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what’s the update on curtis? Uh, he’s in rehab, but it’s been so difficult. Do the doctors think his condition is permanent? Well, apparently, the bullet nicked his spine, but the doctor says not all spinal injuries are the same, so we’re praying he regains use of his legs. Well, you know I would do anything for you, so if you ever need anything… what are your plans until school starts up again?

[ Sighs ] I’m not really sure. Well, did the chuck offer you a part-time position after your internship? Yeah, they did. But I turned it down. W-why? Well, I was hoping that I can go back to your gallery. Well, you know, my — my place isn’t as prestigious as the chuck, but… I’d be very happy to have you back. I just feel more comfortable with you, and I can make my own hours, and that’s important now since so much is going on in my personal life. Hey, trina! You want to join us?

[ Sniffles ]

[ Chuckles ] Push. Come on. There you go. Oh, that’s good. That’s good. Another one. Come on. You can do it.

[ Knock on door ] Hey, portia. How you doing?

[ Sniffles ] Trying to hang in there. Yeah. Yeah, we all are. Look, I hate to bother you withthis, but we have a problem. It’s the savoy.

[ Grunts ] Come on, you got this. Come on. You got it. No, I don’t! I could do this yesterday.

[ Breathing heavily ] Curtis, you’re the type of guy who doesn’t give up. You have a competitive spirit and you don’t like to lose, so come on! You know what I’m capable of. I know you, curtis. I’m pretty good at reading people, and I got your number. Oh, yeah? Well, what does it say? You’re not gonna let a spinal injury get you down. No way. Now, come on. Let’s go. Just focus. Relax. Give me everything you got. One more time. Oh. Hey. Hi. Look at you out and about. You look well. Thank you. I’m surprised people even recognize me standing since I was in that hospital bed for so long. Right. But I’m finally getting my color back and feeling better. Yeah, we’re just glad that we’re here for willow’s checkup and not to admit her for treatment. How many weeks has it been since the bone marrow transplant? 12 weeks, though it feels like a lifetime ago. But I’m finally getting my life back. Sam: Hey. Hey. I got your message. What’s up?

[ Exhales sharply ] I need your help. No surprise there. What happened this time? Please don’t tell me you’re in trouble with the pcpd again. No, no, I-I-it’s not me. It’s sasha. She’s in danger, and it’s time we do something drastic. I need to speak with detective falconeri. It’s a matter of life and death. Oh. What’s going on, gladys? Dante, I need your help. It’s an emergency. Emergency? Why didn’t you just call 911, save yourself the trip? 911 can’t issue a restraining order, and I need one right now. Okay, well, what are you talking about? Who do you need to get a restraining order against? Your pal, cody bell. I need to keep him away from sasha. Mandy: Sasha? Sasha? It’s very important you tell me what you’ve been taking. I’m — I’m not taking anything. I’ve looked at your chart, and none of the medication you’re on would cause this reaction. I don’t know. It’s something they’re giving me. Who is giving it to you? Is there a problem here? I’m not sure, dr. Montague. Sasha’s completely incoherent, but that doesn’t track with her prescribed medications. Patients can often have unexplained reactions to even mild sedatives. I think she’s getting non-prescribed meds from somewhere, so I ordered a blood test just to be sure.

Spencer is so good with his little brother, isn’t he? That’s so nice to see. Spencer is devoted to ace. You should see them at home. He changes him. He feeds him. He even sings him a lullaby. Ace was being so fussy one day while I was there, and spencer calmed him down with a lullaby.

[ Chuckles ] It was the sweetest thing. They’re inseparable. And that’s not a problem for you? Why would it be? Well, just if spencer is spending so much time with ace, then he’s also spending time with esme. That must be a little uncomfortable for you. Hey, ladies. Hey. Curtis told me they moved him to rehab. That’s great news. You know, he is strong. He’s gonna get through this. Thanks, nina. If you ladies will excuse me, there’s a cute baby in the water and his equally cute brother.

[ Both chuckle ] All right. You told me that we were meeting to celebrate. What are we celebrating? The end of my nightmare. I’ve been given a second chance at life, and I am so grateful to everyone at G.H., But especially to my husband. Michael’s support has been incredible. Yeah, well, don’t give me too much credit. You’re the strong one in this relationship. Don’t listen to him. He will never admit how much he’s done for me. Though, thinking about our children was even another inspiration. Right, well, we can agree it was a — it was a group effort. And I’m not an oncologist, but the transplant seems to have been a success ’cause clearly, you’re well on the road to recovery. I won’t keep you guys. Nice to see you both. Take care. Thank you.

[ Sighs ] I ca– I can’t believe how light I feel. What — “light”? Yes. “Light” as in a huge weight’s been lifted off my shoulders. I used to dread stepping into this building. It seemed each week brought more bad news or another setback, but now I’m not nervous about going to my checkup. I know I’m going to hear something positive for a change. I love seeing you this happy.

[ Sighs ] I know. I know it sounds cliché, but I don’t take anything for granted anymore. Every morning I wake up with you or see you playing with the kids or hearing you laugh… is a gift. And I’m the — I am the luckiest guy in the world. Did something happen at the club, or… I just got a call from n’neka, the bartender. She’s — she’s trying to cover everything, but there’s way too much for one person to do, and she doesn’t have the experience running the day-to-day business. Okay, well, is there anybody else that can do it? No one who knows how to do everything. Liquor needs to be ordered, books balanced, checks cut. N’neka’s completely overwhelmed. And, portia, it’s not like we can — we can just hire any manager. Curtis — curtis did more than just paperwork. He was the heart and soul of the place, a real presence. He not only welcomed the customers, some of them came just because he was there. No, no, no. You’re right. Curtis didn’t just run the savoy, he… he was the savoy. Exactly. Anyone can run a club, but nobody can replace curtis. He worked so hard to — to make his dream a reality. And that’s why we — you and I — we need to keep it alive.

[ Grunting ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. That is enough for now. Put down the weights, please. No way, man. You’re the one that said I could do this. I’m not stopping. Damn, I lost my count. Stop. Please. Push yourself too hard… thank you. …You could do some real damage. Roy, come on, man. I-I really think I can do 10 more. I got 10 more in me. I wouldn’t doubt if you had 20, but let’s take a break, ’cause I don’t want no setbacks. And then we’ll go hit the resistance bands. Sound good?

[ Exhales sharply ] Yeah. Okay. Mr. Ashford, your situation is most unfortunate. You have my deepest sympathy. Look, I appreciate you being so conscientious, but from now on, I need you to check with me before you order any tests on this patient. Is that clear? Yes, doctor. I’m sorry. Oh, no need for apologies. You were just doing your job. Sasha is extremely fragile, so I need to be consulted on everything regarding her case, even her medication. Oh, poor thing suffered a psychotic episode the other day. The man she stabbed got into her room. She thought he wanted revenge and she had a complete breakdown. But that’s what’s puzzling, doctor. Her symptoms don’t seem to be associated with psychosis. It’s almost as if she’s stoned on something. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I’ll make sure you get the report on the blood work. Oh, no, that’s not necessary. I’ll follow up on the blood work myself. You can go now.

[ Door closes ] I finally managed to get into ferncliff to see sasha. No, wait, back up. I thought gladys banned you. Yeah, technically, yes. So you had other ways of getting in? Yeah, I en– I enlisted brook lynn’s help. She was able to distract nurse ratched at the front desk long enough for me to sneak by. When I got to sasha’s room, I was… I was shocked. Wait, why? How was she? She was totally out of it. She was… she was curled up on the floor, just… …her face was covered in tears, she was shaking, and… she had this, like, blank look on her face. Oh, my god. She didn’t seem to recognize me at first, so I-I-I kneeled down to try and take her hand, and she just freaked out. She started screaming at the top of her lungs. She thought I was there to kill her. Um… so, uh, that’s when brook lynn and some orderly came and he made us leave. That’s — that’s awful. But what is happening with sasha? She’s being drugged. And I need your help to prove it. Why don’t you tell me what happened before we get going on all the paperwork?

[ Chuckles ] I see how it’s gonna be. Cody’s your friend, so you’re gonna try and talk me out of this. No, actually, gladys, it’s standard procedure. The fact that cody’s my friend has nothing to do with it. Ah. Uh-huh. Uh, why don’t you take a seat? Okay, uh… why don’t you tell me what happened? Cody took advantage of an extremely vulnerable woman. He snuck into ferncliff and upset sasha. She’s been in a severely traumatized state, and his visit made it worse. What’s going on? Gladys here would like to file a restraining order against cody bell. ‘Cause he terrorized my daughter-in-law. He didn’t have permission to visit her, but he slipped past the front desk and got into her room, so she thought he was there to pay her back for stabbing him, and it sent her into another breakdown. As her guardian and her mother-in-law, I need to protect her, so I want that restraining order. Uh, officer robinson will handle the paperwork. What kind of trouble is cody causing now?

Look, mac, obviously, cody’s in some kind of trouble, but I want to hear his side of the story first. You got to take whatever gladys says with a grain of salt. I know, but if cody was restricted from seeing sasha, he’s already in violation. Yeah, but it’s not like he was trying to do harm to sasha. He — he cares about her. You’re right. And you know what? I can’t throw stones since I did the same thing. You di– you did what now? You’re gonna have to tell me that story. Look, I don’t know if cody is aware of this, but decades ago, his mother, dominique, was committed. Really? Yeah. Leopold taub, cody’s father, was the evil son of a bitch who had her committed. He didn’t want me anywhere near dominique, so I had to break into the place to see her. So I get where he’s coming from. We both shared the same impulse to rescue the women we care about. So, mac really

is your father. You’re sure sasha is being drugged? What other explanation could there be? Go see for yourself. Something’s going on. And you think gladys had something to do with it? Yes. I mean, l-let’s go over the facts again, all right? Gladys is sasha’s guardian, right? Gladys is also flat broke. Sasha was thinking about ending the guardianship. I think that put gladys into a panic. Yeah, ’cause her meal ticket’s gone. Exactly, exactly. And the timing — the timing is so suspicious. I mean, sasha was doing and feeling great. That nasty lady at home & heart tried to rattle her. Sasha held it together, and then all of a sudden, she started to spiral. Okay, but we’re gonna need something more than your suspicions to go on. Okay, look, if you don’t buy my theory, then I’ll just take care of this myself. I shouldn’t have called you, sam. No, it’s not that. It’s not that. I believe you, I do, and I want to help you, but there is no proof. We need proof. Wait, where are you going? You said we need proof. I’m gonna go find it. Dr. Montague: Sasha? Sasha, it’s me. It’s dr. Montague. I’m here to help you. I… I don’t know what’s going on. Why — why do I feel this way? Because you’re still using. You’re still taking illegal drugs. I’m not sure how you’re getting them in, but we’re gonna find out. No, no, no. T-that’s — that’s not it, I… they’re giving me something. Just admit it, sasha. You still have a problem. But we’re gonna get you some help.

[ Knock on door ] You wanted to see me, doctor? Yes. We have a problem. What did you need to talk to me about? I have a few questions. Well, make it quick. I have somewhere I need to be. Right, somewhere or someone? Because you are clearly following austin. It’s a job for sonny. Why does my father have you following the doctor? Selina, what the hell are you doing here? I heard what happened to you. Everybody heard about it. The shooting was all over the news. Well, the news said you were shot, so naturally, I was concerned about you. Since when? I care about your welfare, curtis. I tried to come and visit you at the hospital, but they said you weren’t accepting visitors. Right, well, if I didn’t want my family as visitors, what made you think I wanted to see you? I’m sensing some hostility. You’d be right. Now, why don’t you just leave? At times like this, we need our friends. Who said we’re friends?

‘Re gonna have togive me some more information. What nightmare are you referring to? I’ve just had a lot of stress lately, you know? And — and now things have shifted, and it’s a huge weight off my shoulders, that’s all. “Things”? Ava, you’re gonna have to elaborate. You — you tell me things. So what’s going on? You know what? I don’t even want to talk about it. I don’T. I just want to put it behind me. No, no, no. Don’t do this. Don’t do this. All right, if I was to guess, it has something to do with what I walked in on yesterday in sonny’s office. You guys seemed very tense, like there was a lot of things unsaid. Well, you know sonny as well as I do, right? He’s not that big on communication. True, but usually you are, ava. Come on. What is the deal? I feel like you and sonny are shutting me out. Let’s just say… it’s nothing for you to worry about, and soon, it’ll be the same for me. Hello?

[ Door opens ] Well, if it isn’t mrs. Baylock. Who? You’ve not seen “the omen”? I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, and I don’t care, because I got this. My turn now — I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. This. Yeah, “this”. What? What is that? The jackpot. Of course we’re friends. I would do anything to help you. I already have enough friends, and I don’t need anything from you, ms. Wu. It’s a shame to hear you say that. Why don’t you just cut the crap, okay? And tell me why you really came here, because I’m not buying the “goodwill tour”. You offend me. Always so suspicious. If you won’t accept me as a friend, then I’ll hope you continue to deal with me as a business partner, because I have an offer for you. What would that be? With you being out of commission, you won’t be able to run the club. I’d like to take the savoy off your hands, and I’m prepared to make you a generous offer. Over my dead body. Trina: Okay, come on, ace. Spencer: Oh-ho, nice. Let’s put this on so you don’t get too much sun. Oh, nope, not gonna happen. Oh. Okay. All right. Okay. We tried, we failed. We still have stylish sunglasses.

[ Chuckles ] You know, I used to have one of these when I was a baby. My mom even has a picture of me with it on at the beach. I bet that you were adorable as a baby. Oh, no, what’s wrong? You seem sad. Thinking about the photo made me think about my mom and what she’s going through. Things were just getting back on track for her and curtis when he was shot. And now she has to see him in a wheelchair. I-I just — I’m just so worried for her. Well, of course, I wish I could spend — trina, I wish I could spend the whole day with you, but I think that you would feel a lot better if you went to go check on your mom.

[ Ace coos ] Hey, can I help you? Dante. Dante: Hey, cody. What’s going on? Y-you need to start doing your job! Aren’t you supposed to serve and protect? Well, there’s a woman, a vulnerable, innocent woman out there in dire need of protection! Cody, I got something for ya. Oh, what is it, gladys?! Here.

[ Squeals ] Oh, hey. Sounds like somebody got some good news? I sure did! I got the green light to go out in public again. Willow, that’s huge! I know! Is there any restrictions, or… dr. Randolph said it could take up to a year for my immune system to fully recover, but it’s already been three months, and she’s happy with my blood cell count. Okay, are there any limitations about what you — what you could do, where you can go? She advised against travel for a while, so paris will have to wait, and I don’t think I’ll be going to concerts anytime soon, but she encouraged me to get out for walks. She said it’s a great way for me to build up my strength, and you know how much wiley loves to explore down by the boathouse, and I finally have the energy to push amelia in her stroller, so it is just a win for the entire family. You’re not — you’re not — you’re not planning on returning to work yet, though, right? Don’t worry. I’m not going to push it. Dr. Randolph made it clear I shouldn’t even think about going back to work until I’m 100% in remission. But I’m not complaining. For now, I am just thrilled to be out of house jail, though the warden’s pretty cute. Oh, yeah, and plus, he can provide special privileges.

[ Chuckles ] Man, willow, I-I’m just so, so happy you got a good report. Oh, and I got to see clara. Clara? Clara, remember? She was a nurse who was assigned to me during isolation? Oh, and she was so comforting. Clara has three kids, so she understood how hard it was for me to be away from wiley and amelia. Okay, well, it sounds like she was just what you needed. I don’t want this great feeling to stop.

[ Chuckles ] Then how about we go celebrate? Dex? Hi. Hey, dr. Robinson. Please, you can call me portia.

[ Chuckles ] What brings you to G.H.? I hope everything is okay. Oh, yeah, all good. Just here for my yearly checkup. Oh. Well, it’s good you’re taking care of your health. Uh, just let me know if you need anything. Of course, will do. Thank you, dr. Robinson — uh, portia. I know my mom’s trying to be strong for curtis, but I see that it’s taking a toll on her, and I think she’s really struggling right now. Well, has she been able to spend much time with curtis? She went to see him at rehab, and I get a sense that it didn’t go well.

[ Sighs ] This is really tearing her up inside. Well, it can’t be easy on you, either. No, but I don’t want to burden my mom with my feelings. She’s already going through enough. Well, I think that the best thing that you can do right now is be there for her. Even if you’re not talking, just hold her hand. That sort of thing. You know, you give really good advice for a boy. Thank you. Your girlfriend’s really lucky. I know. Tell your big brother I said thank you. She’s pretty cute, huh? Mr. Ashford sr. How lovely to see you. I’m not sure I can say the same. Dad, I can handle this. You need to focus on getting better, son. I want to set ms. Wu straight on a few things. I came here out of kindness. I thought my offer would take the burden off of curtis. The savoy is not for sale, so we respectfully decline your offer. But curtis has a long road ahead of him. My legs may not work, but my mind is perfectly fine, and I am more than capable of running my club. And until he’s ready to come back, the family… the family’s going to take care of everything. Oh, really? Yeah. I think you’ll find the day-to-day operation very challenging. I came here making an offer in good faith, but it’s clear you don’t want my help. Running a nightclub isn’t for the faint of heart, so you’d be wise to keep my proposal in mind. What’s the problem, doctor? This patient has been taking illegal substances. Someone has been smuggling drugs into this facility. And with ms. Gilmore’s money, I’m sure she found someone on staff that she could bribe to supply her. Could you tell me who’s been assigned to her case? Mandy green. We’ll need to replace ms. Green. Mandy’s one of the best nurse practitioners here. I can’t imagine her doing something like — I am in no way accusing her, but if she’s taken off the case, that removes her from suspicion. It’s really for ms. Green’s protection. Look, I’m only a visiting psychiatrist, but this is a very prominent patient, so we need a team we can trust. And ms. Gilmore’s welfare is very important to me. What the hell is this? It’s a restraining order, cowboy. Read it.

[ Chuckles ] You’re not allowed within 500 feet of sasha. Are you out of your mind?! You’re the one who belongs in ferncliff! You won’t be able to terrorize her anymore ’cause you won’t be able to get anywhere near her. And if you try, there’s a bunk waiting for you downstairs. If anyone’s been terrorizing her, it’s been you, gladys. You got her locked away in the looney bin, and then you threw away the key. And I know why.

[ Chuckles ] ‘Cause as long as sasha stays committed, she can’t cut you off. You stay her guardian. And that’s what you wanted the whole time, isn’t it? You’re crazy. Don’t listen to him.

[ Chuckles ] You don’t give a damn about sasha. All you care about is her money. She is trapped and helpless, and you could care less. You know what, gladys? Maybe it’s time you feel trapped and helpless. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Let me go! Stop! Cody! Cody! Where are you going?

Hi, mom. Hi. I thought you could use some company along with some caffeine. Oh, yes. Thank you. Thank you so much. Wow, that’s a lot to take in. I had no idea that it was that expensive. Well, it’s gonna be an adjustment for all of us. We just want to make sure that curtis is as comfortable as possible. And we will. I’m glad you stopped by, sweetheart. It’s just what I needed. Yeah, well, I-I couldn’t take all of the credit. I was at the pool with spencer and ace, and he knew I was worried about you, so he suggested I should come check on you. But the latte was my idea. What do you think, ace? Are you gonna throw that ball far? Show all the ladies at the pool your big muscles or what? There’s my boy. Hi. You two look like you’re having fun. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’re having a lot of fun. You having fun, ace? Oh, no. I think he’s having fun. Here, I got it. Hey, I got it.

[ Chuckles ] I saw your text that you were coming to the pool, so I thought I’d take my chances and see if you’d still be here. Oh, my god, I can’t wait for him to be in the water. Hey, ace, do you want to go take a swim with mommy? Yeah? Hm? No one knocks anymore. Who invited you? Betty: I did. All right, betty. What do ya got? Everything you wanted. I got the pikeman goods on sonny. Well, I’m getting the impression that it doesn’t matter how much I press, you’re just not gonna come clean, are you? It’s not like I’m hiding anything from you. Ava jerome, yes, you are! I just — I just don’t want to burden you with information that will draw you into something that has nothing to do with you. Are you kidding? If it involves sonny, it involves me because I’m getting married to him. Unless the — the tip about the sec comes out. Oh, don’t you even try to deflect, and that was mean. That was mean. You’re right. I’m sorry. I am, I’m sorry. Okay. If and when you are ever ready to tell me what’s really going on, I will be willing to listen to you. You witch! I’m gonna make you pay for what you did to sasha! Oh, believe you me! You’re gonna pay, gladys! You’re gonna pay! Are you all right, ms. Corbin? No, I’m not all right. My god, he could have killed me. I want cody arrested! I just heard from dr. Kirkland that I’m being pulled as sasha gilmore’s primary caregiver. Did she say why? No. She just said she needs to reassign me. Maybe I did something wrong, or m-maybe dr. Montague was unhappy with the way I was taking care of ms. Gilmore? I wouldn’t worry about it. You know how those visiting psychiatrists are. They come in here thinking they can run this place better than we do. Don’t take it personally.

All right, two more strokes. There you are. We’re almost there! And that is a new world record! Ace, you won! There you go! A regular michael phelps in the making, come on. Well, hi, willow. Hi. Nice to see you. Thank you. It’s nice to be seen out in public. You just missed nina. Lucky for us. I wish that you would give nina another chance. I’ve been making more of an effort lately. That’s good. Just — just keep in mind that your mother loves you very much, and I think we would all be better off spreading love. You seem in an unusually good mood. Well, I am. Life is good. It’s about to get a hell of a lot better. I am officially out. I am out. I have played your little games, okay? I helped you get pilar out of the way so you can get mary poppins here to spy on sonny. I have done everything that you’ve asked me to do. Yay me! Mission accomplished! What makes you think you can just walk away? I’ve done everything that you’ve asked me to do. Why can’t you just leave me alone? Cuz, you’re not out till the boss says you’re out. You got it? Now, I think that I’ve ordered everything that curtis is gonna need, and I’ve already called the company to come out and make the modifications to the house, so I think that I’m good. Mom. There’s a lot more to this than just installing ramps. How is curtis gonna face life in a wheelchair, and how are you gonna watch him go through it? This isn’t about me right now. This is about curtis and making sure the house is ready for him. Okay? And this isn’t gonna be easy for him at all, but…I need curtis home. Thank you, pop. I appreciate you. But I don’t need you fighting my battles, okay? I’ve been dealing with ms. Wu for a long time, and it’s nothing I can’t handle. I wasn’t trying to speak for you, son, but I was afraid you might consider her offer. Why, because I’m in a wheelchair? I don’t plan to be in this for the rest of my life, and even if I were, I’m more than capable, pop, of running my own club. Curtis…I know. I know you are. I know you are, and I’m sorry if I overstepped, but, curtis, I also know how much you love that place. I have every intention of keeping that place going until you’re ready to come back. Pop, you don’t know anything about the business. I plan on learning from the best. That is if you don’t mind teaching your old man a few tricks of the trade.

[ Sighs ] There’s just a lot you don’t know about the business. It’s — it’s complicated, pop. I know it’s not gonna be easy, son, but this is one small way I can show my gratitude for all you’ve done for me. You’ve given me a family. Please, let me do this. Okay, curtis. Ready for round two? I’m gonna get out your way. All right, I’ll see you soon. I love you, son. Love you, pop. All right. You saw him attack me. If you don’t arrest him, I’ll sue the pcpd. Okay. Okay, we can arrest cody, but that means we’re gonna have to open up an investigation. That means cody will have to give us a statement, and he will write down all his allegations against you. And then it’s our duty to follow up on those claims, and if any of those accusations turn out to be true, that could mean a lot of trouble for you. Is that really what you want? You win, commissioner. But I expect this restraining order to be enforced. You’re lucky. I convinced gladys not to press charges, but you’re inches away from a jail cell. The hell’s going on with you, man? Ah, nurse janice. Appreciate your help regarding ms. Gilmore’s care. We don’t want to risk a lawsuit. Yes, doctor.

[ Grunts ] No, no, no, no, no! No, no, stay away from me. Leave me alone. No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! No, s-stay away from me, please!

[ Screaming ] Nooo!

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