Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, August 22, 2023

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Adam: Look, all this anger that you’ve been carrying around for months, it shouldn’t be directed at me.

Nick: Really?

Adam: Not all of it. I assume that you know what dad did to sally by offering her a great opportunity at Newman, even finding her a replacement at Chancellor-Winters, and then, sorry, not happening.

Nick: Yeah, Sally told me.

Adam: He left her with nothing. He messed with her the way that he messed with us. She didn’t deserve that.

Nick: I know.

Adam: Well, then why do we keep putting up with it?


Nick: Look, I never wanted sally to take dad’s job offer. I knew he would just mess with her head.

Adam: Or he never intended to follow through. And dad didn’t just renege on the offer. He shut down her options at chancellors-winters first. He just left her hanging out to dry.

Nick: Sally’s going to be just fine, all right? She will get through this. She will find something else.

Adam: Yeah, of– of course she will. That’s not the point. I mean, he hurt her and it meant nothing to him. It was cold and it was calculated like…

Nick: It’s a chess move.

Adam: Exactly. Just some expendable piece on the board, one step closer to his real goal.

Nick: And what do you think that is, Adam?

Adam: It– it’s us. It’s about you and it’s about me. You’ve been walking around for months, angry at me because I decided to defy him and ignore this ridiculous decree that we not merge the companies when it makes sense from a business perspective. So why would he do that?

Nick: Look, what happened with Sally, it’s–

Adam: Just another manipulation. It’s another power move. Only this time he used a woman that we both care about to do it. He had to take back control by showing us he’s still in charge. So what I don’t understand is, why you are not more pissed off about that?


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