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Roman, you are not going to believe this. What is it? What’s wrong? Well, I just ran into your sister and she said… I mean, honestly, I don’t even feel like I can tell you. It’s so upsetting. I mean, I am. I am. But you… You should be warned. It’s really disturbing. What? What did Kayla say? Congratulations. On what?

Apparently, Sarah Horton gave birth to our grandchild and no one told us.

Have you shared any of your good news with our mother? No, not yet. Why not? Well, because I feel guilty lying to her. Lying? About what?

I’m not the baby’s father. What do you mean? Victoria’s not my daughter. She’s Xander’s. You’re joking, right? No, I’m not joking. Xander is the father of Sarah’s baby.

Xander? What a surprise. It’s little Victoria. She’s great. Now that she’s sleeping. How are you doing? Exhausted, but otherwise fine. So you’re recovered from that scare after the birth? Yeah, thankfully so. I’m being discharged today. Oh, great. So what brings you by? Oh, I just, um… That’s something I wanted to tell you.

Xander is Victoria’s father. He has a right to know. Um, actually there’s something I want to tell you, too.

Thank you so much for coming, Alexander. I got your text. What the hell do you want? Well, I’ll be brief. The thing is, I’m running Titan now, and I need a right hand man, and I thought of you as my first choice. You want to hire me? Yes, I have big plans for Titan. And, uh, from what I’ve heard about you, I think you’re exactly the right thing.

Well, I gotta say, Vivian, I am very grateful for this opportunity. Really? Yes, because now I can tell you to take your job and shove it. Wow.

So now we know. Victor destroyed his old will and had this… New and drawn up and, well, he was in Greece. The question is why? Well, he had just been to Visebo. Do you think that had anything to do with it? Possibly. I wonder what changes he made. Only one way to find out.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

So… What’s your news? Um, you go first.

Chloe and I are getting married. Yeah, I know that already. No, I mean, we’re getting married today. Oh. Not that you care or anything, I just wanted you to hear it from me first. Um, that’s uh, that’s very, that’s very considerate of you. Uh, congratulations. Thanks. So, um, what was it you wanted to tell me?

I don’t get it. If Xander’s the father, why have you been telling everyone the baby’s yours? Sarah asked me to. Why? Alright, let’s rewind a bunch of months here. So, Sarah and Xander… They were very happily married. Until Sarah finds out about what Xander did to Bonnie and Susan. The whole deranged clown thing.

Exactly. And then after all that happened, Sarah finds out she’s pregnant with Xander’s baby. And she doesn’t want a guy like Xander, who’s capable of something so horrible, to be the father of her child. So, I stepped in. Hey, I, I realize as I’m saying this, I might be bringing some stuff up for you, like about Claire.

No, this is totally different. Xander’s a criminal. He put Sarah through so much already, it makes sense that a double kidnapping was the last straw. Exactly. So she had to get away from him. So she signs the divorce papers, moves to Chicago, so nobody finds out she’s pregnant. Not even her own mother.

You’re the lawyer, you should read it. Do you need a minute? No, I’m ready. Okay. Victor Yergos Kiriakis, being of sound mind and under no undue influence or duress, hereby declare this to be my last will and testament, revoking all previous wills and codicils. Before I enumerate my final wishes, it should be stated that in the course of drawing up this new document, some very upsetting information has come to light.

My estate attorney discovered that, due to a ghastly clerical error, My divorce from Vivian Alomain was never finalized. Therefore, my beloved Maggie and I were never legally married. I intend to rectify this deeply regrettable mistake the moment I return to Salem, and trust me, heads are going to roll. Ha ha ha ha.

Of course. It is my intention to finalize my divorce and make Maggie my wife as soon as possible. In the meantime, I want to ensure that she’s provided for in the event of my death. And to that end, I hereby leave 50 percent of my entire estate to Margaret Simmons Horton. Oh, Maggie. Oh. Oh.

Uh, what I wanted to tell you was that, um, Rex and I are also getting married today. Oh. It’s, it’s quite a coincidence. Are you sure you’re up for it? Well, yeah, um, like I said, I’m, I’m getting discharged and now that our baby is here we just want to make our little family official. Makes sense. I know you’re a fiercely independent woman, but of course you want your daughter to have her father’s name.

So, how did you end up in the role of baby daddy? A few months ago, Bonnie comes to Chicago to see Mimi and Emily. Why am I not surprised Bonnie’s a mother? I know, right? So, it’s my night with Emily. So Bonnie comes over to my apartment and she finds a very pregnant Sarah. So I immediately jump in and say the kid’s mine.

Did she buy it? No, not at all. But Sarah did convince her to stay silent. So Bonnie’s the only one who knows. Mmm, Justin knows, Maggie knows. But everybody’s going to keep it a secret from Xander because that’s what Sarah wants. And I, I get it. If he knew Victoria was his daughter, it would bond him and Sarah for life.

She’d never be rid of him. Plus, she, she would never be sure that she and her baby would be safe. Look, can you please, please keep this a secret? Don’t tell anybody. I know Xander’s your cousin. I have zero loyalty. More importantly, I don’t want to mess things up for you. I know you never stopped loving Sarah, and you two are getting married.

Oh yeah, the wedding. For Sarah, the wedding is just about… Protecting her child, for me, I’ve made it very clear to Sarah that I’m doing everything I can to win her back, for real. Which will be a hell of a lot easier without Xander sniffing around. Yeah. So, you have my word, brother. I will keep my mouth shut.

Thank you. Really, I appreciate that. Especially since telling the truth would clear a path for you and Chloe.

Sarah had a baby? Yes. I was told, not by our son, that her water broke after Victor’s funeral and they didn’t even make it to the hospital. Is the baby okay? Kayla told me that our granddaughter is just fine. So they had a girl? I need him to Victoria. Let’s go. Where? To the hospital to see our brand new grandbaby.

Not so fast.

Well, I’m really disappointed. I thought you’d take my offer. Now, why would you think that, knowing we despise you? What did I ever do to you? You’ve been messing with my family for years. And what you did to my brother, Sonny. Yeah, that dirtbag Leo Stark falsely accused him of sexual harassment. You made his life a living hell and you still hadn’t let up on us because you just kicked my father and his wife out of their own home.

Well, I think Justin should find his own place to live. And who is that hillbilly wife? She’s not your mother! Bonnie’s still my family. And so was Maggie. Oh, really? I didn’t know you cared about Maggie.

Thank you.

Thank you, my darling. Hmm.

So, Victor knew that he was still married to Vivian. Do you think that’s why he created this new will? Well, the lawyer stated that he discovered the upsetting information about Vivian while he was drawing this up, which means the changes were already in motion. There is so much to process. Well, one thing is clear, Maggie.

My uncle was madly in love with you, and he couldn’t wait to marry you. Well, I wish we had gotten that chance. You know, it’s, it’s, it’s painful to think that our marriage wasn’t real. You know, I was there at your wedding. In fact, I think I was the one who pronounced you husband and wife. That’s right. The Justin of the Peace D.

K. couldn’t make it because of that snowstorm or something. Neither could the guests, or the caterer, or the florist, the musicians. But it didn’t matter. Because there was so much love in that room. The love that I saw that day and continued to see throughout the years you spent together was real, Maggie.

And an improperly filed piece of paper doesn’t change that. Ah, Justin. You know, I have to admit, this whole mystery surrounding Victor’s will, it hasn’t been easy on me. And it’s not because of the money. I don’t care about that. I don’t care about it. It’s Vivian. Yeah. Yeah, knowing that that will was destroyed and that Viper is gonna get it.

Everything. There is a little part of me though, I guess, that wondered whether Victor’s feelings for me had changed. But now you don’t need to wonder anymore. Victor’s feelings and his intentions are all here in black and white. And that’s for Vivian. Well, I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she discovers that she will inherit nothing.

Unless Victor left her the other 50%. Oh, not a chance. But I am curious about the other half.

Yeah. So, uh, where are you and Rex getting married? Um, he’s asking his parents if we could just do it at the pub. A family owned establishment, great choice. Uh, how about you? Hope we didn’t pick the same venue. No worries there. Chloe’s family are all in New York, so we’re gonna hop on a plane in a couple of hours.

Tie the knot over there. Nice. Ugh, it’ll be my first time meeting Parker. I hope he doesn’t hate my guts. No, my nephew is very sweet. I’m sure you two will get along just fine. Still, it’s bound to be awkward. Hi, nice to meet you. I’m your new stepdad. Well, maybe don’t lead with that. But, just be yourself.


less dopey. Got it. Seriously, Xander. You’re gonna be a great dad. Do you really

think so? Think about it. Xander finds out the baby is his. pretty good chance he’s gonna try to get Sarah back, which would free Chloe up to be with you. Maybe, but I’m not going down that road again. I mean, yes, I still love Chloe, but it’s too late for us. I’ve screwed up too many times. Everything I’ve done, I disagree with that.

Bottom line, Chloe’s with Xander, which is better for you, Sarah, and the baby. Right now, that’s all that matters. I appreciate you. Thank you. It means a lot to me. Hey, since you’re being so magnanimous, I have one more favor. Shoot. So, you know, Sarah and I are getting married today. I’m gonna ask my parents if we can use the pub, but we need somebody to officiate.

I would like it to be you. I’d be honored. Great. Look, you have to get ordained. It’s really quick. You can do it online. But, um, hey, I gotta go pick up Sarah and the baby right now, but I’ll meet you at the pub. I’ll see you there. All right.

So, you don’t want to meet our granddaughter? No, of course I do, but Rex didn’t even have the courtesy to tell us that his child was born. I mean, why shouldn’t we wait? Okay, look, I know you’re hurt, but aren’t you being just a little bit petty about this? Two days. He had two days. He could’ve texted us. He could’ve, he could’ve phoned us.

Hell, he could’ve even sent me a, a baby emoji. He could’ve given us anything. Look, Kate, you know what it’s like having a newborn. Total chaos. No sleep. No, it’s more than that. What do you mean? I mean, he was really squirrely about this whole thing right from the beginning. I mean, not telling us that he and Sarah were back together again.

Not to mention the engagement. And then to walk out that door and turn and say, Oh, by the way, Sarah’s pregnant with my child. That, uh, that was a little strange, yeah. It’s all very strange. Something’s not right about this. My Aunt Maggie and I are getting along just fine now. Thank you. She’s also grieving the husband that she just lost.

So while you probably get off on compounding her pain. I want no part of it. Oh, that was very moving. But you’re not exactly an altruist. What the hell does that mean, Vivian? You sort of remind me of your mother. Angelica Devereaux.

You knew my mother? No, I knew her through Victor. She was sort of cutthroat and shrewd, which I think is exactly what your instincts are.

You know, my Uncle Vic said the same thing to me. That I have a killer instinct. Well, there you are. Embrace that instinct. Come work with me at Titan. Make your uncle proud. Okay,

where were we? Um… The personal effects listed below are to be distributed to my various family members, as indicated. Aside from these items, the other 50 percent of my estate, including controlling interest in Titan, shall go to my son. Which son? He knew Bo was in a coma. I can’t imagine it would be him.

Well, he must have been chillin Possibly. But Kate said Victor set up a separate trust for him. Well, keep, keep reading. I love my sons Bo and Phillip a great deal and have made arrangements for their medical care to be covered indefinitely. However, neither of them is the son to whom I am referring. Paul, I, I, I don’t understand.

The son who will inherit the other half of my estate is one I have heretofore never acknowledged.

Yeah, Xander, I think that you’re capable of being a very loving father. Or stepfather. I saw how you were with Mackenzie. Except she wasn’t really Mackenzie, she was… Actually, Rachel. Yeah, we don’t have to revisit that one. I know that you switched the babies to spare me pain. Yeah, but I just ended up making everything so much worse.

Yeah, that is the trouble that you get into. You make bad decisions. Sometimes they come from a good place, but other times, they don’t. Either way, people get hurt. I don’t want to make that same mistake with Parker. I want to be the kind of man that he can look up to. A good man. I kind of said that before, but…

This time, hopefully… It’ll be different. Hopefully. All right, I should, I should get going. I don’t want to miss that flight. Hey, good luck with the wedding. Xander,

I hope you and Chloe are very happy together.


right. You are right, Ashley. Rex’s behavior has been, uh, A little off. I don’t know. Maybe he’s angry at us. Maybe he’s angry at you. You think it’s my fault? No, no. Wait a minute. Look, all I’m asking is this. Do you think that maybe you did something to rub him the wrong way? You have been known to alienate your kids from time to time.

Don’t I know it? Okay. Did you know that Sarah had her baby? Kayla told me. Oh, there you go. At least we’re not the only ones left in the dark. He didn’t even tell his brother. I actually just ran into him. Really? So did he mention the reason that he neglected to tell the family about his baby? I’d better let him answer that.

He’s coming here to see you guys after he picks up Sarah and the baby from the hospital. Okay, you know, you see now you’re acting just as squirrelly as he is. What is going on? What are you not telling me? Nothing. Well, obviously that’s a lie. Wow, Mom, I thought Vivian was being aggressive. Vivian? What do you mean?

Oh, she asked me down to Titan earlier. Offered me a job as her right hand man. What? Oh yeah, she had a whole big pitch. Said I was her first choice for the position. Okay, so what did you say? What do you think I said? I turned her down flat. I cannot believe the nerve of that woman trying to draw you into her web again.

This is not going to happen. Okay. Mom, it’s fine. I already told her no. Well, believe me, there are a few more things that I want to say to her. I am going to give that bitch a piece of my mind.

I may be many things, Vivian, but I’m not a traitor. So no, I will not be betraying my family and partnering up with the enemy. Well, aren’t you already working with the enemy? Basic Black is owned. I don’t have to explain my career choices to you at all. My answer is no. And that’s not gonna change. Leave me the hell alone.

Doesn’t anybody want to work anymore?

So who’s the other son? I have no idea. Well, what does Victor say about it? I take this action not to punish my other heirs, but to make amends for denying my son his birthright from the day he was born. Oh, my God. After visiting Bo, I began to reflect upon my legacy, and came to realize that this is a secret I can no longer keep.

My son deserves to know the truth, and I plan to tell him in person upon my return to Salem. However, I’m also officially documenting it, so there will be no confusion or unanswered questions. The attached letter will explain everything. Letter?

There’s nothing in that stack of letters that they found in Victor’s childhood home. Well, there’s so many of them. Oh. To be included with my will.

Dear Victor, After much back and forth, I am so pleased that we’re finally on the same page about this. As you know, there is nothing more important to me In the future of our son, I’ll admit I wasn’t happy when you showed up at the hospital for his birth. But now that several months have passed, I realized it was your right to be there as he is as much yours as he is mine.

In fact, every time I look at our precious baby, I see you. The dark hair, the dark eyes, the way he screams his head off. When he doesn’t get his way, your pull toward him is only natural. But you must promise me that you will stick to the plan. No one can know that you are the father of my child. It would cause immeasurable pain to a man that we both love.

He’d be devastated to learn that I have lied to him. That I allowed him to think our sweet boy is his.

He would feel incredibly betrayed by you. And his own flesh and blood Does this mean Victor’s son was raised by someone in his own family

We need to talk What can I do for you, Kate? Well, for starters, you can stay away from my son. I assume you mean Philip. Yeah. He told me that you offered him a job. I thought he wanted to be part of his father’s legacy. Not if he has to work with someone like you. What’s the matter, Kate? You jealous? Does your blood boil seeing me in this office?

No. Actually, I feel sick to my stomach. And Phillip must have as well, because he rejected you in record time, didn’t he? Of course, you’re used to that with Kiriakis men. Hmm, Viv? Anyway, bottom line, you’re going to have to find someone else to do your dirty work. How about you? Hi.

Hi. Great timing. I just got discharged. I was about to get dressed. Do you have the rings? Yeah, right here. Did you ask your parents about the pub? I thought we could ask them together. Go over there and they could meet the baby. How’s she doing? She’s great. She even managed to sleep through a visit from Xander.

What was he doing here? Um, he came to tell me that he and Chloe are also getting married today. Today? It’s a big day for weddings, I guess. Yeah. Hey. I know I’ve said this a lot. This is a big decision. If you’re having any second thoughts about this wedding.

For the last time. Marrying you is the best decision for me, for Victoria, for everyone.


Looks like someone found a dress. Uh, yep, I, I lucked out. Great, well, better go get packed. We don’t want to miss our flight, do we? Everybody’s gonna keep it a secret from Xander because that’s what Sarah wants. And I, I get it. If he knew Victoria was his daughter, I would bond him and Sarah for life. Chloe?

Is something wrong? No, no, no, no. I, I’m, I’m fine. I’m, I’m just thinking I can’t… I can’t believe this is finally happening. I should go get packed.

My God, Justin. Someone in this family is Victor’s son and he doesn’t know it. I think you should keep reading.

I know you wanted to claim this child as your own, but this is a secret that we must take to our graves. While our son will never know you. As his father, he will at least know you as an uncle. I hope you can take comfort in that. Trust me, Victor, this is what’s best for everyone, especially…

This is what’s best for everyone, especially little Alexander. Sincerely, Angelica.

Okay, are you ready? Yeah, sure am. Hey, um, before we go, I just, I really want to thank you for something. For what? For looking past all my faults. You know, my arrogance, my temper, my lack of skill at darts and putting things on walls. And still finding it in your heart to… Love me anyway, I can’t believe I got so lucky that such a beautiful, generous, kind woman has agreed to spend the rest of her life with me.

Chloe, I promise,

I’m going to work so hard to prove myself worthy of your love each and every day.

Alright, let’s get hitched.

I’m sorry, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t marry you. Why? Because of Sarah. Chloe, come on, we’ve talked about this so many times, I’m totally over Sarah, I really am. I just met, um, a s Sarah, she lied to you. Rex isn’t the father of her baby. You are.

Dad, someone I’d like you to meet. Well, it’s about time. This is Victoria. Oh my god, she is just absolutely beautiful. Congrats you two. Thank you. I’d have known she’d arrived and I’d have sent over a whole lot of food. Yeah. Why didn’t you tell us? She, she came a little early. The birth was a little dicey.

There was just a lot going on. Yeah, well don’t worry about it. All is forgiven now that I’ve met my beautiful granddaughter. But your mother, that is a whole different story. She’s uh, she’s pretty ticked off of you. Yeah, I kind of figured. Um, where is mom? Do

you think that I would want to work for you? Well, I can’t say you’re my first choice, but I do admire your chops as a businesswoman. Vivian, you have never admired anything about me. That is not true. I thought you were a perfectly worthy adversary. Why don’t we stop this animosity and team up together?

Well, if you think that’s ever going to happen, you’re completely out of your mind. Okay, your loss. You can see yourself out. This really is a travesty, you being in charge. You can insult me all you want, Kate, but the fact is I run Victor’s company now, and you and no one else is going to be able to stop me.

No, no, no, that can’t be right. Angelica signed the letter.

Oh my God. I can’t believe this. The child that she’s talking about.

Victor’s son. It’s Alex.

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