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Eric: Have a seat, Dr. Colby, please. I appreciate very much your discretion, meeting us here at the house. Thank you.

Colby: Of course.

Donna: We really wanna make sure that nobody else finds out about this.

Eric: I wanna know what’s going on. What’s happening with me? What’s wrong with me, Doctor?

[ Brooke chuckling ]

Brooke: Wow.

Ridge: Come on. What do you think?

Brooke: I see you’re going with the jewel tones.

Ridge: Yes, and to me, this is the shape of water. The body brings out the shape of the dress and the dress brings out the shape of the body, yes?

Brooke: It’s so sensual.

Ridge: Mm. It’s what dreams are made of.

Kenzie: We’ve all noticed you’re more inspired than ever, ever since you two reunited.

Ridge: Well, I’ve always been inspired by this little nugget. As long as I can remember. I love you.

Brooke: I love you.

RJ: Where is– I just had it. Where’s the burgundy? I can’t find it. Hey, have you– have you seen the burgundy? Thank you. Sorry, Granddad really wants to see this.

Luna: You really care about him.

RJ: Yeah, I do. Especially after what I told you.

Luna: Yeah, I’m serious. I promise, I won’t tell anyone about the tremors.

RJ: I trust you.

Luna: Look, I know a thing or two about family dynamics and I’m not gonna sit here and pretend like I know all of yours, but do you really want to keep this secret about your grandfather from your dad?

RJ: No. Of course, I don’t, but I made a promise to my granddad. If this were up to me, I’d just tell my dad.

Ridge: See, I like the transition in here. Does it flow okay?

Kenzie: Not too snug.

Ridge: Okay, good! I think that’s all we need for today. Thank you so much. Bye.

Kenzie: Carter.

Carter: Kenzie. Wow, man. Very nice.

Ridge: Thank you.

Carter: Yeah. Your dad’s gonna have to bring his A game if he wants to compete with you.

Donna: Well, um, prior visits, you mentioned essential tremors?

Colby: Yes, that was a possible initial diagnosis. After some further testing, we were able to rule out some other theories too. Well, you know our concerns, Eric.

Eric: Yeah.

Colby: Cerebrovascular disease and TIA’s are our main focus.

Donna: What?

RJ: I– I don’t know. I don’t know, Luna. I mean, I just– I feel really caught in the middle.

Luna: Yeah, it doesn’t make it easy.

RJ: I really want to just tell my dad, but I don’t want to betray my granddad.

Luna: It’s really great, you know. Your relationship with your grandfather. I mean, it’s so loving and caring. I didn’t have that with mine.

RJ: You know, here I am talking about me and all of my issues, you’re getting to know– you’re getting to know me a little bit too well, I would think. Come on, tell me, tell me a little about you. Give me just one little juicy Luna secret.

Carter: Ridge, I know this isn’t easy for you.

Ridge: It’s not easy for me. I’m worried about my dad, I’m worried about his health. I know he’s in good shape, but… I know– I know what kind of stress is created by trying to do this whole line by yourself.

Brooke: Add that to the fashion showdown.

Ridge: I’m trying to get through to him, but he’s not listening. I don’t know. There’s something going on with him. It’s almost like something is pushing him to create this line all by himself.

Donna: You knew about this?

Eric: Yeah, yeah. The good news is though that you’ve been able to cross off some of the scarier things from the list, is that right?

Colby: That’s right.

Donna: What’s scarier than cerebrovascular disease? What? Is that– is that neurological?

Colby: To be clear, I don’t have an official diagnosis yet. We need more testing. Make sure that we’re not missing anything else. I just wanted to be up front and honest with you.

Donna: Okay, I’m just hoping it’s arthritis or carpal tunnel or–

Eric: Yeah, me too, actually, but– but the, uh, doctor, the tremors are getting worse.

Colby: How so?

Eric: I was able, not too long ago, to actually pick up a pencil and hold it for a while before it started hurting and play piano with both hands, but now, I mean, this morning, in the office, I couldn’t even hold a pen to sign a contract.

Donna: Dr. Colby, please, um, as soon as you get any more results– actually, you know, why can’t we do further testing now?

Colby: It’s a process, but I assure you, my office will be in touch with the next set of tests.

Donna: No, no. Dr. Colby, I–

Eric: No, no, Donna. It’s okay, it’s okay. Uh, thank you, Doctor. I appreciate you– I appreciate you coming to the house and your discretion here. We’ll be in touch very soon. Thanks– thanks for coming.

Donna: Eric.

[ Donna sobbing ]

Luna: You know, we should really get back to Eric’s.

RJ: What? Wait a minute. Hold on, hold on. Come on. You can’t get off that easy. Plus, he’s– he’s– he’s got a– he’s got a meeting or something. Come on. I wanna hear about the mysterious Luna. Where are you from? I don’t even know where you’re from.

Luna: Okay, okay. Um, I’m from Northern California.

RJ: Okay.

Luna: The Bay Area. Um, my mom had me when she was really young, so it’s always been just the two of us and we’re like artistic free spirits.

RJ: Oh.

Luna: My grandfather and aunt are very driven. They’re very different from us. My mom’s kinda a hippie, so we’d save up all our money and splurge to go to, like, music festivals and art shows and pop up restaurants.

RJ: Well, she sounds like a really cool mom.

Luna: She is. Yeah. Um, clearly, my life is very different from yours. It’s much more modest. Yeah, I mean, we didn’t have much, but my mom always made sure I knew she loved me. And that is enough about me. My life is pretty boring compared to yours, RJ.

RJ: Boring? No. Not at all. Are you kidding me? I have so many questions. You’re even more fascinating now.

Donna: Why didn’t you tell me this?

Eric: I didn’t want to worry you.

Donna: But you– you were hiding the truth from me, Eric.

Eric: No, I– I– I didn’t want to hurt you. I’m sorry. I didn’t want to hurt you, truly.

Donna: I’m a big girl. I can handle this, okay? But not if I don’t know what’s going on with you. Eric, we’re partners, lovers. I mean, you– you mean more to me than I can even put into words. But you have to tell me what’s going on with you so I– so I can help you.

Eric: How are you gonna– how are you gonna help me play “Claire de Lune” on the piano? You gonna help me draw a flounced wrap-over? That’s the kind of help I need.

Donna: I can love you. I can hold you. I can look you in the eyes and– and tell you that you’re not going through this alone. My god, you shouldn’t have to suffer through this alone. I would certainly want that if I were in your position. I thought that you wanted that for me too.

Eric: Donna, I’m sorry.

Donna: I don’t want an apology. I want you to open up to me. I want you to share with me. I want you to realize that I’m your person. Like, what was I just saying to you earlier? That we’re gonna fight this. We’re gonna fight this together. No more secrets, okay? God, this is so unfair. I mean, you’re– I mean, you’re an artist. You’re a world renowned designer. To have your gift taken away like this, it’s– it’s– it’s a crime. We’re gonna fight this, okay? Once we find out what this is, we are gonna get the best doctors, the best therapy, the best medicine. I won’t let my honey bear lose who he is. I won’t.

Eric: All right.

Donna: Eric… I know you’re so strong and you’re so proud and you’re so proud, but if we’re being honest, I have to tell you, I’m really getting scared. Please. Please, Eric, I think it’s really time. It’s time. Time to tell Ridge. Please. The whole family.

Luna: I can’t thank you enough.

RJ: Why? For what?

Luna: I don’t know. Just being so welcoming. Letting me be a part of the inner circle, even as an intern.

RJ: Well, you know, wait until the initiation.

Luna: Oh, stop.

RJ: I’m kidding.

Luna: No, I just– I think you’re super special. I mean, I could tell how amazing you were just by following you online, but meeting you in person, seeing the way you are with your grandfather, it just– all I know is that when your dad finds out why you’ve been helping your grandfather, he’s just gonna love and respect you even more. I’m serious, RJ. I mean, you’re an incredibly special person. You’re kind and talented, generous and very handsome.

Brooke: Oh, I hate to see you worry so much. I have an idea. Why don’t we play hooky for the rest of the day, okay?

Ridge: Huh?

Brooke: Yeah. We could do something, breathe inspiration back into you.

Ridge: What were you thinking?

Brooke: I don’t know. Let’s go to the beach. Take a walk, maybe have lunch on the pier. Go to the spa. You know I always have standing reservations. No? Okay. I know. I’ve got keys to a big empty house with a big empty bed.

Ridge: See, now you’re making sense. I appreciate what you’re trying to do. I just– I– I can’t shake this concern I have for my dad. What is he doing? A whole collection by himself? Why now? Why?

Eric: Donna, we don’t have to get into this now.

Donna: Actually, I think we do. I really think it’s time that you reconsider and tell Ridge and the whole family. You need all the love and support that you can get.

Eric: No, no, no, no. That’s the last thing I want, Donna. I wanna do this alone. I wanna do this my way. Look, I’m a designer. The whole world knows it. And when I finish with this competition, I’m gonna be the best designer. It’ll prove it to Ridge once and for all.

Donna: You don’t need to prove anything else, Eric. You’ve already done that. Look, I– I went along with your wishes, but things have changed. I say we just end this stupid competition and tell them what’s going on. You’re sick, Eric. You’re sick. And– and now, you’re playing games with your son.

Eric: No, no. This is not a game. I’m sorry, honey. It’s not a game, Donna. It’s a very serious competition between Ridge and me. We’re going head-to-head, winner take all. This is gonna be my finest collection. My final line, my last line.

Donna: But if you do this, it could be your final line.

Eric: That’s even more reason for me to do this, isn’t it? Run this company from behind that desk? Don’t tell Ridge, don’t tell anyone, don’t tell your sisters. I don’t want anyone to know. I wanna do it my way. Look, I– I built this company with– with these two hands. I used to be able to thread a needle with this. I did all of it by hand and I can take this company back. I can run Forrester Creations from that desk again and I’m gonna do it, you’ll see. And Ridge, Ridge will see who gets the most orders. There’s only one master here and it’s me. It’s Eric Forrester.

Donna: Yeah.

Eric: Okay.

Ridge: I don’t know what my dad needs from me, I really don’t, but I know what he wants. He wants this competition. Maybe, I’ll just have to beat him and that’ll be the end of it.

[ Donna sighing ]

Donna: Okay, I’m gonna make us more tea, okay?

Eric: Wonderful.

Donna: I love you so much, honey bear.

Eric: I love you too.

Donna: Be right back.

Eric: Okay.

[ Eric coughing ]

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