Y&R Best Lines Thursday, August 31, 2023

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Sharon: Did victor give you any idea why he wanted us here today?

Nick: Nope, but I’m sure the subject of Newman Media will come up, but beyond that, I have no idea.

Sharon: Well, I’ve given a lot of thought to that since we talked about it.

Adam: Would you care to share, Sharon? Oh, that’s right.

Sharon: Very funny, Adam.

Adam: Well, are you implying that I can’t be trusted with sensitive information?

Nick: You seem to be in a pretty good mood for somebody who just got busted for trying to screw over his partners.

Adam: Okay, I never attempted to screw over anybody.

Nick: Yeah, what would you call it?

Adam: Business. I made a play, it didn’t work, so on to the next.

Sharon: If there is a next.

Nick: If we’re still a part of any of this.

Adam: Well, I’m guessing some of us will be. Probably the ones who know how to run a media company. I think that’ll narrow the field a little bit.

Sharon: Wow, you never give up, do you?

Adam: Not when I am right.

Nick: And in your mind, that’s always.


Victor: Yes, indeed it does. Uh, Nate Hastings will no longer be involved with Newman Enterprises. And your mother will become the new Director of Research and Development for Newman Media. And Victoria will become my COO.

Nick: [ Scoffs ] Your COO?

Victor: Yes. Taking back the reigns of my company. I own the damn thing. My name on it.

Nick: Adam has done nothing but bring pain to all of our lives. He thrives on deception and blackmail. Help me understand this.

Victor: He’s my son. He has earned it.

Nick: What does that make me?

Victor: You’re just not as capable, son. That’s all. Proud of you, my boy. Very proud of you.

Adam: Thanks, pops.

Victor: Yup.


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