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Taylor: You know, after everything that’s happened, can you even believe that anyone has to warn finn about sheila? Look, I’m gonna stay on top of it. Make sure that he doesn’t do anything to put our daughter or our grandchildren in danger, again.

Brooke: We’re all on the same page when it comes to sheila.

Taylor: The crazy thing is, I could– I could see how finn is struggling with his feelings towards sheila. Like, he doesn’t see it. She knows exactly what she’s doing.

Ridge: He’s being played by that woman. How does he not see that?

Brooke: She’s not capable of loving anybody, only herself.

Taylor: Every single move that sheila has ever made has been for sheila. Her sociopathic behavior just proves what a monster she is. She’s incapable of love or being loved by anyone.

Sheila: Thank you.

Deacon: Yeah.

Sheila: You know, in– in prison, I-I really convinced myself that no one was coming to help. I was at the end of my line, and I-I ruined any chance I ever had a joy in my life. And then all of a sudden you showed up, gave me hope. I just, I get this feeling that at any moment it could just be taken away. You could ruin your relationship with your daughter just by being with me.

Deacon: Sheila, don’t– don’t do that.

Sheila: No, I am– I am just stating facts. Me in your life, it could destroy your relationship with hope.

Thomas: Um, I’m stuck.

Hope: Oh, yeah?

Thomas: Yeah. I feel like I could use some late-night inspiration.

Taylor: You know, I also came back to check on thomas. I think something’s going on with him. Every single time I call him, he can’t get off the phone fast enough. He’s like, “mom, I gotta go. I’m busy.”

Ridge: Yeah. He’s, uh, he’s busy with work and other stuff.

Brooke: Ridge.

Taylor: What do you mean? I– oh, I-I know about the kiss in rome. I-I-I know that. I– but hope admitted that she crossed a line and that’s good. It seems like they– they moved…. what– what is going on?

Ridge: Um, hope and thomas, their relationship has advanced.

Taylor: Advanced? I– what do you mean?

Brooke: Uh, hope and thomas are sleeping together.

Thomas: All this work. Can’t get too stressed, right? Gonna take some breaks from time to time.

Hope: Mm. Thomas.

Thomas: Yeah.

Hope: I just, um, I want to make sure we’re still on the same page. Dinner didn’t change anything.

Thomas: Of course you’re not at the exact same place I am. That doesn’t mean that I don’t still love you and only you.

Deacon: Voila. All your favorites. Hope I got everything.

Sheila: Oh.

[ Laughs ] Champagne and– and licorice. Oh, you thought of everything. I can’t believe that you did all this for me.

Deacon: I want tonight to be unforgettable. I just wanna just focus on the moment, but I wanna discuss where we go from here and all the amazing possibilities.

[ Sheila chuckles nervously ] Hi. I use febreze fade defy plug.

Taylor: Thomas was doing so good. He was– he was just– he was just focused on work. He was being a great dad to douglas. He was keeping his feelings for hope in check. And now he–

Ridge: You know none of us want him to spiral outta control the way he did before, right?

Taylor: Then why didn’t you tell me? I don’t think either of you comprehend what this could do to thomas.

Brooke: I tried talking sense into my daughter. I did, taylor. But both of our children have very strong convictions, and if we push too hard, it could make matters worse.

Ridge: These are two consenting adults. We can’t tell ’em what to do. We just gotta see how it plays out.

Taylor: Plays out? Do you think this is a game? Thomas has been working so hard to get himself healthy mentally. It could put him right back to where he was before. And that is a very dark and dangerous place inside his mind with no way out. I need to talk to thomas.

Deacon: So what are you craving?

Sheila: Oh, that’s a loaded question.

Deacon: Food, sheila. Food. Let me give you a hands-on experience of my culinary prowess. What would you say to, um, ooh, ravioli stuffed with pumpkin, fresh pumpkin, just a hint of nutmeg, hand-rolled dough?

Sheila: Just keep– keep talking.

Deacon: Yeah? Maybe, uh, I don’t know, a filet with burgundy sauce. Or maybe you want something a little more exotic. You know, when a meal’s made with love, you can taste it. Let me show you.

Sheila: No, don’t you– don’t you dare leave my side.

Deacon: Okay.

Thomas: I understand where you are emotionally. That you just got out of a marriage and that’s fresh. But I also really love spending time with you. And I especially love when we’re, uh, intimate.

Hope: Oh, yeah?

Thomas: Yeah.

[ Door opens ]

Taylor: Oh, okay. Um, I am– I’m sorry to interrupt, but I’m kinda glad I did. When my doctor gave me breztri for my copd getting this? Water doesn’t have to be boring. With over 40 delicious flavors, cirkul starts a party for your tastebuds. No sugar, no calories and no artificial flavors. Just good times. Try cirkul, available now at walmart. Ok, someone just did laundry…

Ridge: Well, that’s the last thing that taylor needs right now. She’s all stressed about steffy and the kids and setting them up. And now she’s gotta be concerned about thomas and hope. I should’ve told her earlier. I should’ve.

Brooke: Ridge, you have nothing to feel bad about. You were just trying to keep taylor from worrying.

Ridge: She’s worried now.

Brooke: I just don’t want taylor blaming my daughter for any of this.

Thomas: Hey, mom! What’s up?

Taylor: [ Laughs ] It’s not, “hi, babe. What’s new?”

[ Chuckles ]

Thomas: Um, I– well–

[ Chuckles nervously ] I can totally explain.

Taylor: No. It’s okay. You don’t– I think I’m all caught up. I just talked to ridge and brooke and they– they told me about this. And I– hope, can I have a second, please?

Hope: Yeah. Sure. Of course.

Thomas: Okay. I do only have a minute ’cause I do have a deadline to–

Taylor: Okay. No, you are not shutting me out anymore, thomas. Look, I know that you’re gonna make your own decision on this.

Thomas: I am.

Taylor: I know. But– but as– as your mom, um, I also know how much emotional turmoil that you have been through, and I am concerned that that might happen again. I know that you have deep feelings for hope. And I don’t know, maybe those feelings aren’t going to be reciprocated the way that– that you’d like them to. I just hate for hope to take advantage of your feelings for her.

[ Laughs ]

Sheila: We have had some interesting times together.

Deacon: Hmm. You know, of all the adventures, for lack of a better word, I would have to say that you showing up back from the dead, probably the top of the list.

Sheila: You never gave up on me even when I gave up on myself. I have never met anybody like you, deacon. And I’m so grateful for everything that you’ve done for me. That’s why it’s gonna be so difficult to say goodbye.

Deacon: Sheila, how many times have we said goodbye before only to have fate put us together again? And here we are, together again. Clearly, our story isn’t over yet. And I’m not willing to believe that it ever will be. And I think maybe it’s time that you start believing the same. The subway series menu is getting a new lineup

Ridge: Taylor isn’t blaming anyone. She’s just concerned about our boy. And maybe she should be. At least now everything’s out in the open.

Hope: Well…

[ Clears throat ] …Someone else knows now.

Brooke: What? What happened?

Hope: Taylor. She just walked in on thomas and me in each other’s arms.

Thomas: I do appreciate your concern.

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Thomas: But it’s not necessary.

Taylor: Okay. So whatever is happening with hope right now, do you think that maybe it might be erasing all the trauma that happened with her in the past?

Thomas: Mom, honestly, I, uh… [ Chuckles ] I’m good. And I’m very happy right now.

Taylor: Right now. Yes, you are. Your life is– is going really well, thomas. And you did that. You did it. And then hope kissed you in rome. And then all of this is happening, and now you’re kind of back to this precarious place where you were before. And–

Thomas: Okay. I-I see that you are seeing a situation that could lead to a situation like before but I promise, mom, everything’s under control.

Taylor: What happens if things don’t work out? Do you think you can handle that?

Thomas: Yeah. Look, it would– it would be painful, sure. But hope and I, we do have an agreement.

Taylor: And who made the terms of the– that agreement? You? Hope. Yeah. You know something, back in the day, you know, I-I didn’t wanna see the covert manipulations that– that brooke was doing to ridge and me until it was too late. And I’m just wondering if– if– if hope isn’t more like her mother than you realize. And if she is, then the only person that’s gonna get hurt in this situation is you. So can you maybe learn from my epic life fails, please? ‘Cause otherwise you might also wake up one day and find yourself alone and beat yourself up for being so sure that you had it all under control.

Sheila: When we’re alone like this it’s like nothing else in the world matters.

Deacon: That’s the goal.

Sheila: [ Sighs ] I just wanna– I wanna savor every second of my time with you. ‘Cause it’s moments like this that– that get me through the days that we’re apart. I know how much you truly care about me. And it– it took me a long time to trust that. But I do now. And I’m– I’m so grateful every day that we found each other.

Deacon: Me too.

Sheila: But I–

Deacon: No, don’t– don’t do that.

Sheila: But reality is right outside that door. And I care too much about you to– to have you ruin your relationship with hope. And– and this restaurant, you have worked so hard for this place. You stand to lose everything if you stay with me, deacon.

Deacon: Sheila, I’m a big boy. I make my own decisions. When I fought for you with the judge to keep you from spending the rest of your life behind bars, I knew it was risky. I didn’t care. All I could think about was you. That’s all that mattered.

Sheila: And now– now what?

Deacon: You know, when you came into my life, you turned it upside down. But it made me realize how alone I was before I met you.

Sheila: I felt the same way.

Deacon: You know, being with you is exciting and dangerous and passionate. And yeah, it’s crazy. But I can’t get enough.

Sheila: [ Laughs ] It has been a wild ride.

Deacon: It’s a ride that I don’t wanna get off of.

Sheila: And you, uh, what– what are you doing, deacon?

Deacon: Sheila, I’ve never met anyone like you in my entire life, and I’m absolutely sure I’m never gonna meet anyone like you again. I’m nuts about you from the top of your head, down to the bottom of your however many toes you have left. I never wanna be apart from you again. Look, I know that this is risky. It’s a gamble, but anything worth fighting for is, and I’ve always been a gambling man, and so this time, I’m gambling on love because sheila, I do love you. So, sheila carter, will you make me the happiest and probably the craziest man in los angeles? Say yes. Marry me. Say you’ll be my wife.

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