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 blair cramer, what a pleasure to finally meet you. Tracy quartermaine. Ms. Quartermaine. Thank you for joining me. I so much prefer doing business in person. Well, as do I. And this evening’s business is claiming what’s mine. God, not her. Tomorrow afternoon is pretty open, but you do have a call with the board scheduled for 5:30. After that, you’re free. That’s about it. Okay. Well, thank you. Thank you, ms. Davis. Oh, and I just sent you the cutest picture of ace at the pool. Bye. Bye-bye.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Hi, gregory, it’s me. I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to be at the office for about another hour or so. So stop by or call if you need me. Spencer: I need you. Do you have time for a fellow cassadine? Wow, joss. You’ve made so much progress moving in. The place looks great. I know. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I had every intention of unpacking. It’s just, dex came over, and, you know, we got a little… distracted. How distracted? Ava. What are you doing here? I dropped avery off. She’s upstairs with donna and pilar. Avery’s welcome anytime, but I didn’t have her on the schedule for tonight. I hope it’s okay for her to stay. I have a late dinner with clients. Avid collectors. I couldn’t say no. Really? See, I find it hard to believe you of all people have a hard time saying no. So give it up. What have you done this time? Nikolas: Dr. Gatlin holt. Just in time. Just in time for what? To say goodbye. Right this way. Okay. Thank you. Sure. This is great. Thanks. Thank you. Here you go. Thanks. And detective falconeri left this for you. Oh, great.

[ Sighs ]

What you mean is what was yours is now mine, because I paid dearly for it. Ah, yes, you did. But I am still due my final deal point. That will come soon enough. It better, because my ex is bleeding me dry, and the sooner he remarries, the better. Well, as soon as deception is mine, lucy coe will be flat broke, and she will begin hounding your ex mercilessly until he makes her mrs. Martin gray. Well, that works for me. What are you doing? We were gonna eat something. I’ll bet there’s a swell table with our names on it over at the pc grill. What do you say? No. No. Is it ’cause of tracy? No. No, no, no. I am not afraid of tracy quartermaine. Never have been. Never will be. No, lucy — I always have time for you. Whatcha got there? Uh, this is my future. It’s been over six months since my father disappeared. And as expected, the cassadine attorneys have been in touch. And the full control of the cassadine estate goes to the heir. And that would be you. That’s right. Yeah, they want to get the ball moving and, um… they want to give me full control. Uh, quite frankly, I don’t understand what any of this legalese means, but I was hoping that you might be able to translate. Oh, I can translate. Come with me. Let’s see what’s what. Whew. Trina: Girl, you and dex are too much. You were never like this with cam. Yeah, well, that was a different relationship. It seems like you guys can’t keep your hands off one another. Yes, I know. Were you guys always like this? No, I mean, not always. I-I think I was attracted to him from the very beginning, even though I didn’t want to admit that to myself. And now we’re together, and the more time we spend together, I guess the better everything else is, you know? Okay, I-I-I got to ask. Ask me what? Were you nervous the first time you were with dex? Nervous? I — why are you asking? Carly, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve done nothing. You did something that handed austin and his cousin mason leverage over you. You think just because I’m asking you to watch avery, there’s some nefarious connection to austin and the creep? This is the second time you dropped her off unexpectedly. Carly, would you prefer it if I took avery and I left? No. This has nothing to do with avery, and you know it. Whatever’s going on, you’re in it up to your neck. And it’s only something that sonny can get you out of. So what is it? Ava, I just came back from pentonville, from visiting drew. Sonny and I went there to ask for his help. Sonny wants him to find out who your friend austin visited when he was there. Austin did what? Ava is going to be so happy to find out you’re alive when you get back to port charles. I’m not going to port charles. What do you mean? I can’t go back to port charles or let anyone know I’m alive until I’ve tied up some loose ends. Where are your loose ends if they’re not in port charles? In europe. And I leave in a few hours. Are we getting notes from other men? Should I be jealous? It’s more than a note. Well, I’m intrigued. What does dante have to say? Read it for yourself. Is it true?

Will always have a softspot in my heart for marty, but having to pay him 50 grand a month in alimony? Really putting a crimp in my budget. On top of that, my youngest is in college, and my jack, jack is my problem child whose problems only seem to be solved with money. Adorable. Rest assured, I have everything under control. I’m sure you do. So, how did it go in court? I was a little concerned at first. Intellectual property theft can be difficult to prove. But luckily you gave me enough ammunition for my lawyer, and everything went according to plan. And that tidbit about the deceptor was exactly what I needed to get the judge to hear the case. Great. I hope you know that, you know, I’m just doing all this to right a wrong. I mean, it’s not really about the money. A-an injustice was done here. People can’t just steal people’s ideas and and profit from it. I mean, I’m making a case about this that — well, actually, you are making a case. It’s about the people who get cheated out of their piece of the pie. And deception is one huge pie. Oh. So your intentions are purely altruistic. You’re doing this for the little people. Okay, okay. My motivation — this might be a little bit selfish, because the deceptor was my idea in the first place. I just never got around to finishing it. And knowing my ex the way that I do, I know that he will do anything to get what he wants. And in this case, it’s lucy. Mm-hmm. Mouthy marty, he couldn’t help himself. He had to share my design ideas just to win her over. I wouldn’t call lucy a win. Who is that blond bob person with tracy over there? You know, I think I’ve seen her before. I haven’t got the foggiest. You know, this is all sort of a big “so what?” Are you sure you won’t change your mind about heading over to the grill? I would purely love some of the crab cakes. No. But I do think I know why you want to leave. You do? Mm-hmm. It’s ’cause of that horrible, nasty tracy. You know what? She does make you lose your appetite. But that’s okay. We are not budging. We are going to stick around. We’re staying. Well, in that case, I’m going to need a shot of something. I mean, present company and all, I think we should just remain calm and order ourselves a couple of drinks. This is a really complicated document, so I’m going to need some time with this. So what I’ll do is I’ll square things away. I’ll give you some instruction, and I’ll get it back to you by tomorrow night. Is that going to work for you? Yes. You were smart to bring it to me first. I appreciate it. I’m happy to do it, actually, because I’ve kind of miss– no, I’m not just talking about the legal document. I mean… family, and I’m very grateful for you. I’m so grateful for you. And for better or worse — and worse when it comes to the cassadines — we’re family, and we have an unbreakable bond. Except for not where my father is concerned. When he pretended to be dead all of those years, I thought that he had sunk as far as he could. But then he disappeared, and he abandoned my brother. How does someone walk out on a baby? Your father had no frame of reference on how to be a father. I mean, his own father was a horrible role model. And I’m not making excuses for him. I’m not. I just have a soft spot for him because he’s damaged, and it wasn’t his fault. There is no justification for a parent walking out on their child. Never. But I can say with certainty that he loved you. But he has an odd way of showing it. But I am glad that I have you. I am always here for you. You know that. Well, on that note, I have one more favor that I’d like to ask you. Okay. This one’s about ace. Austin: The hell are you talking about? You can’t go to europe. You need a passport. You need money. Where did you get these clothes? Austin, I have multiple accounts and aliases. Of course you do. How could I not know that? It’s just a simple matter of accessing them. Yeah, but europe? Why europe? What’s in europe? Many glorious things. But most importantly, my mother. She’s there trying to track me down. So you’re going to go meet your mother? No. I have no intention of seeing her. I just need her to know I’m alive. I’ve got a lot going on. I haven’t been entirely transparent with you. I think that’s putting it mildly. Ever since you left for russia, there’s just been one truth after the other surfacing. You know, I — I find out that you used to work for pikeman. No, I never worked for them directly. I-I was an independent contractor. I never worked for them directly. Okay, that’s semantics. I just sort of feel like each new layer that gets peeled back… …I get to see who you really are. Like maybe I never knew you. I love you. That’s all you’ll ever need to know. Is it? You’re not answering my question. Is that true? Yes. Unfortunately, it is true. I wasn’t at elq the night of the fire. Pikeman summoned me to a meeting in new york. They flew me to manhattan. I mean, that’s not much of a confession, because that’s what it says in dante’s note. What more do you want to know? I don’t know. What the hell was so urgent that you had to fly to new york city in the middle of the night? Pikeman was concerned about sonny. They still are. And they wanted to consult with me. Why do you lie to me?

My motivation in all of this is to stop funding marty’s lavish lifestyle. You have made that abundantly clear. 50 grand a month in alimony buys a lot of hummingbird cake. Yes, and I can only imagine what he spends wooing the floozy. Well, the gravy train has left the station. So, are you sure the judge can keep the deceptor sales frozen? Yes, absolutely. And while they are frozen, deception’s stock price is plummeting. The company will be basically worthless by the time lucy coe and company gets their day in court. Speaking of court, I want you to tell me how — how it went with jackson. Ooh, great recommendation. Good. Thank you. He did an impeccable job. Well, not only is he a very talented lawyer, he’s pretty irresistibly handsome to look at, too. Don’t you think? I hadn’t noticed. Come on! You had to have been laser-focused on bringing lucy coe down not to notice that. Ah, you are out for blood. I don’t need blood. It’s the piece of my family’s company that I want back from lucy. She has been using it to ruin our lives for years. And I won’t stop till I get it. Don’t you think the G.H. Softball team is doing suspiciously well? I mean, far be it for me to cast aspersions on the medical profession, but… could they be cheating? Uh…o-okay. Well, maybe. You know what? Maybe that wouldn’t surprise me at all, because those quartermaines have their grubby little paws in every aspect of the hospital. And the two biggest cheaters are tracy and her spy granddaughter, brook lynn. Do you know, she — she really did steal privileged and confidential information about the deceptor. Shame on her. Hey, is everything okay with you and spencer? Yeah, we’re fine. We’re better than ever. It’s just with curtis and school and the gallery, we barely see one another. We’re never alone. The last time was

the haunted star. This could be our only chance to feel this close again. And since then, it’s just been one thing after another. I just want it to be about me and spencer. But ever since greenland, the timing just hasn’t been right. Well, I’m sure it doesn’t help that he’s living with esme. No, it doesn’T. But I think spencer found a way around that. Alexis: So what do you need for ace? Spencer: Well, trina and I are going to go to new york for a little weekend getaway. That sounds fun. Yeah. Yeah, it will be. And I was just wondering if you wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on esme…and ace. I don’t understand this. Why would you insist on playing dead? You want your mother — wait, hold on a second. You want your mother to know that you’re alive, but you don’t want to see her. And in the meantime, ava is losing her mind, thinking that she killed you. Why are you so worried about ava? I have a problem with people feeling guilty that they killed people that clearly aren’t even dead.

[ Chuckles ] Ava’s not someone who’s prone to guilt. You don’t know ava like I do. On august 23rd, I went to visit drew in pentonville, and austin came in carrying his doctor bag, and I just assumed he was there for a medical reason. Okay, so then what makes you think he wasn’t? Because he was actually there to deliver information to his boss, the same information betty stole from sonny. Well, that’s a lot of speculation, even for you. We’re way past that, ava. Sonny came to me and drew for help. My helping sonny means I’m helping you. Why did you have to go to new york city? You know, clearly, you have a pikeman contact right here in port charles. Why didn’t you take the meeting here or use the phone? Pikeman didn’t want to risk me being seen with the contact. It was safer to take the meeting outside of the city. Plus, pikeman and the sonny deal, those are fraught subjects for us. I chose to lie about it.

[ Chuckles ] “F-fraught subjects”? That’s a little clinical, isn’t it? I’m talking about us, you know, our relationship. ‘Cause I thought that maybe we were being honest with each other.I’m being honest with you now. Yeah, because I’m making you. I mean, would you have ever told me about the pikeman connection on your own? What else are you keeping from me? Anna, I love you. Please don’t do this. Okay, you can’t keep saying that, ’cause it’s not actually an explanation. Just because you say you love me, I’m supposed to accept everything that’s going on. Do you know how it felt when dante told me that you just blatantly lied? I lied to you because I wanted to keep the relationship with pikeman separate from you. Okay, how’s that working out? I was actually delivering a message from you to sonny here at the pool when someone decided to take a shot at me, or sonny, or both of us. I should never have involved you. I should never have asked you to deliver that message. I am sorry. That was a mistake. How many more lies and mistakes have you got to tell me about? Have you lied about anything else?

Why do you hate lucy coe so much? Because she’s a cockroach that my family has been unable to get rid of since she sunk her claws into my brother. She has a crucial 1% of the voting rights of my family company. But all of that is about to come to an end, because once I have control of deception, lucy coe will no longer be an issue. You have such a distaste for business. I remember you saying that you hoped that you never had to utter the letters elq ever again. Huh. The things some people remember.

[ Chuckles ] Well, it’s not all about me. Now, don’t get me wrong. I do so enjoy putting the screws to lucy coe for all of the chaos she wreaked upon my family. Okay, now I’m really curious. What did she do besides marry your brother? She helped install valentin cassadine as ceo of elq. But there are other family dynamics at play now. Such as? Maybe it’s much ado about nothing. Maybe the lawsuit won’t hold up in court. I wish that was true, but I think it will. I really think this lawsuit has traction, and the person I’m blaming the most is brook lynn. How could she do it to us? How could she steal all the ideas that I had to come up and develop the deceptor? It’s so galling that they’re making it sound like it wasn’t my idea when it was, and, yes, with a few helpful hints from you. No, no, no, no. Lucy, stop. I-I’ve told you once. I’ve told you a thousand times. I have nothing to do with the deceptor. St– I’ve told you a thousand times, you have to stop. You were right there. You and I both know that you gave me that idea. Alright. Alright. Let’s just agree to disagree. It’s not how I remember it. Things are complicated enough as they are. There’s no reason to drag me into it. Fine, so then you’re forgetting our pillow talk. Okay. I came up with the product, but because you suggested it. I never would have come up with the idea for the deceptor if it wasn’t for you. Wait, is spencer moving out of laura’s condo and getting his own place? I wish. Spencer can’t get his own apartment yet. Well, have you talked about it? It’s come up before, but spencer can’t leave because of ace. And I totally get that. I mean, he — he still doesn’t trust esme. Oh, can you blame him? No, not at all. I get it. He — he needs to be there for his brother. And it actually makes me like him even more. How so? I love that he’s — he’s there for ace. He puts him first. It doesn’t bother you that the baby’s getting more attention than you? Well, I’ll be getting plenty of attention this weekend on our trip. What? Trip? Explain. Okay, well, it’s just a two-day thing. Um, he’s taking me to manhattan. Trina, traveling together? That’s a huge step. I know. It’ll be our first time alone together, completely away from everybody. Are you ready for that? I mean, it’s not like I’m rushing into it. We’re both adults, and we’re committed to each other. Oh, of course. Totally. It’s just, you know, sex takes things to a-a new level. And I-I just want to make sure that, you know, you’ve thought about it. I’ve done nothing but think about it.

[ Chuckles ] I have been keeping an eye on esme and ace, and she seems to be doing well with him and reasonably well as a receptionist. Aside from the obvious, why do you think she needs to be supervised? Well, we all know the new and improved esme, the one that surfaced after claiming that she had no memory of anything that happened before she washed up on the haunted star. But let’s not forget all of the awful things that she did before that. I won’T. But whether she’s faking her memory loss or not, you have to admit she’s good with ace. She is. But she’s attempted to run away before. And now with my grandmother and kevin out of the country looking for my father, I would just feel a lot better knowing that ace was safe. Oh, um… sorry. I forgot to get you this, um, payroll, uh, alexis. If anyone is unknown to me, it’s you. I treated you as a patient for months. I nursed you back to health, and you have this agenda, and you never even mentioned it.

[ Chuckles ] Austin, you didn’t save me out of the goodness of your heart. We both know that. Eh. As for my agenda, it’s simple. Cassadine estate is controlled by a trust. If the current owner of the estate, which happens to be me, disappears for six months, they’re presumed dead, and control of the estate automatically passes to the heir. Oh, who happens to be your son. My son. Right. Spencer. And you don’t like the way the cassadines have arranged things? I want to stop it. Yeah, I don’t blame you. And the only way to keep spencer from controlling all of my money and resources is if proof comes to light that I’m still alive. Anna, I know that I’ve given you reason to doubt me. But, no, I’m not keeping any secrets from you. I’m curious. Um, what pulled you into working for pikeman in the first place? Greed. And I was younger then. I had nothing to lose. But not now. Now I have far too much to lose. Anna, pikeman is very powerful, and they have a long memory, and it is just easier to cooperate and keep them as an ally than to have them as an enemy. Really? Is there any differentiation between those two things in a business like that? This is my problem. I want you as far away from it as possible. But how can I be? I mean, I’m right here. Ugh, god. Are you okay? No, I just — can we go up to the suite again? I just — you don’t want dinner? Mnh-mnh. We’ll get room service. Okay.

Weren’t you the least bit curious why the fbi arrested sonny? I was just relieved when the charges were dropped. But you never asked him the reason why? Nope. No, I did not. It was because he left false information for betty to find. And then betty took it to austin, who took it to his boss in pentonville, whoever that is. Which means austin and mason’s boss has ties to the fbi. Well, I don’t know why you’re telling me all this. It’s got nothing to do with me. That’s bull, ava, and you know it! Why don’t you let it rest?! Carly. You know what I think? I think you did something, and mason and austin found out about it. And they’re threatening to tell their boss, who could take it to the fbi. Austin: Okay, well, why not go to port charles after? Why — you know, when you — when you — when you’ve cleaned up all of your loose ends and you’ve taken care of your money, why not go then? Because my son spencer hates me. He has a pretty good reason to, from what I understand. The way ava’s explained it to me, this is not the first time that you’ve pretended to be dead, which is just, like, a weird habit with you. Who does that? Why? How could you do that to your own son? You don’t know what’s gone on in our family, and I don’t need to justify my actions to you. I know for a fact that once spencer gets control of the money and the cassadine estate, he isn’t likely to ever give it back to me. Right. Well, can you blame him? It’s an awful lot of money. More than you realize. And the last thing I want to do is open this up to a long, ugly court battle, because that’s exactly where it will end up. It’s better to stop the process before it starts. You don’t think much of your son, do you? You did not come all this way to hear about the dysfunctional quartermaines, did you? Well, it couldn’t be any worse than my family, let me tell you. Could be. Do you use the words greedy, unscrupulous, and vindictive to describe your family? Oh, that and more. I wouldn’t even know where to begin with our saga. Let’s just say the borgias have nothing on us. Okay, then we will call it a draw. We both have dysfunctional families. Can we just get back to the business at hand? Okay. So there’s more to it than getting your elq voting rights back? Thank you. The payroll wouldn’t have gone out in time, and I’d have a lot of staff members breathing down my neck. Uh, sorry I forgot it earlier, but if I get it to accounting now, I can, uh, make it before the deadline. Thank you. I appreciate it. And so will the staff when their direct deposits hit at the end of the week. Better get it to accounting. Because you’re my best friend and I love you, I just have to ask. You’re not feeling any pressure from spencer on this, correct? No, I’m not feeling any pressure from spencer. Okay, good. And you shouldn’t, ever. I’m just so happy and excited to be planning a weekend away, just the two of us. Oh, my god. Well, a weekend in new york? It’s going to be perfect. At first, he wanted to go to turks and caicos. The caribbean? Isn’t it like hurricane season or something? That’s what I said. So how did you guys settle for new york? Well, first we were going to stop in new york, and then we were going to turks and caicos. Yeah. But with school starting and I’m working at the gallery, I just didn’t want to be away for that long. So manhattan was a compromise. Well, that’s a good compromise. He wants to take me to a broadway show, and then we’re going to have dinner at this hot new restaurant called essence. Well, are you going to have time for any other activities? Oh, yeah. We’re staying at this hotel that has a heated pool on the rooftop. Mm. Well, I bet you’re more excited to see the hotel room than the heated pool. Well, this is going to be our first time together.

You know what? You were absolutely right. We should have gone to the grill. I am not staying in the same room with tracy quartermaine, who is trying to take everything I’ve worked so hard for. I am going to freshen up, and then I will meet you in the lobby. Wait. Lucy?

[ Mutters indistinctly ] Actually, I never do anything for just one reason. Yeah, I don’t see you as a checkers kind of gal. You’re more of a strategic 3-d chess player. Actually, backgammon is my game. Well, noted. But this is not a game. This is business. I learned a lot from my father. And maybe the most important lesson he taught me is that opportunities are not given. They’re made. And once they’re made, you have to take full advantage of them. Blair. Ms. Quartermaine. A pleasure. Mm-hmm. Hello, sweetheart. Let me be clear about something. What sonny is doing right now, he is doing for avery’s sake. I know that. Sonny would do anything for his family. Because the situation is fraught, I would like for avery to stay here with you and donna for a while. For how long? A week, maybe. I don’t know exactly. Is that acceptable to you? Of course. Avery can stay here as long as she needs. Thank you. I appreciate that. Ava? This is also for avery’s sake. Whatever you have going on with austin? He’s keeping information from you. Do not trust him. Nikolas: Austin, my son is a cassadine. Meaning? I don’t expect him to act any differently toward me than I would act toward someone who stands in my way. That’s why I have to make sure he never has power over me. That’s an interesting family dynamic.

[ Cellphone chimes ] My car has just arrived. So I can’t talk you into changing your mind? No. Thank you again for all your help. Where are you going? It’s time for a family reunion. Well, thank you, aunt alexis, not only for your legal advice, but also for agreeing to check in on esme and ace while trina and I are away. We’re family. That’s what we do for each other. Just a thought, but esme is family, too, so if you could trust her first, maybe she would be a little more trustworthy. That might be difficult. You have to admit, she cares about that little boy. Look, I feel the same way about ace that esme does. Good. You have that in common — love for that little boy. Let that be the thing that brings you together instead of the thing that tears you apart. Just a thought again. Let’s go. You and spencer have had your ups and downs. You trust him? Yeah, I do trust him. And I believe that this is right. It feels like the right thing to be doing. Oh, I’m so happy for you!

[ Laughs ] I’m so happy for spencer, too. That means a lot to me. I-I know you two have had your differences since you broke up with cam. Oh, yeah. You know, I give him grief, but I know he’s a good guy. I think so, too. And you are the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Don’t you forget it. Aww.

[ Both laugh ] Valentin: I’m just saying, if you’re not feeling well, let me go get you something. Oh, it’s okay. It’s just, I feel a little faint, kind of. I think maybe have a lie down, and then… order some room service. Oh, valentin. Ink? What the hell?

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