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Kate walks through the town square and comes across Bonnie, who says it’s good to see a familiar face as she’s just been sitting there seething. Bonnie invites Kate to join her and assumes that Kate is also miserable because of Vivian. Bonnie talks about Vivian claiming to be the sole heir to Victor’s estate and says Vivian threw them all out of the mansion, so her and Justin are slumming it in a room at the Salem Inn. Kate brings up Bonnie being locked up for years in prison. Bonnie remarks that is why it’s so triggering. Bonnie blames Victor for destroying his will, causing this mess, and dying.

At the Horton house, Justin and Maggie talk about how they can’t believe the child Victor was talking about is Alex. Alex then walks in and questions who died, then apologizes since Victor did. Maggie informs him that they have just been through a harrowing series of realizations. Alex questions what the hell is going on.

At the Brady Pub, Roman tells Rex not to worry about it and that all is forgiven now that he’s met his beautiful granddaughter. Roman adds that Kate is a whole different story as she’s pretty ticked off at him. Rex says he figured and asks where she is. Philip notes that Kate went to go see Vivian at Titan. Rex and Sarah question why. Philip explains that Vivian offered him a job there and Kate wasn’t thrilled, so she’s on the warpath to confront her. Rex says they need to get Kate back here. Roman doesn’t think it’d be a good idea to get in between Kate and Vivian. Rex then reveals he wouldn’t want Kate to miss his wedding as he announces that he and Sarah are getting married right now.

Chloe starts to cry and stops Xander, saying she’s sorry but she can’t marry him. Xander asks why. Chloe says it’s because of Sarah. Xander argues that they talked about this plenty of times and he’s totally over Sarah. Chloe then reveals to Xander that Sarah lied to him as Rex isn’t the father of her baby, Xander is. Xander asks if he misheard. Chloe repeats that Sarah lied and that her little girl is Xander’s daughter.

Roman questions Rex and Sarah wanting to get married right here and right now. Sarah asks if it’s okay with him. Roman says it is but asks for a second to take all this in. Rex explains that baby Victoria is the reason as they want everyone to know who her father is..

Xander asks what Chloe is talking about and argues that Victoria can’t be his because Sarah told him the timing is impossible. Chloe repeats that Sarah lied. Xander asks how she knows. Chloe reveals that she just overheard Rex confiding in Philip in the town square that Victoria is Xander’s daughter.

Kate tells Bonnie that she hates that Vivian thinks she has a legitimate claim to Victor’s estate. Bonnie tells her to imagine how Maggie feels to be kicked out of her own house by Vivian. Kate wishes she had recourse. Bonnie notes that there is one shred of hope to hold onto as Brady and Alex brought Victor’s briefcase back from Greece, so hopefully something in it can turn things around. Bonnie hopes whatever is in it is good news.

Alex questions opening Victor’s briefcase and asks if they figured out why he went to Greece and if they found the letter that Constantine was talking about. Justin confirms it is so Alex asks if they found answers as to why Victor destroyed his will. Maggie offers to let them talk alone which Alex questions. Maggie tells Alex that it’s about Victor, but it concerns him too. Maggie apologizes and then exits the room. Alex asks Justin what is going on, why Maggie is sorry, and what’s in the letter.

Xander tells Chloe that he doesn’t understand why Sarah would tell him that Rex is the baby’s father and lie to him. Xander guesses it’s because she hates him for what he did to Susan. Chloe thinks it’s more complicated. Xander argues that Sarah thinks he’s a bad person and a low life, not worthy to be the father of their child. Xander realizes that Sarah would rather their daughter grow up believing a lie instead of knowing the truth. Xander declares that the precious little girl is his.

Roman watches over baby Victoria and wishes Kate would get there to meet her. Kate then arrives and comments on them deciding to show up. Rex introduces Victoria Margaret to Kate. Kate calls her such a beautiful baby. Kate wishes they had been introduced two days earlier. Sarah apologizes for not calling. Rex adds that things got crazy after the birth but at least Kate is here now for the wedding as he informs her they are getting married right here and right now. Kate comments on them getting their priorities in order and remarks that it doesn’t seem very festive. Rex says they have all they need. Kate asks who is performing the ceremony. Philip announces that will be him.

Maggie finds Bonnie in the town square and says she was going to come see her. Bonnie complains about the Salem Inn and asks how Maggie is as she hopes she got some sleep. Maggie says not really. Bonnie understands that Maggie just lost her husband and got kicked out of her house by Vivian. Bonnie remembers the briefcase and hopes there was something in there to kick Vivian to the curb. Maggie confirms that Victor made a new will and he was in the process of drawing it up when he discovered that he and Vivian were never legally divorced, so he left her 50% of his estate. Bonnie is thrilled and calls that wonderful news. Bonnie guesses the rest of the family split the other 50% but Maggie says not exactly. Bonnie argues that Justin was his favorite nephew so he must have left them something. Maggie responds that she’s sorry but Victor left the entire other half to his son. Bonnie questions which one.

Justin informs Alex that Vivian gets nothing and Maggie gets half of everything. Alex calls that great news and says they must be relieved. Alex guesses there’s a catch and asks if it’s about the other half of Victor’s estate. Justin confirms that it is. Alex questions what the hell Victor did and if he cut them out or left the other half to Bo or Philip. Justin reveals that Victor left the other half of his estate to his other son that none of them knew about. Alex asks if he’s kidding. Justin wishes he was but says it’s all explained in the letter. Alex questions Victor leaving half of his estate to some secret son and calls it insane after everything Justin did for him and the family. Alex argues that there must be some way to fight it, calling it wrong what Victor did. Justin shouts at him to stop and then reveals the letter was written by Anjelica and hands it to him to read. Justin cries that he doesn’t know how else to tell him this, but he’s not his father, Victor is.

Maggie reveals to Bonnie that Alex is not Justin’s son, he’s Victor’s son. Bonnie can’t believe it. Maggie says it was spelled out pretty clearly in Anjelica’s letter. Bonnie calls it crazy and asks how Justin is dealing with this. Bonnie can’t believe that Justin is not Alex’s father.

Xander tells Chloe that he can’t believe he is Victoria’s father. Xander doesn’t know what to say and brings up that if Chloe hadn’t overheard Philip and Rex, he might never have known. Chloe states that he might not have known anyway as she admits that at first, she was thinking of keeping the secret for her own sake and she thought it would be respecting Sarah’s wishes to keep her mouth shut, but she realized she’s loyal to Xander, not Sarah, and he deserved to know the truth. Chloe adds that there is more. Chloe explains that Sarah isn’t really in love with Rex and is only with him to cement the story that Rex is the father as she was willing to do whatever it took for Xander to not find out the truth so that’s the only reason they are getting married. Xander realizes they are getting married right now at the Pub. Chloe asks if Xander wants to go there.

Kate questions Philip performing the ceremony. Philip explains that he got ordained online and jokes about Rex having two brothers that are ministers. Roman suggests they get the show on the road. Rex says he can’t wait. Philip then begins the ceremony. Rex says I do while Sarah hesitates.

Xander asks if Chloe thinks he should go cause a scene. Chloe thinks he needs to go tell Sarah that he knows everything, before she marries Rex. Xander reminds Chloe that they were about to get married and were heading to New York to meet her parents and Parker. Chloe argues that he’s not thinking straight since this changes everything. Xander feels nothing has changed and they are still the same people they were this morning. Chloe stops Xander and repeats that this changes everything, now that they know the truth about the baby and Sarah. Chloe asks if he can honestly say it doesn’t change everything. Xander tells Chloe that he really cares about her. Chloe kisses him and says she knows he does. Xander says he loves her. Chloe tells him to just go, so Xander then rushes out of the apartment as Chloe cries.

Bonnie tells Maggie that she has to go find Justin. Maggie asks her to sit with her for a bit and give Justin and Alex time to talk. Bonnie argues that Justin is her husband and he needs her, so she needs to go to him now. Bonnie asks what would Maggie do if Victor found out one of his children wasn’t his. Maggie tells her that they are at the Horton house so Bonnie rushes off.

Justin and Alex sit down as Alex goes over the fact that Victor is his father. Justin assumes Victor and Anjelica kept it a secret. Alex questions why. Justin explains that according to the letter, Anjelica thought he would be devastated to learn that she lied to him, so she allowed him to think the baby was his and that he would feel incredibly betrayed by Victor, so they kept it from them.

Philip asks Sarah again if she takes Rex to be her husband. Sarah says yes, so Philip asks for the rings which Roman hands over. Rex and Sarah exchange the rings. Philip then pronounces Rex and Sarah as husband and wife. Rex and Sarah kiss as Xander walks in to the Pub.

Alex talks about when he and Brady went to Greece to figure out what Victor was up to and says he never could’ve imagined it would be this. Justin doesn’t care what the letter says and says that Victor may be his biological father, but he’s still his dad in every way that counts and nothing can change that. Justin asks if Alex doesn’t feel that way. Alex responds that he can’t put in to words how he’s feeling as none of it feels real. Alex states that everything he thought of who he is, who his father is, and who his brothers are was all a lie. Alex adds that he was really proud to know Justin is his father since he’s a good, honorable, honest, and kind person. Alex always thought that because he was part of Justin, that deep down that was inside of him too. Alex thinks that always gave him hope for himself until now. Justin encourages that he is a good person and says he’s always believed in him because he knows how smart he is and what a good heart he has. Alex feels like he’s going to wake up from a very strange nightmare. Alex decides he needs to be alone right now. Justin says he understands and exits the room.

Chloe paces at her apartment and looks at the dart board on the wall, remembering when she and Xander first got it. Chloe holds back tears and sits down with her phone. Chloe then calls her mom and cries that the wedding is off.

Xander says he’s sorry to crash the party. Sarah questions what he’s doing here. Xander responds that he came for his baby. Kate argues it’s not his baby. Xander asks if she’s sure about that and tells her to ask them. Philip questions what he’s talking about. Xander reveals that Chloe was in the town square and heard Rex and Philip talking about how the baby is actually his, but Chloe had the decency to tell him before they got a plane to New York to get married. Rex argues that Chloe must have misunderstood. Xander tells Sarah to say something. Sarah reveals that Chloe didn’t misunderstand and confirms that Victoria is Xander’s. Xander tells Sarah that they need to talk alone.

Maggie sits in the town square and calls Vivian, leaving a message that she needs to see her as soon as possible as they have something very important to discuss.

Bonnie finds Justin crying over the letter at the Horton house. Bonnie informs him that she just talked to Maggie and she’s so sorry. Bonnie hugs Justin as he breaks down crying.

Alex goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and stands at Victor’s portrait, questioning how this can be happening and how Victor can be his father.

Roman brings drinks to Rex and Kate and says he thought they could use them. Kate guesses Victoria is not their granddaughter. Rex confirms that and says that’s why he was so slow to tell them about her. Kate asks if that means Rex and Sarah weren’t in a real relationship. Rex responds that Sarah wasn’t, but he was.

Xander and Sarah go outside to talk. Xander questions how Sarah could do this and keep Victoria from him.

Chloe tells Nancy that it’s okay and that she doesn’t have to come. Chloe promises that she’ll be fine and she’ll talk to her later. Chloe hangs up and then Philip shows up at her door.

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