Y&R Best Lines Thursday, October 12, 2023

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Sally: You know, I think the key is to generate word of mouth and get some jobs under my belt before we bring in a marketing team. Get some photos out there, maybe some media content. People love before and after. What do you think about hiring me to design your offices for your new company with Sharon?

Nick: Hundred percent.

Sally: We could feature the empty space and then the concept stage and then the final product. Offer interviews for everyone and it’ll be really good for your company and mine.

Nick: Yep.

Sally: Should I go would you prefer hot pink?

Nick: Yes.

Sally: You’re not actually hearing any of the words I’m saying, are you?

Nick: What do you mean?

Sally: Have you been listening to anything I’ve said?

Nick: Yeah, you were, uh, talking about, um, something pink.

Sally: Nick.

Nick: You’re right. I’m sorry. I’m trying to concentrate, uh, but I can’t stop thinking about something else.

Sally: I bet I can guess. What happened between me and adam? You haven’t been the same since you found out about the kiss.


Adam: Help me out, Victoria. You know this is a double bind for me. If I slack off, I’m an ingrate who thinks this is beneath him. And if I work hard, I’m plotting.

Victoria: That’s about it. Yeah.

Adam: Do– do you know what my dream is?

Victoria: I have no clue. And I’m really not that interested.

Adam: That one day, you will accept what I say to you at face value.

Victoria: Well, I don’t imagine that that day is coming any time soon. You know what they say about dreams? You eventually wake up.


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