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Mariah: Tell me it’s gonna be okay.

Tessa: It is. Now, you tell me.

Mariah: Whatever our daughter needs, we’ll do it. Whatever this turns out to be, we’re gonna face it. Just like we face everything.

Tessa: Yes. Um, one step at a time. We’ll make sure that she has whatever she needs. Our baby girl.

Mariah: Elena.

Elena: Hey.

Mariah: Hi. [ Laughing ]

Tessa: Oh, hi.

Elena: I don’t mean to interrupt.

Tessa: Oh no, you’re not interrupting. It’s fine.

Elena: You sure?

Tessa: Um, we just had an appointment with aria’s pediatrician.

Mariah: She gave us some upsetting news.

Esther: Ah, sharon. I was hoping to see your granddaughter. Aria, what a beautiful name. How is she?

Sharon: Um, she’s good. She’s very, uh, feisty and wonderful.

[ Both chuckle ] And mariah and tessa, um, they’re settling into being parents.

Esther: Ah, I’m so happy for them and so happy for me too. The new manager of crimson lights.

Sharon: I can’t thank you enough for taking this on.

Chloe: Mom, you really don’t think it’s gonna be too much? I mean, you’re still doing work as a receptionist at chancellor winters.

Esther: Honey, uh, that’s part-time. I could do that with my eyes closed. But running things here, well, that’s exciting. And sharon’s excited to have me too.

Chloe: And I think it’s great. I, you know, I’m just looking out for you. I mean, no offense.

Esther: Well, hey, it’s not like working for jill, which was basically indentured servitude. This is perfect for me.

Sharon: Well, you know what? Come up with a schedule that you’re comfortable with and we will make it work.

Esther: Consider it done.

Nick: Hi, ladies. Sorry if I’m interrupting. Sharon, could I talk to you for a minute?

Victor: You know, sweetheart, I have decided to start the process of merging sna with newman media.

Nikki: After finding out that adam blackmailed audra for the same result? Why would you give in now?

Victor: It has nothing to do with any of that. It has to do with me wanting to merge the two companies. But I think now is the right time.

Nikki: You seem pretty nonchalant given the circumstances. How did nicholas respond to this?

Victor: I don’t know.

Nikki: And adam?

Victor: Well, adam, obviously, suspected I had some ulterior motives.

Nikki: I would imagine he’s right to wonder what you are up to.

Adam: Why did you meet with my father last night?

Nate: I’m coo of the company with his name on it. He wanted to talk.

Adam: About what?

Nate: Business.

Adam: Specifically.

Nate: Ask him.

Adam: I’m asking you. What was the topic of conversation? And what the hell are you up to?

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Nate: My private conversations with victor are exactly that. Private.

Adam: Except 10 minutes after you left he did a 180 and he decided it was time to merge sna with newman media.

Nate: Which is exactly what you took great pains with audra to force. Congratulations on the win.

Adam: Nate, how do you figure into it? You know, nick told me that you could not be trusted.

Nate: [ Scoffs ] That’s almost funny.

Adam: Why? Because you’re such a standup guy?

Nate: Because this is what you and your brother managed to agree on, me. But you couldn’t put together a solid business plan for the company you’re creating.

Adam: Wait a minute. That’s the angle that you’re playing? That’s how you’ve managed to ingratiate yourself with my father, the loyal soldier who is offering the brilliant business insights?

Nate: Victor came to me. He wanted my take on how things were progressing with sna.

Adam: And you were just more than eager to offer your opinion, weren’t you?

Nate: Newman enterprises controls all entities involved. I am the coo.

Adam: Hm.

Nate: Of course I made it my business to know where things stand.

Adam: And what did you tell him?

Nate: What I believe. What I’ve always believed. That folding sna into newman media is a smart move. It’s why I was willing to risk pushing for the merger even after victor made it clear he was against it.

Adam: I was right.

Nate: Yes!

Adam: All along.

Nate: Yes. Yes, you were. But your tactics, as dirty as it gets. Blackmailing audra, using a scandal to damage the business. You were willing to risk burning everything down just to get what you wanted.

Adam: But it never would’ve come to that.

Nate: Victor should have cut you lose, but instead he’s given you the prize. Newman media on a silver platter combined with sna. Can’t you just take the win? Or do you always have to find a reason to create another enemy?

Nikki: So what made you change your mind?

Victor: Been my plan all along. To create a powerful media company.

Nikki: And how does nate fit into this?

Victor: His analysis of mccall and kirsten incorporated impressed me. And, uh, it reinforced my doubts about what was wrong with those two companies. Then we both realized that the company that sharon and nicholas and adam started needed reinforcement, hence newman media. I don’t wanna delay that merger any longer.

Nikki: And who’s going to run it?

Victor: I don’t know yet.

Nikki: So somebody stands to lose out. Darling, please consider the consequences of pushing your sons too hard. Nicholas has already done what you asked to keep an eye on adam. I mean, there has to be a limit.

Victor: Sweetheart, you know me. I’m setting this company up for success.

Nikki: Yes, but you’re adding a wild card into the mix. I still believe that nate is too ambitious for his own good as well as victoria’S. And what does she say about all of this?

Victor: You know, I’m waiting for her to return my call, but she is in an emergency meeting in la.

Nikki: Oh, please tell me you’re not going to finalize anything until you speak to her. Give her a chance to weigh in.

Victor: Well, I’m moving forward. The merger will take place. And when the young lady comes back from la, they’ll be a whole new dynamic at newman media.

Sharon: Has victor done something?

Nick: [ Sighs ] Not yet. Not that I know of.

Sharon: Okay. Well, adam warned us and he was right. Victor had his own plans for our company.

Nick: Now that you’ve had time to think about everything my dad has said, how are you feeling about things?

Sharon: I hung on to kirsten incorporated because I wanted to do something positive with the company. I wanted to have some kind of, I don’t know, a good impact. But with victor’s plans of getting it, there won’t be much left.

Nick: We can fight him on that.

Sharon: That will be a tough battle. I don’t think that victor would’ve told us of his plans unless he had all of his bases covered. And I keep going back to the way that he worded it. He wants to fold sna into newman media. To me, that doesn’t sound like a merger. It sounds more like newman media will be swallowing us up.

Nick: I get the same feeling that this is just some plan to make newman media a bigger, more formidable division. But then what? Are we gonna suddenly find ourselves in a position where we are answering to adam?

Adam: You know, you’re the one who seems to be making enemies left and right. And that’ll happen when you mix ambition and a disregard for the rules of the game.

Nate: Wow. [ Chuckles ] Hard to believe you managed that with a straight face considering you just tried to muscle your way into getting control of newman media.

Adam: What do you mean? You keep trying to make this about me.

Nate: You’re giving me way too much credit. Do you really imagine that I can influence your father?

Adam: There is something going on.

Nate: Even if I did have that kind of sway, you are getting what you wanted. Will it only be satisfying if it’s on your terms? Are you that arrogant?

Adam: No.

Adam: Look, there is something going on and I don’t know what it is yet, but I will find out.

Nate: Hey, call me as soon as you can. Victor is merging sna with newman media after all. Did you know this was coming? When my doctor gave me breztri for my copd

Tessa: The thunder was so loud it made us both jump.

Mariah: And aria slept right through it. She didn’t react at all.

Tessa: I realized that I had some similar feelings when I would sing to her. And sharon thought it was just us being new parents, just feeding each other’s worry.

Mariah: So she said that we should go get aria’s hearing checked so we could put our minds at ease. But after all of these tests…

Tessa: The doctor said that she could have severe hearing loss.

Elena: Wow. That’s a lot to process. Uh, what else did the doctor say?

Mariah: Uh, I don’t know. My mind was racing, so I took notes.

Tessa: Uh, the pediatrician couldn’t test aria further to try to identify a possible cause or try to put a name on it.

Mariah: Okay, so she said it could be conductive hearing loss. Uh, that’s a problem with the outer ear, I guess.

Elena: Yeah, which is easily treatable.

Mariah: Yes. But if it’s the inner ear, which is sensory neural loss, that– that could be permanent.

Elena: Right. Um, I take it you already made an appointment with a specialist?

Tessa: Yes.

Mariah: Yeah, we have.

Elena: Good. They’ll be able to give you specific information. Let you know what you’re dealing with. In the meantime, try not to drive yourselves crazy thinking about the worst-case scenario. Aria’s diagnosis can be anywhere on a very broad spectrum, and there is a chance that it’s curable. And even if it’s not–

Tessa: There are hearing aids. And I’m sure that there’s stuff that we haven’t even heard of.

Elena: Exactly.

Mariah: Or a– a cochlear implant like devon had. Whatever aria needs. Whatever we have to do for our daughter, we’ll do it.

Elena: Of course you will. And the best thing you both can do right now is just take everything one step at a time.

Sharon: Let’s not jump to conclusions.

Nick: We need to be prepared.

Sharon: I’m aware. It is my company that victor is talking about cutting down to the bone. And adam, after what he pulled, victor only kept him on because of the optics.

Nick: That’s what dad says.

Sharon: Well, finances were secured in part because of adam’s involvement in it. Cutting him loose before a merger even took place would’ve been a bad look.

Nick: The bottom line is we just have no idea what is going on in dad’s head.

Sharon: Which is why we should not overreact.

Nick: But it’s the constant push and pull with dad and adam. I mean, one minute dad is furious with adam and the next, he’s handing him yet another golden opportunity that adam has never earned.

Sharon: We need to see the details of victor’s plans for the rollout. Speculating is pointless.

Nick: Well, trust me, adam has got visions of the big chair dancing in his head.

Sharon: It won’t be up to him.

Nick: But he already resorted to blackmail. This is just going to fuel his worst instincts.

Sharon: I hope you’re wrong.

[ Knocking on the door ]

[ Sally sighs ]

Adam: Hey.

Sally: Hi. I’m so sorry. Is this a bad time?

Adam: No, I’m just–

Sally: Okay.

Adam: I’m surprised to see you. Uh, what’s on your mind?

Sally: The offer that you made me to come work for the company that you’re creating? I have been thinking a lot about it, you know, weighing all the pros and the cons.

Adam: Well, I hope this means that you have come to take me up on it.

Sally: Well, before i give you a definitive answer, I need to discuss it first with nick.

Adam: [ Clicks tongue ] Oh, you haven’t told nick yet?

Sally: Well, I didn’t want him to talk me out of it or into it. You know, I wanted to make this decision on my own.

Adam: Of course– of course, you do.

Sally: Also, I have some questions. These hands used to hold me as a little girl.

Sharon: Okay. Here are some emergency numbers in case something comes up. It’s an electrician, a plumber. And I made a checklist of things that need to be done for setup and after closing, just while you’re getting the hang of being the manager.

Esther: Oh, managing crimson lights. I just like hearing it.

[ Laughing ]

Sharon: Well, do you have any other questions?

Esther: Nope. I got this.

Nick: I have no doubt.

Esther: [ Chuckles ] Well, go enjoy moguling. And don’t worry about a thing.

Sharon: Okay. I’ll talk to you later.

Esther: Okay.

[ Soft exhale ] What if I got a badge that said, “esther valentine, manager”? Too much?

Chloe: [ Laughing ] You are too much.

Esther: I can handle this, honey.

Chloe: I know you can. Um, so what are you thinking? You want me to redecorate?

Esther: [ Chuckling ] No, no. The coffee house is an institution. It’s perfect the way it is.

Chloe: Well, I really am happy for you.

Esther: [ Chuckling ] Me too.

[ Softly groaning ] Oh, honey, it is so sweet how you worry about me. Even if you roll your eyes and you make those heavy sighs, I know that it comes outta love. Don’t you try to deny that. I love you so much.

Chloe: Aw, mom.

[ Esther chuckles ]

Audra: Thank you.

[ Sighs ] Start with the good news, if there’s any.

Nate: Well, it’s not official yet, but victor seemed to have decided it’s time to fold sna into newman media.

Audra: I meant good news for me.

Nate: Newman media is going to be an exponentially bigger company.

Audra: Yeah, which I will no longer be running.

Nate: You’ve exceeded all expectations in the role. The numbers speak for themselves.

Audra: Okay. Something tells me, nick, sharon and adam aren’t sitting around talking about what a great job I’ve been doing.

Nate: How can that not be a part of the conversation?

Audra: Because they’re in it for themselves, jogging for position.

Nate: Look, there are a lot of moving parts to this.

Audra: You know, and what makes this even worse, what is so galling, is that adam blackmailed me to try to force this merger through.

Nate: Yes, and risked endangering the company.

Audra: You know, victor was so furious. Not just about the coercion, but that adam went directly against him and now he’s just gonna turn around and do what adam wanted. He’s just gonna give that to him?

Nate: It– it’s a mistake to think that you know what victor is thinking or how this is going to end.

Sally: Well, this is what you’ve wanted all along. To merge the two media companies that newman owns.

Adam: [ Laughing ] After all the grief that my father gave me, he now thinks the timing is right.

Sally: Yeah, well, victor just needed to remind everyone who’s still in control, but who cares, right? ‘Cause it’s happening. So you must be thrilled.

Adam: It is smart business. It makes sense that my dad’s gotten behind it, but I’m not sure that I trust his motives though.

Sally: I mean, victor might surprise you.

Adam: Let’s say I’m cautiously optimistic and even more so because you wanna be a part of it. There’s just– still, there’s a lot of variables.

Sally: Yeah. I get it.

Adam: Like nate.

Sally: Nate?

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Sally: Why nate?

Adam: The guy has somehow managed to make inroads with my dad. He– he’s a problem. There’s simply too many cooks in this corporate kitchen.

Sally: What do you mean?

Adam: Look, I– I’m– I’m finally gonna get back control of the company that we built together. It’s gonna feel so good to slip back into that chair. And I intend to have you right there beside me.

Sally: [ Scoffs ] I assumed that when victor merges sna and newman media that you and nick and sharon would run the company together.

Adam: No. That– that would never work. And my dad knows that.

Sally: He told you that?

Adam: He’s not even calling it a merger. He says he wants to fold sna into newman media and make newman media a powerhouse, okay? There has to be one vision, one leader. The guy who built the company from the ground up. It’s my company. It never should have been taken away from me to begin with.

[ Knocking on the door ]

Nick: Adam. It’s me and sharon.

[ Sally sighs ]

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Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. Kayaking is my thing.

Tessa: So are you on a break?

Elena: Actually, I’m heading home. I ended up picking up an extra shift for a colleague.

Mariah: Wow. You pulled another all-nighter?

Tessa: And you’re here giving us medical advice?

Elena: Oh, I was talking to you both as a friend, not as a doctor.

Tessa: Well, it helped. You are such a calm presence.

Mariah: When we were feeling anything but calm.

Elena: Well, of course. We’re talking about aria’s health.

Mariah: So other than saving lives and calming down new parents…

[ Laughing ] …How are you?

Elena: You know.

Mariah: No. No, I don’T. That’s why I was asking.

Elena: Uh, huh. What can I say? Um, I have been working in the hospital a lot. I got involved in some new research.

Mariah: So you’re doing that on top of subbing for colleagues? [ Laughing ]

Elena: I actually don’t mind working the extra shifts. I kind of welcome it.

Tessa: We worry about you.

Mariah: I– I think we’re just concerned that you’re piling on all of this work as a way to deal with what happened with nate or not deal with it.

Elena: Well, I mean, right now work is the one thing that hasn’t disappointed me. Probably the only thing.

[ Chuckles ]

Tessa: You have your friends.

Mariah: You have us.

Audra: Was that your way of saying you have more information about what victor’s planning?

Nate: No.

Audra: Come on. Am I gonna get demoted? Are they just gonna fire me?

Nate: I promise not to let that happen.

Audra: I like to believe you have that kind of influence, nate, but I’m up against victor’s sons.

Nate: Adam’s actions haven’t exactly inspired confidence, audra.

Audra: You know, victor has an uncanny knack when it comes to his kids. And it’s clear that he wants the whole brood working at the business. Just one big happy family. We’re miserable either way.

Nate: We have no idea what victor has planned for adam, sharon, and nick. It’s possible you’ll stay right where you are.

Audra: You can’t seriously think that victor’s gonna keep me on as ceo of his shiny new media empire.

Nate: Again, it’s a mistake to think that you can predict what victor’s going to do. Just keep showing that you deserve this job. Stay the course.

Audra: No, that’s exactly what I’m not gonna do. Just wait around and hope for the best. Look at adam.

Nate: He’s the last person you wanna emulate.

Audra: He has relentlessly gone after what he wanted. He understood exactly how far he could push. You know, maybe, despite all the noise victor’s made, a part of him respects that.

Nate: What are you thinking?

Audra: That I like my job. I like the lifestyle it affords me. And I think it’s time I go fight for it.

[ Audra sighs ]

Sharon: Hello, adam.

Adam: Welcome. Welcome.

Nick: What’s going on?

Sally: Adam offered me a job at your new company and there were some things I needed to discuss with him before I told you about it.

Nick: Yet another unilateral decision.

Sharon: What job did he offer you?

Sally: Well, we actually didn’t talk specifics, which is exactly why I did not feel the need to mention it until I got a better idea of what exactly I would be getting into.

Nick: Oh, you’d be an incredible hire, sally. But this is something he should have run by his partners first.

Sally: This is what you’d be getting into.

Adam: We had a conversation. What’s the problem?

Nick: You are not in charge.

[ Adam sighs ]

Sally: Okay, I realize you guys have a lot more important things to discuss, so I will be on my way.

[ Sally sighs ] Are you mad that I didn’t tell you sooner? Adam told me that victor is on board with merging the companies now, so everything’s on hold.

Nick: Obviously this is something I wish you would’ve run by me first, but I’m sure you didn’t want me to influence your decision.

Sally: You know me well. There was also some things I needed to make clear to adam before I could even consider it. You know, what it would mean and what it would not mean for him and me.

Nick: Yeah, I– I get it. But adam will say whatever it is he thinks you want to hear.

Sally: I’m not naive.

Nick: I know. Can we meet up later?

Sally: I would love that.

[ Lips smack ]

Adam: Well, I assume you wanna talk about how to make this work moving forward.

Sharon: Well, this certainly isn’t working.

Nick: Took the words right outta my mouth.

Adam: Then we are all in agreement. And since newman media is the major player in this, I think it is only natural that I take charge.

Victor: Hello, audra.

Audra: [ Sighs ] Hello, mr. And mrs. Newman.

Victor: Please have a seat.

Nikki: To what do we owe the pleasure?

Audra: I heard a rumor about sna and newman media.

Victor: Nothing has been determined yet.

Nikki: No. Information is being shared on a need-to-know basis.

Audra: Well, the ceo, I think, uh, might be allowed some grace. Newman media’s profits were up 17% last quarter.

Victor: 17.4%.

Audra: Look, I have been an effective leader and I will continue to be to deliver results, okay? No matter what you decide.

Nikki: How did you find out about this?

Audra: Adam confronted nate. He thinks that nate is orchestrating a power play with mr. Newman. He told me as a courtesy. Now I’m asking you this, with all due respect, am I gonna be out of a job? Kayaking is my thing.

Elena: I am grateful to have you both as a friend. And I appreciate your support and your candor.

Tessa: Yeah, well, that’s a part of the deal.

Mariah: My uncensored mouth.

Elena: [ Laughing ] I was a bit of a mess after the breakup, but I think I am doing a lot better.

Mariah: Trust me. I get it. I’ve been through it before.

Tessa: Yeah, we both have.

[ Both laugh ]

Elena: And honestly, I really love the work that I’m doing. It fulfills me and I don’t need a partner to do that.

Tessa: Yeah, of course not.

Mariah: We just want you to be aware. You know, burnout is no joke. And I’ve seen people who haven’t even been aware of how hard they’re pushing themselves until they hit that wall.

Elena: Oh, I will be aware. I promise. And just so you both know, I have released all of the hurt and anger that I’ve been carrying around.

Tessa: That is a big step.

Elena: Yeah. I think nate is completely out of my system.

Mariah: Good for you.

[ Elena laughs ]

Tessa: I mean, if you ever need to talk or vent–

Elena: Thank you. Both of you. But I know you have a lot on your plate right now.

Mariah: Get some sleep.

Elena: Okay, I will. Let me know what the specialist says.

Tessa: Okay.

Mariah: [ Sighs ] Okay. I think it’s time we tell my mom.

Nick: How is it you’re the natural choice to run things on your own? The plan was to merge the two companies.

Sharon: Three. Just a reminder, I still own kirsten incorporated.

Adam: You already agreed in principle to the merger. Guys, this is happening. I’m giving you a vision for success.

Nick: With you in charge and me and sharon answering to you.

Sharon: You act as if you are owed the position because you were pushed out of newman media in the past. This is about a lot more than you, adam, and your hurt feelings, and your need to make a point.

Adam: I am being logical.

Nick: You are incapable of being logical because your ego’s taking up too much space.

Adam: Fact, victor is going to streamline kirsten even more than we already have. And what’s left, it will be a fraction of the original company.

Sharon: Nothing has been decided yet. And don’t underestimate my resolve.

Adam: Sharon, you wanted to hang onto the company to do good and as a bigger entity, you’ll get to do much more of that. Does it really matter what your title is?

Nick: Yes. Because it gives you the power to make good decisions and to stop people from making bad ones.

Adam: This isn’t a merger. Newman media is taking over sna. And there’s no one who knows newman media better than I do.

Sharon: All your talk about collaboration and needing this to work–

Nick: It’s all talk when it comes to this partnership because your plan all along was to regain newman media and drag our company along for the ride.

Victor: You know, audra, it’s quite brazen of you to walk in here and make demands.

Audra: That was not my intention at all. I just wanted to know where I stood.

Victor: It showed guts.

Nikki: It showed something.

Victor: I must tell you that I was impressed how you managed your position as ceo of the company. You brought a lot of innovation to it.

Audra: Thank you.

Victor: And I wouldn’t be a good businessman if I let you go. So whatever happens, however, this shakes out… you will find yourself having a position at newman.

Audra: I appreciate your faith in me. And I mean it. I will continue to give everything to the job.

Victor: I have no doubt.

Nikki: That is what we pay you for.

Victor: So I shall keep you apprised of whatever decision I make, okay?

Audra: Thank you so much for your time.

Victor: Thank you for coming by.

Nikki: She is as driven and ambitious as nate.

Victor: Yeah, I know. I kind of like that.

Nikki: Well, yeah, you’ll like it until it becomes a problem. (Wheezing)

Chloe: Okay, well, give my love to connor and I hope things get better. Okay, you too. Talk soon.

Sally: How’s chelsea?

Chloe: Good. I– but wait. Are we celebrating? Tell me that you got the job at sna.

Sally: Oh, it’s not a specific job.

Chloe: But it will happen. I was just– I– I’m– I’m so glad because I was really starting to feel guilty that I was taking this gig with chelsea as her number two while she’s away with connor.

Sally: You have nothing to feel guilty about. I told you to take the job.

Chloe: I know, but you know, I– I– I was feeling bad that, you know, I was moving on and you were not.

Sally: I’m happy for you.

Chloe: And I wanna be happy for you too. So tell me everything. Is nick thrilled that you’re working for him?

Sally: Um, nick wasn’t thrilled that I didn’t immediately tell him about adam’s offer.

Chloe: But he’s okay with it now?

Sally: Honestly, the whole thing’s really complicated. Maybe more complicated than I am ready for.

Esther: Oh, hi guys. I’m so happy that you stopped by. I was just telling sharon how much I wanted to see the baby.

Mariah: Um, is my mom here?

Esther: Uh, no. She just left with nick to handle something with the new company. And I told her just to focus on c-suite business and not worry about a thing. Oh, aria is such a cutie.

Tessa: So have you started working already?

Esther: Yeah. I’m officially the new manager of crimson lights!

[ Baby cries ] Oh, gosh. Me and my big mouth. Honey, I’m so sorry. I– I scared her. I’m so sorry.

Mariah: No, esther. Esther, you’re– you’re totally fine. She’s fine.

Victor: Well, now, truth is that audra has proven herself to be very useful to the company. And she has been able to withstand adam’s threats, you know.

Nikki: She only came to you when she ran out of options.

Victor: Yeah, but the way she did it, I admire that. Maybe she’s the one I should be mentoring.

Nikki: Are you kidding me?

Victor: Why not? Look what I could do if I channel all that drive, all that ambition, all that innovative energy, my goodness.

Nikki: You will never really be able to trust audra or nate. They don’t need mentoring. They need a short leash.

Audra: Hey, hey. I was hoping you’d still be here.

Nate: Had a meeting with, uh, some division heads. Very, very productive. You?

Audra: Huh. I went to see victor. I asked him straight up what this merger meant for me, for my future.

Nate: And?

Audra: Well, he praised the work that I’ve been doing, guaranteed that there’ll be a spot for me at newman no matter how things fill out.

Nate: [ Laughs ] Just when I thought I couldn’t be any more impressed with you.

Audra: Well, you know, it’s not exactly what I wanted to hear. But…

Nate: You’re not just talented and ambitious. You’ve got that– that something extra.

Audra: Star quality?

Nate: Grit.

Audra: Hmm. I’ll take it.

Nate: You should.

Sharon: You told us this partnership is all you have left.

Adam: Well, you heard what nick said. I just say what people wanna hear.

Sharon: No one gave this partnership a chance in hell of working out. But it can if we stick to the original plan, co-ceos. It doesn’t matter if it’s called sna or newman media.

Nick: Sharon is right. Work with us.

Adam: Why would you even want to? I– I’ve– I’ve just been a constant source of aggravation.

Nick: Adam. Adam, you gotta let go of the past. You gotta stop feeling like you have something to prove. And let go of this ridiculous need to be in charge. Have you learned nothing from this blackmail plan? I’m telling you, you better get your ambition in check or you’re gonna destroy everything that we’ve accomplished.

Sharon: What if we back out of the whole deal, free of newman, free of victor, and especially free of adam?

Mariah: Is it treatable?

Doctor: It is treatable, yes. But there is no cure.

Ashley: [ Panting ] Did you just save my life? [ Coughing ]

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