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Victor: I’m interested in getting an update for my son.

Nate: Regarding adam’s job performance as my assistant.

Victor: Now, please have a seat. So…how’s he doing?

Nate: I have to say, uh, adam’s work isn’t what i expected at all.

Victor: How so?

Nate: He’s punctual, attentive, always one step ahead with what’s needed. He’s gone above and beyond.

Victor: Sounds like the perfect assistant.

Nate: He’ll accomplish all the tasks I give him and then will anticipate things before i even ask.

Victor: Really.

Nate: His work is exemplary.

Victor: Huh. Interesting.

Nate: You don’t seem too pleased. In fact, you almost look… disappointed.

Devon: It’s good to see you, jill.

Lily: Yeah, good to hear from you.

Jill: I have some news.

Devon: Well, let’s hear it.

Jill: Well, it’s actually not good news or bad news. It’s no news at all. I have found nothing. I have hit a wall. Nothing about mamie, nothing about her investment company llb, nothing about any secret intentions as to why she invested in chancellor-winters.

Lily: Well, maybe there’s nothing to find.

Jill: Apparently.

Devon: Don’t look so happy about it.

Lily: Uh, listen, we-we understand that you are convinced that there’s more to this than what mamie’s claiming.

Jill: I most certainly am. We cannot afford to be complacent–we need to be on alert. This is where you two come in. I have to fly to san paolo for some meetings, all right? So I’m gonna be out of commission for a while.

Lily: Yeah, no problem. Well, uh, hold things down here.

Jill: Please do. Keep me in the loop. I hate to be so far out of touch…when there’s a wild card like mamie around. A wild card that seems intent on staying in genoa city.

Lily: Yeah. I don’t think she’s going anywhere.

Devon: Jill, even if mamie does have some hidden agenda we don’t know about, how big of a threat can she really be to the company?

Jill: I do not underestimate your great aunt…and neither should you.

Mamie: [Huffs] This just can’t be wise.

Tucker: Well, I figured it was time for you and I to touch base.

Mamie: Well, you could have phoned. Look, there are no new developments. I just don’t see what there is to discuss.

Tucker: The other night, i saw you with nate.

Mamie: Yeah.

Tucker. Ah. Just…curious to know what you discussed.

Mamie: Well, I don’t understand your curiosity. He is my great nephew.

Tucker: So just a couple family members catching up.

Mamie: Well, what else would it be?

Tucker: Nothing to do with our arrangement?

Mamie: Well, even if it did…why would it matter? Tucker, I’ve been up front with you from the very beginning. My interest here in all of this is to bring my family under one corporate roof. And you’re devon’s father–i thought that we shared similar goals.

Tucker: Yeah. I just didn’t know they included nate hastings.

Mamie: Well, they do. He’s my family too.

Tucker: Hey, listen, i appreciate and I understand your loyalty, but I’m afraid in nate’s case, you are misguided.

Mamie: [Huffs] Look, you’re crossing a line there, buddy.

Tucker: You are aware that he betrayed my son.

Mamie: It’s my understanding that devon and nate have moved past that.

Tucker: Yeah, it’s one thing to move past a family conflict. It’s another thing to trust nate with business. You know what he tried to do to his family when he was at chancellor-winters.

Mamie: He has given me an overview of what took place.

Tucker: So you know that he teamed up with victoria to buy up all the shares of the company when it went public–essentially handing it over to newman enterprises.

Mamie: He regrets his actions.

Tucker: What he regrets is getting caught. Nate is very ambitious, very single-minded. He’s only looking out for number one–of course, I understand that instinct, but he cannot be trusted. And he could very well destroy any success we aim to achieve.

Mamie: You can dislike and distrust nate all you want. But you and I agreed to stay out of each other’s way… to play to our strengths, our respective goals.

Tucker: Yeah, I just don’t want you to forget the common denominator between us. The target is jill.

Mamie: [Laughs] Oh, I’m aware.

Tucker: And as far as I’m concerned, she has never had any business running chancellor industries. That company belonged to my mother katherine, period.

Mamie: And I don’t blame you there. Jill was katherine’s greatest rival. Ha. I don’t think that katherine would approve either.

Tucker: Good. At least we’re on the same page about that.

Mamie: I have the utmost respect for katherine. And because you are her son… I respect you too.

Tucker: Okay. In that case, don’t forget your goal, ultimately, is to give devon and lily total autonomy at chancellor-winters, right? With jill out of the way. The only reason I’m doing any of this is to secure devon’s future.

Mamie: And devon certainly brings substantial assets into this deal. Lily and devon are excelling. They don’t need jill.

Tucker: Yeah, and you don’t need nate. He was never part of the deal, mamie.

Mamie: It’s nonnegotiable.

Tucker: [Small laugh] You’re making a mistake.

Mamie: I will handle any issues with these cousins. It’s not your concern, and quite frankly, it’s not your business. I’m the one who has a stake in chancellor-winters. So no matter whose son you are, you don’t wanna cross me on this.

Devon: I have my own questions, too, about mamie. I just don’t understand why we need to feel threatened if she has such a small stake and our company’s doing better than ever.

Lily: Yeah, I mean, our numbers are up, all of our are thriving.

Devon: Yeah. And she doesn’t seem like she wants to come in and undermine the company. She’s only talked about supporting lily and me.

Jill: See, that’s exactly what she wants us to think.

Devon: Well, don’t you think the fact that you’ve gone looking and found nothing suspicious about her or her company means that she might be, I don’t know, telling us the truth?

Jill: Or that she’s extremely good at covering her tracks.

Devon: Yeah, but to what end, though, jill? She doesn’t have any power at chancellor-winters.

Lily: Yeah, I mean, her overall investment is marginal.

Jill: Look, I know mamie, and I would bet my life this is all about me.

Lily: Yeah, but I mean, why now? Mamie’s been a successful businesswoman–why would she come after you after this decades-long battle? I mean, it’s ancient history.

Jill: If I could answer that, then I would be able to figure out exactly what we are dealing with.

Victor: So now why would I be upset to find out that adam thus far is behaving himself?

Nate: I can’t imagine. Are you?

Victor: No. Just curious.

Nate: You think adam is falling in line a little too easily.

Victor: Well, let me put it this way–he has many times in the past said that he would… turn a leaf. It’s not new. Never managed to pull it off. Why would this time be different?

Nate: Adam struggled with the idea of being my assistant. He thought the role was beneath him. But now, he seems to have thrown himself into it completely.

Victor: Question is, to what end?

Nate: I believe adam is concerned about one thing in particular. Your state of mind. As is victoria.

Victor: Are you concerned?

Nate: I was your doctor, victor. I know enough to trust that you would get medical help if you needed it.

Victor: [Chuckles] So what did adam say about my well-being?

Nate: He’s noticed some… recent odd behavior from you– forgetfulness, sudden changes in temperament. He thinks we should all keep an eye on you…for your sake, as well as for the company’S.

Victor: All right, nate. Thank you for coming. That’s all.

Nate: Of course.

[Door closes]

Tucker: I suppose you think you’ve talked me into backing down.

Mamie: Well, a smart guy like you knows when resistance is futile.

Tucker: [Chuckles] I should just bow out gracefully?

Mamie: You could always just trust me.

Tucker: Yeah. I’m not sure how much I trust this plan with nate. Seems to me it’s just…buying us more trouble than we need.

Mamie: Oh, I thought you were a “trust the universe” kind of person.

Tucker: You’re not the universe.

Mamie: Maybe a little bit of it? As are you.

Tucker: Well, I can at least take comfort in one thing.

Mamie: Oh?

Tucker: It’s a long shot if you think you can lure nate away from newman enterprises.

Mamie: Oh, is that so?

Tucker: Oh, yeah, that’s a perfect gig for him. He’s in love with power and… he’s infatuated with his new boss. How are you gonna compete with that combo?

Mamie: Where I come from, family always wins.

Tucker: Well, my money’s on victoria, so I’m not gonna worry quite yet.

Mamie: Why is it that everyone always underestimates my ability to get what I want?

Tucker: [Laughs] I would never do that, mamie. I’m very impressed by your… determination.

Mamie: Focus less on me and my goals and more on your side of this arrangement. You are in charge of taking care of jill. Have you even started there yet?

Tucker: It’ll happen. But…[Ahem] At the moment, I have other priorities. See ya.

[Mamie laughs softly]

Nikki: Is everything all right?

Nate: I’m not sure. Victor was clear-headed and lucid just now, very much himself.

Nikki: And that’s unusual?

Nate: There was no hint of any of the odd behavior victoria and adam mentioned they’ve seen from him or what I’ve seen personally.

Nikki: Perhaps that’s because victor’s children are mistaken. Hi, darling.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Nikki: Listen, um… I just saw nate outside, and he seems suspicious that you’re acting normal.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Nikki: You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?

Victor: Doing what on purpose?

Nikki: You know what I mean– vacillating between lucidity and confusion. This is some kind of plot you have concocted, isn’t it? Victor, for god’s sake, will you please tell me the truth? I need to know that you’re not losing your mind.

Victor: Baby, I’m not losing my mind, okay?

Nikki: So then you are tricking everyone.

Victor: Let me put it this way… things are beginning to coalesce around me, so…

Nikki: I don’t even know what that means.

Victor: Well, that means that I’m beginning to discover certain patterns amongst my children… and it’s somewhat upsetting.

Devon: Thank you, jill.

Lily: Yeah, we’ll talk soon.

Devon: Well, she’s not gonna let this go, huh?

Lily: [Sighing] No, she’s not. What is that?

Devon: It is tucker asking if I want to go to lunch with him.

Lily: Have you spoken to him lately?

Devon: I have not. I have not reached out. ‘Cause I don’t know what to believe about him these days.

Lily: Well, I mean, he just lost ashley–you think he’d wanna risk his relationship with you too?

Devon: I don’t know what he would or wouldn’t do. I did recently have a conversation with him about his connection to mamie, and he assured me there isn’t one.

Lily: Well, that’s good, right?

Devon: It is, if he’s telling the truth. But he also said that he called a truce with the abbotts and then showed up uninvited to jack and diane’s wedding reception, just to cause tension.

Lily: Yeah, well, he has a knack for showing up places uninvited.

Devon: And despite what he says, I’m not convinced that there isn’t something going on between him and mamie.

Lily: So why didn’t you tell jill that?

Devon: Because I need to get more information before I dump that on her and cause her even more stress in all this.

Lily: Yeah, that’s true, because she would lose it. But I mean, last time we spoke, you said that you were gonna distance yourself from tucker just for everyone else’s sake.

Devon: Yeah, I know. I’ve…been thinking about it. And it’s my instinct to do it. Even though he’s been great with dominic lately, and it’s a nice thought to have my dad in my life and in my son’s life. But I just–I can’t keep ignoring all the warning signs around me. He might be messing with abby’s family and ours.

Lily: So what are you gonna do?

Devon: I’m going to… tell him that… my day is full.

Lily: I’m sorry. I know this is really hard on you.

Devon: Yeah.

[Phone rings] Now he’s calling me.

Lily: Well, he’s probably not gonna want to take no for an answer.

Devon: Hello.

Tucker: Hey. Thanks for taking my call.

Devon: What’s going on?

Tucker: Well, I was hoping maybe you could carve out some time for me today… and I can meet you wherever you want, you just name the time and place.

Devon: Like I said, I’ve got a lot goin’ on.

Tucker: Yeah, I realize you’re very busy, um… or maybe you’d rather not speak to me because there’s a little…tension between us. Uh, but I felt like we were getting to a place of trust… and then my marriage to abby’s mom fell apart, and… anyway, I would just hate if that were to come between you and me.

Devon: Well, I imagine that it’s been difficult for both of you.

Tucker: There’s a lot to say about it. Uh…so what do you think? Cup of coffee somewhere?

Devon: I really can’T.

Tucker: It would really mean a lot to me if you could… if you could.

Devon: Okay. Sure. I will come and talk to you, but if we do this, we’re gonna have a real conversation, ’cause there’s a few things I’d like to make clear to you.

Tucker: Hey.

Devon: Hey.

Tucker: Thanks so much for making time for me.

Devon: Sure thing.

Tucker: Uh…want some food?

Devon: No.

Tucker: Something to drink?

Devon: I’m all set, I’m all set, thank you.

Tucker: How’s dom?

Devon: He’s good.

Tucker: Good. So, uh… not too long ago, uh, it seemed like… you and I were in a good place. But lately, I’ve gotten the feeling you’d like to keep your distance. And if that’s the case, I’d just like to know why.

Devon: Yeah. I’ll tell you exactly why. You have a lot of drama around you. I’m not sure how to keep my guard down with you, knowing that I can get played.

Tucker: And you actually believe I would do something like that to you.

Devon: I actually don’t think you would, but I don’t know for sure, and that’s the problem.

Tucker: Yeah. So we have definitely lost something.

[Ahem] And it seemed to coincide with my breakup with ashley. But…whatever it is, I’d like to fix it if you’ll tell me how.

Devon: I mean, I don’t think that there’s just one thing i can tell you to do to get me to trust you.

Tucker: I feel like I’ve been very, uh…clear and honest about my intentions.

Devon: You also claimed to call a truce with the abbotts, and then you showed up uninvited to jack and diane’s wedding reception, so…what were your intentions with that?

Tucker: [Laughs] Just to give them a wedding gift.

Devon: Yeah?

Tucker: Yeah, really, it was a bonsai tree, actually, to… symbolize my desire for peace and harmony with them.

Devon: I think you knew exactly what you were doing. Those people don’t like you, so you could have put the gift in the mail.

Tucker: Yeah, I could have. The idea was that I would communicate my sincerity better if I were there in person. But maybe you’re right, maybe that would have been the better route.

Devon: Yeah, maybe. I also can’t shake the feeling that you have something going on with mamie. ‘Cause I know what I saw, and i know what I felt, and I’m not stupid.

Tucker: So it’s come to that, really? Anything I say, anything I do, you just instantly doubt? Just one suspicion after the other?

Devon: Well, weren’t you the person to tell me that you can’t blame anybody for doubting you these days?

Tucker: I’m not blaming anyone for anything.

[Sighs] I’m trying. I’m really trying hard, devon, and…I wish you could just meet me halfway. Or… what can I do?

Devon: You can talk to me. I’m here, I came here, so how ’bout you start with talking to me about ashley? ‘Cause I do agree with you that this all started when you guys broke up, and based off of what I’ve heard, it doesn’t seem like you’ve taken the right amount of responsibility for that breakup.

Tucker: I feel like I’ve done…everything I can do. I can’t do anymore.

Devon: Okay. Ashley told abby this morning that you reached out to her. Is that…is that you softening your stance and trying to work things out?

Tucker: I wish there was a way to do that, I really do. I hate the way things ended between ashley and me, but she didn’t respond. So that tells me that she doesn’t see a path forward for us.

Devon: Well, you do know that she told her family that you scared her in paris. So do you think that maybe she’s not responding to you because she still feels that way? Or maybe she thinks it’s a waste of time ’cause you won’t compromise maybe?

Tucker: Oh, man…

Devon: No?

Tucker: No, let me tell you something–I compromised. I compromised and accommodated until I couldn’t do it anymore.

Devon: Hmm. And this all just came from her wanting to go back to her family and her family’s company. Like, what did you expect her to do? Just wanted her to cut the family off so you can have her all to yourself?

Tucker: No. I wanted to be a priority for her–not the priority, but a priority. And I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Devon: No, it’s not too much to ask, but you can be someone’s priority without forcing them to abandon their family. And you have to know how people are seeing this from the outside, ’cause it looks like you just dumped ashley ’cause she wouldn’t start a new company with you.

Tucker: No, no, that’s just one example of… a bigger issue between us. She’s always going to choose her family over me.

Devon: How do you know that? You guys had just gotten married. What if she was scared… ’cause your of history together. Hasn’t been the smoothest. She could have been afraid that you were only with her ’cause of what she could do for your career and not ’cause you loved her.

Tucker: Is that…how you think I view the people in my life? Just as tools to be used?

Devon: I mean, sometimes you do.

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Tucker: My love for ashley was always real. Never all just about business.

Devon: Okay. If that’s the case, then why is it so easy for you to walk away and not work things out?

Tucker: This has not been e– you think this has been easy for me? Do you think I want any of this? What I wanted was to spend a honeymoon with my wife. I wanted to enjoy her, and i wanted to plan for our future– that’s it.

Devon: Okay. Well, tell me, why do, uh, why do jack and billy think that you’re trying to sabotage jabot?

Tucker: [Sighs] I might have let off a little steam when i first got back from paris.

Devon: You might have let off a little steam–what does that mean?

Tucker: Exactly what you’d expect it to mean. I was, uh… full of rage, and I made empty threats. But it was just…pain and fury talking, that’s it.

Devon: Well, you certainly made an impression. If they didn’t trust you before, they certainly don’t trust you now.

Tucker: Devon, when I came back from paris, I was hurt, man. I was alone. And, uh… well. I don’t have any intention to follow through on any of those threats I made or even implied in the heat of the moment.

Devon: But how is anybody supposed to know that? How am I supposed to know that you’re not still angry at ashley or you’re not planning for some kind of revenge plot down the line?

Tucker: I’m not planning anything–the only reason I’m sticking around this town is for you and dom. I wanna fix this, I wanna fix whatever this is, this, this… rift between us. Is that even possible?

Devon: Yeah. It is. If you’re telling the truth and you don’t have some revenge plan for the abbotts and you’re not connected to mamie and my company now…sure.

Tucker: Regardless of all that stuff, you matter to me. Dom matters to me.

Devon: Well, it’s funny that you say that, because you keep doing stupid things to jeopardize our relationship… like threaten my girlfriend’s family. And you know ashley is gonna come back to town eventually, and when she does, if things haven’t been made right and you’re still in our orbit, there’s gonna be chaos.

Tucker: Not for me.

Devon: I’m not talking about you–I’m talking about ashley and her family. And you know as well as I do that abby will always side with her mother. And I’m always gonna side with my son’s mother. Unless you’re willing to swallow your pride and make things right with ashley.

Nikki: It is cruel to make your children think you might be ill.

Victor: Sweetheart, any less cruel than the possibility that one of my children may betray me?

Nikki: Victoria would never betray you!

Victor: You so sure of that? She might think she’d do that for my own good. This needs to play itself out. That’s all.

Nikki: I need to think about that. I need to think about all of this.

[Phone rings]

Victor: Hello, jill.

Jill: Victor.

Victor: So I see that mamie johnson publicly announced her investment in chancellor-winters. Didn’t I tell you the investor would finally reveal themselves?

Jill: I wanna know details. I wanna know who reached out to whom. I wanna know everything that went down. I wanna know every word that mamie johnson said to you during this process.

Victor: I can’t believe you’re feeling threatened.

Jill: Oh, my god, victor! Someone has infiltrated my company without my permission, and you think that I shouldn’t take it seriously?

Victor: A relative of devon and lily wants to invest in a company they’re running together–what’s so unnerving about that?

Jill: Have you conveniently forgotten my troubled history with mamie?

Victor: I think it’s charming she wants to work with devon and lily.

Jill: The truth is that i have no reason to trust mamie.

Victor: Well, I can assure you that mamie at no time indicated anything that wasn’t aboveboard.

Jill: Well, I’m beginning to wonder if you would tell me if she had.

Mamie: Oh, lily! What a nice surprise.

Lily: Mamie! Aw, so good to see you.

Mamie: May I join you?

Lily: Of course, yeah, please sit down. So how’s it going? How does it feel being back?

Mamie: Wonderful. I’m settling in. Things are falling into place. You know, I haven’t spoken with you since the party.

Lily: I know, since your big announcement.

Mamie: And how are you feeling about that?

Lily: Well, I’m happy that you wanna be involved with devon and me and the company. But I find the mystery surrounding it a little surprising.

Mamie: I just wanted to make sure that everything was in place before revealing myself.

Lily: Ah, and what does everything entail?

Mamie: Oh, all the I’s and t’S… nothing more.

Lily: Well, you certainly made an impression on jill, that’s for sure.

Mamie: Mm. I take it that you’ve spoken with her.

Lily: Yes, and she is unsettled.

Mamie: Well, I promise you I’m not gonna lose any sleep over that.


Lily: I know. I know you two are not best friends.

Mamie: Well, that’s an understatement.

Lily: But I mean, can you really blame her for questioning your intentions? Especially in the way that you went about it.

Mamie: Well, to be frank, i don’t care what jill thinks. I care what you think. And devon.

Lily: Okay.

Mamie: I have to ask. Do you doubt my sincerity? My decision to invest?

Lily: Well, I have thought about that for several days now. Can I speak plainly?

Mamie: Oh, I would expect nothing less.

Tucker: I’m not sure what you want me to say.

Devon: I mean, if ashley walked through these doors right now, would you try and make amends and work things out with her?

Tucker: Of course I would. I loved her, I love her still.

Devon: Well, there you go.

Tucker: It’s not that simple.

Devon: What really happened in paris to blow things up so fast?

Tucker: Ashley changed her mind about what she truly wants in life.

Devon: If that’s it, then you clearly overreacted.

Tucker: All right, would you…just give up your dreams, your career, your business’s future if abby asked you to?

Devon: Without a question.

Tucker: You’re certain of that?

Devon: Yes. There’s nothing i wouldn’t do for the woman that i love.

Tucker: [Laughs] There isn’t, is there?

Devon: No.

Tucker: I guess I have some thinking to do.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart. Have you thought about what we discussed?

Nikki: I can’t wrap my head around it. Nor can I condone it. It is a cruel deception, victor. And if victoria and nicholas– or even adam, for that matter– figure out that you’re laying a trap for them, all hell could break loose.

Victor: Well, as far as I’m concerned, the end justifies the means, you know? And, uh… once one of them betrays me, the rest will understand what motivated me to do this.

Nikki: What if you can’t keep the charade up long enough? I mean, nate is already suspicious of your behavior. And don’t forget–he helped you play dead, so he is well aware of what you are capable of. And he could share his suspicions with victoria.

I know. I factored that in. Very soon, one of my kids will make a move.

Lily: I do believe that you wanna do the right thing.

Mamie: I do.

Lily: And I’m sure you’ve realized that most of your surviving family is here in genoa city.

Mamie: I regret the distance I’ve had from you, devon and nate these past years. I wanna remedy that.

Lily: I know, I’m sure you wanted to, you know, have a connection with us that’s tangible, and so you made your investment.

Mamie: That’s exactly right.

Lily: But I do think that you wanted to shake jill to her core. And so I think you figured why not kill two birds with one stone?

Mamie: [Chuckles] Astute like your mother.

[Both chuckling]

Lily: I do think, though, that the family we’ve lost would be really happy that you’re here. That we can build something together, stronger and better.

Mamie: I agree. I’ll take that a step further if you’ll indulge me.

Lily: Of course.

Mamie: Financial profit is a wonderful bonus. But this… this is about family. That includes nate. I really want him to be at our company.

Lily: [Small laugh] Yeah, that’s, uh, not gonna be as easy as you think.

Mamie: Ohh, these lingering tensions!

Lily: Yes, absolutely–for good reason. I’m sure nate told you.

Mamie: Shh. I know what he did. I also know that he is deeply remorseful. He owns that he was wrong. Can we really ask any more of anyone?

Lily: [Sighs] I… I think it’s gonna be harder for devon.

Mamie: Lily, what will it take to trust him again to give him another chance?

Devon: Nate.

Nate: Devon. How are you? Uh…how’s dom?

Devon: Dom is good. He’s, uh, he’s getting big. Getting big and wearing me out. But, you know, it’s worth it. I’ll see you around.

Nate: Uh, hang on, um… I, uh, haven’t had a chance to get your take on aunt mamie’s return…now that we know she’s the new investor in chancellor-winters.

Devon: Oh, yeah. I think it’S…I think it’s great for the family. Lily and I were just talking about how she was probably feeling isolated up in detroit. So, you know, for her to be back here and around us, it’s the best thing for her.

Nate: Yeah. That makes sense.

Devon: I also think it’s important that we make her feel welcomed, like we value her being here.

Nate: Yeah. Couldn’t agree more.

Devon: Maybe that’s something that you and I can work on together.

Nate: I’d like that. In the spirit of being, uh… completely transparent, I think there’s something you should know.

Devon: Oh, boy. What is it?

Nate: Aunt mamie seems intent on bringing me back to chancellor-winters. I suspect she’s going to work on you and lily to try to achieve that.

Devon: Well, I’m not surprised, ’cause she did bring it up at the party, so…

Nate: And she brought it up to me directly as well. Wants to know what it would take to get me back at the family company.

Devon: [Exhales] Huh. Well, I appreciate the warning. Thank you for that.

Nate: Just wanna be clear. I’m not the one driving this. I’m perfectly happy where I am at newman. This is a notion that exists only in aunt mamie’s head.

Devon: If that’s the case, then it’s gonna be up to you to dissuade her of it.

Tucker: Is there a way back from this?

[Phone notification]

Ashley: No.

Announcer: Next week on the young and the restless…

Nicholas: Dad is as sharp and cunning as ever.

Abby: You mean–

Nicholas: We’ve been played. Duped. All of us.

Christine: It’s really good to see you.

How’s paul? How was the trip?

Christine: Not good.

Ashley: Hey, diane.

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