Y&R Best Lines Friday, October 13, 2023

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Sally: Look, chloe, you are my very good friend. My very busy friend, between your husband and your kids, and your amazing new job at marchetti.

Chloe: I’m not too busy to listen.

Sally: Yeah, but it’s not fair for me to unload my drama on you.

Chloe: Friends don’t unload, sally. They share and that’s what it means to be a friend. You know, you’re here no matter what.

Sally: You’re really not going to like what you’re going to hear.

Chloe: Come on, you’re clearly going through something and I want to help if I can.

[ Sally inhales ]

Sally: Adam kissed me.

Chloe: Oh. Okay. How did that happen?

Sally: [ Chuckles ] Well, it wasn’t supposed to happen. Um, we went to dinner and we had drinks. Too many drinks, and we talked and– and it was good. And then, he walked me to my door and–

Chloe: He kissed you.

[ Chuckles ] Well, that’s Adam. Never a missed opportunity. You didn’t kiss him back, did you?


Sally: Oh, this reminds me of when I was in like, seventh or eighth grade and I was madly in love with these two really cute boys at the exact same time.

Chloe: Well, we were all really confused as kids.

Sally: Yeah, but I wasn’t confused, I knew that I loved them both.

Chloe: Well, you’re all grown up now.

Sally: Yeah, apparently, when you’re a grown up, you’re supposed to know your heart well enough to know who’s going to make you happy for the long haul and try not to hold on to them both.

Chloe: Listen to your heart. Let it tell you who wins.

[ Sally sighs ]

Sally: No matter the answer?

Chloe: I know the answer. It’s going to tell you that it’s nick. He loves you. And Adam, Adam is just a part of your past, nothing more.

Sally: And what if it doesn’t tell me that? What if it tells me something completely different?


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