Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, October 17, 2023

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Phyllis: Okay. Look at this! Having dinner like a normal family. So normal.

Daniel: Just wanted to celebrate your first day at your new job.

Phyllis: Oh, goodness! Great. Ha! You’re paying, right? Because, you know, I’m not making the kind of money I’m used to.

Daniel: I know, I know, but you know, this is all about getting a clean start. Emphasis on the word “clean,” remember?

Phyllis: Yes. Exactly. And I will not let you down.

Daniel: No.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Daniel: That’s all either of us could ask for.

Phyllis: Good


Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, yeah. My immediate superior, she is a embryo, a zygote actually.

Daniel: Kayla is 29 and she has a masters in computer science.

Phyllis: Ooh! Oh wow. A masters. Oh, my goodness. Well, I have a lot to learn from her, don’t I?

Daniel: Mom?

Phyllis: My goodness! She’s a lovely, lovely, young, so very young lady.

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Yeah. Listen, I– I’m happy to be there. I’m just having fun with you, okay? And I was very productive today, don’t you think?

Daniel: I was told you were on your best behavior.

Phyllis: Yes. And– and like I said, I will not let you down.

Daniel: You know, the, uh, trick is going to be to see if you can continue that team spirit for longer than a day.

Phyllis: Right. Yes. I– I– I do have team spirit. I– I can and I will.


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