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Oh, good. I caught you before you left. What are you doing here? I was about to change. I have an important meeting at DiMera’s today. Is that what you’re wearing? Just get out of here, okay? It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing because I am the one that’s going to be sitting in that meeting. Excuse me.

Well, now that Maggie kicks me out of Titan, the only place for me to be is by my son’s side.

That’s better.

Oh, Maggie. What are you doing here?

Hello? Hi, can I get some service, please? My boyfriend is lying in bed with a gunshot wound. Who do you have to screw around here to get a pillow fluffed?


You. Oh, thank God. You’re finally awake. I could kill you for worrying me like that.

You bastard. Mr. DiMera, I hope you don’t mind your butler let me in. Of course not. I take it you’re here with some follow up questions regarding Dimitri’s shooting. Actually, just one. Why did you lie to me?

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Well, hello, Leo. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Don’t you hello, Leo me. I know what you did. Excuse me? Save it! Gwen told me about your diabolical plan to kill my boyfriend.

Oh, I didn’t realize you were still here. Oh! Come back. No, no, no, no, no. Don’t rush off on my accounts.

And you went through with it! Even after Gwen promised me you’d called it off. I did call it off. Oh, please. What, are you going to tell me that you had a change of heart with Dimitri lying in a hospital bed? You talk a good game, Kristen. What about all the horrible things that you have done in your life that you have never actually killed anyone?

Not that I know of. Not personally, anyway. And I really don’t think

you’re going to start today. For some measly money.

I did not shoot Dimitri. I swear to you I didn’t. I don’t believe you. But even if I did, and it wasn’t you or Gwen that tried to kill him, then who the hell was it?

There, there, Gabriella. No need to worry your pretty little head about business. Now that Mother’s here, you can just lie in bed and eat bonbons. Just like the real housewives of Salem. Ah, that rapier alimane wit. Although I hate to disappoint you, Viv. But no matter how much you try to charm us with your humor and your generosity of spirit, you are not going to take my job.

Is that sinking in? And I also wouldn’t get too comfortable in this house either. Gabriela, now that you’re my, uh, New daughter in law. Can I give you a little maternal advice? This ought to be good. Don’t underestimate me. Quaking in my boots. Well, you should be because I’m not leaving this house unless it’s feet first.

That can be arranged. I’m staying here, and if you get in my way, you’ll regret it.

Like I said, my wife and I were upstairs when we heard a gunshot. We came down into this room and found my nephew Dimitri on the floor, bleeding. Then we saw the weapon, the one that I showed you. Yeah, I remember.

We dusted it for prints. We found Dimitri’s. But, you know, what was also interesting is that we also found your sister Kristen’s prints on them, too. Great. Mystery solved. It must have been Kristen who shot him. Except that she didn’t. You see, the prints, they don’t even matter. As it turns out, because you know why?

The bullet that the doctors dug out of Dimitri didn’t match this gun. Dimitri was shot with another gun.

You were shot. Isn’t really much of a surprise though, considering what an absolute dirtbag you are. It’s bound to happen eventually. Excuse me? Oh, come now, don’t tell me that the bullet’s suddenly giving you amnesia.

Okay, fine. I’ll remind you. Shall I?

You lied to me. And you got me to marry you. So that you could inherit the von Leutschner fortune, all the while having an affair with my best friend. And that was a despicable thing to do. Gwen, I am so sorry. Oh. You’re sorry, are you? You’re sorry just isn’t going to cut it.

For this room.

Sorry. I didn’t expect to see you here. Vivian, uh, certainly makes sure to mark her territory, doesn’t she? Oh my god, that woman. I can’t believe she surfaced again. Yeah, it’s always such fun when she does. But now that we know that Victor did, in fact, have a will, I had the distinct pleasure of ousting her out of both the house and the company and taking the job of CEO back.

Right. Well, I’m glad to hear that Vivian’s out of the picture, and I wish I could have been there to watch you kick her to the curb. But… But? Victor… My father, he left me in charge of Titan. What? No. Yes, yes, he did. When he named me in his will. Which I happen to have right here.

You brought Victor’s will? I thought in case I needed proof that I had been named CEO. But you haven’t. Victor didn’t name a CEO in his will.

The other 50 percent of my estate, including controlling interest in Titan, shall go to my son. Controlling interest. So you see, Victor may not have specifically named me CEO in this, but he clearly spelled out his wishes. But Alex, he spelled out his wishes when he was alive. He gave me the job. He could have given you the job, but he didn’t.

I mean, don’t you think if he would have wanted you to be CEO after his death, that he would have mentioned it? Maggie,

I don’t know. Maybe he was in a hurry when he made out the will. Maybe he didn’t think it was necessary because he gave me controlling interest. What else? Which means I am in control. Please, no, don’t fight me on this, Maggie. Really. I have considered my options very carefully. I want the job.

So Dimitri was shot with another gun. Is that how you want to play this, Mr. DiMera? Because if you know anything about what really happened to Dimitri, and you’re trying to hide it from me, believe me, I will get to the bottom of this, and I will not hesitate to lock you up. Jada, Jada, you cannot lock him up.

Okay, he had nothing to do with this. Oh, really? Yes, the person that shot Dimitri von Leuschner was Vivian Alamein, my mother in law.

Lipstick? Wallet? Where’s my gun?

Vivian shot Dimitri? Quit this.

I don’t know who shot Dimitri. And spare me the righteous indignation, will you? You are hardly in a position to judge anyone. Considering that when you were screwing my nephew, you were screwing over your so called best friend. Oh, God. I think that high horse you’re on is giving you the vapors. We both know you don’t care about Gwen, only your share of Dimitri’s inheritance, which you blackmailed him out of, by the way.

So spare me the concerned gal pal act, save it for your bratty little daughter. Although, I don’t even think she’d believe it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go check on my boyfriend. Oh.

Gwen, darling, where did you find that? Darling, somebody left it out on a tray. Can you believe that? I mean, they really, really ought to be more careful. Because somebody could, um, really get hurt. And what are you planning to do with it? What do I plan to do with it? Um, I don’t know. I had a few ideas. I thought about what to do.

And then I remembered how Leo just wouldn’t shut up about that magic penis of yours.

So I thought, perhaps I could work a little bit of magic of

my own and make it disappear.

Please Gwen, you don’t, you don’t, you don’t. You know, I was thinking, it’s been a while since I’ve seen the old MP myself. Now, I will admit that I was equally infatuated with it, although now I’m not really remembering why. Perhaps… It’ll refresh my memory. Um, Gwen.

There it is. It really is a thing of beauty, isn’t it?

Hmm. I suppose, besides the title and the money, of course, that thing of beauty is why Leo fell absolutely mad for you, although I think you would admit that that is a pretty shallow reason to fall in love with someone.

I wonder how lovable he would find you. If he and Matthew Perry there were no longer friends. Help! Help! Sure, sure. Help! It’ll only take a minute! Gwen,

what the hell are you doing? What the hell are you doing? I am telling the truth! Look, I know, I know you want to protect your mother, but you are my husband! If I have to choose between you and her, I’m gonna choose you every single time. I am not gonna let you go down for your out of control, gun toting, lunatic of a mother.

Okay, that is not fair. My mother may be out of control at times, but she is not gun toting. Uh, has anybody seen my gun?


I understand that ever since you found out that your father isn’t Justin, that Victor was your father. Your world has been turned upside down. Yeah, it has. And I’m still dealing with that. But that doesn’t change the fact that Titan is my birthright. Victor told me a while back he thought I had a killer instinct.

He knew that I was cut out for the top job. And I know what I’m entitled to. Is this payback, Alex? Excuse me? I mean, when I fired you. I mean, now that the tables are turned, is this your retribution? No, Maggie, of course not. Yes, it’s true that I didn’t agree with some of the things that you were doing to run this place, but…

That’s not why I’m taking the job. I’m not trying to act out of retaliation. I’m taking the job because Victor… It was my father. And this is clearly what he wanted. She can’t…

You can’t give that to her. It’s my property. Mother, you are not helping your case. What case? Dimitri was threatening my son. He was threatening to kill him. I almost went through that once before. I couldn’t endure it again. Besides, it’s not illegal to shoot someone in self defense. Okay, what my mother is trying to tell you, in her own inimitable way, is the truth.

Yes, Dimitri was trying to kill me, and Gabby. And he likely would have, and we wouldn’t be standing here right now had my mother not intervened. And that is why I had a hard time turning her in. And we also want to press charges against Amitri von Bleichner. Yes, definitely. You’re willing to testify this?

Absolutely. Yes, we both will. We can corroborate each other’s story. Okay, well this might mitigate your attempted murder charge. However, you lied to the police, and possessing a gun is in violation of your parole. So, I will be speaking to your parole


John, listen to me. I saw her with my own eyes. Susan is alive. No, no, no. I know we’d all been meant to believe otherwise, but… Uh, yeah. I’ve got to go. Kate just walked in. I’ll get back to you. Bye. Hey, sorry to barge in like this. Your assistant said you were on a break, though. No, that’s quite all right. Um, did you hear about Susan?

Yeah, yeah, I did. She’s alive. That’s good for her. Um, I need to talk about Phillip. Is he alright? He’s fine. I’m not. He’s leaving town. Who’s Chloe Lin?

Wait a minute! Gwen! Gwen! Put down the scalpel! Look, I am sorry that you feel betrayed, but this is insane. I can’t let you hurt him.

This is gonna hurt you a lot more than it’s gonna hurt him. No, it’s gonna hurt us both. I mean, hurt us, it’s gonna destroy us. And it’s going to destroy you. You wouldn’t be able to live with yourself if you did what you’re about to do.

Gwenny, you are not a violent person.

I know that you have had a hard life. And like me, you have gone to extremes at times to get what you thought you needed or to get revenge against people who have hurt you. But this, this is cruel, and this is out of character for you. Because you are a kind and decent person. And looking at you now, about to inflict this kind of pain on someone?

About to ruin someone’s life in the most horrific way? Even that look in your eyes, Gwenny.

It’s like you’re not the person I know and love. It is breaking my heart. You have no heart. You know that isn’t true.

I am not trying to make excuses, Gwenny. I’m not trying to make excuses.

And I am miserable. A lot of the time. And people don’t know that because I use humor. To cover up how much I hate myself. You’re just trying to you. No, I’m trying to make you realize that I never meant to hurt you. Ever. It’s my desperate need for love that caused me to betray you. And you want to get back at somebody?

Get back at me. Because I hurt you more than Dimitri did. You got that right.

You were supposed to be my, my best friend.

And Dimitri, well, yes, I’m used to romances falling apart, but you, you…

We were supposed to be forever. I thought we were going to grow old together. I thought we were gonna comfort each other, I thought we were gonna make each other love. I thought so too.

And then I did what I always do. I don’t know if this is therapy speak, but I sabotaged myself. Because I felt like I had finally found love. Found a way to be happy. And that made me horribly selfish. So I sabotaged the only friendship that has ever meant anything to me.

I wish we had been honest with you from the start.

I guess I was just hoping, stupidly, so stupidly, that there was just some way we could all get what we wanted out of this.

I know that words are cheap, but I love you, Gwen. You have added so much to my miserable life. And maybe I didn’t tell you enough, maybe I never said it at all, but I have always felt so lucky to have you as a friend. To have you as an ally. And I would be willing to do whatever I had to do to make it up for you.

Please, please, tell me that you are willing to let me try.


I hope you’re rotten hell, both of you.

Alex, when I learned that you were Victor’s son, as upsetting as it was to you and Justin, it honestly did warm my heart. Because I thought, now that Victor is gone, I can be there for you. Because I, I know that’s what he, he would want.

Is there a point to this or the point? The point is, you’re important to me, Alex. You always have been, but now seeing my husband and you, it makes me feel even closer to you. But I also feel, uh, I believe that if he would have wanted you to be CEO, he would have made you CEO. Maybe he wants the two of us to work together.

Maybe he wanted us to, to be co CEOs. Yeah, I, I just don’t, I don’t see that working out very well, to be honest with you, Maggie. I mean, we don’t see eye to eye on the way we should run this business. So, you’d rather simply take my job? No, no, and that’s… I heard… Like I said, I don’t see it that way, but obviously you do, so I’m telling you right now, if you’re not willing to just give up, willingly, I have no other choice but to just bring it in front of the board, because with controlling interests, all I have to do to get them to remove you Jada

was accusing you! I told you, it’s either her or you! You. Oh, so now she gets charged with attempted murder. You hurt Jada? That’s off the table! Oh ho ho ho! So now it’s only that I was lying to the police and violating my parole. Lucky me! Well, you brought it on yourself, lady! Are you just gonna stand there and let this wife of yours throw your mother under the bus?

Hey, Mother, I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do about it now. Jada knows you violated your parole, and if she acts on what she found out here today, the U. S. Marshals are gonna be knocking down that door any second. Well, I don’t suppose there’s anything I can do other than leave town. Hallelujah!

Gwen, I got your message. Now, I know I gave you every reason to believe it was me, but I promise you I did not shoot Dimitri. Then who the hell did? Vivian Allemane. What? Why would Vivian shoot Dimitri? Apparently she walked in just as Dimitri was about to kill Stephan and Gabby. I’m here to arrest your husband.

Well, that’s the best news I’ve heard all day.

Calling a board meeting won’t be necessary. I’ll go. But I must say, I’m very disappointed. That I didn’t get through to you at all. I knew you were a womanizer. And that you tended to be grandiose. And somewhat full of yourself. But I didn’t think that you were so callous that you wouldn’t respond to what I said, which came from my heart about seeing Victor and you, how it moved me.

Look, Maggie, I’m not telling you that there’s no role for you at Titan. I’m going to need capable people. Yes, you will. But you’re right. Something tells me that you and I teaming up would work out about as well as it did the last time.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to read your husband his rights. Huh. Well, Dimitri’s

finally getting what’s coming to him. Yeah, well, he’s not the only one. Don’t you see what this means? We are going to get what’s coming to us, too. What are you talking about? Oh please, do I really need to spell it out to you? Apparently. Okay, okay, so listen. Dimitri is going off to Statesville. And someone is going to get the Von Leuschner fortune.

Wait. Gwen didn’t hurt you, did she? She came a little close for comfort. But, um, She didn’t draw any blood. How did this happen? Well, I had my gun trained on Gabby and Stephan. Then I heard a shot and felt a searing pain in my back. Wait a minute. Hm? You had a gun on Gabby and Stephan? You promised me you weren’t gonna do that.

I know, I know, and I meant it. After you left the mansion, I was ready to hand over the DiMera shares, but just before I was about to do it, Kristen walked in and pulled a gun on me. Kristen did this? No, no, no, she didn’t do this. Then who was it? Stefan’s mother. Vivian? I managed to get the gun away from Kristen.

I had it in my hand. Then Gabby and Stefan walked in acting all cocky. So you aimed the gun at them? It was an impulse move. And then Vivian walked in and shot me. Wait, if she shot you in the back, how did you know it was her? I guess I came to for a little while after that. Can you please focus on the fact that I nearly just…

I’m trying not to focus on that part.

But the important thing is that you are alive and now that the truth is out. We have nothing to worry about. Ahem.

I think it’s time the new Mrs. von Leuschner needs to pay her in laws a visit. Explain how poor, deranged Dimitri is going off to prison. Therefore, his new wife is entitled to his fortune.

You really think that would work? Well, why not? You’re still married to him, aren’t you? And you and Dimitri, you’ve fulfilled the conditions of the carter cell. Why shouldn’t they pay you? I’m not sure the von Leuschens would see it that way. Well then, you’ll have to persuade them. May take a little time.

And, uh, maybe a little fancy footwork. True, and I have always been good at thinking on my feet.

Yeah, I mean, honestly, there’s not really anything left keeping me here in Salem. I have the Spectator, of course, but that’s all tangled up with Xander, and honestly, that’s not a road that I want to go down again.

The only friend that I had was Leo, and, well, you

know how that turned out. Yeah, well, you always got me. Thanks, I think.

I don’t know, ever since I arrived here in Salem, it’s just been one bloody debacle after the other.

Maybe it’s time that I see what else is out there for me.

Perhaps a sizable inheritance.

Stefan, my dear boy, I would never leave you, but I have no choice. There you go. I think I’ll go back to Amania. It’s our home. It don’t worry about me. Whatever life throws in Vivian Al Lane’s way,

I will always rise like a phoenix. From the ashes.

So. Chloe and Philip are back together. No, I mean, I hope not. I mean Marlena, he got the help that he needed. He really did and he was doing so well, but it’s his obsession with Chloe that made him lose his mind in the first place. So. I mean, what if that happens again?

Philip is a grown man. And, and, Chloe must have believed that he’s changed or she never would have agreed to go to New York with him.

I suppose so. Okay, putting all of that aside. Honestly, I was really hoping that Philip was going to stay in Salem. Especially now, you know, and I suppose that was really, really silly of me to think that you know that he would want to be closer with me now because of losing his father.


uncle Vic, I,


I really hope you’re not mad about Maggie.

But I don’t think you would have dangled this opportunity in front of me if you didn’t want me to grab the brass ring.

Detective Hunter, what can we do for you? Well, Mr. Stark, for once, this doesn’t concern you. Dimitri von Leuschner, you are under arrest for attempted murder.

Vivian’s gone. Thought she’d be saying goodbye to you for at least another hour. Honey, you’re really sad to see her go. You can’t tell me you were happy living with her in this house. It wouldn’t have been forever.

I’m pleased that was with the, the law on her tail. Look, I know she’s impossible. She’s my mother, and I feel bad for her. Yeah, that’s because you have a good heart. But that woman… Your mother? Misery follows her wherever she goes. Right. You may not see it right now, but trust me, I did you a huge favor.

Welcome to Global Airlines. You only travel in style. Better be careful. One never knows who one’s going to run into.

There’s my flight, it’s already boarding. Flight SK84 from Los Angeles has arrived at gate A57. Well, Salem.

Hasn’t always been fun, has it? Certainly been interesting.

There are things about you that I have loved. There’s also a lot of things I’ve hated.

I suppose you could say the same thing about me, though.

I promise you, it might be goodbye for now. You haven’t seen the last of this 16 from Geneva landed at number 8. Teresa! Teresa, would you hurry up already, please? Please proceed to baggage claims belt 2. Oh

you jets, I’m coming.

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