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Finn: Hey, everything is going to be okay, all right? Sheila’s gone. I was clear that I don’t want to see her, ever again.  She’s not gonna be a part of our lives.

Steffy: You’re her son, and in her sick, twisted mind, she thinks she loves you.

Finn: No.

Steffy: She’s never gonna let you go.

Finn: She doesn’t have a choice.

Steffy: No, Finn.  You won’t have a choice. She won’t let you. But I do. I have a choice. I’ve made a decision. I love you, Finn… but I can’t– I can’t put up with this.

Finn: Put up with what? Steffy, whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you saying?

Wyatt: I mean, I still can’t believe that Steffy is packing up the kids and moving back in with Finn. I mean, I know she can’t stay at Eric’s forever, but–

Liam: But Sheila is and always will be a threat.

Deacon: So, you’re still holding onto hope that you and Finn can have a relationship?

Sheila: Finn is a part of me and I’m not gonna let that go.

Ridge: I don’t care what you did with Sheila in the past, what you plan to do with her in the future. What I care about is my daughter’s safety.

Sheila: And I’m not gonna let that go.

Ridge: If anything happens to my kids or my grandkids, I will make you pay.

Deacon: You okay?

Sheila: I don’t seem okay?

Deacon: Not really. I know you went to go see Finn. What happened?

Sheila: Steffy happened.

Deacon: Wait a second. You went to the cliff house and Steffy was there?

Sheila: Look, I– I don’t even know what she was doing there. I mean, she walked out. She– she took the kids and she left Finn.

Deacon: Yeah, well, Steffy moved back.

Sheila: How did you know that?

Deacon: How do I know that? Because carter and ridge came to visit me. Twice. They told me that Steffy is moving back with Finn.

Sheila: They felt the need to tell you this why?

Deacon: Why? Because they suspect that I might have had contact with you. And they’re worried that you might do something to hurt Steffy. Sheila, please tell me you didn’t do anything to Steffy.

Sheila: Steffy just loves to play the victim, doesn’t she? She acts all scared and vulnerable. This is so calculated. She uses this to control Finn. She has done nothing but try and poison my son against me.

Liam: Sheila should be spending the rest of her life behind bars.

Wyatt: Yeah. Dad’s plan really did backfire, huh?

Liam: Yeah. Now, we’re all back to just… waiting around, you know, for Sheila to make a move. Something that maybe, hopefully, might put her back in jail? Steffy should have stayed at Eric’s. It’s just not safe at the cliff house.

Wyatt: Look, I know you’re worried about her, but I gotta say it again. I… I truly think you’re a bit disappointed to hear that Steffy decided to go back with Finn.

Steffy: [ Sobbing ] Oh, I was so excited. I was so excited thinking about walking through the door, coming home to you with the kids. Being able to just pick up our lives together.

Finn: Yeah. Honey, look, we can still do that, okay? Look, Sheila is gone. Steff–

Steffy: No. Sheila will never be gone. You don’t know. I– I– I lived with the threat of Sheila for years, Finn.

Finn: Wait, so what are you saying? Steffy.

Steffy: I love you, Finn… but I need to leave.

Finn: You need to leave?

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: Like– like– like go back to Eric’s?

Steffy: No, but I have to do whatever is necessary to protect Kelly and Hayes. I’m sorry, Finn, but I need to take the kids and I need to leave Los Angeles.

Deacon: Sounds like it was quite a scene. I can’t believe that Finn dragged you into the house.

Sheila: Yeah. He wouldn’t have even needed to. I would’ve just left. She wasn’t gonna have that. No, she wanted to go off on me.

Deacon: So, I’m guessing you’re still persona non grata.

Sheila: She was hysterical. Screaming and crying and demanding that Finn cut me out of his life. She wouldn’t give me an inch, Deacon. I mean, wh– why can’t she give me a little benefit of the doubt?

Deacon: Sheila, do you blame her?

Sheila: I… I’m Finn’s mother. I love my son. How about the fact that I– I saved Kelly’s life. You know, I saved her daughter’s life and has she shown me any gratitude at all for that? Oh, no. No. Of course not. All she can do is scream to him and demand to him over and over again that he tell me to leave and never come back. You know what? She made him use those words, Deacon. She made him say those things to his mother. He– he never would’ve done anything like that if it weren’t for her. No, my relationship with my son would be so different if it weren’t for her.

Wyatt: Kinda sucks, right? I mean, when Steffy was at Eric’s, I thought it would create the perfect opportunity for you.

Liam: Well, it didn’t and now, it looks like that door is closed. Listen, it’s frustrating, but I’m not naive. I mean, I– I know that Steffy loves Finn.

Wyatt: Yeah, but the same way she loves you?

Liam: I mean, my mother isn’t a murderous psychopath who hates her, so.

Wyatt: That’s a point in your favor.

Liam: Right?

Wyatt: Sure.

Liam: I think so. Listen, I– I– I get what Steffy’s doing. I mean, she’s trying to do right by her family. She’s trying to make it work with her husband. I just– I can’t… I can’t believe Steffy would put up with Finn having Sheila in his life much longer.

Finn: Leaving los Angeles? What are you talking about?

Steffy: Finn, loving you has changed my life. Even after we found out that Sheila was your birth mother. Even after she left us to die in the alley, I just kept thinking that our love would just win out in the end.

Finn: Yeah, and it will. Honey, you gotta keep believing in us. What are you–

Steffy: I’ve tried to make peace with the fact that Sheila is your birth mother. I’ve tried to push it out of my mind and just keep telling myself that I am gonna continue to fight. I’m gonna continue to protect our children, but the truth is, I’m just exhausted. I’m exhausted. And I just– I– I realize that I’ve made a mistake. I let my guard down. I– I came here, considered moving back in with the kids and I just realized that Sheila’s never gonna let you go.

Finn: Steffy, I love you, okay? Don’t– don’t worry about Sheila, okay? I’m gonna make sure that she stays away from us.

Steffy: You can’t make that promise, Finn. You can’t. And I won’t put our children’s well-being at risk. I will not take that chance. So, I need to go. I need to leave L.A.

Deacon: Come on, Sheila. Even you have to understand just a little bit why Steffy doesn’t want you in their life. I mean, almost dying does tend to leave a mark.

Sheila: So, you’re– you’re telling me there’s no room for any forgiveness? I mean, not even for Finn’s mother? Like she’s never made a mistake.

Deacon: Well, you do give new meaning to mother-in-law from hell.

Sheila: You think this is funny?

Deacon: No. No, I’m sorry. I don’t. I wish I had something I could say to make you feel better.

Sheila: Yeah, well, I don’t think I’m gonna have to worry about Steffy for much longer.

Deacon: What do you mean, Sheila?

Sheila: Not for the reasons that you’re thinking, Deacon. I just– I get the feeling she still has feelings for Liam. I– I think she’s still in love with Liam. I know that that’s gonna hurt my son. It’ll break his heart, but at least she’ll be gone. And he’ll have his mother to lean on.

Liam: I mean, believe me, I’ve never wished for Steffy’s marriage to implode. It’s just… with Sheila for a mother-in-law, it’s only a matter of time, right?

Wyatt: Well, if I was a betting man, I would’ve taken that one.

Liam: You are. You are a betting man.

Wyatt: On occasion. Hey, uh… you still think you and Steffy have a shot of being together again?

Liam: I don’t know. I mean, I admit, I’m not– I’m not totally giving up on the idea of having a life with Steffy. It’s Steffy. We have a great love story, right? Those feelings don’t just disappear. She knows I would always protect her. I mean, I– I’m Liam, right? I’m protective. I’m overprotective. That’s my whole thing. [ Liam chuckling ] I wouldn’t let Sheila get within 100 miles of Steffy or the kids and that is a promise I would keep.

Wyatt: All right.

Finn: Don’t do this. This isn’t something that we can deal with if we stay in L.A. We need to get away. I can come with you, right? We can stay as a family.

Steffy: No, Finn, you can’t. Sheila won’t let you go. She’ll find you. It’ll just be more stress, same threats. Terrified when she’s gonna show up again.

Finn: So, I’m, uh… I’m trapped. Because of me, Sheila’s always gonna be a danger to you and the kids.

Steffy: I’m sorry, Finn. But after today, I have to keep as much distance between you and Sheila and me and the kids, so I need to leave. Today.

Finn: You gotta– you– you gotta leave today?

Steffy: I have to. I have no choice. I’m thinking about maybe– I don’t know, maybe I could go overseas. I can enroll Kelly in an international school there. Maybe it might be a good– a good experience for her. My mom could join.

Finn: Just hang onto our love, okay? Just hang onto our love and keep it alive because I’m never gonna stop fighting for us and I’ll fight and find a way to eliminate Sheila from our lives, and then you guys– you guys could come home. And then, soon, you’re never gonna have to worry about that psychopath, right? Okay? Ever again.

Steffy: Finn, you are always gonna be in my heart, okay? Never doubt that.

Finn: Hey. We thought we lost each other once, right? We found our way back. We’ll do it again. We’ll be reunited.

[ Steffy sobbing ]

Deacon: I just think you’re getting way ahead of yourself. There’s absolutely no reason to believe that Steffy isn’t committed to Finn. Hey, listen. She went to Eric’s to guard herself and her kids against you.

Sheila: I’m not so sure. You know, Liam and– and hope, they’re not married any longer and Steffy and he, they– they have history. I mean, they were once madly in love with one another and they have a beautiful child together.

Deacon: I think you’re hoping for something that isn’t gonna happen. Sheila, just don’t put too much stock in this because right now, this is a fantasy.

Sheila: It would hurt my son, of course. But we’ve all had our hearts broken and gotten over it and he will too. And he’ll come to know that it was the best thing that ever could’ve happened to him. Be free of Steffy.

[ Steffy mouthing “yes” ]

Finn: I’m not giving up on us. I’m not losing my wife and family.

Steffy: Liam, I need to talk to you.

Liam: What– what is it? What’s wrong?

Steffy: You– you were right. You were right.

Liam: I was right about what?

Steffy: I went back home to be with Finn and everything was– it was great. It was great until… Sheila showed up.

Liam: Okay, so– first of all, are you okay?

Steffy: I– I can’t– I can’t do this anymore. I’m– I’m– I’m exhausted. I’ve just been living in this shadow of fear ever since Sheila’s been out of prison. So, I came here because I’ve made a decision.

Liam: Okay. What’s the decision?

Steffy: I, um… I’m gonna take Kelly and Hayes and I’m gonna leave los Angeles. I’m gonna leave the country. My mom’s gonna meet me in Rome. I’m not sure where we’re gonna settle, but I just– I wanted you to know because obviously, Kelly is your daughter and I want you to weigh in, but please, please do not– do not fight me on this.

Liam: I– I am not gonna fight you on it. Steffy, I don’t blame you and honestly… yeah, I think I’d feel better knowing you and Kelly and Hayes are as far away from Sheila as possible.

Steffy: Okay. Thank you.

Liam: So, um, Finn is not coming with you or?

Steffy: No, he can’t. Wherever he goes, Sheila will follow.

Liam: It’s the right thing. You’re doing the right thing and– and I support it 100%. And you know what? You know, I’ll come visit you. Screw it, right? I mean, I’m not gonna let you and Kelly forget about me.

Steffy: Okay. Okay, well, I– I have to get to the airport.

Liam: Hey, listen. Last thing. You’re a really good mom, you know. You would do anything for your children and I have so much faith in you. That you’re gonna take care of them and you’re gonna protect them and if you need anything, you call me, okay? And I’ll be on a plane before you finish the sentence.

Steffy: Yeah. Okay.

Liam: I’ll miss you and… and I really love you and I always will. Okay? Okay.

[ Steffy sobbing ]

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