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Ridge: Why do I feel like you’re holding out on me?

Brooke: Honey, your father and I are just worried about Eric. His behavior lately has been a bit off.

Ridge: And we’ve been over this, but why is he pushing this line now? Why?

RJ: Does it really matter why? This fashion challenge is gonna happen. It’s all gonna be over and done with soon. It seems pretty silly to keep asking why. He owns the company. He wanted to do his own line. He wanted to create a grand finale. Does he need more reasons other than that?

Ridge: A couple of things. Number one, we own the company. Number two, you don’t design a whole collection on a whim.

RJ: It’s not a whim. It’s incredibly important.

Ridge: Exactly. So, why now, after all these years, does he have to do this? Why now? There’s something you’re not telling me.

Katie: This just doesn’t seem real.

Donna: I know.

Katie: Eric is dying?

Donna: Yeah. I wish it wasn’t real. I– I– honestly, I’m– I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around all of this. I mean, the doctor gave us the news and– and– and everything just stopped. I mean, I could see his lips moving, and words were coming out of his mouth, but I– I– I just couldn’t make any sense of any of it. It just–

Katie: Oh, honey, this is so devastating. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.

[ Phone chiming ]

RJ: Wait, hold on, hold on. I’m not letting you leave. Talk to me.

Luna: I have to. I’m sorry. It’s a family matter. I can’t get into it. Goodbye, RJ.

RJ: Hey. Wait. No, seriously, I– I should be the one thanking you, honestly. I mean, being able to open up to you about my granddad’s situation, especially when I can’t talk about it with anybody else, it means a lot to me.

Luna: Well, I’m glad I can help, even if it’s just a talk. Secret’s safe, I won’t say a word.

Carter: Luna, don’t send out that invoice just yet. Eric has a last minute order. We also have to call our distributor, and– Luna.

Luna: What? Uh, sorry, what was that?

Carter: You seem a little distracted. Is everything okay?

Ridge: You’re holding something back, I can tell.

RJ: What do you want me to say?

Brooke: Honey, we’re a family. We all love each other. If Eric needs help–

Eric: Listen, when I come downstairs, I don’t want to hear any more about us not being able to complete this collection. Nothing else. And I certainly don’t want you to tell anybody else about my condition. Certainly not your father.

Ridge: RJ, if something’s wrong with my dad, I need to know. Think about it. If there was something wrong with me or with your mom, you’d want to know, right?

RJ: Okay. You’re right. There’s something that you– you both need to know about Granddad.

Donna: It started off as, you know, tremors. He had pain in his hand, and, um, it was frustrating, but you know, we could do it because RJ helped.

Katie: That’s when he started designing.

Donna: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, collaborating with RJ was the best thing that came out of this. Eric adores his grandson.

Katie: Well, I think the feeling is mutual. RJ worships his grandfather

Donna: Yeah. And it seemed like it– it was all gonna work out, you know? Eric would play the piano and they would sketch together, and he was on top of the world and it was magic.

Katie: Until it wasn’t.

Donna: Yeah. And then, the pain became debilitating and– and then, the coughing happened, and he was coughing up blood, and he, um–

Katie: Oh, my God.

Donna: Was hiding it from me until recently and– and then, the doctor said that, uh, he only has six months to live. Maybe less. [ Sobs ]

Katie: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

[ Donna sobbing ]

Ridge: Please, son. What do I need to know about my dad?

RJ: Granddad is… he’s never been more determined to create a collection. It’s like his life depends on it. There’s– this line, this– this grand finale, nothing means more to him, Dad. He’s going to give it everything he’s got to make it a reality one last time.

Brooke: We just don’t understand why he feels like he needs to do it alone.

RJ: But he’s not alone, he has me. Listen, I have to go. I have a ton of work to do, um, but it was good to see you.

Brooke: Okay, honey, bye.

RJ: Bye.

Ridge: Hey, son.

RJ: Yeah, dad?

Ridge: Whatever happens on that runway… we all love each other. We’re family. That always comes first.

RJ: Dad, I’ll never doubt how much you love me or Granddad. I hope the two of you never doubt how much I love you both.

Luna: I’m sorry, Carter. I’ve just, um, I’ve been swamped helping RJ and Mr. Forrester. I guess I spaced out.

Carter: [ Chuckles ] Well, that’s understandable. You’re new here and things can get really crazy when we’re headed into a collection launch.

Luna: Yeah, there is definitely a buzz in the air.

Carter: You haven’t seen anything yet. I’ve been here for a long time, I’ve seen a lot of events, but this one promises to be epic. I just wish Ridge and Eric weren’t pitted against each other.

RJ: Oh, hey, come on. I think we can keep it relatively friendly-ish.

Carter: Please do. You know, presenting us as a united front is part of our image and it’s important to our bottom line.

Luna: Yeah, well, Eric’s designs are incredible. I can’t imagine his collections not being a success.

Carter: Ridge is no slouch and he’s gonna bring it, but yes, you’re right. Eric has been working really hard.

RJ: Yeah, really hard, dude, he’s– he’s giving us everything that he has, body and soul.

Carter: I’ve– I’ve never seen him more motivated, that’s for sure.

RJ: He wants this line to define him. That means that this has to blow everything else that he’s done out of the water.

Carter: Well, that’s a tall order. [ Laughs ] But if the last time I saw him was an indication, I say the man’s up for it. I went to drop off some paperwork, right? And he could not sit down long enough to sign it. No, he was so– he was so amped, you know? He was so full of life.

Donna: Thank you. I love you so much. You know, I really miss my sisters.

Katie: Honey, we are right here for you. Brooke would be, too, if you told her.

Donna: No, no, no, no, no. Uh-uh. Eric doesn’t want anyone to know and as– as hard as it is to keep it to myself, that’s what he wants. And I love him so much. I don’t wanna upset him.

Katie: All right, all right. We will do whatever is best for Eric, don’t worry.

Donna: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Eric: Katie, you came back. And, uh, clearly, you know what’s happening.

Katie: Oh, God.

Eric: Okay. Okay. That’s enough of that now. That’s enough.

Katie: I just– I, um– I forgot my phone and so, I came back and I– I overheard you saying that you were dying. I’m so sorry this is happening to you. That’s so– it’s unbearably unfair. This isn’t supposed to happen to the good guys and you’re– well, you’re just about the best guy I know.

Eric: Thanks.

[ Eric sighs ]

Luna: You were gone longer than I expected.

RJ: Yeah, um, well, my dad put me on the spot. He noticed that something is a little off with Granddad, that he’s been acting differently. I mean, it’s just– he’s worried about him.

Luna: It’s pretty amazing. I mean, even though they’re both at odds and they’re working nonstop to try and win the showdown, the love and respect is still there.

RJ: Yeah, we’re Forresters. We– we always care about each other, no matter what. It’s our tragic flaw.

Luna: [ Laughs ] Well, as tragic flaws go, I think it’s a pretty good one.

RJ: If my dad just knew the truth.

Ridge: Why do I feel like you’re not listening to me? The sample is going to be down there, I promise you. Yeah. Thank you.

Brooke: The fashion challenge is putting a lot of strain on your relationship with your father. And guess who’s in the middle? Our son. That’s putting a lot of pressure on him. And I’m just worried that this might affect your relationship with RJ somehow.

Ridge: Not gonna let that happen.

Carter: All right, the big day is almost here. We’re finalizing the special guest list for the fashion events.

Brooke: And who are you rooting for?

Carter: Oh, I can’t– can’t say.

Brooke: Oh, yes, you can. Tell me.

Carter: I’m rooting for my best friend, of course.

Ridge: Right. Good answer. That’s why we’re friends, see?

Carter: But I also have to throw some support to Eric. I mean, the guy, he’s an icon. He represents the history and lineage of Forrester Creations and he gave me my job here.

Ridge: All right, BFF. You have a sentimental favorite. I get it. Not gonna stop me from beating my father on the runway.

Eric: All right, Katie. Everything’s gonna be all right. I don’t plan on going anywhere very soon at all.

Katie: I know you don’t want anyone to know, but Ridge and Brooke–

Eric: No, no, no, no, no. I don’t want you to tell them. I don’t– I don’t want you to tell anyone. Least of all, Ridge and Brooke.

Katie: They would want to help. They love you, we all do.

Eric: I appreciate that, but I want you to respect my wishes, please, please. Now, I’m not gonna worry about what the doctor said. None of us knows what the future holds. Life is fragile. Nobody knows that better than you do. What did you say to the doctors when they told you you couldn’t have a baby because of your heart condition? What did you say?

Katie: I told them to go to hell.

Eric: That’s exactly what you said, and that’s not all you said either. I remember. Katie, how old is will now? Come on. Look, all we can do is live each day that we’re given and cherish each second we have of this life that God gave us. That’s all we can do. Now, I have my own baby to nurture here and to raise and to bring to fruition and I’m gonna do it. This is gonna be my finest collection ever. And we’re gonna beat the couture pants off the Ridge while we’re at it, you’ll see. Okay.

Luna: Hey, you’re a good grandson.

RJ: Am I really?

Luna: Of course, you are. You know how much everything you’re doing means to Eric. Your grandfather is sick. He can’t design, which is like, the one thing he loves doing more than anything else in the world. You’re helping him bring his passion to life. This final collection wouldn’t be happening without you, RJ. I mean, this is huge.

RJ: Yeah, I know, but what about my dad? What– what kind of son am I being to him? I mean, I– I’ve been keeping this secret. Uh, you know, we– we don’t know how bad his health issues are, but I’ve been keeping this secret because I– I respect my grandfather. But what’s gonna happen when my dad finally finds out? How is he gonna feel about me?

Luna: He’ll understand.

RJ: No, I don’t know that. I don’t know if I would. If my father was sick and nobody told me, nobody let me take care of him or care for him, I’d be pissed, I’d be hurt. It’s not fair. What if I’m robbing him of precious time with his dad? Listen, I think he deserves to know the truth.

Ridge: You know, you’re right about what you said earlier.

Brooke: Yeah, I am right about a lot of things, but remind me specifically what you’re talking about right now.

Ridge: This fashion challenge being unhealthy ’cause it is. It’s all about my dad wanting to be in the spotlight again. It’s all he wants and RJ doesn’t see that.

Brooke: And I am worried about your relationship with your son. No fashion challenge is worth jeopardizing your connection with RJ. I’m right about that too.

Ridge: You’re right about that. That’s why I gotta keep Dad out of this chair. And I know it sounds cold and callous, but I’m right about it. He should be out there enjoying his life or– or mentoring people, but that is not what he wants. He wants to be right here in this chair. The grand finale? Mm-mm. My dad isn’t going anywhere.

Eric: All right, that’s enough of the tears and the worry and the concern, all right? Everything’s gonna be fine. I promise you. It’s time. We have work to do. It’s time to get– it’s time to beat Ridge and get Forrester back on track.

Katie: The company is doing really well, Eric. I mean, I think your legacy is safe.

Eric: Yeah, well, I’m not– I’m not exactly sure about that. You know, the company is doing very well. Hope For The Future is a sensation.

Katie: Yeah.

Eric: And I give, uh, Hope and Thomas all the credit for that for spearheading that, but it’s– it’s fashion forward. It’s fast fashion and that’s not– that’s not what Forrester is known for. It isn’t. You know, my– my legacy is built on classic elegance, classic couture. And, you know, Ridge wants to take Couture and put an edge to it and make it trendier. I don’t– I don’t agree with that. I think when a woman wears a– wears a Forrester gown, her beauty should be timeless and shouldn’t be interrupted by some– some faddish dress. You can’t do that. But Ridge doesn’t agree with that. He– he doesn’t quite respect what I want to do, he doesn’t. He’s not taking care of my legacy for me.

Donna: Eric, this– this isn’t about the company. This is about your well-being, your future.

Eric: My future is the same as Forrester’s future. It is. Look, I– I wanna make a mark that people are gonna know. Everybody’s gonna know this mark and it’s gonna put my name on the company indelibly.

Katie: But that’s already true.

Donna: Eric, you know, I’m trying so hard to stand by you, I am, but you heard what the doctor said. He doesn’t want you to do the showdown.

Katie: It– it’s not too late to back out. I can have a press release circulating within an hour.

Donna: I think we should just put an end to this. You can tell Ridge, Katie and I will– we’ll tell Brooke and– and–

Eric: You tell them what? That I’m dying? No, come here. Come here, both of you. Look, I appreciate it so much your– your love and your concern and your support. It means so much to me. More than I can say. But, uh– but this is my battle. And it’s pretty much what I gotta tell you. This is my battle. This is my choice. It’s my life, it’s my company. And if this is my last act, I’m going to take my final bow my way.

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