Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, October 10, 2023

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Traci: Jack and Diane seem so happy, don’t they, Billy?

Billy: Yeah. No, it was a very lovely ceremony.

Traci: Yeah. And for Kyle to be the one to pronounce them husband and wife is just, I mean, how awesome is that? Billy. Billy!

Billy: What? Yeah.

Traci: Do you figure if you stare at that long enough you’re gonna– you’re gonna be able to tell what’s inside?

Billy: I’m not just staring at it. I mean, are you not curious about what’s inside here?

Traci: No, I don’t care one little bit what sick idea of a wedding gift Tucker McCall has given them. And jack doesn’t care either, which is why he’s told us to ignore it and throw it out. So, what are we waiting for?


Traci: I don’t follow you.

Billy: Well, uh, this wedding gift, whatever this is, could be insight into what tucker’s thinking. Right? I mean, [ Sighs ] He loves to believe that he’s more clever than everyone else. Like a riddle from The Riddler.

Traci: Or it could be just some– something hateful and despicable that he’s aiming at Ashley and the Abbotts specifically.

Billy: Uh-huh.

Traci: Or it could be a blender.

[ Laughs ] Oh, I don’t care. Why are you obsessing about this, Billy? Come on. Let’s just take it to the trash, open up the lid and put it in there.

Billy: Hm. Okay. Fine.

[ Billy exhaling ] To hell with it.

Traci: Oh, Billy, what are you doing?

Billy: No, I’m just satisfying my curiosity.

Traci: Come on, Jack said that–

Billy: I know what Jack said. He said, get rid of it and I will. I just want to see what’s inside first and we’ll start with the card. “May this symbol of harmony, balance, and patience bring those elements to your new life as husband and wife.” That’s very sweet. It rhymes. Okay.

[ Traci sighing ]

Traci: Hm. I guess that’s it, huh?

Billy: Hm.

Traci: No evil dolls or exploding clocks.

[ Traci laughing ] I hope you’re satisfied.


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