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Chad tells EJ that he should get in to a tuxedo but EJ tells him that what he has on is fine. EJ says they have all the elements they need and they decided last night that today is the day. EJ talks about Nicole’s due date drawing near and says he does not want his child born out of wedlock. Chad jokes that it’s never stopped him before. EJ says now he has a chance to do things right this time. EJ says he and Nicole have been through a journey and the path is finally clear so they are going to make the most of it.

Eric sits in the town square, thinking back to Johnny telling him that EJ and Nicole are getting married. Nicole then approaches Eric and comments that he was a million miles away. Eric responds that he was thinking about her because Johnny told him that she and EJ are getting married today. Eric congratulates Nicole.

At the DiMera Mansion, Johnny asks Holly if she’s really not cool with the wedding. Holly says not exactly. Johnny asks why she doesn’t want his dad to marry her mom. Johnny questions if she has some kind of problem with EJ. Holly assures that EJ has been great to them, so Johnny asks why she isn’t happy for him. Holly then declares that if EJ marries Nicole, she’ll never have a chance with the man of her dreams.

Li questions Gabi saying she’s been kidnapped and asks where she is. Gabi says she can’t figure it out and she needs him to help her. Li questions why she’s calling him and not Stefan. Gabi claims Stefan can’t help her, so she needs him. Li tells Gabi that he will call the police right not but Gabi says he can’t and then hangs up.

Stefan meets Dr. Rolf in the park and tells him that cooperation is crucial to their success.

Nicole tells Eric that the baby will be there soon and they decided they would like to be married before that happens, so today is the day. Nicole admits they probably shouldn’t have sprung it on Holly the way they did. Eric questions Holly not being happy. Nicole says something about them getting married is bothering her. Eric asks if Holly doesn’t like EJ. Nicole assures that she likes him a lot, but it just surprised her until she explained what she was feeling. Nicole informs Eric that it seems Holly has been holding out hope that she and Eric would find their way back to each other.

Johnny questions Holly being in love. Holly feels stupid and says she should’ve kept her mouth shut. Johnny says it’s okay and that she can talk to him. Johnny adds that he thinks he might know what this is about since he was at the Pub earlier and overheard Tate telling Eric that Holly is in to an older guy. Holly questions Tate saying that. Johnny assures that Holly can talk to him since after today, he’s going to be her big brother. Johnny then asks Holly who her dream man is. Holly then claims that it’s EJ.

Chad tells EJ that he’s glad at least one of them is doing well in the romance department. EJ says he’s sorry that Chad and Stephanie have hit a rough patch. EJ asks if he’s sure that he doesn’t want to invite Stephanie to the wedding. Chad feels even if he did, she might not come since she’s not happy with him, plus being at a wedding when he just made it clear that he’s not ready for marriage might be a little much. EJ says he gets that and tells Chad that if it’s difficult to be around the wedding, he’ll bribe a judge or something. Chad assures that he’s happy to marry EJ and Nicole, but he should probably get ordained if they want to get married today. EJ tells Chad that it means a great deal to him that he’ll be a part of this. Chad acknowledges that he and EJ have had some bad times but they’ve had some good times too. Chad declares that EJ is his brother and he loves him very much as they hug. Chad jokes that Stefano would be beaming now.

Dr. Rolf questions why he would help Stefan. Stefan tells him that he owes him. Stefan brings up Dr. Rolf helping Megan brainwash Harris Michaels to kill him. Dr. Rolf argues that he also kept Stefan alive for four years and he never thanked him. Stefan then thanks him. Dr. Rolf adds that he only got involved with Harris Michaels because Megan assured him that it’s what Stefano would’ve wanted. Stefan argues that what Stefano would want is for Dr. Rolf to help him get rid of Megan’s partner in crime, Li Shin, and remove his hold over DiMera shares so they’ll finally be back in the family. Dr. Rolf admits he sees his point, so Stefan asks if he’ll do it. Dr. Rolf declares “Long live the DiMeras”

Eric tells Nicole that he’s sorry that Holly is upset. Nicole says it will be alright and assures that Holly adores EJ, but she misses Eric. Eric says he misses her too. Nicole calls it a shame that they couldn’t be great together. Eric says if she’s happy, then he’s happy for her. Eric asks if this is what Nicole wants and it’s not just because of the baby. Nicole assures that she does love EJ. Eric says he’s not asking her to justify anything. Nicole thinks they need to talk about it. Nicole talks about her and EJ having a crazy history where they were in love and then ended up hating each other. Nicole says when they first got together, she was pregnant and then she lost the baby, then Sami happened but now that she’s out of the picture, she and EJ are finally seeing each other clearly. Eric asks if she likes what she sees. Nicole acknowledges that EJ is far from perfect, but says so is she. Eric questions if Nicole would be marrying EJ today if she hadn’t got pregnant or if the baby was Eric’s. Nicole admits she probably wouldn’t, but says the baby is EJ’s and she’s finally going to give birth to a healthy child so it seems like a sign that she and EJ were meant to be. Nicole asks how Eric is doing and if there’s any progress on the adoption since they last spoke. Eric says there’s been a little, but it’s going to take awhile. Nicole encourages that he and Sloan will look better on paper once they get married and that will speed things up. Eric mentions that Sloan said the same. Nicole tells Eric that she’s happy if he’s happy. Eric wishes Nicole luck. Nicole thanks him and says the same as she then walks away with tears in her eyes.

Johnny questions Holly saying her dream man is his dad. Holly calls it just a stupid crush and says nothing is going to happen obviously, so once he marries Nicole, she has to get over it forever. Johnny asks if she’s really cool with all of this then. Holly insists that she is and gets that her crush is totally inappropriate. EJ then walks in and asks if he’s interrupting.

Gabi meets Stefan in the park. Stefan informs Gabi that he sent Dr. Rolf off to work on phase two while Gabi informs Stefan that Li took the bait.

Li goes home and calls Wendy, saying he needs her help. Li then remembers Wendy has a new job at the police station so he tells her to forget he called and says he’ll figure it out as he hangs up. Li declares that he’s going to look for Gabi himself. Li goes to leave the apartment as Dr. Rolf arrives. Li questions what he’s doing in Salem. Dr. Rolf responds that he has something very important to discuss with him. Li says it will have to wait as he’s on his way out. Dr. Rolf suggests he make time to hear what he has to say and walks in. Li tells him that he’s dealing with an emergency as Gabi has been kidnapped. Dr. Rolf tells him that’s why he is here and claims that Megan is the one who kidnapped Gabi. Li asks why. Dr. Rolf says Megan wishes to assume her place at the head of DiMera Enterprises and that she plans to use Gabi to take Stefan’s shares of stock. Dr. Rolf claims that Megan wants Li to be her ally. Li questions why Gabi called him for help then. Dr. Rolf says that Gabi’s life depends on his cooperation. Dr. Rolf talks about Li working with Megan to brainwash Harris but they wanted Stefan dead for different reasons. Li declares that he never should’ve joined forces with Megan and he never should’ve tried to have Stefan killed. Li admits what he did was wrong. Dr. Rolf points out that it was also criminal. Li says that he realizes that now and that’s why he’s going to therapy, to get over his obsession with Gabi. Dr. Rolf questions if he really thinks that will work. Li assures that it will as he talked to Marlena today and had a major breakthrough.

Eric goes to see Marlena in her office and hopes it’s not a bad time. Marlena says she always has time for him. Eric says it won’t take long. Eric informs her that he spoke with Belle. Marlena asks how she seemed. Eric responds that Belle wanted him to tell her that she doesn’t have to worry about her. Eric says that Belle misses Shawn but she’s glad to hear he’s in rehab and making it progress. Eric adds that Belle is doing really well under the circumstances. Marlena says that’s good but then questions why Eric is really here.

Holly claims to EJ that she was just saying that Nicole thought her dress was inappropriate for the wedding but she likes it. EJ tells her to wear what she wants and he will smooth it over with Nicole. Holly apologizes about this morning. EJ understands they threw the wedding on her rather abruptly. Holly feels she still should’ve been cool about it but she wasn’t. Holly insists that she’s fine now and happy for them. EJ says that means a great deal to him and it will to Nicole as well. EJ then heads upstairs to change. Holly thanks Johnny for not saying anything to EJ. Johnny says he would never do that. Holly says she’s over EJ and that she knows she should be with guys her own age but says high school guys are the worst. Johnny suggests she stick with guys her own age until she’s at least 18. Johnny jokes that he’s already being a protective big brother. Johnny decides to go help EJ get ready and heads upstairs. Holly can’t believe that she told Johnny she was in to his dad but there was no way she could tell him the truth. Nicole then walks in and asks who she’d be telling the truth about what.

Dr. Rolf tells Li that it’s good that he’s seeing Marlena about his little problem because he should be in a prison cell for what he tried to do to Stefan. Li responds that he knows what he did but he’s trying to change. Li says for starters, Dr. Rolf can tell Megan to find someone else. Dr. Rolf asks if he doesn’t care what happens to Gabi then. Li says he does and demands Dr. Rolf take him to Gabi now. Dr. Rolf is not convinced of his breakthrough. Li grabs Dr. Rolf and orders him to tell him where Gabi is. Gabi then walks in and tells Li to stop shouting as she’s right there. Li is relieved that she got away but Gabi calls him a dumbass and reveals that she tricked him. Gabi asks if he didn’t know he was being played and declares that he fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. Li doesn’t understand who was playing him. Gabi then brings Stefan in to the apartment, revealing that Stefan recorded Li confessing what he did to Dr. Rolf. Li questions how. Dr. Rolf then reveals that he was wearing a wire. Li realizes he was set up. Stefan guesses he must be disappointed since he’s been such a model citizen up until now. Stefan asks Dr. Rolf to give them a moment and tells him nice work as he exits. Stefan then tells Li that he has a choice to make as either Gabi takes the recording to Rafe or he just sign his DiMera shares over to them. Li asks if they’re kidding. Gabi says he could hang onto his shares and go to prison for a long time, so it’s his call.

Holly swears to Nicole that she wasn’t just talking to herself and claims that she was running her lines because she’s going to be in the school play. Nicole asks what the play is and what her part is. EJ then returns with Johnny. Holly complains that EJ can’t see the bride on the day of the wedding. EJ says it’s late for that. Holly points out that Nicole has her dress now, so it counts. Johnny assures that everything is under control. Holly and Nicole then head upstairs to get Nicole dressed. Johnny shows EJ the rings and assures that everything is safe and sound. EJ tells Johnny that he’ll never be his best man again because this will be his very last wedding. EJ declares that he and Nicole have been through Hell and back, but he feels in his soul this time, that they are going to live happily ever after.

Eric asks Marlena if he can’t just come say hi to his mom without an ulterior motive. Marlena points out that he answered a question with a question and says that’s always been a tell for him. Marlena asks Eric to tell her what’s going on. Eric then informs her that Nicole and EJ are getting married today. Marlena says he knew this was coming. Eric says he did and he told Nicole that he was happy for her. Marlena asks if he meant that. Eric assures that he did and he wants her to be happy, but he has a really hard time believing that EJ is that guy. Eric prays that he’s wrong. Marlena comments that it sounds like he still has feelings for Nicole. Eric states that they have a long history together, so part of him will always care for Nicole, but that ship has sailed as she’s about to give birth to EJ’s baby. Marlena asks how he feels about that. Eric brings up when he thought the baby could be his and he couldn’t help imagine how things could be. Marlena feels it sounds like he’s saying that if the baby was his, he would’ve reconciled with Nicole. Eric confirms he would have in a heartbeat.

Chad arrives at the DiMera Mansion and asks where everyone is. Johnny says he and Holly are it and they were put to work. Chad figured there wouldn’t be a lot of DiMeras but that Nicole would have some friends. Holly says there was no time to invite anyone since they decided on getting married last night. Holly asks Johnny if Chanel is coming. Johnny says she isn’t because she’s visiting her sister Lani in prison. Holly remarks that it’s a shame she has to miss the wedding. Chad says he’s ready as EJ and Nicole then arrive in the living room.

Li signs over his shares, so Stefan hands over the recording. Li can’t believe Gabi did this to him as he thought her life was in danger and he was scared to death. Stefan says that’s what they were going for. Li says they disgust him and deserve each other. Li yells at them to get out. Gabi says they are going to claim what is theirs as she and Stefan exit together.

Chad begins EJ and Nicole’s wedding ceremony. Chad asks if they are ready to proclaim the foundation of love in front of these witnesses which they confirm. Chad asks if EJ takes Nicole to be his wife and he says I do. Chad then asks Nicole if she takes EJ to be her husband. Holly starts to imagine marrying Johnny. Johnny then calls out to her to snap her out of her day dream. Chad asks Nicole again if she takes EJ to be her husband.

Marlena asks if Eric heard what he said, that he would be with Nicole in a heartbeat if it was his baby. Eric asks why that’s surprising since he wouldn’t be with Sloan while Nicole was raising his baby across town. Marlena asks if it’s really about the baby then. Eric responds that it doesn’t matter since the baby’s not his and he’s happy with Sloan. Eric states that what he said was an impulse and finds it natural to have feelings for somebody that he’s loved for so many years. Eric asks Marlena for a tip on putting Nicole behind him. Marlena says that if he’s truly committed to Sloan, then his feelings for Nicole will just fade, but before he marries Sloan and starts a family, he has to look in his heart and see how he really feels because that’s only fair to Sloan. Eric says that’s exactly what he needed to hear and hugs Marlena. She tells him that she loves him so much. Eric says he loves her too.

Chad asks if Nicole is okay. Nicole apologizes and says the baby is moving so she thought it was turning in to a contraction but it didn’t. Nicole then asks where they were. Chad continues from asking Nicole if she takes EJ to be her husband. Nicole says I do.

Eric leaves Marlena’s office at the hospital and looks at Nicole’s number on his phone. Eric then calls Sloan and leaves a message that there’s something they need to talk about.

Johnny hands Chad the rings, which he then hands to EJ and Nicole. Nicole and EJ place the rings on their fingers. Chad then pronounces EJ and Nicole husband and wife and then they kiss.

Li questions Dr. Rolf crawling out from under his rock just to do this to him. Dr. Rolf responds that he’s allegiance has always been to the DiMeras. Li states that his allegiance is now to himself as Dr. Rolf walks out of the apartment. Li slams the door shut in frustration and declares that Gabi made a huge mistake picking Stefan over him. Li shouts that no one makes a fool of him.

EJ pours sparkling cider for everyone since Nicole can’t drink. Holly complains to Johnny about being unable to have a glass of champagne. Chad decides he’d like to make a toast to his brother. Stefan and Gabi then walk in as Stefan questions which brother. Gabi remarks that it seems they walked in on a celebration they weren’t invited to. EJ responds that he and Nicole were just married. Gabi jokes that maybe the third time’s a charm and congratulates them and themselves. EJ asks why they are congratulating themselves. Stefan says for dumping him and then tells EJ that he’s fired.

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