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What a relief they found my dad’s will, huh? So Maggie can move back in, kick Vivian to the curb. Better be careful if she hears you say that. She’s gonna remind you once again that she carried you in her womb. As if that means a damn thing. All it does is embarrass me, actually. Since she’s obviously a very bad person, and we are very lucky to be rid of.

Oh God, I wish I could say the same about the very bad person that continues to darken my doorstep. And especially Sarah’s. Xander? Yeah. He’s made it very clear that he has no intention whatsoever of staying away from Sarah. Or the baby.

What’s new with me, Mom? You mean besides everything? No, I haven’t had a chance to talk to Xander about any of it, cause… I, I haven’t even seen him. He didn’t come home last night. Wait, Mom, I gotta go, okay? Are, are you okay? Where were you? I’m so sorry. I, I didn’t mean to worry you. I slept the night in my office.

Yesterday was just such a crazy day, obviously. I, I needed time to process it. But I should have, I should have called you. It, I understand. I just, I didn’t know what to say. No, it’s fine. When you were gone, I did some thinking too. About what? About me moving out. I’m

surprised you took me out for detail. Yes, well, I appreciate you keeping an eye on the patient Ava Vitale shot, but I can take it from here. She’s my client now. Oh, I, I thought you were her client. Yes, well, certain circumstances dictated that the roles be reversed. I’m now representing her, and have advised her to exercise her right to remain silent.

Well, I’m sure she’s going to take your advice, Mr. DiMera. You mentioned there was another job you needed me for? I do. I was hoping that you could succeed where the aforementioned patient failed. I want you to find and to

get us out of here, Susan. Me? Yes, you. You’re the one who lured me and Harris to the big smoke with one of your, your little mental telegrams, right? So, so why don’t you try sending one of those psychic signals to somebody who can get us out? Yeah, can you, can you do that, Susan? I don’t know. Okay, well, you know, you need to figure that out real soon.

Because if you don’t, I’m pretty sure your ex husband, the crazy one, Edmund, he’s gonna end up shooting someone today.

Actually, the people that we’re looking for are under the impression that Susan Banks is still alive. But that’s impossible. I was told she was blown to bits in a car crash. Yeah, well, be that as it may, uh, we understand that they came here. What, to London? No, here to your apartment. I certainly haven’t seen them.

Well, they looked up your address just before they went missing. Well, that’s odd, isn’t it? Well, um, I will let you know if they show up. Alright, uh, do you mind if I have a look around? Well, actually, I do.

Edmund. What’s going on? What’s the problem here? The problem is, if I allow you to look around my flat, then you most certainly will find my guests. And I just can’t have that.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Is Ineva Vitale missing? She is. After shooting my client in cold blood, she and another patient escaped bathing into parts unknown. Hm. See? Not that you asked my opinion, but… I mean… Commissioner Hernandez, he’s headed out for years for you to get locked up. Why give him an excuse now to turn up the heat?

Oh, I’m not worried about Hernandez. And I’ve waited far too long to get vengeance from my mother, whom Ava Vitale has had people try and convince me is still alive. What? How could that be? It couldn’t be. So either Ava’s delusional, she’s trying her best to trick me into backing off. Either way… I want her dead.

You know,

I am afraid that my gifts do not work like that, Missy Moo. You know what? You want me to just broadcast the signal out into the neighborhood? You’ll never know until you try. There’s gotta be somebody you can reach. Okay, fine. Alright. Fine, fine, fine. So who do you want me to call? I don’t know. Scott Lanyard.

007 Paddington Bear. Oh, I do love that little bear with his little yellow hat and his blue coat. Okay, Susan, Susan, focus! Okay, just please reach out to somebody who can come here and save us. Okey dokey, Schmokey. But you know what helps? When you’re not yelling at me! Fine. I will be quiet. Oh, you know what?

And I’d also appreciate it if you don’t give me those dirty looks. And that goes for you too, Mr. Handsome Hair Shortcut. Okay. Ready or not, here I go.

You don’t think this is gonna work.

Did you see something? Susan. Susan, answer me. I, I, I, I, I, I, I didn’t, I didn’t get to see the message, I just, I saw this, this image, it hit me. What? An image? An image of what? It wasn’t, it wasn’t a what, it was a phone. It was um, oh boy, I saw Edmund, I saw him, it was vivid, vivid as days long. And, uh, he was, um, he was pointing a gun.

He was pointing a gun at your, your baby boy.

And who are these guests of yours? Well, quite coincidentally, they’re the two people that you came looking for. My mom is here. What did you do with her? Your mother? You’re Ava Vitale’s son? Yeah, I am. Then I’m sure you’re aware of what your mother did to my Susan. Kidnapped her and drove her off the side of a cliff.

Yeah. Yeah, I know what happened. Ava did her best to put out Susan’s light. And it’s a beautiful life that this world so desperately needs. It shattered my heart. Well, I’m sorry to hear that, Mr. Crumb. Well, I hope you don’t take this personally. But your mother hurt me deeply. And now, I’m gonna hurt her deeply by killing her son.

Well, hang on, Mr. Crumb. Okay? No one needs to get hurt here. Oh, I beg to differ. We can all see that you’re suffering. Oh, you can, can you? You have no idea what suffering is. Susan was my one true love. From the moment I first saw her, I knew I was gonna spend my life protecting her. Keeping her safe from this cruel world.

Yeah. Her loss was a terrible tragedy. Her death haunted me. Cast a pall over my every waking moment. Whenever I closed my eyes, all I could see was her face and her hair and that… perfect smile. The smile? Yeah, that’s what I love most about her. I mean, we were apart for years, but I always held up hope that we’d be reunited.

That despite our miscommunications…

It should take me back. I can’t imagine why she would have left you. Although she, this took my deep love and devotion for obsession. Because I said I’d do anything to take care of her. Even kill. I see. Oh. But she’s gone now. See, you don’t have to do that, Edmund. Okay, you don’t. Your life has value. It does, O’Shea.

Please, please just give me the gun, Edmund. Commissioned. I assure you, I have more than one bullet in this gun, and if you do not stand aside, sir, I have no issue shooting you first. And Ava Vitale’s impertinent son second.

My baby boy, Tripp. Is Tripp here? What? Um, it seems like, like he’s right out there in the living room. Oh dear God. And Krum hasn’t gone out? But yeah, old Krum is now and he’s not one to roll up the red carpet for uninvited guests. No. No. Tripp! Tripp! We’re back here! Tripp! Not gonna work, he can’t here you.

No, no no no. See, Edmund, he sound proofed this whole place before, uh, he locked me up in here. Yeah, of course he did. Yeah, and I just wish he me that because I screamed just like you, I screamed with myself, my, my voice got really hoarse, hoarse, hoarse, hoarse, hoarse, hoarse you know, and it, I sounded like I was, I was uh, Elvis on his 3rd encore on the, you know, Aloha from Hawaii via satellite.

Just stop! Stop talking!

Harris, we have to get Tripp. Please. Please, we have to get out there. We have to save him.

Well, Bronson, do you want the assignment or not? Look, you want the Vitali woman dead, I’ll make her dead. I just need to know where she is. She was a sitting duck in Bayview. Now, I don’t know where she could be. I’m working on locating her. But until that happens, there is another sitting duck waiting for you.

Right here in Salem, in fact. Another tiger? Who? Ava’s accomplice. Xander Cook.

Believe me, I totally get why Sarah’s doing this. I mean, anything to keep Xander away from her innocent child. I just, I can’t believe after what Xander did to E. J. DiMera’s mother. I mean, why is he not in prison? Or dead? Sarah doesn’t still have feelings for him, does she? You mean besides disgust? I’m just asking No, no, Phillip.

He lied to her over and over again. Even used her as cover while he kidnapped and terrorized Susan. I know all that. I also know you and Sarah have had your issues. Yeah, I still have a lot of work to do to regain Sarah’s trust. But Xander, unless he’s found out a way to resurrect Susan Banks from the dead, there’s no way in hell that Sarah’s gonna let him back into her life.

Or her daughter’s.

Hey, I, I know a lot has changed. I mean, I just found out that I’m her father to that little girl, but… Which makes me assume that… You want to try to work things out with her mother? I know that you loved Sarah for a long time and maybe you never stopped. I don’t love her anymore. She, she tried to keep me from my own child.

She put another man’s name on my daughter’s birth certificate. And I’m not saying that any of that is okay and you have every right to feel hurt and betrayed. That’s how I knew I had to tell you the truth about what I overheard. From Max and Phillip. Right. And in that moment, you proved that I can trust you, Chloe.

I know that our relationship is strong and

honest. I’m gonna fight, Sarah, for this baby. And, darlin I need you by my side when I do that.

Xander Cook kidnapped and terrorized my mother. Here’s the reason why she ended up in that car with Eva Vitale. Well, that sounds like he deserves what’s coming to him. But I gotta ask, is it safe? I mean, like, like I said before, you’re already under suspicion for what happened over at Bayview. This guy, Cook, takes a bullet.

It means there’s gonna be a lot of blowback coming your way. I’m prepared for it. That’s why you’re going to frame someone else. That makes sense. So who’s our fall guy? Someone who hates Xander Cook just as much as I do. Rex Brady.

You know, I have to admit, Chloe overhearing us talking about Sarah and… It’s really complicated things. I hope you don’t blame her for telling Xander what she heard. No, no, no, no. She just did what she thought was right. And, look, we both know secrets like that that have a way of coming out. So maybe it’s better we deal with it.

I hope so. Doesn’t make it any easier. No. Hey, Chloe didn’t just overhear us talking about Xander being Victoria’s father. Chloe also heard you say that you’re still in love with her. She did it. And how’d she take that? Better than I could have imagined. Really?

After everything I did to Brady, I never thought she could forgive me. Let alone consider being in a relationship with me again. But? But, Chloe admitted, when I came back to Salem, Her feelings for me came back too.

Uh, you want to win custody of the baby? Oh, no, no, it’s a long shot. I have a spotted history to say the least, but I’m a father, Chloe. I deserve to be a part of her life. So you hired an attorney? I had a preliminary discussion with the custody lawyer. She She said it’s probably a bad idea if I leave Salem right now.

I’m sorry, I know we are gonna go to New York and, and get married.

I do still want to marry you, Chloe. I don’t want to be with Sarah. Especially after what she did. I love you. I want to be with you.

I’m sorry, Xander. I don’t think I feel the same way anymore.

I don’t want to be with you.

I need to get to church. I’m not going to let that guy hurt your son. You’re going to be able to break that chain. Uh, maybe I can help? If Harris can’t do it, how are you going to help? Well, I’m just going to pray to God for strength. Prayer. Praying, praying, praying. That is your answer. Prayer is always answered.

So come, and we are going to pray to the Lord to loosen the weakest link. I’ll take all the help I can get. Alright, well you just work your end of it, Mr. Harrison. I’ll work mine. Okay.

Self destruct! Move,

Rafe. No! Touchdown! Both of us are being shot! Boy, it makes sense, Commissioner. Besides, this isn’t your fight. But you, Tripp. Is it? I’ll ask you to save a place for your mother in hell. And I give you my assurance, you won’t have to wait long.

Paris! Oh my god. What is going on up there? What if he doesn’t make it to him in time? Okay, hold on, hold on, Honey,

I mean, look the good Lord, he helped break the chains! Didn’t he? And, and now we have to pray that he’s gonna help Mr. Harris stop, Edmond, from pulling that.

You all right? Yeah. Gun was pointed at the ground when he pulled the trigger. Thank God. No, this is not right. Do yourself a favor. Sit there and don’t move. Mind if I hold the gun? Yeah. Where’s my mom? She’s fine. Follow me. Paris? Rafe. You don’t have to worry. We’re done running. Alright. Scotland Yard

will be joining us. In the meantime, consider yourself under arrest. I

don’t hear him anything. There was only one gunshot, and then… Harris, what happened? What was the worst trip? Oh my god. Oh my god, thank god.

Susan, you’re, you’re alive! Oh my goodness, it’s so good to see you, Dr. Joe Johnson! I guess you were right, huh? Yeah, I guess so. Why don’t I get you two unchained? Oh, yes, I’d like that very, very much, Mr. Michaels. Thank you. Um, you want to thank me, you can tell your son EJ to leave Ava alone. Okay. Um, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I can, I can do that.

Don’t you worry about Mr. Michaels. My Elvis, he’s such a good boy, and he’s gonna listen to his mama. Yeah, I hope you’re right about

that. Rex Brady has been presenting himself as the father of Sarah Horton’s newborn child. But it’s come to light that Xander Cook is her true baby daddy. Sounds like that could cause some serious bad blood between the two men. I’m assuming you don’t like this Rex guy either. I have no feelings about him at all.

But like you said, we need a fall guy. So Dr. Rex is going to have to be… collateral damage.

You and Chloe. I know it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for you two. To put it mildly. But… I have always believed that you two belong together. I won’t argue with you about that. But, I lost my way last time around with her. Obviously. My obsession took over and I did some terrible things. I wasn’t well and I hurt a lot of people.

Chloe included. I never want to be that guy again. Happy to hear that. Really? So what does this mean for you and Chloe? It means I’m sitting back and letting things happen the way they’re supposed to. Chloe knows how I feel. Now it’s up to her to decide who she wants to be with. Sounds like a good plan.

Because, you know, it’s crazy. Which part? That the women we love… can either choose to be with us, or that thug Xander. I have to say, I like our chances.

When I, when I didn’t come home last night, did you think I was, did you think I was with Sarah? Or that I’d just give up on everything that you and I have? I don’t blame you if you had doubts, Chloe. Well that, that certainly didn’t help, but this is not just about me. It’s you and Sarah. What’s it about, then?

Well, when you went to confront her, Philip came over.

And? And he, he said that he still loves me and that he never stopped. Well, that sounds like his problem, not yours. That’s true, but… Honestly, I have unresolved feelings for him. Since when? Since… always, I guess. You know, I thought he was dead, and it, it didn’t matter, and then, when I saw him, I had all these feelings come rushing back.

So, um, does that mean that you want to be with him? No. I, I don’t know. The way things ended with us was really ugly, and I would never want that back, but I Guess what I’m trying to say is that I need some time to figure things out, okay?

I, uh, I understand.

I love you, and I have loved being with you, Xander. Don’t you think that maybe we somehow ended up here because Sarah broke your heart, and I thought I’d never see Philip again, and if I’m, if I’m being honest, I’m not over him. And I think once you stop being so angry, you’ll realize that you’re not over Sarah.

So, what now? I guess spent one last night here, and… My old room. Tomorrow I will pack my things and I’ll go.

My God, it’s you. You really are alive. Yes, praise the Lord! Well, it’s you too, Commissioner. Well, I just can’t believe half the Salem came Ol Mike. Yeah, I just… I can’t believe that he held you captive this whole time. How did you even get here? Crumb said he got a phone call from someone who knew Susan survived the crash.

Yeah, and he said that next thing he knew, some guy showed up with an injured Susan. Who was it, Crumb? I already told them. I have no idea who the man was. Susan, you don’t remember? No, I’m coming to Blake. Blake, yep. Oh, yeah, but you know what? It really does scare the bejesus out of me to think that whoever grabbed me,

is still out there. Hey, boss. Everything set for today? Yeah. Yeah. But the techs are expiring now. Send him over to Cook’s apartment. Where you’ll be waiting? Where I’ll be waiting. Call me when everything’s done.

Mom, you’re not hearing me. I am hearing you. I am hearing you loud and clear. You’re planning on remaining married to a woman who is using you and letting you raise another man’s child. Sarah is not using me. We care about each other. A lot. And I already love her daughter as if she was my own. You know what?

Legally, she is. So my god, if dad can be okay with this, why can’t you? Because unlike you and your father, I am thinking straight. Okay? That little girl was sired by Xander Cook, and there is no way in hell he’s just gonna back off and let you pretend to be the father. I’m not afraid of Xander. Well, you damn well should be.

Hold on.

Speak of the devil. Oh, God. So what does he want to do? Squash you like a bug? He wants to see me. Right now. No. Rex, please don’t do that. Oh, no. I’m going. This is going to be the perfect opportunity to set that bastard straight. Rex, please! Later, Bob! Rex.

Well, I guess this is it. Yeah, um, we’ll figure out another time for me to come get the rest of my stuff. Anytime. You always have a place here.

I, um… I thought that you should have this. What is it? It’s the dartboard. You sure you don’t want to keep it? You went to such trouble hanging that thing up. Yeah, I remember. But if I keep it, you know, whose picture am I going to put on it? There’s so many choices. Sarah, Rex, Philip, mine.

Never give up, Star.

Take care, Xander.



Chloe. All is in motion, father. Justice will be meted out to Xander Cook. And as soon as Ava Vital crawls out from whatever rock she’s under, she’s next.

Thank you, Ray, for letting my mom do this her way. Oh, I’m not doing it out of the goodness of my heart. And by all rights, Ava and Michael should be in a jail cell right now, or at least back at Bayview. Yeah. But you know as well as I do that, it was EJ who sent the woman to kill it. Yeah. Which is why I’m gonna do everything in my power to nail his ass.

Hello, Lee Chang. Ava, what the hell are you doing here? I thought you were… on the run. Well, I’m back now. And I brought you a little surprise. Not that you deserve it after trying to kill me. I have no idea who you’re talking about. Oh, EJ, spare me the phony denials. I know you sent that woman to murder me over at Bayview.

That’s why I’m here. I’m gonna end this. Now. End it how? See for yourself.

Hey, I got your text. Uh, yeah, thanks for meeting me. Um, there was something I needed to tell you. What is it? I’m, I’m leaving Salem.

Yes? Hey, sorry to bother you, uh, from the gas company. We got a word that there’s a leak in the building. Might I come in and take a look? Not really a great time, to be honest, mate. It’s a gas leak, sir. These things could be deadly if we don’t address them. How long will it take? Not long, I promise. Thanks.

How much do you want?

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