine: We both saw it so clearly and– it– it wasn’t about us… [ Sighs ] Growing apart. It was– [ Sniffs ] It was about paul pulling away. He’s just not in love with me anymore.

[ Approaching footsteps ]

Christine: Oh, god. Phyllis.

Phyllis: Christine. Hey.

Christine: Did you want something?

Phyllis: Just enjoying this beautiful day, that’s all. It’s lovely today. Uh, enjoying my freedom. My new lease on life, if you will.

Christine: Uh-huh.

Phyllis: Hey, listen, I just wanna sincerely offer my– my sympathies.

Christine: For?

Phyllis: Daniel told me that you and paul are done. That it’s over.

Christine: My marriage is none of your business.

Phyllis: Um… it’s just been a while since you’ve been single, you know, and I thought maybe you could use some dating tips or something.

Christine: Oh, right. Yeah. Wait, are you serious? From you? Your latest romantic partner was a known felon who ended up dead. No, I don’t think I’m gonna be coming to you for advice.

Phyllis: Danny’s in town. Uh, for a few days.

Christine: Yeah. I saw him last night.

Phyllis: Oh, you did? Okay. Wow. It’s so wild. You ended things with paul and then… another ex of yours is in town for more than a few days. You see what I’m getting at here?

Christine I’m sure you’re gonna tell me.

Phyllis: Are you trying to rekindle something with danny, now that you’ve called it quits with paul?

Christine: We’re not friends, so we are definitely not gonna talk about my personal life.

Phyllis: Well, I feel like I am being a friend to you and to danny’s when I tell you, you just shouldn’t chase after him again.

Christine: Chase after him? Okay, first of all, that’s your thing, not mine. And second, unlike you and me, danny and I are actual friends. And daniel is my godson and we’ve always been close. I’ve heard that you’ve been hanging out with danny. And maybe you should take your own advice and not fool yourself into thinking that something will come of that. Right now, your number one priority should be getting your miserable life back on track.

Phyllis: You tore my son away from me. That was your doing.

Christine: Oh, no. That was your doing. All of it. The lies, the way you used people. You dragged an ex-boyfriend back here and drugged him to get a sample of his blood to cover up your little secret. God, look at me. I still get this worked up when I think of all the monstrous things that you have done.

Phyllis: What you’re going through right now is nothing compared to the pain that I felt. You took my son away from me, christine. That was you. I told my son the truth tonight. I said nothing but the truth. And as I said before, he was bound to find out sooner or later.

Christine: So you decided all by yourself the time was now.

Phyllis: Let me get something straight. I need to tell you right now. I love my son. I love him more than words could say. And I’m warning you and danny, don’t screw up my relationship with my son because then I won’t be responsible for my actions.

Lauren: Phyllis? Are you okay?

Esther: Is everything all right? You look a little out of sorts.

Christine: Do I? I just have a lot going on right now.

Nina: Feel like talking to an old friend? How long have you

[ Mellow piano music ]

Danny: You’re positive there is no hope? Counseling, or… maybe some more time apart?

Christine: No, no, no. It’s– it’s over. I–

[ Sighs ] I don’t have any more doubts. Not anymore. And there’s something about that conviction that… almost brings me a sense of peace.

[ Mellow piano music continues ]

Daniel: That’s a pretty tune. I wouldn’t say that the beat’s all that great or you know, would be that easy to dance to. It feels a bit melancholy. Wanna tell me what’s going on?

Phyllis: I just saw christine.

Lauren: Ah, that explains it.

Phyllis: She will never see me as anything other than the thorn in her side.

Lauren: And do you see her as anything other than the same?

Phyllis: What is it about you, christine? This hold you have over men. You put them in a trance or something, don’t you? Don’t you? First danny, then paul, michael. Am I forgetting someone?

Christine: Well, it seems to me that you’ve left quite a trail of your own. Danny being an excellent–

Phyllis: No, no, no, no. We’re not talking about me. We’re talking about you. The holy grail of romantic fantasies, aren’t you? Men would walk through fire. They would chuck everything that’s important to them. Forget– forget dignity. If there’s a chance at winning the beautiful christine…

Christine: I seem to recall a woman obsessed with my husband who faked not one but two paternity tests and lost her son in court as a result.

Phyllis: Do you want to take off the gloves, sweetie?

Christine: What’s going on with you? Why are you so filled with venom? Oh, is it jack? Are things falling apart with the first decent man you’ve managed to keep your hooks in, in longer than six months?

Phyllis: Oh, wow. So you do want to play, don’t you?

Christine: No, you know, actually, I don’T. I’ve had enough ugliness these past few months to–

Phyllis: Well, you brought it all on yourself.

Christine: I have two words for you, phyllis.

Phyllis: What are they, christine?

Christine: Bite me.

[ Door slamming ]

Phyllis: Honestly, lauren, I have tried to make peace with her.

Lauren: Have you? Really?

Nina: I’m so sorry that you and paul couldn’t work it out.

Christine: Yeah. Me too.

Nina: Are you okay?

[ Christine sighs ] Yeah. Um… you know, it’s just– it’s sad when a marriage comes to an end. It’s the death of so many things, you know, your dreams and expectations.

Nina: I know.

Christine: But I– I– I do believe it’s the right thing. You know, paul’s not in love with me anymore, and now that his future is not tied to mine, he can focus on what he does next. I’m gonna do the same thing. We’re just–

[ Sighs ] We’re different people than we were when we first met. We’re different… even from when we remarried 10 years ago.

Nina: Yeah. Well, hm… people change. Hell, look at us.

[ Chuckling ] From pregnant teen to… sleeping on a park bench to, you know, hey…

Christine: A best-selling author, screenwriter. Quite a transformation.

Nina: Mhm-hm. Well, I had a pretty fabulous roommate back in the day who facilitated that sea change. Made me a proper lady.

[ Both chuckling ]

Christine: Try this book on your head. Balance. This is perfect. This is great. You are doing great. Put your knees together.

[ Nina chuckling ]

Nina: Uh.

Christine: We had some good times.

Nina: Yeah, we did. And some not-so-good times.

Christine: Oh, like you stealing philip from me?

Nina: Oh. You know how badly I feel about that. But I got a wonderful son out of it.

Christine: That you did.

Nina: I’m here for you, cricket.

[ Sighs ]

Christine: You always have been.

Nina: Like you’ve always been there for me.

Christine: Nina, I really didn’t do anything.

Nina: Yes, you did, cricket. You made me the most incredible promise. From the moment you said that you would take care of my baby if I didn’t make it, I felt so much better. I stopped worrying that he would go to some institution or be brought up by strangers or something. I… I even wrote it down on a piece of paper and gave it to the chaplain. So everyone would know that I wanted you to have my baby.

Christine: I didn’t know that.

Nina: I wanted him to be brought up by someone that I knew would love him. Someone… who’d tell him about his real mother. Someone who would make him understand how much I loved him. Anyway, thanks.

Christine: I made one promise, nina. I’m just glad that I never had to act on it.

Nina: You’re the only real friend I’ve ever had.

[ Sighs ] I love you.

Christine: I love you too. You’ll

[ Christine sighs ]

Christine: I want the best for paul.

Nina: Yeah, I know you do. And I know he wants the best for you, too.

Christine: I just hope we can stay friends. That’s really what friendship’s all about, right? Wanting the best for one another.

Nina: Absolutely.

Christine: Well, while searching for what he wants for the next phase of his life. And I guess I am too.

Nina: Any decisions? I know you talk about work or play or…

[ Sighs ]

Christine: I saw danny last night.

Nine: No. He’s here in town?

Christine: He is going to stay in genoa city for a while between tours. Visit with daniel and lucy.

Nina: Oh, which means he has to see phyllis, poor guy.

Christine: That woman claims she’s changed her evil ways. That she’s walking a path of righteousness.

Nina: Oh, please.

Christine: I don’t buy for a minute, she’s gonna stay on it.

Nina: Oh, no, of course not. So, did seeing danny, like, you know, reawaken any old feelings? I mean, you guys had such a great love story and you also had so much fun together.

Christine: We do have quite a history.

Danny: Makes you wonder what the future is.

Christine: Oh, I always wonder.

Danny: Is there a romalotti in your future by chance?

Christine: Hm. You never know. Stranger things have happened.

Danny: What do you think? The lawyer and the rock singer, huh? Together.

Christine: Sounds like a good book, huh?

Danny: It does.

Christine yeah.

Danny: Does it have a happy ending?

Christine: I certainly hope so.

Danny: So do I.

Christine: All right. Do we need another candle?

Danny: No. No, it is perfect. It’s perfect. Just like you.

Christine: I’m serious.

Danny: I’m serious too. The place looks great. No one is gonna believe this is our first dinner party. Believe me. This is gonna be fun, isn’t it?

Christine: Well, I’ll let you know after I’ve fed everybody without spilling sauce on their laps.

Danny: You’re really nervous, aren’t you?

Christine: A little. But I figure, hey, it’s a joint effort. Any screw-ups and you take half the blame.

Danny: Well, that’s what husbands are for, dear.

Christine: Well, no matter what happens, I know one thing’s for sure. I’m happier than I ever imagined.

Danny: So, am I.

Christine: Well, you really are tired. I guess the concert tour did wear you out.

Danny: What the heck?

Christine: What’s the matter?

Danny: There’s some leak in here or something? There’s water dripping on me.

Christine: Huh. Well, it’s a good thing it woke you up. You have to be at rehearsal in a little while.

Danny: Yeah, it did wake me up.

Christine: Why are you looking at me like that?

Danny: Because there’s ice in this coffee.

Christine: Honey, it’s iced coffee.

Danny: Yeah. Well, there’s one ice cube only.

Christine: Are you accusing me of something?

Danny: The water that dripped on me was really cold.

Christine: Now just a second.

Danny: No, I’m not gonna wait. No. Was it from this cube?

Christine: Like I said, at least it woke you up.

Danny: Really? Well, I’m sure it’s gonna wake you up too.

Christine: No. No, no, no, you wouldn’T. Come on, no.

Danny: Wait yourself. You wait yourself.

Christine: Please, no.

Danny: There’s only one thing that’s gonna stop me.

Christine: Okay, I’ll do anything. Just name it. What?

Danny: Give me a kiss.

Christine: Okay.

Danny: Give me a kiss. Okay. Mhm. Feels good, huh?

Christine: I can’t believe you. It’s so cold. It’s so cold.

Danny: Oh, baby, I’ll warm you up. I’ll warm you up.

[ Both laughing ]

Christine: Well, I could definitely use some fun.

Daniel: So, you already saw christine then?

Danny: Yeah, we, uh, ran into one another. Now, don’t go thinking that it’s more than it really was.

Daniel: Sure. I can just ignore all that history between the two of you.

Danny: No, there is, uh… definitely history. I was affected more than I thought I would be when she told me it was over with paul.

Daniel: Well, I think that makes sense, dad. You know, somebody comes back in your life that you used to love.

Danny: Knowing that christine is now free, it just uh… it stirred up all these feelings and got me thinking about what could have been and… what maybe could still be.

[Coughing] Copd isn’t pretty.

[Coughing] I’m out of breath, and often out of the picture. ()

Lauren: It’s so good to see you.

Danny: You too.

Daniel: Here you go. Fabulous. Hey, you okay? Something happen at work?

Phyllis: No. I just had a little run-in with your godmother.

Daniel: Really? Christine?

Phyllis: Yeah. Still having trouble letting the past go, huh?

Phyllis: Well, I actually think it’s christine who can’t let the past go. She seems to… not accept that I am a changed woman.

Lauren: I keep telling your mother it is not healthy to hold on to this hatred from the past. Believe me, I understand that.

Daniel: Listen, nobody expects the two of you to be best friends, so…

Lauren: Exactly. Avoid her.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah. I– I mean, I will. I think it’ll be difficult in this town, but you know, I’m gonna try. I’m gonna try to do that. Definitely. From here on out, I’m just gonna make peace with cricket.

Danny: That’s great.

Lauren: Now, just do it.

Nina: So… here you are caught between two loves again.

Christine: I’ve been here before, but this time it’s different. I’m not choosing between the two of them.

Nina: No, I know. Paul is part of the past. Is danny the future? I mean… could you imagine reigniting a romance with him?

Christine: I don’t know. We’ve had so many stops and starts and… almosts.

Nina: Yeah, I know. But if you could get back what you had all those years ago, would you want to?

Christine: And get hurt so deeply again?

Nina: You know, it really wasn’t his fault the way things turned out.

Christine: Oh, I’m well aware of whose fault it was.

Danny: I’m just really sorry you had to go through this with phyllis. I– I certainly never wanted it to happen.

Christine: Just like you never wanted to take her to bed. Don’t answer that and please don’t give me any speeches about how if you could change the past, you would. Because you can’t, none of us can.

Danny: You can change the present and what happens in the future.

[ Scoffs ]

Christine: You seem to be forgetting your son. He is an innocent little boy. He didn’t ask to be brought in this world by mistake. But he’s here and he is your responsibility. Now, I think you should go. No.

Danny: I love you. I’ve never stopped loving you.

[ Breathing heavily ]

Christine: Just so you know. I haven’t said anything to paul but I– I expect we’ll be married during the holidays.

[ Sobbing ] How could you do this?

[ Sobs ] How could you do this to us? God, how could you do this?

[ Sobbing ] Oh, god.

Nina: So… do-over? Or no do-over?

Christine: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Cinnadust (vo) cinnamon toast crunch. Blasted with cinnadust. On your period, sudden gushes happen. Say goodbye gush fears! Thanks to always ultra thins… with rapiddry technology… that absorbs two times faster. Hellooo clean and comfortable. Always. Fear no gush. Skin-carving next level hydration? New neutrogena hydro boost water cream. A vital boost of nine times more hydration#

Danny: Amazing. Yeah.

Lauren: All right, you guys, this has been great. I have a meeting I have to get to. And you, you’re not allowed to go back to L.A. Without telling me. We need a major catch-up.

Danny: Absolutely. You got it.

Lauren: Okay. Bye, sweetie.

Phyllis: Thanks for being such a great friend.

Lauren: Aw, I’m glad I could help. Now, you know that I have been on the bad side of christine a time or two, but we made it through. And we, like you, have shared some past romantic partners. But I’m not thinking about her when I’m reflecting fondly on my relationship with paul or danny. And you shouldn’t be thinking about her either when you’re thinking about the good times with these guys. Or when you’re making new memories. Okay?

[ Lauren chuckling ]

Christine: We missed our chance.

Nina: Okay, well, really? Because you and danny are both single for the first time in a long time. Do you see any reason why you shouldn’t explore the possibility of a relationship? You know, just find out one way or the other if there’s something there. But listen, what if the timing is right, finally? What if after all these years you guys could have something amazing? I mean, don’t you owe it to yourself to find out?

Lauren: Oh, my goodness. I heard you were back from lisbon. Hi. I didn’t know you were in town.

Nina: Yeah, I just got here.

Lauren: Oh, my goodness. How are you?

Christine: Is michael still in singapore?

Lauren: Yes, he is. Oh, gloria can certainly get herself into some very interesting situations. I have no idea where she would be if she didn’t have a son who is a fabulous attorney. Anyway, enough about that. How was your trip? Oh, you and paul?

Christine: It’s, uh, it’s over.

Lauren: Oh, honey, I’m so sorry.

Nina: Our friend is just trying to decide what her future looks like.

Lauren: Professionally?

Christine: Uh, yeah, partly.

Lauren: Well, you know, you and michael, you really enjoyed being in practice together.

Christine: Well, michael wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Michael: No, I think the combination of your skills and mine has the greatest likelihood of success. And I want– I need this to be a success.

Christine: So, you’re at my mercy.

Michael: [ Scoffs ] Hm. Well, once again. This is the contract desmond signed. He wanted something the size of the genoa city phone book. But I insisted it be concise, simple, and open-ended.

Christine: He must want you very badly.

Danny: Well, desmond doesn’t know it yet, but he wants us.

Christine: Baldwin, williams, and associates.

Michael: We can put your name first if you like.

Christine: No, it sounds better this way.

Michael: Well, then let’s put pen to paper.

[ Christine sighs ]

Nina: Hey. What is it? What are you thinking about?

Christine: You– you both just, you have… careers that you love and you have terrific children. And… you know, I just wonder, did I… make a mistake putting career ahead of family?

Christine: Should I have made different choices?

Nina: Oh, honey. No, don’t second guess yourself.

Lauren: Yeah, look, we all make choices and we all use the information we have at the time. None of us has a crystal ball.

Christine: But paul wanted a family… and I– I put him off.

Paul: You care a lot more about your partnership with baldwin than you do about starting a family with me.

Christine: That’s not true.

Paul: It is true.

Christine: Paul, when I thought I was pregnant… I wasn’t excited. Not the way an expectant mother should be. I want to be thrilled when I am carrying your baby.

Paul: Right. So in two years, you will be?

Christine: Yes, I will.

Paul: You know… what I think you don’t understand is there’s always gonna be something. There’s always gonna be a little reason why having a baby isn’t convenient.

Christine: All I can say is I am sorry that I wasn’t honest from the beginning. That is why I came home now to talk to you. Paul, this isn’t the right time for me. We have to be in this together.

[ Paul sighs ]

Paul: Well, it just seems as though that for the next two years we won’t be.

Christine: I hope you understand how I feel. God, please tell me that you do. I mean, yeah. You’re a little girl and you’re playing with your dolls and you just… you always assume you’re gonna be a mom one day. Suddenly here you are and– and… and it didn’t happen.

[ Sighs ] And it– it just makes you wonder.

Nina: Yeah. But, what if not having children of your own allowed you to make a difference in the lives of other people’s children, you know? All that work you did with pregnant teenagers. All the time you spent with chance when he was little. I mean, you’re aunty cricket. And you played a major role in daniel’s life.

Lauren: And fen’S.

Christine: Paul and I had… that one chance to have a child and then…

Paul: Look at those beautiful blue eyes. We’re at memorial. You had surgery. Okay? The doctors took really good…

Christine: The car? The car.

Paul: Yeah, I know. I know there was a car and you were injured. I promise you, everything’s gonna be fine. You’re in recovery now. You don’t have to talk, just rest. It’s okay. Just rest.

Christine: No, the baby.

Paul: Sh, sh, sh. No, no, no. Everything’s gonna be fine.

Christine: No.

[ Sobbing ] Tell me the baby made it. Tell me the baby made it, please. Tell me.

Paul: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

Christine: No.

Paul: I’m afraid we lost her. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.

[ Christine sobbing ]

Nina: Maybe it is too late to have children. But you know what? It’s certainly not too late to… have a romance. You know, have some fun, be happy.

Christine: Yeah. So, nina… [ Clears throat ] Thinks I should… explore things with danny since he’s gonna be in town for a while.

Lauren: Oh, wow. Is that… something you would want?

Christine: Oh, I don’t know.

[ Sighs ] You know, we’ve moved on. We– we’ve become great friends. I don’t want to lose that, and… quite frankly, and I know she’s your friend lauren, but I do not need the aggravation of phyllis right now.

Lauren: Well, I was just with phyllis and we ran into danny and daniel at the club. And she was saying how she regretted that she… let you get underneath her skin. And that she wanted to do better.

Nina: Um, forget phillis. Okay?

Christine: Ah, I wish I could.

Daniel: You know, mom, I keep hearing great things about your work at omega sphere.

Phyllis: Oh, do you? You know, I’m working very hard and I’m taking every opportunity to be a better person. Okay? So, I declare, today is day one of my christine-free brain. Thoughts?

Danny: Wow. Well, keeping that up is gonna be quite the accomplishment.

Daniel: I don’t think you’ll make it to day two.

Danny: Ah, come on.

Phyllis: Have a little faith.

Daniel: I would love for you to succeed. I would, I really would. But you know, christine has been great to this family and you have to admit that. And she let me live with her and she defended me in court. Why do you even care anyway? I mean, it’s got to be cramping your style with dad having a teenage kid underfoot.

Christine: I already explained to you why I care.

Daniel: Because I’m the son you never had.

Christine: Yeah. Don’t make me regret being straight with you.

Daniel: I’m sorry.

Christine: What, did you get the feeling that I wasn’t sincere? Because I was. I think you’re terrific. I’ve enjoyed our time together. I think it would be a real shame if you left this way.

Daniel: What’s the point in staying?

Christine: Because I want you to stay and I know it would mean the world to danny.

Phyllis: Well, then cheers to the b– christine.

Danny: Hear, hear.

Lauren: Well, I’m gonna get a coffee to go and go to my meeting. I really hope I get to see you again before you go to los angeles.

Nina: Yeah, sure.

Lauren: And honey, if you need anything, you call me. All right?

Christine: Thank you.

Lauren: All right.

Christine: See you soon.

Lauren: Okay, you got it. Bye.

Nina: Bye. You’re really at a crossroads, aren’t you?

Christine: I guess I am.

Nina: I wish I could write the next chapter of your life for you. But you know, you’re gonna have to do that yourself.

[ Christine chuckles ]

Christine: I know.

Nina: And listen, don’t beat yourself up about… what you did or didn’t do in the past, right? You had two great loves. It’s more than most people get.

Christine: You’re right. And I am very grateful for everything I’ve been given. Including an amazing friend who has sat with me here and talked everything through. Reminisced, played what if? But I do think I have a better idea of which direction I wanna go in.

Nina: Good and you know, you can go anywhere. Just remember you’ve got a best friend who wants to come along for the ride.

[ Both giggling ]

Christine: Always.

Danny: Here, let me help you with this.

Daniel: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I got it. I got it. I uh, gotta get out of here. I gotta get to a meeting. Why don’t you come with me?

Phyllis: Ha, really?

Daniel: Mhm-hm. Being pitched a video game for the platform and, uh, kind of like your take on it.

Phyllis: I have so many opinions.

Danny: Whoa, shocker.

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness, daniel. Okay.

Danny: You are– you’re doing really well.

Phyllis: Hey, um, would you be interested in having dinner with me tonight?

Danny: Oh, um… you know what? We’ll, um… yeah, we’ll figure something out. Okay?

Phyllis: Okay.

Christine: Hi. How are you?

Daniel: Hey.

Christine: Good to see you.

Daniel: Good to see you. Yeah.

Danny: Hi.

Christine: Hi.

Danny: Wow. I– I’ve been thinking about you.

Christine: Yeah?

Danny: Yeah.

Christine: Yeah?

Danny: Yeah. I wanted to get your thoughts on something that I’m working on.

Christine: Okay.

Danny: Yeah?

Christine: Yeah.

Danny: Right this way. Step right up. Have a seat, my dear. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sing.

[ Both chuckling ] Okay. Here it is.

[ Mellow piano music ]

Danny: What do you think?

Christine: It’s beautiful.

[ Mellow piano music continues ]

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