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Wendy and Tripp kiss in bed in their room at the Salem Inn. They talk about not even knowing what time it is and making up for the times they were interrupted. They continue kissing until Wendy asks if he’s sure this is okay to shut out the world and be alone here with her. Tripp assures that he’s more than sure. Tripp reminds her that he left his phone with Kayla and told her to only contact him if there’s an emergency and he hasn’t heard from her yet, so they continue kissing.

Paulina informs Chanel that Abe is taking her to the Bistro. Chanel guesses that means their second date went well. Paulina admits it went better than the first. Chanel notes that this is date number three so it’s a big one. Paulina talks about not moving too fast which is weird since Abe is her husband. Chanel jokes that if things go in that direction, she has her permission to go for it. Paulina says that’s enough about her love life and asks Chanel how it’s going with Talia

Jada finds Talia working at the hospital and tells her how excited she is to see her there as a doctor and adds that their dad would be so proud. Jada takes pictures of Talia in her uniform. Talia asks what brought Jada to the hospital. Jada informs her that she’s actually on the job as she came to question the woman who was shot by Ava Vitali.

Ava and Harris remain in the motel room they are hiding out in. Harris mentions that they are going to have to get some real food. Ava worries that it’s still not safe because EJ has people all over town. Harris asks if she’s sure it was EJ and not someone from her past. Ava assures that she got out of that life and there’s no doubt in her mind that it was EJ who sent that woman to murder her.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ makes a phone call for an update on the woman who was shot at Bayview. He tells EJ that she’s still unconscious. EJ instructs the man to keep watch and call him when she opens her eyes. EJ then goes back to the article on his tablet and complains about Ava putting his hired gun in the hospital when she was supposed to put Ava in the morgue. Johnny then walks in and asks what has EJ so upset.

Wendy and Tripp get out of bed in robes and talk about waiting on room service. Instead, Rafe shows up at the door and says he’s sorry to interrupt but Kayla said he could find Tripp there. Tripp asks what it is. Rafe informs him that it’s about his mother.

Ava tells Harris that she knows EJ and one failed attempt won’t get him to call off his dogs and now the cops are looking for them too. Harris argues that they didn’t do anything. Ava points out that Rafe hates her and won’t believe a word she says. Harris suggests just calling EJ and telling him that his mother is alive but Ava worries that he won’t believe them as they have no proof that Susan survived the crash and her word means nothing to EJ. Ava declares the only way to get EJ to back off is to find Susan Banks and bring her home to him.

EJ tells Johnny that he was just reading an article about Ava escaping from Bayview and shooting someone in the process. EJ adds that none of this should surprise him since Ava is a dangerous criminal. Johnny argues that the judge sent Ava to Bayview for treatment. EJ says nothing can help her and that Johnny dodged a bullet by ending his association with her. Johnny asks where Ava is now. EJ informs him that she’s on the run and hopes that one of Rafe’s trigger happy minions will put her down like the rabid dog that she is.

Chanel tells Paulina that things with her and Talia are good with no complaints, but Johnny showed up and dropped a bomb on her by saying he still has romantic feelings for her and that he wants her back. Paulina jokes that Chanel is in demand. Paulina brings up that Chanel and Johnny were married so it’s not like just a crush. Paulina asks what Chanel said to Johnny. Chanel tells her that Talia came in before she had the chance to say anything. Paulina then asks what she would have said.

Talia informs Jada that the shooting victim is in critical but stable condition, though she has not regained consciousness yet. Talia offers to text Jada when she does Jada wants to wait. Talia notes that it could be awhile. Jada insists that she needs to be here as soon as she wakes up because she needs to find out who hired her to kill Ava Vitali.

Johnny hopes they can bring Ava in peacefully. EJ reminds him that Ava killed his grandmother and questions why he feels like Johnny is still defending Ava. Johnny argues that the judge ruled that Ava was not in control of her actions at the time of the accident. EJ argues that it wasn’t an accident and that the judge was delusional. Johnny states that he just hopes the police find Ava before anyone else gets hurt.

Rafe asks Tripp if he’s sure he has no idea where his mother is. Tripp says they have been here and he doesn’t have his phone. Tripp adds that he thought Ava was doing better after their last visit went so well but he can’t believe she shot someone. Rafe notes that they do have reason to believe it was in self-defense. Wendy questions if the person was trying to hurt Ava. Rafe explains that the person who was shot was dressed as a nurse but doesn’t work at Bayview. Tripp questions why. Rafe responds that the evidence suggests she went there to kill Ava.

Harris tells Ava that he’s going to see if he can get them some food, a burner phone, and maybe some other supplies, assuring that he’s good at moving around undetected. Ava notes that if he gets a phone, she can call Tripp as she’s sure he’s worried. Harris adds that it might be awhile before she can see Tripp again. Ava tells him to be careful and thanks him for saving her life and getting her out of Bayview when he could’ve left her to die because she’s not his problem. Harris responds that she’s not a problem at all and he’s just glad that he was there to help. Harris asks if she’s okay. Ava says it’s just the hero thing and tells Harris to be careful. Harris reminds Ava to lock the door and not open it for anybody as he then exits.

Jada brings Talia a coffee, which she says she could use to get through the rest of her shift. Talia acknowledges that not long ago, she almost threw away her career and her life. Jada encourages her doing what she loves. Talia adds that she’s also seeing someone new that she really likes. Jada asks if she and Chanel are a thing. Talia responds that it’s becoming one and it seems like they have another chance to have something really special.

Chanel reminds Paulina that she needs to get to dinner but Paulina wants an answer as to how Chanel feels about Johnny. Chanel admits she doesn’t know as she thought what they had was over, they had moved on, and even found a way to be friends. Paulina assures that she supports whatever decision she makes and that she’s willing to accept Talia even after what she did to her, her family, and the Bakery as she knows how hard she’s worked to turn her life around. Chanel guesses that Paulina would rather see her with Johnny. Paulina admits that she’s always had a soft spot for Johnny and she knows how happy he made her so part of her was rooting for them to find their way back, but this isn’t her decision. Paulina feels she’s still avoiding the question. Chanel says the whole thing kind of makes her mad and questions why Johnny had to drop this on her right when she’s starting a new relationship. Chanel knows it’s new but says she really likes being around Talia and adds that Johnny had said he wanted to be with Wendy. Paulina points out that Wendy chose Tripp. Chanel questions how she doesn’t know this is a rebound. Paulina says she doesn’t have to make a decision now but Chanel feels she does as she has had enough of being a part of a love triangle. Chanel adds that hanging isn’t fair to Talia or Johnny. Paulina asks what she’s going to do and who she is going to choose.

EJ tells Johnny that’s enough about Ava. EJ brings up that when they last spoke, he was going to tell Chanel about his feelings for her. Johnny confirms that he did so EJ asks what she said. Johnny says she actually said nothing since as soon as he told her, Talia showed up and he did not want to have the conversation in front of her, so he left. EJ questions what the hell he’s doing here then and instructs Johnny to go demand an answer from Chanel as to whether or not she wants to be with her. Johnny responds that he’s not going to do that.

Wendy tells Tripp to let her know if he needs her as she goes to get changed. Tripp asks Rafe about the woman that Ava shot. Rafe says she was taken in to surgery and survived but she’s been unconscious so they have not been able to question her. Tripp asks if Ava just slipped out of Bayview after. Rafe notes that she had some help from Harris Michaels as they saw him walking out on the security footage. Rafe adds that Ava escaping doesn’t help her case so he came to ask if he heard from her but clearly he hasn’t. Tripp agrees to let Rafe know if he hears anything and assumes that he’s already investigating who sent the woman to kill Ava. Rafe feels he sounds like he knows who it is. Tripp believes it’s obvious that it’s EJ DiMera.

Ava paces in her room, telling herself that Harris will be fine as he’s done this before and knows how to take care of himself. There’s then a knock at the door which startles Ava but when she opens it, no one is there. Ava then shuts the door and imagines Susan Banks inside with her, asking if she missed her. Ava questions if she’s dead or a ghost or really alive, but then her vision of Susan disappears. Ava then is startled when her vision of Susan reappears behind her. Ava talks about thinking she was hallucinating because she felt so much guilt over Susan’s death but now she knows she doesn’t need to feel guilty because she saw Susan stumble away from the burning car before the explosion. Ava questions if Susan is using her psychic powers to appear to her and asks where she is, so she can find her to keep EJ from trying to kill her again.

Rafe acknowledges the bad blood between Ava and EJ. Tripp insists it’s more than that since EJ blames Ava for his mother’s death. Tripp adds that he just ran in to EJ yesterday and told him that Ava was doing so much better that she might even be let out of Bayview which he was not thrilled by. Rafe asks if EJ made a direct threat. Tripp argues that EJ wouldn’t tell him that he’s hiring someone to kill Ava. Rafe hopes the woman wakes up soon so they can get answers from her. Tripp asks if he will go after EJ. Rafe promises that if there’s any evidence implicating EJ in a plot to kill Ava, they will find it.

EJ questions Johnny giving up. Johnny says he’d rather that than make a fool of himself. EJ assumes that he’s not that crazy about Chanel then. Johnny assures that he is. Johnny adds that he and Chanel would probably still be together now if the Devil didn’t come between them. EJ questions Johnny letting Chanel take her time in letting him know what she wants. Johnny states that he put himself out there and opened his heart to her, so if Chanel wants to give him another shot, she knows where to find him.

Talia tells Jada how thankful she is for second chances and acknowledges that she almost destroyed Chanel’s business and targeted her family, but she somehow seems to forgive her after all that. Jada asks if Talia is sure she’s ready to date again after Colin put her through hell. Talia talks about putting her life back together and she didn’t know she wanted to be with a woman, but now she has no doubts that she wants to be with Chanel and she feels so lucky that Chanel wants to be with her too.

EJ tells Johnny that Stefano would tell him that DiMeras don’t leave their fate up to others and they don’t leave things up to chance. EJ urges Johnny not to wait for Chanel to come to him. Johnny then gets a call from Chanel and says he was just thinking about her. Chanel asks him to come back over as she’s been thinking about what he said and he deserves a response in person. Johnny says he’ll be right there and hangs up. Johnny tells EJ that he’s going to find out if Chanel wants to be with him or with Talia. EJ tells Johnny to make his own luck as he exits the mansion.

Paulina hugs Chanel and goes to leave right as Johnny arrives. Paulina says it’s good to see him. Johnny notes that she looks nice. Paulina thanks him and says she has a date with her husband. Paulina adds that Abe may not remember her but the kind of love that they shared never really goes away. Johnny agrees and hopes it goes well. Paulina tells him to take care as she then exits. Chanel thanks Johnny for coming as she had some time to think about what he said. Johnny encourages her to take as much time as she needs since he knows he caught her off guard. Chanel brings up that she started seeing Talia and she really likes her. Chanel says before Johnny came over, she was really looking forward to seeing where things would go. Johnny asks what about now.

Jada tells Talia that she’s really proud of her and getting her life back. Talia gets paged that the patient is awake. Talia tells Jada to let the doctor check her out and then she can go get her answers.

EJ remarks that Ava better hope the police find her first, because one way or another, his mother will be avenged.

Ava complains to her vision of Susan that EJ sent a woman to kill her to avenge Susan’s death, only they know that Susan isn’t really dead. Ava asks her to tell her where she is so that she can prove it. “Susan” asks why she should help her when she drove her off the cliff. Ava apologizes and says she wasn’t well at the time but now they can help each other. Ava talks about Susan being a kind and compassionate person while her vision of Susan calls her one of the meanest people she knows. Ava promises that she just wants to reunite Susan with EJ so they can all just move on. Ava asks where she is. “Susan” responds that it’s not where she thinks. Harris then comes back and asks what Ava is doing. Ava tells him that Susan was there but her vision disappears.

Rafe gets a text that he has to go follow up on a lead. Rafe tells Tripp that if he hears from Ava or Harris, to tell them to turn themselves in. Rafe adds that they left Bayview with a gun which means his people have to consider them armed and dangerous. Rafe then exits the room.

Harris questions Ava believing that Susan projected herself in to her mind. Ava thinks Susan has been trying to reach out to her this whole time. Harris questions why Susan wouldn’t contact EJ or her family if she’s really out there. Ava asks who knows and says Susan is not logical. Ava adds that Susan kept saying she was stuck in the big smoke, but she saw her leave the car. Harris notes that Big Smoke is an old nickname for London so maybe Susan is trying to give her a clue as to where she is. Ava questions it but Harris says it’s all they have to go on. Ava questions if they were able to get to London without being caught, how they would find Susan in a big city. Harris says he has contacts with fake passports and travel arrangements, then they’ll just have to figure it out when they get there. Ava guesses they are going to London then, noting it’s too dangerous here as cops could be kicking down the door any minute.

Talia walks through the town square with flowers and calls Chanel, leaving a message that she went to the Bakery to see her but it’s closed so she was going to Paulina’s as she has something special for her.

Johnny guesses Chanel wants to give it a shot with Talia and says he understands. Chanel stops him and says she did want to see where things went from Talia, until Johnny said he wanted to see where things could go with them. Chanel talks about their connection and says she has suppressed her feelings for him for awhile because she wasn’t hopeful they would be returned. Chanel adds that so many things got in the way of them being able to make it work, but now those feelings are anything but suppressed. Johnny and Chanel then kiss. Chanel’s phone lies nearby with a missed call from Talia.

EJ pours a drink and toasts the portrait of Stefano to Johnny getting his heart’s desire. EJ then gets a phone call from his hospital contact, who informs him that his patient just woke up and the police are questioning her as they speak.

Jada enters Joyce’s hospital room and introduces herself, noting she’s glad that she made it through surgery. Joyce responds that she’s still a little out of it though. Jada states that she will let her rest as soon as she tells her who hired her to kill Ava Vitali.

Wendy tells Tripp that she can pack the food and they can eat on the way home. Tripp is not sure he can eat right now while worried about Ava. Wendy encourages that Ava is a survivor. Tripp is not sure who he’s more worried about finding her, EJ or the cops. Wendy points out that Ava has Harris Michaels with her, so he will protect her. Tripp is not so sure about that. Tripp brings up that not that long ago, Harris tried to kill his whole family with an exploding pizza.

Rafe and one of his cops go to the motel where Rafe explains that Harris was identified at the nearby pizza place from his photo and the desk clerk confirmed a man and woman in the room they approach. Rafe warns that Ava and Harris have both killed before, so he instructs him not to hesitate if he has to use deadly force. Rafe then kicks the door in and they enter with guns raised.

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