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hi. Not used to having a bodyguard. I really appreciate everything you’re doing. Not a problem, ms. Devane. Oh, call me anna. Yes, ma’am — anna. Did you seeanything suspicious, you know, when I was with my friends? No. There was nothing out of the ordinary. Right, not — nobody, you know, paying special attention to me or… negative. I watched the surrounding area the whole time. I saw no indication of a threat to you. Papa, why did you insist on picking me up early from school today? Because I have a surprise for you. Hi, sweetheart. Grandma, you’re home! I’ve missed you so much. Oh. Hey, how you doing, handsome? You look so nice! I heard that you have a doctor’s checkup today. That is so cool, huh? So, why didn’t you tell me that he had a doctor’s appointment today? Aha! ‘Tis killer miller. What are you doing here at this time of day? I mean — oh, hold on. Does your infamous client, the mr. Corinthos, know that you’re here doing yoga and not sitting around clutching a cellphone, waiting on his beck and call?

[ Monitor beeping ] Hey, you’re not my regular nurse. Well, you’re not my regular patient.

[ Chuckles ] How you feeling? I’m good. [ Sighs ] Maybe a little too good. I’ve read your opinions, and you consider yourself an originalist, correct? Yes, I believe the meaning of our constitution doesn’t change over time. I was just reading an article about asher alexander, and he shares that view. Uh, isn’t that the billionaire investment banker? Mm. Yes, I’ve certainly heard of him. But I wouldn’t know if he would agree with any of my judicial opinions. I’ve never met the man. Really? Interesting. So, you flew to st. Thomas on this man’s private jet to go deep sea fishing, and yet you’ve never met him?

[ Clears throat ] With all due respect to your sources, ms. Davis, I believe you’ve been misinformed. On the contrary, I can provide dates, records, flight manifests, or anything else I need to prove that you did fly to the caribbean with asher alexander. This s eems to bea major conflict of interest. Would you care to comment? What you got there? Oh, it’s just this paperwork I’ve got to file for my, uh, administrative leave. Yeah, yeah, sam told me about that. So, does this — this mean you just get around — hang around the house in your pjs and still get paid?

[ Laughs ] Yeah. No, not quite. The pcpd is going to do an investigation and see if my reasons for shooting the perp were justified. Come on, man. You’re a great cop. Just doing your job, right? Yeah, if only it were that simple. Yeah. Yeah, nothing’s simple. Everything’s so damn complicated. It’s pretty frustrating. What are you talking about? It’s just like, you know, it seems like you do the right thing, get the wrong outcome. Elizabeth: I get it. After you’ve made a full recovery here and the doctors clear you, you’ll be sent back to pentonville. That’s got to be tough.

[ Monitor beeping ] In the meantime, I get the pleasure of your company. Nice deflection.

[ Both chuckle ] You got to fill me in on the boys. How’s cameron doing in school? Oh, the boys are doing really well. Cameron is loving being at stanford. Academically, he’s doing well. And as for soccer, he’s not a starter yet, but he has played enough games, and he has proven himself to be a very valuable player. That’s fantastic. Yeah. [ Chuckles ] He’s got to be loving it. Yeah. Oh! And what about aiden? He’s still baking. He made a pie the other day. It was so delicious. Every time you talk to me about his baking, my mouth, like, starts watering…

[ Laughs ] …Just hearing about it, you know? He is very talented and determined. He plans on going to the most prestigious pastry academy in paris, and he wants to pay for it himself. Wow. Yeah. Look at that determination. How’s he going to manage that? Oh, well, he’s started his own little business. He has a website and everything. He’s selling fancy cupcakes. He either ships them out, or he delivers them if they’re local. I keep telling him to talk to carly and see if he can sell them at kelly’S. That’s such a great idea. Yeah. I’ll put in a good word for him with carly. He would love that. How’s jake? Jake. Jake has a girlfriend. Since you’re claiming to not know asher alexander, I’m assuming that you neglected to report this deep sea fishing trip on your tax filings. Or any other gifts or accommodations that you received from this very influential friend. Am I right in that assumption? Ms. Davis, I agreed to be interviewed on my judicial philosophies, not to answer questions about where or with whom I choose to vacation, though I shouldn’t be surprised by this blatant ambush. I remember your reputation as an attorney — that is, when you could still practice law. Cheap tricks and procedural violations. It’s no wonder you were disbarred. So far, judge kim, we haven’t heard a denial. For your information, mr. District attorney, I am often here at this time of day. This is the only time this studio offers this particular yoga class. And might I remind you that I work for myself, unlike you. So, no matter how demanding my clients are, my life is my own to schedule. But you — my goodness. A public servant taking a three-hour lunch break to go pump some iron? I wonder what the invader would have to say about that. It’s j ust that the first thatI’d heard of ace’s appointment with his pediatrician was this morning, when I got the confirmation text from the doctor’s office. So, you know, a heads-up would have been nice. It’s really not that big of a deal, spencer. The pediatrician had a cancellation this morning and offered the slot to ace, so I took it. Kevin was nice enough and offered us a ride to the hospital — oh, great. Thank you. So, I didn’t wantto bother you. Well, I appreciate you doing that. I’m sorry that you had to. It’s no trouble. I work here. I would have taken him myself, had I known. Look, I just assumed you’d be with trina again, and who am i to interrupt that? Okay, except, listen, because we’ve talked about this multiple times, esme, including at that parenting class that you suggested that we take with one another. I want to be at all of ace’s medical appointments, okay? Even the small ones. And what for? Because I’m his older brother. Yeah, and I am his mother, and I am perfectly capable of looking after my own son. I missed you so much. I missed you, too, sweetheart. And I’m sorry I was away so long. Did you find uncle nikolas? Um, I didn’t actually see uncle nikolas. That’s too bad. No, it’s okay.

[ Stammers ] I do know that he is alright. I think he — he’s traveling right now. He needs a little time to himself. When do you think he’ll be back in port charles? I’m not sure. But I didn’t want to wait to see you any longer. So, I want to hear everything about your life. So, I want to hear about school and your friends and your classes. Valentin: Well, this third wheel is going to let you two catch up. I got some errands to run. I’ll see you both later. Bye, ma petite. Bye, papa.

[ Door closes ] Charlotte. Are you worried about your father? When my doctor gave me breztri for my copd things changed for me. Breztri gave me better breathing, symptom improvement, and reduced flare-ups.

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or eye pain occur. Ask your doctor about breztri. Listen, your deodorant just has to work.I use secret aluminum free. Just swipe and it lasts all day. Judge kim, with all due respect, a simple denial of the fishing trip would clear up this misunderstanding. Do you deny that you took the trip? Do you deny you were a passenger on asher alexander’s jet? This interview is over. You agreed to this interview on the record, which means I am free to publish anything and everything that was said here today. Which in the end, could prove very embarrassing to you. It might also stall your rise to the federal circuit. You lured me here under false pretenses. All you have to do is commute the sentence — the unfair, harsh sentence that you imposed on drew cain to time served and set him free. And then this interview will never see the light of day. So, that’s what this is all about. Blackmail. Ms. Davis, you belong in a prison cell alongside drew cain. Are you, um… are you questioning my work ethic? Only if you’re questioning mine. I’m just happy to see you. That’s how you show it? Yeah.

[ Laughs ] You know, I think you and i are so used to sparring with each other in court that that’s become our default M.O. I-I’m — I’m thinking maybe we should change that. But then, robert, what would we do for fun? You know, sasha went through a pretty awful ordeal, right? I mean, her leaving town — it’s not a bad idea. No, it’s a terrible idea, and I told her so. Sasha wouldn’t listen to me. Alright, enough. What did you say to her?

[ Sighs ] I told her that moving to austin without a job or friends or family would be a mistake. And? And what? And what else did you say to her? Nothing. What do you mean, nothing? You didn’t tell her that you wanted her to stay? No. Why not?

[ Scoffs ] Miss prince. The doctor’s ready to see ace now. Thank you. Look, spencer, I got it. I’d prefer to speak to the pediatrician alone. What the hell was that about?

[ Breathes sharply ] Uh, well, that was esme, exerting her parental rights, which you do not share. I think papa’s worried about me. Well, most parents do worryabout their kids. Is there something specific you think your dad’s worried about? He’s never pulled me out of school early to see you. And I know you were gone, but I could have just seen you tonight. So, why did he pick me up early from school? Okay, I think I can solve this mystery. I requested this special meeting because you are my number-one priority, ahead of everything else, and I-I wanted us to have this time alone together before I had to go back and assume my, uh, mayoral duties. Grandma, now that you’re back, I don’t feel so alone now. Have you been sitting alone in the dining room since your meeting with jordan? I have, yeah. Why? You know, I could have very easily met you up in…your room. I-I don’t like being alone in my suite. Well, you’re not alone, are you? You have sonny’s bodyguard watching over you. I just feel trapped. And vulnerable. Isolated from the rest of the world. Like a sitting duck. Waiting for whoever’s after me. I have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. Thanks to sk the reason I didn’t tell sasha that I don’t want her to leave port charles is ’cause I did what I always do. I made it about myself. Oh. How so? I don’t even know how it happened, but we…

[ Sighs ] I started talking about people making mistakes and how everyone does it. And…

[ Chuckles ] Then what? What did you say to her? Yeah, and the next thing I know, I was confessing to her that mac scorpio is my biological father, and I lied to him about it. What were you thinking? I wasn’T. [ Scoffs ] Damn, you really did make it all about yourself, didn’t you? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. I know, I just… man, I was desperate. I really don’t want her to go. Well, you don’t have to stay here alone if you don’t feel safe. I mean, you have other alternatives. Well, I’m not coming to stay with you because you have charlotte to consider. And I am not about to bring whatever danger is after me down on her. No, no. You’re — you’re right. I mean, I have to be alone with my daughter right now. It’s not a good time. But I did buy that house for the two of us. You know, regardless of what I’ve just said… I am fine here, okay? I disagree. You don’t have to stay here alone. You have plenty of friends in port charles you can turn to. You want to have fun with moi, ms. Miller? If it hasn’t been made clear to you, mr. Scorpio, I do. I enjoy spending time with you. What I don’t enjoy is, um, being made to think that I’m an afterthought or a default friend or otherwise. Wait, wait, wait. I don’t look upon you as a friend. Oh, okay, well, thank you for that. No. No, thanks. Uh, wait. Um, I think that came out wrong. Alright. I’d — I’d — I’d like us not to be just friends. Meaning? Oh, um, why don’t we, uh, pick up where we left off, hm? Absolutely not. Well, I just crashed and burned. What are you talking about? You were masterful. Masterful? If I were a lawyer in a courtroom, which I’m sadly not. I am a publisher of a newspaper, and this was a press interview. He was not under oath, nor was he facing any charges of perjury. No, but you got your point across, and very successfully, I might add. So what? So what?! What difference does it make? I just let that man leave with the upper hand. I mean, what was I thinking? That I was going to hammer him so hard that he would admit that he’s corrupt and taking gifts from special interests? We don’t know what he was thinking when he left. The guy is scum, but he has an excellent legal mind, and he did exactly what he should have done — he walked out! And me? I’m left with half an interview where he didn’t admit to doing anything wrong and zero leverage to help drew. Who’s the lucky girl? Charlotte cassadine. Wow. Good for them.

[ Chuckles ] Wow. I love hearing all this good news. Well, she wasn’t my favorite person when she was little and bullying aiden, but she’s grown up a lot, and I-I think she might actually be good for jake. In what ways? Well, you know, my boy is so shy and reserved, and charlotte is very confident, and it seems to be rubbing off on him. Hmm. It’s the first time since franco’s death that jake doesn’t seem down all the time. I’m really glad to hear that. And charlotte is the most popular girl in their class, so dating her has really boosted his self-esteem. [ Chuckles ] That’s great. You know I love jake. I love him like he was my own son. I know you do. He loves you, too.

[ Monitor beeping ] You know, you mean a lot to all of us.

[ Door opens ] Cain… your transfer paperwork has been approved. I’ll be taking you back to pentonville. My mit did change her. D calcood.To tell you the truth, but, uh, well, to tell you the truth, I was very alone when I was a kid. And it was really painful. I… I guess I just wanted you to know that you are not alone. Okay, hon? Because you have me, and you also have your dad. You’re right. I do have you and papa, but…that’s it. I don’t have any friends at school. Oh, sweetheart, I’m so sorry. Are you having trouble making friends at school? Yes and no. I think I’ve just been away from port charles too long. You know, all my old friends are into different things now, and… they just keep their distance from me. Well, you know, elizabeth told me that, uh, you and jake have become friends. Sometimes all you need is one good friend.

[ Chuckling ] Yeah. Jake and I are friends, and he’s really nice, but he’s a boy.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] That’s a lot different when you don’t have another girl to talk about things with. Yeah. You’ve got me.

[ Chuckling ] Well, yeah, but you’re my grandma. I know. It’s not the same. I don’t know, I just don’t have someone to hang out with. And papa’s never around. He’s always busy. Yeah. He spends an awful lot of time with anna, doesn’t he? I’m not goin g to imposthat is just too much to ask. I don’t think any of them would feel it was an imposition. And mac and jordan have law enforcement training. If whoever is targeting you is… the solution is not for me to hole up with my friends and bring danger to their door. The solution is for me to go after whoever is trying to dismantle my life and shut them down. There’s really no need for people to keep reminding me that I’m not ace’s father. I get that, okay? But ace’s father, who’s also my father, is missing in action because — I don’t know — he doesn’t care that he has two sons. Spencer. You don’t know what’s going on in nikolas’s head any more than I do. A benefit of the doubt is always the healthiest approach until you know the facts. Come on, kevin. Kevin! My grandmother, who is the sweetest, kindest, most determined person on the planet, has had to finally admit to herself that my father is not coming back. And someone has to fill that void. Someone needs to be there for him. Someone that’s not esme. And — and to be honest with you, I-I don’t much care what the official title is, be it “father” or “brother.” I’m going to step up and take care of my baby brother. I’m going to do it. Well [Sighs] You should care, spencer. Now, your love and commitment to ace is commendable… but you don’t have any actual parental rights where ace is concerned. I know. I know — you understand that, yeah? Yes, I understand that. And I’d really like to stop hearing about that from people like you and everybody else. You’ve heard this before? Yes. I get it. From a legal standpoint, esme has the final say. That’s right. Well, fortunately, with the exception of this — uh, I guess we’ll chalk it up to a miscommunication — esme and I have been able to work together to take care of ace, and I’M… I’m expecting that that’s not going to change any time soon. I’m a little, uh, confused. I think I’m getting mixed signals here. No, I don’t send mixed signals, robert. Picking up where we left off would leave such a bad taste in my mouth. It would just remind me about how I was used for holly’s agenda and how I was…

[Scoffs] How I was treated when she was around. I’m — I’m sorry. Okay. Thank you, but let me finish. I have been back and forth in my head about you, robert. The moment I start to think, even for a second, about what a great guy you are, smart, funny, charming, I am blindsided again by yet another revelation about something, anything in your past. So , you want good. I’ll tell you. I’m going on and on about my troubles when you, my best friend, are under an investigation at work for shooting someone. You know what? It’s nothing. This is just, uh, police procedure type stuff. It’s easier than doing math homework with rocco. I still suck at math.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. Well, thanks, man. For what? You know, everything you’ve done. Not just for me since I got here to port charles, but for sasha, too. I don’t know if we could have pulled this off without you and sam. You’re a good friend, dante. So is sam. Yeah, she came around, huh? Ah, come on. I knew that was going to happen. Oh, you did? I am irresistible. Oh, really? Oh, yeah. Yep. I don’t know. I don’t know if sasha thinks so.

[ Inhales sharply ]

[ Chuckles ] Soon. Very soon. Listen. Hey. No, no. Really, I’m — I’m sorry that all this stuff with sasha is happening, and I know she’s come to mean a lot to you. (Vo)an help you have fewer attacks and relieve you went to live with sam and dante, right? And your dad lived with anna. What did you think about that? That was just temporary while papa was buying this house for us, so I didn’t try to think about it. I didn’t even ask you, grandma. You didn’t even ask me what? What do you think of the house papa bought for me? Well, my o you think about the house?

[ Sighs ] Valentin: At first, I kept it a secret because I-I didn’t know if we were gonna close, and I didn’t want to disappoint you. You didn’t want to disappoint me? Anna, I bought the house for you. Oh, for god’S… for us, so that we could move in here with charlotte. We could start a life together. It’s all I wanted. A house like this? A home for me and papa… all to ourselves. I am sorry this is happening to you. You don’t deserve this at all. Well, you know what? I disagree… because we both know I brought this down on myself. Oh, god. I did. You know, I was a double agent. I betrayed the wsb. I betrayed my country. And I have to accept the fallout from that. No. Nothing could be further from the truth.

[ Scoffs ] You are being targeted. You are having your entire life dismantled… by someone’s twisted idea of vengeance. What? Why would you say that? Wh y do you think it’s revengeinstead of justice? Maybe I’m just being selfish. How so? You know, wanting sasha to stay here in port charles. I don’t think that’s being selfish. You like her, and you want what’s best for her. Yeah, well, if I really do, then maybe I need to realize that this has got to be really hard for her. All these reminders of brando, liam, and nightmare gladys. Well, look, gladys — you’re not gonna have to worry about her ever again. She’s never going to show up in port charles. Yeah, yeah. Sam told me your dad made sure of that. Yeah — yeah, sonny, he can be, um, persuasive.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I bet. Why do I feel I’m about to get hit by the infamous killer miller atom bomb? Ooh, infamous atom bomb. Interesting. Come on, buck up, soldier. I have a feeling robert scorpio can handle what I’m about to say. You’re sure of that? Absolutely. Besides, this is a golden opportunity for someone who shall remain nameless, but who is you, to become a better human being. Okay, lay it on me. Alright. No, we’re not going to pick up where we left off. There’s too much hurt and confusion and betrayal, dishonesty down that road. What are you suggesting? We wipe the slate clean. We clear the chessboard, as it were. And this is great, because now you get to put your pawn anywhere you want to because you’re starting at square one. That may have been our only chance to get drew released, and I had to fumble it. You didn’t fumble it. You got to him. I should have approached this like in negotiations, where each party gets what they want. A subtle warning to judge kim about a potentially embarrassing career decision, and then he gets the chance to clean it up before the dam breaks. And then an early, quiet release for drew. Nothing said overtly, all implied. This is how deals are done every day. But I had to go for the jugular. I had to grandstand. And you know why I did that? I believe you’re about to tell me. Because that’s what lawyers do. And I’m a lawyer, or I want to be one, and I-I miss it. I wanted to win, and I lost big. Not for me, but for drew. You know, maybe there’s a way we can delay this. Elizabeth. Dr. Ashford is on duty. I can talk to him, and he can say that there are more tests that need to be done tomorrow. Then you can stay here an extra night. There’s no point in delaying the inevitable. Honestly, it probably would make it more torturous. Hey, we both know I’m gonna end up in prison eventually. Okay, then let me call carly for you. No. Why not? Because I don’t want her to see me literally be, like, hauled out of here in chains. It’d be better that she just… she just finds out about it once — once I’m gone.

Ardiance an happen. Most common side effects were nausea and sleepiness. Ask about ubrelvy. Alright. Are you leaving? I thought you could sit around all day and listen to me sulk. Oh, yeah. And rip up napkins? That sounds like a lot of fun. No, I, uh, got to get this stuff to mac. Hey, listen. Seeing as you’ve told sasha that mac is your father, don’t you think you should tell him the truth, too?

[ Chuckles ] I mean, I think he deserves to know he’s got a son. What? No, no. No way. No, I mean, I-I-I lied to mac’s face about being his son. I-I — dude, there’s no way I could look at his face and see the disappointment and hurt when he found out. Okay. Can’t do it. Okay, look, I’m — I’m not gonna push it, but you have to think about what you’re keeping from him. This isn’t a minor thing. You not telling mac that you’re his son, that makes everyone’s life a lot more complicated. Well, as, uh, as an ex-spy, I’m a pretty strategic and excellent chess player. So, what are you saying, district attorney? I accept the challenge and the conditions. Excellent. I’m just going to give you a warning. Uh, wait a minute. A warning? Yeah. That’s a strategic advantage to me. No, in this case, a warning is just a warning. This is a game solely between you and me. If you invite anyone else to play or even watch, then I’m going to take my queen and go home. Just you and me. Those are my terms. Hmm. Liking how this sounds already. Just us — robert and diane. Uh, more like — more like diane and robert. But here’s — here’s one more thing. Name it. Not only will I take my queen and go home, I will take the entire chessboard. And there won’t be a rematch. Spencer, I get it. I do. Ace is your little brother. You want nothing but the best for him. But you really don’t help him if you deny the reality of the situation. The reality is that I’m going to do what I can for him. The reality is you and esme no longer have anything in common except ace. And as your lives diverge, and they will, you may have to accept a reduced role in ace’s life. No. I don’t accept that. Hey, how’d it go? Ace is once again in the 99th percentile. Oh, way to go. That’s what I’m talking about. I think that this calls for a celebration, yeah? What if we go to kelly’s, celebrate? Okay, well, uh, thanks for your help. I appreciate it. I’ll take it from here. A cup of hot cocoa from kelly’s does sound good, doesn’t it? Yeah? Get you some snacks. Maybe you can color.

[ Gasps ] You’re such a good artist. I know how close you are with your father, charlotte. And as much as he loves you, your father was never a teenage girl. But I was. And I remember what it felt like. And it was really, really hard sometimes just…to be yourself. I felt like — I felt like no one understood me, you know? I never knew how I fit in in my family. I-I didn’t feel like I fit in at school at all or with my friends, you know, hon? Oh, sweetie. And I had two really successful doctor parents, and that was kind of hard. Yeah. I didn’t always believe everything they told me. Did I take the advice that they gave me? No, I didn’T. It was a very hard time. Painful. Confusing. Charlotte. Can you keep a secret? Sure. Okay. When I was your age… …I made some mistakes. Some really big mistakes. Really? Yes, dear. I did. And it was your great-grandmother, lesley, who saved me, really. She did. She was like my rock. And I want to be there for you right now the way she was there for me. I want that more than anything. Wouldn’t have it any other way. So, sweetheart… …if there’s something that you need to say to someone, something that maybe you need to share… …I’m here to listen to you. Grandma… yes, dear? I’m really glad you’re back. I missed you. I missed you, too. This all started with the reading of victor’s will and your wsb file being released to the press. Your father’s final act of revenge on me. No doubt. And I think that triggered someone else to take action. I think there is someone else targeting you on victor’s behalf. Have you always been this hard on yourself? Yes. Especially when I screw up like I did today and the screw-up affects somebody that I care about. I’m sorry, alexis, but I-I don’t see it that way. I was here, and I saw and heard you in action. You were great. And if anything significant happened today, it was that you made a sacrifice. What sacrifice? Every instinct you have was screaming — is still screaming to publish an exposé on kim’s corruption, to barbecue him in the invader. But you held back for drew’s sake and offered kim a deal. I came on too strong. There’s no guarantee that a softer approach would have been any more effective. The point is, is that I went after judge kim because I wanted to, and it was stupid and unprofessional.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Sighs ] I have to get that. Hello. Thank you, uh, for letting me know. Keep me posted. That was a friend of mine from the federal building. He said that judge kim asked his clerk to pull drew cain’s file. And? Apparently, he may be reconsidering drew’s sentence. See? Nice work, counselor.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

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