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Thank you for calling me back, Mrs. Eckert. Yes, I was very excited about the personal chef job, but I found another opportunity.

[soft dramatic music] Well, let’s just say that they made me an offer that I can’t refuse. Absolutely. Thank you.

[phone beeps] Damn you, Clyde Weston.

[phone rings]


[phone beeps] Good morning.

Morning. I got your text. What’s up?

Oh, nothing. I just wanted to wish you a good first day at the Salem PD.

Well, thank you. Um, it feels like it’s been about years since I’ve been at the police academy, so I–I hope I know what I’m doing out there.

You’ll be great.

You OK? You sound a little stressed.

Me? No, I’m–I’m fine.

Ava, you’re– you’re gonna get a job. Something’s gonna come along soon. I promise.

Yeah, here’s hoping. Hey, you be careful out there, OK?

Will do. Hey, I’ll–I’ll call you when my shift ends, OK?

Sounds good.

You got a job?

Thanks to you. You encouraged me to talk to Rafe, and it turns out, he did have a spot for me. And you were also right about him needing help dealing with the criminals in this town.

[soft country music]


May I help you?

[suspenseful music]

You’re Ava Vitali, right?

Who’s asking?

I’m a friend of Clyde Weston’s. He asked me to stop by to see how your son is doing.




Are you OK? Is it your arm?

No, I tried to not sleep on the spot where the guy cut me, but now I have a stiff neck. Oh.


You may be the doctor, but I think I can help with that.

Mm. Oh, my God. Wendy, that feels amazing. Oh, if you could just move.

[groans] A little to the right.


Oh, yeah. Ooh. Now back to the left.



[groaning] Oh, you really give a great back rub. Great everything.

Well, it really is the least I can do to thank you for getting me out of that horrible hospital. And you should know that this is just the beginning of my expressions of gratitude. There’s a lot more magic where that came from.


Have I told you how happy I am? We’re together. We’re safe.

Hidden away where no one will ever find us.

[tender music]

[door slams]

Rise and shine, boys. You’re under arrest.

[suspenseful music]

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Put your hands in the air. Now!

And get out of the bed, slowly.

But we’re naked.

Well, I’m sure it’s nothing we haven’t seen before.

And I’m sure you’re wrong because, you see, Dimitri has a magic penis.

Great. Well, he can put on shows for the other boys at Statesville for the next to life. Now get the hell out of the bed now.

All right, all right.

Wait. Dimitri, the sheet, it’s– it’s tangled. I can’t–I can’t see. Help me. I can’t breathe! Dimitri! Help! Whoa.

Hey, whoa.


Hey, it’s OK. Bad dream?

Oh, my love, it was horrible. I was terrified.

What happened?

Well, you and I were here sharing an intimate moment, and we were– we were interrupted in the most awful way.

By who?

The police.

[dramatic acoustic music]

Thank you again for coming in.

Ugh, listen, I was happy to give you my statement.

Yeah, just sign at the bottom there.


I’m sorry this happened to you.

[scoffs] You know, I still can’t believe it, that Dimitri would handcuff me to a hospital bed while Leo Stark helped him escape.

Yeah, I’m just glad you’re all right.

Thank you. Listen, I know that you are not supposed to comment on ongoing investigations, but since I am, sort of, right in the middle of the whole thing, can you make an exception?

Well, what do you want to know?

Do you have any leads on catching these two bozos?

[sighs] Not yet. We’re a little short staffed at the moment, which I am working on.

So Rafe actually hired you?

Well, you sound surprised.

Well, I suppose I am.

Well, if you didn’t think Rafe was gonna hire me, why’d you tell me to ask him for a job?

Well, because I knew the Salem PD could use someone like you, someone who had the skills and intelligence, but I also thought the vetting– the vetting process would be more involved and your past employment would probably raise a few red flags.

Oh, yeah, it did, as did the fact that I was committed to a mental institution. But Rafe knows that my working for Megan wasn’t my choice.

Yeah, well, as a member of that Megan Hathaway survivors club, I can certainly know what you’re talking about. That woman could create havoc.

Yeah, she doesn’t control me anymore. I was completely deprogrammed at Bayview, and I’m still seeing Dr. Evans on an outpatient basis.

Yeah, no, I know. I know you’re not a danger to anyone anymore, but I also know Rafe is a bit risk-averse.

So even though I’m better now, you think that Rafe is taking a chance on me?

Well, no, I don’t think so. I–well, I do know, though, that your past associates and current associates could give him pause.

Who–who are you talking about, Kate? I mean, who am I associating with that might– might be a problem?

Ava. Ava Vitali.

Oh, are you the son of a bitch that hurt Tripp, slashed him with a scalpel? You know, maybe I ought to do the same thing to you.

Heard all about the famed Vitali temper. Don’t do anything you’ll regret.

Oh, you hurt my son, I won’t regret a damn thing.

I’d dial it down if I were you, lady. But for the record, I never laid a hand on your son.

[suspenseful music]

Mm, you keep doing that, we’ll never leave this bed.

I would love that, but I do need to get up and look for a job today.

Oh, man, look no further. I think you found your calling.

This isn’t work, OK? I like taking care of you.

And I appreciate it. I mean, oh, man, do I appreciate it. Oh.

Now does that feel better?

[sighs] So much better. And there has to be some way I can repay you.

Well, my neck is fine, but there are some other spots that could use some attention.

Well, I’m at your service.

[sensual electronic music]

So you’re not the creep that Clyde sent to attack Tripp?

I’m more middle management. That said, I’m more than willing to get my hands dirty.

Listen, you lay one finger on him, I swear to God–

Here’s the deal.


You stay in line, you’re good. You don’t, Clyde’s got plenty of people on his payroll who have no problem putting your boy in the ground.

Here we go. It’s just a bad dream.

But it seemed so real. Rafe was here pointing his big gun at us.

I know, but you’re safe. I got out of that horrible hospital and all the way to this no tell motel on the outskirts of town, where no police officer will ever think to look for us, all thanks to you.

[soft dramatic music]

So what’s our next move? We can’t stay here forever.

Yeah, I know. These sheets are like sandpaper.

No, lover, we can’t stay here because the police are gonna be looking for us, and if we hang around, it’s only a matter of time before my nightmare becomes our reality.

So what should we do?

We’ve got to get out of Dodge.

Well, I can’t believe that I let an imbecile like Leo Stark get the better of me.

Well, don’t– don’t blame yourself. He wasn’t acting alone.

Yeah, but, you know, it’s embarrassing. Being married to Steve all these years, I have seen my fair share of bad dudes, and that I couldn’t handle these two jokers?

Yeah, well, like I said, don’t blame yourself. I mean, it’s Stark and Dimitri Von, whatever the hell his name is. I mean, these guys are two particularly slippery weasels.

I just want them caught.

Well, their mug shots are everywhere. And the minute they come out from whatever rock it is they’re hiding under, someone is gonna see ’em, and they’re gonna call it in. I mean, that’s if one of our officers doesn’t nab him first.

All right. Well, listen, keep me posted, all right?


Oh, oh, and by the way, I meant to ask you, do you have any leads on the guy who attacked Tripp at the hospital?

Oh, no. Not yet. A junkie with no ID. And good luck with that.

And the hospital security camera footage didn’t help?

Well, we didn’t get a clear shot of his face. And even if we did, I mean, it’d be a challenge to know where to even start with that.

Yeah, you don’t know who he is, you don’t know where to look, right? And you’re short staffed.

Yeah, listen, I understand. Tripp is your stepson. I wish that I could make that case my top priority, but–

I understand. Hey, it’s not the first time that someone on drugs has attacked a member of my staff. I just would like to see the guy off the street and get the help he needs.

You and me both. The truth is, random crimes are much harder to solve, and perps with no motive are much harder to find.

I–I know Rafe and Ava have history, but I don’t see why that matters whether he hires me or not.

Well, I think he might have questions about your relationship with her.

Why? Because their relationship ended badly?


[chuckles] She used her ties to the mafia to try to make Rafe look like a dirty cop.

[sighs] Yeah. That was a long time ago.

OK, well, look, if I was the police commissioner, I think I would question hiring an officer who was cozying up to someone, to a woman who tried to ruin my life. You know, and I’m not even exaggerating there. She nearly destroyed Rafe. And I’m not even bringing up what she did to Steve Johnson.

OK, I’m not really into this whole gossip thing.

Oh, this isn’t gossip. This is a warning.

OK, but I thought we were talking about my job.

Yeah, yeah, well, you’ll need to be careful if you get a job as a police officer. You need to be careful if you become romantically involved with Ava.

Ava and I are just friends.

Does she know that? Because you broke her out of Bayview, and then, you took off on the lam with her to London.

Yeah, to rescue Susan Banks.

Mm-hmm, putting your life on the line, that’s a rather grand gesture for someone you don’t have any feelings about.

I–I did feel for Ava. She felt like she had nobody on her side. She needed help, I helped her, and that’s it.

Mm. Well, in my opinion, she didn’t deserve your help.

Well, you know what? You are entitled to your opinion. I should get going.

Hey, wait, wait, wait, look, I like you. I’m rooting for you. I mean, I’m happy that you’re living upstairs. I’m–I’m happy you have a job. And after everything you’ve gone through in life, to be rebuilding your life, that’s a big deal. I don’t want to see Ava derail that for you.

That’s not gonna happen.

OK. Look, you rescued her because that’s what you do. But she’s not a victim. She’s a predator.

Kate, please.

Look… I know that because she either is obsessed about a man or she is using a man. She used my son to launder mob money through Titan.

OK, look, Ava’s told me everything about her past, and she says she left it behind. And don’t you think it would be a little awkward considering her friend is now a cop?

[soft country music]


Look, I understand that Clyde needs a new business partner, but I made it very clear that I’m not interested.

And he made it clear that it’s a done deal. You owe him for screwing up his plan.

By accident. I didn’t know that Clyde was planning to force EJ to take over his new empire.

It doesn’t change the fact that you got in the way. Thanks to your interference, Mr. DiMera is no longer an option, which means you need to step up and take his place.

I am telling you, I can’t do that.

I thought yesterday’s incident would be enough of an incentive. Maybe you need a little more convincing.

Mom, is everything OK?

[tense music]

Hey, yeah, baby, everything’s fine. This is–

Gil. Gil Carter.

I’m Tripp.

Nice to meet you, Tripp. Your mom was just telling me about what happened to you at the hospital yesterday. I hope you’re OK.

Oh, yeah, yeah, it could have been worse.

I’m sure.

Listen, when I came in, I heard you tell my mom that she might need some more convincing. About what?

Well, you know the Bistro here in town?

Sure. Yeah, I love that place.

I’m the new owner, and I was hoping that your mother would be my manager. I am so impressed with her skills as a businesswoman, her love of food. I’ve offered her the job several times, but she seems reluctant to commit.

Oh, Mom, this sounds perfect for you. Well, what’s– what’s the problem?

You know, Ava, if you think I’ll treat you differently because of your past, you don’t have to worry about that. I’ve had my own brushes with the law, and I’m a big believer in second chances.

Hey, I’ve made my share of mistakes too. You know, I wouldn’t be practicing medicine if someone in my family hadn’t given me a shot to get my life back on track.

Nothing matters more than family. Am I right?

[chuckles] OK. All right. I’ll take the job. Yes, OK? Thank you, Mr. Carter.

Mom, that’s amazing. Ah, congratulations.

Oh, hey.


That’s amazing.

Oh, hello, Kate.


I’m just picking up breakfast.

Oh, I heard what happened at the hospital. Are you OK?

Yes, I just have a bit of a bruised ego. But I’m fine.

So is it true? Did Megan’s psychotic son actually handcuff you to a bed?

Yes, he did. But it was only for a few minutes. I heard he had you prisoner on a boat for longer than that.

God, I still can’t look at a fish without getting nauseous. Please, you have to tell me that the police have tracked him and Leo.

Well, not yet. But Rafe is on it. And he is certain that they’re gonna be caught and put in jail where they belong.

[soft country music]

Winter is coming. The cold is murder on my skin. I say we go west. LA.

[gasps] No, Maui. You’d look very hot in a hula skirt.

Yes, be that as it may, but might I suggest somewhere outside of the country, somewhere where extradition isn’t a possibility.

I agree, my little dim and then sum, but to do that, we need help.

Mm, and I know just the person to help, my dear mother.

Um, no.

What do you mean, um, no?

We’re on the run, honey bun. We have to be stealth, fly under the radar.

Your point being?

Your mother is about as stealth as a fireworks display. She’s all about attracting attention, which is the last thing we need.

All right, well, then do you have a better idea?

Ah, well, there must be someone in this horrid little hamlet who can help us, a friend, another family member.

The only family member that I had a connection with in Salem was my dear Aunt Kristen, and the last time I saw her, she was pointing a pistol at me. And your only friend was…



My BFF. Last time I saw her, she told me to BFF myself.

Which brings us back to mother. She adores me. She will do anything I ask.

Which is probably the only thing Megan and I have in common. But she’s also a fugitive. We have no idea where she is.

Well, then we’ll have to track her down.

Given that the ISA, CIA, FBI, and every other law enforcement agency on the planet has failed to do so, we have to assume that that is going to take us some time. So we’re gonna have to be on the move, and to do that, we’re gonna need cash.

Then we will pool our funds, and make a plan, and stay right ahead of the police.

[tense music]

How’s it going?

Oh, still no tip on Leuschner or Stark.

You look like you could use a break.

Well, yeah, I have the same caseload and no partner to share it with. I could really use some help.

I agree. That’s why, Detective Hunter, I want you to meet your new partner, Harris Michaels.

[soft dramatic music]

Well, Mayor Price signed off on the hire, so you are officially a member of the force. Welcome aboard.

Well, thank you. I appreciate the opportunity. I do.

Well, we are glad to have you. We’ll get you a gun and a badge. We’ll get you started, as long as you’re still OK with it.

Yeah, when Rafe told me that you were gonna be my new partner, I–I did take a look into your file, and it’s not all pretty.

I know. No, it’s not. But I was hoping this job would give me a chance to start fresh and– and do some good. Look, I don’t want to make any waves. If you don’t feel comfortable, teaming up with me–

I already told the boss here that I think you are more than qualified. And besides, I like the idea of a Navy SEAL having my back.

Well, I’m looking forward to learning a lot from you, Detective Hunter.

First thing to learn, call me Jada.

Jada it is. So you said our first assignment is to find the person who delivered Susan Banks to Edmund Crumb in London. Is that–is that correct?

I did say that, but decided we’re going to focus on something that’s a little closer to home. We need to find these two punks and make them pay.

[soft dramatic music]


And $..

Huh. You know, I thought we had a bit more working capital.

So did I. Where’s the rest of your cash, Mr. Heir to the Von Leuschner fortune?

Well, as you know, my inheritance is in jeopardy at the moment. Besides, who carries cash?

People on the run from the law.

Last I checked, you were one of those people, sweetheart. Where’s your cash?

You expect me to bankroll us, Thelma? Do you know how much newspapers pay these days?

Apparently, enough to buy a $ packey of lotion from the vending machine.

FY eyeball, it was moisturizer. If I don’t nourish my skin three times a day, I start to grow scales. Is that what you want? To cuddle up next to an iguana?

OK, OK, this is hardly an insurmountable problem, Leo. We just need to get our hands on some money.

And I know just where we can find it.

Leo Stark, he’s a real piece of work, isn’t he?

Oh, you mean Nurse Leona. That was his disguise so he could come and grab a wheelchair and roll his boyfriend out of the hospital.

[chuckles] Oh, my God. They’re a couple from hell, aren’t they?

You and Leo go way back, don’t you?

Well, yes, I did take over one of Vivian’s plots to have that lowlife falsely accuse Sonny of sexual harassment.

[sighs] Don’t even remind me. I don’t want to think about it.

Oh, well, don’t you just miss the intrigue and the scheming just a little bit?

No. Yes, a little, I do. But I am happy being married to the ex-police commissioner. You know, it’s probably better than living on the other side of the law, right?

[soft acoustic music]

Oh, Mom, I’m so proud of you. Congratulations.


Thank you, Mr. Carter.

Please, call me Gil.

Oh, thank you, Gil, for giving my mom this opportunity. You won’t be disappointed.

I’m sure I won’t be.

Have you been in the restaurant business for a while?

I have, actually. But what we’re gonna be doing at the Bistro, exciting stuff.

I’ll bet.

Yeah, I’ll be counting on your mother to keep the operation humming along. Why don’t we head over there now, start figuring out our game plan?

Sure. Love you, Tripp.

Love you too.

Nice to meet you.

Yeah, you too.

[suspenseful music]

Was someone here?


Yes, my mom’s new boss.

She got a job?

Mm-hmm. And a good one too. She’s the new manager of the Bistro.

No way. That’s amazing.

I know.

Wait, so do you get a family discount? Because I could totally eat there every night.

I thought you liked my cooking.

I love your cooking.


But I also love pretty much everything on their menu.


[laughs] Seriously, Tripp, that is amazing news.

I know. I know. I’m really happy for her. She was stressing a lot about finding work, so.

So was I, but I think I happen to have a solid lead on a job myself.

Mm, tell me?

No. I don’t want to jinx it. But I’ll tell you if I get it.

When you get it.

[tender music]

[sighs] Hey.

Hey, you. How’s the arm?

It’s good. It’s good. It’s healing well.

Good. I–I spoke to Rafe, and he is not optimistic about catching the person who did that.

Yeah, I’m honestly not too worried about it.

Well, I am. In fact, I have security on the alert if he shows up here again.

Well, thank you for looking out for me. On a happier note, my mom got a job.


Mm-hmm. I thought you said yesterday you weren’t even sure if she was staying in Salem.

Well, this was too good to pass up. She’s gonna be managing the Bistro. I just met the new owner. He seems like a super nice guy.

Manage a restaurant? Wow. That’s a lot, long hours, lots of stress. I mean, are you sure that Ava can handle that?

Well, she was a little nervous, but it’s right in her wheelhouse. And it’s honest work. Look, I know you and Dad are concerned about me getting too close to my mom, but like I told you, she’s better now. She’s really dedicated to getting her life back on track, and getting a legit job is a really important first step.

Agreed. But listen, promise me that you will stay cautious. If anything happens or if she seems untethered or something, make sure that you call me or your dad.

I will. But I’m telling you, this job, it’s gonna be good for her.

[soft dramatic music]


Is there a problem?

Yeah, you know, I don’t appreciate you threatening my son.

Why don’t you focus on the positive?

What’s that supposed to mean?

You went straight from the loony bin into a steady job. Like any job, there’s going to be parts you like and parts you don’t. You’re going to be making good money. We’re going to be serving good food.

Yeah? With a side of illegal pills. It’s not a restaurant. It’s a drug front.

Keep your voice down.

I–listen, Gil, we got a problem here. I mean, if you haven’t noticed, my heart isn’t into this, OK? I gave up this kind of business a long time ago, and I’ve got no desire to get back into it. So why don’t you allow me to propose an alternative?

What are you talking about?

I handed my family business over to my cousin Angelo. We’re still tight. So I’m sure that he could recommend somebody who is much more qualified and much more motivated.

You’ll need to speak to Clyde about that.

Maybe not. Gil, come on, you seem like you’re much more reasonable than Clyde, and frankly, a lot smarter too. I consider myself pretty sharp. So why don’t we put our two heads together, come up with a way to let them know that this just isn’t going to work out?

So Leo busted Dimitri out of the hospital yesterday. And–and what? Still no leads?

We have a tip line set up. But so far, no one has called to report seeing them.

Maybe because they’re already long gone.

Yeah, or they’re holed up somewhere in town. We just got to figure out where to look.

Maybe we should start from the beginning.

What do you mean? Go back to Leo’s room at the Salem Inn?

Yeah, well, the manager’s been bugging me to take off that crime scene tape from across the door.

All right.

And maybe with a fresh set of eyes, we might find something that we missed.

It’s worth a shot.

All right.

All right.

In my room at the Salem Inn, I have an envelope stuffed with money.

And here I was thinking that you were but a lowly newspaper man.

I’m a lady, and it’s petty cash. The Spectator gave it to me for minor expenses, pencils, stamps, things like that.

And what do you actually use it for?

I pay off sources. Occasionally, I get a gelato.

That’s my boy. How much is there?

Enough to get us out of town. Problem is, Commissioner Hunky Hernandez probably has our pretty mugs plastered all over town.

Wait a minute. You think he’s hunky?

Darling, focus. We have to figure out how to get from this dump to the Salem Inn in broad daylight, get that moolah without being seen.

I’ll do it. You’ve taken enough chances for me.

No, no, I’m not gonna to risk losing you.

Well, we have to do something. I mean, as much as I’d love to jump back into that bed and hide under the sheets, we just can’t do that.

Maybe we can.

[dramatic music]

[keyboard clicking]

OK, I’m clicking on the file. Why won’t it open?

[clicking] Oh, now the screen is frozen. What the hell? My God. This–

I heard the Department needs a new IT person. Looks like I got here just in time. What’s going on?

Well, my screen’s frozen. Oh, look, now a bunch of ads are popping up.

Can I take a look?

Yes, if you would, please.


[keyboard clicking]

What do you think? Have we been hacked?

Oh, no, this is just some very annoying spyware. Here, I’ll remove it. Done.

Wait. That’s it?

That’s it.

Wow. Oh, fantastic.

[chuckles] I’m so glad we didn’t get hacked.

Oh, you could have been, easily. Your computer is basically a sitting duck. You have no anti-spyware software, obviously. I’m guessing you haven’t installed anything to protect against viruses or malware. And I’ll bet your password is your birthday.


Yeah, you need to up your tech game.

Yeah, OK. Well, then you’re hired.

I’m sorry?

Yeah, yeah, the IT job, it’s yours.

But–but you haven’t even interviewed me or–or seen my resume.

Well, I’ve seen enough. I just saw what you did.

And that was impressive enough to hire me on the spot?

Yes, it was. I mean, there’s also another reason.

And what’s that?

Well, I figure if you’re working for me, then you won’t have the time to make phony passports and help fugitives escape.

[sighs] It’s perfection.

Don’t you think it’s a bit on the nose?

That’s what makes it so brilliant. Today is the Horton Town Scare.

The what?

It’s Salem’s Annual Halloween festival. The square will be packed with people in costumes. Who’s going to bat an eye at a couple of ghosts?

Oh, I don’t know. Perhaps the police officers on patrol?

I’ll tell you what, this doesn’t work, you can ghost me.


If this doesn’t work, we might both end up dead.

Oh, well, then you can haunt me.


I’m glad that one of us finds this amusing.

Trust me. Casper, we are gonna to get that money, and we can float right on out of Salem.



So you’re sure that that arm is OK?

It’s fine. I promise, OK? How’s your day looking?

Ah, well, you know, I’m just behind on my charts. And in fact, I haven’t even– I haven’t even started the report about what happened to you yesterday.

Yeah, I–I keep going over the interaction with that patient in my head, just trying to figure out what I did or said to make him come after me.

I doubt you said anything.

Well, I tried to draw his blood. That’s when he got mad. Maybe that was my mistake.

You were only trying to help him.

And failed.

Listen, Tripp, when someone is under the influence of drugs, they’re not thinking clearly. I mean, for all you know, he was hallucinating. He may have looked at you and saw Freddy Krueger.

Yeah, and felt the need to defend himself. I mean, I–I get that. I just wish I knew for sure.

I know. As doctors, we want answers. But unfortunately, we don’t always get them. And when something like this happens with a patient, we may never know his motive.

[soft piano music]

You want to negotiate, haggle with the vendors over the price of artichokes. As far as you being the face of this fine establishment, that’s settled. Not up for discussion.

OK, listen, if you would just–

Whoa, whoa, whoa, I’m gonna make a one time exception and keep your suggestion between us. But I’m sure the Clyde would not appreciate you going behind his back to try to influence me.

OK. Look–look, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, OK? It’s just, I don’t want any part of this. I am begging you, Gil, please. There has got to be another solution here.

You want your son to keep breathing, this is it. There is no other option.


[sighs] Hey, you–you seem upset. Is something wrong.

[tense music]

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