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At the Pub, Jada tells Rafe that she’s sorry for falling apart like this over Talia leaving town while Rafe assures her that it’s okay and understandable. Kate comes over and asks what’s wrong. Jada informs Kate that Talia is leaving town and on her way to the airport. Kate mentions Talia just getting a job at the hospital and she thought she was happy. Jada responds that she was until recently. Kate guesses it’s about sleeping with Shawn and the ramifications of it. Jada is surprised that Kate knew. Kate explains that Marlena told her. Kate says no judgment, but she thinks it’s probably best for Belle, Marlena, and Talia to not be in close proximity. Jada just wishes it didn’t end up this way. Kate understands it’s been great for her to have her little sister but assures that she and Rafe are always there for her.

Gabi catches up to Stefan outside the DiMera Mansion and asks how long he’s going to give her the silent treatment. Stefan brings up Gabi turning Vivian in to the police and her now being on the run. Gabi asks if it’s really so bad and thinks she did her a favor. Gabi encourages Stefan to focus on the positives in that they have Dimitri and Megan’s shares and now Dimitri will be headed straight to the penitentiary.

Leo brings Dimitri dessert in his hospital room then says he’s not going to share because he doesn’t deserve it. Leo declares that they could’ve had it all but Dimitri ruined everything.

John calls Marlena and informs her that he got his father set up in an assisted living home and how great he’s doing. John adds that it’s just a short drive up the road so they can all see him anytime. Marlena is glad they found room for him since they have a full house with Tate moving in. John says it would be almost perfect if Belle wasn’t going through such a rough time. John asks if Marlena can leave work early so they can go check on Belle. Marlena responds that she doesn’t have any other patients today so that could work well, but then Paulina arrives and tells Marlena that she needs her help.

EJ sits at home and calls Susan to make sure she got home safely. EJ tells her that he loves her and hangs up. Gabi and Stefan enter the room. Gabi jokes about how ruthless EJ and Stefan are but they turn in to total saps with their mother. Stefan remarks that Gabi doesn’t quite understand the bond between a mother and son. Stefan tells EJ that he was elated to hear that Susan is still alive. EJ thanks Stefan and says for what it’s worth, he’s sorry that Stefan’s mother was forced to go on an extended vacation. EJ questions Vivian only shooting Dimitri to protect them which Stefan confirms. EJ doesn’t understand why Dimitri snapped and asks why he decided suddenly that he wanted Gabi and Stefan in an early grave.

Dimitri didn’t realize that Leo was so angry with him. Leo reminds Dimitri that he told him not to kill Gabi and Stefan but he tried to do it anyway. Dimitri argues that he didn’t plan for it to happen. Leo complains that Dimitri threatened them with a gun and now the love of his life is going to prison.

Marlena tells John that she has to go and they’ll talk later as she hangs up. Marlena asks what she can do for Paulina. Paulina asks her to rescue her from her frustration and misery because Abe is on the brink of getting his memory back, so she needs Marlena to push him over the edge.

John calls Belle and says he was thinking that he and Marlena could stop by later with some of her favorite food. John says he understands she needs her space and tells her not to be sorry. John tells her that they are there for her if she ever needs them and they love her as he hangs up. Abe then arrives so John asks what’s going on. Abe apologizes for dropping in unannounced but says he was just wondering if he could speak with Belle. John says he’s afraid Belle doesn’t live here but he just got off the phone with her. Abe remembers that it’s John’s son that lives there and says it’s hard to keep track. John asks what he wants to speak to Belle about. Abe reveals that he was wondering if Belle could help him file for divorce. John questions Abe wanting to divorce Paulina and says he was under the impression that things were getting better between them. Abe says they were and talks about going to her place for dinner last night. Abe talks about how Paulina thought he remembered where the wine was and she was so excited that she went on and on about it for the rest of the night. John questions him wanting to end his marriage over that and asks why he would be upset with her over getting excited that she thought he got his memory back. Abe clarifies that he’s not upset with Paulina but he’s divorcing her because he’s come to care about her so much, that he’s divorcing her for her own good.

Paulina tells Marlena about Abe remembering where the wine was and insists it had to be a memory. Paulina wants to unlock more memories with hypnosis or electroshock. Marlena senses Paulina’s anxiety and pain means she could benefit from some therapy herself.

Jada asks Rafe if Harris is going to be her new partner. Rafe points out that it’s an unorthodox hire and that Paulina and Jada both have to sign off on it first. Jada responds that Harris was a navy SEAL so she’s sure he’s more than qualified for the position. Jada adds that Harris practically saved Rafe’s life in London. Rafe thinks he could’ve handled Edmund Crumb on his own. Jada jokes about bruising Rafe’s ego. Rafe notes that he did speak to Harris about their potential first assignment together, as he wants them to figure out who kidnapped Susan after the car crash and shipped her off to London.

EJ knows that Dimitri has always had homicidal tendencies but feels Stefan and Gabi must have done something to set him off. They think back to Dimitri holding a gun on them. Gabi informs EJ that they discovered Dimitri only married Gwen so he could inherit his fortune, found out that he was sleeping Leo behind her back, and decided to blackmail him. Stefan claims they were only blackmailing him for half of the fortune, but now Gwen is on her way to find it and leaves them empty handed. EJ remembers he has an errand to run and says they can pick this up later as he exits. Gabi questions why Stefan lied because she was looking forward to telling him that they got Dimitri and Megan’s shares. Stefan responds that it’s best that EJ doesn’t know until they figure out how best to use their shares.

Dimitri questions Leo saying he’s the love of his life which Leo confirms. Dimitri says he loves him too. Leo talks about never feeling this way about anyone before and calls Dimitri his fairy tale prince. Leo says he never thought in a million years that something like this could happen to him. Leo repeats that they were so close until Dimitri screwed it all up. Dimitri admits he let the ego get the best of him and made a royal mess out of everything. Dimitri says he’s sorry. Leo argues that’s not good enough as he screwed over his best and only friend to be with him. They talk about Gwen leaving town. Leo remarks that Gwen deserves the fortune after how they treated her. Dimitri argues that it’s his money. Leo asks what good it’s going to do when he’s probably going to spend the next 20 years in prison. Dimitri says not if Leo helps bust him out.

Rafe informs Jada that Edmund swears he can’t remember the man who called him about Susan and Susan can’t remember anything until she was dropped off in London. Jada notes they don’t have much to go on. Rafe says he has his best detective on the case, so he’s not worried. Rafe then gets a call from Dimitri’s doctor, who informs him that Dimitri is well enough to be transferred to a holding cell. Jada offers to be his backup so Dimitri doesn’t slip through fingers like his mom did which Rafe agrees with as they exit the Pub.

Leo questions Dimitri wanting him to help him escape. Dimitri says they have some time until the cops transfer him to jail so they can look at this as a golden opportunity to find a way together. Leo says they could do that but argues that they would be on the run for the rest of their lives. Dimitri understands he’s asking a lot, but he did just call him the love of his life. Dimitri insists that they can still have their happily ever after but they have to act now. EJ then arrives and comments that Dimitri is looking well and on the mend. Dimitri asks what EJ is doing there. EJ brings him chocolate peanut butter which Harold said was his favorite. Dimitri calls that strangely kind of him. EJ asks why since he is his nephew and says he was appalled when he heard that Vivian shot him. Leo accuses EJ of bad acting and asks why he’s really here. EJ responds that since Dimitri is heading to prison, he thought there was a discussion to be had about he and Megan’s DiMera shares. EJ thought it would be best if he took possession of those shares as his uncle and his family, he promises to have his best interests at heart. Dimitri responds that he’s touched, but unfortunately he’s a little too late as he no longer has the shares.

Stefan and Gabi go to their bedroom. Stefan talks about how they have Dimitri and Megan’s shares which doesn’t give them a majority but puts them on equal footing with EJ, so the key is how to get the upper hand. Stefan talks about no one switching from EJ’s side. Gabi offers to still work her magic on Li but Stefan says he’ll pass. Gabi talks about being solid with their shares but Stefan is not so sure.

John tells Abe that he’s not following him since Paulina loves him, so a divorce is the last thing she wants. Abe responds that maybe it’s what she needs as he doesn’t want her to live in disappointment so maybe she needs to find someone without this baggage. John jokes that maybe Paulina would be better off with someone else and he has the perfect guy in mind.

Paulina questions why she would need therapy when her memory is fine. Marlena is concerned about her fixation on Abe’s memory. Paulina talks about wanting Abe to remember. Marlena suggests focusing on their current relationship since their dates have been going well. Paulina complains that they would be even better if Abe remembered. Paulina questions how long it’s going to take before it all comes back to Abe. Marlena thinks Paulina needs to prepare herself for the idea that Abe may never get his memory back. Paulina questions just surrendering when they have created years of memories. Marlena says she can cherish those memories but Abe doesn’t have them so she will have to be okay with that. Paulina refuses and says she’s very stubborn. Marlena urges her to find her way to acceptance or else she will be pressuring Abe to remember and he will feel like he’s let her down which could be the beginning of the end of their relationship.

Abe asks John who he thinks would be perfect for Paulina. John responds that it’s his dad which Abe questions. John calls it a long story but says they recently reconnected. Abe asks why he thinks they would be a perfect match. John says he has a lot going for him. Abe questions how old he is since John’s not exactly a spring chicken. John jokes that his dad is only 97 and how he really thinks Paulina would like him a lot. Abe questions if he’s out of his mind. John remarks that if he didn’t know better, he’d think Abe was getting a little jealous.

EJ asks Dimitri what happened to his shares. Dimitri reveals that he gave them away to Gabi and Stefan. EJ questions why the hell he did that. Leo argues that Dimitri doesn’t have to explain himself but informs EJ that Dimitri had no choice since Gabi and Stefan were blackmailing him which is why he pulled a gun on them. Leo adds that they refused to call an ambulance after Dimitri was shot until he signed over the shares. EJ calls them bastards. EJ gives Dimitri prison advice and throws away his dessert as he storms out. Leo calls that unnecessary and a total waste.

Stefan tells Gabi that he’s more worried about Kristen and Peter’s shares. Gabi doesn’t see Kristen turning on them when she and EJ have a rocky relationship. Stefan worries about EJ trying to get Kristen to align with him, so they need to make sure Kristen is feeling warmly towards them. Gabi suggests they could also just take Kristen’s shares like they took Dimitri’s.

Paulina tells Marlena that she can’t lose Abe as he’s the love of her life. Marlena encourages her to stop worrying about the past and to focus on their future to start making new memories with Abe. Paulina agrees to take her advice and back off because all she wants is for Abe to have peace of mind and be happy, so she will do her damndest to help him get there. Paulina declares that she will do anything for Abe.

John says that Abe is talking a big game about letting Paulina go but he doesn’t think he’s ready to do that. Abe agrees that maybe he’s not, especially because he thinks he’s falling back in love with her. John calls that music to his ears and says filing for divorce would only hurt both of them. Abe asks what if he’ll never be enough for her or if he’s never going to be the man he was. John says he’s known Paulina for a long time and all she wants is him, with or without his memories. John assures that Abe and Paulina are meant to be together.

Gabi tells Stefan that maybe she shouldn’t have ratted out Vivian since she could’ve been useful right now. Stefan asks if she’s saying they should have Vivian shoot Kristen and refuse her medical attention until she signs her shares over to them. Gabi points out that it worked before. Stefan argues that he doesn’t want his sister to die. Gabi says they need to find a way to exploit her weakness like they did with Dimitri. EJ storms in and says they make him sick as Dimitri informed him that they forced him to sign over his shares. EJ thought they had a truce and questions what’s next. Stefan tells him to cut the holier than thou act and not to pretend that he didn’t go to the hospital with the same exact intention. Stefan remarks that EJ is just pissed because they beat him to the punch.

Leo tells Dimitri that he can’t stay mad at him. Dimitri asks if that means Leo might help bust him out of here. Leo says that would subject them to a lifetime on the run. Dimitri asks what is keeping Leo in Salem and what he has to lose. Leo brings up that his mother is in prison and he hates her but his therapist is working to reframe that. Dimitri points out that Leo doesn’t have any other friends now that Gwen is gone. Leo asks about his career with the gossip column. Dimitri asks if Leo loves his column or him more. Rafe and Jada then arrive. Rafe says he hopes they’re not interrupting.

Marlena goes home and asks John what time they are going to Belle’s. John responds that is not going to happen because Belle said she needed time alone right now. Marlena is so sorry she’s going through all this. John encourages that Belle is strong like Marlena. John asks Marlena about her last appointment. Marlena explains that it was more of a visit from Paulina who is going through it with Abe. John calls that interesting since Abe showed up here and they gave similar advice. They talk about being a team as they kiss.

Paulina and Abe meet in the town square. Paulina says she was really happy to get his call. Paulina apologizes if she seemed overzealous the other night about his memory possibly coming back as she knows it’s a lot of pressure to put on him. Abe notes that she was pretty intense but he does admire that about her. Paulina thanks him for understanding and asks why he wanted to meet. Abe responds that he thought he would take her to the Bistro for dinner which she agrees to and they walk off together.

EJ tells Gabi and Stefan that they are not going to push him out of the family business. Stefan says no one said they were going to. Gabi adds that they just want things to be fair and are happy to work side by side. EJ doesn’t believe them and warns that two can play at this game as he storms out. Stefan says that EJ is going after Kristen’s shares. Gabi says there is no time to waste then. Stefan says he just got a brilliant idea.

Rafe informs Dimitri that he and Jada are there to escort him to a cell at the Salem police department. Leo argues that Dimitri is still recovering from a gunshot wound. Jada points out that he’s also accused of attempted murder and his doctors said he made a full recovery and is fit to stand trial. Rafe says as soon as Kayla signs off on it, they’ll be on their way. Leo argues that they still have a few minutes. Rafe and Jada then leave the room while Leo then asks Dimitri how to get him out of here.

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