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 Settling in, Commissioner Brady? Yeah. I’m trying to. Good. Good. Is there something I can do for you, sir? Yes. You can arrest Paulina Price.

Marlena Evans.

Theo. My son.

Charles… Chad DiMera.


My wife. We were married on… Juneteenth. I know that. I know that. I just can’t remember it. Just a moment. Abe! It’s so good to see you. Belle.

Yes. Yes. Forgive me. I… My memory is… Oh, no. No need to apologize. Oh, come on in. Come on in. Thank you. So, I assume you got my message? I did. You said you wanted to discuss something with me in person, so I came right over. What’d you want to talk about? Help me get my job back.

Have you seen this? Clint Rowling set Abe up, so he would be absolutely raked over the coals at that press conference. Aren’t you outraged by this? I am, but, uh, I have some other news I need to share with you. Okay. You’re acting like someone died. Someone did. Victor.

Victor Kariakis is dead? He was flying home from visiting Bo and his plane went down in the Mediterranean. Are they sure? Coast Guard just recovered his body. That’s horrible news. I don’t know. Is it?

Hey, you busy? Ah, are we too busy for you, love? What’s up? I was just wondering if you’d gone over the ad sales report I left on your desk this morning? I did, actually, and, uh, no, it looks great. I have one little question about it, though. Yeah? What is it? Have you decided whether you’re going to marry me?


sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

You are quite the charmer, you know that? So it’s a yes then? Xander. I thought we both agreed that we need to take some time to figure this out. I have taken time, darling. It’s been 28 hours, 36 minutes and 11 seconds since I proposed. Not that I’ll keep you track or anything. Okay, so barely a day. Feels like an eternity to me.

What’d he told you? I don’t need any time. I know I want you to be my wife. I believe that. But, I have to figure out whether I’m doing it for the right reasons and whether you are too. I want to marry you because I love you. Are you sure that’s the only reason? You just found out that Sarah is with Rex. We talked about this, Chloe.

I’m totally over Sarah. You sure about that?

I can’t, I can’t believe it. I mean, I can’t believe that he, that Victor’s gone. It’s a shock. I know. But the two of you, whew. A lot of water under that bridge. Yeah. Yeah. The bridge that both of us… Repeatedly burned down.

Although once upon a time, we really did love each other.

I’m having a dream, a near long dream, where I’m alone with you and I’m able to to talk to you and to touch

you. It’s a dream can come true. There’s so much I want to ask you, so much I want to say to you. Darling, we have, we have so much time to talk. I just want you to take me in your arms. I want you to hold me. I want you to hold me

tight. The greatest happiness has been sharing my life with you.

Let’s drink a toast. To our future. To you and me and Philip, Lucas, Bo,


You have embraced my children with such generosity and kindness. Do you know how much that means to me? I love her children. And I’ll always love you, Kate. Always. I’ll always love you.

I was afraid that you would hate me for what I’ve done to Sammy.

Never. Could never hate you. No matter what. I love you, Kate.

But there was a lot of hate, too. Betrayal and deception. Vengeance.

But when someone we loved was in crisis, we could put aside all of that animosity in an instant. And we would put our heads together and we would strategize. And we would come up with the most brilliant plan to help that person. So, you know, in a sense, I think Victor and I are kindred spirits.

I know that Victor did some awful things to you. And to you. And a whole lot of other people. But to say that his death is good news, I… Listen, I’m not saying that we should be dancing on a man’s grave. Just that we don’t get so caught up in all the glowing tributes and eulogies that we forget about what kind of man Victor really was.

And I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. What about the people he left behind? His family, the people who loved him? I mean, how do you think they

feel? Wow, I can certainly sympathize, uh, with your position, Abe, but honestly, I just… I don’t really know what I can do. Well, maybe we can figure that out together. I want to, uh, I want to do anything I can to get that smug bastard, Clint Rawlings, out of the mayor’s office so I can get back in. You know what?

That’s probably one of the journalists that was camping outside. I’ll take care of it. Oh, Abraham, I am so, so sorry that I pushed you into crashing that, that press conference. It’s clear you weren’t ready and I don’t want you giving another thought to becoming mayor again.


with all due respect to Acting Mayor Rawlings, uh, why would I arrest Paulina Price on what charges? Assault. Who’d she assault? Me. You don’t have to take my word for it. The entire incident is captured on video.

I’m so sorry, my love. I should have found another way to help Chanel. This is bigger than the bakery. This is about someone who uses their power and position to hurt innocent people. You’re right, but your doctor and one of your best friends told me not to push you, and I did. Oh, right into that wretched man’s path.

This was my choice to take my job back. And it is too soon. You never would have even considered doing this yet if I hadn’t begged you to. So I’m just here to apologize for making such a selfish request and to let you know that I don’t expect this to go any further. I just want you to focus on your recovery.

I appreciate your concern, Paulina. But rather than Step back gracefully. Rawlings has decided to make this an ugly battle. And I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let him win.

Chloe, darling, believe me, I Sorry, it might be Justin. Yeah, it is. It’s Justin updating me on Uncle Victor, most likely. Guess he just turned up. Hey, cuz. Uncle Victor finally resurfaced. Who was the old cute anyway?


I, um, I don’t know what to say. I should go see Maggie. I, yeah, okay, I’ll, I’ll pop by the house later. Thanks, Justin. Thanks for, uh, for letting me know.

Letting you know what? About Victor. He’s, he’s not missing. He’s dead.

Brady, please, if you need anything, don’t hesitate to call us, all right? All right, honey. Bye bye. Um, he’s gonna pass on our condolences. How’s Maggie doing? Justin said she’s in shock. That they all are. Ah. I’m sorry about what I said before. I was only talking about Victor in relation to us. But I know he was a husband and father, grandfather, uncle.

To people we love. I know they’re in pain. Of course my heart goes out to them. I know that. And I’m sorry I didn’t mean to negate your feelings. You can have compassion for his family, and also have contempt. For what he put you

through. Victor and I really went at it over the years. But we, we gave as good as we got. You didn’t seem to be concerned about causing me stress when you were whoring with Maroney in front of our son. I hate what I’ve been forced to do. But it all could be over. All you have to do, all you have to do is trade that territory for the tape.

Moroni would be out of our lives. Sammy would be out of our lives. We could focus on our son and each other. Each other? Are you mad? I could never trust you again.


out. I hate that he caused you so much pain. Oh come on. I caused plenty of pain myself. But he was a worthy adversary. He was ruthless and he was vicious and… Actually, I don’t think I ever met anyone else as stubborn as I am. A man could hold a grudge. As can I. So, for better or definitely worse. We really had a lot in common.

But you are the love of my life. Victor. Victor understood you better than anyone did. Like you said.

Kindred spirit. Yeah. Maybe. Victor was one of a kind. Whether you loved him or you hated him. And a lot of us felt both ways. We all know they will never, ever be another Victor

Kiriakis. You want me to arrest Paulina Price because she, uh, poked you in the chest? She poked me hard. You saw. I nearly fell over backwards. Uh, I mean, it doesn’t look that bad. That’s serious to me. Oh, yeah? Would you like to see the bruise? No, no, no, that’s, that’s, that’s not necessary. According to my position, I have a contusion of the sternum.

Here. I’ll pull up the report. Uh, no, no, no, no. Again, again. That’s, that’s not necessary. Whether you consider my condition serious is irrelevant. According to the law, Ms. Price committed assault. You saw the rage in her eyes. She came at me looking for a fight.

Abraham, I am never one to shy away from a fight. Neither are Rawlings stay in office?

Not a chance. If he hasn’t put Chanel out of business, or shut down anyone else that he has distaste for, he’s on his way to making Salem into a dictatorship. Do you really think that’s possible? In politics these days? Anything is possible. How can I, how can I, in good conscience, put my energies into getting better when everything around me is worse?

I mean, what this man is doing is wrong. And I would be wrong not to do anything. To stop him. Well, now what do you think? Well, I think Mayor Carver has my vote.

I Xander, I’m sorry.

This whole time we’ve been seeing each other, um, Victor and I, we’ve been estranged.

But there was a time, oh my god, when I was I’d have done anything for him. I’d have given my life just to earn his respect. I know. All I used to want was for, for him to accept me. For him to see me as a true Kyriakos, just as worthy of, of respect as all the

others. And he always refused. And that hurt me. So

I tried to… I’ve been back.

That’s a big mistake.

Cry and scream all you like. I can assure you no one’s going to hear your final words.

Wow. You never told me any

of that. Never told anyone. Only reason I can tell you now is that Victor decided to spare my life. But not before he made sure I knew exactly how worthless I was to him. Police are gathering evidence even as we speak. Because you were stupid enough to target Roman Brady’s son. They’ll be uncommonly motivated to bury you.

If for some reason they fail, you become a free man again. Things will change. Shall I go on? Please. Your generous compensation package and the titles you so cherish. Your position on the board of the charity that you used to run. All those things will be stripped from you. Your life will be quite different.

Perhaps eventually, best case scenario, you’ll be a servant in my home. Maybe for a long time. You will, uh, have your life and you’ll be grateful for it.

Victor didn’t want an apology. He just wanted his pound of flesh. He wouldn’t even send me away. He made me live with him in the house, but not his family. It’s the garden. Day after day I had to put up with his crap.

Victor needed someone to do his dirty work. That’s why he brought me to town. I need a special kind of foreman. One who can keep an eye on his boss. Bo is gonna be the manager of Allied starting right now. Manager, huh? Well I guess it pays to be Mr. Kiriakis Jr., huh? Don’t get in his way, just report back to me.

Now that’s one part of the assignment, the other part involves Kayla Brady. Bo’s half sister, she just came back into town. And I don’t want her disturbed. I just want to know anything that Bo confides in her. He hired me to spy on you and Bo. Before that, he wanted me to get that film from your sister, Kimberly.

And then my assignment was to bring him the pawn. Who turned out to be John. A human being. That Victor won in some demented competition. And the poor dude was covered in bandages. He had no memory. Makes me sick to think about what I did back then. You were just a kid. No baby, I was old enough to make my own choices.

And I chose to take orders and money from a crime boss. That made me a criminal too. Victor Kiriakis was a very powerful man. He was intimidating, frightening. Also, the whole thing was seductive. Yeah. Boy, was I in deep. But I finally realized I had to get out, no matter what it cost me. You give me some proof.

Some absolute proof that Kayla’s not hurt. That she’s alright. And I’ll look for that key 24 hours a day for you. I’ll find it. I can’t do that. Kariakis

did not appreciate being told he was wrong. That’s an understatement. I can’t even begin to count all the evil things that man did over the years. But kidnapping you when you were pregnant with our Stephanie? I’ll never forgive him for that.

I have in no way excusing the pain that Victor caused you or me or anybody else. I mean, he could be vicious and frightening and, I mean, I mean, shockingly so. But I know that there was another side to him. You mean the side Caroline saw? My mother fell in love with him. Well,

maybe he was a better man for it.

To Victor. To Victor.

You know, don’t, don’t ask me how. But moths are good in that man that no one else ever did. Oh, like you see good in me? Well, we Brady’s do have skills, you know. And another one of those is being there for the people we love. And that is why I’m going to be there for you when you make that call. What call?

To tell him. You gotta tell him about his father. There is no way in hell I’m doing that.

Eventually, you changed Victor’s mind about you. He made you CEO of Titan. Chloe, I had such big plans. After all those years of being humiliated and dismissed, I finally had a chance to prove myself. And I was showing Victor that I could, all by myself, take Titan to new heights. But then…

But then what?

Philip came home.

You know, when we thought that we’d lost you, I sent Rex to Europe to tell Philip the news. Yeah, but then you had to end up telling him that I’m alive. Yeah, and him going from one emotional extreme to the other couldn’t have been easy. And this news about Victor, I’m sure, is going to be very, very hard for him to handle, given how fragile he is.

That is not the reason that I don’t want to tell Philip. And he’s not that bad. anymore. And why? Because if he finds out that his father’s dead, he’s going to come back to Salem. And then he’ll end up under arrest.

Look, I understand that you want to hold people accountable to the law, but, uh, this department, I mean, our resources are limited here, so don’t you think that we should focus on something higher priorities? I’m the victim of a crime. That’s not a priority for you, Commissioner? Um, it’s a personal matter, and it’s one that I don’t think the police should be involved with.

Apparently, Abe Carver isn’t the only one with memory issues around here. You do remember who put you in this chair. And I told you that I couldn’t accept the job, but then you said… That I would be unemployed if I didn’t. And now you serve at the pleasure of the mayor.

It’s acting, mayor. And, yes, that is true, sir. But, um, I’m not your lackey. Excuse me? Okay, if you, if you put me in this chair thinking that I’m going to jump every time you snap your fingers, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. Because, you know what? I don’t owe you anything. All right, my sworn duty is to the people of Salem, and if you haven’t forgotten, that’s your sworn duty too, sir.

I took an oath to serve and protect the people of Salem, and that’s what I intend to do. There’s no talking you out of this, is there? Afraid not. Well, It seems that we’re all in agreement that Rawlings has got to go. So I’m willing to discuss how we might make that happen. Well, I called Bell. To give us some legal options, so…

Counselor? Tell us.

Are you accusing me of abusing my power? I’m not the one who’s throwing around accusations here. I have what that woman did to me on tape! And I have actual assault victims whose cases I’d like to solve. So, now if you can go and act as mayor… Well, I go and I do my job. That would be great. That is all I’m asking you to do, Brady.

Your job. If you want to keep it. Make sure Paulina Price isn’t handcuffed by the end of the day.

I mean, legally, there’s nothing preventing Abe from resuming his duties as mayor. But I’m sure you know that a guy like Rawlings isn’t going to give up the office quietly. If you give him the boot, he’s going kicking and screaming. Yeah, well, let him have his tantrum. It’s not like there’s anything else he can do.

Unfortunately, there is. I mean, you’ve already seen how he’s used the media as a weapon, and… I think he could use the video from the press conference to stir up support and maybe showcase Abe’s memory loss and make him look unfit for office. To what end? He could organize a recall, but the general election’s less than two months away, so he’s probably just gonna run against you to try to get the power back that way, but either way he’s gonna make your life very difficult, and Abe’s already been through so much.

I just don’t want to see you get hurt again. Neither do I. Your health has to be the priority. Once you start to remember, we can reconsider our options. Well, who knows when that will ever happen. Well, we do know engaging in any kind of very nasty, very public fight with that creep won’t help. Well, I can’t just sit back while Rawlings tramples all over my constituents rights.

I have to try to do something. Well, not if it means putting your reputation and your recovery at risk. You know, I think that there might be a way to stop Rollings without doing that.

Look, Philip fate, his death, and then he framed Brady for it, okay? If he had stayed in Salem, he would’ve either ended up in Statesville or Bayview in either one. He would not have survived it. So, You and Victor sent him to a private psychiatric facility overseas to get him the help he needs. And to avoid arrest.

I mean, frankly, he was there avoiding police just as much as he was healing. Roman, if he comes back here, he’s going to be facing a serious prison term. He could beat those charges. Plead not guilty by reason of mental illness.

Even if he’s not locked up, I’m going to have to worry about Brady. I would have to, I would be worrying that Brady wouldn’t try to kill him for what he did to him. Brady is not going to murder anyone. Oh really? Don’t be so sure. Two weeks ago he lost custody of Rachel because he pulled a gun on Kristen.

Look, you are gonna have, well, Phillip, sometime you can’t hide this from him forever. I mean, Victor’s death is international news. Well, actually I have an arrangement, a facility, and they will keep him insulate. Sooner or later he is gonna find out, kid how? I mean now that that victor’s dead. Only you and I know.

And Rex and Lucas and, well, I did confide in Paulina. So you did say that Phillip is stronger now? Yes, but that’s just the problem. If he finds out that Victor’s dead, he’s going to insist on being with this fella. Not if you explain to him why he can’t. What? You can’t be serious. He is just like his father, just like his father.

I can’t reason with him. I can’t talk any sense into him at all. If I told him, don’t come back, it’s not good for you, he still will. And then I risk losing him, Roman. Okay, you know what, Kate? Alright? I won’t say anything to anybody, okay? But that doesn’t mean that I’m gonna stop trying to talk good sense into you.

Well, good luck with that.

Victor made me share the Titan CEO title with his son, even though he and everyone else knew Philip was a loser.

I’m sorry, I know you loved him once. I shouldn’t speak ill of the dead. I’m aware that you and Philip did not get along. Well, We let Victor play us off against each other. It was one of Victor’s favorite entertainments. At least, that time, I had the good sense to, walk away.

But Victor died thinking I’m the same degenerate Thug I was when I first came to Salem. No, no, no, that is not true. Just the other day, Maggie was begging me to reconcile with him. To make amends before it was too late.


loved him. Despite everything I did. I did love him. I know. Is there anything I can do?

Well, I would say marry me. Well then, we’ll know you’re definitely doing it for the wrong reasons,

won’t we? I

think I

just need me if you need me. Xander?

I love you. Really? Yeah, really. Or I wouldn’t be considering your proposal. I love you too.

You know, despite how messy things got between Victor and my mother, I know deep down he loved her. How could he not? And I think at some point in her life, she was crazy about him. So you’re saying Victor’s love for Caroline and his love for Maggie, that’s proof that he had a heart? Well, at least it gave him some measure of redemption.

Like you gave me. Hmm. God only knows what kind of man I’d be if I didn’t have your love. Well, it’s a good thing you’re never going to have to find that out. And hey, you know what? There is a chance that you and I would have never met if Victor hadn’t brought you to Salem. Well, I guess I owe him for that then.

So I’ll say this. Victor Kariakis might have been a real son of a bitch, but he gave me the best gift I could ever get. You, love of my life. You know, he had the love of a Brady woman too, and I have to believe that he gave that love back as best he could. So in his memory, I’m going to keep giving that love back to you, always, you to that.

Okay. You won’t have to, sweetness.

Sean. Hey. Hey. What’s going on? Uh, well, Rawlings paid me a visit, and um, seems like working for him is going to be a problem. Oh, well, you might not have to worry about that any longer.

Come right in. Of course.

Hello, Abe. Come in. I assume you’ve called me over here because you’ve realized that it would be best for all concerned. If I remain as mayor, well, Abe focuses on his recovery. Incorrect. I intend to get my job back. I’ve informed the city council to make it official. So your tenure has come to an end.

But you can’t be serious. All of Salem saw you make a fool out of yourself today at the press conference. You’ll be laughed out of the office before the week is out. You’re right. But I only intend to stay in office. Long enough to appoint my successor. What successor? Me. So meet, Mayor Paulina Price.

Can Abe really do that? He sure can. We checked the city charter and he has every right to appoint Paulina. Sorry. Phone rings.

Hey Dad. Yeah, I’m here with him now. Why?

Uh, yeah, no, I’m still here. Um, Yeah, of course I’ll tell him. I love you too, Dad.

What? Is that all you’re… Why does it ghost? What is it? It’s Victor.

What about him? Sal, I’m so sorry to tell you this, but… Your grandfather’s dead.

You’re right, Roman. I can’t keep it from him. I have to tell Philip. Kate?

You’re right. I should be grateful for what I have, just stop worrying and focus on how incredibly lucky I am to be marrying the woman of my dreams. Speaking of, can you stick around for the wedding? Last time I came to a wedding in this house, I was traumatized. Walked in to find Sonny marrying some grifter in a sharkskin suit.

Well, that was about blackmail. My wedding to Sarah is about love. And nobody loves Sarah more than Maggie. And I’m sure she’ll be heartbroken not to be here today. So my place is at her side. Of course. Well. I should get ready. Please, don’t make it all mess up. Xander, wait. Yes? I know I haven’t been the best uncle to you in the last few years.

But, you have proven to me that you are a true Kiriakis. And of that, I’m very proud.

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