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Here you are! I’ve been looking all over for you. It’s almost like you’re avoiding me. No. No, no, no. Why would I avoid you? Look, I understand the situation. Now, in front of olivia, who happens to be one of my best friends in the whole world, you have to pretend so you could spare her feelings. Pretend? Well, w-what do you mean? Eddie! We’re alone now, right? I mean, come on. When you first walked in and you saw me, the look on your face was undeniable. You may not remember olivia, but you remember me. Well, as I said, you look very familiar. Mm-hmm, which is exactly what you need to say in front of the family you forgot. There’s no way you can forget all the times we had. Young lois:

Face it, eddie. I am relentless in my pursuit of excellence. I’m not a singer. I’m a salesman. Come on.

[ Chanting softly ] Eddie. Eddie. Eddie.

[ Cheers and applause ] Yeah! You were amazing! Eddie, eddie, eddie! You took my breath away! Come here, you little miracle worker! Oh! Eddie!

[ Laughs ] I will remember this night for the rest of my life. I won’t forget it, either. You know, we seem to have a little time on our hands. Any suggestions on, uh, how to fill it? I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I sure do love you. And I would be so honored if you’d be my wife. Okay! Lois: Edward lawrence ashton is the biggest liar on the face of the earth! Mr. Ned ashton is none other than mr. Eddie maine! Not a word! Not another word from your lying mouth! Not ever again! I love you. I don’t know who you are. I don’t even think

you know who you are. I’m ned ashton, who fell in love with a woman who changed my life, who made me love her and need her in a way that I have never loved or needed anyone.

[ Shrieks ] I can’t do this anymore. You and I are from two completely different worlds. We have to start thinking about what’s best for the baby. That’s what really matters. I love you, ned. Ned: But you’re still leaving me. Some people never find it, you know, loves of their life. But I owned it — for a while anyway. Forever. Lois: Come on. Our wedding… coney island… I can see it in your eyes. You remember me. That’s not what you’re seeing in my eyes. Look — you look familiar, but I really don’t remember you or our wedding. I mean, I was married to olivia, and I don’t remember her. I’ve got this great daughter and I don’t remember her, either. Finn, where are you? It’s backgammon night. You’re late. No. He’s not. Finn’s not coming. You came all this way to tell me that? No. I came to settle a score. And, pilar, will you just wait right here with avery? Yeah. Of course. Hi. May I please speak to detective falconeri? It’s a matter of life and death. Dex! Did you find ava?

[ Monitor beeping ] Drew: Hey. Hi. Hi. Hm. Mmm… how are you feeling? Better now that you’re here. Okay. What did the doctors say? They said that I am recovered enough to go back to prison. Cyrus: Dr. Gatlin-holt. What are you doing here? Well, I’m happy to see you again, too. You know, we have some unfinished business. Yeah, ma, that’s great lois is back in town. I will — when I get a chance. Yeah. Okay. But I got to go. Because I’m at work, ma. Okay. Love you. Bye.

[ Knock on door ] Yeah? Sorry to bother you, detective, but she said it was urgent. It is. Yeah. What is it, joss? Ava’s in trouble. Dex! Anything?! Damn. No. There’s no one here. Basement is empty. No sign of ava.

[ Engine shuts off ] You don’t have to do this, mason. Oh, but I do, ava.

Uh, ava didn’tpick up avery? No. And pilar hasn’t been in contact with ava. Does sonny know? No. Pilar knew that he was marrying nina in puerto rico. She didn’t want to contact my mom ’cause she’s dealing with drew in the hospital. I went to wyndemere. I talked to ava’s butler. He hasn’t seen her since the night before last. But yesterday morning, he — he found a broken martini glass on the living-room floor. I found ava’s cellphone. And this. This isn’t avery’S. She hates grape. I asked her. It’s not hers. So you think whoever dropped that was with ava? Dex: You’re certain this is the final location with ties to pautuck trucking? Yes. Affirmative. And you’ve already searched the other seven. It’s a reasonable assumption, given his connection to the trucking company,

that he would have

taken ms. Jerome to one of these locations. Okay. Did you check to see if mason gatlin has any properties only in his name? I went through all the financials available on mr. Gatlin, including purchase histories, credit cards, known addresses. Everything points to him only using these properties. Spinelli, this may be nothing, but… ava was here. You’re certain? Yeah. Yeah. Uh, maybe gatlin was alerted when I checked the other locations and he decided to move her. Seems like a logical conclusion.

I need you to check

every traffic camera in pautuck and on the surrounding highways. Already under way.

Okay. If mason is

still in the same vehicle, we may get lucky. I know this wasn’t your idea, mason. Why? I’m so dumb, I can’t have one? No. No. Because…I don’t think you’d hurt me. I don’t think you’d hurt anybody. I just — I think you’re following orders. And I understand that whoever you’re working for must be very powerful. But this is one order that I think that you should disobey. ‘Cause if you go through with this and sonny finds out that you were behind my disappearance — and believe me, he will find out — then you’re gonna be the one who pays. I think you know what that means. Mason. Really, your only chance is to let me go. You think so? Yeah. I’ll cover for you. You’d do that for me? You’d cover for me with sonny? Yeah! Yeah. Of course. Of course I would. I’ll make up some excuse for why I — for why I was gone. And sonny will buy it. He will. I-I’ve gotten things over on him in the past, you know. Well, that’s a really good offer. Except for that you already told me he’d figure out anything I did because he’s so damn smart. But you want me to believe

you’ve fooled him?

[ Chuckles ] I can do it. I can. And, you know, right now I haven’t been gone long enough for him to even be suspicious! But if I’m gone for much longer or if — if something should happen to me, sonny will find out what you did. But if you bring me home right now… I’ll protect you.

[ Chuckles ] Ava, you’re full of it. I’m not gonna let you go. We’re gonna sit here, quietly… and wait for my orders. Austin: What do you want? I want to thank you for testifying on my behalf at the hearing. As you can see, with your critical input, the judge determined I wasn’t medically fit to stay in pentonville and finish my sentence. Right. Because you’re such a “feeble” man. You know, complete freedom miraculously invigorates a man. Well, you are a master of miracles. So why don’t you pull another one out of your hat and let ava go? When did you become so cynical? We had a deal — I would testify on your behalf, and if you were released, then you would release ava. So here you are. Now you live up to your end of the bargain and tell mason to let ava go. When? When do they want you going back to pentonville? I’m not exactly sure. Okay, well, that’s wrong. Your doctor’s being overly optimistic about your condition. Carly… I mean, I’m gonna talk to him, and I’m gonna make him understand that it’s way too soon to send you back to pentonville. No, I don’t want you to ask the doctor to lie or exaggerate to keep me here longer, carly. He saved my life. He did his job. Saving your life could be a waste of time. Because if he sends you back to pentonville, the people who almost killed you are gonna try and finish the job! Hey, you two. Eddie, ma, I wanted to introduce you to chase. Oh! It’s very nice to meet you, ms. Cerullo. Oh! Well, aren’t you as gorgeous as everyone says! And please do not call me ms. Cerullo. Please call me lois. Thank you, lois. You know, I was practically a baby when I had her. Ma! What? I’m just being honest with the man who’s making our daughter so happy. I mean, you weren’t lying to me when you told me that, right? Of course not. Chase is the best. Aww. And that’s exactly what our daughter deserves. Isn’t that right, ned? Eddie. -What? -Pay attention. Seeing these two together, it feels so right. Right? A-and, chase, you should feel honored because my daughter doesn’t settle for anyone. Ma! What?! I’m just saying! You always go where your heart leads you, and your heart led you to chase. Was it your heart that led you to me, lois? Alright. Let me have it. Thank you. What? Thank you. You did something that had to be done. I kept putting it off, and I shouldn’t have. You’re not angry? Damn straight I’m angry — at you, at myself for not telling chase, at my diagnosis. But if my illness has taught me anything, it’s that… anger is a waste of time.

[ Laughs ]

What the hell’s so funny? I’m sorry. I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing at myself. I was so convinced that you were gonna be furious with me for telling chase about your als, for which I am so sorry. But instead, here you are waxing philosophical about anger and time. I was hardly “waxing.” But I do understand the irony, even if I fail to see the humor. Well, I guess I-I find it funny that you think that anger’s a waste of time. It is. Well, for me, I find anger a powerful motivator. In fact, I consider my ability to channel anger into action an asset. Figures you would. We kind of had a complicated romantic history. That would have been good for you to forget. I’d still like to hear it. Nah. Nah. Some other time. You know, chase and his better half don’t want to sit here listening to me yammer on about our past.

I’d like to hear it. Brook lynn and lois: Really? Absolutely. Alright. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Come on. Uh, okay. Well…

[ Clears throat ] I guess it all started when my heart led me to a man who didn’t exist. Carly. I’m gonna be fine. Don’t worry. How can you ask me not to worry about you? Well, I’m in pentonville because of my own actions, my own decisions. You’re being your usual noble self, and I love it. It’s something I absolutely love about you. But it doesn’t cost that doctor a damn thing to keep you here, to keep you safe! Hell, he’s not risking his medical license. He’s protecting your life, the life that he saved. And I love you for trying to rationalize it, I really do, but you got to let me deal with my own situation. It’s not your own situation. It’s my situation, too. You don’t have to take orders from anybody. Oh, god. Will you shut up?! I know exactly who you think I am. I’ve known ever since that fancy quartermaine barbecue. Yeah, you walked in and you saw me threatening austin… and you saw the knife in my hand. Turned you on a little. I could see that in your eyes. Then you heard me talk… saw a little dirt under my fingernails and said to yourself, “hey. He’s white trash.” I wasn’t worth your breath. It wasn’t until you found out that I knew you murdered your rich husband… that I even got your attention. And then I could see how phony it was. But, hey, my smart-ass cousin,

he got your attention. Yeah, ’cause he’s a high and mighty doctor. So you just jumped right in the sack with him. Betcha that was disappointing, huh? You could’ve had your chance to be with me, a real man. But you missed it. And now you’re never gonna get that chance again. So you’re gonna sit there and you’re gonna shut up! Giving you a seat right here in the important person’s chair. Do you know where mommy is? Uh, you know, that’s what we’re gonna figure out, okay? I know it’s late, but I want you to stay here with your sister and pilar, okay? Okay. Alright. Cool? Thank you. Yeah. Of course. Hey. Uh… whatever they need. Okay? You got it. Thank you. As I said, I am grateful for your help, doctor. And I trust, with the lord’s guidance, everyone will be safe. Stop. Cyrus, stop. I promise you — ava’s not a threat to you. She has no idea that mason and I work for you.

[ Device beeping ] Sounds as if your patients need you. Godspeed. Okay.

[ Cellphone rings ] Yeah. Do you have the passenger? I do. Take her home. Hey. Wait. I don’t think that’s — the situation has been resolved to my satisfaction. Take. Her. Home.

S young. Practically a baby, like I told you earlier. And I was naive. I became completely infatuated with eddie maine, who I thought was living a double life. Pharmaceutical salesman by day, rocker by night. That’s quite a combination. Tell me about it! Little did I know, he was actually ned ashton, who was planning on marrying another woman at that time. And get this — he actually married that woman while he was married to me. Olivia? No, no. Not vivi. That came later. You could sell this story to “20/20.” I tried! They didn’t believe me. Right? Hold on. Eddie…is any of this ringing a bell? ‘Cause I swear it’s the god’s honest truth. No. No. And just so you know, I am not living a double life now. I am myself — eddie maine, musician. And, lois, look. If what you’re saying really happened — whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you calling me a liar? No. I just want to apologize on behalf of the man I was back then… and for the way I treated you. So, how is chase handling it? Wait a minute. How are you? Here. Sit. Ah. Well, I’M… getting weaker. My hands are cramping and twitching a lot more. I drop things. I really miss being able to drive myself, but I had to give that up a while back so I wouldn’t pose a danger to anyone else. And I’m probably gonna have to start using a cane sometime soon ’cause my balance is going in and out. Otherwise, I’m great. How about you? How about a drink? Sounds good. Scotch okay? Perfect. I am… very relieved you came by.

[ Chuckling ] You are? Yes. You know how it is when you’ve made a mistake and you dread the consequences? Yeah. That’s how I felt with chase. No, no, no, no, no. You may not have handled the situation perfectly, not telling chase when you told finn, but there were mitigating circumstances. I, on the other hand, shoved my foot right in my mouth and blurted something that was not mine to say. Clearly there was no malice intended.

[ Glasses clink ] Clearly. ‘Cause if there is, you’d know it.

[ Chuckles ] I’m sure. Why did finn bail on me, by the way? Violet has a cold. Mm. I’m sorry to hear that. You know, I could fill in for finn. Oh. That’s nice. Thank you. But finn understands my — uh, my competitive nature. You? Competitive? Shocking, I know. Who do you think taught finn everything he knows about backgammon? Hmm. In that case… let’s roll. I’m the one who acted on inside information. It’s my fault that you’re in this situation. Carly, we have been over this. You got to stop blaming yourself. Believe me, I would love to blame someone else. We don’t have that much time left. Let’s not go over this. I know that you didn’t mean any of this to happen. But it happened! A-and you almost died because those inmates attacked you, and now they want to send you right back to them! Okay. [ Grunts ] It’s not the doctor’s fault that I’m in prison. Whoever turned us in to the sec knew that the feds would twist what we did and make us look guilty. But not “us.” It’s you. You’re the one taking the fall. My choice.

[ Knock on door ][ Door opens ] What the hell? Hey, josslyn, I’m gonna call my mother just to let her know where I am. Oh, yeah. Of course. We’ll be fine. Okay. Hey, you. So…I heard your dad and nina got married. Yeah. On daddy’s island. Bet it was beautiful. Yeah. Donna got to go, but I didn’T. You know, your dad really wanted you to be there, and he was super disappointed about how things worked out. But I think when he and nina get back, they’re gonna arrange to take you somewhere super special. You think?! I’ll make sure of it? Come here. I hope mommy can go, too. Who was that on the phone?

[ Engine starts ] Wha– hey. Where — where are we going, mason? What are you gonna do?! To hell with the boss’s orders. Thank god.

[ Engine shuts off ] What are you doing?! Handling things my way. No. No! No! No! [ Grunts ]

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hey. What’s going on, spinelli? I was hoping you could tell me. Has dex been in touch with you? No, I thought that you were in contact with him, and he was checking out those places in pautuck. Yeah, I-I was, but now I-I’m not. I-I got a hit on mason gatlin’s vehicle out on county road 21, and I sent that information to dex. What? He’s following that maniac? Yes, and we had cell contact when he began his pursuit, but then he hit a dead zone.

[ Inhales sharply ] Sorry. Poor choice of words. Well, spinelli, you have all of that fancy equipment. Use it and find dex! I’m doing my best, but if you hear from him… I’ll let you know right away. Copy that.

[ Line ringing ] Come on, dante.

[ Mason grunts ] You singing a different tune now, ava?! No! No! Stop! Stop!

[ Vehicle door closes ] Let her go! That’s it? That’s what? What I just told you, what my eddie put me through, are just the tips of the icebergs. And, what, you think “I’m sorry” just covers that? Uh, I don’t know what else you expect me to say. My eddie maine was an alter-ego, but this eddie maine, he’s conveniently forgotten all the schemes and the schnookery that my eddie maine put me through. So I guess — I guess my question of all of this is, how many eddie maines are in there?! I know you don’t want to hear it… of course I don’t want to hear it. Because I lived it! Because even after

all of that, I ended up marrying ned ashton quartermaine. And we had a beautiful daughter and we had some great memories. We were very much in love, and we were married for some time. And then we got divorced. But this eddie maine, he’s forgotten all of the terrible things my eddie put me through. But this eddie maine has also forgotten all of the wonderful, wonderful times that we have had. And you’re a poorer man for that. And I pity you! Well, I don’t need your damn pity, lady! Because I’m very happy just the way I am!

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Chase, I apologize. I may have let that go a little too far. No. No. Uh, now I know where your daughter gets her spirit. I’m sorry. I hope I’m not interrupting. What are you doing out of prison? Oh, I remember — you like to get right to the heart of the matter, don’t you, mrs. Corinthos? It’s spencer. Of course. Uh, clearly, you and mr. Corinthos are no longer together. Answer the question. You wouldn’t be standing here having passed right by the guard if you broke out of pentonville. You’d be on your way to a country with no extradition treaty. Alas, nothing so dramatic. I was released from pentonville earlier today. On what grounds? Medical. The doctors determined that any further stay could jeopardize my health and that I don’t have the capacity to harm anyone. And you were concerned about asking the doctor to stay here longer? When some quack let this maniac out on the streets? And my first mission on said streets was to come and check on the man who saved my life. Big mistake. You know, I am so glad you’re here keeping my friend drew company, ms. Spencer, because I have long wanted to see you. Who are you? You’ll never know if you don’t drop the gun. I got a clean shot. Take the shot!

[ Ava screams ]

[ Grunting ]

I believe that’s 3-1. Best of 7? No. It’s late. I’d better be heading back. I’m tired. Coward. Absolutely. I can see by that killer look in your eye that I should quit while I’m ahead. Oh, you’re a liar. You are really good. Thank you. And thank you for the distraction and the drink. We’ll do it again. I’d like nothing more. I didn’t realize how gratifying it could be to beat tracy quartermaine at something. Well, hold on to that feeling until the next time when I wipe the floor with you.

[ Chuckles ] We’ll just have to wait and see. Let me call a ride service. No, no, no. Yuri will take you. Okay. Thank you. -Gregory. -Yeah? I… I really am sorry. No. I-I told you. I’m not upset about what happened with chase. I don’t mean that. I mean your — your diagnosis. Good night.

[ Grunting ] No! Stop!

[ Gunshots ] I have nothing to say to you. So get out. I can appreciate your antipathy, ms. Spencer. After all, there was a great deal of friction between us when your ex-husband, sonny, went missing and you and jason morgan were running the territories. What do you want, cyrus? I just want ms. Spencer to understand that any friction back then was before I found the lord.

[ Chuckling ] Are you kidding me? Look. I regret the tactics I used. But even then, there was no personal animosity, ms. Spencer. I have tons of personal animosity towards you. And I completely understand. But I just hope that at some point in the future I will have the opportunity to make amends. Don’t hold your breath. I’m sure that at least you appreciate the fact that I was able to come to the aid of mr. Cain. What is he talking about? I have no clue. Oh, I’m sorry. I-I assumed they told you I was the one who found you lying beaten in the shower. I got help for you. I was told you would have perished otherwise. So just as you saved my life, the lord gave me an opportunity to save yours. And seeing you here like this recovering so well after the way you looked after I came to your aid, it’s — it’s thanks enough. God bless you both. Oh. You’re here. I live here. Oh, I know. I know. I was just hoping maybe — ah. Never mind. What’s up? That woman is driving me crazy. Olivia? No, the other one. Ohh. You mean not your wife, olivia — your ex-wife, lois. I don’t remember either one of them. But the second one. Yeah, well, lois drives everybody a little crazy. She keeps going on and on about our past. The part where you married her or the part where you married someone else while you were married to her? I don’t need to hear this from you. You’re right. I’m sorry. Look. I — I am not a lois fan. However, you must realize how difficult this situation is for her. I do, but no one seems to understand how difficult this is for me. All I keep hearing about is what an awful guy I was… or what a wonderful guy I was. And none of it means anything to me because I’m not that guy. I’m sorry. Yeah. Me too. Uh, why did you come in here? Well, when my head is spinning like this, I find that music is the only thing that helps me. Okay. Be my guest. Thank you. From the first time that I arrested brook lynn, I could tell that she was a force of nature. You say that like arresting her was a romantic gesture. No, but needless to say, she didn’t appreciate my actions as a detective. Because you didn’t really have a rea– shh, shh, shh. I want to hear what he has to say. From the first time, even though that we didn’t agree on everything — on anything. Okay. On anything.

[ Chuckles ] I couldn’t help but admire her spirit and commitment. I mean, she was so eager to put everything that she believed in on the line. And I always wondered where she got that nerve from. Now I know. Aww. Well, you know, I didn’t do everything right when it comes to being a mother, but if I taught my daughter to stand up for herself, then that makes me proud. ‘Cause my brook lynn, she’s always been her own person. With a very high tolerance for embarrassment. I already apologized for the scene with your father. I know, ma. It’s fine. I’m just glad that chase got to meet the real you. I’m glad I finally got to meet you, lois. Well, the feeling is mutual. It makes me feel so good to see my daughter so happy. And you seem like a very kind and patient man. Ma! Both of which are qualities that are good to have if you’re gonna move forward with my daughter. Okay. I got to break this love fest up. We have to go. Okay. Wait. Just one hug. I want a hug. Come on. Ohh.

Brook lynn: Let’s go, chase. Aww. Brook? Hey! Hello?! You’re welcome. For what? They’re together because of me. Oh, is that a fact? My daughter found a man that clearly adores her, and she loves him back, and that joy is all because of you? They were miles apart. I brought them together. Because you blackmailed my daughter to get what you wanted! That man didn’t find the lord. He found a loophole. You got to give cyrus some credit, though. He knows how to work the system. System? The system’s a joke! That man is walking around free while you’re going back to pentonville for insider trading that you lost money on?! It’s insane! It’s just something that we got to deal with, at least for now. That man is dangerous. He can’t be out there roaming the streets of port charles.

[ Cellphone rings ] Josslyn, what’s up? Mom, everyone is safe, but something’s happened, and you need to come home right away. Ava: Dex? Are you alright? Dante: This is detective falconeri. I need paramedics and a crime-scene unit about two miles up county road 21. Thank you. Did he hurt you? No. No. I’m okay. How did you find me? With a lot of help. It’s a long story. Well, I’m glad I’ll get to hear it. Perp is still alive, but he’s unconscious. Two gunshot wounds to the back. He’s gonna need medical attention and transport. Thank you. Bastard gonna live? Eh, guys like this usually do. Any idea why he brought you up here? It was pretty clear when he was dragging me to the edge of the cliff before dex showed up. I mean, ava, any idea why he abducted you in the first place? Orders, I guess, from his boss. Who’s his boss? Did you get a name? No. But when I do, they’re gonna wish I never heard it.

[ Button clicks ] I need to talk to ava.

[ Sighs ] She seems to have become quite important in your life. I need to know that she’s okay. Austin, I have expressed my gratitude for your help at the hearing, but gratitude only goes so far. You’ve known me a long time, and I’m sure by now you understand you are in no position to make demands. It’s best to remember who’s in control here.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

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