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I can’t believe you’re actually gone, Uncle Vic.

You know, I keep thinking that any day now you’re going to show up. You’re going to be laughing at all of us for being gullible enough to think you’re actually dead.

And you’re going to take Maggie in your arms. She’s gonna be so happy, and relieved, and…

Man, you too.

You too had a love that was stronger than space or time.

The kind of love like that, that never dies. I couldn’t agree more. Hey. I heard you were flying in. You’re um, Poe’s daughter, right? Not Ciara, but… Chelsea. Chelsea Brady. Hi.


will be missed, Victor. Despite it all.

Hey, Mom.

Ev, you finally remembered you have a mother.

What do you want, Teresa? I was just calling to see if you wanted to go to your grandfather’s funeral together. You know, as a family. Teresa, we may be co parents, okay, but we are definitely not family. Not now, not ever.

I wonder how long it will take before I walk into this room and don’t expect to see Uncle Victor on the couch complaining about something or other. Like me having that second helping of bacon at breakfast? Or how my hack of a husband couldn’t be bothered to accompany us on this momentous family occasion.

Or how I’m disappointing him pretty much on a daily basis. But you know what? He did really love and care for us all. In his own weird curmudgeon y way. Well, what do you say we toast the old man? Yes. Yasu, Victor. Yasu, Victor. Yasu, Victor. Celebrating Uncle Vic’s demise, are we? Come here.

Oh, my darling Vic. Will

I ever say goodbye to you? Like

sand through the hourglass. To the days of our lives. Hey, Mom.

Oh, Sarah. I’m

so glad you’re here. Where else would I be?

I’m just, I’m sorry that Melissa couldn’t be here. As am I. But she was getting over a nasty bug. I had a video call from her and Nathan and Melanie this morning. They send their love. I’m really glad that you got to speak to them. Me too. But we’re gonna have a house full of Curiatas. Tawn or Victor. Heaven help us.

We’re not celebrating Uncle Vic being gone. We’re toasting to his memories, you jackass. That’s what I meant. That’s not what you said. So I misspoke. Sue me. You know what? I don’t, I don’t want to hear it. And I, I am so glad that Sarah has left you and is now with Rex. An actually decent human being with a conscious.

And I am so glad, thank God, she is having his baby and not yours. Not true.

Oh, come on, Mom. Oh, don’t. Oh, come on, Mommy. Okay? You come back to town, to Salem, and remember, I begged you not to. And you don’t even have the guts to tell me you’re here. I mean, your own mom, your own mother, your own mother, who actually put her own freedom at risk to make sure that you were safe, and sound, and free, away from the authorities.

Mom, if you could listen. Please, I have good news on that last front. Brady agreed not to press charges. So, no worries. Oh, okay, no worries. No worries. You know, this is just like when you were 16 and you thought you could just flash those twin dimples and you’d be out of any kind of trouble.

So it still works, okay. But honey, where were you all this time? I went to see Lucas at Statesville. I’m glad that he, I’m glad that you did that. I’m sure he was glad to see you. But you couldn’t have been there the whole time. No, I was with Chloe.

Whoa, what’s up? Oh, hi. Uh, I take it you needed some caffeine as well before facing a mausoleum full of grieving Kiriakises. Yeah, only I wish it was a very strong cocktail. Indeed. And, uh, hey, on a happier note, I hear congratulations are in order. I wish you and Xander all the best. Yeah, I bet you do. Since my engagement keeps Xander away from you and Sarah, and the baby she’s carrying.

What isn’t true, Bonnie? Is Sarah not having Rex’s baby? Of course she is! Then what isn’t true? Well, it’s Andrew’s, uh, I don’t know, how did you put it? Um, a horror show. Wait, are you seriously defending him? He locked you and Susan Banks in Maggie’s gardening shed. But he feels really bad about it. Oh my, so he feels really bad about it and all is forgiven?

Susan Banks is dead because of him, or at least indirectly because of him. Not only that, he thought nothing involving Gwen and Leo in his miserable scheme. So we’re finally getting down to it. You see, Barney, your stepson here can’t stand the sight of me because I ruined his little extramarital crush.

Yeah. St. Sonny here was itching to jump Leo’s seemingly reformed bones until he found out the little snake is just as crooked as always. That is a damn lie. Tell it to your husband. That is unless he’s off somewhere cuckolding you yet again. Just shut up about Sonny! That’s enough! Both of you! Okay? This is the last thing Maggie needs today.

What about these? I I think they would look lovely with that outfit.

What’s going on, man?

Huh. It’s just that Victor gave me these on our 10th wedding anniversary. I mean, mind you, 10 is the traditional 10th anniversary gift, but I can still hear Victor saying, No wife of mine is going to get 10 on our anniversary.

And then he promised that he’d do his best to make it to the 30th. And that he was going to give me these in advance.

You guys, you two had something so special. Yes, we did. Oh, Sarah.

I know at some point, I’ll be grateful for all the time I had with Victor. Those sweet, sweet memories. But right now, all I feel is longing. I long to hear his voice. And, and his smile. And, you know, his arms around me.

Of course you didn’t. I, I know this is probably just in very cold comfort right now, but… Remember, that you always have me. And you have so many people around you that love you and will always, always be here for you. You are not alone. And you never will be.

I’m, uh, I’m a lot better now that I’ve been seeing your mom. That’s good. And if there’s anyone in the world that can help you process those feelings about Beau and Granddad, it’s Marlena. You’re here.

This, this, this woman will, will not take no for an answer. Let me guess, it’s Teresa? Oh, is that who you were talking to when we came in? What does she want? Nothing much. Oh wait, she wants us to get back together. I’m sorry for not recognizing you. It’s okay. I only know who you are because I’ve seen your photo online.

And various Salem publications. Ah, well I hope they’re all flattering ones. Naturally. Besides, why would you recognize me? It’s not like we grew up together. I didn’t even know that Bo Brady was my dad until high school. Ah, Chelsea, I’m really sorry about your dad. Thank you. We’re still hoping he pulls through, though.

No, we all are.

A world without Victor Kariakis. Just doesn’t seem right. No, it does not. That guy was such a huge presence on all of us. I don’t know if you knew, but I’ve, I’ve been living in London for like the last decade. And, I just feel really guilty I didn’t come home more to see him, you know? Chelsea? Is that you?

Theresa, oh my gosh, it’s so good to see you. Hi, you too. Where’s your son? I, I absolutely love whenever you post pictures of him online, he is so cute, and I cannot believe how big he’s gotten. Yeah, yeah, me neither. I didn’t take him with me, I didn’t want to take him out of school, you know, so… I’m here to represent both of us.

And to be here for Brady, of course. Sure. Chelsea, I’m so sorry about your grandfather. Thank you. Oh my god, and Uncle Bo! Is there any improvement? I’m afraid not. Oh, sorry to interrupt. I don’t believe that we’ve met. Oh my god, I’m so sorry. Uh, Teresa, this is Alex. He is my cousin on the Cariocas side. And Teresa is my cousin on the Brady side.

So we’re not related? Definitely not. Huh.

Well, it was really great to see you both. Um, uh, I’m gonna run up to the house. I want to see Maggie before the funeral starts. Right, right, and we’ll catch up after the service. Okay, sounds good.

So? So, it’s nice to finally meet you, Theresa. Oh. You’ve heard a lot about me, then, have you? Uh, oh, you’re from Brady, you mean? No, no, not much at all, actually. I’m sure that’s not true. I’m sure you’ve all heard that I’m stone cold and, and just mean. No, no, not at all, but is that true? Oh no, it is patently untrue actually.

Oh, okay. I happen to be a wonderful person. I have a very soft heart. Oh. Ah, and I’m actually hoping that the father of my child will see me that way too. Ah, so you’re hoping for like a redo with him? I was… Hoping that with Victor’s passing, we could all get closer together, you know? I mean, since Victor’s our son’s great grandfather.

Uh, and Brady and I knew we’d always have a lifelong connection, you know, because of our son, but… Uh…

Just… This really brings it home, doesn’t it? I guess that makes sense. Hm. What does Brady think about you being back? Oh, he’s… I’m good and fine with it, except he wants nothing to do with me.

So, what did you say when Teresa suggested getting back together? I said in no uncertain terms we will never, ever get back together. Really? Though you really would never consider trying again either? Oh, Belle, come on. How can you ask me that? Have you forgotten about the hell that she put me through? I learned my lesson from losing Rachel’s custody case that some women are just…

Unredeemable. Oh, come on. You’re not comparing Teresa to Kristen, are you? Maybe, maybe I am. You know, look, I know Teresa hasn’t reached the genius, treachery levels of Kristen, but give her some time.

Have to admit that you were tremendously relieved when you found out that Sandra had moved on with you. Tremendously relieved? Chloe, I am happy for you, like I said. Okay, well, in the interest of at least one of us being honest. I have to admit that I was kind of freaked out when I found out that Sarah was pregnant.

Because if that baby had turned out to be Xander’s and not yours, my engagement would have blown up before it even started.

Sonny, please, just let this go. The last thing Uncle Vic wants is for us to be at each other’s throats today. Okay? Sure about that? Uncle Vic always did love a good old family brawl. He doesn’t have a point in that, man. They left it. You know who else doesn’t like it when we squabble? I’ll tell ya. Maggie.

And the last thing she needs is for you two to come to blows and break some of her precious bric a bracs. Now I’m gonna go see Henderson and make sure everything is all set up. And the two of you? Y’all gonna behave. You got that? Right? Okay. We will. For Maggie. Yeah. For Maggie. Yeah. So

how do I look? Lovely, as always. You ready to go downstairs? In a minute.

You know, Sarah, it’s not too late. To leave for what? To tell Xander the truth.

I couldn’t have lived with myself if I didn’t say goodbye. Especially because we had so much unfinished business.

I know that your father was very hard on you. But he did love you. With all of his heart. Yeah. Well.

We should probably get over to the house. Wait, wait, wait. Before you do that, um, So you said that you were with Chloe before you came to see me. Yeah, so? Well, I’m just wondering if you went to see her because you still love her.

Okay, I admit it. You and Xander being engaged is not the worst thing to happen to my relationship with Sarah. Yeah, what do you know? A little bit of honesty for once. Okay, okay. As long as we’re both being forthcoming here, how did you feel when Philip showed up at your door, alive and well? Well, I was, I was shocked, of course.

Not only to know that he was alive, but to learn about all the horrible things that he’d done to Brady. He was not in his right mind. I know that. And I’m really glad that he got the help that he needed. And, uh, who knows? Maybe one day we can be friends again. I’m sure my brother would really like that.

Well, okay, I guess I gotta get going. And I will see you at Victor’s Memorial. I will see you there.

You see, you don’t even have to bother to answer that question, because I can see it in your eyes that you are still in love with Chloe as much as you were in high school. How I feel about Chloe doesn’t matter. She’s engaged to Xander, my idiot cousin. Hmm. Now, let’s go pay tribute to my father, okay? Okay.

That’s fine. But just know, this conversation is not ended.

I’m sure it hasn’t.

I think after everything that I’ve been through, I deserve a nice, calm relationship with a decent woman. Sorry, I don’t think those terms apply to Teresa. No offense, Sean. No, no, none taken. I mean, I know that my cousin, um… She can be a handful. Yeah, that puts it mildly. Alright, well, as entertaining as this has been, talking about your love life all morning, I think if we keep going we’re going to be late for the service, so we should get going.

You’re right. Lead the way.

Now what makes you so sure that Brady isn’t into you? I mean, other than the fact that he told me straight out and then treated me like something that he wanted to scrape off the bottom of his shoe. Hmm. Yeah. Interesting. What is? Well, the old me would tell you that he’s playing hard to get, and you need to continue to pursue him relentlessly, non stop.

Okay, and what would the new you say? The new me would tell you that no isn’t a maybe. And you probably have to take Brady at his word and back the hell off. Hmm. I think I’d like the old you better. Hmm. Man, he was a lot of fun, but boy, he got me in a hell of a lot of trouble. Oh. Well, I don’t know if you’ve heard about me, Alex Kiriakis, but I happen to like all sorts of trouble.

Mom, I know that you mean well. But your emotions are all over the place right now, and… Sarah, my emotions do not invalidate what I know to be true. That, that not to tell Xander that he’s the father, it’s, it’s, it’s not fair, and it’s, it’s not right. Shh, Please. You’re carrying his baby. Yeah, I know, and we have been over this, Mom, so you have to trust me.

Okay? No good will come of this particular truth getting out. And what truth would that be? Oh, Josie! Sorry, I withdrew all the questions. I was just being my nosy self. You made it! Of course I did. Oh, my. I had to. For Grandpa and for you. Oh. Thank you, Chelsea. Oh, Sarah, this is Chelsea. Hi. Uh, another of Beau’s beautiful daughters.

Yes. I, I’ve heard so much about you, Chelsea, and it’s so good to finally meet you. I’m, I’m Maggie’s daughter. I’ve heard a lot about you, too. Oh, Chelsea, I wish your dad and Hope could be here, but, of course, I understand why they can’t be. But your sister, Sierra, is in a beautiful bouquet. Mm hmm. She loved Grandpa so much.

We all did. Grandpa will always have a special place in my heart, as you had in his.

Yeah, the service is starting soon. We should probably get going. I’ll be down in just

a minute. I’ll see you down there.


Ah. Ah.



Yeah. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm.

Mhm. Oh,

my goodness. Talk about a sight for sore eyes. I want one

of those. One for Ciara couldn’t be here. Yeah, I know, but her doctor said that it wasn’t good for her to fly so late in her pregnancy. How are you and Max doing being new parents? Oh, you know, aside from the sleep deprivation, it’s just been great. Isaac is a joy. I mean, we do wish we lived closer so we could see everybody more often.

We wish that too. Oh, I need to go hug my grandma Kate. Excuse me.

Okay. Oh, Jackson. Hi. So glad you could make it. Oh, I love you. So good to see you.

It looks like everyone’s here, so we should get started. As most of you already know, my uncle wanted only a small ceremony to be interred in the family mausoleum next to his beloved daughter, Isabella Toscano Black. He also wanted this to be informal, so if anyone would like to offer a remembrance, you’re welcome to do so at this time.

Jossie, I think you wanted

to say about a guy like Victor Kariakis? He was larger than life. My dad, Beau Brady, um, he didn’t find out that Victor was his biological father until he was a grown up. And to say that he struggled with his dual identity as a Kariakis and a Brady, you know. That would be an understatement.

But no matter the strain that my dad had with his dad, I always felt that Victor really loved me. And my siblings. And all our kids. So if there’s one thing that I will remember about my grandfather, it was how loved I always felt whenever I was with him. Now, um, the way Victor Kiriakis pitted his sons and, um, grandsons and nephews against each other, well, he could have, uh, taught King Lear and Zeus a thing about family infighting.

Um, but there was another side to Victor Kiriakis. It’s much more, um, caring, loving side. Now, my father tells me we really didn’t get to see this side a lot. Until, uh, Victor found out he had a daughter.

Isabella. She was the first to sort of chip away at his ice encased heart.

But he certainly wasn’t the last.

That distinction goes to… Maggie. A kind, sweet woman, with a beautiful soul, who somehow, convinced the, uh, Powerful Victor Kiriakis to make his family a priority and not a power play.

Maggie, he was so lucky to have you. And this whole, whole family is better because of you, too. I love you.

Among the images that will forever stay in my mind when I think of my uncle, Is the look on his face when he would, very imperiously, tell me how to live my life. Ha ha ha ha. Who I should love, who I shouldn’t. He had a very unique style of meddling. But I always knew, as much as I hated it, I always knew that me.

So deeply,

that he would lay down his life for me and for the people that he loved.

And I for one, I’m gonna miss that meddling. I’m gonna miss my dear Uncle Vic, now and forever.

I may just be the, uh… Bastard Kyriakos, but Victor and I, well, I always felt that we were cut from similar cloth. I understood what drove the man and why he was so often driven in ways that proved to be calamitous. But I think all of us gathered here today, we, we also know that… Victor loved ferociously, and he fought very hard to make sure Maggie and, and his children had the best lives possible.

So, I intend to emulate my Uncle Vic and do the same. If God ever blesses me with children.


the only one of Victor’s children who had the distinction and sometimes the burden of being raised by the man. So, when I look back, I remember how proud he was when I did something that pleased him. Which wasn’t often enough. I also remember his looks of disappointment when I let him down. Which was way too often.

Oh, Dad. Wherever

you are, I hope you can see that I’m still trying.

Still striving to be the man worthy of your love

and respect.

My, uh, my grandfather was our patriarch.

He was our bright shining sun,

although many of us were a bit like

we would fly a little too close and then get burned.

But he always taught us something. There’s always a lesson in there. I will miss that about him.

So, uh, rest now, my grandfather.

Until we fly together again.

You don’t want to say anything? No, no, there’s no point.

I’d like to close the service by reading a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson, one of Uncle Victor’s favorites. Sunset, an evening star, and one clear call for me. And may there be no moaning of the bar when I put out to sea. But such a tide as moving seems asleep, Too full for sound and foam, When that which drew from out the boundless deep, Turns again home.

There are very few things in this life that are irreplaceable. You know I’ve always had a soft spot when it comes to my family. But softness doesn’t always equate with weakness. When it comes to business, I’m neither. It’s good in you too. I’ve seen it.

No, I try not to let that show too often.

Granddad, if you’ve taught me anything, Nothing’s impossible. You know, I missed you back in Phoenix. Hello. It’s like missing Poison Ivy. It’s remarkable, isn’t it? I’m sure you’ll recall that passion was an integral part of our relationship. Thank you. Confirming your love for me. By the power vested in me, I hereby pronounce you husband and wife.

Oh. Marrying

you was the best thing that ever happened to

me. And I think this would be a very good time for you to… Echo the sentiment. It would only go to your head, which is already swollen enough.

Uh, I just got a text. The food’s ready. I just boxed

it up, so. it was. You didn’t follow me here, did you? No. Just, Bonnie told me you and your cousin were here to pick up some food. I thought I could help, and, plus, I’m starving. Well, there’s always the Brady Pub, Teresa. Whoa, Brady. Come on. That’s the way to treat your kid’s mom. Alex, stay out of it, please. Well…

It’s nice to know someone in this family still has manners. You know, actually, I’d love to get to know you better, Alex. Maybe we could have dinner this weekend. Oh, this weekend? Yeah, I thought you were going back to California this weekend. No, no, actually, I’m thinking about sticking around for a little while.

I’m gonna go get that dinner. Okay.

Oh, gosh, I can’t believe you’re leaving already. I know. I really wish I could stay. Yeah. You know your brother really misses you. We talk about coming out to London all the time, and of course we want to see baby Isaac so bad. You guys should. That would be so great. Max and I would love that. Oh. Speaking of my brother, where is he?

Oh, he just went in to pack you a lunch. I guess. Yeah, he has been in there a little while. I wonder what’s keeping him.

Ready to go, sweetheart? I’m sure Maggie’s wondering where you are.

Hey Xander, uh, we should probably get going. Yeah, right. Of course. Sarah, what’s wrong? Oh, no. Sarah, what is it? My water just broke.

I can’t tell you all how much it means to me to have you all here with me. We’ll be here for you for as long as you need, Maggie. Of course we will. And Maggie, even though Victor had almost as many wives as Henry VIII, I do believe that you brought out the best in him. In fact, of all of the women in his life, you were the perfect match for Victor.

That is most assuredly a matter of opinion. Vivan Alamein.

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