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Audra: Oh, stop it. Oh.

Kyle: Surprised to see you two together.

Audra: Oh, we’re old friends, kyle. You know, former business associates. We catch up from time to time.

Kyle: I’m surprised because last I heard, you were on your honeymoon with my aunt. So, why are you back in town so soon? And where’s ashley?

Diane: Have you heard from billy?

Jack: No. Not a word. I have no idea what he has found out about what tucker is up to or why he’s back in this town without his new wife.

Diane: We are right back where we started, you know? The more things change–

Jack: What does that mean? Right back where we started?

Diane: Worrying about tucker, what his agenda is, what he has planned. It’s as if we’ve traveled back in time and he’s dropped back into our lives at kyle and summer’s vow renewal.

Jack: You know, I wouldn’t going back there if it could mean keeping kyle and summer as happy as they were that day.

Diane: That’d be nice, wouldn’t it? You know what, jack? We can get back to when you and I were happily discussing our reception plans. It was just a couple hours ago.

Jack: Yeah, it was, wasn’t it?

Diane: Yeah, come on. Let’s get it back. Let’s get back the excitement. It would be– it would be nice, even– even if it’s just a few minutes.

Jack: I would like nothing more. We are not going to let tucker ruin our happiness, and mark my word, I’m very happy.

[ Abby sighing ]

Devon: Hey, any word from your mom yet?

Abby: No. Nothing yet. I mean, I don’t understand why she can’t send me a text saying, “I’m okay,” or at least return one of my calls. Something is really wrong.

Devon: Don’t think that. I’m sure she’s gonna reach out to you.

Abby: Look, I have to go to society. It won’t take me very long, but will you know what tucker says?

Devon: Yes, of course I will. Of course. And hey, everything’s gonna be okay, all right? I promise you. I do. Try not to worry so much. I know it doesn’t help to tell someone who’s worrying not to worry, but tucker will be here soon and I’m gonna find out as much as I can and figure out what really happened between him and your mom.

Abby: Well, what makes you think tucker will be honest with us?

Tucker: Ashley’s in paris, kyle. She had some things to do there, didn’t need my help, so I came back to town to take care of some local business.

Kyle: Oh, really?

Tucker: Really. Thanks again.

Kyle: I didn’t realize the two of you still spend time together, other than the occasional tete-a-tete to compare blackmail–

Audra: You know, I– I have A… a meeting that I should probably go to, so.

Kyle: No, I know that meeting. I’m in that meeting too and, uh, we have some time until that meeting, so I can think of a good way to fill that time. (Vo)you weren’t made for moderate to severe crohn’s disease

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Audra: Look, obviously I’d love nothing more than to spend some quality time with you, but I have some calls that I have to make before the meeting, and, um, since our connection is supposed to be a secret, we should probably move on from my suite as a meeting place anyway.

Kyle: I guess that’s true.

Audra: Great. Um, I’ll see you at the office.

Kyle: Um, I was actually gonna get a quick workout.

Audra: Oh.

Kyle: Not the one I was hoping for, unfortunately. Then, I’ll head back to the office.

Audra: I’ll see you there.

Kyle: Mm.

Billy: So, that was interesting timing.

Kyle: Hm?

Billy: I need to talk to you about something.

Kyle: Oh, yeah? What about?

Billy: Audra and tucker mccall.

Diane: I almost feel guilty being this happy with the threat that’s facing our family. I’m– I’m sorry I mentioned tucker.

Jack: Maybe tucker isn’t actually a threat. Maybe he and ashley are just having marital issues. You wouldn’t be shocked by that, would you?

Diane: I guess not.

Jack: Hey, worst case scenario, he’s planning a move. Let him make his move. I’m not afraid. I have the love and support of my family, starting with you and that makes me virtually invincible.

Diane: You know you can count on me, right, jack? You know that I’ll do anything to help and to protect jabot.

Jack: Yes, I know that.

Diane: Okay.

Jack: It’s one of the things I love most about you. I know I can count on you.

Tucker: Where’s the little man?

Devon: Oh, he’s not here. He’s on a play date.

Tucker: Oh.

Devon: Yeah.

Tucker: So, you just…

Devon: I wanna talk to you. I wanna talk to you about ashley ’cause abby’s worried about her.

Tucker: Oh. Have they spoken?

Devon: No. They haven’t spoken at all and abby’s been leaving voicemails and text messages and she’s gotten zero response, which is leading abby to think that there’s something really wrong ’cause her mom wouldn’t go this long without letting her know that she’s okay.

Tucker: Is abby here?

Devon: No, she’s not here. It’s just us two.

Tucker: Oh, so this is why you invited me over.

Devon: Yes, it is. I’d like to know what the hell happened in paris and this is your chance to tell me.

Ashley: So, you know that jabot has always been a big part of me. When I was a little girl, my dad would take all three of us to jabot. He wanted to show us what he did for a living. It was very sweet. And when I graduated from college, I mean, that was my very first job. Straight to the lab. You know, and I guess, um, I guess I never really quite left.

Tucker: You know, I’m– I’m well aware that jabot was a huge part of your life. I just thought you were in a place now where you realized that you didn’t need it more. Or your siblings.

Ashley: Well, I mean, I thought I could walk away. I’ve done it before, so I just, you know, I was trying to convince myself, I guess. Jack and I just had A… we just kind of reconnected, you know? The last talk we had, it was just very honest and very real and it was– it was great ’cause it was like– it was like how it used to be between us.

Tucker: Mm-hmm. Well, that’s great and everyone’s friends again and you can walk away with a clear conscience.

Ashley: It’s just not that simple, you know? I’ve– I’ve…

[ Ashley sighing ] Jabot is a– is a lifeblood for me. The company and the family that built it. I mean, tucker, that’s my family. And I just– I’ve realized that that lifeblood is something that is more important to me than I think I was even aware of. I mean, it kinda makes sense, doesn’t it? Why I always go back? I– I– no matter how upset I am or hurt or angry, I mean, I– I– I go back. Jabot, it just– it calls to me. It’s a part of me and I’m a part of it and, uh, I just can’t seem to break that tie.

Tucker: So, are you trying to tell me something here? Are you just gonna… throw away all our plans, our future, just like that? Everything went wrong.

Kyle: All right. Let’s hear it. What about audra and tucker?

Billy: First thing’s first, I don’t trust either one of them.

Kyle: That’s helpful.

Billy: They clearly have some sort of relationship.

Kyle: So?

Billy: Tucker’s supposed to be in paris on his honeymoon with ashley, yet he’s here and ashley is not. You don’t– you don’t think that’s strange, kyle?

Kyle: I think that’s not great, but not necessarily strange.

Billy: Okay, well, your father and I think it is strange. There’s something going on and something not good. Tucker is here and he’s agitated. He seems a little off kilter, so that means we should be all on alert.

Kyle: Yeah, when I saw tucker just now, I mean, he didn’t seem like his usual self. No clever line, no giving me a hard time. Maybe he was on edge.

Billy: Well, there you go. That says something.

Kyle: Look, of course I’m on ashley’s side, no matter what tucker’s done, but why are you coming to me about this? How do I fit in?

[ Billy sighing ]

Billy: You and audra have a business relationship and you have a personal relationship, so I’m hoping that you can do a tt knows about his state of mind.

Kyle: You mean spy for you, billy. Yeah. No. Not happening.

Tucker: So, we get to paris and out of nowhere, ashley decides that she can no longer turn her back on jabot or her family.

Devon: Well, what’s wrong with that? She loves them and they love her, right?

Tucker: We had plans. We had made plans together. For us, for a new company, and then all of a sudden, she says, “no, I’m not interested.” So, yeah, we fought. As you can imagine, it was a bad fight.

Devon: And you’re telling me that it was so bad that you guys couldn’t work through it? And that your marriage is already in trouble?

Tucker: Yeah. Things were said. Accusations were made. I don’t think we can roll it back. I don’t think it’s possible.

Devon: How are you gonna say that already? Couples fight all the time, you know that. You don’t think you guys are blowing things out of proportion and just take a second to cool off and start thinking rationally?

Tucker: I’m thinking rationally. Ashley is not, at all.

Devon: All right. Tucker, there has to be more to this story. There just has to be something else. Did you do something to ashley that you’re not telling me about?

[ Phone ringing ]

Jack: Ashley! Are you okay? Where are you?

Ashley: Calm down, jack. I’m fine, all things considered.

Jack: Wait. What does thn?S that am okay and I’m in paris.

Jack: Why are you there and your new husband is here?

Ashley: Because it’s all changed. Everything has changed. These hands used to hold me as a little girl.

Billy: Hear me out for a second because if tucker feels slighted or rejected by ashley for whatever reason, well, he’s gonna want revenge and that makes him dangerous.

Kyle: Dangerous how?

Billy: He could be plotting against the family. Against jabot.

Kyle: So, this is about the company and not about your sister’s welfare?

Billy: Protecting the company, preserving your grandfather’s legacy is looking out for ashley. You remember when tucker came to town? Wanted your mother to do a little bit of dirty work for him?

Kyle: He wanted her to get him some insider financial data.

Billy: Exactly. So, maybe he’s back on that track. Maybe it’s not just about jabot. Maybe he’s coming after jack, you, me, all of us. Maybe he blames us for whatever’s going on between him and ashley.

Kyle: So, his plan of attack is the abbott family itself.

Billy: Which inevitably affects you. It impacts your mother.

Kyle: I guess that makes sense in some kind of screwed up tucker way, but this is all vague and hypothetical. You don’t really have anything other than a couple of newlyweds are on two different continents for no apparent reason.

Billy: Let me ask you a question, kyle. Why do you think tucker and audra are hanging out?

Kyle: I admit, them rekindling their friendship, it kinda bugs me a little.

Billy: I could imagine.

Kyle: I never trusted tucker and good on ashley if she dumped him because of whatever he did. Fine by me, but I don’t see a way that audra would confide in me.

Billy: Aren’t you two, uh…

[ Clicks tongue ] You know.

Kyle: Not anymore. Besides, she’s my boss. Can’t push her too hard.

Billy: All right, then. Well, that’s too bad. Guess I’m gonna have to find out what I need to know from someone else.

Ashley: After the last talk we had when we kind of made amends, I decided that, you know, it would be great to getaway and maybe just think. And so, uh…

[ Ashley sighing ] Sorry. I texted tucker and I said, “let’s not wait to take our honeymoon.” And he agreed and so we– we came to paris.

Jack: And?

Ashley: Well, I got here and I started thinking about the talk we had. And jack, I just realized that I– I couldn’t walk away from jabot. I couldn’t walk away from my family. I mean, I’d done it before and I guess, you know, even then, I tried to convince myself that I was happy and that I was actually fulfilled, but was it really true?

Jack: No.

Ashley: No. This time, it was no different, you know? I just, I– I– I can’T. I can’t let jabot go. I can’t let my family go. I don’t even want to. So, I, uh, tried to make tucker understand that, you know? I mean, after all, the only thing he’s been telling me since he came back to town was how much he loved me, how much he wanted me to be happy and he just wanted to marry me and just wanted to be with me, but then, when I started to express to him how I was having second thoughts about starting a business with him, he got so incredibly angry. I mean, he was like angrier than I’ve ever seen him before.

Jack: I am so sorry.

Ashley: He accused me of playing with his emotions, jack. He said that I– I’d made all these– these plans with him and that I was just pulling the rug out from under him. I had this, um… I had this moment of clarity. I mean, that charming, easy going, loving tucker, you know, that made me fall in love with him again, I think it was just a facade. I don’t think he’s really changed at all. I just realized I can’t live with that.

Tucker: I did not do anything to ashley. In fact, I did everything right this time. Everything. Everything I could control, at least. What I didn’t realize is the hold that the abbotts have over her. I thought she could walk away. I thought maybe, maybe, finally, I would be enough for her. That my love for her was enough. That my commitment to her was enough. Guess not.

Ashley: I am not throwing anything away. We still have an incredible future together. We’re husband and wife. We just won’t be business partners, that’s all.

Tucker: It just…

Ashley: What?

Tucker: You couldn’t have come to this decision a little sooner? Before this moment? Instead, you lead me on. You just– you lead me to believe that we’re gonna be working side-by-side and then boom, all of a sudden, you change your mind, just like that?

Ashley: It wasn’t all of a sudden. I’ve thought about this.

Tucker: Yeah, I can see you’ve thought about it. By yourself. Where was I, your husband, in this decision making? Don’t you think you and i should’ve discussed this? It just took one conversation with jack for you to decide to just trash all our plans? Everything we’ve been talking about for months? For months?

Ashley: You act like I’m betraying you. I’m not.

Tucker: What would you call it?

Devon: Hey. I still don’t understand why you’re not in paris right now working this all out with your wife.

Tucker: Because there’s nothing to work out.

Devon: What are you talking about?

Tucker: No. It’S… I can’t compete with the jabot lifeblood.

Devon: What’s the jabot lifeblood?

Tucker: That’s what ashley calls it. I’m sick of trying. I offered her a new life. Free of– of perpetual conflicts with jack. Free of the constant presence of diane, who she despises. She’s just not interested. So, you’ve made up your mind then? You’d rather share your life with jabot than with me.

Ashley: You know what? That’s not fair. Why can’t it be both? Why? Tell me.

Tucker: This is really something. After all your talk about not being sure I had changed, so reluctant to– to take a leap with me, to trust me, and now you’re the one who can’t commit, who’s walking away.

Ashley: I am not walking away from you. I am right here!

Tucker: It feels like it. Our life together has just begun and you are… you’re already a different woman than the one I married. Wait, listen, I don’t see how any of this affects our relationship. I mean, I realize it might put you in kind of a bind with abby.

Devon: If what you’re saying is the trud do anything to ashley and you’re just having a fight like married people have, that’s okay.

Tucker: Thank you.

Devon: But, if there’s more to it and you did do something that you’re not telling me about, that’s a different story.

[ Door slamming ] Hey. Trying to control my asthma felt anything but normal.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Dehydrated hair?

Abby: Hi, what’s going on?

Tucker: Have you heard from your mother?

Abby: I have, actually.

Devon: You have?

Abby: Yeah. My mom called me when I was on my way back to the house. She’s in paris. My mom told me that she and tucker got in a fight and that he disrespected her and didn’t consider her feelings or anything that she wanted at all.

Tucker: Well, in that case, you don’t have the total picture.

Abby: It’s over. The marriage, your business partnership and my mom made one thing very clear. She told me not to worry about her, that it’s you I should be worried about.

Devon: What are you talking about?

Abby: Well, tucker is hurt and angry and she reminded me that a hurt and angry tucker can be very unpredictable. You know, everything I predicted that was gonna happen, it happened. You haven’t even been married to my mom for one month and you completely broke her heart.

Tucker: It’s the other way around. But I could never convince you, could I? Ashley’s right about one thing. It’s over. All of it. I’m done.

[ Door slamming ]

[ Abby sighing ]

Diane: Jack, you okay?

Jack: Yeah. I– I just got off the phone with ashley.

Diane: Really? She called? Where is she?

Jack: She’s in paris.

Diane: Still?

Jack: She’s having second thoughts about leaving jabot, about leaving the family.

Diane: Well, that’s a good thing for you, isn’t it?

Jack: Oh, believe me, I am thrilled that my sister has come to her senses. That she wants to work side-by-side together. That she wants to repair our relationship. I just hate how tucker reacted when she tried to explain her change of heart to him.

Diane: I’m sure he didn’t take it very well.

Jack: No, it did not go well. They apparently had quite a fight. He went ballistic. He basically accused her of being a traitor for not going through with a company they were going to build to compete with jabot. He scared the hell out of her.

Diane: Are we really surprised that he acted that way?

Jack: No, I guess not. I just hate that he hurt her. After months, I had been telling her it was going to come to this. All this self-realization crap is nothing. Tucker is trouble. He has been trouble since he landed that damned helicopter on our lawn. At least now, my sister is on the same page.

Billy: You know, tucker, most people thought you would be swimming across the atlantic on your way back to ashley, begging her to take you back, unless she’s on her way back here.

Tucker: Since when is my marriage any of your business?

Billy: No, it’s not. I just– I– I mean, if– if my new wife pulled a 180 like that because she figured out that she made a mistake? I’m not saying ashley did that. I’m just saying that if that did happen, that would piss me off too. But then again, I know my sister. She’s unpredictable. You never really know what move she’s gonna make next.

Tucker: Do you have a point?

Billy: Yeah, I do. It– it’s jack. To be honest, he gives heroouc he tends to turn the other cheek when she gets volatile. Me? Not so much. In fact, it pisses me off and I don’t think it’s acceptable and I think maybe–

Tucker: What do you want, billy?


macular degeneration

Abby: I had my doubts about my mom and tucker, up until they said, “I do,” but I don’t know. She seemed so happy and they seemed so sure. I just– I was not expecting this.

Devon: Yeah, no, neither was I. He– he seemed to be in real pain.

Abby: Well, what did he tell you?

Devon: He told me that they got in a fight about your mom not wanting to let go of her connection to jabot. And about her wanting to forget about the idea of creating a new business to compete with the family company.

Abby: My mom said that– I mean, that’s when he just lost it. I mean, he went into this rage and it was so intense that it scared her and that’s when she realized that all this talk about tucker being this changed man was just that. It was all talk and he is the same manipulative man that he’s always been. He just got better at hiding it.

Devon: Well, I’m sorry.

Abby: I don’t know why I’m so surprised. I mean, I guess if tucker was gonna show his true colors, it’s better that he did it sooner rather than later.

Diane: At least there’s one good thing.

Jack: Yeah, what’s that?

Diane: You and ashley are in a better place. Will never be close. The most we can hope for is civil, but we do share something in common. We both love you and we both want the best for you. And I know that you are miserable when you and ashley aren’t getting along, so I am rooting for this reconciliation.

Jack: So am I.

Diane: Yeah.

Jack: My relationship with my sister has always been complex. We were each other’s biggest cheerleaders, our– each other’s biggest rivals. We competed for dad’s attention for leadership roles in jabot, all wrapped up in being right. So absolutely certain that we knew the best thing. So much so that we forgot the most important thing: We were brother and sister. It would take some event, some wake up call for us to remember.

Diane: Like what?

Jack: You know, like… a few years ago, she left for paris with all of her patents. I never thought we’d make it back from that. You know how we got back? Neil winters died. And the two of us sat mourning together. We made those first tentative steps mourning the loss of a friend, and over time, we found our way to merging the two companies and reuniting and working on our relationship.

Diane: And then, I came back to town.

Jack: I do not hold you responsible for my contentious relationship with my sister. That was tucker mccall and it isn’t like the two of us haven’t argued before about each other’s choice of partners. Besides, you saving her life has made this latest reconciliation possible.

Diane: What? Do you really think so?

Jack: Absolutely. You made that happen. And I’ll tell you this. I am absolutely certain who I want in my life.

Diane: Aw.

Billy: I guess I’m just trying to get a lay of the land, you know? I mean, if your marriage is over, and I’m not saying it is, but if it is over for good, then that means ashley might come back to town and, of course, come back to jabot.

Tucker: Always looking out for number one, aren’t we?

Billy: You’re not surprised by that.

Tucker: No, I’m not. No. It’s funny you say that ashley is the unpredictable one. I see that. You’re the opposite, man. You are predictable. I mean, you’re so predictable, I’m a little shocked you’re not pointing a finger at me right now, accusing me of doing something horrible to ashley to drive her away.

Billy: Well, making assumptions doesn’t get me anywhere, does it?

Tucker: And you’re not in the least upset that I told jack you were willing to help ashley and me take over jabot and boot him out so you could take the reins?

Billy: You didn’t say anything that jack didn’t already suspect. ‘Cause the truth is, I was excited about taking over at jabot. And pushing diane out. But if ashley comes back to jabot, well, then there’s gonna be sparks. And that is not good for the company and I still believe that I am the most level-headed person to run that company.

Tucker: Good for you. Doesn’t your family deserve the best?

[ Devon exhaling ]

[ Abby sighing ]

Abby: I should’ve trusted my instincts.

Devon: What do you mean?

Abby: I knew– I knew that tucker could never love my mom the way that he claimed to. That he was just using her for her money and for her business expertise so that they could start this whole empire. But no, I pushed it aside because I thought that’s what my mom wanted. And then, my mom finally realized who tucker really is and she dismantled his whole plan and that is when he lost his mind.

Devon: Yeah, I mean, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me because when I was talking to him, it felt like he was really hurt by what happened. You don’t think that it was just a misunderstanding that got out of hand and they need some time to cool off and then they’ll work it out?

Abby: Well, I don’t think my mom is coming back to genoa city anytime soon.

Devon: If she wants to have a bigger part in jabot, how’s that gonna work?

Abby: I don’t know. That’s what I said, but I know she wants to make it right with my uncle jack and I know that she wants to get back into product development. I mean, that’s her first true love, but she said that if she comes back to genoa city, it would be like throwing a grenade in this whole situation and that it would just enflame tucker even more.

Devon: Did she give a time table at all, though?

Abby: No! And it kills me. It kills me because I want my mom here. I need her close to me and all I can do is just step back and try to respect her if– if what she needs is time and space.

[ Abby sighing ] And I know you’re not gonna want to hear this, but… my mom did say she thinks tucker is plotting some sort of revenge, that he’s gonna do something vindictive.

Devon: Like, against her?

Abby: Against the family. And my uncle jack and billy, they think that he’s up to something. I know. I know that he’s your dad and I know that two of you have come such a long way and honestly, I can’t deny it. I mean, he’s been a pretty terrific grandfather to dom.

Devon: Yeah, I know. That’s why I don’t want to assume the worst. I’d like to try and give him the benefit of the doubt.

[ Tucker exhaling ]

Tucker: Hey, ashley. Uh… so, I just came from talking to abby. How dare you tell her that I’m the problem here? That I am the one that caused everything to come crashing down because I offered you the world! And at first, you– “oh, I’m so excited, I’m so on board with this– this future that we planned together!” And then, all of a sudden, on our honeymoon, no less, you said, “well, no, I’m out.” You chose jabot over me. You chose jack over me. So yes, things got a little heated, but I’d like to hear you deny that you led me on! That you– that you– that you didn’t just give me a glimpse of this bright, beautiful future and then just pull the plug. And now– and now, you have the gall to paint me as the bad guy? Really, ashley? What the hell happened? Where did we go so wrong?

Diane: Is billy on his way?

Jack: Yeah. I told him to meet us here.

Diane: I feel badly that we didn’t make it back to the office.

Jack: Oh, no. We have a great staff. They can hold the fort down.

Diane: Well, that’s true. And plus, the tucker news is probably going to impact jabot more than anything else–

Jack: Hey, come on in. Tell us what you’ve learned.

Diane: Hey, billy.

Billy: Well, I ran into tucker at the club.

Jack: And?

Billy: Typical. Very difficult to get any information out of him.

Jack: Well, maybe I can, uh, shed some light. Ashley called.

Billy: She did?

Jack: Yeah. She’s safe. She’s okay. She’s in paris. Most importantly though, she wants to come back to jabot?

Billy: Really?

Diane: Yes, and when she told tucker about it, apparently, he lost his mind.

Jack: I guess it got quite ugly. She said they fought like hell and his level of anger was more than a little disconcerting.

Diane: So, how did he seem to you?

Billy: Yeah, I mean, he was… he was very restrained. You could tell in his eyes, he had a lot of anger inside.

Jack: Oh, I have no doubt. Hey, look, for him to come straight back to this town, means one thing.

Billy: He’s got an agenda.

Jack: No doubt.

Diane: All right. He’s angry, he’s resentful and he’s looking to take it out on someone.

Billy: Tucker mccall is a legitimate threat.

Jack: Absolutely. And we have to be ready. We have to stop him from destroying everything and everyone that we love.

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Phyllis: This is too serious of a game for me. I need to know the name of the company that I–

Tucker: No. You don’t need to know until I decide you need to know.

Lily: Victor now wants out of chancellor-winters. And what’s worst is that he’s privately sold off his stake to a third party already.

Devon: Who’s the third party investor?

Lily: That is the million dollar question.

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