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Gabi asks Stefan how they are going to get Kristen to sign away her shares while kicking EJ out. Stefan responds that Kristen won’t sign the shares willingly so they are going to have to use her Achilles heel; her daughter, Rachel.

Kristen brings Rachel home to the DiMera Mansion and they talk about having the best time shopping together. Kristen suggests they do it every week. Rachel wishes they could do it every day but Kristen reminds her that she has school, swimming lessons and piano lessons. Holly then storms in and calls Rachel a brat. Kristen questions if there’s a problem. Holly responds that someone needs to set Rachel straight or she’s going to break her face.

Tate goes to the Brady Pub where Brady and Roman are waiting. Brady informs Tate that Roman has decided to give Tate a job and calls it a great way for Tate to begin paying back his sizable debt. Roman welcomes Tate to the family business and says he will be the maintenance manager or dishwasher. Brady jokes that it will be pretty tough on the hands as Tate shakes his head.

Rafe and Jada wait at the hospital as Rafe questions what is taking so long. Jada encourages him as Rafe complains that he won’t be happy until they get Dimitri in a cell. Kayla comes over so Rafe tells her that they are ready to take Dimitri to jail but she has to sign off on his release. Kayla responds that she’s sorry but she can’t do that.

Dimitri asks Leo if he’s going to bust them out. Leo asks why it’s all on him and complains that Dimitri got himself arrested for attempted murder. Leo says he didn’t say he would bust him out and just questioned how they would do it. Leo asks how he would know how to sneak out of a hospital. Dimitri calls Leo brilliant and declares that it’s up to him to make sure they have a happy ending.

Rafe tells Kayla that Dimitri’s doctor said he’s ready to be transferred. Kayla says that may well be but they have a strict protocol and the doctor has already left for the day and they are the only person authorized to sign that kind of letter. Jada argues that Kayla knows what Dimitri has done and they can’t risk him slipping away again. Kayla offers to try to find another doctor. Rafe asks why Kayla can’t do it. Kayla responds that she’s swamped. Jada pleads with Kayla, arguing that the hospital is not secure and Dimitri needs to be behind bars.

Leo tells Dimitri that he would do anything for them to sail off in to the sunset together. Dimitri tells Leo to focus as he is his only hope and his only way out or else they will toss him in a cell and throw away the key. Leo declares that now is the moment and asks himself what would Lucy and Ethyl do.

Roman tells Tate that he’s glad he’s on board with them at the family Pub. Roman says he will go call his grandma Kimberly to tell her the good news. Brady encourages Tate to give it a chance. Tate argues that it doesn’t make sense. Brady says it isn’t just about the money but about him. Brady asks if he thought he was just going to let him skate on pulling the fire alarm at school. Brady understands boarding school might not have been the best choice for him but he has to find a way to take a different path and start over. Tate mocks this being a father-son moment after two years of only seeing him at sports events. Brady warns Tate to watch his tone. Tate argues that he’s only the center of Brady’s world now because he doesn’t have Rachel anymore, so he’s making due with him.

Kristen warns Holly that it’s not a good idea to threaten a DiMera in the DiMera Mansion. Holly calls Rachel an annoying brat who takes what isn’t hers. Holly accuses Rachel of using her shampoo which Rachel denies. Kristen questions this being over shampoo. Holly complains that she had to beg her mom to buy it as it’s Taylor Swift’s brand and really expensive while now it’s almost empty. Rachel remarks that the boys won’t like her anyway. Kristen tells her that’s enough and declares this fight is over. Rachel argues that Holly started it. Holly remarks that she always wanted a little sister, but after living with Rachel, she’s now praying that Nicole’s baby is a boy.

Gabi asks Stefan how they get Rachel to force Kristen’s hand. Stefan admits he’s not quite sure but they do know that Rachel is the one thing that Kristen values more than anything on the planet, so whatever they do has to make Kristen feel cornered and desperate. Gabi can only think of one way to accomplish that and declares they have to kidnap Rachel. Stefan says that would certainly get Kristen’s attention. Gabi calls it her only idea. Stefan says he’s not saying it won’t work but thinks it’s overdone since Brady and Eric tried the exact same thing but it didn’t go too well. Gabi questions him nixing her idea because it’s not original. Stefan brings up the risks and consequences like them going to jail for 10-20 years. Stefan points out that kidnapping can be traumatic for the victim. Gabi argues that Rachel is a DiMera and in that family, kidnapping is like a rite of passage. Stefan thinks it’s overkill but says there is a germ of an idea there since they’ve established that Rachel is Kristen’s one vulnerability. Stefan suggests bribing the judge who awarded Kristen custody to help them realize their dreams.

Kristen reminds Rachel that Holly is a guest in their home until Nicole blows it with EJ and tells Holly that Rachel is still a little girl. Kristen sends Rachel to the kitchen for cookies. Kristen then tells Holly that she will replace her shampoo and offers to give Holly her own money to buy the shampoo because she wants Holly and Rachel on better terms. Holly questions if Kristen wants to pay her to get along with her kid but Kristen says not exactly.

Brady admits to Tate that he should’ve seen him more in California and he apologizes as that’s on him. Brady adds that he does miss Rachel like crazy but he’s not pivoting to Tate because he lost custody of her. Tate remarks that maybe it’s not on a conscious level. Brady says he’s trying to catch up with him here and he loves him which is why he’s trying to instill responsibility in him with this job. Tate knows he messed up and he’s sorry but insists that making him work here will be a waste since he will terrible at washing dishes and miserable the entire time. Brady wants him to take responsibility for his actions. Tate asks what if he did something for Brady instead that’s really important and could change his life for the better. Tate says Brady misses Rachel like crazy, so what if he helps him with that by talking Brady up to Rachel and getting her to admit she misses him too. Brady then asks what’s in it for Tate.

Jada suggests she and Rafe just get Dimitri out of here and deal with the hospital later but Kayla comes back with Dimitri’s chart. Jada asks if they can take him now. Kayla says she still has to examine him but she’ll make it quick. Kayla insists that after what happened to Kate, she wants Dimitri out as fast as they do.

Leo tries to come up with a way to get Dimitri out of being handcuffed to his hospital bed. Dimitri worries that they are running out of time. Leo offers to try to pick the lock with a paperclip. Kayla comes in and interrupts them. Kayla asks Leo to leave so she can examine Dimitri before the police take him to jail. Leo asks for a few minutes to say goodbye but Kayla says no, so Leo exits. Kayla goes to examine Dimitri but he escapes the handcuffs and grabs her.

Tate questions Brady thinking he needs an ulterior motive to help him out. Brady calls it right out of Theresa’s playbook so Tate admits that he does have an ulterior motive. Brady says he’s not getting out of the job. Tate says it’s not that and explains that he needs a reason to go to the DiMera Mansion and Rachel is that reason because Holly sent him a text, saying that he’s dead to her. Brady asks what he did. Tate says he accidentally told Nicole something that Holly didn’t want her to know. Brady guesses he needs an excuse to go over there and grovel. Tate states that he’ll help Brady with Rachel if he helps her with Holly and asks what he says to that.

Kristen brings up Nicole talking about Holly being on the honor roll which means she can help Rachel in math. Holly questions tutoring Rachel. Kristen assures that she’ll make it worth her while. Holly responds that she’ll be able to afford whatever she wants when Nicole marries Kristen’s rich brother EJ, so she declines. Holly then decides maybe she’ll do it if Kristen will help her score points with the boy that she loves.

Gabi tells Stefan that bribing a judge is just as risky and illegal as kidnapping. Stefan jokes that Gabi does her best thinking when she’s turned on. Stefan suggests tweaking the idea to dangle custody over Kristen’s head with minimal risk. Gabi decides they don’t need the judge to pull this off, they just need Brady. Gabi says Brady would do anything to get Rachel back and Kristen knows that. Stefan adds that Kristen knows if Brady had something on her, he’d be back in the court room so fast. Gabi says they need something to make Kristen look like a bad parent. Stefan goes over manufacturing proof, show it to Kristen and threaten to go to Brady, using it to force Kristen to sign over her shares. Gabi calls it a good plan but says it’s not complete because Kristen actually is a good mother, so they have nothing on her. Stefan says that’s true but he knows Gabi will come up with something.

Kristen questions Holly wanting to use her daughter to get what she wants with some boy. Kristen doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Holly mocks her thinking it’s unethical. Kristen warns her about getting on her nerves. Holly brings up Kristen’s reputation for arranging things and says she could really use the help while making Rachel a math whiz. Kristen first wants to know the boy’s name. Holly then reveals that it’s Kristen’s nephew, Johnny. Kristen argues that Johnny is not a boy and is about to become her stepbrother. Holly argues that they aren’t blood related. Kristen thinks Holly is a bit young for Johnny. Holly points out that they get along really well and that Johnny said living there has been more bearable since she moved in. Kristen remarks that it sounds like the love affair is pretty one sided. Holly insists that Johnny would be interested if he thought about it but he’s distracted right now, so he sees right through her. Holly says Johnny and Chanel are just starting to get back together, so she could use the help before they get too far along. Kristen doesn’t think she has much influence over Johnny and questions Holly thinking she can’t do this herself. Holly notes that Chanel isn’t her only problem as Nicole almost found out how she feels thanks to this jerk Tate Black. Tate then arrives and tells Holly to tell him how she really feels.

Roman tells Brady that Kimberly was really happy that Tate’s going to be working at the Pub and thinks they are doing the right thing. Kate comes over and calls it a wonderful day, mentioning that the news said the police are at the hospital to transport Dimitri to the county jail. Roman guesses he’ll finally be paying for what he did to Kate. Kate says he won’t be paying until he’s in Hell but it’s a start.

Rafe finishes a call and informs Jada that a nurse is on the way from the 5th floor with a wheelchair to get Dimitri out. Leo overhears this and heads for the 5th floor.

Kate and Roman relate with Brady about dealing with angry children. Brady talks about Tate thinking he hung the moon and now being his severest critic. Brady says he agreed with most of what Tate said. Kate encourages Brady and asks if Tate is working yet. Brady clarifies that Tate went to the DiMera Mansion to see Rachel as he’s apparently going to help him with his custody arrangement which Roman laughs at.

Kristen hugs Tate and says he’ll always be Christopher to her. Kristen comments on how he’s grown up. Tate greets Holly, who asks what he’s doing here. Tate says he came to see Rachel since he hasn’t seen her since coming back from California. Kristen says she’s sure Rachel would love to see him and asks how long he’s in town. Tate informs her that he actually moved back. Kristen calls that wonderful and goes to get Rachel. Holly doesn’t buy that Tate came to see Rachel and asks what he didn’t get about he’s dead to her. Tate knows he messed up and apologizes as he didn’t know Nicole was her mom. Holly talks about having to lie to Nicole to cover up. Tate asks who it is that Holly is in love with, then says it’s none of his business. Holly decides that everyone’s going to know sooner or later and tells him not to spread it around. Holly then reveals that she’s in love with Johnny DiMera. Tate is surprised and comments on Johnny being a little old for her. Holly responds that she didn’t ask for his opinion, so Tate apologizes. Tate knows texting her hasn’t done any good so he took the first excuse to come over and apologize in person. Tate talks about the night he met her in the park and how he was in a bad place after getting kicked out of school. Tate tells Holly that Nicole bought her story so if he sees her again, he promises to back it up. Tate adds that Holly is the only friend he has in town, so he’d really like to start over.

Gabi tells Stefan that they don’t need Kristen to be a bad parent, they just need Rachel to be in some kind of trouble that Kristen can be blamed for. Gabi is sure Brady will help and suggests cooking up something that makes Kristen look bad then tell her it’s either the shares or she loses Rachel. Stefan points out that this means they’ll have to stab Brady in the back after he helps them out and Kristen will insist on destroying the evidence. They wonder what’s next and if they need another plan.

Jada wonders what’s taking the nurse so long with the wheelchair while Rafe wonders what’s taking Kayla so long. Rafe says screw it and for them to go get Dimitri so they head to his room.

Dimitri has overpowered Kayla and handcuffed her to the hospital bed, then takes her phone so she can’t call for help. Kayla asks how he got out of the handcuffs. Dimitri responds that Leo is very good with his hands and he’ll be back any minute to bust him out. Kayla argues that he won’t get away with it and asks how they’ll get past security. Leo then returns dressed as a nurse with a blonde wig and brings in the wheelchair for Dimitri.

Kate questions Tate infiltrating the DiMera fortress to get Brady closer to Rachel. Roman calls that good of him to do. Brady notes that Tate does have an ulterior motive of scoring points with a girl.

Tate tells Holly that if Nicole ever finds her blunt, she can blame him. Holly says whatever and they’re good. They agree to be friends as Tate promises that he won’t try to kiss her again. Holly agrees to move on. Tate offers a handshake but Kristen comes back in and says it’s weird that she can’t find Rachel.

Rachel is eating ice cream in Gabi and Stefan’s room. Rachel notes that she’s not supposed to have this until after dinner. Stefan says it will be their little secret. Stefan brings up when they played 20 questions and suggests they play again, but this time he has a secret for Rachel to guess.

Gabi goes to see Brady and asks how he’d like to get his daughter back.

Rafe and Jada go to Dimitri’s hospital room and find Kayla handcuffed to the bed. Kayla explains what happened and that Leo wheeled Dimitri out.

Dimitri drops Kayla’s phone in the trash as Leo wheels him onto the elevator and they escape the hospital together.

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