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[ Kyle groaning ] Oh, damn it.

Audra: Morning, sleepy head.

Kyle: Morning. Why’d you let me sleep so late?

Audra: You looked so peaceful. I didn’t wanna disturb you.

Kyle: I was out like a rock. I haven’t slept that well in a while.

Audra: Oh. Well, maybe you should stay over more often.

Kyle: Oh. Um, I’ve never done that before, have I?

Audra: First time for everything.

Kyle: Glad to see you first thing in the morning.

Audra: Yeah. It’s a– it’s a nice change of pace.

Kyle: Yeah. Happy we reconnected?

Audra: Definitely.

Kyle: But, it’s not great I wasn’t home when my son woke up. He’s had enough disruption. He needs to know I’ll always be there.

Audra: You live with your entire family. You know, it’s a house full of people. I’m sure he’s fine.

Kyle: I hope so.

Audra: Hey, now you have your own life too, okay? It happens. It’s not the end of the world.

Lily: Hey, you okay? You seem a little off this morning.

Daniel: Yeah. Just a little on edge.

Lily: Let me guess. Your mom?

Daniel: Mm-hmm. Today’s a big day. She officially starts work at omegasphere.

Lily: Well, are you worried? ‘Cause I mean, you’re the one who hired her.

Daniel: I know. I know.

[ Daniel laughing ] Trust me, I want things to work out for her, but with my mother, you just never know how things are gonna play out.

Lily: Well, remember, your intentions were good, right? You’re giving her a fresh start. Something to focus on.

Daniel: Best laid plans.

Lily: Yeah. True. I was just being optimistic for your sake.

Daniel: Well, I’ll give you points for optimism, but I’m pretty sure that skepticism is warranted here.

Lily: Do you still feel like you can’t trust her?

Daniel: I don’t know. I know that she wants to be this honest and sincere person that summer and I can rely on, but… you know, at the end of the day, she’s still phyllis summers, so anything can happen.

Diane: Is it too soon to start planning our next wedding reception?

Jack: I don’t know. Do you think people will find it over the top for us to be married three times in as many months?

Diane: Do we care?

Jack: It’s a good point.

Diane: [ Laughing ] No, we should probably be patient. Maybe we can have a big party for our one year anniversary. How does that sound?

Jack: I’m not sure I can wait that long. We may have to just celebrate our love on our own every hour of every day.

Diane: Mm. You’re such a romantic. What’s up?

Jack: I– I thought I’d hear from phyllis by now.

Diane: After you asked her to help us figure out what tucker’s up to.

Jack: Well, right now she appears to be our best bet.

Diane: Yeah. Well, I thought we were gonna stop worrying about tucker until we have definitive proof that he’s up to something. That his peace offering is a smokescreen.

Jack: Well, that’s how we keep from worrying. We remain vigilant and proactive and we collect as much information as we can just in case.

Diane: Sounds an awful lot like worrying.

Jack: Tucker is a risk taker. That means he’s gonna do everything he has to to get what he wants.

Diane: I know. Agreed. But we don’t even know what, if anything, he does want. Is he coming after jabot? Does he– does he want revenge on the family or neither of the above?

Jack: Well, I would like to be sure of that. And I’m hoping phyllis decides to do the right thing and help us out.

Diane: That’s a lot to expect from the woman who sent me to jail.

Jack: She claims she wants to make amends.

Diane: [ Laughing ] That’s lovely. That’s a lovely sentiment. Clearly, I believe in second chances, but we’re talking about phyllis. And you and I both know that the only side she’s ever really on is her own.

Tucker: Oh, phyllis, phyllis, phyllis. Will you ever learn?

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness. Wow. Wow.

Danny: Phyllis?

Phyllis: Hey, danny.

Danny: Everything okay? You didn’t live this strong,

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Devon: Here it is. Boy loves to just run around this park, doesn’t he?

Abby: He sure does. And mommy loves when he falls asleep because he’s so worn out.

Devon: Aw! That’s why mommy doesn’t wanna play another game of hot potato.

Abby: No, no, no, no. Mommy wants some time with daddy. Like a date night.

Devon: Ooh.

Abby: Yeah. I loved going to the wedding with you. Getting all dressed up and spending time together.

Devon: I love getting dressed up with you too. You looked beautiful that night.

Abby: Thank you.

Devon: Beautiful right now.

Abby: Mm.

Devon: We got lucky nothing crazy happened that day.

Abby: Yeah. You know, as much as I want my mom to be here and be in town, I think it’s best that she wasn’t here for the wedding. Yeah. I know that she smoothed things over with my uncle jack, but I think seeing diane that happy, her head might’ve exploded.

Devon: How is she doing?

Abby: She’s good. She’s good. You know, she’s in paris. She’s working remotely for jabot. Yeah, but she even admitted that it’s best that she wasn’t there for the party.

Devon: That’s good that she knows her limits.

Abby: Yeah. But I do think that she’s softened a bit towards diane since diane saved her life.

Devon: Do you think that’s gonna last?

Abby: I don’t know. I’m not sure. She’s been through so much lately. I think she’s just trying to regain her footing and I know that she’s really nervous about coming home.

Devon: ‘Cause of tucker.

Abby: Yeah. She doesn’t wanna stir him up again.

Devon: Yeah. Yeah. I don’t really know how he would react if they came face to face. ‘Cause he claims that he’s over her, but I don’t know.

Abby: I think they both hurt each other a lot and now, those wounds are not even close to healing.

Devon: They just seemed so happy together, you know?

Abby: Yeah.

Devon: And tucker was such a better version of himself when he was with her. I hate to think that that part of him is just gone.

Abby: Yeah. I did tell my mom about tucker’s gift to my uncle jack and diane.

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: That bonsai tree. How it was supposed to be a gesture of peace and harmony.

Devon: It was very tucker.

Abby: Yeah. And then I told her how he told uncle jack that he overreacted when he came back from paris, and that any sort of revenge he was plotting was just done and over.

Devon: Well, did your mom buy that though?

Abby: She wasn’t sure. She admitted that when it comes to tucker, she doesn’t know what to think anymore.

Phyllis: Hey, danny. Good to see you.

Danny: Yeah, you too. So, uh, what are you up to?

Phyllis: I was just doing a little research. A little research. Um, my first day working at omegasphere for daniel.

[ Phyllis chuckling ]

Danny: That is great. I’m so glad you’re seeing this through.

Phyllis: Well, you know, he gave me a great opportunity. I’m thrilled to take it.

Danny: Well, he has faith in you. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have offered you the position.

Phyllis: Yeah, that’s right. I just wanna prove myself, you know, to my kids, to daniel and summer.

Danny: And I believe you will.

Phyllis: I wanted to extend some gratitude to you as well.

Danny: Uh, me? I’m sorry. What did I do?

Phyllis: Well, that conversation we had yesterday.

Danny: Oh.

Phyllis: Yeah. You really helped me. You really helped me change my perspective on things.

Danny: Wow. I didn’t realize I had that effect on you.

Phyllis: [ Laughing ] You do. Thank you for believing in me after everything I’ve done. All of our history.

Danny: I think that we’ve gotten past our history.

[ Phyllis laughing ]

Phyllis: Really? I mean, ’cause people say that, but you know, then there is history sometimes it’s hard to get past.

Danny: We’re good, phyllis. I hear you when you say you wanna change. I do.

Phyllis: Thank you. ‘Cause I do wanna change. I really do.

Danny: And seeing you take the initiative to wanna be a better person makes me believe that you’re sincere and I imagine daniel feels the same way.

Phyllis: Yeah. I just wanna do right by my kids.

Danny: Not saying that it won’t be challenging. You know, the straight and narrow path, it’s a delicate one. But you can do anything you want when you’re determined. You’re that kinda person.

Jack: Oh, I got a response.

Diane: What did she say?

Jack: Phyllis has something on tucker.

Diane: Already? What is it?

Jack: No details.

Diane: So, it could be nothing.

Jack: Or it could be something. She’s just being careful. Wouldn’t it be something if phyllis is the one who came through for us?

Diane: Well, good for her if she has.

Jack: Well, I gotta meet her at crimson lights. Hopefully, she will have some inkling as to what tucker is really up to.

Diane: Or maybe she just wants you to believe that she’s willing to help you.

Jack: Hey, are you uncomfortable with my doing this with phyllis? I haven’t asked.

Diane: Of course, I am. Why would I trust her intentions? Jack, I just– I just don’t want her to hurt us.

Jack: She can’T.

Diane: Phyllis is tenacious. I’m sure she wants your forgiveness. Likes your attention. She likes to pull people over to her side, no matter what the cost.

Jack: Listen– listen to me. It’s one meeting. I’m keeping my eyes wide open. I am going in with a glass is half-full approach. Look, if she’s sincere about wanting to make amends, this is a good step in that direction.

Diane: Then, I’ll just cross my fingers.

Jack: I’ll see you at the office.

Diane: Okay. Some luxury creams just sit on top of skin.

Abby: Well, I also told my mom about your suspicion that tucker’s behind mamie’s return to town and her investment in chancellor-winters.

Devon: Oh, yeah. That seems like a pretty convenient coincidence if you ask me. But then tucker claims that there’s nothing to it.

Abby: Well, my mom was not surprised. She said that anything is possible when it comes to tucker. And well, especially now that he doesn’t have her to keep him in line.

Devon: Sure doesn’T.

Abby: Do you think that he’s telling the truth? I mean, should we give him the benefit of the doubt?

Devon: I don’t know. I– I honestly don’t know what to believe anymore ’cause he can deny it all he wants, but I know that I felt the vibe between him and mamie at the abbott house. He was standing right there. It was like they had been in contact before.

Abby: Okay, but would mamie really get involved with someone like tucker? It seems unlikely. And mamie loves my mom and uncle jack and traci like they’re her own. And would she really want to be involved with someone who would hurt one of them?

Devon: I wouldn’t think that she’d do something like that. No, but at the same time, she’s been extremely secretive about this whole investment.

Abby: I don’t know. Maybe she’s telling the truth. I mean, maybe she really just wants to be a part of the family company and she wants to get closer to you and lily.

Devon: I hope so. I do. But I also agree with your mom. Anything is possible when it comes to tucker.

Abby: Well, how do you wanna proceed with your father?

Devon: That’s a great question. I would like to think the best of him and to give him a chance, but it is getting harder and harder to do that.

Lily: Well, listen, I really hope that things work out with phyllis at omegasphere and that she behaves herself.

Daniel: Hm. Works hard? Yes. Behaves?

Lily: [ Laughing ] Well, she knows how amazing you are. Maybe she’ll go easy on you.

Daniel: Oh, yes. My greatness, no matter how well known across the land, has unfortunately never stopped her before. I– I just, you know, I keep telling myself that I gotta be optimistic.

Lily: Cautiously optimistic.

Daniel: Correct. What about you? Did you ever find out what’s going on with mamie? Did you figure out why she made that investment in– in chancellor-winters?

Lily: Uh, no. Not yet. But I really hope it’s as simple as she’s saying and that she just wants to spend time with family.

Daniel: Well, you and devon don’t need any more business chaos.

Lily: No. And jill will have a lot of opinions on the subject, so I’m just trying not to fixate on it.

Daniel: It’s good to, um, to be hopeful though. You know, it doesn’t hurt.

Lily: Yep. Good reminder for both of us. Anyway, I have to go. But, um, what are you doing for lunch later?

Daniel: Spending it with you, if I’m lucky.

Lily: Okay. Sounds good. I’ll see you later then.

Daniel: Yeah. Well, I look forward to it.

[ Lily laughing ]

Lily: Okay, you know, if I’m late, it’s your fault.

Daniel: What? Totally worth it.

Lily: I have to go. Okay. I have to go. Bye-bye.

Daniel: Bye.

[ Phone chiming ]

Danny: Hey, listen. Um, I just heard from daniel this morning that heather’s back in town.

Phyllis: Oh, interesting. She’s back in town.

Danny: Yeah.

Phyllis: She left suddenly to portugal. I’m so excited to see lucy. She is so special.

Danny: Well, actually heather’s here alone. Lucy stayed in lisbon with paul and christine. Yeah.

Phyllis: Wow. If that bug says one negative thing about me to my granddaughter–

Danny: Uh, you can use her name, you know. And christine’s not gonna say anything to lucy. Come on. You know her better than that.

Phyllis: Do I?

Danny: You don’t have to like her, but you two are good people, okay? When it comes right down to it.

Phyllis: Oh, wait a second.

[ Chuckling ] Wait a second. Wait, does christine still hold a special place in your heart, even now?

Danny: Of course, she does. As do you. We are all part of the past together. The good and the bad.

Phyllis: Wait a second. I– I thought you said you were with somebody new. That’s what you said around the holidays, that you were with someone new.

Danny: Yeah, I– I did, but that, um, yeah, that didn’t work out.

Phyllis: Are– are you– are you holding out hope that you could be with christine if she doesn’t work things out with paul? What?

Danny: I see you haven’t lost your inherent ability to find drama everywhere.

Phyllis: I– I’m not being dramatic. I’m just asking a question. It’s no big deal.

Danny: Sure.

Phyllis: Are you interested in the bug?

Danny: I want her to be happy. As I want you to be happy.

Phyllis: Oh, my god. Uh, that’s vague. I can’t– wow. I can’t believe this is happening.

Danny: Look–

Phyllis: [ Laughing ] No.

Danny: Hey, hey. Listen, whatever happens, I want us to move forward, okay? Let’s see what happens in the– the next chapter of each one of our lives together. Free from the past.

Phyllis: Right. I’m on board.

[ Daniel sighing ] 1 down, 9 to go.

Kyle: Hey, mom.

Diane: Kyle!

Kyle: Have you seen harrison this morning?

Diane: Uh, yes. I helped him get dressed. He had breakfast and then linda took him to school. He was, um, he was asking about you. He wondered where his daddy was.

Kyle: Damn it. I set my alarm and I slept right through it. I raced home as fast as I could when I woke up.

Diane: Where’d you spend the night?

Kyle: Um, I went out with a friend after the reception. I crashed at their place.

Diane: Oh, I see.

Kyle: Anyway, thank you for looking after harrison. I’m gonna head upstairs and shower.

Diane: Uh, kyle. Look, I know you’ve been having a hard time lately, but this– this isn’t like you. You don’t just neglect your son.

Kyle: Oh, it was just one mistake, mom. I’ll make it up to harrison, but please don’t make me feel worse than I already do.

Diane: All right. Well, let’s not talk about just this morning. I’m– I’m talking about the big picture.

Kyle: Please just stop. You’re blowing this outta proportion.

Diane: No, I’m not. Look, I– I– I get it that you’re struggling to figure things out. Your marriage ended, your career is in flux. Honey, no one would blame you for being off balance. Please, just– just talk to me. Let me help.

Lily: Oh, my god. He is so cute. He’s getting so big.

Devon: I know.

Lily: You have a little man. Like a little man.

Devon: That’s my man.

Lily: Aw. I love that he fell asleep with his little race car in his hand. That’s so cute.

Abby: The red one is his favorite. Like, he puts it under his pillow at night so they can sleep together.

Lily: Oh, my god. It’s like it’s cuteness overload. I don’t know how you guys do it.

Devon: Well, he is lucky to have his aunt lily to dote over him constantly.

Lily: Yeah. That’s my job. I take it very seriously.

[ Lily laughing ] Oh, by the way, I talked to jill.

Devon: Oh, yeah? Didn’t she head out this morning?

Lily: Yeah. She’s going to detroit to look into lbb and aunt mamie.

Devon: Oh, boy.

Lily: Mm-hmm. She’s convinced that there’s more to mamie’s investment than what she’s claiming.

Devon: We were just talking about that.

Lily: Yeah. But, um, what do you think? Do you think mamie might have a connection to tucker?

Phyllis: Well, danny, thank you for your support.

Danny: Always.

Phyllis: I’m gonna go. I don’t wanna be late. It’s my first day at omegasphere, so.

Danny: Hey, phyllis, best of luck today. I’m gonna be rooting for you.

Phyllis: Thank you. It means a lot. Talk to you later.

Danny: Knock ’em dead.

[ Phyllis laughing ]

Phyllis: [ Sighing ] Can I, uh, have a refill and take it to go?

Tucker: You’ve been a busy woman.

Phyllis: What does that mean?

Tucker: I think you know. Putting your skills to work on a new venture, perhaps helping jack turn the tables on me.

Phyllis: Hm. Why would you say that?

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Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. E, mom, you don’t have

Kyle: I have told you before, mom, you don’t have to worry about me. I am fine.

Diane: Kyle, you’re my son and I love you and you just haven’t seemed like yourself lately, so yes, I am worried about you.

Kyle: You shouldn’t be ’cause I’m okay. Moving on.

Diane: I saw a glimpse of the kyle I know at the reception yesterday when you so beautifully officiated for your father and me as we renewed our vows.

Kyle: I was glad I could be there this time to see you both looking so happy.

Diane: You were the old kyle. You were confident, you were centered and you and summer seem to be getting along. And it looks like the two of you have found a balance.

Kyle: Yeah, we have. Things between us have leveled off.

Diane: Mm-hmm. And then audra showed up and I could literally see the change in your demeanor. It’s like you became a different person.

Kyle: Yes, mom. I know how you feel about audra.

Diane: Look, I can’t tell you what to do, but I can only hope that the friend you referred to, the one whose place you stayed at last night wasn’t her.

Kyle: You don’t need to be concerned about that. And I’m not struggling to find a new path. I am very clear about that now. I know what I want.

Diane: What is that?

Kyle: I want my old job back as co-ceo of jabot. I’m going to replace billy and I’m convinced that will happen.

Devon: I actually witnessed a moment between tucker and aunt mamie at jack and diane’s wedding reception.

Lily: What do you mean “a moment?”

Devon: She walked in the room and they looked at each other like they had been in communication or in contact before. I don’t know how else to describe it.

Lily: Well, did you ask them about it?

Devon: I didn’t bring it up to mamie, but I asked tucker about it and he said that there’s nothing to it.

Lily: But you don’t believe that’s true?

Devon: Not really. Not when he’s tied to so much drama these days. He’s got what happened with your mom in paris. Jack and billy think that he’s going after jabot. And now he might be tied to this chancellor-winters investor.

Abby: And I tend to believe my family’s assessment of tucker. That he’s bad news. I know it’s just a hypothetical and we don’t have all the facts.

Devon: And since he’s come to town, he’s claimed to wanna do right by me as a father and be a grandfather to dominic.

Abby: And he has been, for the most part.

Lily: Yeah. But there’s always the possibility that he’s doing something underhanded.

Devon: Yeah. And that’s the problem. He’s like a damn magnet to trouble. And it’s just been one thing after another since he’s come back to town.

Abby: He just doesn’t know when to stop.

Devon: Well, maybe I need to know when to stop and sever ties with him. Just make a clean break all together.

Phyllis: Hi, jack. Have a great day, jack.

Tucker: Hey, jack. Did you and diane get a chance to open my present?

Jack: We did.

Tucker: I hope you liked it.

Jack: A bonsai tree would be a thoughtful gesture if it were sincere.

Tucker: Do you know the significance of a bonsai tree?

Jack: As a matter of fact, I do. Just having a hard time with trusting that you’re wishing us harmony and balance and…

Tucker: Patience.

Jack: Patience.

Tucker: Well, at least you read the card. A lot of people chuck the card and just go straight for the goods.

Jack: As I said to my brother, billy, I think this gesture was all smoke and mirrors. Did you really think diane and I were that gullible?

Tucker: So much for second chances.

Jack: Oh, I think you’ve had enough second and third chances for a lifetime. We don’t for one minute buy your truce.

Tucker: I– I guess I just don’t understand why. At this point, you have no reason to doubt me.

Jack: Let’s just stop being coy. We know what you put phyllis up to.

Tucker: Phyllis? Why would I involve myself with phyllis?

Jack: For her technical savvy. You had her hack into one of jabot’s accounts, transfer the funds to billy’s account, his personal account, so it looked like he was the one responsible for the breach.

Tucker: Sounds fascinating and elaborate.

Jack: I just want you to know it didn’t work. We are onto you. That money has now been returned to jabot.

Tucker: That’s good news, but it had nothing to do with me or any plan I had.

Jack: The next time you think of doing something against jabot, I suggest you think twice.

Tucker: You’re not gonna order any coffee?

Jack: Seeing you soured me on the idea.

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Phyllis: Hey. So, were you followed?

Jack: No. I thought tucker would do just that, so I took him on a wild goose chase. I lost him.

Phyllis: Great. Great.

Jack: What is this about?

Phyllis: Um… I hacked into tucker’s computer like you wanted me to.

Jack: And?

Phyllis: And I found out that he recently purchased a listening device with an accompanying phone app. So, um, it’s very interesting, uh, when I saw him at the coffee house, he said he had eyes and ears all over genoa city.

Jack: It’s all starting to make sense. Thank you. I appreciate the help.

Phyllis: Oh, that was a honest thank you. Did that hurt?

Jack: Not as much as I thought.

Phyllis: So, we’re square?

Jack: No, we’re on our way.

Phyllis: Well, what’s left?

Jack: Well, it might help if you admit that you did in fact help tucker hack into jabot.

Phyllis: I did not do that.

Jack: You can just say it, phyllis.

Phyllis: I had nothing to do with that.

Jack: It’s me. I still know when you are lying. You know that, right?

Phyllis: You asked me to do you a favor. You said that it would help me redeem myself.

Jack: Yeah.

Phyllis: But– but I did what you asked. Are you going back on your word?

Jack: No. This is just one step. You and I are not on solid ground.

Phyllis: Okay. Well, I think we’ll get there. You know better than to underestimate me.

Jack: Thank you again.

Phyllis: Hey, what are you doing here?

Danny: So, uh, what are you up to, phyllis?

Lily: Devon, are you serious?

Abby: You really wanna give up on your father?

Devon: No, I don’T. But, what am I supposed to do at this point? I can’t keep ignoring what’s right in front of me.

Abby: That’s a big step and not an easy one.

Lily: Well, I know that you were hoping tucker wouldn’t let you down.

Devon: Honestly, I don’t think I ever really had high expectations for our relationship, given our history.

Lily: Well, now he’s part of your life again and dominic’S.

Devon: Oh, tell me about it. He’s a damn regular at dominic’s music classes.

Abby: He’s even made friends with all the other parents in the class. He’s taken so many videos of dominic playing the drums.

Devon: And it seems like he’s really loves embracing that role and like he’s trying to turn his life around.

Lily: So, what do you think changed?

Devon: I really believe that whatever happened with your mom in paris did something to him or undid all the progress he’s been making. I think that he really loved ashley and when that fell apart–

Abby: So did he.

Devon: As much as I don’t wanna think that he’s going backwards in life, the signs are everywhere. And maybe it’s on me now to change the way I respond to him.

Abby: We’ll support you no matter what you decide.

Lily: Yeah, absolutely. We have your back.

Devon: Well, thank you. I appreciate you saying that. But I just– I can’t shake the feeling that he is up to something. And I’m not gonna let our family or our company be affected by whatever it is. I will not let that happen.

Diane: Do you mean that? You wanna come back to jabot?

Kyle: I do. I think it’s the right move. I just have to figure out how to make it happen. Dad, hey.

Diane: How was the meeting?

Kyle: What’s going on?

Diane: Jack?

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Danny: I thought you were headed to the office.

Phyllis: Oh, I was. I decided to make a stop.

Danny: I keep seeing you and jack together and lots of tension. Um, why is that?

Phyllis: Yeah, there’s tension. Well, he can’t seem to forgive me for what I did. And, um, it’s just uncomfortable.

Danny: And that’s all that it is?

Phyllis: Yep, that’s all. What else would it be?

Danny: I– I don’t know.

Phyllis: Okay. Why are you asking? Why do you care? It seems like you followed me here.

Danny: I saw your exchange with jack and tucker at crimson lights and it seemed a little, I don’t know, weird. A little suspicious maybe?

Phyllis: [ Laughing ] Yeah. Tucker’s weird. He can’t even order a cup of coffee in a normal way. I mean, it’s like he’s part of some battle plan.

Danny: I know there’s a lot of animosity between tucker and jack and I just hope that, you know, somehow you’re not caught in the middle of it.

Phyllis: Thank you. I’m not caught in the middle. You sound paranoid.

Daniel: Paranoid about what?

Danny: Hey.

Audra: Hm. Well, good morning to you.

Tucker: Speak for yourself.

Audra: What’s wrong?

Tucker: It’s jack. Trying to get phyllis to play double agent.

Audra: Against you?

Tucker: No. I can’t figure out if she’s onto anything yet.

Audra: Well, you know, phyllis is unpredictable. Hard to read.

Tucker: Mm. I just don’t– I don’t see jack teaming up with her though. Why would he even trust her at this point?

Audra: Well, they have a very public, extremely volatile history that can really blur the line between allies and enemies.

Tucker: Yeah, that’s putting it mildly.

Audra: You know, phyllis is desperate for forgiveness, so maybe she’s willing to work overtime in order to get it.

Tucker: Yeah. Jack already figured out that she helped me break into jabot’s financials though, so I don’t know why he would give her the benefit of the doubt.

Audra: Well, that’s his problem.

Tucker: Could be mine too. I gotta stay ahead of this.

Audra: And you will, okay? Because you won’t let us down. You told me to have faith in you, remember?

Tucker: Mm-hmm. What about you? How are things on your end? Were you able to reignite the flame with kyle?

Audra: Yeah, it was pretty easy and most enjoyable.

Tucker: You’re glowing. You have nice little chipper attitude.

Audra: I haven’t even told you the best part. Kyle is after billy’s job.

Tucker: You don’t say? Hm. I seem to recall that kyle had the co-ceo position before. Makes sense to me that he’d want it back.

Audra: You don’t seem surprised.

Tucker: I’m not.

Audra: So, that’s what this was about. You want billy out of the picture at jabot and kyle is the way to do it.

Diane: So, what’s going on?

Jack: I had my meeting with phyllis. She hacked into tucker’s computer and discovered he recently purchased a listening device and the app to go with it.

Diane: The bonsai tree.

Jack: Tucker’s little gift of harmony had his hidden surprise.

Kyle: Ah, that son of a bitch!

Diane: Peace, love, and forgiveness my ass. And I– I was hoping we wouldn’t have to worry, I’m sorry.

Jack: No, you have nothing to apologize for. You have a generous spirit. I’m a little more jaded.

Diane: And phyllis discovered this and just gave you the information no strings attached?

Jack: Yes, phyllis gave it to me, but phyllis was phyllis. I tried to get her to admit she helped tucker to frame billy and she wouldn’t have any of that.

Diane: Of course not.

Kyle: This is a bold move on tucker’s part.

Jack: That is tucker to his core.

Kyle: So, why not just destroy it?

Jack: I thought about that. I changed my mind.

Diane: Why?

Jack: This could be useful. If tucker isn’t on to us, we can use this to our advantage.

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