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Yes, your job is to eradicate every vestige of Maggie Horton’s hideous bourgeois taste. Oh, yeah, come after lunch, and we’ll start from scratch. And, oh. And bring a dumpster. Everything goes. Everything.

Also loud.

I’m coming. I’m coming.

Good you’re here. I gave it the office. Dad told me the score. Your dad told you the score. It’s my ex dad. Bad no more.

Okay. The sun is out, the leaves are turning wondrous colors, and the birds are singing. Meaning… Meaning it’s time to turn this day into the bleakest… Darkest and most hopeless day that my husband and best friend have ever experienced. Oh, great minds. Those swine have betrayed me in the most unimaginable way.

Now we just have to find a punishment. Something that will fit their crimes.

Gabby! Stefan! Open the door, you are in mortal danger! Please, listen to me, I’m the only thing standing between you and certain death!

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

No one’s hurt, right? You two are gonna be just fine. It’s just a little flesh wound. Do you know how to do CPR? Leo, it’s no use. You’re beating a dead horse. You actually went through with it? You killed them? It would appear so. Oh my god, what the matter with you? Oh, but darling. Everything I did, I did it for us.

For us.

Oh, thank God. A dream. Just a horrible, ghastly dream.

Well, why the closed door, Kristen? There are no secrets in this house, are there? Oh, no. It was my idea, my darling. To close the doors, that is. Because I, I didn’t want you to hear what I was asking, Kristen. Relationship advice.

No, no, um, no, uh. Not that. I was, um, asking her on what to surprise you with. Surprise me? What kind of a surprise? A very fun surprise, of course. Because I think you so deserve it. Doesn’t he deserve it? I think he deserves it. Because…

Because you’re… The man.

That I almost immediately overnight. Well, uh, let’s not forget who fell in love with you nearly as quickly. Oh, trust me. Gwen never lets herself forget that for one single day. Um,

Alex, come on, you can’t think like that. I can’t think like what? I can’t tell it like it is? That the guy that I thought was my dad apparently had nothing to do with my being brought into the world? And that actually explains a lot, and why he’s such a low respected, you know, dignified guy, and I’m not. Oh, come on, that’s not And why you?

The guy who I thought was my brother is loved by one and all. And I’m not. Okay, first of all, that is so not true. Can you leave now, please? No! What? No! I’m not gonna leave until I figure out why you’re feeling so damn sorry for yourself, alright? Nothing has changed. I am still your brother. Dad is still your dad.

Right. It’s just that my mother had an affair with Victor and obviously they were too stupid to use a birth control, so they had a baby, a. k. a. me. And even though Uncle Victor… Didn’t think that I deserved to know that my father wasn’t my father. You say that doesn’t change anything, right? That doesn’t matter?

I’m not, I’m not saying that it doesn’t matter. What I’m saying is my relationship with you, Dad’s relationship with you, the connection we have with each other, the love. We have for each other. Why does any of that have to change? Why does it have to change? I’ll tell you why it has to change. Sonny, a little thing called reality.

Some stone cold facts, and here they are. You ready? Listen. I’m listening. My dad is not my dad. And you and I are not brothers. End of story.

Did you get my message last night? I told you I needed to see you and it was very important. I got your message. I ignored it. And you are trespassing. Not when I have this. It seems that Victor did have a will after all. And this is

it. So what is it like? I mean, is it nicely decorated? Is there a view? I’m so curious. Hmm. Well, Sloan’s apartment is, it’s lovely. I mean, it’s bright, it’s spacious. The important thing is that Eric seems to be happy. Seems to be? Well, he did say that he and Sloan are very compatible. Wow. You know, I wish them both the very best.

Speaking of moves, have you heard the latest about Vivian? Well, I heard that she had resurfaced. That she had ensconced herself in a mansion and, uh, She was, uh, parading as the victor’s widow. Mm hmm. Well, that is the gist of it. But I heard from Bonnie that all of that is about to end. Really? Mm hmm. Really.

I’m very pleased to report that Vivian Alamein is going to be kicked out on her ass. Huh? You can wave paper in front of my face all you want, Maggie, but the… Fact is, Victor told his lawyer… To destroy the will. Yes. Victor ordered the will that was on file with his estate lawyer to be destroyed and then he wrote this one, Dian.

You really should put that phone down ’cause you need to focus.

This is preposterously. Convenient in point. Unbelievable. Well, in your case, it’s decidedly inconvenient.

My new lawyer discovered that due to a clerical error, my divorce from Vivian Allemagne was never properly executed. This means my beloved Maggie is not legally my wife. It is a mistake I intend to rectify the moment I return to Salem. And then, trust me, heads are gonna roll. He loves saying that. It’s my intention to finalize my divorce and make Maggie my wife as soon as possible.

And in the meantime, I want to ensure that she is provided for in the event of my death. To that end, I hereby leave. 50 percent of my entire estate to Margaret Simmons Horton. Well, I won’t go on because the rest doesn’t involve you. Oh, the hell it doesn’t. Huh, there’s still 50 percent left to go after. Oh, yes.

How about that other 50? Hmm. You know, I really wish you wouldn’t do this, Alex. Do what? Face reality? The reality is you’re wallowing in this self pity when you should be counting your blessings. Alright, our dad, and yes, I’m gonna keep calling him our dad, our dad is a great guy. With a huge heart, and he loves all of his kids, and that includes, and will always include you.

And for you to stand here, and act like your whole world has been turned upside down, and to act like you’re having this self identity crisis, you know what? It’s honestly a little self indulgent and pathetic. Oh, well I’m ready for you to leave now. I am leaving, actually. I’m leaving Salem. I have a plane to catch in about an hour.

And I, I wish I didn’t have to leave Dad like this. But I have to get back. Look at me. And I wish I didn’t have to leave you.

Look, in spite of everything I just said, I know, I know, man, you’re dealing with a lot right now. Okay, and that, that, you’re just venting, and that I’m the person you feel comfortable venting with. I really don’t need to hear all the psychobabble right now. Psychobabble? Okay, how about this then? Stop wallowing.

Wallowing? I’m wallowing? I can’t wallow? Yes, you’re wallowing. You’re drinking yourself into a stupor. You’re isolating yourself from the world. I mean, what else would you call it? I would call it needing some time to think, Sonny. Some time to think alone. To think about the fact that everything I thought about myself up until this point was a lie.

Like the fact that I thought I knew who my father was. Like I thought I knew who my brother was. Listen to me. You’re not listening to me. Listen. Dad’s genetics. His DNA. That’s not what made us brothers. It is the time that we spent together. Is my mom any less of a mom to you? Because she’s not your biological mother?

Our past. None of that has changed, man. You know what, you, you remember you got a D minus in biology and now you’re using genetics to say I’m not your brother? You know what, man? Screw you!

Here’s what I don’t get. Why is Dimitri ignoring our message from last night? I think this calls for a threatening text. How out of character for you. I don’t know what’s worse. Reminding him that he’s going to be losing all his Fun Moisture money when we reveal that his marriage to Gwen is a sham. Or wondering aloud what Gwen might do to his manhood when she finds out he’s been sleeping with Leo.

Why not a little bit of both? Why not? Indeed. I think we need to tighten our thumbscrews here, okay? Once we get Dimitri’s shares, we’re gonna be top dogs at DiMera. Okay, not so fast, Gabby. Because since we last talked about this, I’ve done some thinking, and I counted all the shares. And if we get Dimitri’s, we will only have enough to be in a tie for who has the most votes.

Am I loved? You don’t need to go through the trouble of surprising me. You know I’m more than happy. Status quo. Oh, I know you are, my darling. But you see, I read somewhere that surprises are the secret to a fairy. Happy marriage. Oh, really? Well, now you’ve got me on pins and needles. Good. That’s exactly where I want to start.

Okay. Well then, I, uh, I will take my leave and let you conspire. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, Dimitri. Don’t, don’t go. We need to talk about the outstanding DiMera business. Remember? Nonsense. We can talk about that any time. Let me go get the door and let you and Gwen get back to planning my surprise.

Did you see that? You couldn’t wait to get away from me. Oh, that little weasel. Well, wait until he finds out what kind of a surprise you have in store for him. Just not the surprise that he’ll be expecting. Oh, don’t say that again. Oh! But let’s just be real. Let’s call it what it is. A punishment, as you so aptly did earlier.

And there is only one punishment that fits his crime. I’m listening. We have to kill him.

Tell me you didn’t kill Gabby and Stefan. Tell me you’ve been down. I don’t know if I didn’t kill them. Oh, thank God. Please, by all means, be a little bit louder next time so the whole household knows my plan.

After all, the shares? Right. And again, if we get Dimitri’s, that will only put us in a tie with EJ’s camp 7 to 7. Hear me out. We’ve got my shares and Jake’s, right? I would imagine Kristen, Steven, and Peter will vote with me. But then on EJ’s side, he’s got Tony, and Chad, and Lee, and Johnny, and also Kate’s shares, right?

I can’t imagine any of those people switching sides anytime soon. Yeah, but it doesn’t necessarily mean a stalemate. I mean, what about Lee? What about him? Gabby, there’s no way he’s gonna switch to our side. There’s, there’s too much history. Well, it’ll take some convincing, but it’s doable. Okay, and just how exactly do you plan on convincing Lee?

Well, it’s not gonna be that hard. I’ll seduce him. Ha, ha, ha, ha.

Not dead. Dimitri. Yes.

You are joking, aren’t you? I am only thinking of you, love. You heard about how poor Maggie Horton is out on the street because Victor died without a will? And now Vivian has everything because she is still his legal wife. So? So? Oh, God. If Dimitri buys the farm, then you get every dime coming to him from that stupid codicil.

Not quite. You see, the marriage has to be in effect for at least a year for that codicil to kick in. Ah, but it doesn’t say anything about what happens if one of you dies before the year is up. Right, okay, that’s if I want him dead, yes? But what about you? You don’t give a damn about anyone but yourself and killing him.

You’re just gonna get part of the installment that he got. Why are you so willing to go nuclear? Because I know who’s kind. And these things you have to just nip in the bud. Yeah. Well, sorry, I’m not a murder. Oh gosh. Gwen , you broke out of prison to kill your own sister. Yeah, no. Yes. No, I did not. That’s not true.

That’s not why I came here to kill my sister. I only tried to set up Sarah to make it look like she was attacking Abigail. Right, right. And that is on par with jaywalking. Okay, look, you told me that he went to go deposit a cheque in a bank account that he doesn’t think I know anything about. Yes? Why don’t I go to the bank and withdraw every bloody penny and then you and I can split that?

I mean, isn’t that enough for revenge?

You’ve become such a prude. All right, Gwen. If that’s what you can

live with. Okay. I’ll go to the bank now. You hold down the fort.

I am giving you a lot more than that.


Sorry, Gwen. Dimitri has it coming

to him. No, Dimitri, it is just plain wrong. And it’s dangerous! And most important, conjugal visits are not my thing. I am not going to prison, okay? And I am also not giving Gabby and Stefan my shares at Damerica. Gabby is texting me again. This woman is so tiresome. She really does need to die. No, Dimitri!

Please, listen to me! You wouldn’t get away with it. Just let them have the damn shares. You will still have tons of money from marrying Gwen. And how rich do you need to be? I asked a question I never thought I’d hear you ask. There has to be another way, because if something happens to the two of them and the cops question me, I know that I will fold like a cheap lawn chair and I will lose you forever.

Hey, stop. No. You’re not gonna lose me. Then… Then say you’re not gonna do it. Say you will find another way that you’re not going to kill them, please. Please.

Lord, you are persistent. Fine. Fine. They can live the two of us. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank

you. Just what I needed. Tough love. Actually, it is what you needed, Alex.

Are you at least talked to, Dad? You mean my cousin Justin? And I thought I was getting through to you. No, I mean your dad. The guy who raised you. No, I haven’t talked to the guy who raised me, not since after he told me about the letter. After that, I found… That bottle. And that, as they say, was that. Okay.

Well, since you’re obviously too self absorbed… To think about how this new development is affecting everyone else

that is hurting too, Alex, so I suggest you get cleaned up and you go talk to him. Has no point. There’s no, what do you, what do you mean? What do you mean? There’s no point? You, you have to talk to him. The two of you have to talk. I did talk, I did talk to him and it didn’t make sense last night. It doesn’t make sense this morning because at the end of the day, Victor knew that he was my dad.

And he never said a word. I know, and that’s… It’s messed up. Obviously. But there has to be a reason why he did what he did, and I’m, I’m sure he struggled like hell with it. Yeah, and what reason could he possibly have had, Sonny boy?

I don’t know. I don’t know, maybe he thought that his nephew Justin would be a better father than he ever could be. I don’t, I don’t, you would have to talk to Phillip about that. Okay, well then here’s the burning question, Sonny. Why did I have to find out that he was my father after he was dead? He leaves me half his fortune?

What, to try and make up for lying to me my whole life? For pretending to be my uncle? How am I supposed to feel about that? I don’t even know if I want the damn inheritance! Okay, can we not talk about that right now? Because the money aspect is not nearly as important as how everyone is feeling right now.

The important thing is that you try to come to terms with this, Alex. You try to deal with this anger. That you actually try to figure out why Uncle Vic did what he did.

And most importantly, you gotta think about Dad, ma’am. Because I guarantee you, he’s just as messed up as you are about this.

But make no mistake, okay? He does. And he always will. Love you like a son. Alright, and I do. And I always will love you like a brother.

Everything else is pretty meaningless in my book.

You agree with me, don’t you?

It’s not even if I do agree with you. I can’t just let go the fact that I was deceived all my life. I can’t just suddenly learn that Victor Kiriakis is my father. And not be changed in some very fundamental ways. Do you understand that, Sonny? I have to rethink everything. Everything.

Alex. No, not him. Angelica’s letter was crystal clear. So was Victor’s will. Angelica. And Victor. Oh, I was just telling Alex that he had his mother’s killer instinct. Obviously, he has a double dose. Let’s stay on topic, shall we, Vivian? The new will is crystal clear. I get half of Victor’s estate, Alex gets the other half, and there is no third half.

Halves? Halves? There are no halves. It’s all in line.

So, Victor had written a new will. Mm hmm. Yeah, he did, to the tremendous relief of Maggie and the rest of the family. I can only imagine. So that means that Vivian has no claim on the mansion, or anything else for that matter. Yep. Just as I said, she is out on her ass. Could you imagine how satisfying it’s going to be to picture her, that malevolent creature, finally getting what she deserves?

Well, that was very dramatic, but completely useless. Not unlike you. Get out of my house. Oh, Vivian. Did you really think that I was going to let you in the same room as the original Will? That I would come back here before I had it probated. Ah, you know, you have always underestimated me. I am not leaving.

Possession is nine tenths of the law. And you’re always so predictable. No, no, I’m mercurial. You’re predictable. And I’ve come prepared.

How? Prepared how? Deputy Pratt, we’re ready for you now. Deputy? What? What the? That is your eviction notice. Let’s go, Ms. Elliman. It’s Mrs. Kiriakis. Now, if she gives you any trouble, just shoot her. Kristen, I won’t be long.


Mattie. What brings you here and what are you two plotting now? Oh, uh, nothing. I, come here, I came to see you. I missed you and I was hoping we could maybe grab some breakfast before work. Oh, golly. Sorry, I wish I could. I’ve just got lots of errands to run in town. Secret errands. Soon then? Yes, absolutely.

And why are you hogging matters? All of a sudden, it seems like ages when you went to go answer the door when you left me and Kristen. Uh, well, um, well, you know, all that, that, that talk inside about surprising me, I was just discussing with Leo what I can do to you, for you, in return. Oh! Another surprise for me?

Well, fair warning, it’s really not easy to pull one over on me.

Right. Well, good luck, you two. I shan’t be long. Just in case you were wondering, no, I did not enjoy that kiss. That’s okay. I’m sure she more than made up for your lack of

enthusiasm. Relax, okay? Leo, everything is going to work out. Okay. Okay, I will relax. Just promise me that the two of them will still be alive when you’re done, not that they deserve that. Habiento mon amor. Habiento mon


Why is he suddenly speaking French? Ugh, and why do I suddenly feel like my entire life is about to go up in smoke?

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! You are not going to seduce Lee! No way, no how! Why not? He obviously still has a thing for me! Exactly! So you are not going to sleep with Lee. You are not going to so much as bat a singular eyelash in his direction. Because let me tell you something. As much as I love power and the prospect of booting EJ out of our shared office, I love my wife even more.

You do know, don’t you, Bat? You’re the only man that I love. I was just saying that to get you all hot and bothered. What? Because I know you have a thing for Chelsea, don’t you? So your whole pitching you seducing Leigh was just an act? Can you tell me?

Ow! I didn’t realize you were still here. Oh! I’ll come back. No, no, no, no, no! Don’t rush off on my account. Kristen. Is that really necessary? Do you really think that I’m going to cut you out of your share of the money? You see, nephew, I go by actions, not words. And it’s, uh, pretty obvious. What your intent is.


I get it. You’re angry. But you’re also bluffing. Are

you sure about that?

So you’re leaving today? Yeah. I wish I didn’t have to. You know, especially with everything going on. But, uh, Like I told Alex, it’s already way overdue as it is. Yeah, I understand. Sonny, it meant so much to me that you came for the service. Uncle Vic, huh? I love them a lot. And vice versa.

Alex, uh, how is he? How is he? Uh, pretty much how you’d expect. I mean, this is not gonna be easy on him. It’s not gonna be easy on any of us. Yeah, yeah. But, I’m really glad you’re back where you belong, alright? When I got the call, I nearly jumped for joy. Yeah. Losing Victor has been difficult. As has this fallout.

It’s just unending. But, damn. It was so fun kicking Vivian to the curb.

I really wish I could have seen it. Of course, of course, but, you know, she’s, uh, just, uh, she’s gonna keep moving on to some new scheme. And God help whoever’s targeted next.

Hello, Alex. Look, I’m really busy right now. Oh, I’m sure you have time to talk about your brilliant future. Actually, I don’t. What? Listen, now the whole world knows that you are Victor’s son and heir. We can gang up against Maggie and take over the whole company. Yeah, I don’t have any beef against Maggie.

What? She threw you out on your ass at Titan. Return the favor. Have some guts. You want me to show you some guts? Yes. Alright. What? What are you doing? Alex, I’m, I’m trying to talk to you. You’re so rude.

So glad I made you jealous. Yeah, well, I guess I felt that I had something to prove in the remote chance that you were not joking about seducing Lee. And you proved it so well. Now, listen, Lee is not our problem right now. Dimitri is our problem. So why don’t we go downstairs and see his cheating ass before Glenn finds out what he’s doing with Leo.

Or else things are going to go kablooey. Really? Gwenny,

what are you doing here? I thought you had errands. Yes, well, I finished early, see, but I did happen to pass Sweet Bits. And I saw this. It’s in the window, it’s banana cream pie, it’s your favorite. Gwenny, you truly are the greatest friend a girl could ever…


I really need to do this? I have no intention of cheating you, auntie. As you know, I’ve only received the first installment check, but as soon as I get the second one, you will be swimming in cash. I already should be Threatening to tell Gwen about you and Leo. I mean, that didn’t put a fire under your feet.

So guess what? Maybe this will. You talk a good game, Kristen. But of all the horrible things that you have done in your life, you have never actually killed anyone. Not that I know of. Not personally, anyway. And I really don’t think you’re going to start today. Are you?

For some measly money? Aren’t you?

Are you?

Can you? Yeah, Leuschner.


you are. Oh, yeah, I was just looking for you two. Oh, a lively story. Now, do you have what we want? Yes. Yes,


believe I do. So

good to be home.

You know, it’s so lonely here and empty without you.

Oh, darling. I miss you so much

Listen now the whole world knows that you are Victor’s son and heir We can gang up against Maggie and take over the whole company. Yeah, I don’t have any beef against Maggie What? She threw you out on your ass at Titan. Return the favor. Have some guts.

What in the name of Michael B. Jordan was that about? For sleeping with my husband, you bastard!

You can’t be serious. Try me. You know, it’s funny. Just a little while ago, I was about to hand over the shares to you. But then I got to thinking. And knowing you two brifters, it wouldn’t end here. No, no, you would hold what I did to Gwen over my head for as long as you can profit from it. So really, the best thing that I can do right now is nip this in the butt.

Now, Leo did say that I shouldn’t be going to these extremes, but I’m just gonna have to figure out how to make him understand. We have plenty, don’t, please. Nice try. Listen, if it makes you feel any better, you two are going to make absolutely beautiful corpses. What?

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