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Young & The Restless Transcript


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[ Audra sighing ]

Audra: Remind me again why we ever stopped doing this?

Kyle: ‘Cause you fired me.

Audra: Oh. That. Have you forgiven me yet?

[ Kyle chuckling ] I have a proposition for you.

Kyle: Oh, I hope it’s as good as the last one.

Audra: I am changing the subject now.

Kyle: Okay. All right. I’m listening.

Audra: It’ll be risky.

Kyle: Oh. I can do risky.

Audra: And your first instinct will probably be to say no, but I want you to hear me out.

Kyle: Mm.

Audra: Can you do that?

[ Lock rattling ]

Billy: Hey.

Jack: Hey.

Billy: Got here as soon as I could. Where’s diane?

Jack: She and traci are out for the night. I want to fill you in before they get back.

Billy: Fill me in on what?

Jack: Tucker’s wedding gift. It appears the bonsai tree had a special added attraction. A listening device.

Billy: Are you kidding me? I mean, what am I thinking? Of course, he planted a listening device in a wedding gift.

Jack: Yep.

Billy: Where is it?

Jack: It’s in the study. Door’s closed, it can’t hear us.

Billy: Well, you were right about him.

Jack: Oh, yeah. He’s still coming after us. All those mea culpas added up to just what I thought. Garbage.

Billy: Well, I give him points for ingenuity. A plant in a plant.

Jack: Well, he took a page out of ashley’s playbook years ago. When we were at war, she planted a bug in, what did she call it? A truce gift.

Billy: So, she mentioned that somewhere along the way and tucker’s eyes lit up like it was a genius plan? Who– who tipped you off about this?

Jack: Surprisingly, phyllis.

Billy: Phyllis told you about it?

Jack: Well, she told me enough to put me on the right track.

Billy: Okay, well, right there, that is enough to be suspicious.

Phyllis: Okay. Look at this! Having dinner like a normal family. So normal.

Daniel: Just wanted to celebrate your first day at your new job.

Phyllis: Oh, goodness! Great. Ha! You’re paying, right? Because, you know, I’m not making the kind of money I’m used to.

Daniel: I know, I know, but you know, this is all about getting a clean start. Emphasis on the word “clean,” remember?

Phyllis: Yes. Exactly. And I will not let you down.

Daniel: No.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Daniel: That’s all either of us could ask for.

Phyllis: Good.

Summer: Okay, so tell me, how was it? How did it go today?

Phyllis: Oh, um… well, I’m in the it department, not running the it department, of course, but I’m in there.

Summer: That’s a change for you.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, yeah. My immediate superior, she is a embryo, a zygote actually.

Daniel: Kayla is 29 and she has a masters in computer science.

Phyllis: Ooh! Oh wow. A masters. Oh, my goodness. Well, I have a lot to learn from her, don’t I?

Daniel: Mom?

Phyllis: My goodness! She’s a lovely, lovely, young, so very young lady.

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Yeah. Listen, I– I’m happy to be there. I’m just having fun with you, okay? And I was very productive today, don’t you think?

Daniel: I was told you were on your best behavior.

Phyllis: Yes. And– and like I said, I will not let you down.

Daniel: You know, the, uh, trick is going to be to see if you can continue that team spirit for longer than a day.

Phyllis: Right. Yes. I– I– I do have team spirit. I– I can and I will.

Daniel: You know we’re both rooting for you here, right?

Summer: Yeah. Exactly. I mean, that’s why we’re here. We’re here to celebrate this new you, and we really appreciate the fact that you’re willing to work your way back. I know that it’s not easy for you, but you can do it.

Phyllis: I know I can do it. I won’t let you down like I’ve said so many times.

[ Phyllis laughing ] Um, listen, I– I– I really feel like I’m on a roll. I really do. Um, I was able to find the money that stark hid and stole from me and I was able to pay back the insurance company, and that’s all good. And then, um, I’m working with my genius son. So, I feel really, really positive. I feel like all the bad karma is sort of slipping away from me and I won’t– I won’t get back into my, you know, dark ways. I– I just feel from here on out, it’s just smooth sailing. I’m not just accomplished.

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Phyllis: Okay.

Tucker: Good evening. Daniel.

Daniel: Tucker.

Tucker: Summer. And phyllis. I hope you don’t mind my saying you look particularly radiant tonight.

Phyllis: Thank you, tucker.

Tucker: You’re welcome. And here you are in the bosom of your family. Positively warms the heart. Enjoy your meal. Hey. Single malt, please. Neat. Make it a double.

Summer: Okay, what is going on between you and tucker now?

Phyllis: Nothing.

Summer: What was that?

Phyllis: What?

Summer: Mom, he was glaring at you. It was creepy.

Phyllis: That’s what he does, you know? He makes people uncomfortable. He likes it. It’s my turn in the barrel, I suppose.

Summer: Uh, he’s still doing it.

Phyllis: Okay, well, let’s ignore him. Here. Get your menu.

Daniel: I don’t think so.

Phyllis: Oh, daniel, what are you doing? What are you doing?

Daniel: I’m just gonna go have a little chat with him.

Phyllis: No, no, no, no, you are not. That’s what he wants you to do. Just ignore him. Sit down. Sit down. Daniel! Daniel!

Tucker: Hey, daniel. Can I buy you a drink?

Daniel: Oh, no, thank you. Um, just wanna know what’s with the glare.

Tucker: The what?

Daniel: The glare. Ever since my mom came in here, you’ve been glaring at her. Something wrong?

Billy: How many times does phyllis have to burn us before we realize that she can’t be trusted?

Jack: I am not arguing with that.

Billy: Okay, then why do you trust her now?

Jack: Because she’s given us usable information that’s proven to be true. She said that tucker bought this listening device and she was right.

Billy: Okay, but we don’t know what motivated her to share that information, jack. She could be working both sides against the middle. We’re talking about phyllis here, okay? Whoever’s the highest bidder wins her services. So, why don’t you tell me how much you paid for this?

Jack: Nothing.

Billy: I’m sorry, what?

Jack: She didn’t ask for a dime.

Billy: Wow. You must be a magician. First, you get adam newman to share dirt on tucker for free and now phyllis.

Jack: No, in the case of adam, I am all but certain it was transactional. I’ll do this for you if in the future you do it for me. With phyllis, I– a part of me is starting to believe she realistically wants to redeem herself.

Billy: Well, that is a stretch for me.

Jack: I know who she is, I know what she’s done, I’m not disagreeing. We need to monitor her carefully, but I think she’s getting tired of people crossing the street when they see her. And I know she is fed up with her kids losing their faith in her.

Billy: Okay, so what? She wants to be liked now?

Jack: Respected, and she knows she’s lost that.

Billy: Okay, let me just remind you. Phyllis was helping tucker frame me for embezzlement, okay? Again, it’s phyllis. And now if she went to tucker to help pay her debt, that means tucker holds something on her.

Jack: So, it’s your theory that phyllis is still working for tucker, that this tip of the planted device is just another misdirection to– to regain our trust?

Billy: Makes just as much sense as her suddenly developing a conscience.

Audra: So, how are things between you and your father?

Kyle: Oh, no, no, no. What about this risky proposition?

Audra: We’ll get to that. I was just curious if, you know, you’ve made any progress convincing him to dump billy and put you back in charge at jabot?

Kyle: It’s not looking likely at this point.

Audra: So, billy isn’t going anywhere?

Kyle: Apparently not. Just when I thought my dad had wised up and was ready to throw billy out, billy somehow convinced him otherwise.

Audra: And where does that leave you?

Kyle: Nowhere. My dad offered me some other position at jabot, one he can’t seem to pinpoint. But it wouldn’t matter even if he could, ’cause it’s an absolute non-starter for me.

Audra: You sound angry.

[ Kyle scoffing ]

Kyle: Hell yeah, I’m angry. I deserve the second-in-command position. I’ve done it before. I can’t imagine going back to jabot in any other position. And my dad… seems like deep down, he feels like I don’t have what it takes.

Audra: Well, he’s wrong. And I know it– it stings.

Kyle: Yeah, it doesn’t feel great when you feel like you’re being pushed out of your family. Anyway, why are we talking about this?

Audra: I was just curious to know where things stood with you and your family.

Kyle: Why?

Audra: Because I’m interested in you, kyle. Would you prefer I don’t ask you anything about your personal life?

Kyle: Uh, no. Don’t be mad.

Audra: I’m not. Trust me, if I ever get mad, you’ll know it.

Kyle: Hm. So, you ever gonna tell me?

Audra: Hm?

Kyle: This risky proposition you keep teasing me with?

Audra: Oh. So, I am– I’m teasing you, am I?

Kyle: Heartlessly.

[ Audra chuckling ]

Audra: Well, kyle, you know, I’ve been called many things in my life, but never a tease.

Kyle: Hm. Try killing bugs the worry-free way.

[ Both sighing ]

Audra: Mm. Good thing we got that out of the way.

Kyle: Oh, I hope not.

Audra: Mm. Don’t worry. We have all the time in the world now.

Kyle: I like the sound of that.

Audra: Me too. Now, no more sneaking around, no more looking over my shoulder to see if nikki approves.

Kyle: Mm.

Audra: It’ll be just us.

Kyle: That sounds really nice.

Audra: Mm-hmm. It does. So, are you ready?

Kyle: Wow. You’re insatiable.

Audra: I wasn’t talking about that. I am talking about the proposition I was gonna offer you.

Kyle: Ah, that. Finally.

Audra: Now remember, you promised me you wouldn’t say no right away.

Kyle: I did.

Audra: Okay. So… what would you say if I told you I could offer you a position at jabot?

Kyle: I would be confused. Which I am.

Audra: What if I could make that happen for you, kyle? You know, and I’m not talking just some, you know, middle management position. I’m talking about the job you want.

[ Kyle laughing ]

Kyle: Okay, then I guess I would have to ask, how you managed to pull off that little coup because last time I checked, my family still owns the company.

Audra: For now.

Kyle: Oh, you’re gonna make a move on jabot?

Audra: Well, it wouldn’t just be me. But I mean, I would be a part of it, yes.

Kyle: Okay. All right. Enough with the games. Where’s this headed?

Audra: I was getting to that.

Kyle: No, we are already there, audra. What are you asking me to do?

Audra: I want you to form an alliance with tucker and me.

Tucker: No, I think you got it wrong.

Daniel: Sure.

Tucker: I wasn’t glaring at her. I was just looking at her. I was looking at all of you actually. And, uh, I was jealous.

Daniel: Jealous?

Tucker: Yeah. Yeah, coming here and I– and I see you all together, you know, pulling together after everything that’s happened to you guys, and it made me think about the situation I’m in currently, which is not at all like that. It’s a beautiful thing to see and painful.

Daniel: Well, we have been working on things.

Tucker: Yeah. I can tell. Makes me wonder if I ought to be more forgiving of ashley.

Daniel: That’s not a bad idea. You could always hop on the next flight out to paris and, uh, go give it a try, right? What do you think?

Tucker: Maybe I should. Meanwhile, may I pick up your dinner tab?

Daniel: No, that’s–

Tucker: No, no. Please. I insist. It’s the least I can do. ‘Cause you really have, all of you, given me such hope. Please.

Daniel: I’ll think about it.

Phyllis: What did he say to you?

Daniel: Him? Oh, he just wants to pay our tab.

Phyllis: What?

Daniel: Yeah. Oh, and he admires how we’ve forgiven you.

Phyllis: Oh, he doesn’t care about that.

Daniel: Obviously, he doesn’t care about that. I’m just telling you what he told me.

Phyllis: Okay, well… he just is playing mind games. That’s what he’s doing. He’s trying to play mind games with us. Let’s not let him. But I’m happy to let him pick up the tab. It’s the least he could do.

Summer: What does that mean?

Phyllis: Excuse me?

Summer: Mom, you’ve been glaring at tucker ever since daniel walked over there. So, what’s going on? What does tucker owe you?

Phyllis: Nothing.

Summer: Nothing?

Phyllis: Nothing, summer, okay? Honestly, would you let up on me? I mean, not everything I do has, you know, something to do with collusion or conspiracy. Just let it go. Just relax.

Phyllis: I don’t owe tucker mccall anything. He doesn’t owe me anything. We’re square, okay? Uh, I’m nothing like him. He thinks I’m like him, but I am not at all. Is that understood?

Summer: Yeah.

Phyllis: Okay, is that understood, daniel?

Daniel: Maybe he was just being generous.

Phyllis: Oh, really? Ha! I doubt that. Sir?

Summer: Mom, what’s the– what are you doing?

Phyllis: Uh– uh, his presence has clouded our nice family gathering. Okay, let’s go elsewhere. All right? Can we have the check?

Waiter: Um, mr. Mccall has taken care of it.

[ Summer sighing ]

Phyllis: Seriously?

Daniel: Hm.

Phyllis: Let’s get outta here.

Summer: Wait, aren’t you gonna thank him?

Phyllis: Who?

Summer: The guy that just bought our dinner. Isn’t that how it usually works?

Phyllis: I’ll send him an email.

Summer: Mom, come on. It’s the polite thing to do.

Daniel: Yeah, I agree. I don’t see what could be so wrong about just saying thank you.

Phyllis: Sure. I would like to thank you for dinner… bottom feeder.

[ Tucker chuckling ]

Jack: I am not saying we should trust phyllis completely. She has burned us many times.

Billy: Not just that. She’s lied, cheated, and stolen from almost everyone in town. Has no problem sending them to jail.

Jack: No one has forgotten that, but we have to go back to what she’s doing for us now. I found the bug that tucker planted because phyllis told me about it.

Billy: I find it hard to believe that she did that out of the goodness of her heart.

Jack: I don’t care what her motivations are. As long as it benefits us, that’s what I give a damn about. I am nowhere close to forgiving phyllis for all that she put diane and kyle and summer through, but I am grateful that she helped us with this latest tucker thing.

Billy: I wonder what it is.

Jack: What?

Billy: This hold that tucker has on her and whatever she’s trying to do to pay him back. It’s gotta be exhausting living your life that way. Always on guard, not being able to relax and just live because she knows that those lies are gonna catch up with her. They always do.

Kyle: Why on earth would I consider joining forces with tucker mccall?

Audra: Because one way or another, he will get his hands on jabot. It’s what he does. And– and there’s no one else in the world who’s better at it than him.

Kyle: Was this what tonight was about?

Audra: What?

Kyle: The sex, the tease. Were– were you just playing me?

Audra: I don’t have to seduce you into coming on board. You either will or you won’T.

Kyle: You already know my answer.

Audra: And you promised me you’d think about it.

Kyle: Yeah, but I wasn’t expecting this.

Audra: Well, this is where we are, kyle. You know, and I think you at least owe it to yourself to hear me out.

Kyle: What did tucker offer you?

Audra: The top job.

Kyle: Figures.

Audra: And you running it with me, okay? Tucker prefers to stay on the sidelines. He wouldn’t be involved in the day-to-day. Hey, we could run jabot the way it should be run.

Kyle: And all I would have to do is betray my mother and father.

Audra: What have they done for your career, kyle? Jack fired you and diane stood aside and allowed it to happen.

Kyle: Audra, my mother wants me back at jabot.

Audra: Where? In some subservient position where you get to report to billy? Is that really what you want?

Kyle: Okay, this is insane.

Audra: No, it’s not. It’s an opportunity… for you and for us. And you haven’t exactly said no yet either. If you’re taking an antidepressant restless will continue.

Kyle: You know, what makes you think I won’t go straight to my dad and warn him?

Audra: Jack and billy already know that tucker is coming after them. It’s no big secret. So, fire away. You know, it compromises me, but I can take it.

Kyle: Well, I’m not participating in this.

Audra: Then, why are you still here? Why didn’t you slam out the door the minute I laid this out for you? Because you know this makes sense. Look, all I’m asking you to do is to think about yourself for a change. What’s best for kyle? Instead of settling for whatever crumbs your family throws at you. Your father, he had his success. A great career. Okay, now– now, would it really be the end of the world for him to step back and see his son take the reins? Yeah, isn’t that how family dynasty survive?

Kyle: No. No, no. What you are proposing will blow up our family dynasty.

Audra: Not if you were on board. Hey, not if you and I took over that family business, okay? And made it vital and exciting again.

Kyle: You’re not family.

Audra: Well, you know, jack clearly doesn’t wanna give you the chance. Tucker and I can. And it would be the mistake of a lifetime if you turned it down.

Jack: I wanna believe, at the end of the day, phyllis is not going to allow herself to be forced by tucker to work against us.

Billy: It’s a lot of hope, but not a whole hell of a lot of history there, jack. ‘Cause this is phyllis, again, right? She’s gonna take care of herself. And I’ve seen nothing to believe that she’s changed her ways.

Jack: I have seen something.

Billy: Really? What is that?

Jack: She deeply cares what her children think, especially summer.

Billy: That’s why she lied to them about being dead?

Jack: Billy, she’s trying to win them back, she knows she played a large role in ruining summer’s marriage to kyle. She also knows if tucker is making a play for jabot, that is going to impact marchetti, which means it will affect summer’s livelihood. Phyllis does not wanna do anything to hurt her daughter. That is to our benefit.

Tucker: Right back at you, my love. I… I happen to know that you’ve been feeding jack information about me.

Phyllis: Who told you that?

Tucker: Ah, phyllis, please, don’t insult my intelligence. Just tell me what it is. What is it you think you have on me?

Phyllis: I have plenty on you.

Tucker: You don’t really think you can play both sides of this game, do you?

Phyllis: Well, if I were to play sides, I definitely wouldn’t be on yours, okay? Our business is concluded.

Tucker: Normally, I would agree with you, you’re more trouble than you’re worth, but that was before you sold me out to the abbotts. I’m very upset about it.

Phyllis: I think you’ll get over it.

Tucker: You’re gonna have to make it up to me.

Phyllis: When hell freezes over.

[ Tucker chuckling ]

Tucker: That can be arranged.

Phyllis: Tucker, I don’t owe you anything. We’re done doing business together. I think you’re a little paranoid.

Tucker: You know what? Maybe, you’re right.

Jack: Phyllis has something on tucker.

Tucker: You wanna try again?

Phyllis: Hm. You heard a conversation.

Daniel: What could possibly be keeping her over there right now? What kind of connection could the two of them possibly have?

Summer: You know, let’s– let’s go find out.

Tucker: Meet me in my room in 15 minutes. It was my pleasure. Absolutely my pleasure to do for you all. I was telling daniel that, um, seeing you all together like that has given me renewed hope. Maybe ashley and I can, uh, resolve our differences and reunite as well. So, I gotta go, but, uh, enjoy the rest of your evening, bye.

Daniel: Have a good night.

Tucker: You too.

Phyllis: What?

Daniel: Just thought it was taking an awful long time to say thank you.

Phyllis: Tucker goes on and on, you know–

Summer: Okay. Enough. Mom!

Phyllis: I was just saying that tucker goes on and–

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Billy: We know for a fact that tucker is gunning for us, and that listening device is even further proof that he is not backing down. And that’s even with us threatening to go public with the damning information that he’s involved in a cover-up, jack.

Jack: He doesn’t know, but he’s given us some power.

Billy: I don’t see that.

Jack: Tucker doesn’t know that we’re onto him about that listening device. We could use it to misdirect him. Give him bogus information that will chase him out in the open.

Billy: I– I don’t think that’s gonna work, okay? Tucker’s a lot of things, but he’s not dumb. Coming up with a phony story in the hopes that he’s listening to it? He’s gonna see that in a heartbeat.

Jack: Yeah, you’re probably right. What is our alternative? You have any ideas?

Summer: Mom, it’s really not a hard question. Something’s going on between you and tucker. Tell us what it is.

Phyllis: Okay. Listen. I don’t wanna lie to you guys ever, ever again, so, um, I’ll let you know. So, jack asked if I could help him find out some information about tucker and I agreed.

Summer: To do what?

Phyllis: To help jack.

Daniel: How specifically did you help him? What did you have to do?

Phyllis: Hacking.

Summer: Hacking?

Phyllis: Yeah, I– I hacked– I hacked into– I hacked into tucker’s computer and found out that he recently purchased some listening devices along with some software. Um, my suspicion is that he was gonna use it against the abbotts and I told jack.

Daniel: Mm-hmm, and I bet tucker found out.

Phyllis: Well, yeah, he found out, and so, then, he wanted me to help him in turn, but I absolutely said no.

[ Daniel laughing ] You know, tucker is always trying to work an angle. But that’s not gonna work with me. Tucker mccall has met his match and he knows it. What? What’s wrong? I did the right thing.

Summer: Oh, my gosh.

Phyllis: I did the right thing, no, no, no. I helped the abbotts. Tucker’s a bad guy. He’s a shark. I’m the good guy. I help them defend themselves against tucker mccall. What’s wrong with that?

Summer: Mom, you’ve made yourself a target of tucker’s now, again.

Phyllis: So what? I can handle that.

Daniel: No, no, no. That’s not the point. Yeah, you were helping the abbotts, okay, that’s a good thing, but you were working a scam to do it.

Phyllis: Okay, well, I didn’t have any other options.

Daniel: Did you even consider any other options?

Phyllis: Okay, such as?

Daniel: Such as doing nothing.

Phyllis: Ugh, I already told you.

Daniel: No, you told me. You told me you’re on the side of the angels, I get it. Well, why couldn’t you just say no to jack and to tucker? Why couldn’t you just tell him you don’t wanna be a part of their little stupid game?

Phyllis: Daniel, daniel, it’s a little more complicated than that.

Daniel: Is it?

Phyllis: Yes, it is. Okay, what would you suggest I should have done? You tell me.

Daniel: What would I suggest?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: I don’t know. Focus on yourself. Focus on your job. Maybe focus on loving your family. Let that be the thing that turns jack’s opinion around about you. But no, you–

Phyllis: Jack’s opinion?

Daniel: Yes, jack’s opinion. You seem to care what he thinks. You’re helping him, right? You see a shortcut though and you gotta take it.

Phyllis: I can’t have this conversation with you guys anymore.

Summer: No, mom, all that daniel is trying to suggest is that maybe, there was a less sketchy way to handle things.

Phyllis: There wasn’T. I would’ve appreciated a less sketchy way, but there was not. And I swear to you, I did the right thing right now. I did the right thing, but it’s not enough for you guys. So, you know what? I don’t even know what to say.

Daniel: Okay, now, you are overreacting.

Phyllis: No, I’m not!

Daniel: And you’re not being fair.

Phyllis: Oh, you’re not being fair. I’m being completely fair. I am trying to do the right thing, but it’s not enough for you guys. I am over this. Seriously. I truly, truly give up.

[ Summer exhaling ] Choosing a treatment for your chronic migraine –

Daniel: Mom.

Phyllis: Hm?

Daniel: I am sorry.

Phyllis: And why would you apologize to me? I’m a lifelong criminal, a lifelong screw-up. I don’t deserve an apology.

Summer: Look, we recognize that you– you actually have been trying and maybe– maybe we haven’t been totally fair to you today.

Phyllis: There’s no maybe. You have not been fair.

Daniel: Okay, look, we questioned your motives and your methods. That has kind of become a knee-jerk reaction for us and it is not okay. It’s not cool.

Summer: You’re right about the jack thing. We just really hate that it’s put you back on tucker’s radar. That’s it, okay?

Daniel: Yes.

Phyllis: Okay, listen, I– I want you two to know that I can handle that, trust me.

Summer: Okay, but mom, just don’t do anything stupid.

Phyllis: Me?

[ Daniel chuckling ] Listen, okay, guys. I know I have a long way to go before you trust me again. I know that. I want you guys to give me the benefit of the doubt, please, and by the way, I’m far from stupid.

[ Phone chiming ] Oh. Uh-oh.

Daniel: What?

Phyllis: Um, I have some unfinished work. Oh, I have to go back to the office. Um, you know, my boss, he’s a real stickler, so… well, um, hey, maybe, we can get together tomorrow and finish our celebration, and hopefully, it won’t get interrupted.

Daniel: That would be nice. It sounds like a good plan.

Phyllis: Okay.

Daniel: You have a good night.

Phyllis: Okay. Good night. Hey, today’s the beginning of my new life.

Summer: Okay.

Phyllis: Yay!

Summer: Night, mom.

Daniel: So?

Summer: I don’t know. I really just wish that we could have a night with our mom that was just a normal night with our mom.

Daniel: Think that’s ever gonna happen?

Summer: I keep wanting to believe her and she keeps pulling the rug out from under me again, so.

Daniel: So, you think there’s more to the story?

Summer: It’s our mom, daniel. There’s always more to the story. And it usually doesn’t have a happy ending.

Jack: What’s your plan?

Billy: We stop playing games with tucker. He enjoys it too much. We don’t give him the satisfaction.

Jack: How?

Billy: We drop the hammer on him. We release everything we have out into the public. He’s gonna come after us and come after our company, that’s fine, but we release that dirt and we show him that we are not backing down.

Jack: Hey, kyle.

Kyle: Hey, dad.

Jack: Hey, you okay?

Kyle: Um, sure, yeah, dad, everything’s fine.

Jack: You don’t seem fine. What is it? What’s wrong?

Tucker: Right on time. Come on in. I’m happy you’ve seen the wisdom of falling into line.

Phyllis: Mm, is that why you think I’m here, tucker?

Tucker: What other reasons could there be?

Phyllis: Well, um…

[ Both laughing ] You’re about to fall into line. I, once again, am holding the cards.

Tucker: Oh, brother. This should be amusing.

Phyllis: Okay, well, let me tell you, um… we’ll see if you find it amusing. I, uh, was doing a deep dive into all of your spy purchases recently for jack, and, um, I came across a really, really interesting connection to mamie johnson.

Tucker: And that’s supposed to mean something to me.

Phyllis: Well, maybe, not to you… but it’s gonna mean something to lily and devon. It’s gonna mean something to jill abbott. That you and mamie johnson are silent partners.

[ Phyllis laughing ] Oh. Let me see. Let me see. Let me see. Well, I once again, am in the driver’s seat and I’m sure this is a secret that you don’t wanna let out. So… how should we proceed?

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