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Hey, how you feeling? Oh, good. Yeah. No more Braxton Hicks. Oh, excellent. You know, it looks like, uh, this little one is going to stay in the oven for a little bit longer before making their grand entrance into the world. I’m happy to hear that because I’ve been, I’ve been thinking we should be married before the baby’s born.

Theresa Donovan. Never thought I’d see your sorry little arse in Salem again. Indra. Ever the charmer. Cut the chitchat. What the hell are you doing here?

Wait, you’re telling me that Susan Banks is alive? Oh, she is. She survived that crash. Which means I am not responsible for the death of E. J. DiMera’s mother.

I need you to come and meet me in the park right now. David Vitale killed my mother and before this day is done, I want her dead too.

Hey, I stopped by the front desk on the way in. Your discharge papers are all done. You’re free to go. You ready to go home? Sloane?

Eric, there’s something I need to tell you. What’s going on? What is

it? It’s about the baby.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.


I’m so sorry I lost our child. Hey, look at me. Why are you sorry?

It wasn’t your fault. I know how much you want to be a father.

When I came in here, we had so much to look forward to. Starting a family together. Being parents together and, and now… All

We still have each other. And we still have a lot of good things to look forward to.

You know, actually, I’m sure you’re pretty desperate for some non hospital food.

Hey, why don’t we go down to the pub and I’ll make you some dinner? You mind if I just meet you there? After I take a little walk, clear my head? Yeah. Sure. I just need a little time to myself. Okay. You just call me. Make sure you’re okay. I’ll make sure of the phone. It’s

all my fault. It’s all my fault that you’re not gonna be a father. To either one of your kids.

Okay, Nicole Walker. No genetic anomalies detected, blah, blah, blah. Okay, where is it? E.

G. DiMera.

Not a genetic match. Dear God. That baby’s not EJ’s. It’s Eric’s.

I came here to pay my respects to your Uncle Victor. God rest his soul. That’s why you’re so

cynical. I actually cared very deeply for Victor. Well, of course you did. a kind hearted, sentimental person. Thanks for the no one, baby. You know what, fine, the tears weren’t over him, but, and not that it’s any of your damn business, but, uh, they were about Brady. Oh, don’t tell me he wasn’t thrilled to see you.

Let me guess, he told you to go to hell? Am I right? Same as Sarah Horton did to you, am I right? Rex, I…

I’m so grateful that you want to be the father of my baby. And after what Xander did to Susan Banks, I don’t want that bastard anywhere near our child.

Are you still sure that you want to do this? Look, you made it very clear to me when you accepted my proposal that keeping Xander away was the primary motive for marrying me. And that doesn’t freak you out? No, actually no, it doesn’t. Because I’m committed to you, and I’m still committed to getting you to fall back in love with me again.

I do hope you can do that. I really do. You sure about that? Why wouldn’t I be? Because you hesitated when I brought up the subject of us getting married. It’s It doesn’t feel right to do it now. You know, before Victor’s funeral. Yeah. No, you’re right, you’re right. That, that does make sense. I just, um, I want to be present for my mom.

She’s burying her husband, and none of Victor’s kids can be here. You know, Beau’s still in a coma, and Isabella is gone, and Phillip can’t come home unless… He’s going to face the consequences of what he did to Brady. Actually, that’s not true anymore.

Philips alive. Yeah, alive and well. And he’s the one who framed Brady for his murder. He sure is. Is Brady going after him? Actually, uh, bell convinced Brady not to press charges, which means that Philip’s in the clear. Wow, I can’t believe this. I mean, what Philip did to Brady was… Insane? Yeah, in fact, he has spent this entire time away at a psychiatric hospital.

But they released him. Oh. So he’s better now? Yeah, apparently so. He said he did a lot of work on himself, and he recognizes where everything just went terribly wrong. Aw. Well, that’s good news. I guess so. And the best part is, now you don’t have to marry Xander.

I appreciate you getting here so fast. Vitaly’s inside Bayview? Can you get in there? Security is pretty tight. I’m not worried about it. So, how will you You really want to know the details, Mr. DeMera? No. No, I don’t care how you do it. As long as Ava suffers the same fate as my dearly departed mother.

Okay, so how do you know that Susan’s alive? Because when Marlena hypnotized me, it was like I was back there. It was like I was back in that night, Harris. What exactly did you see? I, I, I was lying on the ground. After the wreck, I mean, I… And everything was on fire, and as I was running, I just, I looked back, and I saw Susan.

She was outside of that car before it exploded. Ava, if you remembered all this, and Susan is alive, why didn’t you just tell Dr. Evans? Why would you lie?

When Marlene brought me out of hypnosis, I panicked. Okay, I just, I couldn’t bring myself to say it. I don’t know, I guess I just thought that she probably wouldn’t believe me. Come on, I mean, look, after all of this time, I suddenly remember that Susan is alive? Come on, I should probably think that I was just making it up so she could help me get out of this place.

Are you? Am I what? Are you making it up? No! Harris, come on! You have seen me! You know that the hallucinations are real!

Would she put me under? I just… I saw it so clearly.

Susan was alive before that car exploded.

Are you absolutely… Sure that Susan was alive? One hundred percent. Okay.

But where is Susan now? Where has she been all this time?

You sure about hiring me for this job? Of course I’m sure. I’ve commissioned your services in the past and I’ve always been happy with your work. And I appreciate the business. I just didn’t think you did this sort of thing anymore. As a rule, I don’t. But this is different. It’s possible. I understand. You don’t need to worry.

I’ll take care of the Vitali woman and it’ll never come back to you. Thank you. And once you’re done… See to it that Xandakiri Arcus follows her into the grave. He’s just as responsible for my mother’s death as Ava.

You don’t know anything about me and Sarah. Oh. So she didn’t dump you and leave Salem because you put on a clown mask to kidnap and kill E. J. DiMera’s mommy? I did not kill Susan Banks. Obviously Dr. Sarah doesn’t see it that way because from what I heard, she divorced your sorry ass so fast, she left skid marks.

Well, at least I’m not sitting outside the pub, crying my eyes out. I’ve moved on. Moved on to what? Bozo. The circus. What’s next, hmm? Juggling chainsaws. Getting shot out of a cannon. I’ll have you know, that I happen to be engaged. To Chloe Lang. Come on. You’re serious? This conversation’s over. No, hey, hey, hold on, hold on, hold on.

How on earth did you get Chloe Lane to give you the time of day after you left her in Mexico with Mateo, who’s the only man on the entire planet who’s a bigger piece of garbage than you are?

What kind of a thing is that to say? Xander? Well, because you were seeing Philip before he disappeared, and now he’s back. Chloe, I, I’m your friend. And I just want what’s best for you, and I know that you and Philip had a, had a good thing going. Nicole, he didn’t just disappear. He faked his own death and then framed Brady for murder, all because he couldn’t let me go!

Yeah, I know. Well, look, you, you said it yourself. He was sick, and now he’s better. I mean, don’t you think there’s a chance that maybe you could pick up where you left off?

Philip, what are you, what are you doing here? Is it safe? Totally. I am happy to report that Brady has graciously agreed to drop the charges against me, which means I’m free to be in Salem and to attend my father’s funeral. So you’re clear on everything? Assaulting Brady, faking your own death, and then framing Brady for it?

Bell really worked hard to convince Brady I deserved forgiveness. And amnesty. Well, uh, Congratulations. Thank you. I am, I’m so sorry about your father. I appreciate that. Look, I’m, I’m here to support you, Phillip, whatever you need, really. Thanks, bro. It means a lot. I gotta say, it’s kinda overwhelming to be back.

I’m sure a lot’s changed since I left. For starters, you’re having a baby. Ah, you noticed. Uh, can I ask who’s the father?

I’m, I’m the father, of course. And Sarah, Sarah and I are, are so excited about this pregnancy and, and getting married soon. Wow. I did miss a lot. I had no idea you were even back together. Yep. Yeah. Yes. And, uh, we are so excited that your future niece or nephew will get a chance to know you. Uh, but if you don’t mind, I’m actually going to go upstairs and lie down.

Of course. Yeah. Congratulations on the baby and your engagement. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, and welcome home.

I’m happy for you, Rex. I know you never really stopped loving Sarah. Thank you. Yes, she is the love of my life. Then I guess it all worked out. Especially now that Xander’s with Chloe. I guess, yeah. I mean, can you actually believe that she’s marrying that loser? I mean, what the hell is she thinking? Oh, no, no, Phillip.

Please tell me you are not still obsessed with Chloe.

Nicole, I will for the moment try to ignore the fact that you’re not even acknowledging that I’ve moved on with Xander, and tell you emphatically that I’m not going to just pick up where I left off with Phillip. As much as you think it’s a brilliant idea, God knows why. Well, I’ll, I’ll tell you why.

Because before things went off the rails, things were great between you and Philip. Right? And, and what if he’s back to the guy that you fell in love with and he still loves you? It doesn’t matter what he feels. I am with someone else now. As much as you have apparently chosen to block that from your mind.

I know you’re with someone else now, Chloe. But come on, do we ever really move on from our first love? I mean, isn’t there a part of your heart that still belongs to the first guy that you fell madly in love with? I’m sorry, are we still talking about me and Xander and Phillip, or have we somehow segwayed to you and Eric and EJ?


I will not rest until I avenge you. The reprobates responsible for taking your life, they will pay with theirs.

I have no idea where Susan is. I mean, until about an hour ago, I thought she was in heaven stalking Elvis and annoying the hell out of St. Peter. What? Why are you looking at me like that? Because if Susan’s alive, somebody should be out there looking for her. I don’t know, maybe we should talk to Dr. Evans.

Or maybe, hold on, maybe we should contact EJ DiMera. Harris, no. He’s convinced that you killed his mother. Don’t you want him to know that she’s alive? Am

I interrupting? Not at all. I just thought I heard you talking to somebody. I was just talking to an image of my mother, who died fairly recently, as you may know. And the people who took her life are walking around freely, which has left me somewhat…

Bitter. Well, I know that feeling all too well. Your mother? Both my parents. My brother Colin and I, we vowed to avenge them too. But, I should just say that um, making promises like that leads you down a very dark path.

Watch yourself, Donovan. Hey, I’m just stating the facts. What happened in Mexico? That’s ancient history. Ancient history? Like Susan Banks? Well, Chloe knows that I’ve changed. Otherwise, why would she be with me? Ah, you’ve changed, have you? Well, you might want to tell that to the wild look I see in your eyes.

Because from what I can tell, you’re still the same sadistic psycho I’ve always known. You don’t know me. Oh, come on. I know plenty. You know, Brady told me when you guys were kids, you used to pluck the wings off of butterflies. You haven’t changed at all. Really? Well, did you also know before I… It was so unfortunate bumping into you, that someone just offered me a huge amount of money to do something terrible, and I turned them down flat.

I said no. Oh, Xander. You’re such a saint. But my guess, you just weren’t desperate enough. But you know, the second you are, you’re going to revert to form. And when you do, I hope it’s not too late for Chloe. Chloe loves me. She trusts me. Then I guess you have her fooled. And you know what? When things get bad, Xander, and they will get bad…

I hope that Chloe does all of us a favor and sticks a knife in you the same way she did El Fideo. And I’d be surprised if anyone came back for your funeral. Do you need to shut your mouth before I shut your hands off her!

Harris, if I tell EJ about his mother and he doesn’t believe me? Come on, he’s already said that he wants me dead for killing her. Yeah, only she’s not dead. Miss Vitale, it’s time for your medication.

I’ve never gotten a shot here. What medication is that? The doctor ordered something new to be added to your treatment. Something new? Yeah, what’s the name of the medication? Could you please step outside while I administer the injection? Okay, just hold on a second. Are you interfering with her treatment, sir?

Hey, why don’t you call your doctor and confirm that he ordered this? That’s a good idea. You think I’m lying? Of course not. But she has a right to know what drug she’s being given.

What better. I was hoping to do this the easy way, but GI Joe had to go and play the hero. Now you’re both gonna get a shot. Only. It’s not coming from a needle.

During my time away, I came to see that my love for Chloe turned into an addiction. That was unhealthy. And you’re better now, right? A lot better. So, even if you were to have romantic feelings for Chloe, you would be able to control how you act on those feelings. Exactly. Good. So… And so, with my feet firmly planted in reality, I will admit that

I am still head over heels in love with Chloe Lane. No, no, no. My situation with EJ and Eric is not the same as yours with Xander and Phillip. Oh no? What’s different? Well, first of all, Eric and I, what happened between us, the situation that, okay, you know what, maybe it is sort of the same. Yeah, and yet you still want me to dump Xander for Philip?

Fine. I shouldn’t have presumed to steer you in any kind of direction about your love life. Okay, but you, you did the same to me. Okay, as I recall, you gave me a whole bunch of grief about giving up on Eric and marrying EJ. I know I did that, but I eventually accepted it, whereas you proceeded to just give me a hell of a lot more grief about marrying Xander.

Which you totally ignored. And will continue to do so. Yes, but you actually have another option. Oh my goodness, I’m going to say this one more time. What I had with Philip is in the past. Just like what you had with Eric is in the past. Are you sure? About you and Eric? About you and Phillip. Come on, Chloe, tell me, what was it like when you saw Phillip again?

And be honest.

Okay, my heart skipped a beat when I saw him. Aha! But that’s only because I was shocked to see him alive. Or, or, maybe it was your heart telling you that he’s the one you’re supposed to be with. Right after you dumped Xander on his sketchy ass.

What can I say, Eric? Your cousin brings out the worst in me. Yeah, and that’s saying a lot. You know, Brady had the right idea about you, giving you the heave ho.

Get out you okay? Yeah. Did he hurt you? No, you know what, if you hadn’t come here and pulled him away, I would have been the one hurting him. He’s just, he’s a low life jerk. Yeah, what, what’s that all about anyway? Xander being Xander, you know, opening up old wounds. Yeah, well, it’s good to see you anyway. You in town for Victor’s funeral?

Yeah, I am. I mean, as much as we clashed, it just felt wrong not being here. Yeah, Victor’s been a big part of all of our lives. Yeah, he has. It’s so good to see you too, Eric.

Hey, um, my mom told me that you and your girlfriend lost a baby. Yeah, we did. I’m so sorry. Yeah, well… Is she okay? Actually, she just got released from the hospital.

Did you just come from the hospital? Oh, I didn’t even realize I still had that on. Nicole told me about your miscarriage. I’m very sorry for your loss. Thank you. I can only imagine how devastated Father Eric is. I know that becoming an actual father was a lifelong dream of his. Yeah. And I, uh, I imagine Nicole and I having a child must feel like salt in the wounds.

Now I know your condolences mean absolutely nothing. You’re actually enjoying this, aren’t you? Knowing Eric’s suffering. On the contrary, as a father, I know his pain.

And this may seem indelicate, but maybe… Being a parent just isn’t in the cards for him.

Maybe it is.

Well, I hope you’re right. That, uh, having a child isn’t in the cards for Eric. And you, of course. I’m very sorry that it can’t happen now. Losing a child, that’s a pain that no one deserves. My heart goes out to the both of you. Thank you for saying that.

So, will you be able to try again? You and Swan? In a few months? Actually, we just learned that she has a medical condition. That prevents her from carrying a child to full term. I’m so sorry. You know, I’m starting to believe that me being a father just is not a part of God’s plan. Eric, don’t say that, okay?

I mean… You know, it could still happen someday, and hey, I’m here to support you, okay? If you wanna just hang out or talk or just anything, you’ve always been such a comfort to me. You know, I’d do anything for you,

cuz. Think maybe you’d put in a good word with your brother for me? Brady? What? Are you interested in him? I mean, because the last time I recalled the two of you together, it just didn’t end so well. Never mind, forget I said anything. No, listen. Theresa, listen. No, you listen. I’m not going to pretend to know much about God and his plans.

But I know that any kid that had you as a dad would be the luckiest kid in the entire planet.

I see that look on your face. Yes, my feelings for Chloe are still strong. But, you don’t have to worry, I’m not gonna, I’m not gonna start chasing after her. Look, I don’t want you to do anything that’s gonna jeopardize your recovery. I appreciate that. But I meant, you don’t have to worry about me trying to break up Xander and Chloe.

Which would free up Xander to pursue Sarah. I’m not worried about that. Good. And, and, why would Xander bother doing that, huh? I mean, especially now that Sarah is carrying your baby. Right. Right.

Nicole, for the last time, I am with Xander now. Whether you or Phillip or anyone likes it. Fine. Fine. Understood. I sure hope so. Hey, can’t we just make a pact or something that you don’t get to choose who I’m with, just like I don’t get to choose who you are with? You got it. But just don’t come crying to me when Xander shows his true colors and does something to make you feel sorry that you ever laid eyes on him.

Hmm. Right back at ya with EJ.

Come here.

Who sent you? It was a DJ. They sent you to kill me. The person holding the gun gets to ask the questions. So, which one of you wants bullet number one? Ladies first?

I don’t need Eric to put in a good word for me with Brady, I can do it myself. No, no, Theresa, don’t, don’t seem too desperate on day one. I’m not giving up on you, Brady. I know we belong together.

Chloe! Hey! Oh! Hi! Thanks again for your help with Brady. It was all Belle. Uh, maybe. But, you could have stopped it. Instead, you stuck your neck out for me. It meant a lot. Look who’s enjoying his newfound freedom. Do you ever think you’d just be strolling through the square again, not caring the world? Xander?

Darling, I hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long. You ready for dinner? Absolutely. See you. See you.

It’s all gone? Yeah. You didn’t tell him that… That the baby’s Anders? No, of course not. Thank you. I don’t love lying to my brother, but I know it’s what’s best. He’s still in love with Chloe, by the way. Oh, no. He’s not gonna try to pursue her. No, no, he said he wouldn’t, and I hope he’s telling the truth, because Xander, Mary, and Chloe…

It’s good for everyone. Especially you and your baby.

Do you still want to be a father? Uh, hi. Do you still want to be a father? Of course. So what do you say to you and me adopting a baby?

How’s my baby? Kicking like a football star. Real football or American football? Premier League, of course. Excellent. Excellent.

Something wrong? Oh, just business. Waiting on word from an associate that she’s closed a deal. This is where it ends. Cass!

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