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by Michele & Cheryl

Shwan and Belle

This week’s episodes didn’t have us screaming at the TV, but a couple of plots moved along a little. There were two confrontations this week. Belle found out the truth about Shawn and Talia being together and Gwen confronted Leo and Dimitri. There must have been something in the water for that to happen in the same week. We will talk about these situations separately.

Jada should probably check her surroundings before she opens her mouth. Anytime she opens her mouth, something bad ends up happening. This time Belle overheard her tell Shawn that he slept with her sister. She shouldn’t have blurted something like that out in public. The office door was open when she dropped the bomb. She shouldn’t have announced a big secret like that so loudly. We know that Shawn wished he could have kicked her in her mouth to keep her quiet. With that said, we will move on to the confrontation.

Belle demanded an explanation as to why Shawn was with Talia. He didn’t give her a good enough reason and she slapped the taste out of his mouth. She yelled at him and couldn’t believe he hurt her. She reminded him about what he did with Jan and that set off fireworks. He told her about her flings with Philip and EJ. Let’s stop right there for a minute. We applauded Shawn for standing up for himself when she threw Jan up in his face. He felt like she should have forgiven him. He wasn’t wrong. She wasn’t in a position to judge him for ending up with Talia because he was drunk when it happened. With that said, his timing was completely off. He was the one who messed up so bringing up her mistakes wasn’t going to help his case. He should have waited to use that high card. He was right, but his timing wasn’t right at all. Belle didn’t want to stay with him because he betrayed her the way he did. We were surprised that she only blamed him for what happened. She didn’t blame Talia. She thought he was trying to pay her back for what she did. She might have been right about that. He might have been waiting for an opportunity to pay her back for what she did. If that were true, he could have done that sober. Why would he wait until he was drunk to do that? She had a right to be mad at him, but it was getting frustrating to watch her whining about what happened. She knows that he’s drinking so it shouldn’t have been a surprise that he messed up. Shawn forgave her for her discretions, and she wasn’t drunk when she did it. She was completely sober. She didn’t even know who Claire’s father was at one point. She should be willing to cut Shawn some slack at some point because she’s far from innocent herself. We enjoyed watching their scenes because they were filled with drama. We hope that they keep showing their confrontation.

As we mentioned earlier, there were two confrontations this week. Gwen confronted Leo about sleeping with Dimitri. The confrontation was better than when Gwen admitted that she knew the truth. Leo wanted Gwen to forgive him after being with Dimitri. Leo expected Gwen to forgive him after sleeping with Dimitri. Leo didn’t deserve to be forgiven after what he did. He knew Dimitri was gay but didn’t warn her about it. He also didn’t have a problem sleeping with his best friend’s husband. What kind of a friend does that? It would serve him right if she never forgave him for what he did. He could have spared her the humiliation of finding out her husband is gay. He had the nerve to try to make her feel sorry for him by being self-deprecating. He knew it was going to work, but he was mistaken because she didn’t want anything to do with him.

Leo wanted to get back at Gwen for Dimitri getting shot. He threatened to make her pay if Dimitri died. Who would Leo be to try and make Gwen pay for Dimitri dying? He also acted as if he were the one married to Dimitri when he found out he was in the hospital. Gwen was the one married to him so he wasn’t in a position to threaten her. We were shaking our heads while we watched him carry on as if was the victim.

The writers are trying to make us feel sorry for Dimitri. Dimitri was the one who wanted to shoot Stefan and Gabi, but the writers expected us to feel sorry for Dimitri when Gabi and Vivian wanted to let him bleed out. Stefan had to go the extra mile and be a man of his word and get him help. We aren’t trying to say that they should have let Dimitri die, but Gabi and Vivan shouldn’t have been written up as monsters just because they were willing to let him die.

We actually wanted to cheer Kate on this week. Kate confronted Sarah about lying about the baby. She wouldn’t let Sarah make excuses about using Rex for her own personal gain. Sarah was told over and over again that she should have told Xander the truth about the baby. She refused to listen because she had to be right. We loved that Kate went off about it. She was given a pass by everyone else who chose to pat her on the head and let her get away with her crime. Kate didn’t do that. She told her off as she should have and we were cheering her on the entire time.

Speaking of the baby, Xander decided to go after full custody of Victoria. Rex talked to him and told him that he wasn’t going to be allowed near his baby. He told him that he wanted to be near his daughter. He called his lawyer and wanted sole custody of the baby. We hope the writers don’t drop the ball with that story. We want to see the look on Sarah’s face when Xander takes her to court. She will probably try to guilt him or run away again so she can keep the baby. She needs to know how it feels not to be able to see the baby because it’s what she wanted to do to Xander.

Susan was alive. It was convenient how she was still alive. It was an obvious attempt to let Ava off the hook for what she did to her. When Ava was seeing illusions about Charlie being alive he wasn’t alive, yet Susan was conveniently alive after she was seeing illusions about her. The writers are going overboard trying to write Ava as if she is a good character. They are clearly trying to put her with Harris so the writers must think we will forget that she is a villain.

Chloe decided to leave town since she ended things with Xander. She asked Philip to go with her. We don’t like the way she was written out of the show. We are Phloe fans so that was disappointing. They were considered a supercouple during the 90s and they were treated like they didn’t matter. Their farewell basically fizzled and it’s an insult to the Phloe fans who would have wanted a better send off. It’s bad enough the wrong actor was playing Philip, but they were written out as if they were extras. We wish the writers put more thought into their departure.


Dimitri Leo and Gwen

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